Eagle And The Serpent, 7-4-65


Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 7-4-65

As we turn to our subject we realize that..The Eagle..and the Serpent are the very imagery of symbolism, which is very significant and important for us to think upon this Fourth of July. Because this is the day we celebrate...the Birth of a Nation...born in a day. Thus July 1776..a great Nation with the hope and the expectation of the people of our race, was born into this World Order, and established here in these United States. And in that hour a people who desired Liberty and Freedom, and with a great determination to serve God, and to serve with freedom had now declared their independence. And this force which had created the necessity for this independence was none other than the enemies of your Christian civilization who were moving to gain economic control over all the Christian nations of Europe. They had now snared and entrapped a part of the British Empire, and then Britain, and as England was under the emeshing power of its economy its King was being forced into areas of taxation against the colonies... at their dictation. They had intended to create the kind of snare with which they hoped to put all these colonies..and the Colonial territories..under their power forever.

Thus it was that the Serpent which was strinking at your nation..early.. was Organized Jewry..the Illuminati of the House of Rothchild. This great world conspiracy of Jewry which had fought against the Christian Faith from the days of The Christ. And in the days of the Birth of your Nation had created the conditions and brought the pressure that resulted in your declaration of Independence, and the formation of a New Nation. Little did they realize that later this nation which would adopt as a part of its symbolism and emblem..the Outstretched Wings of an Eagle was to be one of the most powerful forces to bring to total defeat the power of the Serpent and the Serpent Kingdom.

There are those who do not understand this even to this day. They do not know what the symbols and imagery that God has hid away in the measures that relate to your race really mean. We cannot talk about the great nations of the Western world without talking about the pattern of their racial identity, their significant background, and the lore which is involved. We have declared this unto you as we lay it in the premise of what we are telling you tonight. That this Adamic race is the Household of God, that Adam was the issue of God, and we confirm this with the third chapter of the Book of Luke. We point out that it is important that we understand the messge to race, and to the Household from whence all the white Christian nations have emerged. And we discover that this is important to God because the genealogy of The Christ goes back to Adam. Thus it is that the establishing of the white race required the preparing of a helpmate. The separating of Eve from a portion of Adam, and then with his great creative Genius, then projecting the entity of HIS being into it, so that Eve was taken out of Adam so that this became HIS issue, and these two might be of ONE FLESH.

We point out to you that among the Enosh, the races of peoples on the face of the earth, that none had been found fit to be a helpmate to Adam, because God was a segregationalist, and He was also very seclective. And there was not one worthy for inter-marriage with the Adamic race. Thus God brought forth Eve out of that Adamic race...one with it in flesh and substance. And there were then, and are not now any people on the face of the earth anywhere in the world tonight who are prepared or acceptable by Our Father for marriage with His white race. Nor are there any people outside the white race that are fit to be joined in marriage to you.

Now:...we point out that the design to destroy the Kingdom and to destroy the white race was Luciferian, because Lucifer was Prince of this world. He was known as Satan..the Devil..and in the 12th chapter of Revelation we are told that he was also known as the Dragon, and the Serpent. We will not tonight go into the background of struggles and wars which effected the patterns of outerspace. We will not go into the struggles that evolved into courses of history thru thousands of years before your race was placed upon this earth. But we can go back to the beginning of your race, when it was placed here. And when your Adamic race was placed here Lucifer was master of Asia, and of Africa, and of all the land surfaces still left upon the face of the earth. The continents of Atlantis and Lemuria had plunged beneath the waters of the oceans because of violations of Divine Law, and the degeneracy which had been invoked by Luciferianism in the world. And because of this...judgments had sought to stop some of the evil which was involved. Thus it was that when your Adamic forebearers were placed upon the earth, and your race was established, these patterns of history had already taken place. But high up in the areas of the Steppes of Asia were the symbols of the Pennants of the powers of Lucifer. And his emblem over some of the Steppes of Asia was...The Dragon. While down along the Ganges River and all the way to Bengal there was another symbol. Here the Temples of Lucifer carried the Emblem of...The Serpent. Here the symbol of the Serpent was woven into theology, into paganism, and into its idolatry. Thus it is that one of the emblems of Luciferian power had been the Serpent.

In the days when Adam and Eve had been given the position of God's offspring..in earth, they had been given the ability to dwell and to rule, and to name all the creatures of the earth. And to eventually bring them into subordination to THE MOST HIGH GOD. And thus Lucifer's design was quite simple, for he said:...I must destroy this race. If I can swallow it up..integrate it..or mongrelize it, then I will have destroyed all possi- bility of the overthrowing of MY WAY. Thus no wonder then that Lucifer bedecked in all the majesty, power and glory of his world empire, and symbolizing it with the emblazed gold, and blue and green of the tunic which he wore then came into the Garden. He was dressed..with the serpent scale and was vibrating with all the patterns of the colors woven into his glorious garb. Thus he entered into the Garden and sought to persuade and to seduce your race with the seduction of Eve. And this seduction of Eve was followed by the acceptance of Adam...of Eve's trangression. And the design was to mongrelize your race.

But they could not set aside the purposes of YAHWEH (God) who created the heavens and the earth. He knew these things before they happened, and he had written the names of everyone of your race down in His Eternal pattern of Life..before the foundation of the earth. And had ordered your going out of the Celestial planes..your birth into a physical world, and was not going to lose His Kingdom or His Household. He had declared that this would happen from the beginning, before the foundation of the world. He had told this to His sons before they volunteered to come down here. And had promised their salvation and their redemption, and eventually freedom from the power of the Serpent and the forces of evil.

Thus it is that the seduction of Eve, and the fall of Adam had brought the fall of the Adamic Race.

The entrance into earth then at that time by YAHWEH (God) as He came to Adam and Eve in the evening is recorded. And He said:...'Adam where art thou', but He knew where Adam was, for Adam was hiding because of a great guilt complex which had come over him. Adam had lost his light and glory, and he knew that he had lost his light and glory and that he had violated Divine Law, because both he and Eve had cohabited with a power of evil. They consorted with Lucifer and the darkness had come upon them. And you remember the words of the MOST HIGH GOD both in symbolism quite unique and important. For this we go back to the Book of Genesis and in this instance when Eve confessed their transgression:...The woman said:...the Serpent said we may eat.' But the violation of Divine Law had been the cohabitation with the tree of Good and Evil. For the fruit of this tree was mongrelization with a lesser society of consciousness and intelligence. Let me tell you this; a tree that had knowledge is a racial tree, and since it had knowledge of both good and evil, it had to be the Luciferian household. Now:...we know it was the Luciferian household because in the 12th., chapter of Revelation God clearly makes known once again to the church, and to John that Lucifer also was...that Serpent, and this was his title, and we see this woven into his pagan religious systems. Therefore God speaks out concerning this matter, and He curses this Empire of the Serpent with the symbolism of this creature. More than that God then makes this state- ment,...'I will put emnity between thy seed', (My household now in the earth) and The seed of the Serpent.' Genesis 3:15. Here this now:...I will put enmity between the seed of my household and the seed of the Serpent. This means that God calls on His race to be....SERPENT KILLERS. Here this now:..because the powers of darkness had enslaved the world, had already caused part of the world order to plunge beneath the waters of the ocean, and had set up this superstition, darkness and evil..still it was not to be a permanent reign. For God had established that out of your race was to come...A KINGDOM..that would build a great new Order of the Ages. He taught this to the Patriarchs, made it known unto them from the beginning. And one of the earliest emblems we see out of the House of Seth as reported by the writings of Enoch in 'The Pillars of Enoch', is that your early Patriachial forebearers knew this emblem of the enemy. They knew this was the emblem of the Luciferian House. They knew that Lucifer had children ho were evil Priests scattered throughout the world. They watched and observed them, and they knew that they were among the races of the people round about whom the Adamites called Enosh...in Hebrew. They knew that these races of people were not children of the Spirit and that they were ruled over by these Priests of Evil. They knew that these Priests of the Pagan races were the offspring of Lucifer, and they had an emblem, and that they used this emblem as they ruled over the races of the earth. And this emblem strangely enough was the emblem of the Serpent. And they had woven this Serpent..entwined..in various forms, but always with identity of the High Priesthood of Darkness.

Go into the upper Lamaseries and find the dark red Lamasery, these Priests in upper Tibet, and what do you discover? You find an unassimilatable group of people who are a powerful force in their Lamaseries, Priests above the Satin robed Buddhists of the world, and what is the emblem of all this? THE SERPENT. They carry this emblem of the Serpent as their amulet and emblem.

Go deep into the areas of darkest Africa where the Witchdoctors have held sway since the days of Lukii, and since the days of the rise of Voodoss who was a fallen Angel in the days of the rebellion of Lucifer, who captured the minds of the Negroes who rebelled with Lucifer, and were on the ships of Lucifer as he was driven into earth. They were brought to earth as part of the curse of the Negro invasion of earth. Did you know that the Negro came to earth with Lucifer after he was defeated by Michael the Archangel in space, and that Lucifer sowed the Negro seed all over the earth in order to establish more of his power? One of those Archangels who fell wanted them to worship him, and his name was Voodoss. And Voodism all over the earth had its origin in this fallen Angel. So what is the deep emblem of Voodism? It is the SERPENT.

Now:...we go deep into the measure of its patterns, and the symbols of Siva, the multiple handed Goddess of India, and the Assassins. It makes no difference where you go...the inner symbol of the forces of Lucifer and darkness still is....THE SERPENT.

In the days of Enoch and the Patriarchs of his day, they understood this emblem. And they also understood something else, for they knew that one of the marked patterns of the migration of Enoch and Job as they went down in their migrations into Egypt to build the great monuments and symbols of their God, was the emblems that they carried with them. They knew that these men were called out of this Ancient land which they had helped to settle, and that the land is that which we now call Palestine, because it was taken back from the Cainanite who had wiped out the remnants of the race of people who had lived here in that land in the days of Enoch and Job. But when Enoch and Job and their great company went down into Egypt they carried several emblems with them which were of great significance. One of these emblems was:...'The Winged Orb' and in the Scriptures you are told that:...'The sun of righteousness would rise with healing (righteousness) in his wings.' And this refered to the Children of YAH..the children of the Sun, and of Light, and the emblem they carried was the symbol of the 'Son of Light'...The Winged Orb. You remember the writings of the Prophet Malachi 4:2:.......

'But unto you that love my Name, shall the son of righteousness arise with healing in his wings, and ye shall go forth and grow as 'the light' HE hath protected in His Kingdom.'

Thus the Egyptians called them the children of Ra...or YAH as they marched into that land. Then a second symbol that they carried was a great circular Disc and in the center of it was an eye. And this was the Symbol of the 'Eye of YAHWEH' which is upon thee. And in this great circular polished out lense like a disc which they carried was the emblem of the Omniscient...the ALL seeing Eye, the power and the wisdom of their God. And they used it as a weapon upon their enemies, to blind the eyes of the men and the horses of their enemy when they charged them in the heat of battle. Until the Egyptians reported that one of the most terrible things which happened as these men came down into their land to build their Altar, and their city unto their God...was that they carried the 'EYE' of their God, whose brightness burned out their eyes and caused their destruction. But in these instances there was also another emblem, and this was the emblem that they carried high on a staff...was the emblem of an EAGLE with wings outstretched. What did this mean? In the great secret lore of the 'Master Builders' in the days of Enoch and Job they had a company...an Elite company of warriors who marched with the Savants, the Wisemen, and the Builders. And the Elite company symbolized that they also battled for God and that God commanded them from on HIGH, and sent them forth against the Prey. And thus it was that these warriors of God's Kingdom...way back in these earliest days...in defense of your race, marched under the emblem of an Eagle. Do you know why? ...Because the Eagle was...THE SNAKE KILLER, and the enemy of your Kingdom was the SERPENT. The Eagle would mount upward and see prey from afar, and then he would see the Serpent crawling on the desert floor, and see the Serpent in the rocks, and would swoop down to pick up the Serpent in his talons and carry it high into the air and then drop it onto the rocks to destroy it, and then swoop down and devour the Serpent. Or would strike suddenly on the coiled Serpent causing him to stretch out his head, and then strike suddenly with his beak and flip the head off the Serpent just behind the head....with his powerful beak. Some of the Ancient emblems of your race showed the Eagle having clipped off the head of the Serpent, then carrying it to his nest, and the blood and the head falling to the ground. This is also one of the oldest of the emblems of your race.

Another emblem which stood out in the early lore of your race was the symbol of the SWORD having cut the head off of the Serpent. This was to symbolize the striking power of God's EAGLE PEOPLE against their ETERNAL enemy.

It is a rather significant thing that when God talks about you, this race, his battle ax and weapons of war...his household, then He talks about how He carried you unto Himself...'On Eagles Wings'. So why does He call you Eaglests? Because you Eaglets are His bird of assualt against His enemy. You are HIS House, and this is the emblem of the glorious striking power of God's Kingdom. Let me point out then that we find this deeply imbedded in the declarations of the Scripture. And in the 19th chapter of Exodus, then God speaks thru Moses and says:..'Ye have seen what I did unto the Egyptians, and how I bare you on Eagles Wings, how I brought you unto Myself.' The parent Eagles train young Eaglets this way:...they gather them upon their wings and carry them upon these wings unto any new area, which they planned to transport them to. They tumble them off in the sky and let them learn to fly and then swoop down with unerring accuracy to catch them again upon their broad wings, before they hit the ground. And thus young Eagles..war Eagles are trained to fly. And God said to your race, 'I bare you on Eagles wings'...why? You are My Household, and I the great Eagle bare you on Eagles wings, and brought you unto Myself.

We turn now to the Book of Deuteronomy 32:11., and we read...'As an Eagle stirreth up her nest, fluttereth over her young, spreadeth abroad her wings, taketh them, beareth them on her wings' so YAHWEH DID BEAR YOU, AND THE SEED OF HIS RACE, and there was no strange god among you.' You...my friends...have been carried on Eagles Wings, and as an Eagle stirreth up her nest..then she teaches the young to fly, and thus YAHWEH said:..in this manner I have lead you.

We turn now to the Book of Job 39:27., and it says...'Doth the Eagle mount up at the command of YAHWEH and make her nest high?' Why? to strike forth on command at the Prey! The symbol of conquest and power, the symbol of death to evil in the Kingdom of God, is the OUTSTRETCHED WINGS OF THE EAGLE.

Again we point out to you that God says:..YAHWEH thy God who redeems thy life from Destruction, and crowns you with loving kindness and tender mercy. Who satisfies thy mouth with good things so that thy youth is renewed like the Eagles, and as the Eagle lives on living food, and will not eat of the carrion, as the Eagle lives on the symbol of Life and Vitality, so also as the Eagle ages it tears off the old feathers. It rips out with its talons, the dross and the callous, and after it has almost denuded itself of old feathers then it feeds on 'living things' and then soars forth with new feathers and New Life and is good for another 40 years or more of flight. The Eagle is one of the most long lived of all birds, and God said:...'I supply its needs. I give it vitality and life, I renew its youth, and as the youth of Eagles is renewed, so will I renew your youth as you serve for God in battling against the enemy.'

Now: listen......

Turn to the Book of Isaiah, to the declaration in the 40th chapter and in the 31st verse and we read:...'They that wait upon the LORD, shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as Eagles; they shall run and not be weary. They shall walk and not faint'. Again God calls you: those who are His Household, those who are His warriors, agaisnt the powers of darkness. This is the business of God, and this is the business of His Kingdom..go overthrow the darkness, and to lift up the Standards of His Kingdom. Until every knee shall bow, and every tongue shall proclaim, that The Christ is LORD,...this is triumph.

Now let me point out to you that...so as the Eagle has been your emblem, thus the Serpent is the emblem of Lucifer and also of his children. Today if you want to find his children then go down the streets of your land, and find the houses of worship. Find those who still use the symbol of The Serpent. You say:..what do I mean? Just you go down the streets, by the churches, and then go down Melrose, and take a good look as you go down thru there. Then come on up and pass the various Temples of the Synagogs of your city, and then pass the Catholic and Protestant Churches, and look for something. Look for the emblem of the Serpent. Do you know where you will find it? It will be on all the Jewish Institutions in this city. You say why? Well, you didn't put it there,..they..put it there because they know who they are. And they are the children of the Serpent and they know who they are and thus they have woven this emblem into their 6 pointed star with the head of the Serpent holding its tail in its mouth, just as in the days of the House of Rothchild as they used to do. This was one of their emblems of the Illuminati, just as always, it has been the emblem of the power of the secret force of Lucifers sons. Just as it is found in the seat of the unassimilatable evils and dominating powers of the Lamaseries of Upper Tibet, and in the Buddhist Temples of Asia. Just as you find it in the dark centers of Hinduism and Kalism. They are the unassimilatable Priesthood of darkness which wages a war against the Light and against the Truth. We didn't give them their emblems, for they received it from their father. We are not responsible for what they are or what they do, because they receive this force from their father. But we are responsible for our own conduct before OUR FATHER as to what we are to do about such evil in our midst.

Now:...let me point out to you that under this instance then we turn to this identity of the Seed of Lucifer and his mark...The Serpent..and we find this identity is marked when God said in Genesis 3:15., that I will put enmity between My Kingdom in the earth, and the seed of the Serpent, in all generations!!! This is an enmity which exists here in earth, and the day will come..The Eternal God has Declared, even unto your forebearers that tho...he the Serpent...strikes to bruise thy heel, that you shall crush His head. The Serpent Kingdom is destined to be destroyed.

Now: let us turn back to Moses, and the same 32nd chapter of Deuteronomy where he talks about the Great Eagle which stirred over the nest, and took you upon the wings of HIS Diety, and taught you to fly, and led you, and brought you unto Himself. And then He talks about these people who are different than you. Because their rock is the rock of evil, and He tells you here of their beginnings, and then tells you to ask your forefathers and grandfathers, and they will tell you about this evil, and from whence it came. God said:...they..would cause His people to sacrifice to devils and to worship gods which were no gods. And then He said:...They are the cruel venom of the Asp, and of the Viper.

Now we turn to the words of Jesus in the Book of Matthew chapter 23., wherein He recognizes the unassimilatable powers of darkness which had siezed control of the Temple at Jerusalem, and had errected their synagogues thru out Palestine. And Jesus said to them:...I know who you are, for you are the children of those who built the tombs of the Prophets and garnished the sepulchres of the righteous. And they said to Him:..Had we been in the days of our fathers we would not have been partakers of the blood of the prophets. Jesus then replied:..You have just born witness to yourselves that Ye are the children of them that killed the prophets when you said that 'we wouldn't have done this if we had lived in the days of our fathers. Ye serpents, ye generation of the viper...how can ye escape the judgment, ye are the children of lucifer. You are the seed of the Serpent. Therefore you are guilty of all the blood of the righteous slain from Abel to Zacharias, killed between the horns of the Altar even in that day.

Thus Jesus identified the Jews who not only sought His crucifixion but also thought to enslave the entire ecclesiastic structure of Palestine, as the generation of the Serpent, and the Viper. They would be against God, against His Kingdom, against the emblems which the Essenes so treasured. One of the great marks of the Essene company found in the caves of Assyria, and in the land of Palestine where they lived, and where they were the keepers of the scrolls, was the emblem of the 'Burning Light' flanked on every side by the Emblem of God's Eagles, and the Winged Orb was in the background. They were aware of their background, and of their track thru Egypt, and aware of their Patriarchal lore, and their Patriarchal background. And this company of Wisdom, these Essene Wisdom Schools of understanding had these emblems of your race. They had the Winged emblem of the Orb, and of the Eagle and their knowledge of the Serpent. No wonder then that a price was on their head by Jewry, for they were afraid of this true Priesthood, and this leadership of the race of which you are a part. Oh, you can go far back in the pattern of the traditions of this race, because, remember that in the days you battled against the Assyrians, as well as the Babylonians in the days of captivity that you had emblems in your marching order. And before that in the days of David, when David fought the fight for Jonanthan, you are told that when this young lad went forth to fight the powers of darkness, those hosts led by Goliath that he wouldn't wear his brothers armour, or even the Kings armour. But he went forth with courage and slew Goliath with a STONE out of his sling. Then later he would behead Goliath with the Sword loaned him by the King. Let me tell you something about this:...in one of the earliest periods thereafter when David was joined unto the armies of the King, and known as the Captain of the King's hosts, the marching emblem of Davids honor guard..of his chief warriors was...THE EAGLE. And uniquely the special honor guard in Israel which was responsible as the Palace Guard to protect the King's life, had upon their shield the emblem of the Eagle and this Eagle was striking at the Serpent.

We point out to you this awareness 'in Symbolism' that the powers that sought to overthrow the race, and the Faith from which your forebearers had come was always the symbol of Lucifer as the Serpent. And this Serpent knew the white race with its Divine origin and spiritual capacity as the enemy of Lucifers design to rule the world forever, and to hold it in worship to himself

Long after we had watched 10 tribes carried away by Sennacherib, over into areas of Assyria, and in the days of Shelmaneser they were given their liberty. Many of these peoples then made their migrations which took them thru the passes into Europe. They came thru the Caucaus Pass, and because they were white men then they were called Caucasians. The seat of your race from that portion of your Israelite background made their way into Europe. These bands of people were protected by their warrior fronts, and they carried with them symbols and traditions. Some which they passed, but one thing they did know was that they were the children of The God of Light... children of the God of the Heavens, and they showed the emblem of the.... WINGED ORB. They knew also that the warriors of the Kingdom had one responsibility, and that was to destroy....THE SERPENT.

Some of your race found their way early to Denmark...Dan's Land. And the trail which Dan's men had marked was refered to as 'a trail like a crooked serpent'. Not because the symbol of Dan was the Serpent, but because he made trails all over the world that looked like the crooked path of a Serpent as it crawls. But don't ever think that the people of Dan, who today make up the majority of the people of Denmark...or those of Naphtali or Asshur who were to be found in Norway and Sweeden...do not ever think that these people were lovers of the Serpent. They were not only enemies of ..The Serpent..in their tribal life, and in their background, but your Scandanavian...Viking...forefathers said:..we are the children of the Eagle, Children of the Mighty God of the sky. And their warriors put Eagles wings upon their helmeets and one of their prayers to the God of Light was that they might have conquest over the darkness. That they might defend their families, that they might lift up the Standards, that they might consume the scum from off the land. And when they hurled their great battle axes at the targets in ritual of practice, before they entered into areas of warfare, a serpent was placed upon the target and they hurled their battle axes at that target, and the champion of their exercises was he who beheaded the serpent upon that target. They had thus ritual of practice even in their background, and they had it for years. They had it even in the days of Adam and down thru Seth, and on down thru the Patriarchial times. They were the warriors of the MOST HIGH, they were God's Battle Ax and weapons of war as is declared in the Book of Isaiah chapter 10 and chapter 51 verse 20.

Always their enemy was the Serpent, and they knew well that it meant more than that snake. It means those who would come into your society and try to consume and destroy and bring war against your Faith and your race. Yes...you might say they were pagans, but not so Pagan in those early days that they did not know that they were children of the Spirit and that their Spirit's ascended into the planes to which they appealed to. Those of their forebearers who had passed into the planes of Spirit who now they thought.. ..had a great contact with God, would especially be able to lead and guide them. And thus they cried out to their great Prince sons like Odin who had descended thru a joint union of the House of the King line in Ancient Ireland, and the King line which existed in Scandanavia. Actually some think this was a God, but this was just one of a multitude of Gods bred by a race which would bring forth Elohim. Remember God said:...Ye are Elohim and all of you are the children of YAHWEH. They were white men, of the seed of Israel, strong, stalward men pointing to a Great Destiny of the regathering of God's Household.

You might also go deep into the heart of Europe and here find the Princes of Judah, the Goths and the Ostra-Goths who had gathered here even in the days of Jesus. And then after HIS ascention...the people who lived in Galilee and Judea and who were true Israelites of the tribes of Benjamin and Judah and Levi, asked the Emperor of Rome that they might be able to migrate. No longer willing to live with the persecuting evil in Palestine they received the permission asked for, and they migrated out of Galilee, and that old land and moved to settle in Europe. This was the last of the migration of Israel, and this was the coming of the Vis-Goth and already the Germanic people...out of Judah who had moved with the ten tribes earlier and had settled in the heart of Europe, to be on the East. This was rather significant thing for one of the emblems we again see was the showing on the helmets of these warriors of Judah as even the first came into the heart of Europe...was the EAGLE. And when the Princes of this people started to occupy and settle in this part of Europe they said:...We are the Wrath of God against evil. We are the judgments against the powers of evil. And so it was that they had an emblem which was an Eagle. Then later they split the House of Judah in Germany into northern and southern Kingdoms, and they were then known as a whole with two emblems..two Eagles. And early in their emblems and symbolism...these two Eagles were clutching deeply in their talons....THE SERPENT. Why? Because these people knew they were destined to one purpose which was the destruction of the Serpent, and the Serpent peoples.

When Jacob gave prophecies concerning his sons he gave a prophecy concerning Simeon and down in Spain is Simeon's country. And here in Spain they had emblems as well, many of them, but one of the things which is noted is that the warriors of the Elite guard had upon their helmets...the emblem of The Eagle striking at the Serpent, and they moved to protect their leaders and their King wearing this emblem on their helmets. Isn't this a significant thing? In the days when Cortez started his great columns across the southern portion of the United States, and across areas of the Caribbean, and eventually he was seeking wealth and power, but with him went a great company of Priests and teachers trying to convert all to the worship of the MOST HIGH GOD. That the symbol of Pagan religions marked upon his maps always carried the emblem of...The Serpent. The symbol of the armies that marched with him was 'The Eagle', and the Eagle was clutching and destroying the Serpent. And altho we have gone throughout many centuries of our history since the events of Cortez and his expedition, and then the eventual colonization of America it was those early days of Spanish invasion, and Spanish research, and Spanish Exploration and marching symbols of those soldiers of your race, that left an emblem throughly implanted. And it is still to be found in Mexico even today. And this is the emblem which goes way back to the days of its white Conquistadors, these forebearers who left the culture and civilization, and Castellan still marked upon the background of that area. Do you know what this emblem is? Go look at a Mexican Silver Dollar, and it has on the background of its shield...the emblem of an Eagle striking at a serpent, holding it in its talons. It is again a symbol that white men had a common background as their marching forces records for you, because as they marched forward, always the Serpent was their enemy.

Then again we discover that when the struggles were to mount between the hoards of Asia, and the European world that this struggle was actually instigated by the nest of the Serpents. Having been the power that ruled Ancient Babylon, these world sons of Lucifer who you would call today Jews, were driven out of Babylon by Medo-Persia, and they moved their headquarters to Pergamos an island in the Aegean Sea. From this island they set up their conspiracy to manipulate the world by their control over gold and silver, and by their hired assassins, and by their warfare against your race. When Christianity emerged they used their power to try to use the Roman Empire to destroy Christianity. But there was one thing you could say about this Roman Empire, that deep in the heart of Italy which made up the strength of that Roman Empire, and made up the majority of the Senators and leaders of the Empire, was these people of the Tribe of Gad. The Tribe of Gad were still camped to the southward as they did back in tribal days when they camped in the wilderness around the Tabernacle. The Lombards, the white people of Italy, make up the Tribe of Gad. And these warriors from this Tribe of Gad even before the Roman Empire developed, and became big, and carried a symbol with them. Sometimes these warriors of your race, whether south of the Pyrenees, or whether protecting their mountain settlements, or whether by the Sea...from the days before they were an Empire, they had one thing which was known, and that was the emblem of the Eagle. For the soldiers carried this symbol and their enemy was the Serpent. It is because of this that as Rome grew stronger...the marching warriors always carried on their staff..the Emblem of the Eagle. And you may well note that when Rome became a great power, it was the great Life strain of its people who had made it great, and behind the chair of the Emperor of Rome was the symbol of...The Great Eagle. And I point out again to you that in the structure of your race, again it is significant that the Roman Eagle was also perched with his talons outstretched to destroy the Serpent. These my friends are not just coincidences, they are the imagery in the pattern of every branch of your race, making no difference in the great nations which they have become, because still in their background was the emblem of the Eagle.

One of these nations to carry this symbol was this nation of ours whose birth was on the 4th day of July in 1776, which we celebrate today. And this symbol was the OUTSTRETCHED WINGS OF THE EAGLE. In the 18th chapter of the Book of Isaiah, God elaborates on the covenant he had made with David as he said he was going to give his people another place to live, to dwell. And it would be further westward in new places, new Islands. It would give them a place to dwell where they would never have to move again. And when he told them he would give them a new place to dwell. He wasn't talking about Palestine because David the King was then inside of Palestine standing by his Pillar when this was told to him. But God promised a great land and you and I are the inheritors from our forebearers who colonized it. But here in the Book of Isaiah it says:...'Ho, to the land of the Outstretched Wings of the Eagle.' And all of the people on the face of the earth where the Eagle flies today, no nation is as powerful with Eagles Wings as these United States.

In this battle against the forces of evil and the powers against us, we are paired off in the mind of the world with all its assembly against the Soviet Union. And the Soviet Union is symbolic with its hammer and sickle, of the politics of Lucifer, and the climax for the design of world conquest...politically. So since the emblem of Lucifer is the Serpent, and the politics of Lucifer today is socialism and communism, and America as a nation which is Anti-communist by purpose even tho there are a lot of rascals working in high places in our government seeking to destroy you, the most dangerous thing we face today from these rascals is that while we battle communism on the outside and send boys to die against communism in South East Asia, and even have trouble with communism in the Carribbean, we still haven't learned to wipe communism out of these United States. I believe it is a Divine order upon the pattern of the MOST HIGH that communism be wiped out of this nation. And that everything associated with the Soviet Union and its Red revolution. I think we owe this not only to our sons who we send abroad but we owe this to the great Destiny which God has bequest us in our responsibility to His service..that these enemies of God..these enemies of Our Christ who are in our nation, these enemies with allegiance to a foreign power shall be broken and stripped of their power...thrown into concentration camps, or executed for their treason.

Let me assure you of this, that when the EAGLE SCREAMS before he is finished he shall destroy the Serpent..each and every one. I point out to you that the seat of the Serpent gave the world the political philosophy of communism. Stemming from the pen of Karl Marx, and financiers and bankers of the Serpent financed the Red Revolution. I can show you in my library book on the House of Rothchild written by Jews. I can show you the history of Kuhn Loeb and Co., and the records of their banks. And I can show you their boasts of how they financed Communism and gave birth to it. And I can prove to you today that Communism is one of the great instruments in the hands of International Jewry for the conquest of the Western Christian world of which you are a part. They are the Serpent striking at you...The Eagle, and you will never save the world from communism until you have broken the power of world Jewry. Someone said:..you can't talk like that! ...you just heard it.

A great and powerful nation, a nation of the Outstretched Wings of an Eagle which God raised up in these last days to be among the great mountain of His Kingdom, who sends its ambassadors by sea in water drinking vessels (or bulrushes), or in otherwords Steamships. Saying:..go ye swift messengers out of a nation of tall clean shaven men, a people powerful from their beginning. A nation measured out and surveyed. (metered out and trodden down) A nation whose lands are divided by rivers. (rivers divide your states more than any place we find in any part of the world.) And God says:..O ye inhabitants of the earth...see..when this nation lifts up the standard of My Kingdom. When he (this nation) lifts up the standard against My enemy. Among all of my holy mountain..nations of Israel his is a great one.' Isaiah 18.

Thus you are a part of God's Kingdom Nations under the symbol of the Outstretched Wings of the Eagle. You have inherited all of the..EAGLE.. history..of your forebearers. You have now resting upon you his great responsibility to destroy the Serpent.

I think of the days when The Serpents left the Isle of Pergamos and moved to Venice, and there in Venice the world Kehilla of International Jewry planned to serve Lucifer their father. They had errected throughout the areas of Europe their Colonial centers, their ghettoes of organization and thru this vast underground network they set up their economic manipulation. And then within this design as they waited, they came to this year 1000 A.D. still unable to quite conquer Christianity tho they persecuted it. Some of those Serpents even joined the Church to condemn its doctrines. I am quoting Cecil Roth as he talked about the Marranos which was published by the American Jewish Society. Thus they warred against the Church, and then joined it and become concomitant of it, being even Baptised in the Name of Jesus, a Name that they HATED, so that they might gain control of the economy and destroy the Church from within. Someone said:..but we must then convert the Jews. My friends..there is only one way to convert Jews, and that is not to bring them into the church. They boast today of what they have done to your civilization and culture inside of their own writings which is not for you...only for their own consumption. But back in those days coming up to the year 1000 they sat and planned, and sent their envoys out into Asia. They hunted for a powerful Mongol Chiefton, they promised to make him strong, and they helped to join unto him other tribes. They gave him valuable weapons to give to his cohorts. They took this injured one named Tumungin and made him into a powerful leader. And their secret Merchants opened the gates of great cities like Samarkand and Bagdad to these Mongol hoards. They changed him from the 'Injured One' to 'Genghis Khan' the Mighty One, the earth conqueror, but he had one responsibility to his secret masters, and to the Jew who advised him...Chepe Noyon. This responsibility was to turn to the west, ever to the west, to plunge thru the mountain passes and to move into Europe, and there to expunge Christianity from the face of the earth. And to share with those who backed him with their little yellow armbands..children of the Serpent...share the spoils of the loot. I tell you that with a Chinese Jew advisor, and with a fifth column scattered thru Europe, with their merchants working for them, the hoards of Asia swept into Europe. From the days of Genghis Khan on down thru the time of the Tarto-Mongols and the Turko-Mongols in the days of Martin Luther the hoards of Mongols kept coming. The Knighthood of Christianity fought time after time and watched their cities ravaged, their women killed, and their treasures looted. They cried for assistance until even the battle between Protestantism and Catholicism was temporarily closed,and a treaty between Germany and Rome was made for the defense of the continent against the Barbarians who fought Christianity. And then Martin Luther spoke out in his day and he said:...We battle the armies of Anti-christ and we battle for the LORD. But let it be heeded well...We have been betrayed. In every land, in every billage they who have pointed out the spoils or opened the gates of the cities are these people called Jews. Make no mistake about it Martin Luther said:...never admit them into your towns or into your communities, never let them into your church because they have betrayed you. See...always that they wear these yellow arm bands so that they would be spared by the Mongol hoards. So that the Christians will also know that these are the betrayers, remember they are those who betrayed our LORD, and now they betray you.

I have the writings of Martin Luther and he talked about the betrayal by these people, and he called on Christendom to note this.

Now:...his warnings were not only carefully heeded by German Princes who excluded them from all areas of authority inside of the nation at that time, but again as the Elite Guard moved around to protect the leaders and their families of Christendom, and their armies moved against the Serpent, they again mounted as the emblem of The Eagle attacking the Serpent. Martin Luther said:...these are the children of the Serpent and forever, they must carry this identification. Let it be always known that between the Houses of God, and the House of the Serpent there is always...ETERNAL war, as God has decreed in the Book of Genesis. Alright go back again and read these words, and it would be well for every Lutheran to know what Martin Luther had to say about the enemies of Christian civilization, which even now has infiltrated this great nation of the land of the Outstretched Wings of the Eagle. Surely the Eagle must have slept while the Serpent came in to take prayer and Bible reading out of your schools, and to wage war against the Kingdom of God...from within.

Yes, this is a very significant emblem. I am very much interested in the fact that during the Red Revolution expance, and even after World War II., when we were very foolish to ally ourselves with the Anti-christ as a nation, the influence of the Serpent had much to do with this also. It was the influence of the brain truster advisors largely make up of Serpent seed who surrounded Franklin D. Roosevelt, that influenced our recognition of the Soviet Union, and this was a great mistake.

You will note also that the representatives in our government, in the periods following W.W.II., were also trusting the political power of the Serpent...this spreading new menace of communism, which at that time was supposed to be your ally, but the only reason why they were in this battle was that for so long they wanted to crush and destroy Central Europe. Why? Because Central Europe was a barrier against their sweeping all over Europe. In accomplishing this they were not actually your ally, but your enemy just trying to consume you within and without. And they laughed as they pitted Christian nation against Christian nation, trying to accomplish this. But God has taken care of that however, for we in this day and age have discovered that the strongest allies in the world are the United States and Germany...against Communism, as far as the theology of their people are concerned, even if we do sometime get betrayed by leadership which won't be there forever.

Let us point out to you then that deep in the heart of Hungry, those Slavs also a apart of Zebulon going back in the same pattern as you, not only had they long been Christians even tho the Greek Orthodox, and the Catholic branches of Christendom, but the fact is that as the Communists swept Europe in that terrible World War II., they moved into and occupied Hungry. And when they did the valiant Hungarians had their real leaders and their military forces in their underground armies. And they wanted to be free from this betrayal. And I talked to one of the Generals, one of the most important men in the underground of Hungry. One of the great Hero Generals of the Hungarian people. This man was in the United States after the war as a guest of our Government. But he came over here to report something. He said that as the Communists took over all the local Rabbi's then became the leaders of government, and the local tailors became commissars. And he said it was not any time at all before the watched the removal of all Christian Patriots, and then they met secretly in the homes and churches of their patriots. And the emblems now used to identify these spies...these forces of darkness which now came creeping in was the age old emblem of ...The Serpent. And then one of the secret emblems that was passed by these Hungarians was...The Sword cutting the head off the Serpent. This became the emblem of identification for the top areas of the underground in Hungry, as they fought against Communism. And inevitably that Serpent always had a hooked nose and a set of Scales. I point out to you that this was not alone where this trend took place. Everywhere inside of Europe behind the Iron Curtain as communism expanded, an emblem became a part of the Underground which fought communism. And this emblem was always The Eagle beheading the Serpent which now had its politi- cal identification with the revolution, and tied in as the symbol of the power of World Jewry and the children of their father...The Serpent. In Eastern Germany the valiant still fight on tho that country is occupied by the Communist hoards. And the emblem of the enemy is still a six-pointed star made out of the Serpent (as you will find over here on Melrose on the Synagogue door), and for the emblem of the Underground you see this six-pointed star made out of the Serpent but with a youth like dagger plunged into the head of the Serpent...this is the emblem of an underground that fights on to free its people who live under bondage,and who know the Anti-christ.

Let me tell you this about America tonight. We the people under the Outstretched Wings of the Eagle have long known the striking power of our hosts. We have been identified from the days of our founding fathers as they chose this emblem of the Outstretched Wings of the Eagle as a mighty power in the world. And the other side of our Seal is the Pyramid, the ideal Symbol, of a Messianic building with its triangular stone, and the All Seeing Eye of God, which was the emblem of this people from the days of Enoch and Job...a people under God, who build this great Kingdom of God... 'Living Stones....framed together' as Peter was to say inside his writings as a Bishop and an Apostle of the LORD...Jesus Christ.

You remember then that we are:..'Novus Ordo Seclorum' the New Order of the Ages. And the Eagle flew high carrying the arrows of Joseph, to show the areas of our Identity, and the Palm Branches of the Prince of Peace. We battle for the Peace of God and if they choose this Peace not...then they may have the Arrows, but the Eagle is the Eternal Victor over the Serpent. Thus out across America there is a fast spreading awakening. We have moved into apathy, and have moved into the areas of reaping our own errors, for not conforming to the pattern of Divine Law. And because we did not obey those instructions we permitted the enemy to come in, and he came in like the Serpent that he is. He came in like the Trogan Horse as well, for he was...the refugee, the carrier of culture, but it was spelled with a K. He was the enemy of the Cross, he hated it. He was the enemy of your FAITH, and your nation (race) and ever since these liberal subversive Serpents have coming crawling into your country they have been trying to remake America into their Serpent image.

Now: I know there are agents here tonight listening to what I have to say. Make no mistake about it...and you get this clear...I am telling you that God wil deliver America from the Serpent. Either they will go, or God will destroy them from off the land. God gave you this Emblem because you will crush the Serpent. Because this is the emblem of the emnity of His Kingdom against the Serpent, and no nation has spearheaded that leadership more than these United States in our time. It was your race to which God gave the law, the basis where all law comes from. And God said:..'Thou shalt Not', and those 'Shalt Not's' were the instructions to you, for God said you should not commit this evil and that evil. For if you do not commit that evil you will be free from the bondage of that evil. And the curses that it brings upon your social order, or your economical order, or your spiritual order.

So also again we tell you that as your forbearers gathered in this great land, as they declared their independence as the set aside day, a day of praise asking for spiritual guidance in preparing your constitution, again they rolled out a document, and they shouted to the government...'Thou Shalt Not.' And thus you had restrained the government to sustain the sons of God..tall and fighting free. Thou shalt make no laws to forbid your right to have and to own, and to bear arms. Thou shalt make no laws against our assembling, against our freedom of speech. Thou shalt not...'Thou Shalt Not.' As the laws of God have set you free from evil, so also shall the laws which you lay down to restrain your government, to make it effective, and to preserve your freedom are the 'Thou Shalt Nots' of your liberty. And if you today would fly high and strike hard, then you are going to have to make your responsible leaders in every phase of your government whether Executive, Legislative, or Judicial...CONFORM to the law that makes the nation, and that Constitution and the Bill of Rights, the 'Thou Shalt Nots' which make you free.

I tell you tonight that I feel the pulse of America. I feel it in correspondence, I feel it in visitors who come from all over the nation. I feel it in the reaction to the Truth as God sends it out to awaken people. And with this pulse we find that something is happening across America. For America has discovered her war with the Serpent Seed. America has discovered that it is the Serpent who fights its death, and even as it was in the wilderness they have discovered the revolt against our way of life. The sowing of their evil into the minds of our youth is the bite of the Serpent, and it is deadly. They have discovered even as it was discovered by Moses that he had to lift up the emblem of the ...BROKEN.. Serpent upon the Staff, as a symbol of LIFE. So also they are discovering across America that if America is to be free again we must mount up and soar like the Eagle. We must move with the Battle Cry of the Eagle and Strive, and remove the power of the Dragon and the Serpent over our nation. (race) A man hands me a little card, I see an Eagle strike and a Serpent body flying thru the air toward the rocks, and a bloody head drifting off in space. Do you know what that is? Yes, I know what that is. Someone comes out of the council in Louisiana and he holds out a little emblem...and what is that emblem? An Ax has just chopped off the head of the Serpent. I said..yes I know what this is. A great new Emblem is drafted and I look upon the emblem as the Spirit guides a war against a enemy, and as I look upon it surely an inspiration produced it, for a Sword is cutting off the head of that Serpent upon the shield. Do I know what that emblem is? Yes, that emblem has its beginning in the Ancient Masonic foundation of the wisdom lore of our people from the days of Enoch and Job, and it goes further back..back even to the days of Seth, and to our father Adam who remembers that he must war against the Serpent until the end.

Leaders come from all over the country representing 1000 groups of people, small groups, large groups. And let me tell you this tonight, there is people organized into little groups everywhere tonight, some of them large, and some small, some merging together who will make up millions upon millions of Americans...what are they dedicated to? The rebirth of freedom, the reconstruction of our nation under the Constitution, to the raising of power as our representative men who will be bound to this document, and this contract, in this Great Nation under YAHWEH (God).

We are not a bit disturbed as I talk to you tonight as to whether the enemy like what I say, or whether they will twist it and repeat it over the air. There is only one thing they will never dare do, and that is to put the whole continuity of what I say....over the air.

Ancient lore and Ancient symbolisms are reaching across lines, as across Alabama and across Mississippi last night burned 100 crosses from 100 mountain peaks. The enemy came on the air last night and said something is happening. The KKK is being reborn across the south. Someone says:..what does it mean? Yes, I know what it means..Jungle savages no longer obeying the law, raping and killing and talking about a war against America. That my friends is what the relit crosses mean.

The other day a man who knew the symbol, and the service of the Cross came to me from the deep south and as he talked to me he said:...Do you know what this emblem is? And I looked at a new emblem also a very, very old one. It was a Warrior of 'The Cross'. The great emblem that was long a part of the Ancient order that rose again in the south, with a flaming Sword in one hand, and a flaming Cross in the other hand...and dropping from the edge of the Sword was the head of a Serpent...neatly taken off. Out of the New England States comes a group of Patriots organized for the purpose of conservatively fighting evil, and lifting up the standards against socialism and communism. They thought they were a political group, they had gotten on the tape role and found out they had a spiritual Destiny, that they were the children of God. Then somewhere across the line, they caught the light, for they were a Christian army cutting the head off the Serpent.

Now:...this is one of the strange miracles of our day, and no wonder it strikes fear and terror into those who know who they are and have already identified themselves with the Serpent. From one end of America to the other, a mystic order rises out of what you might have thought was the ashes of yesterday, but are really the promises of tomorrow. And I see them today...a dozen organizations, yea not a dozen, but two score or more. And I find whether or not they were a citizen or a Klan, or a group of conservative Republicans, or a Birch society, that something is moving, and cards are showing up, and it is the beheaded Serpent...and THE FLYING EAGLE. Fortunately I can tell you no more, tho I were questioned for 20 hours or more, or twice 20 hours. I can just tell you that I can see the sign, I know the cry, and I know its emblem, and I know its background. I know it would be recognized by freedom fighters in Hungry. I know it would be recognized by freedom fighters in East Germany behind the Iron Curtain. I know it would be recognized by Scandanavians and by Spaniards. I know it will be recognized by Americans from one end of America to the other. And one of these days you will cry...victory..when you see the emblem of the Beheaded Serpent...marching before the comumns of 'The Cross'...Watch for it. I am sure that all the agencies of America are asking what is it?

All the areas of those who are influenced by the Serpent are very concerned, for they want to know what it is. My friends:..I will tell you what it is....for it is the prophetic emblem of Divine Judgment. And HE looks upon you as:... 'My battle ax and weapons of War.'...you are my sons and shall do valiant things.'

Lift up your eyes then ye children of the Winged Orb, for the son of of Righteousness shall rise with healing in his wings, and he shall challenge you so that you shall do great exploits. You shall walk tall..as free sons and this great land will have a new birth of freedom because we have re- dedicated ourselves to the Destiny which God has decreed. That we shall set our people free from the Serpent, and the Serpent bite. And we shall know the blessings of the MOST HIGH GOD, we shall mount up as on the wings of Eagles, and we know he shall feed our mouths with good things. So we tell you tonight that you are at historic times. The hoards of the Dragon and the Serpent from Asia are about to attack you, and you are close to war with Asia. And as tho caught in a trap, even those leaders who have been appeasing and molifying, find themselves from the coils of the snake, so they would hit the enemy with destructive power. But before this is all over...the enemy will be hit with destructive power if God has to send a few specials over, and you do it yourselves.

Do you know that God just might honor you be sending in a couple of his ownships with your insignias on them, to blow the enemy out of here, did you ever think about that? Someone said:...why is that? I will just tell you why, because your insignia is His Insignia, because you are His building, and HIS workmanship.

One of these days when you hear that cry:...'Bow the knee', and you stand resplendit in Glory in the Presence of the Father, and you see conquering victory of heavens hosts, along with yours, and all the powers of darkness broken, and all the Glory that rises out of the Great Day...when 'Every knee shall bow, and every tongue proclaim that YAHSHUA..The Christ is YAHWEH-YAHSHUA (LORD GOD)...Master and Ruler of the earth. And then HE says:...I want you to know that these white men are my sons and I set them above all the people on the face of the earth, and I have decreed that day when I want the world to know:...THESE ARE MINE, AND I HAVE LOVED THEM. I sent them into the world to give you civilization, and you have spurned them. They have born testimony of MY NAME which you refused. Now conquered you WILL accept...They shall reign.

Yes it is a significant emblem...add to your conscious pattern of heraldry the fact that the great people of the Kingdom, under the Outstretched Wings of the Eagle...this great Household of God has a comittment with DESTINY, to awaken, to move, to rise upon its feet, to cleanse the earth of the Dragons seed, for all generations to come.

Let us stand..........

In the battle against the enemy God has sometimes raised up warriors and sometimes they are appreciated and sometimes they are not. As they march down their patterns of history sometimes they themselves become casualties in the battle. Sometimes the depression of Lobotomies while in Prison effect their thinking, but they have left their mark. They sent out their literature, they call attention to the enemy, they did their best. Some of them tried to raise armies to defend America, and some of them were not wise as to the selection of their proselites. Some were persecuted, and some were hounded, but always the enemy feared them. One such warrior passed away last week and tho we may not agree with some of the philosophies of his thinking we are 100% in agreement with his patriotism. And we pay this tribute tonight to the passing of William Dudley Pelley who once organized the Silver Shirts, and lifted up 'The Sword of the Lord' against the Serpent, and who passed away, a victim of struggle himself. Many times imprisoned because he sought to save America not to overthrow it. A victim of lies and inuindoes, but a warrior who fought on as long as he could control his senses, and understand the purpose. And so again we pay this tribute tonight as this service closes to a great Patriot. The enemy will report it, and they will say that we praised William Dudley Pelley... Well let it thus go down:...William Dudley Pelley had the courage to point out the enemy that was seeking to destroy America, and for this he has earned rest, and blessing in the Kingdom of God.

(End of Message)