Dwellers Of The Deep, 10-2-64



Tonight as we talk about...out of the depth..it is a continuity of the things we have been discussing and which we feel that you must know. There is no doubt about the identity of the people who constitute Gods Household and His people, and identifying the area of opposition as the World Order. We have discussed from time to time how clearly God identifies the World Order, as Luciferian in its origin. It is made up of all the peoples who do not constitute the race of His Household and His Kingdom. We cited to you this afternoon that Lucifer was acknowledged as the Prince of this world. Not my Friends:..over Gods Kingdom, but Prince of the World Order, in the earth. Do not fail to make the distinction between the World Order and the earth, because we are referring to all of the forces who are in the earth who are not of THE KINGDOM, when talk of the world. Lucifer is Prince of this World Order, and he was once...Prince of the one-third of the Sidereal systems, with all the watching Angels, and all their administering spirits, before his rebellion. The timeless patterns of yesterday we cannot track in this single message, but of the things which concern us now, we can trace. Of its relationship to events which preceded it, we may be brought to a deeper understanding as we search the Scriptures.

It is most significant for us to understand that we are God's Household, That we vitalize terms and words which in their Semantic are symbols we must know. When we talk to you about the Adamic Race we are talking about the people which God sired as His offspring, in the earth..people in their physical embodiment. These are the people who make up the white race of today. The posterity God ordained were to maintain their purity so as to carry out their responsibility, and in the hour of their fall, which he had pre-determined, by his word, and had cited would come to pass. Even in the face of our own refusal to understand this in Celestial realms, still he had promised the restoration, the carrying thru of the seed line of his race, to build His Kingdom, and made it quite clear that HE intended to build His Kingdom in the earth. For this we pray:...'Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven.'

It is very significant for us to understand, that the battle for the retention of the earth is a very natural thing for Lucifer. And the overthrow of the kingdom of darkness is the purpose of the MOST HIGH GOD. That this could not be accomplished by any lesser strain than by his own offspring, and that it would eventually take their embodiment in earth as a result of long patterns of background, history and Divine determination. Thus it is that we are the volunteered to come. And we who HE foreknew before the foundation of the world are his offspring. All of which is supported by every area of the Scriptures, including the writings of the Apostle Paul after his heavenly revelations as well as the declarations of all the major and minor Prophets. There is no doubt of the fact that of the people who constitute His race, they are identified as His own. Now there is also no question about the political struggle for the earth. And probably the height of attainment of Satanic power embodied in the enemy, the offspring of Lucifer, in the history of your race, gained its greatest power under Babylon. They dominated Ancient Babylon, in the political, economic, and social and religious life of that ancient land, and reached out from there to all areas of the then known world in their control and power. Thus the word..Babylon..becomes synonymous in the vocabulary of the Scriptures as the symbol of Luciferian design and power in a physical world. That design was to control that world and reduce it to slavery. Always Babylon becomes the symbol of this. Whether in the Old, or the New Testament it still symbolizes the power of Lucifer to control, and rule a physical world.

At the same time, the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in Heaven is a discussion of the establishment of an administration and posterity which inherits the earth, to occupy and rule over the earth with the same absoluteness with which God rules over the Heavens. That this is God's Will, and that this is something which God will bring to pass, there can be no question, but that we are in conflict to battle against the powers of darkness and the forces of evil.

As we turn to Ephesians we are told that we do not battle alone against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities, and against the rulers of darkness, but also against spiritual wickedness in high places. This is a reality, in which we are in conflict with the forces of darkness. Not just as a theory, but embodied and carrying out their activities in a physical dominion, around the rulers and leaders in the world. The design of the world order is clearly to be understood, it makes up all the non- Adamic people, and thru the years, thru false doctrines and evil religions, then Lucifer has gained the captivity of these many races. He then continues to control and exploit, and to direct these many people against God's Kingdom. I think it is necessary that as we understand this, that we realize it was...that the children of God had to be empowered. We then understand why God gave all power unto his sons and daughters to bind the powers of darkness, and to overthrow all the works of the enemy. But I point out to you that we are caught in the most Climactic period in all Human History. All the patterns of darkness are emerging to wage a final area of warfare against you. As we cited to you last Sunday, from the Book of Revelation...that the spirits of devils, like unclean frogs, out of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the Beast, and out of the mouth of the false Prophet, are now gathering the rulers of earth, for their final onslaught against God's Kingdom.

I think that one of the most important things for us to understand, knowing what we do refer to as the race question, is that we understand that there are beings who were in earth, and who are now even in the earth who do not belong to the primary races. That there are beings in the earth who are a part of the Satanic pattern of History. And thus they play a part in the strange phenomena which we sometimes find existent in the earth. There is no question of the fact that the struggle for the earth was an involved one, and even tho God Himself was to become embodied in the earth...yet Lucifer then sought to tempt HIM by saying:..I am Prince of the World (Order), and if you will just acknowledge me as Prince of this World Order, I will acknowledge you, and we will make a co-existence pack not to have any battle. Some people will even say...wouldn't that be better than the Bible program? That is what some people think of Johnston's program, and Humphrey's plan, and even Khrushchev's plan...Isn't that better than battle? ...My Friends when you co-exist with the devil, you end up with something worse than battle, and Satanism, becomes more than one can take.

Now under this plan, the design to seduce the MOST HIGH GOD to such a strategy was rejected as HE said:...'Thou shalt not tempt the LORD thy GOD'. There is no other God in all the Universe, and all fallen Angels, and all Demonic powers will be forced to recognize HIM when they bow the knee, and thus admit that ONE SUPREME BEING rules above all, and the ONE is my FATHER, and we are His children. He has determined that we shall live like his sons and eventually we shall accomplish this to perfection.

We point out therefore that the struggle is real, it is tangible, and it is the warfare of the forces of darkness against the Sons of Light.

Now:..in this instance, as we talk about some of the strange and fantastic things of our times, it seems almost impossible to conceive that individuals of Western Christian civilization, who have known the liberties of it, and known the processes of it, or have watched the development of this great nation from the days of our founding fathers until this time, could ever guess to the program of socialism or communism. Or could fall for the program of appeasement, and try to make Peace with Demon powers? One would say...what would individuals in position of leadership have to gain by joining themselves unto the forces of darkness?

My Friends:..because they did not accept the truth and righteousness of it, they gave been given a strong delusion, until they are believing a lie, and are identifying themselves temporarily with the Anti-Christ, thus selling out the nation of which they are a part. But I assure you that they are doomed to a judgment, and for a chastisement which as of now, they do not understand.

I point out that it would never be possible to destroy any part of the Kingdom of God, except where there is an invasion, or 5th., column, and strange forces came in to assure destruction...from the inside. And just as assuredly Revelation which moves out of the consciousness of God, known as the gift of discernment, thru His Holy Spirit, which will not only Identify the powers of darkness, and their forces of evil, but will eventually guide the children of God, for the total elimination of these forces out of the nations of God's Kingdom. There can be no doubt also that in the struggles around about us, that there are the carry over of many things which reach out of the Antediluvian ages, and the periods of the ancient past. When I talk to you about Luciferianism which dominated and captured the ages, then rehabilitated itself under the Beast system as the first Beast power, and then gave its power to the Second Beast and so on thru prophecy, someone always misunderstands. But this is now the political power which not only controls the Russians, but it reached out to control whole areas of the world. And tonight you and I have reached a climax which even now finds that the leaders of your nation have made agreements with Red China, that they will not use their nuclear weapons against her, if she does not use her nuclear weapons against us. And if she will just go along with that idea then we will support her entry into the world order of the Anti-Christ ...KNOWN AS THE UNITED NATIONS. This is the secret agreement that Goldwater, and others were talking about just last week. You just pray that Congress goes home before they do you any more damage. It is not Congress that made these commitments, but the policy still of these forces of destruction, is that they would like to carry these policies out...under pressure...even at this moment. In fact the President defeated one of the bills by trying to write more into it, and Congress thru it out today. Thus the circumstances which we face are many.

There are many who are never quite able to understand the strange Satanic power that moves with the Dictators of Anti-Christ. And from where comes this strange cunning, and how they can accomplish and gather control, and spread over the earth with great speed. Generally the areas which have been occupied are not areas of the white race, in which they dwell with their areas of administration but in such areas where the white race have been dwellers in their areas of administration, such as the Russians. There have been areas in which they have accomplished some success, where the Empires of the nations of the Western World extended their power, but generally speaking today, behind the iron curtain where a third of Europe, or maybe a half of Europe is enslaved tonight, their conquest my friends has not however been over white nations. In order to accomplish this they have sought to fifth column this area with Satanic force, and demonic power.

Now:..there are organizations that you need to understand in this Luciferian kingdom. Lucifer was an Archangel who ruled in the Milky Way. He was only in one quarter of the know Universe, and as such he was a being of Great power. And when he rebelled against God and thought to try to take over the throne...when he turned against the laws of God and no longer thought with sequence which related to face and reality, he created mutations, catastrophe, and transgression. Every violation of Divine Law, whether it is in the area of mathematics, or moral, or in the areas of Ethics, or in the areas of process of chemical combination. The word.. SIN.. means a violation of Divine Law. And out of it comes catastrophe, and whether it is physical as to the health of the body, or whether it leads to the morality of a society, and leads to the upset of their social order, or whether it moves in with the principal of mathematics, and ends up with Usury in the areas of their economic, a violation of law which is fixed, and a law of creation, is transgression.

The program of God is not to bind men, it is to loose them from error. The errors started from Lucifer and effected one-third of the known Universe. One-third of the Sidereal systems and its planetary hosts, and its Solar systems was under the rulership of Lucifer. You turn to the 12th., chapter of the Book of Revelations and it tells you that this dragon who is referred to as Lucifer, and later is called Satan or the devil, not only influenced one-third of the illuminaries of the sky, but also one-third of the beings who dwelt there. Also the word..symbolized as 'a star'..was applied to these ruling Angels, and the lesser order of these Angels were smaller 'stars'. Where as the Greater Stars in magnitude, and the Morning Stars were classified as Great Archangels.

Now;..under this instance we discover that in Lucifers rebellion, there were races of beings who dwelt in various areas of the Milky Way, and other places we were effected in this rebellion. And under this seduction and rebellion by Lucifer many of those beings manned the first space craft of history. These were the crafts of the fleets that Lucifer raised for the struggle against the MOST HIGH GOD. That is why the 12th., chapter of Revelation is so vital to a premise in knowledge in this matter. Because it talks about the fact that in this struggle, in the war in the heavens, that Michael the Archangel commanded the fleets of the MOST HIGH, THE ETERNAL YAHWEH. It tells of how he drove thru out the course of the period of time of this struggle...this Luciferian host out of the areas where they had their power, and pushed them down into this solar system, and eventually most of the rebellion was consolidated here in earth.

As you go back into the background of such declarations, you discover that Lucifer had under him..Angels, and the Scriptures refer to this as well as other sources, and it says that the war was fought in heaven... Revelation 12:70..and Michael and his Angels fought against the Dragon and his angels. So Lucifer had Angels under his command, for it says:..that Satan who deceived the whole world was cast out of heaven, and into the earth, and his Angels were cast out with him. So don't think for a moment that this was not a matter of reality, that they were not beings, that they were not identifiable, that they were not people of vision, of form and of substance. Thus we have the story of what transpired at that time. And we have this host coming into the earth, and with their defeated ships. The Scripture gives us areas of this knowledge, and there are other areas of this as well as the writings of Enoch, and other sacred writings held by our race in early times. They tell also about the great 'Man of Errors' which was the word for the great conflict in the sky, and tell of how the fleets came to earth like crumpled birds, and how some survived and some were wiped out in the crash of ships. How in these ships came the dark and curly headed ones, never before seen upon the earths surface. This was the coming of the Negro race who came as part of the warriors that were upon the Luciferian ships.

The things told in the background of this history are found, parts of it are in the 66 Books which we call 'The Bible' and lots of it is in the other passages and volumes which are also inspired, but which at Niceaea were not canonized because it did not meet the pleasure of the Roman Church.

We also discover that in the course of going into the records that are involved here that we learn much of this order of higher and greater orders of Angels. You will note over in the Book of Corinthians that the Apostle Paul tells of how he was caught up into the 3rd., heaven, and thus there was a first and a second heaven, and even more than this....II Corinthians 12:1-3. But in the third heaven there were Angelic hosts who served before the Eternal. In fact there were those beings who stayed right around the areas of His Throne, in the far off 'Pleiades', and the Celestial realms around there. The Great Throne Seat of God described by Enoch and others who saw this beauty, was as tho suspended far out in the Constellation of the Pleiades, and in the heart of the Universe, this was the great Palaces of the Eternal YAHWEH. These saw this Eternal place shimmering like diamonds with Light and Glory, and saw beings coming and going from all the corners of the Universe. And around the Throne, and in the upper areas, in this Celestial Light was the Glory of the third heavens. And here were abiding and Eternal Spirits who never left the presence of the MOST HIGH GOD.

We discover that there was a lesser dimension, or a second heaven, and Celestial beings here went in and out of the second heavens, and numbers of Administering spirits also served with Lucifer, these were Angels who fell with him. These were different than those of the third heavens, for they were propagating Angelic beings, and they multiplied, and increased, but they dwelt in this Celestial realm. Then there existed what is known as the first heavens...this was the outer Celestial Planetary realm, and in these realms and thru out the course of it were creations of beings, and dwellers in this realm, even as the ancient races which dwelt upon the earth from the days of its creation. These were people who dwelt upon the earth from the days of its creation. These were people who dwelt in bodies of flesh and blood, whose bodies were sustained in Light and Life. And there was no knowledge of catastrophe or death in these dominions. But they migrated from Constellation to Constellation in a growing expanding Universe. And this was made known unto Enoch and shown again also to the Apostle Paul, and reported in the 'Apocalypse of Paul'. And was one of the great mysteries of time.

Thus it was that as Enoch was taken back out into the Celestial so that he might record for men the things they needed to know, these mysteries were also explained. But in the days of the Great Luciferian rebellion, and as Lucifer was defeated, and driven to earth, at that time...earth was occupied by people who had been created and placed upon earth. And they had migrated from one part of the earth to the other, and in some places they had great cities, and a great civilization. They had known Lucifer...Son of the Morning, as the morning star, an Archangel who served the Eternal Yahweh. But now he came a defeated man, a defeated Archangel, but still ruling the earth as the Prince of this World (order), but now he came not with light, but with darkness.

The things which swept the ancient world are a part of antediluvian history. Where now we see the Atlantic and Pacific ocean, great continents once stood. Civilizations that had developed were not to be subject to entirely different conditions. For now a defeated Archangel had become the symbol of violation of Divine Law...of Luciferianism. The ancient background of the culture of these people filled the background of what the Greeks wrote about, as they spoke of the Golden Age, and the Golden men. The highest areas of Civilization which had taken place in the Pre-Adamic world was what they were telling about as they told of the Glories of the Golden Age. Some of these things Plato was to learn as well as other writers of Greece, as they went down into Egypt, and there they were to learn in the Temple of ON, which was established by earlier men of your race. These things they were able to learn out of the ancient records of the past, and out of the traditions of these people of Egypt who had migrated across Northern Africa, from the sinking continent, after the great catastrophe which occurred under the influence of the fallen Archangel.

But what had brought about this great Catastrophe upon the ancient world? What situation relative to that catastrophe has any influence upon us tonight? Let me point out to you that in that instance, after being defeated out in the areas of space, as Michael had overthrown the power of Lucifer, and had even stood by to come in for what would have been an annihilation of the planet,...God stayed him, and to Michael he said..No, for into this planet earth he had destined that this sons and daughters would eventually come, and there they would dwell upon the earth. Here they would develop His Kingdom, and eventually overthrow the powers of darkness, and here they would destroy all the works of the devil.

Now:..strange as it may seem Michael was given great responsibility. He was not only the Commander of the LORD of HOSTS, but he had delivered in symbols, and in actuality the hosts of God, in outer space under Divine command. And God said to him:..Thou shalt again battle against the hosts of Lucifer, for thou shall join even upon the earth, in that conflict, with MY sons, in that Great and Latter day. Now:..this is also referred to in the Scriptures....as 'the day of the LORD'. Every area of the Christian Faith recognizes 'the day of the LORD' as an historic date. It is a date of both political, social and spiritual consequence. It is one in which the Kingdom of God comes in to overthrow the powers of darkness. When the standards of Christ will be upon every High Tower, and upon every flag pole, and upon every symbol in the earth. It is a period of Ultimate and achieved victory.

We have pointed out to you that this mystery of Lawlessness, called 'the Mystery of Iniquity' already works, and...God finally takes off all restraint as you are told in II Thessalonians, until all the powers of darkness rule in one final attempt to take over the whole world with a World Order...a Super Government of Lucifer, and no man would be able to buy or sell if they have their way. This might be a strange situation for you to recognize, but they are fast working up to this point, even now. And if they can accomplish it even in such great nations such as yours, then they can take over the world. So we point out that the cunning of what is transpiring is related to the ancient past. Out of the records of antediluvian times, and Pre-Adamic age...we discover that now the races of earth were now subject to Luciferian form. In their temples, where they used to worship the Eternal YAH were now areas where false doctrines was being planted, until even the Celestial presence of God's sons and daughters was removed. As God lifted the last of your race, who in Celestial dominion spoke, and taught in the Temples of earth...into the heavens, prophecy was issued even then unto those who served and turned their face to the MOST HIGH GOD. This prophecy spoke of the deliverance which would come, that the day would come when a recreated earth would see the re-visitation of the Household of the MOST HIGH GOD. That under this instance God would send his own sons and daughters into the world, and that they would be embodied...in physical bodies. That they would grow, and multiply unto they became the masters of earth, and set free all the captives...this was taught and this was known.

Now...let me point out to you that in the areas of early and antediluvian catastrophe, that there was some very strange things which transpired. The people who dwelt in the ancient continents such as Atlantis, and Lemuria were the remnants who under Luciferian catastrophe were going thru great judgments. We have talked in other messages about the geological catastrophe, the earthquakes, the water rushing into volcanoes, the sinking continents, and even involved in this was the battle between fallen Angels. One battle was between Beelzebub who was a ruler over one sect of Angelic Hosts, and Abaddon a ruler over another group, and Voodoss the ruler over another group. In fact Voodoss was the commander of all the Negroes that in the ancient past rebelled with Lucifer and made their way to earth. Out of that came the religion called Voodooism which today is the religion over these spiritless, but soulish and emotional people.

We point out that in the instances of the Scripture there are certain things we must understand. Some of the strangest things in all human history enveloped in that ancient world. And if you go back into the ancient Mythology of the Greeks, you will find that some of that was based on that pattern of history. And that history related to this great man of error, and this great struggle between the Luciferian hosts, and the hosts of God. One of the things which you may or may not remember is that there was in the areas of Greek Mythology the words:..Hades, and Tarrotoes...and Tarrotoes was the area deeper in the inner earth...deeper than all other areas. A special sealed off gloomy spot, dwelling place of the Titans. And if you remember...the Titans were mighty and powerful Giants, creatures of such tremendous evil and strange phenomenal offspring...being the offspring of the gods turned to evil, that when Zeus finally locked them up he didn't just put them down in Hades, he put them clear down in Tarrotes, an inner prison chamber of darkness from which they could not escape until they were summoned out.

Now:...where did that story come from?..it came out of the doctrine which had been proclaimed, even in the days of the sinking of the ancient continents. It came in the hours of the great war, because of some extra special violation of all the principals of Divine Law. And because of this these offspring Titans were taken and placed in a Netherworld, and locked up where they couldn't get out, even to participate their utter evil as they had been doing, upon the earth..until the time of their Judgment.

Now:...you say: what is this talking about? It talks about something I can show you over here in the Book of Jude. And when you understand a little about the background of some of the people here on earth, that are not human beings, you will understand a little bit better why we are in trouble. And if you learn to understand and to identify devils, and to know what demons are, then you are not going to be surprised at anything that happens, when they capture men who aren't so smart.

Now:...listen...the Book of Jude tells you about the fact that there were Angels who had kept not their first Estate..1:6. Angles who had left their own habitation high in the heavens, and were in the numbers of those of the rebellion with Lucifer. They not only didn't keep their first Estate, but they didn't stay in the plane of the second heaven. Instead they entered into the first plane...of embodiment, and then embodied they intermingled with the embodied of earth.

Now..this is tied not only to one event but to several. The first being in the Pre-Adamic world. The result was that the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah which are under the period of Adamic history so that you can understand...these cities were strange cities, but ruled over by the powers of darkness under Satanism, with its vile and evil philosophy. They were cities of utter depravity, and complete immorality. And here beings of earth races, and those of fallen Angelic hosts of the days of the flood, intermingled and mongrelized.

Now:...let me point out to you what happened in the days of Ancient Atlantis...and that this was repeated in those cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. After the catastrophe of Atlantis, then God placed Adam and Eve on the earth, and he had given them their instructions, that of all the fruit trees they could eat, but with the race tree of Good and Evil, with these fallen societies they were not to intermingle. But Lucifer wasn't taking any chances with this household of God, and he moved right in for the seduction of Eve, and for the attempt to destroy God's prosperity (people). This is the reason you read this concerning Lucifer and of Cain:..In I John 3:12..'Cain was of the wicked one'...the progeny of Satan. Now:...we point out that in the Book of Jude it tells us something rather strange about these Angelic Orders. Angels who did not keep their first Estate, HE hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness, unto the judgement of the Great Day, and...where chained? The word is Tarrotoes, and that is the Greek word for the prison house which is below Hades.

Now:...of course we have all sorts of superstitions such as flaming hells, and so forth, but his is because when the Apostle Paul was talking about the different stages of capacity and because he was writing to the Greeks, then he used the Greek language, and the word closest to the imprisonment spot of the Luciferian powers, was the word Hades, but below Hades, is a place even Lucifer cannot touch. And this is the place called Tarrotoes in which there are bottled up Angles who fell with Lucifer. Those who left the second Estate for the first, and then mutated and produced monsters, and Giants, and became the Titans, so they were bound in Tarrotoes, and fortunately for you they haven't been getting out.... UNTIL JUST LATELY.

Let me point this out to you:...they were kept in chains in this everlasting darkness until the Great Day, and...the Great Day is arriving. The reason why we want to make this clear is what transpired later. Listen: ....The cities of Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities round about them in like manner, were giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh of other races and people...mongrelization, and total integration. And therefore they are set forth as an example, for they shall also suffer the vengeance of the Eternal Light. (translated here as fire, but it is the Shekinah Light).

I point out that this doesn't leave much for imagination...that these Angels didn't keep their first Estate, they took on a physical embodiment and intermingled with the peoples of earth and thus produced a...NEW SPECIE.

Now:...this happened in ancient Atlantas, before it happened in the 6th., chapter of Genesis. When it happened in Ancient Atlantas it brought the catastrophe that happened to Atlantas and Lemuria. It eventually, in the rivalries of the lust and the passions for power, introduced atomic war which had been the by-product of the cunning of Lucifer in making known the mysteries of substance. In fact when we have talked about the atomic war which swept the ancient world, we remind you that out in Easter Island we still find the Isotopes, and along the west shore of Africa we find the Isotopes, these substances fused out of sand like Trinitite from Algamoa. Substances which were not radio active on their own, but a by-product of the catastrophes of the ancient past.

In fact as we go into the writings of the ancient past, such as that of Horus, as to what transpired on Atlantas, we get some knowledge of the terrible catastrophe that did occur. For in the beginning, these people served the true YAHWEH-Putah, but then Lucifer was declaring himself as God of this world. And do you know who he was even at that time, mixing with the peoples of that ancient earth...that ended the days of the Golden bow, and ended the days of the great Golden Race, that the Greek writers once talked about? It was the Negroes Lucifer sowed with them that mutated and established the lines of mutation. More than that in their degeneracy which violated Divine Law, and had them mutating their specie even with the beasts, led to that which was introduced by Moses, inside the law, as God showed him, that he who would mutate his line with beasts should be put to death.

I point out to you that the Book of Jude tells us that even in our day we still have filthy dreamers who defile the flesh, and speak evil even of dignitaries. Yet Michael the Archangel had to wait for the Divine time. Nevertheless these are forces, that are like brute beasts, and in all these ways they corrupt themselves and the earth with them.

Now:....as I mention this I want to take you back to one of the strangest things which transpired...what became of the people, who having been immortal but now having intermingled with earth people and fused a society out of the ancient Lumeria and Atlantan societies, who were meeting the judgements of the MOST HIGH GOD, which swept over them and even sank their continents?....what happened to these people? In fact we discover in the 18th., Psalm and in other places there are discussions of some of these things. In the 4th., chapter verse 7 to 19 of Jeremiah we have the story of the great Antediluvian catastrophe which wiped out continents and depressed whole areas of society. Jeremiah talks about this to a full extent in the 4th., chapter of his Book. They you find in the first and second verses of the Book of Genesis it also tells us how God created the earth, and how one creation then became without form and was void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep. I go to the writings of Horus to discover how, as this land started to be undated, as earthquakes and fire swept it as the result of the violations of Divine Law., that here these people were devout worshipers of YAH, they were people who did not want to fall, who had pride of race, and they wanted to keep their kings and their faith. And thus some of them migrated before the continent of Atlantas went down under the waters. Some of them reached the edge of Africa before the last edges of Atlantas went beneath water. Call it what you will...Atlantic and Pacific oceans...are where the continents once were, and Atlantas were a part of the Greek thinking and it came out of ancient Egypt, and they tell a strange story. We still use the same semantics and identify these areas by the names the Greeks called them, for the land mass was there and so were the people, and the continent did go down.

Now:...we are also told that at that time there existed monstrous offspring who possessed a certain immortal area, that these beings were not the fallen Angles themselves which were gathered up by watcher Angels and consigned to the inner depths of the earth, and sealed up beneath the gates of the Sea, beneath the depth of the earth. This is the place the Greeks call 'Tarrotoes', and as the Apostle Paul refers to this he used the words ...Hades, and Tarrotoes, and here in the Book of Jude, he uses the word Tarrotoes the prison place for the most evil of fallen Angelic hosts, and they were imprisoned and then the entrances were to be blocked.

Now;...we are told that great catastrophes came upon the civilizations of these ancient peoples, and they were swallowed up, and their cities sank beneath the waters. And because there were those who were under the areas of immortality, were the by product of this unassimilatable catastrophe, were consigned to occupy bodies of the dwellers of the depth.

Now:...they came in two categories, for there were those who were the immediate offspring of the fallen Angels, and carried the areas of immortality, and because of this they were referred to as Demunzium Raphaim ...or Demon Raphaim. There were those who were out of the second heaven realm, and they were called the Raphaim Giants of the Deep. The Scripture says:...Psalm 42:7...'Deep calleth unto the deep'...when the waterspouts of God passed by...because they remembered the catastrophe which brought them down.

The words of the ancient records of the people who migrated, and those words of Enoch tell:...'Behold! they have bound them in the depth... they would like to speak, but they remain mute, and await the salvation of MY SONS.'

Now:...you see, these who are the dwellers in the depth are the victims of the destruction, but also themselves are offspring of it. But they knew that there would come a day when the Mighty God would bring a deliverance. When HE would put all things back in order, when he would conquer the powers of darkness that were responsible for their wretched state. And therefore they waited for the embodiment of the children of God, and for the coming of the SON OF MAN, and now they still wait for a Great Day, but still many of them move in the depth. And they form two classes:...one were the very forces of darkness, the elementals of evil, and the others are creatures in fish like bodies, but with human intellect. And they are all waiting for THAT DAY. My friends this is the mystery of the Dolphins. This is why, from one end of the earth to the other you find their intelligence and their genius for reaching out, and their desire for friendliness with men which has so long been identified. Their capacity for mathematics, and knowledge is not one which requires your instruction...only your ability to communicate. But remember the words:...their mouths are mute, their voices are limited, so that they cannot communicate, but the desire is there, the pressure is there, and they wait for that DAY. Thus after that ancient judgment, they became 'Dwellers of the Depth', while those who had not fallen in those areas of catastrophe had made their migration over the northern areas of Africa, and later moved from Victoria Falls down into the Nile Valley. Thus you have the history of these people of Atlantas who became the Egyptians, and they also waited for the coming of the 'White ones', the sons of YAHWEH-Putah, whose visitation in the days of Enoch and Job were to build the city of ON, erect the Pyramid and other wonderers, and that coming was to have a great spiritual impact upon the rulers of Egypt.

Let us point out then the record of the Adamic race...how God brought forth his own posterity and placed them in the earth, and gave them their instructions. They were not to mongrelize, or to intermingle. They were not to join themselves with the trees of Good and Evil, the racial trees of earth. But the sixth chapter of Genesis tells us that the Adamites started to multiply upon the earth, and the Sethites moved out, and daughters were born to the Adamic race, and then...came the Nephilim..meaning Celestial beings who had not kept their first Estate, and these infamous beings noted this multiplication of the race of the household of the Most High and they decided they also would intermingle. This is the reason that up in the High Tarim basin where your race had their ancient home land, and coming down out of the Steppes in the ancient days, we find that the ancient creation were also effected by this same problem. Thus the reason for the flood in that area was to swallow up and drown the Raphaim Giants of that hour and of that day. And as the catastrophe which swallowed up the first antediluvian crisis and rebellion, so again the waters covered that rebellion in that area of the Tarim basin, and they were swallowed up by the waters of the Depth. I point out that we are told here in the Scriptures that after the mingling of the Nephilin and the daughters of men, that there were Giants or Rephaim in the earth in those days, as the women of earth bare children for these Nephilin. And the offspring were Giants, and considered men of renown, but their wickedness was totally great, every imagination of their heart was evil, and the MOST HIGH determined that HE would not let them destroy his race from the face of the earth.

But these offspring of the Nephilin and the women of earth were cannibals, flesh eaters, and they were violent and vicious. Thus once again they were swallowed up, many of them with the waters of the flood. Then again comes the story of the Rephaim consigned to the deep. And some people will tell you that this has no influence upon us in our time. But let me tell you this:...great numbers of these fallen creatures are held in Tarrotoes, and great numbers of them have come and gone in cycles of return, under Demon influences which is also accompanying the Pagan religions. This is why we have the Netherworld from whence they come. This was also the place of the captivity of the souls and spirits of the sons and daughters of the Adamic race after their fall. Altho Lucifer held them he was not allowed to torment them, still he held them unto the conquest of Our Mighty God and Kinsman who not only made a consummate Atonement, but blasted the Netherworld, made them open up the gates and let the King of Glory come in. Then He took his many sons and daughters out of the imprisonment of the Netherworld and into the heavenlies. And there has not been the spirit of one white man which has ever passed into that Nether bondage from that day to this. But there still exists Hades, altho now enlarged, and still there was in place, the watcher Angels who hold intact the Netherworld. But even the gates of the depth we find possessed their dwellers.

It is not hard for us to understand some of this as we go back over the background of some of these races, and as we go back over some of the mysteries of the Sea. As we go back over the legends and its stories of the rulers of the depth, all of this we find is not fantasy, because it was ever so true. Even to your times these creatures are bound in their sea creature like bodies, with their intelligence so high, and with their trying to be friendly, still have their hopes of saviours still continuing. And it thus helps to explain one of the great mysteries of the intelligence of the Dolphins, their friendliness toward man, for...they..are entombed in the bodies of THESE CREATURES, AND THEY CANNOT GET OUT UNTIL RESURRECTION. But there are also those powers of evil who move out of the mist, and these help to form the Monster background from which stems the strangest of all gargoyle patterns of history. When Mr. Bullit was Ambassador to the government of Russia right after the recognition of Soviet Russia by F.D.R., which was one of the greatest mistakes in all of the International relationships of our country..for when we recognized Soviet Russia we recognized a citadel of the Anti-Christ, a place ruled over by the darkness, but we sent Ambassador Bullit over there anyway. In fact one of the summer Castles, or Palaces of Stalin was by the Black Sea. And it was by this Black Sea Palace that he held many of his conferences, until all the various embassies had bungalows and cottages surrounding the great manor where Stalin lived. Around Ambassador Bullit of course was the staff of our own foreign service. To show you that out of the cunning of evil design that Stalin reached out to embrace false religions and false gods, and strange areas of witchcraft. I want to tell you a story about this agnostic, this man of steel as they liked to call him...He was dependent upon the guidance and the influence of Satanic spirits and pagan religions. This was long before the days when frogmen were plying their trade, and before e were to accomplish the development of many of these areas of underwater operations that followed and became so prevalent in World War II. But Ambassador Bullit was surprised one night when summoned by some of those attached to his staff...TO SEE...a long line of creatures come walk up out of the Black Sea, and across the sand..dripping with the slime and the mud of the floor of the Sea. They were talking together, but as they talked their strange and muted grunting's were undeterminable to any language which our foreign service or Bullit's staff had ever heard. They stood in the darkness...these men of ours..watching under the broken light of the moon as it came thru the clouds, and they watched these evil forces as they walked up toward the Palace, and then were admitted..still covered with slime of the sea. They were in the Palace for some time with Stalin, and in their curiosity, some of our foreign service men walked very close, and they were also able to come and go at the Palace, so they faked up some excuse for delivering a message to Stalin in order that they might see what was to be seen. But they were not admitted to see Stalin or any of his staff, that night...but they saw the drippings and markings of the footpads of these strange creatures, somewhat manlike, but monster in their size... who called on Stalin in the dead of the night. This was one of the great mysteries of our foreign service, and I have heard it told over and over in Washington, from time to time as people gathered around and talked of strange things which happened in our country, and thru out the world. This is one of the strange stories Ambassadors brought back concerning the strange forces which came up out of the sea, and closeted themselves with this hateful Dictator who you cannot make into a good man...even if Mr. Truman wanted to call him 'Cousin Joe'. Anytime these fellows want to strike up kinship with the Anti-Christ, we ought to banish their kind from any area of American society.

You say:..surely you believe that this is possible do you? Yes...I believe it is entirely possible. The Demonic forces not only come up out of the depths, but they come up out of the sea as well. And I also point out that I believe that there are chambers in which Luciferian powers and forces of darkness have, that they move into and out of...in the depth of the sea.

Not far from Australia, and Australian ship was traveling into an Australian harbor when suddenly a whole series of ships came zipping across in the sky. Strange and peculiar craft, and they all suddenly dove right into the sea. The ship not only cut its speed, but it waited long in this area, but no ship emerged from the sea. They reported this and immediately came destroyers from Australia. They came out and used radio active equipment to denote radio active material. They tried to find out what kind of vessels had slipped into the sea. Strange as it may seem, they continued to cruise this area because they had other reports of seeing vessels that went into the sea.

There was this story of the American Pilot who was flying over the Southern Pacific, and a great craft came close to him, so close that as he looked into the other craft he could see the countenance of a strange evil like force. I have a full report of what he saw, and of how others had seen this ship, but had not thought too much about it since it did not look to unconventional as it went thru the sky. But this mans hair turned white with the experience of what he had seen.

I tell you that there are other forces in the world, and in the sky besides the household of the MOST HIGH GOD. I want you to know that Commander Byrd was looking for something when he went down in the South Pole area. He was looking for an entrance to a great cavern system in that area of the inner earth, and he wrote about it. And finally they have published the things he spoke about, and the things he knew and experienced. I am not going to take the time to go into this tonight, other than to tell you that our own navy, and there were also areas of the ships of the allied fleets, which were much disturbed about the Russian activities down in the South Polar areas, and their designs to take over Antartica, and what it might means as a military factor. And they had the phenomenal experience of seeing this in reverse. For suddenly there shot up ...out of the sea..a column of crafts..4 of them in all, one after another, which then disappeared at high speed into the sky, and moved out over the earth, from whence did they come??

Immediately after this, more reconnaissance and more attempts were made to understand this mystery. And again at this time, on their nuclear reactors, they were able to get a reaction on these crafts as they went by. But the mystery is still unsolved..as to who comes and goes from the depths of the sea, and what powers move from earth to sky, and back into the waters again? Are these subterranean crafts that crossed the sky...where they a new type of device which could move in water, in earth, and in air? Or were these again some of the Hosts out of the Netherworld as described in the Book of Revelations? Described as being under the dominion and command of Lucifer..are some of these forces in rebellion that make war on you? Having kept not their first Estate, but not yet having been consigned to the inner earth for mongrelizing with the people of earth, but have still held their responsibility as serving Lucifer for the conquest of the earth??? And in the tale of Sonship, we are told in the Book of Revelation that they have stingers which can cause death, and hurt the earth, and hurt the sea. We are told that they have the power to set on fire the great forests of the earth, and to scorch the earth. But still THEY ARE NOT PERMITTED to hurt the sons or daughters of YAHWEH who have the Seal of God in their forehead. THE HINDERANCE IS STILL THERE.

Someone said:..do I have the Seal of God in my forehead? My friends...if you give ascent to the Kingdom, if you give recognition to Jesus the Christ, if you are determined with body and soul, that you will serve the Kingdom of the MOST HIGH GOD, if you work to bring that Kingdom in...if you are coordinated in your vision to this Mighty purpose for your race, and for God's Kingdom then....you have the Seal of HIS Spirit in your forehead, and the work of your hands like that Seal of the Spirit marks you. Marks you not as a child of the Anti-Christ, or of the powers of darkness, but marks you as of the Household of the ETERNAL.

There is no doubt that as events transpire, and one starts to talk about phenomena, that there are those who sake their heads and say:..this cannot be true. But my friends when the Scriptures support that these things are true, it is well for us to take heed. Thus we tell you that we are living in one of the most unusual periods in all human history. When the Most HIGH makes His declaration concerning this He tells us that the powers which disturbed the ancient world, the power which was the destruction of the Adamic world in the days of Noah..and in that area, that God preserved a seed out of it for the construction of His Kingdom, and yet that power of darkness effected the destruction of that ancient part of the earth.

Now; let me recall to you some rather remarkable passages which relate to God's plan and His purpose. For one of the things He has stated concerning His design, is that the fall of darkness is going to take place. The forces of darkness are going to be defeated, and in this purpose, the MOST HIGH refers to those who are His people as members of His Household. And then he goes a little further, and when He announces His deadly judgment upon the powers of evil, and upon that mysterious system which wages war against God's Kingdom He refers to this Mystery...as 'Mystery Babylon'. When He talks about the catastrophes that fall upon Babylon, he says it is because Babylon has fought against ME and against MY flesh in the earth. When they attacked Jacob, when they move against Israel, God says they move against ...MY flesh in the earth. And HE says:..I shall bring them down, and then declares that no weapon formed against you shall prosper. Thus it is in the declarations of judgment and chastisement, that the Father also speaks against and He talks about His power, and His creative force. About, how the Universe is answerable to HIM, and how HE will move these things to fruition.

Again we discover that there is a relationship between Mystery Babylon and between the evil forces which control its political, social and economic order, and the forces out of the Netherworld, and out of the depth, and out of all areas where in there has been imprisoned captive spirits.

Let me point out to you then, that as we have told you before, that one of the marks of Babylon was:...it is the habitation of every devil, and every foul and unclean spirit.

Now;...you have different beings in the world today. You have what we refer to as Second and first Estate...fallen Angels beings intermingling with those even of your race, and they dwell in earth. These are called devils, and Jesus called them devils. They walk around, they wear clothes, they run hock shops, and clothing stores, and get inside the treasury department, and run all kinds of financial institutions. Jesus knew them by their faith, He knows them by their history, he identifies them as devils.. for they are a specie. Now do not go out of here tonight and say that they are a race, for this is not a created race...they are a mutated specie, they are devils.

Now:...there were those who were out of devilish orders, but out of the posterity of these...came Demons. You hear much in the Old Testament as well as the New about Demon powers. We have talked to you about their areas of influence over the souls and minds of men, and how power is given unto your race..to bind..all these powers of darkness. But in this sophisticated area of time we do not want to recognize that these things do exist. But we point out therefore that those whose bodies were destroyed by catastrophe, became disembodied spirits, and they try to inhabit a living body so that at its death, they would have a way to return into a cycle of the Nethermost, out of the Hades of the Scriptures. However there was a cycle of entrance into your society.

You remember Judas of Iscariot, he was probably one of the most evil of all the dwelling beings of the earth. Not only did he come out of the house of Jewry, which was given over to witchcraft, but his mother was a sorceress, and his father as well from the standpoint that he dwelt with his mother. But Lucifer was his sire, and Jesus identified him as Satans own son...the son of Perdition. Now the uniqueness of this being a son of Perdition, and being Lucifer's own son, then this evil spirit had to emerge out of the inner prison chamber. And when he had finally betrayed the embodiment of God...the man Christ Jesus, and had accomplished his greater work, then he was in great fear. Why? Because he beheld the things which surrounded the events of Christ's crucifixion and atonement, and he knew that this was the embodiment of God. He knew that when Christ stormed the Netherworld, and gained an entrance and broke the powers of Satanic force within, that it would not be secure here on earth when the resurrection of this Mighty Empowered God took place. So Judas was worried about all the fury which might even come from his followers. Do you know what he did? He went out and hung himself so as to get back to 'His own Place', which was the prison chamber of Tarrotoes, of the fallen Angels...the Titans.

We point out to you that there has always been a connection between the sons of Satan and all of the tyranny of the forces against God. That is one of the reasons why communism comes out of their mind, and socialism is their baby. They finance it with their wealth, and they capture families with their wealth that are dependant upon them for their enrichment. Those who will do their bidding, and then you say why is it that some of the Greatest and wealthiest families help communist?...Because they have made their agreement for One Hour with the Beast.

I point out to you that this is why...apparently that some of these who are first in power are going to be last. And I can assure you that you have moved into one of the greatest historic periods of all times. You are not only assaulted in the areas of the physical manifestation of the darkness, but these powers seek to capture the minds of people with a constant running liability, in the areas of their thinking. Every area of communication tonight is in the hands of the Anti-Christ. But...'Thus saith the LORD', is going out from the pulpits of the Kingdom, and out of the homes, and from the determinations of God's Household, which fortunately is on the right, even tho the forces of darkness do not like the things which are right..so the struggle is on.

Oh, we are not under any illusions, for the world is not going down under water, even tho some of the shelf out here is going down. All along the coasts of the earth as it moves under the judgments of God there is going to be catastrophe which will effect one-third of the people who live along coasts of the earth. Not only your coast but all coasts, and God has declared it will happen. But as to God's judgment on a world order, this world order is not going to be drowned, it is going to be consumed by nuclear fusion, explosions and war, as elements dissolve in fervent heat, and the war is of their own making. You can talk all you want to about banning nuclear weapons, but you are just talking to yourself, and buying the program of the Anti-Christ. For they are going right ahead with production of nuclear weapons, even if you quit.

But we learn that there is another secret commitment, and we fall for all kinds of them. One moment we have a secret agreement with Red China, and now we have a secret agreement with the Soviet Union as well. And this secret agreement is:...that we will save the Soviet Union from Red China...how about that? We are to save the throne of the Anti-Christ of the east from the Anti-Christ of the west, and while we are engaged with the Anti-Christ of the west, the Anti-Christ of the east will hit us. I can think of nothing quite as futile as engaging with just one facet of Anti-Christ instead of warring against all.

I listen to the voices...and I remember how the Scriptures talk about voices, and voices and thunders and lightening. We will talk of this next Sunday night because these voices are remarkably a part of the prophecy of this hour. Revelation 4:5....Strange as it may seem, we are being told at this very moment about the catastrophe which will come if the Republicans come to power. And that is that the world will be enveloped in a terrible war, but of course I can't see how you can pass that on to the Republican party because every war since I was born has been started by the Democrats. I can vouch for what happened after I was born, and not before I was born, but I believe history on that. Of course the civil war was started under a Republican administration, but it was started by the Jews, and most people just don't know that. One Jew went out of here ranting last Friday night. He said:...that is the worst thing I ever heard. And what I had done was just to read what Maurie Riskin said about the Jews. But they don't want you to even quote what Eternal security said about the 'Protocols'. They said:...the Protocols were a forgery like the Jews wanted them to, and I said:..that is right...they are forgery...but an exact copy. For a forgery is an exact copy of anything, and I will buy that.

When I talk about their design to suppress our civilization and our culture they don't like that, they only want to talk about that among themselves. So I tell you that America's troubles come from Devils who took refuge in America for the purpose of destroying us. And from Demons who have possessed men, because they have refused the Mighty plan of God's Grace for His Kingdom, and have sold out to what they think is the area of present reward. I am going to tell you that you better line up with God for tomorrows victory, instead of taking pay of today from a people who won't have it long.

We turn to tell you this:..communism was augmented out of the slime of the depths, and out of the demons of hell, and out of its Jewish writers and financiers, out of demons and devils, and out of Rephaim, and out of Nephilin, and out of everything which came out of the darkness with Lucifer.

You and I who had our heads in the clouds, who according to Ephesians were with the Father before the world was framed, who were Elect, and Pre- destined in earth as sons, this was your responsibility...to bring back the standards of God, and not to retreat..but to move forward.

So I tell you tonight...they don't frighten me with what slips out of the depth, I would just like to get some pictures.

There is something bigger than that moving around. And once in a while you have to have true believers, so after Bible study last Wednesday night we went out to study the sky, and beheld several more in the sky, and they who stayed for this beheld it. Believe it or not, they were there.

Now: I tell you this:...the kingdom of God is tangible and real, and tonight we can say:....

'Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven'.


End of Message