On Earth As It Is In Heaven, 2-13-61



By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 2-13-61

We turn in our thinking to our subject today which is ‘On earth as it is in Heaven,’ with the realization that there is no subject less dealt with. No word used as completely with the promised reward. Yet, perhaps, with less knowledge on the part of the Clergy. For we have been taught to pray from the very beginning, as He taught His disciples to pray in that 5th chapter of Matthew---’Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, IN EARTH as it is in heaven.’ How little do men know about heaven. How little they remember. And how little have they had recorded for them concerning this subject. Tho there has been an Orthodox promise that has gone out to those that constitute the church, from one end of Christendom to the other, that by obedience and behavior, by being good, according to the normal standard which is placed before them, in what to do and what not to do, and in what to believe and what not to believe, and what you must do for this is the route to heaven. Therefore, having completed all these requirements, the major proposition before them is to live within these requirements all their life and then they die and shall go to heaven.

Now, this is a very complete promise upon the average church and Ecclesiastical leaders and the average church doctrine has included this. It would seem that since all the goals of man generally speaking, must be therefore just to get to heaven, then more should be said about it and more should be said concerning this. But I do not see the great emphasis on this getting ready to go to heaven. Isn’t it a strange thing that in the ministry of Christ, and all of the things which we find taught to us in the Old and the New Testament, that they spend very little time in teaching you the responsibility in getting ready to go to heaven? They did not tell you that the reason why you are here was just to get ready to go to heaven. But they did say something else. Jesus said that the reason why you are here is that you are to do the work of the Kingdom. That you are the children of the Kingdom. You are the children that I have called and ordained from the beginning that shall bear fruit. And He also said:--’I have ordained that your fruit shall remain.’ He said that you not only belong to Me but in the fullness of the sense of the Father before the world was framed. And in His humanity, He prayed and He said:--’Thine you were in the heavens, Mine you are in earth.’ And in this declaration as the Eternal Father, bears testimony to the continuance of His Kingdom we cite to you therefore, that the most important thing in God’s mind, and the purpose for which He has sent you into the world, was to bring His Kingdom into earthly reality. We find the earth in a very unique situation. The earth is different than any other spot in the Universe. For here has been isolated all the situations that you and I know as evil. All the conditions that are in discord, all the vibratory forces that are negative. All the powers of darkness are concentrated in the earth. Even the Archangels who rebelled against the MOST HIGH.

In the antediluvian antiquities of yesterday, everything out of orbit in space was defeated by righteousness and is now isolated in the earth. And now we find that God’s most precious treasure, which He said was hid in the field, and which in His own parables, He identifies with you, because He said that the field was the world, and that hidden within that field, was His most precious treasure. What is this? These are His children. His household. His offspring. Those whom He has begotten out of His own Spirit---out of His own being. And therefore, He said:--’Ye are the sheep of My pasture.’ You are the people of My own household. And I have loved you above all the people on the face of the earth! Why? Because you are Mine. And now He says:--’I have placed you in the earth---(for what purpose?)--That you might be suddenly the transition of the powers of Heaven transferred to earth, that the earth might be cleansed and purified. And the earth might be brought into truition of Divine Law. That the earth might feel the impact of the mighty sons of God---covered in Glory---that the expanse of the earth might be ruled from one end to the other by these Eternal Children of the MOST HIGH. And with the power of spirit, and the understanding of creation, they would be able to put all things in order. You are the children of your father Adam, and you are the children of your Heavenly Father after the Spirit.

Now, what did He say to your father Adam after the flesh?---’I have placed you in the earth---now have dominion over it.’ He said populate and increase the population of your race in the earth. ‘This is have told you to do.’ Thus you as the children of Adam in the flesh, and the children of God in the Spirit, are those who are to expand HIS Kingdom, to multiply and increase this Kingdom on earth. And people who have within them this living Spirit, who have within them this Holy Seed, who have within them the Light and the Glory of the Eternal, are the people who are also to be enveloped with such majesty and such glory, that the laws of God shall go forth from one end of the earth to the other. This is the purpose of the seed of Adam. These are the keys that were given to the Patriarchs. This is the knowledge which Moses received when he communed with God. And for this cause was the LAW given to this generation (race) of people. That they would produce this Kingdom according to Divine Law. And that this law would move out from their society to people round about because they were enforcing it and upholding it. This was the people who were to accomplish this task for God had ordained this. He willed this from the beginning. He knew the whole purpose and the course of these human events. Therefore, this cause, and these events in all history were brought to pass.

Even such situations as you behold in the Atonement where God Himself, visited you in His own due time to bring about a consummate atonement to deliver His people, to again in time, empower them with the Glory which they had surrendered in their fall, but which God had promised them even before they arrived that He would give them back again, in the hours of tomorrow.

So it is that you have arrived in the earth by the process of birth and by this same procedure God Himself, also arrived in earth out of His nation. We look backward to the hour when God was born in earth as a man and the fullness of God dwelt in Him bodily. In the days of the Patriarchs, they looked forward to the time when God would be born in earth. ‘A Virgin would conceive and bear a son and they would call His name Emmanuel’, meaning God dwelling with them. We are therefore, in the time of Eternity. And we are children of Eternity. And as we look upon our responsibility, we discover, that when Christ walked in earth as God among men,--He taught them how to pray. And said you pray in this manner. It was not necessary that it be a repetitious prayer. These are the substances of what constitutes a full prayer. Thus in that prayer, it was a round prayer. It covered all the major aspects of he existence of His children of the Kingdom. Then when He taught them to pray, this is what He taught them they were to pray:--’Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven.’ And this prayer gave also a clue. But when Christ referred to heaven preeminently as far as the children of His Kingdom were concerned, that they build His Kingdom in earth, and thus make the conditions of earth like the conditions of the heavens. It was to be an ideal place. It was to meet the conditions under the prophecy of Divine Law. It was to be governed by the great vibrant law which holds the whole Universe together and in which everything has its constituency. For there are certain things which we must do.

Some say, ‘why is it that this law--this great Law of God’s Kingdom, is not always comprehended?’ Well, therefore, problems arise. People are so busy in this physical house in which they dwell, in this body in which your spirit is tabernacling in the earth. We are so busy with all the affairs that satisfy and keep this body happy, we are so busy in the accumulation of all these things, which we have learned how to make, and all the things we have learned how to do since we arrived in the earth, then sometimes these things become more important to us than our mission. But when once we have again caught the great mission for whence we have arrived, and realize that the environment in which we dwell in is of our own making, and altho we sometimes say that the powers of darkness are so bright that we cannot always make the environment which we would like, if we had different people in power in Washington, and throughout the world. But let me tell you that the generations of your household by either their indifference or their activities have permitted the enemy to accomplish things in your environment that you do not like. But if you want to change the environment, you must live for today and not tomorrow.

There are great secrets in Divine Law. And one of he great secrets is the eternal realization that life is eternal. And that you are children of Eternal Life. Therefore, you don’t wait for tomorrow, you start doing it today with a full vision of tomorrow. For thus the Universe has been put together and its courses have been altered. For your Father, who was before all things and by whom all things consist, has been making throughout all time--tomorrows---setting them in order and releasing the vibrations, the spiritual forces, the energies from the Light of Life.

We are going to talk to you tonight about the design of creation. But one of the things I find today, is that in the newspapers, you scientists are trying to define creation. They try to operate and scale it down and put all that they know on a mechanical brain and put it thru these machines which they fed information into. After feeding in all they know about the whole Universe, they are beginning to get answers. They think their intellect is greater than yours and they try to scale it down to your mind. They are talking about this and they are trying to bring you down to a few thousand years, on a scale for you and then say that of course it must be multiplied by millions and millions of years. And when they got thru, they were forced to come out with the facts and all of the energy and all of the vibrations, and then somewhere a swirling mass of mind developed into this great mass of energy and started to put things together with form. When they got thru, the mechanical brain finally told them something. They found out that this thing, which put things together from the beginning with intelligence and mind is a thing we call God.

We could have saved them with al that contrivance and all of that time, because we knew that there was a power much greater than that mechanical mind. And that power is the living essence which dwells in the Children of God if they will activate it. And it is called Faith. The most important thing you can do today is to believe because in all the development and all you believe, and unless you believe and have this active quality in you called Faith, you will never turn your attention to God.

You know we are living in the day in which we find the ‘creature’ worshiping the thing which he has created. In fact, he stands back in awe looking at the mechanical brain which he has made. But did you know that possesses nothing which you have not fed into it? And when you get thru, it only comes out with the answers which you have fed into it. And therefore, there is a quality which is infinitely greater than that. For deep inside of you is a being even in this organic house which we dwell in where nasion electrons are piled layer on layer, of all the human experiences which have been in the background of all your forefathers or your ancestors. There are stored electrons even in a child that are stored in the genes which are related to his memory.

Strangely enough there is this essence of energy which passes from child to child, and that is why this household of God in the earth is a Holy seed. And it is most important that you understand that it is a Holy seed. And that you preserve this Holy seed lest it be mongrelized, and lose the wave length of its picture and give a distressed pattern. We have a lot of people in the world today with a distorted pattern and they cannot come up with the correct image because of mutation, and people sometimes listen too much to mutations. They form the strange processes that I find today from the entertainment world to the defense of the people and sometimes they call it the rat pack---and maybe it is. If it is a mutation, it cannot think with the clarity that it should.

Let me assure you that in this hour in which you live, God Almighty has a great and mighty purpose. And His purpose it is thru you. For God plans nothing in the earth except thru you--thru His Household. For it is the Christ in you that it is the hope of Glory. The Apostle Paul perceived this after his heavenly visitation. Let me assure you that it is most significant for you to understand that all the Universe it is held together by HIM. That the mechanical brain it is not as great as the brain that created it. And if the mind had stayed in close relationship with the Father, there would have been no need to make a mechanical brain. For we would not have forgotten anything. But as we look out today over the course of our times, and we see people in struggle and turmoil, do you know the thing that worries people the most? They are more worried about the possible recession and the repercussions a depression might bring on them than they are about the condition of their people. And when the Divine spiritual power it is not producing all the truth and all the processes of living that they require. Then let me tell you something. If men would first search for the nature of God, and all that it is imputed in His righteousness, all these things would be added to them and there it is no power on the face of the earth that can take it away.

I received in the mail a little cartoon that came out of a Boise, Idaho newspaper. And it was very interesting. It said, ‘I see that across America that the great granaries are piled up, as are the barns with everything which you can call food, and all these blessings are there--piled up. Then there it is a strange light shining out from the other shore in Asia and Red China. And here are a couple of Red Chinese Communists standing around and they are looking down at their shores and there it is no food around. And it says crop failures, pestilence, and around them are bones from the massacres and the vultures with the ‘hammer and sickle’ stands above this picture. And one Chinese Communist turns to the other and he says, ‘Across the waters in America, are all this abundance of food and all these blessings on a people,--well, maybe there it is a God after all. (Maybe here it is a divine justice behind this scene.)

Let me tell you there it is a reason for all these blessings. There it is a reason for al the things that you possess. There it is a reason for all the technological genius that blossoms in your society. It is the presence of God. It is the presence of Spirit within. It is the Seed. It is the Light. And it is the Glory. It is a part of the reaping of that spiritual impact. They can never have it because their soul has shut out the only ray of Light that gives men their creative genius that lifts their standards. For the blessings that are poured out according to the wisdom of God upon the people who dwell in the earth.

He taught you to pray--’Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven.’ There it is nothing any more important than for us to understand that. I think that it is significant that we understand the process by which it comes in. For the children of His Kingdom are children who were to dwell with power.

Do you know where the greatest emphasis it is placed on the story of Adam and his race? The greatest emphasis it is of his fall. Isn’t that a strange thing? The greatest emphases has been placed on his fall-----. The greatest emphasis has been placed on warning people that they are going to a land in some future perdition because Adam fell. This has been placed on every descendant of your race who came from Adam. And you couldn’t help it because historically Adam did fall--if you want to call it a fall--but his fate was a loss of Glory. It however, brought the promise forward of what God had promised him. And it did not stop God from contacting Adam and set him in place and saying that still Adam was the instrument by which His program it is carried out.

If we are discussing the fall of Adam, we should also be discussing the restoring, the restoration of Adam, the establishing of His Kingdom and the mighty Glory which dwells in the souls of God’s children. I cannot help but feel that there it is a great vibratory law that it is sometimes overlooked because sometimes men find that to develop it, then they must be more developed in their own nature and own condition.

Remember the words of Christ---and now we are speaking of Him in His embodiment---as He said:--’I am this creative Father. I am in the Spirit which dwells in Me. I am in that Spirit, and I am in you and you are in Me.’ What it is He talking about?--He was talking about that spiritual seed, about His children. He was talking about the vibrant light, the Glory and the Majesty. Yet the scientists says it is all made out of vibration. It is all made out of light, out of electronic forces. And so the vastness of the electronic universe and the sidereal systems, beyond sidereal systems are now being caught a glimpse of. And they realize that there it is no end. And when they are staggering under this knowledge, they then turn to the smallest finite capacity and they take the lenses of the microscope and they probe into the world of anomalous (meaning it shows up as something which you didn’t believe it would be.) And then they move into the condition of Myopia (shortsightedness.) And then they are not satisfied with what they can see with the eye. But we still our great cyclotrons. And we have broken down the particles which make up this molecular mass, the atom. We have taken the atom all apart and we cannot see it with the eye, but we can register it on our gages, on the impulses that go across out magnetic screens. And we know that the movement of it is light and form and energy. We have diagramed it. We know all about it. We can’t see it, but we have probed the sub-microisms of the Universe. And from the vastness of the sub-microisms of the Universe to the microbes of the earth, we have divided the world into two extremes. And the limitations of our mind has not probed beyond it. But when we try, we see energy and design and that all things are held together by the very law of Existence---by the existence of that law in the mind of the Father.

Let me tell you this. The Universe round about, does not comprehend what you comprehend. The people of earth who are not of your household do not understand it. The people of earth who are outside that Holy Seed do not possess the same spiritual vision which relates to you and your ability to understand. But I want you to know that there it is a law and a purpose. You came from Heaven to earth with the sum total of spiritual revelation in the mind of God, with full access to your understanding. That it is why today the children of the Kingdom can think His thoughts and put them into operation. But they have to remember what they are here for. They have to have a purpose for living. And that purpose has to be visioned in their own purpose and to their own satisfaction.

Someone said, ‘it is this a judgement or a chastisement upon us, for the things we have been blessed with?’ No, there it is no withholding. But there it is in every instance a call to the children to think in the mind of their Father, to think in terms of their destiny, to think in terms of their problems. And whenever your problems start to dawn on you, and you begin to see it beginning even in a great nation like this, as the processes of reversal start in, there must be a reason why these processes of reversal start in. There must be a reason that the antagonist with their philosophies can get a foothold and expand their processes. And these processes were so involved with the things that we were making, were so involved with our individual affairs, that we ceased to be doing the full work which it is the responsibility of the children of His Kingdom until the Life of Light repels the darkness, under the conditions which we would develop under our own activated presence making it impossible for the forces of evil to operate.

Let me tell you that when the Light begins to shine, when they are activated by the consciousness within, the enemy will be leaving your nation for they will be uncomfortable being around you. You may not think that it is true. But when the Light begins to shine, the darkness flees form it. For they cannot stand the pattern of the Light. There it is not doubt that there are laws, mighty laws that we must recognize. And they may become the great secret of the pattern. However, we know something about heaven from men who have been there. Strangely enough, in these phases of philosophy and theology thru which the church has passed, have been influenced by those who would take it over. They wish to include inside of some of the ‘Popery’ that it is involved. And I refer to the ecclesiastical situations which have developed in which men have held strange philosophies in order to hold men captive in their will. And therefore they created all kinds of imaginary torture chambers and persecutions in intermediate stages in order to hold men in subjugation, pleasing to them, or chastising them and holding them in darkness. I want you to know that there it is no Gospel which Jesus preached that threatens men with darkness. I want you to know that what emerges from God ultimately points out the finality of victory and the establishment of God’s Kingdom in earth. And brings us to the declaration which we find by the Apostle Paul that eventually ‘every knee shall bow and every tongue shall proclaim that Christ it is LORD,’ to the Eternal Glory of the fullness of the Eternal Father.

There it is a law.--Yes--And that law it is filled up with the very nature of God. He sets the law and it is beyond the comprehension of your mind to realize the purpose and desire of God to put all things in order. To see everything in purposeful relationship to Him. And that brings up a philosophical point which must be solved in the thinking of everyone who wants to think, to exactness, that if God it is Omniscience. If God it is Omnipotent, then why in the days when Lucifer was an Archangel, did He permit him to take the course that he took which effected the Universe? And which He confines then--all--in earth. But it was essential for your education. And for the evaluation of beings throughout the universe, to know and to come to the knowledge of the personal existence of God which He Himself possessed the knowledge of. It was necessary for them to know Grace by comparison, to know righteousness by comparison, to know that it was the right way, to know that it was the wanted way because they understand and know what the other way would do.

You see, if you only saw the law of right, and you never at any time say the other side, you never heard of death, or saw this destruction, if you never saw it, you would never be able to comprehend it or evaluate it. Nor would you be satisfied or happy or find room for praise. This it is why something was permitted but which would never get out of hand. Some say, ‘but I think this got out of hand.’ But no,--it did not get out of hand. It has been controlled ever since Lucifer--in the heavens--this Great Archangel--turned to rebel. And God then turned loose Michael the Archangel to drive him out of the heavens and put all the rebelling forces on this little speck in the Universe which He had been preparing and planning for in the eventualities of time, to take the great theater of the Universe--on this spot we call earth.

Do you realize that all the Universe round about it is watching this earth and watching this scene unfold? Did it ever occur to you that Archangels and beings from all over the Universe are looking at the earth. They never saw anything like this before. This it is a spectacle unto them. And yet you are also here. So where did you come from?---Well, you came out of the heavens. You are these children of spirit, now occupying in these bodies of flesh. You are the household of the family of God. You are hear because in the endless ages long past, you came down as God’s children and participated in this event. This it is why you are here.

Oh, there are things that are only brought to your remembrance by the spirit. But I can remember these passages that are in the books of Enoch and in the Apocalypse of Paul. And these I find in the scriptures concerning these men who were brought into the heavens. They were taken into heavenly plains and saw heavenly things and came back to tell you about them so that you would know a little bit about the heavens around you. So you would know what was on your side. Know the vastness of it. Modern science has reached out to tell us how great it is, how vast it is. But, my friends, it is not an impersonal mass for it is a very vital and personal mass unto you. For in all of this energy and organization, you are also a key portion of that Light which it is there and which it is also embodied in you. For that Light which came forth from the Father it is also in you, that you are the children of spirit. If you were to move about the Universe and to move among the Angels, then the Angels would serve you and show a difference to you. For they know that you are the children of God.

Strangely enough, if you turn over to the writings of the Apostle Paul, we are told that the Angels and the hosts of heaven stand looking at this spectacle and you the participants in it. It is hard to conceive that a place like the earth could exist in a condition like this. Why? Because they never lived under a condition like this. Once it occurred, and was put down, then it was isolated and confined to this earth. And they have been looking in wonder at all this. The whole Universe outside of you pulses with order. It not only pulses with the great order of God, but there it is an effulgence and emotion of spirit which you can translate in part to an emotion of flesh. And you can only bring it forth and tie it to emotions when the spirit of the Father in its purity it is dwelling within. It’s emotion in which He it is One; it is the kind that advances from wanting the association of those of like kind and love to a deep spiritual affinity between individuals, and then from those individuals to their Father, the vital God of the Universe. There exists in you, in our human emotion, a love of God and a love of God’s children, even as we in our human emotions evaluate the love we have for our children and our parents, which in constant association, in the act of sacrifice, and because of close relationship, has dawned upon us this pattern of reasoning in our soul consciousness. And we can only find its true value when spiritual consciousness throws a pure light upon it.

Do you know that the most powerful law of all it is hidden in this relationship of you as a son and daughter of God, as a light, and a Life of men? When God came into the world to walk among us, we were told that He it is the Light, and the Life of men. That He came in to the land of His inheritance and the occupiers of that land received Him not. But He came to empower His sons so that they might walk like sons and daughters of God. Not because of their own will had they become sons of God, but sons of God by His will. That it is what John it is attempting to say altho the translators have made it somewhat hard to discover. But the purpose for which He came was to re-empower His sons and daughters. To activate this great spiritual force, to send down His Holy Spirit, and as promised in the 14th chapter of John, to quicken the consciousness of His people. And to bring all things to their remembrance, and to guide them into the knowledge of all truth.

Suppose I tell you that God so loved the world, this little spot in the Universe that He created, where He had sent His own children,--so loved the whole Universe, seeing all this as a creator, and dependent upon HIM,--that He gave His own life in physical form. Walked thru that channel He had never known before.---That channel of death. Then brought that physical body up out of the grave triumphant that He might instill in His children an awareness of the triumph of life. And this secret which He had passed on to them that He gave them Eternal life--was really true.

I would show you that there it is a relationship as shown in the book of Matthew, FOR THE LAWS, AND THE KNOWLEDGE OF IT IS MOST SIGNIFICANT. We turn here in the book of Matthew and we read these words--Jesus had been talking about life and about spiritual things. The Sadducees were Asiatic and reincarnationists and they did not believe in the things of your race, because these Sadducees were not Israelites, not at all. The true Pharisees believed in the law of life and resurrection. But they did not understand all they should have about it. But these words came forth from HIM---have ye not heard that which was spoken unto you by God, saying, I am the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and of Jacob? God it is not the God of the dead. He it is the god of the living. And when the multitude heard this, they were astonished. When the Pharisees heard this, they said:--’He silenced the Sadducees who think that everybody it is dead when they die unless they reincarnate. He had silenced those who thought that in the intermediate state of the grave when there it is no consciousness, and as far as the Sadducees are concerned, they did not have a Celestial plain, they had nothing which related to God’s Kingdom. Now, the Pharisees were happy and they said:--’What it is the great commandment of the Law?’

We told you last week that the law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus makes men free from the law of sin and death. The sin question it is the most important that you are faced with, not from the standpoint of do or don’t, or from the standpoint of personal self-righteousness set upon a hypocritical standard, but I am talking about the great errors as they violate the realities of living, for the upsetting of these laws. Whether they be chemical or in the atomic field, they take things apart and violate the laws of serenity and happiness. They violate the order of earth. They violate the way it produces. Thus all the violations of Divine Law we can add up and use the ugly little word--sin. But in this instance as we follow the Apostle Paul---’The law of the spirit of Christ, makes me free of the law of sin and death.’ That means that it has no power over you and at the seat of your consciousness, you are free.

Now, let’s see what all this law has to say. If we find that the law of the spirit of Christ---we find the law of the Father. For this it is the fullness of the Father dwelling bodily. And we find the law that governs the Universe, holds it together, sends out its energy with all the propriety with which God holds it together.

Now, let’s turn and see what Jesus said, as He was asked as to what was the great commandment. And He said:--’Thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This it is the first and great commandment.

And the second it is like unto it. ‘Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.’ On these two commandments hang all the law and of the prophets. These words were a key, a greater key than the Pharisees might have been willing to accept, but if they were to diligently uphold the scripture, they would remember that Jesus later would say unto John:--’I now give you a new Commandment in the essence of a permanent instruction.’---And I turn to this 13th chapter of John and here He says:--’Little children, I am with you now, but pretty soon I will go away. But I also told the Jews that I would go away and whither I go they cannot come. So, now I say unto you---a new commandment I give unto you. That you love one another as I have loved you, and you shall know by this that ye are My disciples.’-----If you love one another.

Someone said, ‘What does it mean?’ It means an abiding ability to so build in earth as it is in heaven so that the welfare of every individual that it is a part of God’s household it is as important as your own. Thus it is not alone that it is your personal success, but it reaches out and touches your brothers, these other children of your Father, who are of your household. And when men build everything, not for just their personal advantage, but in their national life and in their society, so that it benefits all their children---in this way, they benefit also themselves and they build a Kingdom of serenity, which it is like that of heaven. I want to show you that when He said, only two commandments, that there must be some importance upon the repetition in the thoughts of God. I want you to go with me for a moment back to the book of Deuteronomy. For here in this book of Deuteronomy, we see a little key to this situation as God speaks. In the 6th chapter of Deuteronomy, we read these words:--’That thou might love the LORD thy God and keep His statutes and His commandments. Thou and thy son’s sons in all the days of thy life that thy days might be long. And hear O Israel,----this it is the way that you do it, so that it may be well with thee, that ye may increase mightily as the LORD God of thy father’s has promised thee.’

‘Hear O Israel, the LORD thy God it is one LORD; and thy shall love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, with all thy soul and with all thy might.’ Thus you see that one of those Commandments which Christ called the Great Commandment it is here delivered in almost the same identical word as to what Christ quoted and then added His own affirmation.

Now, we turn to another passage in the book of Deuteronomy in the 10th chapter, 12th verse:--’Oh, Israel, what does the LORD thy God require of thee?---That thou shalt love YAHWEH thy God and walk in His ways. Thou shalt love Him and serve thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul.’ So here we come to the second declaration.

Now, go over to the 11th chapter of Deuteronomy and listen again:--’Therefore thou shalt love YAHWEH thy God; thou shalt keep His charge, His judgements, His commandments always.’ Then turn in this 11th chapter to the 13th verse:--’And it shall come to pass that ye shall harken diligently to these commandments which I command you this day, to love YAHWEH your God and serve Him with all your heart and with all your soul.’-----Five times in just a few chapters, the most important thing to do in bringing in all the laws of God’s Kingdom and its functioning and operation it is to---’Love YAHWEH thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul’ which seems to be wrapped up in the confines of His mind for His purpose, to be activated by His Spirit, to carry forward His purposes.

Now, let’s go into another passage of Deuteronomy. Turn to the 19th chapter of Deuteronomy and I read here in the 9th verse:--’If thou will do this as I have commanded thee to do this day, to Love the LORD thy God, and walk after His ways,’---then God adds His blessings. Turn a little further over to the 30th chapter of Deuteronomy and I read here:--’And the LORD thy God shall circumcise thy heart, and the heart of thy seed, to love the LORD thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul, that thou mayest live.’

Now, we are getting to the key. All the processes of the violations of Divine Law, which brings disintegration and brings death, moves out of a wave length of vibrations that are not akin to the soul of God, and are not a part of His life. And when men learn this secret, they start to seek for the strength of their power, and they start to think of their responsibilities in earth to fulfill God’s desire to see the earth as it is in heaven---to see the conditions of earth as they are in heaven. And as they see this they live this.

Normally, it has been prayed every morning by every Christian---this the LORD’S PRAYER. And he prays this at least once a day. And thinks of it less and less because he had learned to repeat it just like a speech. A lot of people say Grace at the table, but never think of what they say anymore since they have been saying the same thing for so long. But God knows in their heart that this it is at least a habit and He understands. But the fact it is, that has been done with the LORD’S PRAYER also. But it must be a realization on your mind---IN EARTH AS IT IT IS IN HEAVEN. This it is the major key to relationship with HIM. The major key to even the Kingdom itself that you shall love the LORD God with all your heart and with all your soul. For this it is what it takes to bring the blessings of God upon you. This it is what it takes to bring on spiritual power. This it is what it will take to transform the world. If the children of the Kingdom will put this law FIRST in their living, the whole world will fall at their feet. I can show you passage after passage like this.

But let’s not stop here. Let’s go on in this 30th chapter of Deuteronomy and you will see again that this it is still a part of His purpose. For here in Deuteronomy, God has twice formed this statement. And this it is one that it is a little harder to follow and where we all come a little short of the measure of the law. He says:--’therefore thou shalt not avenge or bear a grudge against thy people, for thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself--for I AM YAHWEH.’ Therefore, He asks you to do two things. He asks you to love the LORD thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul. And then the second commandment--the great one it is--the one wherein Jesus said the whole law and the prophets hang on this one. And this it is a new charge. And here it is---the secret of life. When we are talking about this life, we are talking about the Life which swallows up the whole being and wraps it in Glory,--in the Glory of God. And rolls back the forces of disintegration. This adds days to your life, prolongs your years, until eventually ‘Mortal’ puts on ‘Immortality.’

Do you realize that we are in the hour when God it is about to demonstrate the breadth and strength of His Kingdom. That the mighty works of His sons and daughters are going to be made manifest in the earth. That you are about to see the greatest day in all time and history, in which God it is going to envelop His Kingdom in Glory and Majesty until the whole thing leads up to this---That the final hope of Glory it is the Christ in you. Enveloped in that Glory THERE IT IS NO DEATH.

(End of message)