Elijah Ministry, 8-22-66

BY  DR. WESLEY A. SWIFT - 8-22-66

We turn tonight to the Book of Malachi and to the passage which says:.. Behold, I will send you Elijah the Prophet, before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord. He shall turn the hearts of the Fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to the Fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse. (Malachi 4:2-6)

Now there is no question why God said...I send you Elijah, or the Spirit of Elijah. We turn back to II Kings and we find that Israel is in a serious plight. The leader of Israel is Ahab the King, and the Queen is Jezebel, an outlander woman brought in from the hills of Belial, where here strange patterns and backgrounds were of idolatry and had all the conspiratorial patterns of later Babylon. In fact they had brought in her Priests and they had planted groves and established her type of religion. Because she was the Queen she exerted all her power and pressed heavily against the Priest and Prophets in the House of God. She put to death hundreds of the Prophets of God.

When Elijah, the man of God, came forth he then pronounced the areas of doom upon them and upon the families and upon that portion of their destiny. Then he of course was made a target of her animosity. Ahab had sought for Elijah through all the Kingdom, there was a warrant out for his arrest where ever he be found.

Elijah said...because of this evil, God will send a drought upon this land and there will be not any dew or any rain at least for 3 years or until there is an end of these things.

The patterns of this Pagan Priesthood of Belial had effected the economy of all Israel and sought to take over from the people their houses and their farms and as it took over and managed their economy. There were the patterns of Baal economy and their religion was the worship of Baal. Baal and Luciferianism was the same.

One day Ahab was sending out Obadiah who was a righteous man and one of the household, and Obadiah was to look for food for the household and for the cattle that still remained in Israel. On the way Elijah appeared before Obadiah and he said:...Go tell Ahab that the Lord said, I will show myself unto Ahab and I will send rain upon the earth. Obadiah was terrified and he said:...Oh My Lord, when I tell Ahab this and he seeks and cannot find you then he shall demand my life. But Elijah said...no, you tell Ahab that I will await him, I will meet with Ahab. So Ahab, the demagog of the day who was married to the Jezebel of all times, met with Elijah.

When Elijah met with Ahab he said:...The Lord of Hosts with us for whom I stand, thus I show myself before you. And it came to pass that when Ahab saw Elijah he said, Art thou he who has troubled all Israel? Elijah answered, I have not troubled all Israel, ye have. You with all your fantastic ideas and all your vain following of the prophets of Belial. And with the bringing in of all these strange outlanders by your increasing of the patterns of taxation and the confiscation of the things of which are in service to the Most High God, and the liquidation and the murder of the Prophets of God. You have extended your authority and power and have worked against the people who are the stones of Israel, You are the one who has troubled Israel.

So it was that in this hour that Elijah still talked to Ahab and he said...Thou hast troubled thy fathers God. You have forsaken the commandment of god and you have even followed Baal. Now then, send forth and gather the people of Israel unto Mount Carmel. And also the prophets of Belial and all 450 of them and the prophets of the grove, the 400 of them that sit at Jezebels table. And we will see who is right. So the people were gathered, then Elijah came down unto them and he said, how long will you halt between two opinions? Actually, there were only 7000 people in all of Israel that had never bowed the knee to Baal in order to show some sort of honor to that system.

So Elijah said...How long will ye halt between two opinions? If Yahweh be God serve him, if Baal be God serve him. So they established two altars upon the side of the mountains and they cut up two bullocks and placed them on the altars, and the priests of Belial called upon Baal to set fire to the altar sacrifice...to send down his holy flame. Elijah said....if Baal can set fire to the altar, I will place myself at the hands of Ahab and he can kill me, and if these Priests cannot call down this fire then I will call upon my Yahweh-God and who ever answers by fire will be God.

This sounded like a good sporting proposition to those who were assembled here and thus the prophets of Belial were caught in their own trap. Now; Elijah was watching them real close and seeing that there was no Hocus Pocus here...no matches. Elijah rolled up the sleeves of these Priests, for he knew he was dealing with the Prophets of Belial. So these priests called ....Oh great Baal hear us, and they called all through the day. Elijah said...maybe he is in some other portion of his creation, or maybe he has gone fishing, why don’t you cry a little louder?

So the Priests cried louder and louder, and then they cut themselves with knives and they did everything they could think of to attract the attention of the pagan god. Near the close of the afternoon then Elijah said.... I think you have had time enough, so then Elijah built again an altar and placed the bullocks upon the altar and then he dug a great trench around the altar and he said...go and get four barrels of water, for I want to make sure this great sacrifice of mine is wet. So they poured on the 4 barrels of water and then they poured 4 more barrels and the trench around the altar was full of water, and then Elijah called for 4 more barrels of water to be good and sure that the sacrifice was wet. Then Elijah stood and said...Oh, Almighty Yahweh, the Most High God of my people. Elohim, God of Abraham and Jacob and Isaac, send now the fire and ignite this altar and consume this sacrifice. Static Electricity popped and it crackled and it ignited the altar upon the mountainside and it lifted up all the water and the sacrifice, and even the altar was all burned up. And then Elijah said....The God that answered by fire, let Him be God. And the children of Israel saw the power of their God and they gathered around Elijah and they said...we will return to Yahweh, we shall serve Yahweh, for we haven’t really lost faith in our redemption. So Elijah said...Alright, while this is still in your mind then take every one of these prophets of Baal, everyone of them, and we will take them down to the pits and cut off their heads. And they all took them and they cut off their heads. 450 of them. 400 of them had even sat at the table with Jezebel. They were pagan aliens who had deceived Israel.....450 masters of deceit.

Ahab had watched this and he was powerless before the Spirit of Yahweh, and the actions of his people. So Ahab threw himself on the ground and he said...Now, Oh God, I want to see the signs of rain. God said..Look eastwards. Ahab looked and then he came back and threw himself on the ground and he said, I want to see the signs of rain. So God said, look 7 times and then you will see the sign of rain. So Ahab appealed to God and he looked 7 times and then he saw a small black cloud and as he watched then it grew larger and larger, and the cloud got black and lightening flashed, and then came a tremendous down pour over Israel, the first in three years. Now, Ahab saw that he had witnessed the power of God. Then God said to Ahab, you go back to Jezebel and tell her that all her false prophets are gone and you tell her that I answered with the power of fire.

Now there was no question of the animosity that Jezebel and her Priests had for Elijah, but Elijah had answered her with the power of God. Elijah had stayed in a womans house and she said...I have nothing much to feed you because of this famine, only a little meal in a barrel and a little oil. Elijah said to her, you take care of me because God is going to keep that barrel full of meal and the bottle full of oil from now on. The son of this house became stricken, and the life went out of him. Elijah called on Yahweh, his God, and he said, I want this child restored to his mother, for this house has been good to me. So the life came back into the child and Elijah restored him to his mother. Elijah being a man of God called upon Yahweh and Elijah received the power to call back the spirit into that body.

Make no mistake. Elijah was one of the greatest men that ever lived. Now; we don’t have to explain how he did it because history proves it. Even as it proved the igniting of the sacrifice upon the altar...in the name of Yahweh...God. So it was that Elijah established the contrast and the people realized that Yahweh was God and they liquidated the pagan priests. Ahab went back to Jezebel and he went with the prophecy that...the dogs shall eat the body of Jezebel. Some may think that was awful, but, those were pagan priests and Jezebel, an outlander, and they were bringing down Yahweh’s...Israel.

Now; did you know that Elijah never died??? He was a great man and he was so filled with inspiration, that God just sent one of the great space crafts of the Heavens, one of the great whirling space crafts and as Elijah got into that craft he dropped his mantle back on Elisha who took over for him, but Elijah was carried by the great Chariot into the Heavens.

But the Book of Malachi said...Before the great and terrible day of the Lord, I will send again Elijah and when he returns he is going to turn the hearts of the fathers unto the children, and the hearts of the children to the fathers.

You will notice in the Scripture that in the days of the birth of the Christ that there was a certain Priest named Zachariah, and his wife was the daughter of the House of Aaron, and her name was Elizabeth, and she was a cousin to the Virgin Mary. Now; this man Zachariah was a righteous man and a Holy man, and he served the Most High God in the Temple at Bethlehem. Therefore there came an Angel before him to tell him certain things, as he exercised the duties of his Priesthood. He went with incense into the presence of the Lord, and suddenly there appeared an Angel of Yahweh, and he was standing on the right side of the Altar. Now; Zachariah was afraid, or startled, and the Angel said...fear not Zachariah, for thy prayer has been answered. Thy wife Elizabeth shall bear thee a son, and thou shalt call his name John. And there shall be great gladness and joy in the sight of Yahweh. This son shall not drink strong drink but he shall be filled with the Holy Spirit from his birth from his mother’s womb. And many of the children of Israel shall turn to Yahweh in his day. He shall go forth in the Spirit of Elijah in these days. To turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the disobedient to wisdom, and make ready a people prepared for Yahweh.

Zachariah said:...but I am an old man and my wife is old also. I can’t believe this. The Angel said, because of this you are not going to be able to speak a word until he is born, and then you are going to call him John. So straight way therefore Zacharias could not speak and we discover that suddenly his wife is with child and then we discover that 6 months later the Angel came to the Virgin Mary.

When Elizabeth’s time had come to be delivered, she brought forth a son. Her relatives and friends heard how the Lord had shown great mercy to her for she was old and full of years and they rejoiced with her. On the 8th., day they came to the house to help name the baby, and they said to call him after his father, but Elizabeth said, no his name is John. Oh they said...but that isn’t a family name, none of your kinsmen had that name. So they turned to the father and said...what is the baby’s name? And they produced a writing tablet, for Zachariah could not speak, and he wrote the name...John. Then the power of speech came back to Zachariah and he spoke and praised God, and the Spirit came upon those around about and Zachariah, being Spirit filled, prophesied and said:...Blessed be the Lord God of Israel, for he has visited to redeem his people. He has raised up a horn of Salvation for us out of the House of David.

Of course by this time the Virgin begotten embryo was still in the womb of Mary, but he was raising up a horn of their redemption so Zachariah prophesied truly. Then Zachariah said:...He spoke by the mouth of all the Holy Prophets before the world began, that we would be saved from our enemies and from the hands that hate us, and to perform the mercies that he promised our fathers, and to remember the Holy Covenant, the oath that He swore to our Father Abraham. And Zachariah continued with that message.

Now; remember that John was just a small child when Herod’s Army came to kill the little children of Bethlehem in their zeal to kill the Christ. The soldiers went from door to door killing the children from infants to 2 yrs. Of age, so as not to miss the Christ child. Now the 4th., Wiseman had come to Bethlehem seeking the child and he was in the right place and the right time to hold the baby John under his great cloak.

As the Jewish soldiers of Herod came up the steps to the Temple the Wiseman strolled to the front of the steps and dropped a great Ruby from the pocket of the cloak into the hands of the Captain and the man called his men back and they departed. This 4th., Wiseman walked back into the Temple and throwing back his great cloak he handed the baby John back to his mother. We note that John was taken from Bethlehem into the desert to be raised until he was 10 years old, as it was not safe for him in Bethlehem. Those who raised him were amazed at the knowledge of this child John. He told them about the Most High God and he told them of the Hosts of the Most High God. There were amazed as he told of the pattern of the fulfillment of God’s Covenant, and that He would be born in the earth as Yahweh.... thy Yahshua. And they were mystified as to how this child knew all about Heaven, and the Hosts of Heaven, and what was to take place here on earth. About the Household of God here in the earth, and about the victories that were coming. Then as John reached manhood he came forth saying:...Make way for the King, and repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. And he said:...He that cometh after me, I am not worthy to tie his shoe laces, but he shall baptize thee with the power of Spirit and fire.....Shekinah Glory. We turn to the Book of Matthew and Jesus is now speaking at the time that John was thrown into prison by Herod because he had continued to proclaim the Word of God. John in Prison heard of the Christ and His work and he sent 2 messengers and they asked...If Christ was the one John had baptized in the river, was He the Messiah? John asked..”Art thou he or should we look for another?” Jesus told these men to go tell John...that the blind now see, the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, the dead are raised up, and the poor have the gospel preached to them....then He said...blessed is he who shall not be offended in me, and the messengers departed.

Jesus said to the multitude....what did you go out into the wilderness to see, as you went to hear this great evangelist, as he told you that ye should be baptized for the Kingdom of God is at hand? Then He asked....did you go to see a man in soft clothes? No, you would go to the King’s house for that. What did you go to see? A Prophet? I was more than a Prophet. This is he of whom it is written, behold I send a messenger before my face who shall prepare the way before me. Verily, I say unto you, among all who are born of women there is not one greater, than John the Baptist. From the days of John the Baptist until now the Kingdom of God has suffered violence and the violent taketh it by storm. For all the law and the prophets prophesied of John. Now Jesus said, If you can receive it and understand, this is Elias, who was to come.

No wonder then that this child coming down from Heaven was an heir who had not been in the presence of those of us, who had since our coming, a veil of forgetfulness pulled down over us. By the time we can talk we have forgotten most of the past. But not so for John the Baptist. He was filled with the Holy Spirit from his birth and he was talking with all the Wisdom of a begotten Son, because this was the Spirit of Elias who was to come.

In the body of John the Baptist God performed the miracle of sending Elijah back unto the people of the Most High. Now, Elijah didn’t fare so well this time for he lost his head because a woman wanted his head on a platter. So John the Baptist tasted death, but he had prepared the way for The Christ....The Messiah. And Jesus declared not only are the children of darkness against this man, but also they are against me. For they said that...John came neither eating or drinking, so he had a devil. And the Son of Man came eating and drinking and they said...behold, a man gluttonous and a wine bibber, a friend of Publicans and sinners. But wisdom is justified of her children.

So Christ said that the powers and forces of darkness hate Elias and they hate me. But in the measures of justice, the Christ again predicts that the Spirit of Elijah will come, because the Prophecy of Malachi was not totally fulfilled. A part of the prophecy, the part of the messenger before the Day of the Lord was fulfilled. But He also said...I will send the Spirit of Elijah and he shall move upon the voices of My Ministry of My Household, and of My Kingdom. And in the latter day......The Spirit of Elijah shall descend upon voices in the Pulpit’s throughout the land of Israel. When the Spirit of Elijah descends upon His Ministry it will be to give them the Unction to proclaim the Word against the hosts of Babylon and Baal. He said then that at that time the thoughts of the Fathers will turn to the children, and as they turn in this direction it will cause the Fathers to realize that the program of the Kingdom is being turned over to the usurper’s. That they, the Fathers, have hung back and been silent and they have kept themselves out of the political world and political affairs because they were frightened and intimidated as they saw the Hosts of Baal increasing. They see their children turned to the dancing of the gogo and the African and Asian style, and all the apostasy of the World Order.

Well, Yahweh said....I am going to send the Spirit of Elijah down upon them. Now, not Elijah embodied, but the Spirit of Elijah. This Elijah so perfect that he went into the Heavens the first time without tasting death. This Spirit of Elijah will activate the consciousness of My people and they will proclaim an “Elijah Ministry.”

Now....what is an Elijah Ministry? We could go back over our History and we might get a pretty good parallel to the Ancient Elijah ministry, for we see here in our country how the strangers came in. I am thinking of the time of Jezebel Roosevelt. She used her own influence to bring in more Pagan’s and more of the World Order than anyone had before in these United States. She was a total member of the Communist Party. I am speaking of Eleanor Roosevelt.

Now we were then in the ‘Time of Jacob’s Trouble’, and the pagans were being brought in to war upon us. In this great nation we began to see more and more of our freedoms slip away. We are now talking of the patterns of worship being practiced which were different than the worship of Our God. So God said...I am going to send the Spirit of Elijah which will turn your worship back to the worship of Yahweh....and He only. This Yahweh who can answer by Fire.

I think that you are beginning to witness in the past 2 or 3 years the beginning of an Elijah Ministry sweeping out over this country. This is coming from the right wing of this country. They are becoming more right all the time. They are even getting so right that they are getting out of the John Birch Society because they have the courage to say that the Jews were behind this situation all the time. The Prophets of Baal and the Ministers of Baal tell us that all we need is for Brotherhood to solve all our problems. Fellowship....erect a Temple of all Faith’s, respect every pagan idol and every pagan god and every false pattern of theology.

Out of the hoards and hosts of Communism comes again the seeds and tongues of deceit. This concept of ‘love everybody’ and of integrating and producing the people for the One World. I want you to know that in this hour under the Johnston Administration we have probably reached the peak of deteriation. We cannot blame the President for all of this but he has been a part of it. This has been an area of the turning away from the true and living Yahweh of Israel. Now; Mr. Johnston can make speeches and he is trying to capture again a popularity which seems to be slipping away from him, and in that task you appeal to everyone. Then we have a Vice President who is Hubert Humphrey and this morning here comes little Humphrey and he said.....we must build again our bridges to Communist China, for we are not against the Communist as such. Well, maybe he speaks for Hubert but he does not speak for me. Then he said.....now we aren’t against Communism as such, we are just against countries that want to rule over other countries by force. Now; what kind of an indicator is this? What kind of a half-baked prophecy is this? A prophet of Baal...sitting blindly behind the forces of Baal.

I’m going to tell you something. The Most High God is against the enemies of His people. Communism put to death in its first rise 7 million Christians because they wouldn’t give up their Faith. So the number extends into the millions of those liquidated because of their Faith and Belief in Jesus The Christ. I just want you to know that the Church of Jesus Christ does not go along with this.

I’m not talking about the National Council of Churches as there are a lot of prophets of Baal in there. And they have been hood-winked by the prophets of Baal unto they deny the very price that bought them, as was the case of Israel in the days of Elijah where there was only 7000 people who had not bowed the knee to Baal. But, oh my, how they came running as they saw the manifestation of power, saying...oh, we really didn’t stray...this was just the way we had to talk to get along.

The National Council of Churches today tells us that Communism is working and we have to join the best of their system with the best of ours. We have to imagine and to work for a perfect system. This is the voice of the N.C.C., of today. This is the voice that has moved throughout its structure. It is the voice of the Kennedy’s and it is the voice of it’s leadership, and its pastors in both the Nation as well as the World Council of Churches. So as we listen to all these voices we began to see their design. They say now we are ready to divide the world into providences. They have a map for their World Order. On this map they show where the Negroe’s live in the South and they say this hsall be a black soverignty. Let’s remove these states from the south and make this a great black republic. Of course the white’s laughed and said...oh no you don’t. So this enraged the Negro’s because they were denied something. Now; you see the Beast Sytem of Political Philosophy at work as they work on the mentality of a people to stir areas of catastrophe and trouble.

To accomplish this they took men like Martin Luther King and trained him in Communist schools, and we have pictures of this for proof. (This picture turned up in the publication put out by Ned Touchstone and Ned was publishing his paper back in 1961... bet he and Swift knew each other.)

So they took their Demi-gods and their Negro’s to Moscow and trained them in their Communist Revolution. In the meantime they were bringing into these United States more and more of the dead Jew’s who were supposed to have died in W.W.II., until the cities filled up with them here in the United States. Were they strangely all resurrected and now walking around??? And all these who came in are now working with the Prophets of Baal, and they lead them out. We see these outlanders taking over the Kingdom of God. Their strategy increases and they are now setting up in this program they call...76, their goal which they are saying will all be completed in 1976. They say that by 1976 we will be ready to vote our selves into a World Soviet Program.

(In the Spotlight it says this year of 1976 is the year when Congress has the votes for the Federal Atlantic Union and that will move into the World Union of Socialist Soviet Republics. How about that???)

Now they plan to keep us in this war for a least a couple of more years at least so as to wear us down and deplete us financially and kill as many of our men as possible until we will be glad to vote for slavery for all people to escape inhilation. In the meantime here in these United States it will be race war used against us. They will use the black man who had little mentality to raise up and bring violence in our cities and in our villages. Never have we had a day like this here in America...tonight...here in 1966....America is sick.

Now we are not a sick nation because the people love Jesus the Christ, but we are a sick nation because His people have not come out and demanded His recognition, and demanded that the Lord God shall be recognized by this Nation, and that we will sweep the Prophets of Baal out of this nation and out of our Society and our civilization. Yahweh said...As long as you don’t enforce the Law, as long as you say the Law does not apply to these people, and as long as you let a guilt complex settle on you because of these people....then you are going to be chastened and you are going to have catastrophe until...the Elijah Ministry moves upon you ...My People...and you rise up and seize these Prophets of Baal and cut off their heads as Elijah told the Israelites of old to do. Someone might say...Is that the Elijah Ministry?? Yes. Elijah was a man of action. He was a man of miracle power and because he dared to use this miracle power and used it in the hands of God then God took care of him.

So God said...I am going to send the Spirit of Elijah upon My Ministry and upon those who have not bowed the knee to Baal. Those who have not bowed the knee to Baal are going to be filled with the Spirit and the Power of Elijah. God says...I am going to raise up Ministers and Principal Men, and I am going to supply Military leadership for My people Israel. My people of the House of Israel, and I am going to call for the Militant’s to rise in My Nation. We have had enough and we have listened to the patterns of demogogery and we shall turn back to the voice of the Most High God who has declared that He has selected our race, He has chosen us above all the people on the face of the earth. He has made it very clear that He and He alone is God, and that we are not to recognize any pagan god on the face of the earth and we are not to fight for any pagan god or ruler or people.

We are to fight and we will fight for the God of Israel who is the Ruler of this earth. We shall fight to take possession of this earth and to put down the hoards of the heathen. In each and every pattern of alliance with anything which is not clearly before Yahweh and His Household we become betrayed, and we beocme mixed up. We see our country being empited ot it’s food and supplies received by the Blessings of God into the hands of the pagans. We are going to sell millions of bushel’s of wheat to Russia and to China, and that is to try to pacify them. Now, you know that they are behind the Viet Nam war, but here we are going to feed the enemy who supplies the arms to kill our soldiers in order to keep them soft with us. Soft ...well, the only ones who are soft are...My Israel. We are soft in the head. Every bushel of wheat strengthens our enemies and we should instead be using our bombers to set fire to their food supplies. We would be far better off. As we supply the food for their stomach they come against...My people Israel...the House of God.

God said...I am going to raise up the Spirit of Elijah and I am going to call the people who recognize My Name and that I am God. I am going to set My face against the land of the heathen, and against all these people. It is time to beat your plow shears into swords and your pruning hooks back into spears because we are going to stand against the Northern Army.

The Elijah Ministry is going to point out the pagan apostates and the worshiping of Lucifer, which is everything dark and evil, and htis almalgamation of all religions is going to come out for what it is. They are seeking to reach the day when they can move against the Patriot’s so you in every city of America should be upholding the pattern of Law, seeking out the areas of Communism and suppression of areas of violence. You should be telling every one as they are put into jail that you are not going to let them burn and rob and rape, and if they want to live in this country then they will have to obey your Law.

One reporter and a salesman were in Watt’s last week when 100 submachine guns were delivered inside one clothing store run by Negro’s. These guns were soon handed out to Negro’s. And we understand that this was reported to the authorities but no one came near the place even to check it out until all the guns were distributed. But, let me tell you that if one of the Sons of God, a citizen of your Nation, had purchased one of these guns he would have been immediately picked up under the Federal Fire Arms Act and prosecuted and put into Prison for 5 years.

Now; don’t forget there is no Federal Disarmament Law that is constitutional or legal in these United States. They are using an unconstitutional Law to harass the white citizens. All the forces of the enemy is moving to disarm America. There is a rumble heard moving in every town and city in our land. People are speaking out on the Tax situation and as God has talked of the fall of Babylon, then we will watch Babylong fall. They have pulled out of this country all the Gold and Silver and they have caused by this move a surge of inflation and the cost of all goods is going up, and the Mark of Germany is also going down, causing more inflation. The hands of the Money changers is again the Merchants of Babylon.

The cry of the people is being heard...their economy has been ruined and the areas of their leadership has been ruined. Their sons have been led forth and now 300,000 of our men in Viet Nam and there will be 500,000 before this is over. Then we have men in leadership saying...oh,we don’t want a victory...that would be wrong. Who says we don’t want a victory?

The Word of God says we shall have a victory even though we have to cut them down in the streets, even though we level their cities and reduce them to powder and dust, we will have a victory over our enemy. They tell us....oh, just a little bit longer and they will solve all our problems. Well....America has trusted too long. The enemy gets up and says the Right Wing doesn’t believe in our nation any more, they don’t believe in the U.N., they don’t believe these things work.

You are right. We don’t believe in these things because they have been a betrayal of the Most High God, and we aren’t going to let them work. So God says...I am going to turn the hearts of the Fathers to the Children and they will worry about all their substance going out to the pagans. They will worry about what kind of Liberty is left for their children.

(End of this message)