Dragon's Seed, 1-5-65


By  Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 1-5-65


O Mighty and Eternal Father, we ask that you guide us by thy Spirit and to have thy will unveiled to us. We thank thee as we study thy Word, learning the keys to all the conditions of the world around us . . . the patterns of Darkness and the patterns of Light . . . the victory of our Kingdom, the powers of destruction that seek to gain control of the Earth. But thank God that thy Word gives us assurance that thy Kingdom shall survive and triumph, and we recognize that the powers of Darkness will be brought to seek to gain control of the Earth. As Lucifer moves around to seek whom he may devour, he has a strange twist in his mind, thinking that he can obtain victory. But we know that victory is reserved to thy Household, and to thy Kingdom. As we acknowledge you and thy Grace unto thy Household, then we thank thee because thou hast raised thy hand. Thine arm is not shortened. You have looked upon thy people and removed their transgressions as far as the East is from the West. You have redeemed thy Household, and with a great redemption which is yet ahead. We know that it shall come to pass because we know that thou art our God. So we commit ourselves into thy hand for the guidance of thy Spirit to descend upon the peoples that are elected to power in our Nation. That they shall turn unto thy ways and rebuke the policies and strategies of Darkness. The infiltrators shall be removed and the powers of Darkness shall be destroyed. So, Our Father, as we see this Nation as it moves, then we pray that it shall move to thy Standards, which will lift up thy Standards as a witness and testimony. We commit ourselves into thy hands saying, 'Thy will be done on earth, as it is in Heaven.’ In your Name we ask it. Amen.


We turn to the subject tonight of the 'Dragon's Seed'. We want to talk to you tonight about the strange factors that seem to be emerging in our time . . . in conditions of a known enemy . . . but still a very, very strange enemy that is known as China. They have a strange and turbulent spirit that is known as communism that is spreading around the world, and is designed to rule the Nations. That the entire society of communism was together in the days of Stalin. We discover that the young Mao taking over, was relatively young in his capacity. All the other leaders over China were building a tremendous power. He was a Warlord above all Warlord's as he was knitting together the largest army that would cover the face of the earth. In his strategy, he would call for a maintenance army of over 13 Million people. And this could be well accommodated by a nation that had 800 million people in its population. Remember that the land of China and its people is four times as large as the population of the United States. With its 800 million people, that's 833 million at the present time, is capable of tremendous manpower. We well understand how the communist world was uniting all the factors of communism behind one cause, the ability of the communist socialist society under the control of this society over all the western Christian nations of the world.

Practically, the great area of opposition to communism, of course, has been the Christian nations and Christian societies, until alone have not succumbed to the pattern of communism, though an infiltration into their land by the people that could best penetrate it, and could best sell its propaganda, has been ordained by the world communism itself. That while today communism . . . and we can well say it . . . is of Jewish origin. The Jews finance communism. They establish their training schools in communist lands, and then they infiltrate the nations of the western world because it was easier for Jews to come into the nations of the western world then to send in communists from China or some of the other areas. They still had a great and grand design to the conquest of the world, and they financed it with their banks where they had taken the money from the rest of the world to finance their revolution.

We all know that the land of China is a strange land. We understand also that it is a land of great antiquity. But if we go back in the pattern of the Scriptures, we discover that China was a land long before the time of Adam, and that it existed with its ancient empires and the strange architecture of its peculiar buildings for many thousands of years. Long before Atlantis went down in a battle, and Lemuria went down, there was a tremendous area of battle between the spirits of revolution because Beelzebub and Voodoos were angels that rebelled with Lucifer, and they were not at peace with one another either. Then they battled for areas of the earth and brought forth great devastation over continents that lie in the Atlantic Ocean and some in the Pacific Ocean. One of the final areas of the sinking of a continent like this was Atlantis. And some of the people that fled the sinking continent wanted to worship the true God. They called Him ‘Yahweh-Putah’ at that time. Then they fled across the northern areas of Africa where great and tremendous fields of grass and forests had at one time stood, but now it is a desert waste land. And they swept across into the land of Egypt and they settled there. The people that came from Atlantis and southern Egypt were known as the Egyptians. Horus was one of their High Priests and Khufu was the name of their king, whether Pharaoh or Emperor.

At the same time they talked about the place where amazing, and without question, a cunning Archangel referred to himself as Lucifer. They referred to him as Set at that time because by his rebellion against God. He established himself as the ancient 'Saton' or the 'turner away from truth,’ and he was referred to as Set. The Egyptians referred to him as Set. In fact, the ancient writings of Horus talked about the vast land that was northward that was controlled by Set, and how Set had his many children his monster gods. They all served him and the people served him, and how the powers of Set would be made manifest when the various angels, or the fallen hierarchies of Lucifer, would make their appearance. They would visualize then disappear. How the people of that great land to the northward made gods and caricatures of wood and stone in exact image of the things that they saw as Lucifer revealed himself and his angels unto them. So this was the ancient records of a people that went far before the conditions of the sinking of continents, long before God planted the Garden of Eden or established the man Adam in that Garden. We discover that in the Old Testament that there is quite a lot of evidence of peoples who descended from the pre-flood periods. Tidal who was King of the nations was at the battle of the Plain of Shinar when Abraham went out on this plain. Tidal ruled over a people that never came out of the Adamic seed. It existed long before the battles of that history. In fact, he was king over the land washed by the waters, and he was referred to as Tidal, from the land beneath the waters. All in this area, we discover that the ancient Chin people were an old and ancient dynasty. And when Lucifer rebelled against the earth, one of the places that he made his citadel of apostasy was in the land of ancient China. And of course, some areas which were known as the areas of Lemuria which was sunk in a ton of battles and wars and great chaos as the very earth was wretched. As God refers to this, He says that He lighted the very fires of Hell in the midst of the earth. He caused mountains to smoke and rise in flame. He caused land to sink, and He talked about how the great geological upheaval that swept the ancient world of the sinking of Atlantis and the volcanoes rising up and the land sinking, the earthquakes that occurred, and the sinking of the land, had been His judgment upon this same strange people of the Dragon.

Well, let us point out . . . the ancient Chin dynasties were existing long, long before the Mongol dynasties. But later in a sway of power were able to conquer the areas of China again. Then as we merge into our present time of the formation of the Chinese Government and the village of Emperors was one of which was filled with much chaos of Chiang Kai-shek and Mao and others that were all in the area of trying to overthrow the Empire of the old Empress and Emperor, because they had remained aloof and supposedly tyrannical with the people. And then of course, the battles of Sun-Yat-sen and of Mao, and the version of Kai-shek, who abandoned all areas of socialism and communism because he saw simply evil and became the leader of the Chinese people against communism. That the right of communism out of Russia, the intrigue that was involved, the battles of darkness, and the Buddhist priests before the peoples at large, going their way into the pattern of the Red Chinese, communism was to gradually emerge in the period of World War II. A tremendous strength was the communist forces in China. In fact, at the time of the World War II, there managed to emerge a pattern of Kai-shek who was the head of the government of China, and was in resistance against communism. The communist forces somehow want Kai-shek and the communist armies to stand together and somehow turn the invading forces of the Japanese. It is a rather strange thing, however, that the Japanese had never been in disfavor of the United States previously. We had sold them scrap iron, and sold them all kinds of goods which they were able to make as weapons and build as battleships. We had permitted the Japanese to take the land of Manchuria which they named Manchuria because they had a need for more land because of the increase of their people. We had thought that this was a rather wise thing, with communism on the mainland, to have a bumper-stick to keep the Red Chinese from crossing. So we thought that we were protecting the Japanese. At the same time, however, as the hoards of China were to sweep now against the Japanese, Kai-shek was suggested by our State Department leaders, that he and the others join places and battle the Japanese.

A rather strange thing about the Japanese, is that the wife of Chiang Kai-shek and Mao's wife are sisters. One who is the head of Communist China, and the other out of the Nationalist China. That the wife of Kai-shek, who came to this country and was educated in our colleges, and became a very devout Christian as far as Asiatic capacities would allow. So we have discovered that she is the great guiding influence of Kai-shek who also converted to Christianity and used that as one of the emblem's of fact. Now the Communists were rising and sweeping the mainland and were repressing back certain Chinese, and retaining their property. As they raised up their gods, then the Christian God became a pagan god. And the peoples known as Christian who gave aid to the Chinese, also helped to hold off the Communists. This of course is outside, and in spite of all the propaganda out of our State Department, the programs under Asia. The fact remains that whole areas of our politicians follow a rather strange and peculiar pattern, and China was fast being delivered into the hands of the Communists. In fact, our Congress was to place great amounts of money on all of the weapons used in WWII, and mountains of weapons were given by an act of Congress to Chiang Kai-shek to fight off the Communists, and all of these weapons were dumped into the China Sea by some strange parallel and was never delivered there. This is one of the mysteries at hand why our Congress couldn't establish that we were going to arm Kai-shek to fight the Communist and why these weapons were dumped into the China Sea. Now in this gathering, we see China, tonight, a China that is ruled over by Mao. And these areas of China and these people of China are caught in a rather strange background.

We can prove that they are very, very old people, because we have two ancient hills with fossils of ancient kinds emerged from China. One is called Chicken Bone Hill . . . which is a strange name for it. But as they dig into this hill, they find strata's of civilizations. And they find that Chicken Bone Hill was one of the great burial chambers of ancient China men. In fact, they buried them in their robes, buried them with their garments, and part of their treasure. And they buried them in this hill. Of course, way, way back, you can go into 3,000 year old burial's, 5,000 year old burial's, and you can even go back 11,000 years and see that there was a civilization in China, and there were men of wealth and of power. And they were being buried in this hill along with the design of all people who somehow had some kind of a smile unto the gods, because to be buried in this Chicken Bone Hill they had to have the approval of their religions, and their religions had been pagan for 11,000 years, that we know of. Now we find the fetishes of their religions as well as their fossil's in this hill. And we know that we can go way back according to Dr......, that we can go back 33,000 years. And we can establish that they are this old because we have radiocarbon testing. We can establish that they are china men, and that their heads are Chinese, and that their bodies are Chinese, and that they were buried there for 33,000 years. So this puts them a long time before Adam.

Now the areas of the Ancient world were largely what we refer to as Asiatic people because the peoples of the original creation were also of an Asiatic form. But we want to point out the great mutations and changes that had occurred over them throughout the ages and the generations. And the greatest area of mongrelization that Lucifer was able to bring to the earth was the ancient peoples of China unto the land of Mongolia out of which comes Syria in the Scriptures. We want to point out the area of their deadliness. You see today, we have two kinds of Jews in the world. There are Ashkenazic and we have Sephardic. Now, this may seem like a strange thing, but we can take the two radical's of Jewry and they are always writing about the Ashkenazic and the Sephardic. They agree that there are two kinds of Jew. The Sephardic are referred to as the high cheek-boned, long nosed with thin faces. We know that the long bullet-headed Jew, sort of a Mongolian line-head, is an Ashkenazic. Of course his ears are closer together, and he is basically a short and squat Jew . . . called the Ashkenazic. The areas of Ashkenazic actually came out of the areas of China, and the areas of the Sephardic Jew came out of the seduction, for instance, of Eve and the accusive Cain. Now Cain was the son of the 'evil one' referred to by John in the Gospels. But actually, Cain, as he intermingled with various peoples, he produced a race which was known as Jewry today, largely in the establishment of the Palestinian areas. But the peoples of ancient China had the same procedures. For instance, one of the areas existing patterns of Jewry was that Lucifer and his fallen angel's intermingled and took unto them wives of the Ancient Chin people. The resulting condition was that the Chinese Jews were begotten and these Chinese Jews begat in great numbers. Some of them became horrible monsters. In the early writings of the history of China, as well as the history of the Scripture, you will discover that when Lucifer and his fallen angels intermingled with these pagan people, that the height of these fallen angels was 23 cubits. But the height of the man was 6ft 2inches, which was pretty high. And so the angels didn't keep their first estate and they took upon themselves the physical embodiment. They took upon themselves a body comparative with people they mingled with. Then as mitosis produced the birth of a child, then the area of the spirit norms brought forth children that made great monsters in that land. You'll find the same thing true in the Book of Genesis where it talks about how these monsters multiplied on the face of the earth. They fought Eve continually, and seized women all of which they chose. And it tells in the sixth chapter of the Book of Genesis, how these women brought forth giants in the land, monsters of wickedness. They were actually called 'monstrous people.' The city of Petra, which is located in the area of Arabia, is a city of these monsters also which were the direct and immediate decedents of Lucifer and his host's of archangels. In fact, we find their cities were so big that a man standing up can't even look over the lintels of the window sills, the buildings were so big. The average man can't even reach up to the seat that they sat in when they had their counsels. The windows to the doors were 25 to 30 feet in height. And all of this intense structure of Petra proved that the giants lived there. And they also had accommodation's for the people that were slaves that were the normal size of human beings. And there is in the city of Petra normal buildings built out of stone.

Well, in this area, we have the pattern of ancient China and an ancient Chin people who shared what was called the 'Gautama'. The Gautama were huge monster individuals. They stood 25 and 30 feet tall, and the people worshiped them . . . which probably gave them much greater power than they had, though they were strong and monstrous. The Gautama had statues made of them. In the days when Buddha was made a deity by organized Jewry, some of the Jewish merchants decided to take this jailbird, who was a bandit who robbed people, and they would make him a god. And so they took him and made him a god. They tried to make him a Gautama Buddha. They made tremendous statues which they established out over the land. The people, of course, who had been serving darkness and evil, were ready to serve Buddha who looked a lot more friendly than the god they had been serving.

The patterns of ancient China tell us how the gods made their appearance and how they declared themselves unto the ancient peoples of China. For instance, the strange pattern of devils who they worshiped early in the Luciferian program. As they worshiped the devils of the high mountains, devils of the blue sky, devils of the forest, devils of the land, and in their meditation and in their worship, Jewish priests, because these pagans, who were the sons of Lucifer of the Yehudin. They are the people who became the priests in Buddhism and were the early priests in Gautamism that lasted thousands, upon thousands of years. They would appear in the midst of their assemblies and in their darkened temples as garnished and strange monstrous creatures. This is one of the reasons why as they have painted their gods, and they have carved their gods out of Teakwood, or they have made their gods out of Chinese herbs that have these grotesque and amazing weird devils. They say, 'we see them, and they appear before us.’ And they certainly do, because this is part of the cunning witchcraft of Lucifer and ancient peoples of China.

Now the peoples of China had a tremendous area of mongrelization and they became de-normalized in their stature. In the continuing propagation, they became the giants and peoples of the land and so forth. Then through this mongrelization, they came down again to the normal stature. Some of them came down to six to 7 feet. Then they dropped down to 5 1/2 to 6 feet. Now the areas of the greatest mongrelization has been induced here. Lucifer was their father and they worshiped devils. And at the same time, they were devils who ruled over the western peoples of China. Now you have two types of people of China. You have those who are not mixed or not mongrelized. Though this might occur in most any family . . . the good-looking ones would be sought out and then taken to the temple virgins or temple priests, and ultimately they would rule over the peoples of lesser stature or not as cunning in the evils and its wisdom. There came a gradual change in their physiognomy. There was the simple Chinese which is like the present people of the country, and then there was the cunning overlord who was the high priest in the temples of evil. And of course, some of them became warlords who ruled over this ancient China.

In fact, if you want to see evidence of this, then you turn back into the Book of Deuteronomy, and God is talking here about the conditions of the evil peoples and idolaters where HE has placed His people, Israel, upon the earth. 7400 years ago, HE placed Israel . . . 'My people ruling with me' . . . upon the face of the earth. HE told them of the conditions that would happen, the fall and the redemption. HE established His law's with Israel because it was important that they know what to do and how to perform. Now the transgression which we refer to as sin, is nothing more or less than the violation of Divine Law. SIN is the violation of Divine Law. And therefore, if the people had no part in the Divine Law, then they would not know when they were in or out of the areas of transgression. The law exists whether or not the conscious understands it. And so God bestowed upon Israel, His patterns and His laws. But HE warned them against mongrelization and integration. And especially warned them against those forces which serve Lucifer and the devil. So HE said, 'Give ear, O ye heavens, and I will speak; and hear, O earth, the words out of my mouth. My doctrines shall drop as the rain, my speech shall distill as the dew, as the small rain upon the tender herb. And as the showers upon the grass, Because I will publish the name of the Lord: Ascribe ye greatness unto our God. HE is the Rock, His work is perfect; For all His ways are judgment. A GOD of truth and without iniquity, just and right is HE. '

But there is another area of people upon the face of the earth and they have corrupted themselves. Their mark is not the mark of God's children, and they are a perverse and crooked generation. Therefore does God require of a foolish people. Is it not for you to inquire to your fathers and let your fathers tell you about these people, because these people were still in existence. They were still around. These people sew doctrines of devils at this time. Therefore, this God requires of you that you inquire of your fathers, and they will establish thee. Remember the days of old and consider the years of many generations. Ask thy father and he will tell thee, and the elders and they will tell thee. They will also tell you that the Most High divided the nations, and separated them and their inheritance . . . these sons of Adam from these other peoples. And so HE set the bonds and the habitation of the people, and ordained their migrations according to the number of those who were His children, the children of Israel. 'For the Lord's portion is His people, and Jacob is the lot His inheritance.'

Now . . . 'As an eagle stirreth up its nest, fluttereth over her young, and spreads abroad her wings, she takes them and bears them on her wings . . . so the Lord alone leads Jacob and there is no strange god with him.'

Now let me point out to you that as we look upon this, it says that these strange people provoked God, the God of our race, to great anger because of their strange gods, and the abominations which provoked Him to anger. They sacrificed unto devils . . . Hear this now . . . 'They sacrificed unto devils and not to God,' gods they never knew before, and the new gods, and to new gods which your fathers would never respect or fear. 'Of the Rock that begat thee, they are unmindful, and therefore have forgotten the God that formed thee.' All right so . . . the Rock that beget thee they are unmindful. So when the Lord saw it, HE abhorred them. He abhors them because of the provoking of His own sons and daughters, and their extreme conquest, or the attempt of their conquest to take over the children of God, and get them to turn against their God. HE said, ‘Iwill hide my face from them. I will see what their end shall be; for they are a very forward generation, children of whom there is no faith. They have moved Me to jealousy with that which is not of God. For a fire is kindled in Mine anger, and shall burn unto the lowest hell, and shall consume the earth with her increase, and set on fire the foundations of the mountains in ancient times. Now I will heap mischief upon them; I will spend Mine arrows upon them. They shall lie burnt with hunger . . . ’ And it has been a notable time when the peoples of Asia and China have never had enough to eat. From the hours that they turned from worshiping the right God, something came over that pagan land. The great areas of the Gobi Desert had vast amounts of trees where this desert now is. At one time, they had great mahogany trees. But they are not there today. Now you can dig way down and find petrified wood which was once a great forest. But the judgments came upon them as they followed Lucifer. And so therefore, came also the heat and they have been burnt with hunger, and devoured with a burning heat . . . 'and I haveturned their land to destruction ' . . . 'And I have even sent upon them the teeth of beasts' . . . 'With the poison of serpents of the dust.' Now the 'sword without, and terror within,’ . . . Well, they are an area which has constantly been growing in power, growing in people. But they have terror within from their own overlords and from these masters which they serve.

Now HE says, 'I will scatter them into the four corners where I would make remembrance of them, were it not that they were less a evil people and Yahweh would have no more of this. (Deut. 32:30) They are not a nation devoid of council, but they are an evil people. How should one chase a thousand and two put ten thousand to flight, except their Rock had sold them, and the Lord had shut them up? For their rock is not as our Rock, even our enemies themselves being judges. Now of course, this Satanic offspring and these areas which we refer to as Yehudim or Jewry today, come in two kinds. One is the asp of the serpent, the other is the area of the Dragon. Now the Dragon makes up the controlled pattern of what we may refer to as Chinese Jewry and the mutated race; they are the Ashkenazic. They are the children of the Dragon. The other is the Sephardic line and are the children of the Serpent from the vine of the Asp. And so God speaks out here and says, ‘Their vine is of the vine of Sodom and of the fields of Gomorrah.’ Sodom and Gomorrah were two of the most vile cities upon the face of the earth. It was not only contaminated by these foreign angels, but even when Lot was there, the mongrelization and the contamination and the filth and the violation of all moral law . . .was extent in these cities. They even tried to rape and destroy the character of Angels that were sent there to warn Lot, not realizing the significance of their crimes. The mongrelization that affected the areas of China and the massive areas of priesthood was one-fifth of the population in that land. And these priests were the pagan offspring of the Luciferian hosts. Now it says:.. ‘Therefore their vine is the vine of Sodom, and of the fields of Gomorrah: Their grapes are grapes of gall, their clusters are bitter: Their wine is the poison of dragons, and the cruel venom of asps.’ And of course, the other area of vine is the asp. Now we are not going on with this passage because it would take too long to finish this Chapter. But I want you to ‘Rejoice O Nations and people, because HE will avenge the blood of His servants, and HE will render vengeance to His adversaries, and will be merciful unto His land and to His people.'

In the days of the ancient Assyrians when they swept down on Israel, they came from the Steppes . . . Steppe Mongol's. They came down out of the Steppes. And many of them were among the most fiercest type of Asiatic warriors. Today we refer to the pattern of Jewry, the Asiatic, and its concept, because they also were the Steppe Mongols of the Steppe hoards out of Assyria. And of course, these are the exert mutation of Lucifer known as Ashkenazic. Whereas Jesus' term for the Jews that were in Palestine . . . He said to them that they were of their father the devil, and that they would do the things of their father, and that their father was a murderer. So HE is identifying them as Canaanites and the Sephardic line of the Darkness. So we have discovered that we have these two branches of Jewry. One comes out of Asia, and is so bread by the thousands of years of mystery and of evil, and the directing of the worshiping of the devils, even as Christ has referred to them. They are the most hideous gods on the face of the earth born to the peoples of China.

Now we turn over in the Book of Revelation to the 12th Chapter again, and we discover that in this hour as the Beast System is referred to, and the Dragon which had the seven heads and ten horns upon his head . . . this symbolizes Satanic power and so forth. And they warred in Heaven. And Michael and his Angels warred against the Dragon. The Dragon fought with his Angels, and there was no peace found for them in the heavens. There was a tremendous defeat. And so the Dragon was cast into this Solar System. Therefore that great Dragon, that old Serpent which was called the Devil and Satan which deceived the whole world, was east into the earth, and his angel's were cast out with him.

Now in the areas of time, we discover that the greatest stronghold of Lucifer has been out of the areas of Asia. There have been the masses by the millions of Asiatics. And even though his Satanic Priesthood were to invade the areas of India, and they were to take over the areas of Indochina and all the areas of Asia, then China would provide for them sanctuary clear on up to Lhasa where they had great power in the Forbidden City. They operated over the Mongol hoards with their subtle priesthood and Satanic leadership. Now the Dragon was against you. Remember that at all times they had been against the children of the Kingdom and the House of Israel, whereas we move into this latter age of Christian people and since the time of Christ, then the Evangelization came from the Disciples of Jesus who immediately went to the Lost Sheep of Israel who war spotted out over Europe and who accepted Christianity with gladness. There was a few centuries that Europe became mostly Christian. By this process, we understand that the 'right' people, the House of the Adamic race who are the children of His Kingdom become Christian.

But of all the lands that hated Christianity, the areas of China and the areas of the Steppe Mongols hated Christianity even more than all others. Of course, by this time as we emerged through the areas of judgment of the fall, and then the migration of the Sephardic Jew, and the Ashkenazic Jew whom they knew they were related, and knew that they had a common father . . . and they knew that they worshiped the same god. Whether they were in Venice or Pergamas, then they would gather together in a strange Kahilla. Today for instance, the Jews out of Europe and the Jews out of Asia know that somehow in the background a common origin even though they are from different areas, because they are of their father Lucifer and part of his fallen angels. And so they meet and they are guided by economic masters and political masters. And this Kahilla meets in China. They meet in Asia. They meet in Venice. They meet in Palestine. They meet in New York. And their design is the conquest of the Christian civilization which they fear.

Now we want to point out to you about the Dragon. Now he persecuted the woman which is the House of Israel which brought forth the man child, which was the embodiment of God, because God had become flesh and dwelt among us, and because God was the Virgin-born son of prophecy. And they are against the Christian civilization and the God born by the woman. It says: ...‘Therefore the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood.’ The seed of the serpent and the Satanic design of Luciferianism was spreading out to gather and capture the woman. All of this was seeking out to destroy you. It is not therefore, necessary by both traditions of these children, other than to rapture their minds and taking them from pagan countries, and in their pragmatic intent to engulf you with their strategies. Now therefore:...‘and the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened up her mouth to swallow up the flood, which the dragon also, was casting out of his mouth.’ So you have the Serpent and the Dragon. One is the symbol of Sephardic Jewry, one is the symbol of Asiatic Jewry that holds its sway over the vast lands of China. The Dragon has become the symbol of China and the ‘Paper Dragons’ in their plays symbolize this. They have a people of the Dragon that worship Lucifer. And many of them have been begotten by Lucifer. Another symbol is the six-pointed star that has a serpent twisted in and through it. This serpent holds its tail in its mouth, and they worship this. You will see that wherever they have the emblem of this six-pointed star, then they will always have the serpent with its tail in its mouth.

Now in this hour as we stand in the climatic time of this picture, we don’t have too much time to finish the area of this subject. But what we want you to realize is that as we stand in these latter days, what the guided hoards are about. They are planned by their Satanic masters, to move out over the Christian civilizations. The areas of China are under plan of great destruction by their leaders. They are building Nuclear weapons, missiles, and all such devastating powers to wipe you out. All of this is a part of prophecy and these things are coming to the full by design. And God upsets some of their economy and HE throws some consternation down upon those people. But these are still evil people and non-emotional and vicious people. They will follow any leader who gets over them. All of them worship devils. All of them are Communists, and all of them are against you.

Now 133,000 prisoners were taken this week. There were some 40,000 of them captured and the Red Guards cut their tongues out, cut their nose off, cut their ears off . . . and the people bled to death. You must remember that this is the concept of the Asiatic mind. People came out by the thousands to watch this torture as it was going on. Now in the battles that are rising, then they continue this grotesque torture for this is in their minds to do it. Then we heard that 23,000 people were shot down because they were 'on the other side' and so forth. We cannot conceive of this type of massacre. You know that we have been fighting a war with the Viet Cong. This is a 5th rate nation with a growth force powerful like America. And in this war, we have only killed 694,000 people, and the average today is 490,000 rounds of ammunition per man. In one week’s time of fighting, they had cut up, massacred and tortured 123,000 people . . . this monstrous land of demons and devils, and the people who worship these devils and demons and whose policies are in Gautamaism which is Buddhism. This is not the serene faith that they would have you think that it is. But this is the area of Darkness.

We want to point out to you that God's speaking against this Dragon whose war machinery comes out of Mongolia. Some of it is located in Northern China. And Soviet Russia is setting its pace with having transplanted a great number of Nuclear factories out in the mountains of Mongolia . . . out in the great high plateau's, separated so that you could not hit a lot of them with a bombing run. And they have been putting these missiles in the hands of the people in these factories loading them with Nuclear missiles. And they thought that they were secure. But God has had a great hand in this. For the last three years the hand of God has been shown terrible against the Mongolian. If you noticed, these areas have had tremendous earthquakes. These came two years ago and then last year. And then they had one a week ago, and again this week. God sent tons upon tons of dirt and rocks crashing upon these great armadas where they are building up their materials to fight His people, Israel. We have naive Presidents who say . . . ‘not to worry . . . you want to approach the Soviet Union and you want to be friends. We don't have to win a war, we just want them to realize that they can't win it either.’ Here they are preparing weapons to destroy you while these people turn their backs to them.

(The tape runs out)