Dwelling On Two Planes, 3-20-61


Dwelling on Two Plains

by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 3-20-61

This is a subject we have not touched for some time and it is significant that we turn our attention to this reality. There are all kinds of people that make up our world and we are very well aware of it. We are well aware of what goes into the making of a structural Universe. We are aware of the sun, the moon and the stars and of the earth which we live upon. We know that these elements are made out of the energy and that the positive and the negative of electricity are the sum of the composites out of which all matter is controlled. We are also aware that we have a body made up of the same consistency and that this body is made in a physical world out of physical substances. We are aware of this body that we reside in and that we can touch this body, and we can behold with our eyes the bodies of others. We can behold everything which we can with the senses perceive. There is no question in our minds but that we are living in a physical world and that we are physical creatures with the physical capacity to understand and know. But in all of this situation, we declare unto you also, that you are dwelling in two plains. And that this is not true of all of the people who dwell in the world today. This is only true of these peculiar people of which you are a part. This is true of God’s Household. This is true of the Race which God has established in the earth to build His Kingdom. It is thus true therefore that you who are dwellers in two plains and you must understand as to what this completely embodies. You are not only a Celestial and spiritual being as well as a physical being,---most of you are aware of the fact that there is, apart from the mere physical factors of your earth occupancy. In fact, most people will tell you that they dwell in this body. And they are quite well aware that there is more to them than just the substance of the body, or even the mechanical processes of the brain.

I tell you that it is important that we understand this mystery because the power which belongs to you and me as sons and daughters of God, that you produce not only God’s Kingdom, but you gain ascendance over the powers of darkness, and shall be made manifest in a physical world. And there is going to be the power which belongs to you as a child of God, and the power which belongs to you from spiritual realms. While the physical creation is held together by the energy and the mind and the will of God who produced this energy, all the substance which we think is so important and remains as solid, is held together by the Will of God and is organized in the energy of which it is a part. In the farthermost course of the Universe, and the light coming thru the spectroscopes, when broken up in analysis, tells us in the chemical composition in the reflecting body, is also the same thing as of earth. Thus this physical Universe may be somewhat more extensive than some peoples finite minds can comprehend. Most people have never even stopped to measure the vastness of the Universe. But we are still talking about a temple creation. There is one thing about a physical body and a temple creation which we must understand. That except it be sustained by the law of the energy of spirit, it is coming apart. It is disintegrating. It is changing. It is not remaining the same. But there is one thing I think that you should understand about Spirit. It is that spirit never disintegrates, spirit never dies. This does not change.

Therefore, to bring heaven to earth, it was necessary to bring a spiritual household and transplant it into earth to bring earth back to its proper relationship with God. When we talk about dwelling on two plains, I want you to know that you carry with you a true capacity for thought and a reasoning also. You have a terrestrial body as well as a Celestial one. Your spirit being is made up of energy and of light. And was begotten in the light forces of Deity itself. He was not only ‘The Light’, but the LIGHT that lighted every man (Adamite) who came into the world. When John tells us that He also had a body of flesh like you did, but He is the Light that lighteth every man (Adamite) that came into the world, then it is quite obvious that many individuals who are born in the earth, many who are born of creations to begin with, are of earth stock and earth order to begin with. Every one of the White race, every one who makes up the White nations of the world, of the Adamic seed, came in this world and their spirits came into this world. Thus I tell you that those who are dwellers on two plains---(the spirit within you was with the Father before this cosmos was ever formed)---this spirit that is resident in you today, and in this room at this very time, was not only witness to the historic events of this solar system. But from the time of its being begotten of spirit in the endless ages of yesterday, up until this hour, has been abiding--ageless, deathless, a child of the Most High.

I understand that some truths which are contained in the Scriptures have been known to the ancients for our forefathers were given great revelations. Such men as Enoch and Ezekiel and others understood this. These are not necessarily Orthodox truths. What do I mean by Orthodox truths? I mean something that may not be taught by the average theological seminaries, to teach, as Methodists, or Presbyterian, or any other particular branch as a solidified doctrine. I know, for a group may not have been solidified for general teaching in some of the books of their theology in printers ink, in black and white. But a great number of people have shut their eyes to any other revelation or any other group which was not already coined and codified. But I want you to know that the greatest things that men will ever learn, which they do not as yet know, because the revelation of spirit has not as yet revealed to them, but they shall receive them and it is not written in books.

I want you to know that all the revelation that God has given men is also not contained in the Bible either. Because if all of the things which God has done and even if all of the acts and events of the history of God and His household and the works of the man Incarnate Christ Jesus, and what He did were put in books, then Jesus said that the whole world could not contain them. I had someone take that down to the fine points and someone said, ‘Dr. Swift, that is an exaggerated statement.’ But Christ never exaggerates. And there are as many sidereal systems in space as there are grains of sand on the seashore. Just remember that. Therefore, we know that if there was just one book on each one of these sidereal systems, there would be more books than there were grains of sand. So this is not an exaggeration. For most books are larger than a grain of sand. However, I have found some intellect about that size, which most books were bigger.

We are not only living in an important period, but we are living in one of the most important periods of human history because EVERY SECRET THING SHALL BE MADE KNOWN. But you are also capable of knowing it while you are resident in this body. Before God consummates this age, there will be NO knowledge, which He possesses, that you, in the wave-length of your spirit, (which is connected to His Will) won’t be able to understand and know. In the hour when God again moves into the physical world to walk with you, then He said that in a moment, with speed like a flash of lightening, the twinkling of an eye, ( He is just using this phrase to show the speed) but with the same speed as an electronic force moves, every single consciousness of thought and every man of your race, is going to be adjusted with the Father. You are going to see as He sees. And you will know as He knows. And a lot of ideas will change in a hurry, without argument. And that is also beneficial. But there is one thing I think that we can all agree upon. And that is that as the children of God, this Word of God contains enough upon this subject to cause every intelligent student to search and seed for more of his heritage and the things which belong to him.

You are all acquainted with expressions in the scripture which you do not always analyze. And before we go into all the phrases this might go in to, let us turn into the book of Revelation. Here we have this book and the Apostle John, one of the Apostles of Jesus the Christ, one of the Apostles who leaned upon every word that Jesus spoke and digested as far as it was possible for him, these things which he was taught. More than that, John knew that this was Incarnate Deity, the Messiah of the race. And also because he knew the enemy, John was probably one of the most outspoken writers of the scriptures concerning the enemies of the Christ and the unassimilatable offspring of Lucifer which upset the balance of the Universe. John was probably the most outspoken writer of the scriptures, but he knew this subject. That is why some of those forces today want to rewrite the book of John and take out the Gospel of John. But you find the people who want to take out John’s Gospel, try to tell you the reason for this is because John was anti-Semitic, and that he is the trouble maker of the Bible. But I want to tell you that you do not have to worry about this because Jesus called him a beloved disciple. That this one out of all the disciples of Christ was the one that He not only said was a beloved disciple, but John had a deep desire not only to know, but to follow Him,---he was the perfect disciple of Christ---then you can be sure that with the approbation on the things that John wrote. You don’t have to worry about the opinions of the enemies of Jesus Christ. I have long thought that it is time that we cultivate our thinking of God by the truths of God rather than the thinking of the enemy.

We turn then to John and he is out on the Isle of Patmos. Do you know why he is there? He is there because of his testimony concerning Christ. And he is there because the Jews had him put there. They used their political influence to put him there. They put him there because the power of his message and the things that he witnessed were one of experience. But I also want to call your attention in this opening chapter of Revelation that John did not seem too disturbed because he was out here in exile on the Isle of Patmos. But this was the LORD’S day, the first day of the week, the day of Resurrection. And it tells me here that John said that he was in the spirit on the LORD’S day and something happened. What did he mean when he said, ‘I was in the spirit on the LORD’S day.’?? It meant that altho he had a mind like yours and reasoned on all the things which the senses brought to him, he was aware both from the teachings of Christ and his racial heritage which is one with you, of the spiritual things which was also, sometimes invisible from the standpoint of video frequency,---but none the less real---but he was thinking about the spiritual forces and the things which Christ had said and about the things that related to the flow of Divine Power from heaven to earth.

And as he meditated, these things were now being activated by the spiritual knowledge of his spiritual being. You say, ‘What do you mean?’ I mean that you have a spiritual, Celestial body inside of you. And you have within that Celestial body, a Celestial mind, a mind which is vibrating one with God. The Apostle Paul then tells you that we have the mind of Christ. Someone said, ‘That is too much for men to assume.’ My friends, this is not robbery. It is the Will of God that you know the Sonship, the Light and the Power, and Wisdom of the MOST HIGH dwells in you. It is in your Celestial being. You not only have the mind of Christ, but the mind of the spirit knows and thinks when your physical brain may be thinking on something else, which is still in Celestial contact. Do you know that while you sleep, your spirit prays in a symphony of thought for things that you have not even dreamed of? Do you know that it tells you here in the scripture that your spirit prays for things that you have need of by vibrations which cannot be uttered? Someone says, ‘But how can that be?’ Because, my friends, the spirit is perfect.

Any errors that you have made were made in this physical body. Anyone who has not made any errors has not lived. And error that you have made, any violation which you might have made, is because of the violation of the proper relationship of your understanding and the proper knowledge where you think. Because you have to think wrong before you can act wrong. Transgression is no reflex action. Transgression is the result of wrong thinking. That always disturbs some very Orthodox thinking people because they do not want anything which relates to earth, or anything which relates to spirit bound up with thought. Let me tell you something. The way people are transformed out of error is by the renewing of your mind. A lot of people are out trying to save spirits, but there is no spirit that needs saving. The spirits of the children of God do not need saving. Because this spirit being was begotten of God before the world was framed. And that is why you can say ‘Our Father who art in the plains of spirit,’ because that is where the spirit is begotten. You are the children of God after the spirit. That is why the Apostle Paul said, ‘We are not born of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible seed which abides forever.’ That incorruptible seed is the light energy seed of the light of God’s own being.

You know that John was on the Isle of Patmos on the LORD’S Day when this was unveiled. But this disciple John, who was there in the Isle of Patmos on this LORD’S Day had written some Epistles. And he said, ‘I write unto them that are perfect.’ And then he made this strange statement that ‘he who is born of God, cannot sin, for His seed remaineth in him.’ When you look at human misbehavior, you can even find fault with your friends and your relatives---let alone the rest of the world. You can see whether or not someone is perfect. But the Apostle Paul could see that you were born of incorruptible seed. And John said, ‘I write to them that are perfect.’ Thus what John was saying is that ‘I am appealing to them that are the children of God, who are begotten in HIS Spirit, because that spiritual seed and that spiritual being does not transgress.’ However, neither Paul or John seek to disallow the errors made by men. But they were also aware that the spiritual consciousness was resident with us.

I declare this afternoon that the difference between the Christian nations of the Western World, and Africa and Asia, both in their adaptability and guidance, all of the technological secrets, the secrets of physics and chemistry, of botany and biology, and of astronomy and metallurgy, and of all the things which form the technological genius of our times, is because we get inspiration out of a clear sky, as some people think. They will say, ‘I got that idea right out of a clear sky.’ Well, it has to be a clear sky for some ideas to come thru. But they get it, my friends, out of the seat of inspiration. Truly a people without a vision would perish. For without a vision they would not know how to do anything. The only distinguishing quality between the body of a White man and a man of any other race is its color and its shape. But that does not mean that the content is the same. That does not mean that just because there is a difference that we hate or despise any portions of God’s creation. But it does mean that we should be intelligent enough under Divine Law, to preserve the status as God ordained it, and not seek to mutate this society by intermingling and disturbing its blessings, or disturbing the energy factor of its thought consciousness. One of the great catastrophes of mongrelization in our time, is this mutation of the wavelength of thought. And if this involves one of your race, they would not be able to pass on the spiritual vision because of your relation to the spirit to consummate it.

There are many creatures who dwell in the earth. And there are several races of men. And these races have certain characteristics which mark them both in their physical appearance, but also in the capacity of revelation and vision which is different. Some of them are completely soulish. They can only have the reasoning center of light consciousness in the body and the sense pattern of what they can touch, sense and taste here in earth. There are some who have elements of spirit no longer, and until such days in the timing of God, there shall be a new creation and new creatures thru His power and His light and purpose, they also are in a different cycle than you are. And everyone of the Adamic race is a dweller in two plains, even tho many do not know the advantages or how to apply it. Many of them have been casualties of this vast flowing stream of light into the earth, tho not beyond the power of the Father to restore or reestablish. In fact, nothing is beyond the power of God to re-establish and to restore. Nothing in God’s Universe can get beyond His Grace or His desire, or His plan to put it back in order.

In the writings of the Apostle Paul as he talks about the things which were fore-ordained before the foundation of the world, then we see that Peter, energized by the Holy Spirit, with a great vision of things that reach out into the Divine plan and go back into the yesterdays and forward into the tomorrows, he also talks about the restitution of the Holy things which has been preached by the Holy Prophets since the world began. Yes, we find that theology does not embrace that because they have not thought in the range of thought which was revealed to the Apostles by the Spirit. Today what America needs is more preaching with spirit and less propaganda. Today one of our problems is that the world order has embraced philosophies and strategies which are waging war against God’s Kingdom. And now that the Kingdom of God is in the world, it challenges the world to come back into proper balance with God and to be ruled over by God’s laws, coming out of His Kingdom. And they wish to rule in their own way in the processes which are a violation of God’s law. They are activated by this in the seat of their World consciousness. And as such, they have put out many phrases. The reality of Lucifer and the cunning of Lucifer has adapted many of these phrases to make them appear as tho they have every good intention. It is impossible today, unless you show some suggestion to take over the thinking of people. There are a lot of people whose minds are captured. And we consider them today, as the casualties in this struggle of a transplanted race of spirit from heaven to earth against this force of darkness. But this is a struggle they are going to win. Even so, we have casualties because some embrace the errors.

We want you to realize that when John was in the spirit on the LORD’S DAY, his consciousness was thinking in terms of the Spirit. And he heard a voice. And he heard the sound of a trumpet. You will say, ‘But this was just a vision, ‘and he heard the sound of a trumpet.’ But as far as John was concerned, this was where his consciousness was,---in the realm of Spirit. He was thinking in the plain of heavenly forces which were related to earth in their design and in their purpose. Suddenly he saw---stepping out of the plain of spirit---before his consciousness could perceive---the very personage of Deity itself. And he describes it here as the radiant Glory, the Illuminating forces of Light that seemed to move out from this One. This was Light like the sun, and he saw only the majesty, the glory and the beauty. But as he felt the presence of Deity, and the witness of which went thru his spirit, he threw himself to the ground in adoration and humility.

Then came the voice, ‘John, stand upon thy feet. Remember that I walked with thee along the shores of the Sea of Galilee. When you traveled with Me as a disciple, you showed no fear, you did not cast yourself upon the ground, and you have nothing to fear now. For in MY HANDS I HOLD ALL THE KEYS. I hold the Keys of Life, I hold the Keys of the transition men call death, and I have absolute power over the grave. Thus you have nothing to fear. I am thy Master just as I was then, and I hold nothing in My hands that would cause you to fear, I have liberation. So stand up, John.’ Then in the course of the experience, which John has, John is now recognizing and he realized that this One who approached him out of the Glory had come to him from the Celestial plain and is addressing him. And HE said, ‘You write these things to the churches in their ages.’ And HE gave him the message to the church ages which were to come, symbolized by then the existing structure of the church throughout the very portions of the then Christianized structure of the world.

I turn now to the book of Revelation and we see here that John said, suddenly he heard something that was very significant to him. After this he said he looked and there was a sudden opening in the atmosphere round about as tho this were an entrance into the area round about which had been closed off to the eyes of vision which he had. But suddenly the ‘plain of spirit’ had a door open into it, thus a door opened into heaven. Agra Pheneumos, the dimension of spirit was now opened for John. And in the King James Version, this would suggest a Celestial or heavenly dominion. But it was not necessarily up. The door opened in the dimension around him.

Now I call your attention to this fact that John refers to this in the book of Revelation. And he said that there was a door opened in heaven and a voice was heard. This same voice which spoke to him on the LORD’S DAY now said, ‘Come in hither. For I AM GOING TO SHOW YOU THE THINGS THAT MUST BE---hereafter.’ And John then says, ‘Immediately I was in the spirit.’ But John was a man just like you, just a person just like you. He was a person that reasoned, a person that used to go fishing for his living. He knew the peril of casting his net into the Sea of Galilee. And he had followed Christ thru those turbulent years of His ministry. And he had absorbed out of those years of the close presence with Christ, more understanding of theology than any clergyman that you know today. So when God said, ‘Come in hither,’ then John stepped thru the door.

Now, the thing that I want to confess to you today, is that I am not in the spirit, but I CAN READ AND TRY TO UNDERSTAND. Immediately--(and I like the word immediately)--as John beheld the door and heard the summons, then John was in the spirit. And he knew that he was in the spirit. You say, ‘What does this mean?’ It means that in the seat of his consciousness, he was now in his Celestial body. And his Celestial being went right thru the door into the dimension of spirit. You say, ‘Do you believe that?’ Yes, I believe that just as sure as I stand here. John then said he immediately saw who was in charge of this plain. And he saw the throne of it and ONE sat on the throne. I think that is good for a lot of theologians to realize that just ONE sits on that throne, for there is not a ‘host of ‘gods’ there. I think that is good for them to see. For they are not going to see ‘Three’ gods like in Babylonianism and Occultism, that God is ONE Spirit, Soul and Body. HE is still ONE,---the man Christ Jesus whom the Apostle Paul writes about in the book of Colossians, the same Christ that John saw in Revelation. All things were made by HIM and without HIM was not anything made which was made. And all things were held together by HIM. He is the author, the Creator of the Universe, and without HIM the energy and form and force has its being. From HIM the very length of light and vibrations has had their great permanent start.

Someone then says, ‘Which beginning?’ This is the beginning which is in the perimeter of the Universe, you are reading about. For there was never a beginning for God, or the beginning of His creation.

When we behold this, then remember it tells us in Colossians. And this you should always remember, because it is most significant in any understanding of God. But the man Christ Jesus was the exact image of the invisible God. Therefore He not only redeemed us thru His own atonement, with His own blood, for the forgiveness of transgression. “Who is the image of the invisible God, the first born of every creature.’ The physical body is the image of the Spiritual body. The spiritual body, Agra Pneumas, creative spirit, father spirit, the spirit is Father of all life, all energy and all substance. And the body it resides in is the body Incarnate. And fullness of God, we read here in the writings of the Apostle Paul, dwelt in the man Christ Jesus. It is all there. The God of Spirit in which His earth consciousness appeals was also with HIM.

Now, I want you to know that you are in the image of God. Among the mysteries and allegories written by Moses in the book of Genesis, is magnitude of the statement that this man Adaum was a begotten issue. He was not created. For there are two creations in the book of Genesis. There are created beings in the world and there is issue that came out of God---Adam is God’s Issue. Thus you are children of God born of incorruptible seed that lives and abides forever. Adam then was also the child of the physical substance after this physical creation and thus you are also the children of Adam after the flesh. The Apostle Paul makes this declaration as well. You are the children of God after the Spirit. And you are the children of Adam, the offspring of God after the flesh. And because of the violation of the principal of the basic law which was given to him, death came upon Adam’s flesh and you have inherited that process, and you have inherited that death. But the spirit which resides in you, this spiritual seed which is in side of you does not inherit death because the light of God, Himself, never dies. I think that when we finally recognize that spirit of the eternal, that we are children of Eternity. And just for a moment remember all the things which the spirit could bring to our remembrance, and realize what the Bible has to say about it. I could produce for you great columns of passages which show that you were with the Father before the world was framed, and the things which you should understand and know, but you do not remember in your physical consciousness. But that spirit brain remembers, but the soul consciousness does not remember. And it lost the connection in the day it violated Divine law way back in the Eden connection.

We will not discuss too much of that phase of the subject because this is not what we are talking about today. We are talking about you as a people and you as a dweller in two plains and the Celestial consciousness which is in contact with God. And you can move your consciousness into the Celestial realm for Celestial wisdom and vision, and for the understanding of every secret think that you want to know. And you can also live by the senses and obscure to some extent, by never probing or reaching for this great wisdom of God.

Never has there been a period when it was important for us to realize that it is only the law of the spirit which is the law of the spirit of Christ----and if you understand this law of the spirit of Christ, then I shall make you free from the law of sin an death. Thus there are two kinds of people and you as a two fold being live in a world of unlimited capacity.

I want you to know that whereas all the sons of Adam inherited death. And Paul tells us that by Adam came death. And the second Adam which was another embodiment of God’s Life Spirit, by birth came Light. Thus in Adam all the sons of God knew death, but in Christ all the sons of God know Life---and know it Eternally. But at no time did the spirit ever die. You say, ‘What is this talking about?’ The fact remains that the consciousness of men resident in their physical body were not able to sustain and provide for the new mortality. But let me assure you that when the Children of God---dwellers in bodies of flesh, and turned loose in being, that even this mortal can put on immortality. And no physical body enveloped with the Glory of Spirt can die. This is a part of the mystery of why Christ took on a body of flesh just exactly as the children of God. In the 2nd chapter of Hebrews, you are told that now the children of God are bodies of flesh, having come by the gateway of natural birth. Then HE took the same thing. He could have enveloped Himself with the Glory,---it belonged to Him. It was resident within the power within Him. But He did not allow it to envelop that body until He had finished His work in Calvary.

Now, the Jews thought that they had killed HIM. Their animosity was an emblem of all their animosity toward God who was going to bring the world back into its proper relationship with law and righteousness. In the ignorance and the gloom and darkness, and evil they fought against their own best destiny.

But when they Crucified HIM, they thought they had did it. They did not realize that if He had come to earth enveloped in HIS Glory, that Calvary could not kill HIM. They did not know that when mortal is enveloped in Glory that mortal has Immortality. They did not know that the Celestial being in HIM had the power to envelop this physical body in such glory that nothing could have touched HIM. But HE left this Glory aside until He finished His work. He committed His own life consciousness from His body, sending His Celestial Spirit back into the Plain of Eternity. Then after He had finished His ministry preaching to the sons of Adam in the Netherworld, He broke the power of all the forces of darkness and superstition for all times. Emptied all of mens superstitions and perdition in one single move. And brought forth all the sons of Adam triumphantly by the power of His Resurrection. And He came forth enveloped in Light. But He was always dwelling in two plains and had not used all of the power of the force of which the Universe is held together. And in the times when His enemies were seeking to stone Him,----then you just read the book of John, just to read about the attitude of His enemies.

Everytime the Christ declared a great truth, or everytime the evil forces which were usurping the power in the temple came in contact with His truth, they took up stones to stone HIM, and they plotted as to how to kill HIM. They got Him down in the treasury room of the temple, and they thought they had lured Him there. But He knew their hearts before He went. And they had stones there with which to kill HIM. That was the B’nai B’rith of His day. In the hour that they planned His extinction, suddenly this was not the day and this was not the time. For when they picked up the stones, they could not find Him. He had stepped right out of the dimension, as far as they were concerned. You say, ‘He was a man among men--so how did He do it?’ That law had never been changed. For He knew how to move in and out of either plain at anytime. He knew how to move in the spirit, until there was no visible body for them to destroy. Strangely enough, they could not believe this. For the doors were shut. They thought they had blocked off His escape. But they could not find Him. Then in comes one of their temple soldiers and he said, oh, if you are looking for Jesus, He is outside talking to the people.’ This was before His Crucifixion. This was before HIS Resurrection. Can you believe that?

You know, that Rome was pretty hard hearted. Rome never paid much attention to tradition. They only reported what to them, was pretty well established facts and the price increased---and the very enemies of Christ, Himself, had reported this situation and it had caused them some fear.

Now, I want to show you that not only was Christ recognizing and was conscious of His power and authority, but He was fully aware HE was before Abraham. He was the Eternal One. Then to make this clear to His disciples, He said, ‘Before Abraham---I AM.’ He made it rather clear to all those who heard HIM with that remark. And then He said a little more than that. Remember He said He had come down out of the Heavens. He said no man, as that was concerned, could go into the ‘plains of spirit’ unless they had come out of it. No one could ascend into the heavens unless they had come down out of it. In His majestic prayer in the 17th chapter of John, in His humanism, He reaches out to His Spirit which fills the Universe and holds it together. And He said---all of these, His children, were the Sheep of His pasture. This great Evangelistic speech was to reach every corner of the world. And the White race would hear and accept because they were His household. He had not lost any of them.

Now, listen to the humanism that addresses the spirit. “Holy Father, they are not of this world as I am not of this world. But don’t take themout of the world. Keep them in it.” For the program of God was for the transference of His Celestial children from heaven to earth. And even tho in this veil flesh, with the natural reasoning which might not remember yesterdays, but by the spirit this can be brought to your remembrance. Every once in a while Jesus talks from this Spirit knowledge of Eternity. As He was talking to His disciples, He said that it was going to be necessary that He go away:--’In a little while I go away.’ And the disciples at that moment, were not as alert to all of the things that they were going to know in the future, but He said, ‘therefore I go away--and as I have told you--in My Father’s house are many mansions.’ (These are dwelling places of the consciousness of spirit.) If this were not so I would have told you. But I am going to go away.’ Then He said, ‘Whither I go you know, and the way you know.’ But they did not remember that. So they turned around and they said, ‘Whither do you go and how do you get there?’ That is just about what 95% of the Christians would say today. If you say, where are we going, you know, and the way you know, and they would say--but I do not remember anything about it.---That is true. But I will also tell you that I have kinsmen who have come and gone and they did not understand it. I have kinsmen who left to us a great message. For I want you to know that John went into the dimensions of spirit with all of his faculties. He said, ‘I saw, I stood on the sands of the sea,’---A Celestial dimension. But he was there. He said, ‘I saw, I beheld, I heard.’ There is not one single thing which you can do in the physical world that John did not do there in that whole time in dimension which is different than this one and apparently all the equipment you need to dwell in Celestial plains, John had.

I want to call your attention to the Apostle Paul’s words in the 12th chapter of II Corinthians, where he said, ‘Now it is not expedient for me to Glory.’ It is pretty hard for a son of God, who not only knows that he is a son of God---not to sound it out---to say as John said, or what Paul said. But everyone who gets into the plain of spirit and gets back, has a lot to tell you. John says, ‘We are the sons of God, but it does not appear that we are, but we are the sons of God now.’ Then the Apostle Paul says in the book of Romans, ‘His spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are the sons of God.’ And this entails a greater power than people round about possess. For the whole creation is just waiting for the sons of God to prove that they are sons of God with Divine power. Then the Apostle Paul said, it is not expedient for me to Glory, but sometimes I have to just let the light sign out anyhow. But this he said is what I am going to do anyhow, I am going to come to some visions that came from the Eternal. He said, I know a man in Christ, about fourteen years ago, and he is talking about himself. He is not trying to be coy, but other translations show it better than this one. But ‘whether in the body or out of the body, I cannot tell, but God knows.’ But such a one was caught into the third heaven. In fact, if you read the Apocalypse of Paul, before he got thru, he had gone into seven of them.

Now, if there is anything important for you to realize, it is that a man like the Apostle Paul, one of the best educated ones we had in Biblical times, who could write into any of the various variations of the Greek language. He wrote classical Greek. And he wrote also to the Corinthians, and the Ephesians, two different catagories of Greek at the same time. He had no problem in writing to the Colossians. And he wrote in Latin to those in Rome. He wrote the book of Hebrews in Hebrew. There was not anything in the temporary linguistic realm and in the knowledge of philosophy and the theology of his day that had not been studied by the Apostle Paul. As he stook on Mars Hill, he quoted Plato like a student of Plato. And Plato was quoting Enoch who had taught him so much. Thus Paul was just quoting both. In fact, if you do not know who the Greeks were, the Philipians were also a part of the great White race. And that is why the Apostle Paul said, ‘All of our fathers came thru the same waters, and all of them ate the same manna.’ And all of them, my friends, drank out of the same ROCK. It is most significant then for us to realize that the Apostle Paul became one of the chief Apostles to the church. Altho he said that he did not like that what he had to tell--is not in mens wisdom.

Now, there is one very significant thing. The whole structure of the Christian church finds its roots deep in the sands of knowledge and Grace largely built on little nuggets which are scattered thru the Epistles of the Apostle Paul. And the Apostle Paul could not tell you anything any other man could not have told you except he had an experience. Everything you have in this Bible which it is talking about, has been someones experience. It is something that God or His Holy Angels or His ministering Spirits or your Celestial brothers told them. Because otherwise, anyone can see all there is around them to touch, taste and handle and feel. Africa can do that and Asia can do that. But they do not have the vision to build great civilizations and culture. Let me tell you something. The Apostle Paul said, ‘I could not tell whether in the body or out of the body.’ That to me is very interesting because it means that the Celestial plains are so much like this one in their dimensions, except the physical plain is an expression of the Celestial plain as far as the consciousness is concerned, as to the individual. Of course, I know that the physical world is not like the heavenly world or we would not have been told to pray, ‘Thy Kingdom come thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven’---unless He wanted this one to become more like that one.

I know that the perversions of truth and the mongrelizations of life and societies and the attempts to change things as they wer, to disintegrate this flow as evil does, has reduced the status of the earth scale below that of any other creation in the Universe. But I know the Grace of my Father. And He says that this is one of the best things that even happened. You say, ‘How do I know?’ He does not say in the scriptures that He is going to replace you, or bring against you a judgement. I am going to tell you something. You could never have appreciated the difference between good and evil. You would never have known when things were right if you did not know when they were not. Do you know that the whole Universe has learned the evaluation of righteousness. So you know that they have learned the value of God’s Grace. That He can even reach out with Grace to any force which is against Him, then with that creative overflow of love, put it back in order. You say, ‘But how is He going to accomplish this?’ It is in the process. You will never reach the magnitude of your Father’s nature until you can understand that there is nothing in this Universe which is your inheritance that will not be brought back into syncronization with His and His thought and purpose. I am going to tell you this. God is not going to lose anything, absolutely nothing. God has never been lost at any time, you know. People get lost because they do not know where they are. They think they know but they are out of relaitonship with where the Father is. Some of these people are like the Indian who says, ‘I am not lost, the wigwam is what is lost.’ He knew where he was, but he did not know of the relationship to shelter and to food. And when shipped to a relocation center he was lost.

People think that being lost is because you do not say the right word, if you don’t say the right formulas right now before some accident happens, or your are caught with some deadly disease then you are off course for ever and ever. And you are going to be punished in some evil fortress of deity. Some faces become red and then more red when I say that. But you should not let your faces give you away when I say that. But that is pretty primitive theology that you are hanging on to. The more you know about God the bigger He becomes. The more you know about God then you realize that is not the nature of God. If He had wanted to do something like that He would never have redeemed the earth to begin with. When a man is lost the worst situation he can be in, is by the error of his thinking and the way he operates. There are hells alright, there are catastrophes and troubles, and wars alright that sweep the world because it is out of adjustment with Divine law and the principals of God. But the world will never find its way out, for this must come thru the children of His Spirit, reactivated in their spirit, regenerated in their consciousness by this spirit. Talk about regeneration, you have to have light before you can regenerate it. Talk about spiritual knowledge and understanding, but you have had to have had it before its conscious work can be renewed to you. It is the renewing of your mind. It is regeneration. It is restoration. It is the great purpose of God to put it back in order.

I want you to know this today. The Apostle Paul tells of his experience whether he was in the body or out of the body, he could not tell---but God know,---but I went into the third heaven. He says, ‘I went thru this experience and I could not tell whether I was in the body or out of the body, but God knows. However, I was in paradise. And I heard unspeakable words for the earth plain at this time. I heard things which are not lawful for me to utter now, but things which they would say were against the law if I told you.’

Let me tell you something. Paul pretty well knew who was running things on earth in his day. And he knew that there were a great many things that if you said them, the Jews would put you to death because it exposed their falsehoods. They tried to put Christ to death because of what He knew. I want you to know today, there area a lot of things the World Order would like to make unlawful for you to utter. If you were to declare all of the things out of the full perspective of the Kingdom of God, and of the powers which are against it, and then tried to get on the air with it, you will discover that you do not have freedom of speech. Some people as they try to declare the truth as they find it, lose their air waves. Oh, they are not bad people, they are just declaring God’s truth. But it is unlawful to declare some of these things in earth. Then there are some people who have advanced and God said that He would activate their minds, and they would declare leadership over the masses, and bring them to the point where God is going to lead them until they fulfill the destiny which God has ordained.

Listen. God stood before men and told them things. And then one day God said now there are other things which I could tell you, but you could not understand or bear it now. Jesus said that to some of His own disciples. But He could not tell them because they could not bear it then. But now almost 2000 years later, we can bear it. Because a lot of things have happened since then, including the great endearing spirit, the great unusual phenoma of the energy of spirit descending upon men out of dimension round about. And it happened at Pentecost, an aura of abiding overflowing of power coming to the children of God from that day to this.

We stand on the edge of one of the greatest manifestations in all history. When the ‘Latter rain’---calling what He did at Pentecost, the ‘former rain’,---is going to be unharnessed energy or power to accomplish some purpose. We do not begin to have the time to touch the capacity of this dwelling in two plains. But we have touched on the fact that John walked thru the door into the plain of spirit. And the Apostle Paul was carried into the third heaven as we have learned from his Apocalypse. And he did not know whether he was in the spirit or the body.

I want to tell you about Ezekiel. And it starts out in the first chapter of Ezekiel telling about the mighty experience he had with the great whirlwind and the great circular objects, and the great hosts of heaven which came down on the plain in front of him. You know all the people who describe flying saucers think they have discovered a new thing, because the fast vehicle of space in two plains seem to follow a certain design. And let me tell you something. It is possible for the ‘plain of spirit’ and the forces that live there, and for the Saints, the believing offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD, the ones who dwell in light. Thus the Apostle Paul said, ‘We have an inheritance with the Saints who are the believing offspring, who by the way dwell in light.’ And the Apostle Paul knew tha the was one of the Saints who dwelt in earth. And he knew that he was like the Saints in earth. But now they dwell in darkness. And the Saints who are in the HEAVENLIES, ARE DWELLING IN LIGHT. And there is quite a subjedt in that which we will take up one of these days. And he recognizes that they have vehicles and he tells about this in his Apocalypse, about their coming and going. And Enoch also told us this. But I am just referring to the fact that they came down suddenly visible to the eyes of Ezekiel. And he saw these circular objects come down and settle on the plains. And he saw these living creatures get out. But the thing which interest me, is that God starts to talk to Ezekiel. And then it says here---’Suddenly the spirit took me and said, we are going to use you as a prophet, but we are going to give you an education first.’ There are some things here in Ezekiel that you do not remember. And I am going to show you. But it says here that the spirit took me and I heard the great rushing noise which I heard when the ships came together. And I heard the voice say, ‘Blessed is the Glory of YAHWEH in His place.’ I heard the noise of the wings, and the great noise of the wheels, in these great circular objects. And the noise was like the great rushing of something thru the air. And Ezekiel said, ‘the spirit lifted me up and took me away, but I was sort of bitter, for I wanted to stay here.’ So Ezekiel did not want to do this job. He did not want to go. He did not want to learn and then come back and tell the people maybe what they did not want to hear. He said, ‘the spirit not only did this, but I felt this bitterness in the seat of my spirit, and they landed me over by the river Chebar (the great river Euphrates), to them who were in captivity. And I dwelt there, and I sat there, and I was astonished at the things that I saw there as I sat there for seven whole days. Then at the end of the seven whole days, the word came---“Son of man, I have made thee a watchman on the wall.” And then they returned him and he could not tell whether he had been in the body or out of the body.

Someone said, ‘What do they need ships for?’ Well, ships are just a vibratory plain. And they use all kinds of things in the ‘plain of spirit.’ In fact, remember that when Elijah prayed that the spirit would open the eyes of his servant, at the time when the great armies of Assyria were around the encampment of Israel, he say there the great armies and their Celestial chariots. And as he saw this great Celestial army standing by in the Celestial plains, their vibrations and powers were so great that at the command of the prophet there was a blindness which came over the enemy of God’s people and they never got to destroy and they never got their sight back until the prophet let them have it back.

I see we haven’t the time to finish this subject. But I want you to know this. The power which belongs to the people of God, because they not only dwell on two plains, but when they learn this they tape into unlimited power. And you do it sometimes in the subconscious pattern, and you do it because the truth gives you the vision which you operate under. But you have unlimited power which can do all things. You can bind the enemy. But that power unleashed on you out of the spiritual force of your background, and your Celestial consciousness, is going to become master. And the law of spirit dwelling now in these physical bodies in which you now reside, is going to be---’Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.’ And the laws are not going to be applied in earth and they will come out of you. And you are going to see that the world obeys them. (End of message)