Earth's Greatest Day, 4-20-65



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 4-20-65

As we turn to the subject of 'Earth’s greatest day,' not looking back at our yesterdays, but looking ahead to our tomorrows as we talk about 'Earth's Greatest Day.' If we could just stand back from the abstract of what we survey in the earth, and if we could see this earth as it spins around its axis, hurtling as it does across its course and its great ecliptic as it relates to its yearly track, the vastness of the solar systems of and see it as tho just a tiny track among the Milky Way, and to recognize that upon this little planet Earth, the whole developing purpose of the universe in this conflict. Here on this tiny little speck in the universe, this theater of the universe, is putting on its greatest spectacle. And its most important pageantry is taking place. Not only involved in this is the live and the vitality of every being thru out the Universe, but the whole structure of the God which holds it together is involved in the events taking place. If by any capacity of any path of opposition or destruction, decisions and the purposes of the MOST HIGH GOD were not accomplished, then this earth itself would disintegrate. And the course of the universe would fall apart in one consuming destruction. But I can assure you tonight that you do not have to worry about this. For over the endless trillions of years beyond the ages of your capacity of your mind and mine to think, the Universe has been progressive with the great and eternal progressive activities of our Father creating and resting within the cycles of his purpose. And we must find our relationship to these events and to these situations. And we tell you the greatest and most unusual spectacle that the world has ever witnessed is still ahead.

As we talk about these things, let’s set the backdrop of these important events, that are being played upon this stage. We do not have to go into all of the detail that has affected all of the panorama of the past but we have the great conflict between the God of the Universe and a tremendous powerful Archangel, who rebelled against Him, to take the whole Milky Way system from HIM, and to throw it into chaos . . . one-third of the forces of the heavens joining him from that area which he controlled. And they were under this persuasive power of this crooked and mentally unbalanced archangel. Altho he filled up the sum of all of the cunning, and was the wisest of the universe until the day that he rebelled. Lucifer who became the devil. Lucifer who became Shatan.

If you could put your mind back to remember the things which you witnessed in the ancient past, and I speak to you who are the children of the Eternal who were with the Father before this cosmic order was framed. Who knew of the days when an Archangel refused to acknowledge you, as the family of God, being greater than he was. And in the struggle which rent the structure of all that was the peaceful planetary systems of the Milky Way. The farthermost sidereal systems were filled with the great conflict. Michael, a great Archangel who stood before your Father, and served before your family, then commanded the hosts of space. And behind him moved the number of crafts and ships which would stagger your mind and mine. Thousands times thousands, times thousands of thousands of ships were under the command of Michael as they assembled before the throne of your Father. And we are told about this in the revelation of these mysteries as these things were also brought to Daniel in his remembrance. And sweeping like a comet across the skies of the north, were these great fighting fleets of Lucifer. And with him, were Beelzebub and Lukui, and Anzeo and Amaraphael, and great numbers of Angels who rebelled with him. Then behind them, the hosts taken from planet after planet of Negroes and other people gathered from here and there. And they have been armed with weapons never know before, to chop the people to pieces, to utterly break their power unless they utterly submit to an Archangel, who had lifted himself up to the place of a master Dragon of the Universe.

Such a pattern in the ancient past, that involved the vastness of space and the number of people involved, are so far removed from your remembrance in this physical body except the spirit would bring it to your remembrance. For you do not find it recorded in the pages of your history book. Yet among the writings of the sacred scrolls of our race, is preserved unto us these patterns of mystery. Somewhat limited as to discussion. But when put together into what is a great mosaic is a panorama of events which shake the world tonight, and which will bring it to its greatest spectacle in the days just ahead.

We turn to the 12th book of Revelation, and we find it summed up so smugly in just a few verses, but still recording this pattern of Michael the Archangel and Lucifer the devil or Satan, who with all of his angels, fought against Michael the Archangel and all of the hosts of the Most High God. And Michael defeated him in outer space in the historical battle in the endless ages of yesterday. And left a broken and cripple fleet of Lucifer and some of his minions to find their way into earth. And when Michael would have delivered the 'coupe de grace' then the Most High God said, 'Hold on just a minute, Michael. Here is where we will let him hold this sphere, which was a little part of his dynasty. Here we will let him hold just a little while, his power. But here, I will now carry out my strategy.’

Thus, we come to the record of the Adamic race. For the strategy of God and the strategy, if we can separate ourselves from this for a moment. The strategy for the earth and what has transpired upon it since that historic day, when God said as a strategy, ‘I will plant in the earth an offspring of my own being. I will place in a physical plain, my offspring. And I will place in this offspring, the household of my many sons. I will send them from heaven to earth by this mystery of birth. I will multiply and increase this family which I will place in the earth. I will move into the earth . . . and this is the procedure I will use to conquer it. For I shall start a race. And I will protect that race, and I will guide this race. And altho they move into conflict, I will protect that race and they shall become a great nation and a company of nations. They shall war against the darkness, and evil shall fight them because they are my sons. Every attempt to destroy, to break them down will be used. But because I am God, I shall redeem them. I shall adapt this race, and it shall rise to conquer in the capacity of even physical bodies. And this the enemy will not be able to understand. I shall place a mechanism deep in their consciousness until their spiritual wisdom and their spiritual being can relay the impact to the seat of their consciousness the things that I want them to know. Tho they lose their powers of discernment thru their areas of violation, yet will I retain this area to send great waves of shock power into their consciousness so as to adjust them unto my purposes.’

Thus it is that the Most High has a strategy for the defeat of his enemy and the breaking of his power, and for the forcing of the enemy to ignore your race. For this enemy is going to have to acknowledge your race here in the earth and to know that he is the household of the Most High God.

We point out to you that not only was this a strategy of the Father, but He begat an Adamic household, issue of His. A spirit and embodied people. They violated the law for the most important part of establishing such a race and such a society. And this was racial self-respect and no violating of divine law. For the greatest of curses falls upon this strategy of Luciferianism to destroy the house of God. Mongrelization . . . and absorb them when they are one man's family. And then continue to swallow them up in this climactic hour of this great nation.

All of the strategy requires nothing to supplement it. No one can say that God took the wrong road in this matter. For God is God and HE said, ‘I shall do all that I purpose to do. I will carry out the fullness of my pleasure. No one shall stay this purpose.’

So a race arrived and it started to fulfill its responsibility. It violated divine law and lost part of its cognition power and took upon itself a guilt complex. But also about lost the identity of the household of the Most High. And thru out the course of the measures of time, the Eternal Master, the God of the Universe who makes the background of such a spectacle, communicated with His people. He walked with them, the energized their thinking and HE called out different patriots in earth, and others HE made prophets. He inspired some to write and HE gave them the mysteries, and He unveiled the blueprint. He told his race what the course of events was going to be. And thru out that period of time, they fought against the powers of darkness. And at times were overwhelmed and then delivered by miracle force. But this is a story of a race. A story of a planet and a story of a design. And one of the elements of victory lays in the intelligence of such a God, to activate the seat of consciousness in one of these people whom he spiritually sent from heaven to earth. And now they are embodied in this race of this Adamic household. This secret weapon which the Most High God reached right into the intelligence of such a people with a shock treatment if necessary, to bring them to an awareness of their power. And he called every one of his sheep out by name, and caused every one of them to understand in his own time.

In the course of the purpose of the Most High, the increase of your race and its multiplication was one of the evidences of the ability of God. To protect this society for all of the hosts of darkness know who they are. Yet with every design to swallow you up, still they could not carry it out. I point out to you that in this hour we have come to the end of a long panorama of history. We have watched the migration of the Household of God. We have watched it grow from tribal units into a great nation. We have watched it being divided by fifth columns and subversion. As this struggle for the earth went on, and on, we have watched this tribe divided because of some of the leaders who fell under the fifth column power. And we have watched this fifth column of Satan's own children, called the Jews, penetrate every facet of your society and wage war against it. We have watched your race, always in chastisement, as it violated the laws of God. Even when he laid out the blueprint and told them why. Into captivity into Babylon, and into captivity in Assyria, they went. And then their emerging as His own prophecies said that they would. Migrating into new parts of the earth, settling Western Europe, and the developing of a great society of Christian civilizations. And continually, they were battling against the powers of darkness and the forces of evil. They sent vast armies across the Steppes of Asia, and hurled the hordes of Genghis Khan against your civilization. And they used every contrivance in all time and history against the household of God to destroy it. And still outnumbering, their expanse, and all of their false religions, and their Satanic schemes, they were unable to exterminate the kingdom of God.

We have watched the hand of God as he stepped in and permitted this kingdom of God to grow here upon the face of the earth, into great nations. And we have watched those nations locked in Satanic struggle. We have watched the terrible wars fought between the houses of God sowed by these terrible minions of Satan's adversaries, as they were given entry into these great nations. Thus, we have watched the great struggles in W.W.I and W.W. II. And now the great preparation for W.W.III which has already started. But I point out to you that in the areas of these things, we should not have been taken unawares. But we are becoming aware more and more as knowledge is being brought back to our attention, as to whence these troubles come. And from whence this great evil which attacks our society has had its origin. So tonight here in 1965, we stand in one of the greatest hours of human history. And we see the forces of evil, and this last spectacle as they try to stamp out the last of God's kingdom. Again, we must look to strategy. And we must look to declarations. For if we were to scan our eyes out over the vastness of the universe, out there we would discover that now it is not all calm out there. If we had the ability to scan the horizon out there, 180 degrees and could see the minute objects that are moving against the vastness of space, we would see great fleets and armies moving out there toward this planet. Yes, if we tonight could apply with great speed which we have the ability to do with our own inventions, around the earth, and then pause to hover over great areas of earth. We would see also that great armies are moving on the earth. We would see that forces are getting ready for something unusual. And we would discover that we were approaching one of the most important hours in human history.

Now make no mistake about it. For Lucifer has had this world for thousands of years. But it belongs to our Father. And HE said, 'I won it, and I have given it to my heirs, my sons and my daughters. And we ARE GOING TO TAKE IT.’ The strategy of God is to take this earth away from Lucifer, by conquering his forces and breaking his power, and taking possession of it. The cunning of HIS strategy when HE planted His race here, is to multiply, infiltrate, and overthrow Lucifer. And that is what He is going to do. Oh, they will be hostile against you. But they do not want to be taken over by God. They want to keep on worshiping the devil. But they do not have anything to say about it.

Now in the course of this, the forces of darkness never know just what is exactly good for them. But the Most High God does. And we can assure you that this masterful plan of God is not only going to work for its fulfillment, but it is going to see the tremendous development of it IN OUR TIME.

If we turn to the book of Revelation, we see what constitutes Earth's Greatest Day. Not only does the Most High declare it, but almost 2000 years ago, HE inspired one of his Apostles when HE came to earth in another one of His masterful strategies. For God walked the earth, surveyed its condition, and restored his people. And He carried out an area of atonement to put at oneness with himself, his people, who by guilt complexes and error, were separated in part from HIM. By this strategy then God did not come to earth with this first advent. Altho this first advent was prophesied and given unto the wise to know. The heavens declared it and the armies of heaven accompanied HIM. And celestial forces were in the sky. But secretly, he made his advent born as a babe among men. And HE grew up being very God among us. For 'I, YAHWEH, AM THY YAHSHUA." This was his declaration in the book of Isaiah.

And the Archangels secretly heralded the coming to this vessel who was to be his earthly mother. But in the course of this destiny of his growing up and dwelling among men, he demonstrated to those who wanted to understand. And to the sheep of his pasture, he made known that HE was their shepherd and their God. HE said, ‘My sheep hear my voice, and they know my voice, and I give them eternal life. And they never perish.’ His miracles and his power proved beyond question that HE was God. And the enemy finally became aware that this was the fulfillment of their opposition. Thus, his death was important. The strategy of a fifth column of an Archangel is found in the scriptures. He therefore surrounded this embodied of God with his own enemy, and plotted daily how to put HIM to death.

Thus, the Jews who are the children of the devil, have no part nor lot with the divine origin of his household. And they sought thru out the ministry of Jesus to kill him. Thus, finally their plot came to its fullness. Their fifth column agent had finally accomplished his betrayal. And their control by their gold and their power over the areas of earth brought defeat to this purpose of God. Then they thought that they would hold the earth forever and that God would be defeated. And then they thought that they would then catapult back out into the Milky Way and take over the citadels of heaven. Yes, they thought as they heard a judge pronounce 'this man is not guilty,' even tho they had triumphed. And therefore when they had managed his crucifixion, they thought, ‘we have won.’ They knew not that they were just putting on a spectacle of time. Because long before the Most High had said that this would transpire and HE would be that Lamb that would pay the price for his own people. And they then became the executioners to their own defeat. Altho when they saw that body sealed away in that tomb, all the forces of darkness thought that they had won their battle. For the body of God was dead. Then in three days time, they would find that again they had lost that battle, as a tremendous earthquake rocked the earth. And the very dead of the household of Adam came out of their graves. Their very spirits left the earth. The netherworld could not hold them. Lucifer's power was broken and the heavens received the spirits of the Celestial sons of the most High God, back into the plains of Spirit.

And now this race keeps rolling on animated by a vision, now having death conquered, and a new challenge, and a new dynamic was transmitted to a people which would activate the mechanism in their consciousness, releases the processes of his spirit pours out the content of their understanding. For the greatest day in human history which is just ahead.

And so we watched a new organization, a secretive organization. And it met underground and it had the sign of the fish. And whenever it met on top of the earth, it was persecuted. And forces came to put them to death and armies came against them. This was the church, a secret organization, the Ecclesia, a great organization of secret power. And what was its purpose, but to take over the earth.

Oh, how people misunderstood this institution. They thought this organization was a stairway to get back into the sky. But it was a secret force organized in the earth to take it over. Oh, the spectacle of time has proven how true this is. For that church grew and reached out. And its spiritual input, its message, its spiritual force, its secret power reached out to this race, in their migration, and in their experiences, and where they had settled. And the message finally reached them and they received the gospel. They became identified as Christian nations. And when standing among men, they were of this Adamic race, this White race children of the Most High. How far we have moved over the cycles of time, and over the distances of eternity, from the great battles in the sky. And these rising forces now in earth then produced what the world calls Western Christian nations.

Yes, tonight we find ourselves involved in this. And from standing back and looking on, we now step into the picture. For we are of they who in our Father’s plan, and we are each a part of his strategy. And we have one purpose for being here. And that is to take over the earth. Make no mistake about it. This is your responsibility. This is your life. This is your inheritance. This is your background. This is your Father’s plan.

Now let us turn to the great Apostle, a member of our race, and one who stood close to our God as HE walked the earth. And he knew the humbleness of His ministry. This was a faithful servant and a faithful apostle, and the majesty of HIS power and His resurrection. He was no less his apostle. And he was exiled to the Isle of Patmos for his courage.

Now listen. I turn now to read what he said. For he tells us about Earth's Greatest day. “And the Angels sounded their voices and a great shout was heard thru out the heavens. The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our LORD and His Christ, and HE shall reign forever. And the elders around the throne fell upon their faces and worshiped the most High God, saying, we give thee thanks, oh, Lord God Almighty, which art to come because thou hast taken unto thee thy great power and thou has reigned in the earth.” Hear this, my friends. The greatest day in all history--this master God of the universe, this creator of this strategy, this transplanter of his sons and daughters, this Father of our race, this Father of our spirit and our individuality, this master ruler of the heavens, this combator of evil, who is waging war against the darkness and then the speaking of the Archangel, which says the master plan shall take over the earth, and HE SHALL REIGN IN THE EARTH. And the angels sounded the word in that greatest of all days. And this is that declaration:--therefore "the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of our LORD and his Christ."

Now let’s find our relationship tonight. Inside the panorama of Revelation there is given unto you a master key. This a master key which is not understood by the enemy, altho he fears it, even tho he knows what he thinks he knows what you think about it, and this brings him headlong into the entrapment of his defeat. While we are able to identify among the people of our own society, those who lack the intelligence of the master blue print which made their race great, they follow the fifth column society that has penetrated our society. And they became brain washed from his influence. And they hurt in this hour of our trouble for we are living in the plan of our Father which is known as the time and the trouble of our race. And in this the time of the trouble of our race, we find that the enemy has fifth columned our land. They have admired wrongly our leaders and they have used the power of their purse, and the power of their skills. They have tried to make this an apostolic society by gaining control of communications. And while seeing to paralyze our society, they sought to raise a force to take us over. What a panorama of events in history. From the lips of Christ and from those of his apostles, who were in the background of his plan, came the warning that a master world government would be designed. Subtlety it would be presented, promising everything. And would meet the design and the desire of everyone without their having to make a major contribution toward it, and without any problems or worries. Also, all things would be rolled together. HE said that this would be the work of a false prophet of the Antichrist. This great world order would be lifted up and called the Union of all of the nations. But this would actually be the Beast System of the Antichrist. And HE told us to resist this, destroy this great system, or HE, himself, would have to destroy it from your midst in order to save you from its entrapment.

In this hour of this declaration, our enemy writes a book. And the scripture says that, ‘oh, how my enemy would write a book.’ And so he wrote also. And out of the Soviet psychological warfare, and out of Soviet programs outlined in these two books they have written, out of these two books "Soviet Psychological Warfare" and "Soviet Military Strategy." So our enemy wrote their books. But so brainwashed was the design, that the forces of darkness did not even pay any attention to his book, or most important to this one (the bible). So they seal their silly course while fighting themselves basing their results on their intelligence and their silly solution.

Now I can tell you that if you have been viewing this spectacle of the last ten days, then if you want to know where you stand tonight, then I can tell you that the last ten days of measure on the horizon lets us tell you where you are going and what is ahead. We can tell you what will be in the days which are just before you. Because we can stand back and see the spectacle. Just remember that just last week, on Thursday, that the voice of Mr. DeGaul, captured by the house of Rothchild, Satan's own cunning emissary of finance, declared that he wanted to build another block of nations to oppose and smash the economy of the United States, Great Britain, and West Germany.

Now the U.S. and Great Britain are two of the houses of the kingdom of the Great God of the heavens. And you, being a part of it, then you feel this as an outsider can always feel. He said, ‘we will destroy their silver blocks and raise up this Head of Gold. Remember that it was Daniel the prophet who said, ‘Babylon, thou art this head of Gold.’ Thus, Babylon is about to fall and is making their last ditch program grab to take over the world. And this will bring about its total destruction.

You will remember that it was Mr. Kozechian, who represents the great center of the opposition of your Father’s kingdom? Your enemies are explicitly outlined in this book. You do not have to be in darkness, concerning your enemy, and concerning their strategy and concerning where you stand tonight. For you are at the end of the age and on the lip of Armageddon. The hordes against you are going to be the hordes of Asia and of Africa. The center of the gathering of such forces will be in the Russias, and out of Magog and from among the Negroes. And they will be brought against you by satanic forces. And the man power is supplied by the Dragon. And it is out of the Steppes this comes. For the eighth comes out of the 7th. And then it goes into its death and judgment.

So we look out over the world and you would think that there was no movement like this. But the fifth column came in with honeyed phrases to deceive us. And it says, ‘if you do not want war, if you want peace, and everything peaceful and fine, then just throw away your weapons and join us. And this brings the enemy into the same program with you and everybody has a voice. No one will argue, everyone will have a voice.’ But we would be outnumbered. For we are only 1/6th of the world’s population. And God said, ‘Do not enter such a confederacy. For if you do, I will have to destroy it and you may get hurt.’

Now let’s take a look at what transpired this week on Thursday morning. Mr. DeGaul announced with the House of Rothchild cheering him on, ‘we have bank notes, we have letters of credit against the gold in the United States Treasury and we are going to take it all out in the next 30 days.’

Hear me now. You go back and get Thursday and Friday’s papers and see how France lets the cat out of the bag. ‘We are going to take it all out in the next 30 days, and we are going to bankrupt areas that we cannot now control.’ And this puppet, altho he is a part of a nation inside of the kingdom, is himself, confused. And he is doing the work of the Antichrist. He says, ‘we will destroy your economy.’ And do you know that if they are allowed to do this, then your money could be worthless in the next 30 days? Do you know that? Do you realize that the whole structure of your economy will have to be built around something else and this will call for leadership and intelligence? And in the meantime, you should say, ‘You can't have it, you will not take out one ounce of this gold because it is the backing of areas of our government. For we do not put this money out but for people to purchase our goods and to help our own needs. So you take your money and we will redeem it with goods, but you shall not touch our treasury.’ But it takes intelligence and foresight to fight Babylon, this Head of gold, with its own medicine. As this was going on, we were wondering what the headlines were as we came into the pulpit. And we find that there was wave after wave of planes in the Vietnam area against our forces. So what are we doing in Vietnam? What is America doing half way around the world? I will tell you what you are doing. You are part of the hosts of the Most High God. You are a part of the western world. And it is up to you to stop the powers of the Antichrist.

You have been betrayed and you have been fifth columned. And you have had even generals of your own army brainwashed, like General Joe Stillwater was, by the enemy. And you have a man now who is Secretary of State, but at that time he was in the foreign service and he called the Red Revolution an Agrarian Revolution. Here in that position, a muddled brain which should never have been in such a post which affected our nation. But when you emerged out of World War II, you found yourself in league with the devil, because we had been sold the devils bill of goods. And we were lined up with the world’s worst enemy and we had fought one another and destroyed the leadership of the earth. But we were fulfilling an area of measure that was soon to close.

From that time on, we find that the White nations were under such an impact from the conspiracies of Satan, and from his world order with communism that they started to grow together, until we now discovered that our best friends are our former enemies. We discover that they may not have been our enemies at all. But we had let Satan, our old enemy, weave this pattern. And now we realize that America, Great Britain, and Germany are the three great pillars against Communism. Oh, you say, the whole White race is against Communism? Yes. But let me tell you how Satanic forces move fast. Right now there is a man running in Sweden on the Communist party ticket. He looks like a Swede and he acts like a Swede. And he has great wealth and his family has great wealth. He talks about the liberating of the working man, and about the great society and its control, and all of the things they promise. Free education for everyone, all under the control of the Communist system. And now Denmark wants to embrace it, and so does Holland. And they also want to throw out the Queen.

So you say, what is going on? I will tell you what is going on. What you are faced with is a massive conspiracy to capture your race. And God is going to move with high speed to reverse this order. AND HE WILL.

Now no wonder that the house that shows the strength for the western world is found in the house of Joseph. And that the strength for the house of Judah is found in the Germanic house. We have found that we were betrayed after W.W.II. We had made our camp with the devil and the devil was gobbling up Asia. And he was taking over half of Europe and he was planning on gobbling us up, also. And at that time there was some who had a great impact made upon them and for us. Such as Chiang Kai-shek and his family, one of the leaders of China, but who was forced by chicanery and trickery out upon the island of Formosa. But it was not over then even when the weapons were not delivered, being sabotaged and thrown into the sea off the ships of your fleet. And that was not all. Then suddenly we discovered that the Communist were marching from North Korea into South Korea. And suddenly we are involved again. And remember how suddenly Mr. Truman declared war on the Communists of North Korea? This was all right, but he had one of the smartest Generals there. And that General successfully carried that war with our soldiers successfully to the Yalu River line. And General Douglas McArthur wanted to bomb the enemy and bring in Chiang Kai-shek and his forces and Sigmund Rhea, and invade the mainline of China to crush the Antichrist. But the fifth column said, ‘Oh, no.’ And bee-bee brain Truman relieved us of our greatest General. How could this be? Well, God said, ‘Yes, it can go no farther than this.’ And so it did.

Then it started out in a new place, as wave after wave of Chinese attacked Indo China. I tell you this tonight. Altho it may sound repetitious, but then Indo China was being protected by the French Foreign Legion and the French army. While their largest contingent of troops came from Germany, who had been dedicated to fight communism, and found no place to go, with the end of W.W.II, then joined the French army and the French Foreign Legion to fight Communism. And the flower of Dien Biem Phu were German and Dutch soldiers who came from Europe itself and were involved in defending Dien Biem Phu. This was where we would get our first taste of the master strategy of the Antichrist in this great struggle for the earth. For the millions upon millions that make up the Red Chinese Army, they hurled at Dien Biem Phu, wave after wave of men by the thousands. And the defense of Dien Biem Phu was one of the great classics of courage to stop the power of evil. They were holding the spread of this evil from all over the earth. But they came with such waves of man power that the outposts with their machine guns and such, took great casualties. We are told that they kept up firing their machine guns while others carried their ammunition to them even when they could hardly hold another breath. And the barrels of the machine guns became so hot that they burst and new guns had to be thrust in their places. But still the enemy kept coming.

The dead piled up in piles. But over the top came the wave after wave of the children of the Antichrist. And finally the last gun was silenced and the overwhelming storm of Antichrist stormed this area of Dien Biem Phu. And a few out among the dead finally escaped to Hong Kong and to Singapore to tell their story. And we saw the fall of this resistance to the Antichrist.

Then we watched the war advance to Laos, and then to Cambodia. And then we saw neutralist government set up and anything joined to Communism then, Communism conquered.

So that is where we are tonight. And this is why the Red Chinese walk stiff-legged into the U.N. Council chamber day after day and tell us what we have to do. They say they will start the war up again and threaten you every day. And we listen to this day after day, after a war that has cost you more than all our problems from the days of George Washington to Franklin Roosevelt. The North Korean War, which we were engaged in, we won, as far as the end of the line was the conquering of the land. And then we lost it because of the influence surrounding the leadership in Washington. That is what the Korean War cost you alone. What it has done to your economy is just a part of the strategy of the Antichrist.

We entered into an agreement that we would put no more new equipment into this war, and we were betrayed there. For they were rebuilding North Korean air fields and bringing new equipment as fast as they could. Never has there been any build up of new equipment like this in North Korea.

Now I point this out to you. The design is to use the hordes of Asia and Africa to overwhelm you and to tie you down. And all the time they seek to get you to make peace by selling out the last of your independence.

The Bible tells me that God says this is their strategy and HE says, ‘I will rend it with war and great hailstones and fire.’ The great spectacle of God’s purposes will still come to pass. He has not changed one bit of the time table. And HE is coming in, just on time. And if you will look out there, the hosts are also moving from the far corners of the Universe for His purpose. He only lets this strategy out to those of his household. He says he will gather the hosts from the far corners of heaven and bring these mighty hosts to earth and HE will overthrow the powers of darkness and see that the kingdom lands in the hands of his children, as HE carries out their destiny.

Let's take a look at the events of this last week. The big man of the Soviet Union returned to his country. He said this is our problem. We have between two hundred and three hundred million people more than we need. This is one of our problems. So we are going to overthrow the capitalistic powers of the west. We are going to drive them out of Asia. He said we are willing tonight to sacrifice all these millions if they can overthrow the Capitalists Imperialists, then they can do this, they will have earned their right to survive in the workers cause. If they die in this struggle, then those who are left will be stronger for their sacrifice.

So they design tonight to kill you, coming in wave after wave as they did at Dien Biem Phu.

Now remember that God does not lead a people un-alerted. For he has been alerting people of your country from one end to the other. There is all kinds of patriotic movements and all kinds of intelligence information. Everything gets out. Everything goes. God has raised up areas of communication. And his children have spread it all across this country. Their tape ministries have reached out over this nation and to every nation where White people live in the world. Already you are a part of the communications that say:---"Thus saith the LORD." And now we note this. That organizations are started here and there, organizations like the Minutemen. And they became concerned, and they arm themselves and call on citizens to arm themselves. To get ready to stand against these hordes that are coming against our country. I have been informed that there are now one million Chinamen in Latin America, Central America, and South America. These are trained saboteurs, and they are training men so as to hurl them at the one great obstacle in the west, the United States of America as one of the most important units left in this struggle.

Now let’s go back in time. For this was one of these weeks. For now the Chinese will help the Vietcong against the United States. And they told their people, ‘we are not invading the United States. They are over here, so we shall destroy them.’ Well we did not invade the earth. We came because our Father willed it. And we came to take it back and to defeat the forces of darkness.

So what happened in Korea? The Russians promised to stand by North Korea for the defeat of the kingdom of God, for the driving of the western world, and especially the United States, out of Asia. Then a commitment was made with the Vietcong that they would reopen the Korean War and tie us down there. They want to tie us down in the Viet Cong. And then this monstrous attack that we have helped to create, will take place in Malaysia. We are duty bound to join in the defense of Australia. For the Australians and the Dutch interests there are trying to hold the line against Communism. And I will tell you why. If Korea falls and all of the Vietnam, then there is a bracket around Japan, and Japan would fall fast. And then they would take the Philippines. And we have a 20-year pact to defend the Philippines. And then next would be the Hawaiian Islands on the route. And you have not abandoned the Hawaiian Islands. For this is not a territory. It is a state. And you must now defend it with the fullness of your life. You are now in a Pacific war in which they plan on spreading. And this is a time table. And there will be increased pressure inside of the Vietcong. And the wave of troops that you are fighting will now be moving like the hordes that swept over Dien Biem Phu. Cambodia and Laos will be involved. An expanding war in Korea and Malaysia may be involved. And this is now a battle for your whole outposts in the Pacific.

Meantime, down in the Middle East, Russia and Jewish allies are getting ready to move and to cease the Arab oil. But you will not have time to shift your troops, for you must now keep them away from the Bering Straits and away from our land. For now they plan on dropping paratroopers down into Colorado and into Utah. They plan on coming into the central portions of Canada on the West. And flying into the heart of Canada. And then come in over the wooded portions of the central areas of our nation. They plan on putting Red Chinese in the woods of Canada and in the woods of Washington State. And along the coast areas of Oregon, to cut off highways. For the day when the hordes coming in will be marching down. The war is a total war against you and it is already in operation.

I think one of these days they will realize that the American citizens who had the forthright idea to arm themselves will have been a good idea. For as they come dropping out of the sky in these guerrilla units, they will be shot by the best bunch of duck hunters in America. And if they come sneaking thru our forests, then America's deer hunters will stop them in the forests and the varmint hunters will pick them off of every hill.

I tell you that what stirs this strange little instrument which God has placed in his people, it stirs and it shakes up his people. And they begin to rise to protect their destiny. And then people are going to find out who is behind all of this. And a great surge is going to sweep America and it is already underway. And the enemy is now crying,--'How are we going to stop these people on the right?’

One of those days, my friends, those that sought to sell us out, those who misadvised our leaders will have to leave America and leave it fast or the judgments of God will leave them under our soil forever.

I point out to you that this is a great spectacle. Your Father planned your occupation. HE planned your growth and he told you what the enemy would do. And HE told you how he would empower you to counteract it. HE told you also that tomorrow would be a day of victory. And yes, when you are involved in brush wars in Asia that have become for us more and more involved, and require more and more man power and equipment.

The Soviet Union is going to seize West Berlin and move against West Germany, and start to push her troops to gather everything all the way to the coast. And in that hour, you are going to drop your Asiatic commitment and hurl everything you have to save the 'tents of Judah' and the White race first. (This we did.) And the sky will be filled with the weapons of war and the flagships of the Most High God who will enter human affairs.

Let me tell you something. You say, this is a dark picture? But it is a picture of victory. You are never going to win until you get into the struggle. And if you fight it like you are fighting this war now, you will lose the whole world without ever firing a shot. Do you know, that we do not lose wars? We lose the Peace, as we are sold out, by ambitious men, who in their lust for power, do not consider our destiny. They surrender to Satan’s own minions. And one of the most diabolical plans now is being put into place. You are being surrounded by the world that wants to destroy you. We have men whose integrity, I question. And their intelligence, I sincerely doubt whose understanding seems so completely limited. Get today’s newspaper and see what Senator Keechel says. He is moving a bill that would change all of your immigration laws. He says, ‘we must now do away with all discrimination based on race or national origin. We must end all of this quota limitation based on a person’s race or nation.’ He also said, it is time for us to live up to our ideals.

Well, we have one set of ideals, and he has another. We have a divine set which is to build our race and build the kingdom, and to keep our racial self-respect. And he has one to end this and to mongrelize and produce a degenerate society. Therefore, we cannot tolerate this immigration policy, is his words. For this is equality of all people and equality of all opportunities. He says we must destroy this inward look of hatred and disillusionment, and internal conflict, which has created this thinking thru out the nineteenth century. We must give equal opportunity

to all the people of the world to share in all of the things we have. And we must recognize that we have to change our policies to take into account the great socials issues of Africa and far eastern Asia, and their Pacific countries. To allow them to share equally with us here in America.

Well, we did not build this country for Asia or Africa. We built it for our posterity, such as our forefathers built for us. I think that Mr. Keechel belongs in a Mental hospital, and then give him an intense training in Americanism.

To preserve our species is not hatred, it is intelligence. To permit to be wiped out is stupid, by treachery and treason. I point out to you tonight, that you have arrived at the time of the great conspiracy, the great plan of destruction. And they now have a plan to pin you down, to so exhaust your resources, to pull the legs out from under your production until you will be unable to use your influence in saving Europe which they plan on taking. And this, my friends, is Armageddon, when you will watch this coming together to save the White race and do with by solidarity and this will make the Communists the most unpopular people on the face of the earth, and fill the concentration camps with the enemy, and the graves with their resistance. If you shot down the waves and waves of Chinese coming at you, they would still keep coming. For they are being born and raised that fast.

This is why it is important for you to realize that the powers of Antichrist call for this result. But God warned you about this strategy. And HE gave you a sharp threshing instrument. And they want to take it away from you. They are trying to persuade us, the President and all of those funny people around him, are trying to persuade us to go to Geneva and surrender all of our heavy weapons. And Red China says, ‘yes, we will not use the atom bomb against you if you destroy yours.’ They want to fight you hand to hand. For you are outnumbered six to one. They want to come like ants and swarm over you. And the only way 1/6th of the world can prevent this is to keep intact these mighty threshing instruments that God has given us. So that if they come, you can destroy them by the thousands and the millions.

This is why I tell you that this is a mighty important hour. And God, knowing the blueprint, told you all about it. And the spectacle in the heavens was spectacular. But the earth has now become the theater of the Universe. But I want you to know that the Father says, ‘I have not abandoned you.’

Probably your greatest danger comes from your middle, from the fifth column that has moved in, with their strategy to build the kind of society which would end the kingdom. For the lack of spiritual vision which should illuminate the pulpit. Then God says he is going to raise up those who know the truth, are going to forsake this area of deadness until the ministers have to forsake their churches, and go out into the field and try at working on something else for a change. For the fathers and mothers will say, ‘our sons were no ministers, they did not proclaim the word of 'The LORD.' They are actually trying to seduce us into a way of death. A Confederacy with the enemy is against God's law.

All right. The physiological war has not changed. They are still trying to break down your resistance. They have tried to fifth column their way, as they try to educate your children to their way against patriotism and the structure of your existence. And now the power of God turns on his secret weapon. God starts to catalyze his people and they awaken and they discover something. In the last two years, you have watched it grow. This . . . what is called 'the right wing.' You may not like this word 'right wing' because the enemy has been working so hard at trying to get you not to like it. But there is only one place that you will find God and that is on the 'RIGHT.' Therefore, God has been activating you to think 'right' to repudiate the darkness.

One week ago back at the meeting of the B’nai B’rith', Mr. Mott told all of his Jewish friends and all of his liberal conspirators, and also men high in government, ‘Do not rest upon your laurels. Yes, we captured the nation with 42 million votes, from the 26 million, and now we are willing to suggest that those 26 million will go back and forget it all.’

But they did not forget it. And there is still this 26 million on the 'right.’ And they will still protest and protect as the enemy tries to cease America and push it down their road instead of ours. There is more development in the 'right wing' after the election than there was before it. That is some of the best news I have heard.

Now understand this tonight. Never have we had a chance to understand just how bewildered a people can be. How they tried to rally behind what even looked like a symbol of opposition. And I am inclined to believe tonight, that you were betrayed. I am inclined to believe that the really great issues were never presented to the American people. If God had not alerted these churches and patriotic institutions as to what it was all about, there would not have been 26 million voting 'right.' And that 26 million was not too sure.

Two months before the election the word came out that the title leader of the Republican Party was getting ready to concede. And that he was not fighting any wing of the party as long as they carried out the work of the party. And he called on everybody to work with these internationalists. And I am going to tell you tonight that I believe that the forces that were directing the Republican Party even after they had captured San Francisco, purposely have delivered that party into the hands of the internationalists.

I do not think you have any choice tonight. You have one allegiance. And that is to the purposes of the Most High God and to the mighty armies of the kingdom of Christ, to strengthen his church, until something new bursts out in your midst and God produces a rider on a White Horse (Ronald Reagan?) pointing America to a new destiny. I think there is more patriotism among your armed forces and your Generals than you have any idea of. I think there exists now in America an awareness more than even that something is wrong. And never has there been less voice in Washington, in the Congress and the Senate. And there is a disturbance among these men that they may be selling out the last vestige of your liberty and wealth.

I remember how just a week ago as the titular head of the Republican Party pushed for resistance to the Reds, and he was branded a war monger and a hate monger. And now, my friends, the President orders this, and it is statesmanship. But I am going to tell you something. He will order it for no man can face the American people and allow them to be slaughtered, or to permit the opening of the entire west flank to be opened, and the entire west coast to be opened for invasion and not expect the American people to resist.

I am going to tell you, that we are now faced with Armageddon, the building of a new economy, and with the challenge of those who know the truth to proclaim it. And now it is time to call for the binding of the darkness. And one of the greatest miracles you will see in these days ahead is that you will have power to make things happen as you command. And this, my friends, is one of the great advents of that GREAT DAY.

I go back to the writings of Daniel, and I see these thousands and thousands of administering crafts go out from the Most High. And I hear the words, that the ancient of days is going to embody now for the revelation of his people, and his kingdom, and his church, with the realization that now all of the people and the languages of the earth are going to serve it. This shall be an everlasting dominion, a kingdom that cannot be destroyed. This is why we keep repeating, 'A kingdom that shall not be destroyed.' And I see the White race taking the kingdom and possessing the kingdom forever and forever. And I see the great fleets of Michael coming in to battle for the children of the kingdom as he did

in the days long past. And the sky will be filled with his aircraft. And the head flagship will say, 'King of kings and Lord of Lords.' And I then see and hear the voices of the Angels coming out of the heavens saying, ‘The kingdoms of this world shall become the kingdom of our LORD and His Christ, and He shall reign forever.’ Our eternal LORD is YAHWEH-YAHSHUA and the Christ is the many membered body of God which shall reign with HIM, thru out the ages to come. Our LORD and his embodied spirits, his people in the earth.

Listen. No wonder that we can say, “Oh! YAHWEH LORD God Almighty, thou who existed in the yesterdays and thru out all time, and thou who art and art to come, Thou hast taken unto thee thy great power and hath reigned.”

This, my friends, is your destiny. And instead of apologizing to the earth because you wanted to build your kind of society, the Most High God will say, “Look at them. These are my sons. LOOK AT THEM. They built civilizations and they built cultures while you were eating one another. NOW BOW THE KNEE.”

Oh, you say, that is not what he is going to say? Then go back and read the words of Isaiah. I think it is a pretty good strategy. We have invaded the world. We have multiplied and increased and become great nations. We have passed thru the struggles and the fifth columns. And John, who traveled to the other end, was told that we have won. And we here in history are marching to this Greatest Day. What a great day that will be when all of the earth will surrender. And the Kremlin crushed and broken, and their leadership having to get down and acknowledge the Eternal YAHWEH, this Most High God, whom they have refused to acknowledge in the past. And they shall grovel at HIS FEET.

What a day that will be when the last war making powers of earth will be broken and crushed when the great earth equipment of your race takes seven month burying the dead of those who would destroy you. This will be the covering up of the hosts that have come against you. This will be the day when you can walk all the way from Broadway to Main Street and never see a Jew. And when the last representative who looks like he lives in Watts will be somewhere trying to plant a plantation in Africa. This will be a day when a White man can travel anywhere in the world and not worry about anyone attacking him. For the Kingdoms of this world have become the Kingdom of our LORD and his Christ.

We work for this day. We call it V Day, tomorrow, close at hand. Some people do not like the word day. But this is what the word means, that Great Day when YAHWEH, WHO IS OUR FATHER, BRINGS TO PASS THIS DAY FOR WHICH HE HAS BEGOTTEN US FOR. And I tell you tonight that this has been one of the great preparatory weeks. For suddenly, you are involved in a great upheaval. The earth is about to tremble as it has not trembled for some time. And you are in the year. For this September starts the great judgments of God fall to upon the enemies of the kingdom.

You are almost 3 1/2 years from the sign of 'the son of man in the heavens' and now there is a challenge to your race, as to what you believe and what you possess in your race. And you are assured of victory. They do not know this round about in the street and your enemy cannot understand it. Nor will they as it happens. But the kingdoms of this world will thus be delivered. And I tell you that in the seat of your consciousness, activated by God's challenge to bring you to stand upright in the standards of the sons and daughters of God, there is a great spiritual move on. This is your destiny, at this time.

End of message.