On Earth As It Is In Heaven, 4-28-63



By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 4-28-63


Our Father we come into thy presence to worship you in Spirit and in truth. We are happy that you have unveiled to us---thru the course of Thy Spirit, an awareness of who we are and from whence we came. Make us to know that we are thy household in the earth, that we are thy family, and Ye have established with us thy covenants.

Make us to know that the spiritual center of the nations of thy Kingdom, which have emerged out of thy house hold---is thy church. And that this is a living institution that could carry out the activities that you have ordained. And that you will never permit it to be silenced, but that you will always raise up those who say----"Thus saith the Lord."

We are thankful Our Father for all that has been wrought for us by the magnitude of thy person. That which we could not accomplish for ourselves---an acceptable atonement.----The manifestation of thy Grace as unto us, as you have restored thy people unto those things which has been promised. To the realization that you are giving back to us everything that we had lost thru violation of divine law. That thy glory shall exist thru out all ages. We are happy that heaven is thy throne, and the earth is thy footstool and that you have given unto us in this area of inheritance and opportunity to demonstrate that the powers of darkness shall not be triumphant.

We pray for the spiritual center of thy Kingdom--to awaken out of it's sleep and proclaim---"Thus saith the Lord."----So as we meditate on thy word and thy purposes, grant unto us the understanding you have assured us we are to receive, if we shall knock and seek to have thy wisdom given to us. We commit ourselves unto thy hands as we say---Thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven. And we ask it in thy name.


As we go into our subject, we are delighted to see an old friend, in this meeting. He is a clergyman who has written more books and distributed more pamphlets than any man in these United States. I think this afternoon we are talking to more people than any one else in the U.S. thru this tape ministry, as we are now reaching over 1 1/2 million people every week, but this man has reached more people with books and pamphlets.

In fact when I was a young clergyman, he gave a tremendous gift to my ministry because I was in a debate where I was defending a Babylonian principal of a Tri-Uni trinitary God. Now during the first part of the debate my side had won the first part.

`The debate was between a group of Baptist Clergy and a group of other Clergy who were opposed to this theory. But my side was winning this debate just by putting together a good strong argument. During this debate time I received a pamphlet in the mail---the debate was unbeknown to the author of this pamphlet, but this had 1,000 facts about the name of Jesus. I looked over this pamphlet then got fascinated with it and I found that from Yahweh in the old to all the words of the Holy Spirit---it was---The Eternal YAHSHUA JESUS ----- YAHWEH ----- ONE.

So I went into that debate that night and changed sides ----- and we won that debate on the other side......

That man was Ted Fitch, whom you may have come across thru some of his pamphlets, and since he is here we ask him to say a few words, for he has introduced more new ideas than most Clergymen in America. So before we start our subject, we are going to ask Ted Fitch to come up and say a few words. This man has carried on quite a fight against the modern heresy that so endangers Christianity today.

Mr. Ted Fitch:

Hello-----I hope to explain in 5 minutes the plan of good and evil. But before I can do that I have to explain something else in order that you will believe what I am going to say.

In the old testament time----we talk about trinity of oneness, or one god or two or three. I am going to Modesto next week and debate for 4 nights in a row to prove that Jesus was the God of the old testament. I hope you can come hear me and Roy Pitts who will be the other minister of the debate.

In old testament times there were 3 distinct manifestations of deity.

1. The great Omnipresence of God----God is Spirit, period. He fills the billions of miles of space, He fills all matter and all things.

2. Back in the old testament when the Israel people saw the Shekanah, they say the glory and they say God, call the Holy Spirit---Holy Ghost, today.

3. The third manifestation of deity was The Lord. He was the one that appeared 43 times in the Old Testament times. And THE LORD --- was also Jesus --- THE CHRIST.

So we have 3 manifestations in the old testament.----Now this glorious one called YHVH---HYWH----some say YAHVEH---It was this YHWH himself---Jehovah if you please, who came down here as a baby, and wrapped himself in flesh. That was the LORD .

For unto you --- ISRAEL--- is born this day a Savior who is Christ THE LORD.

So you see JESUS has always been THE LORD. He is today, and HE will always be. He was the Lord at the beginning of time and after eternity stopped----as far as this world is concerned. And as time began----He was in the beginning. He was The Alpha---so he was the beginning, before anything else was made at all. ----Now I'm talking about Jesus.

You remember back there in the Garden --- Jesus created a system of good --- He created a white man and gave him laws and commandments --- a system of Good.

But at the same time, this wonderful, pure and Holy Lord of Glory, actually allowed Lucifer to establish a system of evil, and that system of evil has come down as a sort of balance between good and evil. Now don't deny that there is evil in the world today, for there is plenty of it. All kinds and matter of evil.

But hear this:

There were 2 systems of evil and the Lord allowed it. From Adam to the flood, there was intermarriage between the Adamites --- the white race and the Caqinanites --- the dark race. ---So you had --- the white race ---the dark race--- and the mixed races. And because sin was so terrible the flood came and the destruction of that time.

Then again after the time of the flood --- we have Shem, and he was allowed to live for 502 years, and he and his followers were preachers of righteousness. ----But right along side of the Semites for 250 years, was that horrible Babylonian people, so for 250 years you found Shem preaching righteousness and the Shem line worshiping --- CHRIST if you please, then on the other side here was Nimrod preaching and practicing just the opposite, with his mixed marriages and evil. ---Now I can't go into that for it would take to long, but I'll start with the death of Shem and Nimrod, for thus died the heads of both good and evil.

Now in the womb of a young woman called Rebecca, we find 2 seeds--- Jacob and Esau, and the God of Heaven deliberately allowed 2 great mammoth system. ---- That great system of good---thru Jacob ---- the 12 sons --- the tribes of Israel----the white people on the face of God's earth to this day.

Then on the other side is the Esau line---The Edom line---the triple Finns----who thru intermarriage----we find coming the __________ (Kazzard) Jew of Russia, and the Kike Jew, so once again you have the good line called Israel and the dark completed line of people called the Jew.----And Jesus said to these Jews in Jerusalem----

Now just a minute---let me tell you---that the white man has the most brilliant mind of all the people in the world. The greatest inventive, brilliant, natural, mind of all the people in the world.---But let me tell you this----this line out of Esau---has a supernatural mind---a Satanic mind--if you please and they are more deadly and more wicked than I have time to tell you about.

So we have the line of good and evil from the womb of one woman, once more here from Rebecca down to this day.----I could prove to you, if I had the time that 90% of the wickedness of the world comes from that evil line.

So if the Lord deliberately allowed this situation to develop----these lines of good and evil---then why in the world are so many preachers running around today and preaching----if you are a good boy and girl and you die you go to heaven, and if your bad you go to hell and burn forever.

You can see how ridiculous that is----For the Lord himself allowed this to happen and of course there is a wonderful reason for this----And that reason is:------

Without Knowledge of evil---we couldn't recognize good. I wrote a book proving that without knowledge of evil you can't worship----The Lord Jesus---You can’ be greatful for anything without knowledge of evil.

Now; you don't have to go out and sin to find evil---you can find it in the bible. That where we learn the whole thing. It's set up here in this book. A balance of good and evil from Adam to now, so that you Christian people, the descendants of Adam might learn to worship----JESUS THE CHRIST,---as your personal savior.

Back to Swift:----

Dr. Fitch has been evangelizing across this nation for a long time. He has been one of the many exponents of Spiritual truths, and has in the last few years identified the fact that the White Christian Nations are the seed of Israel, and has pointed out the facts of the difference in them and the other races of the world.

Our subject now is----In earth----or on earth as it is in heaven.

There seems to be a heavy trend moving thru out theology today, trying to eliminate concepts of heaven and what it is all about. And at the same time they don't know much about it either.

I was talking to a clergyman the other day and he was working as hard as he could to find a way to get everyone into heaven. He was talking about how everything was on the way to destruction, on the way to perdition, and the major task was to get men to heaven.

I said---this is very interesting, but what do you know about the place called Heaven, what is it like?

He said---what would I know about Heaven I was never there.

I said:----Don't you remember anything about heaven?----and if you were never there you aren't going to get back there.

He said---Explain that Dr. Swift.---So I said---What did Jesus say?----Jesus said---No man would get back into heaven unless he came down out of it. You would not have the capacity to get back into it unless you came out of it-----for heaven is a plane of dimension. Thus if you never came out of that plane of dimension, you wouldn't be of the same vibratory plane that is heaven.

The Clergyman looked at me very strangely and said----but Heaven is just a place where all good people go.

So I said:---- Well you don't have to worry then if all good people are going to go there, you are worried whether they are going down the broad road of destruction. And you just told me that if there is a heaven there must be a hell. So if there is a heaven there has to be an earth. Is this the logic that you are presenting, because Hell on earth is the big problem you and I face.----The reason we are proclaiming The Gospel of the Kingdoms, is to translate this catastrophe back into restored Glory.----Everything God made was good when He made it. And everything that has happened will be for good and for a purpose. There is nothing that has happened on the face of the earth or in God's universe that hasn't been a part of foreknowledge.

There is nothing that the powers of darkness have ever been able to accomplish, that he hasn't already prepared something to counter balance it, to bring out of that situation even greater praise to his Glory.----tho the scripture does say and this is in line with what Dr. Fitch just said----I will even make evil to praise ME.

So there is this truth, and it is basic----if one never had any knowledge of comparison, then he could never appreciate righteousness and Glory.

But the point we are bringing out this afternoon is that Heaven is a very real place. That heaven extends into various categories of understanding. And for some years we have searched every avenue that could bring any lite on the place called heaven.

After all there is a promise made to us, that he would bring all things back to our remembrance. This is one of the great works of the Holy Spirit---to bring all things back to our remembrance. And in order to bring things back to our remembrance, we would have had to have been there, or it would be just something new that we were learning.

More than that, I have been told by the Apostle Paul, in the book of Ephesians, that I have already been blessed with all Spiritual blessings in the bosom of the father, before the world was framed. I've been told that I have been elected and chosen for a predestined purpose to be sent into the earth to help build his Kingdom. And if these promises and covenants made to me before the foundation of the earth are there, then there are some things that can be restored to your and my knowledge and to your understanding that we have forgotten.

Then we discovered in the whole pattern of the scriptures, that in planting the sons and daughters of God, and the starting of the Adamic race in the earth, was for the bringing back into proper order, whole areas of Creation---That God calls his captives, in the book of Isaiah.----It was because the powers and forces of darkness had taken over these people and were dominating their minds and of course these races, under the breaking of divine law had gone into catastrophe and gradual degeneration.

The program of God's Kingdom and the plan of God is to restore all things. This is why in the days of Peter, after Pentecost , as he preached to great crowds of people who were gathered at the empowered Apostles feet----Peter said----The restitution of all things has been proclaimed by all the Holy Prophets since the world began.----Now, we are very interested in the plan of God----for we can't carry out our ministry and you can't carry out your part in that plan, unless you know a little bit about---where you came from----how you got here----and what the general plan is.

A lot of people don't know of the plan and they are not going along with it, and using their talents or ability to the best of their strength in the program of God.

I can see a lot of people around the president that don't belong there. And a lot of the captive people of God who are doing the works of our enemy, here in these United States, because they don't know---who they are---or where they came from.

There is no question but that the program of Heaven is a very real one and we have been taught to pray----Thy Kingdom come Thy will be done in the earth as it is in Heaven. --- So there is one thing that was taught to the Children of God---by The Christ himself, and that was to pray for---the bringing down to earth the status and condition that existed in the area or dimension of Heaven.

Now; men have been carried down the paths of Superstition and they have accepted all the superstitious patterns of theology that have been injected into their faith, in order to destroy it. And they are taught to serve God out of fear of his power, and fear of a lot of superstitious stories that have been imputed to him. But I want you to know that there is no truth in any doctrine that imputes to God a nature different than he manifests in the magnitude of his Grace, and in HIS revelations.

When ever we get a picture of deity and this picture of deity tries to make you and I serve him---in order to avoid being tortured, thru out all the period of time, in some place of supreme torture, then my friends we make a Satanistic character out of God, and you will never get a religion or a people higher than their concept of God.

Heaven does not require a hell. The hell in the bible most times is translated from the word---Sheol---the grave.---Gehenna, which was mearly a garbage dump out side the city, for burning waste.----And this word hell came into the scriptures after the retranslation of scriptures and reconstruction of theology. These doctrines were brought into Rome by the Jews, to be sowed into Christianity to bring it down. --- Now; not all Jews came from Esau---some of them came straight down from Cain, but e can well explain what happened to the Esau people----for they married into the hill country people who were a mixture of races, and they were the dark people line and they reduced the Esau line into a polluted, mongrelized race.

There are certain biological patterns that can never be disturbed. Kind begets like kind, seeding having life in itself.---- So you cannot have two different kinds of races out of the same gestation unless you have different seeds.---- The result is that behind this background the absorption of race by breaking divine law, is still the route of mongrelization, and is still the going out into areas of darkness forbidden by the scriptures.

The world is in a lot of trouble, we have had wars, and catastrophes and depressions and areas of great forces of violence which has effected the earth in these Catastrophes.

What some people do not recognize----is the tremendous energy released----out of the patterns of Celestial and human consciousness. The chattelization of the power and the thinking of the people has a greater effect on the earth than some people realize.

The very vibratory forces of intense energy of human minds of people sometimes send the earth into catastrophe, and these judgments are the natural results of these waves of the processes of error.

When we point out these patterns---there is one program which God ordained which was t send righteousness and truth to earth, and to do that --- He had to send a celestial family right out of heaven into earth.---- So if there had been no heaven from which they came, there would have been no Celestial plain from which to transfer these celestial children.

In the great areas of heaven, we find----from the ancient writings of Seth and of Enoch and the earliest patriarchs, and from the continued revelations which come out of the messages of your race, it's faith, it's traditions exists in the vastness of this creation. And all the ends of the sidereal systems of the universe, we would never be able to measure. And all the 10 thousands times 10 thousands, times 10 thousands, would never be measured, and we would never be able to measure the heavens. Now; they thought they had 126 suns that the sidereal calculators had discovered at Mount Palamors great observatory with the great telescope, then they found out that with the ability to sensitize film, and the ability to pick up the electric wave length of planets, and suns and moons that are far removed, thru out the universe, that we didn't have 1/10th., of the visible objects, of the measure of celestial objects that are in the heavens.

So when someone talks about the edge of the universe---you remember if you got out to what you think of as the edge of the universe you would find out that you had just started on the journey to the edge.---Because My Father has been doing this forever.---Now; understand this----I am talking to a special people, who are the sons and daughters of God. And our Father has been doing this forever. There has never been a point in all history when He has not been doing this. There has never been a period when he is not making and creating.

You say---He is before all things---yes, and he made all things. There has never been a point when he began.----Because HE is the eternal existing God.

This is the one area that the physical consciousness is unable to restore. You may record in your physical brain all kinds of ideas, but there is one thing you can't in a physical limited brain restore.

The spiritual brain can, but the physical brain cannot record the eternal pattern of eternal, because it is an eternal concept and cannot be conceived in anything such as dying flesh.

There is one area in which you cannot perceive the fullness of spiritual revelation and that is in the physical consciousness, but you can come close to it. Fortunately---you are the offspring of god---Spirit, soul and body, and other creations in the area of the Hebrew word---__________(Agapa) did not possess these capacities. ---Now; HE made them and they were good--- HE made races of people and scattered them thru his universe. He put the __________(Toradian) race upon the earth, was back there---thousands and millions of years ago. But we know thru the accursed of the creation and the purposes of the Most High God---that they were created, had the breath of life in them, and they were living souls----but every last man and woman in this room is not only a living soul, but an eternal Spirit.----

You possess Spirit---soul---and body, and it is this incorruptible seed and this eternal spirit that is in you.---that is your secret key to eternal life. This spirit that is in you is of the very essence of God's own nature, because You are his offspring. This is the incorruptible seed that lives and abides forever.

Now;--- the Grace of God reaches out to all his creations. In the vastness of his creation in these sidereal systems, we are dealing with the areas of Gods creation and the elements of matter.----Now, matter is made up of particles of electricity, and is held together by light wave lengths, and we know that the dimension of Spirit is in the areas of light, but the plane of the physical creation is organized electrical energy of which every atom is made and all molecular masses., So the vastness of creation that you can record with the elements of chemical processes, and with the process of photography, and with the utilization of photographing by the light method, the whole universe that you see is in the same wave length as the physical balance and the substance of electronic creation.--You, therefore, have dimensions that are so distant that you cannot see them with the natural eye.-----This is the dimension of Spirit. For the dimension of Spirit is in a light wave length that you cannot perceive in it organization with a physical eye on this earth dimension.

There are times when you are permitted to see beyond the normal spectrum of the normal eye and these people are called---psychic---but God can give you Psychic perception, and you may see in a dimension of light, substance you can't touch and you can't handle, but they are real.

The truth is----a Spirit can become partially visible.----And the fact is that this dimension of Spirit is no less real just because it is not visible to the eye. You are capable of thinking in a dimension that is not visible.

Your soul consciousness is your resident--you.----This ego capacity of soul consciousness thinks as an individual, as a part----as an entity of the universe.----but as a personality is the part that marks you as a definite being---this is your soul resident in a body---it can use all the work of the senses to give unto it a pattern of it's existence in a physical world.

But your race possesses something that no other race on the face of the earth possesses, and this is what marks the difference between the sons and daughters of God and the ---Enosh---round about.---The fact that you have come to earth is left out of their capacity. You have a capacity to receive the guidance of God's thoughts, you can knock and it will be opened to you---you can seek and you can find, because of the Spirit which is of God.----You have the wave length to receive----because you are spirit of HIS Spirit.

That is why Jesus, in the 14th., chapter of John said---That when he sent this capacity of his own consciousness, upon them---this wave length of energy of his own Holy Spirit---HE said---A spirit that the world cannot receive, but you can receive it.---Now, if the world cannot receive it, but you can receive it---then they are made different than you.---For you are the offspring of YAHVEH, AND THEY ARE THE CREATIONS OF YAHVEH,-----that you---have come here to restore.

Now;----all God's universe is not out of balance. All God's universe doesn't have an area of catastrophe in it such as the earth.----For the earth is the great battle ground of the universe today.----Here on earth----are the oppositions to the patterns of righteousness, and have been manifested by the fallen Archangel and his hoards, his unassimilated offspring and his mutated patterns of creation. And all the problems and catastrophes of the universe is now in this solar system---in this earth.----Here also in earth---is the greatness of God's plan, for here is where he put his own family, and HE has been transplanting them to earth.----Here on earth---are the oppositions to the patterns of righteousness, and have been manifested by the fallen Archangel and his hoards, his unassimilated offspring and his mutated patterns of creation. And all the problems and catastrophes of the universe is now in this solar system---in this earth.----Here also in earth----is the greatness of God's plan, for here is where he put his own family, and HE has been transplanting them to earth, from heaven by this process of embodying them in the Adamic race.---For this cause we are told that we are his offspring, and we have his name. In fact we are told that the whole family, in heaven have his name----in heaven and in earth. So if we have part of the family in heaven and part of the family in earth, then there are two dimensions we can live in.

When we talked to you about the sheep of his pasture and the goats, we pointed out the difference to you, between the children of the Father and those not the children of The Father.----For there is a definite difference between the children of God and the children of the devil, and the children of creations.

All the evangelist of the world couldn't get one of the devil's children into heaven, and by this same token all the devils of the world, will never get a child of God into the nether world, or one of these torture chambers where he is to be tortured for ever and ever.----Because God would never permit the devil to create a condition like this to put his children in.----And he is never going to torture his own children because this would be a most Satanistic concept of theology, and this theology never existed in any of the old documents you search and search. The old Writings do not show any such theology.

Now that the Great Lord of Glory, has come to earth and revealed himself, in all the Grace and all the majesty of it and we now have more hells and more tortures, and more perditions in the new testament than we had in the old testament before he came.

You say---Why is this????-----The reason is that men tampered with the truth. They misinterpret words and opinions and conditions, and then they try to frighten men into Priest Craft for their own control, and for their own gain, power and personal edification.

We are naturally concerned today for any area of knowledge in which men are not informed, for it is truth that makes us free.----And if there is any valuable factor that we as Christian Americans should be extolling----it is freedom and liberty.-----even we know----that HE sacrificed his own physical body to set us free from bondage and fear and superstition, and to adjustment and oneness with HIM----which HE accomplished in this word we call atonement.

There is therefore no design upon our part in any time and in any way, to diminish the dimension called heaven, for the whole universe has a plane invisible to the natural eye which is the Spiritual plane, and there is a resident condition, which the scripture calls the heaven above the heaven. And in the heaven above the heaven the Most High God resides. He can come and go and manifest himself in any plane.----There isn't a person in this room who can't manifest himself from the physical plane to a celestial plane----you just don't know how.

Paul said---if you could remember the land from whence you came you would go back there and not finish the job you were sent here to do. ---- You are strangers and pilgrims in the earth.

When we talk about the pattern of heaven there are some things we do know. We know that in the sidereal systems, there are some things we do know. We know that in the sidereal systems, there are certain areas, far out in the pleiades that have been used as physical headquarters of divine administration of his universe. For Enoch was carried there in space crafts which were sent for him when he was carried into the presence of God, and Enoch described his journey---he told of the sidereal systems---and the casting of our own planets and how he was in the body as he was carried out into space, and how he saw these things, and he saw the vastness of creation.

Enoch saw something that most people don't like to admit today--for he saw thousands and thousands of ships and vessels going back and forth thru out the universe. He saw them in various shapes and sizes, and there were people on them, and he could see them with his eyes, and he asked about them when he arrived at this great headquarter of the universe, and he was told that these are those who dwell throughout the universe, and some of them art thy brethren, who have never dwelt in the earth. So Enoch ask about them also and he was told that all the offspring of YAHWEH----are thy brethren for HE is thy father.----But Enoch wasn't told that he was related to every one, for some were creations.

So Enoch tells about them coming and going from the presence of The Most High. He talks about how he saw and walked upon the earth, how he ate the food from the corners of the of the universe. How it was delicious to his mouth, and he talked of how beautiful was the fruit and the flowers brought and of the majesty of the things brought, of the garlands brought to be presented as tributes of glory, from all over the universe. And as Enoch talks of this---he was in the heavens and he talked about what he saw and did while there.

You hear about the heavens above the earth. You hear about the word firmament. Some times the atmosphere is called the heavens. Sometimes we say the rain comes out of the heavens. It just comes from the atmospheric belt around the earth, but sometimes this is translated heaven.

Also the far out sidereal system of the sun, the moon and the stars is also called heaven, but this is still a part of the same creation that you are in---it is a part of the universe of a physical dimension.

Then there are celestial planes, these are heaven above the heavens and these are the dimensions which cannot be beheld with the eye but where realism is just as complete. It was into these heavens that the Apostle Paul was taken.---Tho the Apostle Paul said---whether in spirit or in the body he could not tell and then he tells about how he was carried into the heavens. In the Apocalypse of Paul he tells of being carried into the 7th., heaven.

These were planes of dimension, and when he was in this dimension, he saw everything in the same shape and form to which he was accustomed. And he was told that he was no longer in the plane where suddenly, no longer was any of the physical things that he had seen before --- visible.

And then The Apostle Paul tells of the majesty and glory and what he was seeing, and then he was taken into the 4th., heaven, and introduced for the first time to the presence of deity. and when he looked into the face of the Most High God he saw----a man----radiant and in his glory, and Paul said he knew that this was the one whom he met on the road to Damascus.

Remember what John said---He saw a door opened and he looked into heaven---this was a dimension of Spirit. The plain of Spirit or the dimension of Spirit that surrounds us.

Some of you say----how far is it to Heaven? Well there is no way to take a tri-comiter and measure it----because the Celestial plane is all around you, and you can't see it. Right now you are surrounded by a great scriptures refer to. You know that the whole Celestial pattern of God's Kingdom from heaven to earth can be interrelated to patterns of earth and the powers and forces of Spirit have more impact upon you than you realize.

One of the things God said he was going to do was open up the windows of heaven and pour down righteousness. Now you are used to having rain come down from the sky, but God says I am going to pour down righteousness---which is----The vibrations of mental wisdom, knowledge, and thoughts of God, and they think while they are absorbing---as they should think.

Now;---the dimension of Spirit surrounds you. Jesus even tho he had taken a body of flesh, like you have, so as to identify with his brethren,----He took on a body of flesh just like the children of God, so that it was possible for an atonement, for unless he had taken flesh just like his brethren, then there could never have been an atonement that required the physical sacrifice of that physical body, except he was in the same plane that you were in.

So Jesus was in a physical body like you have---born of a woman---existing in a physical body, and was the fullness of God dwelling bodily, but HE never forgot any part of what HE knew.

There is one thing that everyone must understand.----The mind of Jesus in the depth of that soul consciousness was vastly different than other people----for he still remembered who he was---and where he came from. In his transfer from heaven to earth----HE didn't forget anything.

One day the Jews had Jesus down in their treasury department. Now, they thought they had lured him down there but he knew what they had in mind. They had stones down there and of course they didn’t normally keep stones in the treasury room of the temple where the vaults were to keep money sent in. They put those stones down there to kill Jesus. They took him down there to kill him----and when Jesus answered their questions about HIS deity, and the eternal pattern of HIS being---the scriptures say that they took up stones to stone him---and they couldn't find him.

Well, Jesus hadn't forgotten how to move from one plane to another so HE moved right out thru the wall. He stepped into the spiritual dimension and stepped outside of that room. Try it some time!!!!

Someone told me the other day that there wasn't any difference in them and God. They could do anything that God could do. I waited for them to try moving into a different plane but they didn't do it.---But you can do it if you know how.

Knowledge is power----Jesus said, you could do it if you knew how. --- The day is coming when you will do these things. God has performed a lot of miracles for his people under trying circumstances, many times. Look what happened to John and Peter when they were in prison---how the gates were just opened up and they were taken outside, and the guards were in great panic for they were in charge of these prisoners.

But in this instance Jesus walked right thru the wall, and one of their own guards came down and said, if you are looking for Jesus he is outside talking to the people.

How close is the plane of Spirit?----Just__ __ that close.

As these patterns go out---there is a difference that modern science recognizes in wave lengths and planes. In fact there are areas of experimentation now that are bordering on the supernatural, in which substance is being moved in an electronic wave length in to substance formations, which can be passed thru areas of former barriers and then be reconstituted on the other side into wave lengths of energy. This is being experimented with today, it is super secret, in the scientific world. It means that electronic particles can be transmitted.---Now they find that it can be regrouped again. That the process circuits are unbroken.

But what we are concerned with is the understanding of the planes of heaven. There are celestial planes which in the 4th., 5th., & 6th., dimensions that the Apostle Paul finally got into. He not only beheld the majesty of God's glory, he saw radiant emanations which he transfers into the image he sees with his eyes in the earth. He talked about life and glory, resplendent majesty that thrilled him so completely, as he saw that this was Jesus----and this was YAHWEH---one and the same---and Paul was so thrilled he could have stayed there forever.

Remember what the disciples saw on the mount of transfiguration. They saw earth transformed into heavenly dimensions, for the Man Christ Jesus stood before them and was transfigured, which means he was transformed from a physical plane to a heavenly one, he was enveloped with Glory, and his effulgent glory and majesty and beauty was so great that Peter, James and John said----Let's never go down from here----let's just sit in his light.---There was a consciousness out of that plane also, for Moses and Elijah stood there talking also. And Moses and Elijah had passed out of the physical plane some time before this, but here they were talking to the disciples. And Moses and Elijah were so visible to the disciples under this super natural situation, that they wanted to build tents for them to live in to protect them from the elements.

So the children of Spirit today have their origin in the plane of Spirit where God begat them. He transferred them to earth in a physical envelope and we are living in a body of death, so to speak. But there is something we are waiting for.----We are told that we are waiting with the creation, for the manifestation of the Sons of God, when this mortal is going to put on it's immortality. That is what the Apostle Paul said he is waiting for. Paul said, I don't want to die-----I want to put on immortality, you don't have to die to put on immortality.

There is an hour coming when all the physical universe is going to be enveloped with the purposes of God, and his sons and daughters are going to put back on their light and their glory and their aura, that they had in their dimension of Spirit. And mortal is going to make a change to immortality, and that envelopment of light and glory is going to change every atom in your body, in the element of your being.

And God says;----I can do that at any time. In all of the promises you have thru the scriptures there is nothing more valuable for you to realize than----that the dimensions of Spirit hold together the universe.----And that God can send waves of righteousness and understanding and energy down to the soul consciousness of all those who have the capacity to receive it.

It's just like a locked in T.V. set. You will get the supreme thinking of the things that are right and it will make a great change in you, on impact.

More than this we know that this is how he sends waves of ideas and vision. He guides your civilization and lifts it out of superstition and darkness, and gives you technological ability to transcend any other people on the face of the earth, even after the fall, and even after the restoration of the atonement, while we still wait for the final patterns of redemption, which means mortal puts on immortality. We find that God has been able to send wave lengths of ideas into the minds of your race, that has made you the technological masters of the earth.

Flesh is flesh----the patterns of it's environment would still effect little with the vastness of reason, for with the reservoir of resources, the world has the people with the ability to review the matters of substance, and environment, but you have to have something more in that environment---You have to have Spiritual capacity.

You have to have thought, you have to have intuitive, and vision or you could put all kinds of people down in an area of natural resources and natural treasures and they would only live like so many in Africa or India did until the white man comes among them.

Someone said;-----Oh the have not nations are---have not---nations because they didn't have the opportunity and have the material or the environment. Well My friends, the real reason why they are---have not---nations are because they didn't have the proper thought processes and the initiative to do something about it. You would be a have not nation if you didn't get out there and think and work and produce.----All the---have---nations in the world today are Christian nations---the---have not---nations are the non-Christian nations.

When we talk about the powers of Lucifer today in the areas of world communism today, we talk about the powers behind communism today and the powers in Moscow, today are the cunning and satanic power of Lucifer,----and still Lucifer couldn't produce the power and the hoards that his Anti-Christ system needs to produce---they had to take captured white men to complete their plan. When Mr. Kreuchev was boasting the other day about what they had accomplished, one of our counselors answered and said----It was just a contest between our Germans and your Germans. Because behind their accomplishments was captured brains and captured technology.

In the areas of vision and the areas of understanding that relate to the deeper secrets of the universe, it is always out of your race that this knowledge comes. In the instructions given to Enoch and the Apostle Paul they were told the mysteries of the universe, and the patterns of substances and even of patterns in the realms of alchemy which is really advanced Chemistry.

We note that in the Apostle Pauls experiences as he is brought back out of these dimensions and planes and when he is back in the earth once more he said---Now if they took me there in this physical body---I do not know.

But when you stop and realize that the conscious pattern of eternal existence has the identity to surround you, as the sons and daughters of God, and is unable to make any perception between whether in the spirit or in the body, it demonstrates your adaptability to the dimension of Spirit---and that adaptability is complete.

Since we have just passed the Easter season and the resurrection we not that Christ went down in the nether world and he preached to imprisoned soul conscious beings of the Adamic race, and when HE broke the power of the nether world and broke the bands of the gates of iron and brass---which are complex---and it is said---then he led the captives captive, and led his sons to glory. The only ones he could lead into glory were his sons and daughters who had come down out of glory. For they were the ones who had a conscious mind to respond to him. But the dimension of the plane of spirit was clear, for he went down into the nether world and brought out of it their consciousness and released them into the celestial plane.

In this plane of the heavens, and out of the dimension of spirit---God takes and runs his throne, and he can manifest himself in any plane and any form all over the earth.----Now we pray---Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven.----It is for this purpose that God has outlined thru this book, the purpose for your race----to build a Kingdom,---an administration---to rule and reign in this earth.---That this government will consist of his household and his race. That this government will eventually roll back all darkness and superstition.

You were making pretty good progress at doing this, you were limiting the influence of the witch doctors and pagan temples, and they had to find some new way to stop this progress, so the forces of world communism helped to develop with captive minds, the United Nations, and thru it the violations of divine law and produced out of this structure an attempt to subordinate your leadership thru a world program where are out maneuvered and out numbered by the powers of darkness.

Then as they started their influence in Africa and Asia, they drive out your influence which was starting to set them free, from the with doctors and superstitions, and thus roll the world backward into darkness once more.

This is the time of Jacob's trouble---but this isn't going to be the end of your influence. This is just a temporary season.----You are going to be empowered---to rise again, you are going to be charged with all the essential powers and forces, and reinforcements of heaven, and you are going to defeat the powers of communism and darkness, which you were sent here to do.

Now;---last week attorney general Mott said---The trouble with the right wing is that they have this devil theory.----And the devil theory is that communism is the political system of the devil, and the social system of the devil and that a devil scattered it all over, and therefore-----we can't get a lot of business men and a lot of Christians and all the right wing movement, to move off of this devil theory.-----And he said---- you can't have coexistence with Russia or work out a solution to the worlds problems because any one who deals with a so called devil finds all these Christians against them.----So our biggest problem is all these people with this devil theory.

Well, let me tell you----it's a devil fact.----And he is right, we are not going to go along with any ones theory to co-exist with the devil. We came here to defeat the devil not to coexist with him. And the grace of God is going to do that, and they will sing his praises from one end of this universe to the other.---This is our inheritance----This little ranch belongs to us----This little spot out here in the universe called earth is your inheritance. Your father said it is his pleasure to give it to you. This is our fathers land and he said---they are going to acknowledge you.

In the 45th., chapter of Isaiah he said---ask me of things concerning My sons---they are going to set all the captives free and to build my world order, they are going to build my city---and in that day they are going to say----is there any God but you?-----We don't know any other, and they are going to acknowledge that you are my sons and daughters.

I point out today that heaven is a very real place. It's very real and it is in all the different dimensions but God is real and HE is the master of all planes of spirit, and all the universe and all these energies and forces which are beyond our minds to understand in this physical limitations of the present.

All these forces are directed to the deliverance and victory of Gods Kingdom.-----You aren't working on the side of the minority-----you are the minority n this earth,----but we are not alone----for our father runs the universe---and the record of what he is going to do, is what he promised thru the prophets. He promised that he is going to bring you to your enlightenment, he is going to empower you and he is going to continue on his own time schedule to bring this to pass. He says he is going to stir your nations and bring leaders to the front and you will run all the Canaanites and all the princes of darkness out of America. You are going to find a way to do that even if you have to change the supreme court and reorganize the justice department.

I think among the first to go will be the Kennedys, or else there will be the greatest revival the world has know, in the white house.

Some of you will say---Do you think that will happen? Yes there is Irish stock there that could be converted----no doubt of that----and some day it will be converted, but they might end up by not being president, but just door keepers, somewhere and glad to have the door.

But I want you to know that just as sure as tomorrows sunrise---you who have the dual capacity of being able to dwell in spiritual and physical knowledge of how to gain re-entry back into what was once your heritage----you are going to come back to your understanding---God is going to restore that understanding to you and you will perform that miracle.

From one end of the universe to the other we pray---Thy Kingdom come---on earth as it is in heaven----But in heaven everyone thinks---right.---that is our big problem here----but in heaven they are spirit of his spirit and offsprings of God, and when he enters into their presence, not restraining this aura of his light and glory---then they think like he thinks and know what he knows.---In the spiritual plane you automatically think like the father thinks and know what he know.---Now, if every one thought right, that would produce the best results, create the most, and no one would violate the law that works to their best advantage. This is one of the reasons why again---righteousness is out of the very consciousness of God and the way he willed it.---Righteousness is just a wave of the nature of things right----and it is right out of the Spirit of God.

Now, some people hate to be called right wingers---I like it.---I'd like to divide the whole world into two groups---right and left---good and evil.

Now, in this instance again there can be no question but that you and I are living in a most important time, in history. We are living in the hour when the forces of heaven are reasserting themselves. In this most important time in History---God is gathering and awakening people, he is bringing them out of their sleep----and the voices of truth are spreading as they have never spread before.

I have been listening and watching the areas of error which are trying to suppress the truth, which they say is just captivating all these white people. Isn't it a strange thing---that all the denominational lines are crossed in the search for truth---The Sheep can hear truth.

Now, lots of people fight the truth when they first hear it--so expect that. But in the past two years, here at the time when we now have 29,000 tapes in circulation we have only received 10 letters battling this message. But I suppose some spy will go home tonight and write 12 letters---but so far we haven't received the 11th., opposition letter.---That doesn't mean that we have a corner on truth, but it does mean that as truth brings glory to God where it belongs---then, but it does mean that as truth brings glory to God where it belongs----then it sets men free from darkness.---We know that it is sought after everywhere, and that people are hungry for truth, and for knowledge, and they want to get out of bondage.

God is preparing the greatest manifestation of Glory that the world has ever seen, and we are on the edge of great supernatural patterns.

I want you to know that Heaven is a very real place----and you don't have to worry about getting a lot of people in there cause a lot of people aren't going there, and a lot of people don't want to go there to stay.

As God transfers his majesty and glory to earth he says----You---can in time, go anywhere you want to in this universe, and that you are going to be known as his sons and daughters, and the whole universe is going to be ruled over by his family.

And in this pattern of experience you are going to sit within this secret authority and remember this---we are going to reign in the earth---as Priests and Kings, and we can spend 1000 years doing that and enjoying the world for a change.----1000 years in the earth.

One minister said to me Dr. Swift---Gods Kingdom is way up in the air---we are all going to be there so we can just turn the earth over to the devil.---I said---Then you have it throw out the book of Revelations---for it says we are going to be Kings and priests, and rule---under our Father---In the earth.

Then he started to explain to me that this world was not his home.---I said well is this where you started out---and if you want to leave it, then how soon do you want to go?---I said have you ever been sick, and on learning that he had, then I ask---if he called a doctor?----When he replied Yes---I said---If you don't want to stay here why did you call the doctor? He looked at me and said--Oh I can't say I want to die.

So I assured him no other son of God wants to die either----but as far as the plane of Spirit is concerned---there is no death. Absent from this body is just present with the Lord.---But you can't tell that to a Negro or a Chinaman cause they have to wait for resurrection and for their own time, and they are not a part of this plan that you are part of.---Once you understand this, you are going to find one of the great clues of divine purpose.

(These tapes are moving all over the world---29,000 of them, now--to denominations--thru the John Birch society---the K.K.K. and even into the Masonic lodges, to get them back on the old course.)