End Of The Satanic Power, 4-10-67


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 4-10-67

We speak tonight on the ultimate defeat of Satanic forces. We bring to your attention that fact that Satanic forces are now showing their forces all over the world. And they have been, for many centuries, of course, in a position to establish for themselves, temperate victories. They have backed powers of World governments, and moved behind them the children of Lucifer. And still, we have watched the ancient areas of Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome, as they moved into the Empires running these kingdoms---even when they were occupied largely by Scythians, or people of Israel. But still the Beast System moved in with its power.

The scriptures quickly tell us that we have an adversary which has divided his strategy into three groups. And it is referred to as 1. Beast, 2. Anti-Christ, 3. False Prophets.

Now the scripture tells us in the book of John, that there are many anti-Christs. And those that deny that Jesus came in the flesh, or as the embodiment of God are ANTI-CHRIST. There are many people that are looking for ‘one anti-Christ’ to arise---one anti-Christ to lead the forces of darkness. But there are MANY ANTI-CHRISTS on many fronts, leading the forces of darkness in the world. Of course, who might be the top sinner to head the entire program, even to incarnate himself, would be in the area and power of the anti-Christs.

When John was first writing his Epistles, he said, there already exists in the world---MANY ANTI-CHRISTS.

Now, the Beast System, is the political program of Lucifer to accomplish the areas of great victory and to acquire the great masses of humanity, behind his program. In fact, the Beast System today, is best exemplified as World Communism. It not only controls the areas of the Soviet Union, it also controls the areas of the East--China, and many areas where idolatry has become the ancient pattern of religion, because of Luciferianism, and because the false prophet would be used in all the false religions of the world. And the false religions of the world have listened to the false prophets of the world which he bred and which he brought forth as his household and his children.

Today, we find standing in the areas of pagan religion, false prophets. But even in the structure of what is called the Christian Church, stand false prophets. There are many false prophets in the pulpits today. And you can understand that they are false prophets, because the also deny that Jesus Christ came in the flesh. And they are anti-Christ and they have no light or power, nor in the declaration of their ministry, or their work. And they should be expelled from the Christian Churches quickly.

So we discover that we have a multiple world battle. And it operates in the political, economical, and the religious phases of the world. Of course, we can understand that the head of the Luciferian forces are his household and his children. Now to be outdone by God, because God was to select as HIS victory program, the transferring of HIS Kingdom from heaven to earth. And as HE begat the Adamic race and transferred HIS children of spirit into bodies of flesh, which Jesus re-subscribed to in the 17th chapter of John, then HE said, ‘Thine they were in the heavens and still Mine they are in the earth.’ HE talks about the great achievements of HIS household. How the children of God were embodied in the flesh, according to the Apostle Paul in his writings in the book of Hebrews.

So God has transferred the leadership of HIS Kingdom and the maintenance of HIS power, as HE sent HIS many children into the bodies of flesh. The Adamic world had made quite an extension. It is not 1/6 of the world population today. It came from One family. And these are the Household of God, or the Israel of the Scriptures and they make up the structure of God’s Kingdom. And this Kingdom is being deceived today. But this Kingdom will be triumphant and brought to a victorious being, before we reach the end of the climax of these events, and very possibly in the next three and one-half years. We may see the greatest mass exodus in all the world histories, because the Kingdom of God shall rise up and break the powers of the devil.

(Now, Dr. Swift missed this prediction, not because he did not understand the world affair. But because this was spoken in 1967 and in 1969, Richard Nixon was elected President, setting off schedule, Satan’s timetable. And in 1971, Richard Nixon went around the I.M.F. (International Monetary Fund) and saved our balance of payments and our dollar overseas. He also took us off the gold standard. Then he sat entrenched in the White House and turned the bombers loose on Hanoi. And in spite of the Congress, and the anti-war groups, he brought the boys home from the war he inherited. And he also sat and gave the orders to bomb the hell out of Hanoi. And they let the P.O.W.’s come home. So he threw their timetable off schedule. But of course, when President Nixon went to the Arabs, (our half-brothers thru Abraham), and then went and stood at the Great Pyramid in Egypt and waved to the Christian people here in America, and said in his heart, look, look, on your post offices and on your 1 dollar bills.----Find out who you are. Then, the powers that control the Congress said, ‘shove him out before the people wake up.’ And he left in disgrace, but asking God to bless. Now I figure from where he was watching, up there, Dr. Swift was saying, ‘Sock em, Richard.’)

Now, Richard Nixon didn’t stop them, but he delayed them. Thus bringing us closer to that day of deliverance. For you see, to bring him down, they went back to the same methods used to send the Christ to be crucified. That method, the false witness and the magistrate. Here the juries used against the President’s men and against him at the Grand Jury were many more blacks than Whites.

Well, it didn’t work when they ordered the crucifixion. For HE arose. And it won’t work today for God’s Israel will arise and fight and deliver this Kingdom and bring it into power.)

Now, when we talk about the children of the devil, we turn to the writings Mark and Matthew in the words of the Christ. HE spoke to you very clearly. In fact, as Matthew writes to you about this, he tells you that is it given to YOU, to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven. To them, it is not given, because they would attempt to understand the secrets of God’s strategy and oppose the Kingdom that way. HE tells you about the seed that has been sown in the field which is the world, and how Lucifer sowed his seed and they are seed of the wicked one and they do the work of Lucifer, and carry out the strategy of Lucifer throughout the nations of the world. In fact, today as we turn and see the strategy of this, Christ clearly defined for us the seed and the household of Lucifer.

I find it quite hard to preach the Gospel and stay away from the 8th chapter of John, or stay away from any point where Christ so clarifies the whole issue and makes this identification. Often folks say there is a certain repetition in the preaching of the Gospel. We hear these things over and over. But the fact remains that there are only four Gospels incorporated into our scripture. Of course, there was the Gospel of Nicodemus, and several other Disciples. But we just have in our scriptures the Four. And there are just so many words by THE CHRIST, in these scriptures. But when we have the words of THE CHRIST, in these Four Gospels, they are the words of God embodied in the flesh and they take on a deep significance.

And when HE takes the time constantly to point out the fact that Jewry is the program of anti-Christ, and HE wants us to know they are the children of Satan.---and when Jesus turned to one of them who was a Disciple, and said he was a devil, I think it is high time for the Christian Church which is bound by the teaching of the CHRIST, and on the example that God, embodied in the earth is the Messiah of Israel, I think it is about time we listened to CHRIST, and what HE said.

These are devils, or children of Satan. He is well marked. All areas of Jewry is marked. We don’t have to apologize to Jewry. If you are insulted, you are the first Jew who was ever insulted by the truth anyhow. And we don’t care. Because we are going to tell you, very frankly, that organized Jewry throughout the world, is activity of the devil. And Christ declared that they were devils. And as long as we are going to preach the Gospel of CHRIST, then all Jews are of the family of the devil.

Now, this may bother some of you because you may think there are some good Jews. But you just wait until they get their hands in your pocket and you will find out. And if you think they are not going to get their hand in your pocket, it is because they haven’t had a chance yet.

As we speak out against these people, it is because they have such a definite part in this program of darkness. And of course, thru history, they were the ones who gave power to the 7 beasts that were to arise. And the 8th would be the final time. And that 8th, is World Communism. When world Jewry set up the Communist Revolution, it included the house of Rothchild and the other houses of the Jewish world. And World Communism is the political activity of the Beast System. Just remember that.

And I cannot tell you when the World crisis will arrive, or what will happen to me. But this system of the Beast world power has been seized by Lucifer and perverted in this day and this hour. And you are living in this day and this hour. You aren’t living 5000 years ago, but you are living in this day in 1967. And the program of Lucifer is to dominate that Beast System. And he does it with his children who manage and direct it. The Beast System today is World Communism. It started in the 7th period. And in the days of Jesus, the 6th period was Rome. Now Rome and their control was over all the pagan empires as well as all the known empires. And at that time Jesus said the 7th was to come. And the 7th beast would receive a wound almost to death. Then the 8th, would arise out of the 7th and be the last beast to be led by Luciferian forces, and go into perdition.

Now, we find that Jewry established Genghis Khan, then brought him and his followers out and they swept across Asia and tried to even take over Europe. And then out of that beast came the 7th--World Communism. And it was the sons of Lucifer with their yellow arm bands who opened all the gates of the cities for the 7th and the 8th beasts.

Germany, being betrayed by Jewry, passed a new monetary system, in which the Jews couldn’t function. So the Jews got out and then they attempted to encircle Germany and create World War II. And they were one of the great factors of W.W.II. And because of you and I and all Americans, we won that war. Make no mistake about that. If we had not won, it would have been an altogether different situation. But it was changed by America being trapped and brought into W.W.II. But by the same token, the Germans made the Jews wear yellow arm bands because they remembered what they had done in the days of Genghis Khan. And they said, ‘Let us know who they are--now.’ So the circumstances still remain, and they are still the children of darkness. And when we turn to the creation of the Russian Revolution, and we find that all the finances that went in to the Russian Revolution came from organized Jewry. And when Jacob____(Jebenez) talks about how they built the Russian Revolution and liquidated the people of Russia----I remember before that, a German Prince had moved over into that area where the descendants of Genghis Khan were living and established a Czardom. And this German had actually conquered these pagan powers that ruled Russia and established a White nation. And a White ruler was on the throne of Russia. He was a true prince of Israel. The Czars were White Christian men of Israel. For remember, the whole White race are the Israel of God.

I want to point out that this is not only true, but the Czars intermarried into the White King line of Israel that ruled over Europe. We want to point out that in one area where a lioness becomes the mother over all the Princes of Israel, all the young lions-----there we find that the British Empire, with its direct descendence back down to David, has on the wall of Buckingham Palace, the names of all the lineage of Kings as it came down. And that lineage of Kings was intermarried with the King lines of Europe and the Czar of Russian. So that is why the Kings of Europe, especially Kaiser Wilhelm and Czar Nicholas were first cousins. Because they were from the House of Israel and they were al from the House of Judah. Even tho, it was declared, that out of the House of Joseph, would come the ruler that would be in power when Christ comes. It could be a woman, because in the book of Micah, it tells you that the daughter of Judah shall be on the throne in the hour of great turbulence. So it could be that the Queen now on the throne is in an hour of great turbulence.

(Well, this Queen, has for some time, been in this hour of great turbulence. But I understand that there is talk of her stepping down and placing her son in the throne. And also there is a rumor that Prince Charles is courting Princess Caroline, the daughter of the former Grace Kelly. Wouldn’t that be a match?---linking Britain and America?)

As I have watched this Communist program expand, we are reminded that there will come a time of Jacob’s trouble. The time of Jacob’s trouble is upon us. In fact, it moved in on us with greater manifestation in 1948, when Harry S. Truman recognized Israeli. And that little abortive country was recognized by an ill informed President, who was dominated by David Horowitz and masters of deception, out of organized Jewry. Israeli, a country that suddenly came into being by rape and pillage and ruin and vandalism---and it took from the British Empire a mandate given to it by the British nation to establish that area of revolution in Palestine.

And so when it was recognized by the President, remember, he recognized this little state without notifying the State Department, and without a word being said to any of the other countries.

And we knew we were in the end of the age because strangely enough, even tho this country of Israeli was headed up by Ben Gurion, and Jewry had a population all over the world, and they were going to populate Palestine with those people,---but they had their hands in international affairs in all nations and in the patterns of the economics of all nations. And they had gained this strength in the Red Revolution. Now they were establishing the same pattern for this Palestine. And planning thru Palestine, on controlling the whole world. And planning with this bridge of expansion, that went from Soviet Russia, to Israeli, by the use of the wealth of the Dead Sea minerals---to take over and conquer the world.

Now, this is in truth the position. Because we are will told that Lucifer of who it was said, ‘he would set his star above the star of the MOST HIGH,’ well, he has bred a tremendous family of irresponsible forces. For this family was at work in all the great nations of the Christian world as well. So Lucifer who had planted his seed in the field, which is the world, and brought forth his seed, who are Anti-Christ,-------and Jesus said they were Jews. So these seeds or forces of darkness are his armies. And they were spreading throughout the world. And Palestine was just one more place to take over. When we talk about the power of the dragon and the power of Lucifer, these powers are one and the same. And it is a well taken position.

Now we want to point out to you, that things could well step up. For Israeli started this last war (1967) tho they started a war ten years ago, they were pushed back. Because their gold was all frozen in the other countries at that time. But they couldn’t be pushed back this time, because there isn’t enough gold left in the U.S. nor enough real money left anywhere in the world that they don’t control over there in the vaults in Tel Aviv. And this time, there wasn’t anyone trying to stop them because President Johnson was hoodwinked by the great persuasion of Jewish financiers and the backers of his campaign. And he shouted down the Egyptians and told them to wait, while at the same time, by this forcing of in action on the Egyptians, he saved the time element of the surprise attack. And that brought on the wiping out of their air force. And also placed the Jews in the old city of Jerusalem, until then, held by Jordan. So we know that two weeks ago on Wednesday, they entered the old city of Jerusalem and then began the abomination of the desolator in the Holy Place---and things should wind up with great speed.

(Now, here again, Richard Nixon slowed down their time table. As he told Israeli, to back up, give back some of their territory, or no more arms from America. He established relations with the Arabs. And the oil embargo, let the Arab nations have the time and the money to rearm.)

I want you to know that as we watch these situations, we well know that we are watching a struggle with Communism. This is a rather strange thing. Because that while we are watching the war with Communism, actually this war is between Christian civilization and anti-Christ. And will carry its way thru the entire pattern of the strange events in the time of Jacob’s trouble, and will only be climaxed by ultimate victory out of heaven, when Christ joins the forces of HIS Kingdom.

Oh, you say, ‘We aren’t fighting Communism now. We are just fighting the Vietcong.’ Well, maybe in the very silly mind of Mr. Johnson. He thinks he is just fighting the Vietcong. But Mr. Johnson knows that the mass of supplies coming to the Vietcong are coming from the Soviet Union and Red China.

The Soviet Union in their coming to power, made the Christian Church a martyr, and liquidated 7 million Christians in their rise to power. Well, remember again, Jewry said they financed the Red Revolution. They said, ‘We gave life to this seed that replaced the 7th,’ (and this power that thinks they are going to triumph.) But they are going into perdition.

When they established Israeli, they established an oppressive, collective society. It controls all their society. And it is run by the Estaters. Except for this one area of the wealthy Jews, who are in control and live in Tel Aviv. And they rule the forces of Jerusalem that they have put in power there.

Just like 3 million Jews that control the Soviet Union, and all that goes on in the Soviet Union. Now we have watched the hordes of Communism spread out into the areas where Jewry has established their false religions. We point out to you, that China in the area of Asia, of Buddhism and Brahma and Hinduism, are the vehicles where they can best spread their doctrines of hate and their politicos, which move out in to World Communism. You are going to see India go Communist in a short time. (Again, Richard Nixon slowed this process.)

So we watch these program develop and pull nations behind the Satanic program. And we find that the whole cities of Asia, have moved into the hands of the army of Lucifer. And they are led by the skillful false prophets of Satan’s false society and his program of anti-Christ and their idol worship.

As we fight the Vietcong, then we are fighting the battle that, strangely enough, we have been ordered to be defeated in. You say, ‘what do you mean by this?’ Well President Johnson is being guided by advisors that are not good for our nation. In fact, let me point out to you some of the facts. When General MacArthur said, ‘There is no substitute for victory,’ when he was fighting the Communist in Korea, and he was dedicated to defeat by the enemy here at home---even tho he personally believed in victory, and that it could be obtained if you hit the enemy with all the might of America, the enemy here at home brought about his defeat.

We want to point out to you, one of the important statements made by Senator Stennis, who is chairman of the Senate Armed Forces Committee, and we are going to read to you what he had to say:---He said, ‘Give General Westmorland all the ground forces (now--this is in Viet Nam)--give him all the ground forces he believes is necessary and close the Port of Haiphong, where most of their war material comes into North Vietnam. And then this forceful program will convince the government of Hanoi that the U.S. Government plans to see this war thru and not be driven out or worn down.’

Convince the Communist that we plan to win. This is the first step to victory. Then Senator Russell spoke out and he said, ‘The present policy in Viet Nam is to trade American lives for public opinion.’

So in the UPI report from Hanoi, we have the boast from Hanoi, that the second front of the Vietnam war exists in the U.S. today. The Hanoi paper says that ‘the protest against the war of aggression, raised sharply in the U.S. The Vietnam people value the protest movement of these people. And we have confidence in their revolution in the U.S.’

Now in the Constitution, in Section 3, Article 3, it has this to say about all these people who are speaking out against this war, which is against the Vietcong, which are Communist. ‘Now these people that say we should de-escalate the war and get out, these people are guilty of violation of Section 3 and Article 3. And are guilty of giving aide and comfort to the enemy.’ And the enemy proved it by the publication in the UPI when they encouraged the enemy forces within our country to win the war for them, here in the United States.

So, the President should find something out. The people who are aware of this, if they rose up, Mr. Johnson would be swept off his feet and would have to turn the conduct of the war over to the Joint Chief of Staff to win it in the shortest possible time. For it would only take a double barreled approach, which would attack the enemy and destroy it with everything at our disposal, short of the Atom Bomb. And then that if it becomes necessary. And the other thing that there would be no propaganda effect, and no strategy that would completely and swiftly convince the Reds that their cause is hopeless.

Now, this is of course, the political expediency of winning the war. But Mr. Johnson has Mr. MacNamara in the Pentagon, and Mr. Niptzi in the Department of Secretary of the Navy. And if they replace Mr. MacNamara with anyone, it will be Mr. Niptzi.

Well, I want you to know that I think they are two chiefs on the devils side and in the devils army. You say, ‘How can this be, they are part of God’s Kingdom. They are part of the White race?’ Well, Mr. MacNamara has bee sabotaging our armed forces and Mr. Niptzi has been advocating that we can become involved with a war with Russia. So the only action we should take is to make the best deal we can because the Communist hold more people, and this is the only program for the survival of our race.

Well, Mr. Niptzi is sure doing the Jew job you would expect him to do. And he is voicing the words of Communism in the advice he puts out. When he says, ‘We would be fighting a retreating action and be totally defeated.’

He wants to turn the Air Forces in Vietnam, both ours and South Vietnam, over to the United Nations and doesn’t want us to have any power, but trust the world goal of World Jewry.

This is of course, of the Satanic design. More than this, as we point out to you, we are well established in this plan. For as the report of Mr. Babsom, which comes out this week, he says that with Red China breaking the Hydrogen bomb, which she could never have done without the assistance of the Soviet Union, the experts in the U.S. now realize, that they have been taken in by the division of Red China and the Soviet Union. They now see that the master strategy that operates in the Soviet Union, and operates in Red China, is making the conquest of the White race their chief goal. And there has been no division on that idea except to play this split up, so that Americans would believe it.

But we have told you all along, that there is not division in Red China and Red Russia. And by the Fall of this year, Red China will be able to destroy the great cities of the West Coast. (Now, Richard Nixon, going to Red China, delayed this time table, moving us closer to the climax of our deliverance. He used a Jew, Kissinger, to do this.) Of course, all this time the hordes of Africa and Asia, are gathered into the army of Lucifer----the U.N.

Now when we talk about the victory to come over the armies of darkness, it does not mean we have to have a political victory. But if you could get a Right Winger in power, it would be a great political victory. And anytime you can improve your situation, you are better off. And it isn’t because you can’t do anything, because we tell you that you fight, and you work, right up to the last minute. And you fight right thru to victory.

But I just wanted you to know that you aren’t going to have to place your hope in the political actions of some man you are going to choose. Because we already have the assurance that victory belongs to Israel, the children of God. So you are in the time of Jacob’s trouble. And you are going to see the kind of trouble never seen before there was this nation.

For instance, when the Jews start tearing down the Mosque of Omar and they have already indicated they were going to start in three months. If the Jews start this, the Mid-East would explode. Every Mohammadan in the world is going to turn against them.

(Do you remember when they had the Gideon Bible meeting at the Broiler a few years ago, and they were saying that the Jews were going to rebuild the Temple on the former spot? They had it ready and could it up in 90 days. Well, for some reason, they didn’t get that idea put over, for they don’t do the dirty work themselves. But must have wanted us to control the Arabs and tear down the mosque for them. Probably that was another area where Nixon didn’t help them. And so he had to go.)

You have the Soviet Union playing this double card---Jew and Arab in the U.N. (Now, here again, Nixon went to the Arabs and the double card isn’t working so well not.) Now there will be no peace, between Russia and America. Even if you say, you are going to outlaw the Atom bomb, Russia will say, ‘Okay,’ and then Red China will drop it for them.

In this whole strategy there is just one Satanic power. You know where it says in Daniel that at that time, Michael the Great Prince of God, and one of the Holy Great Archangels of outer space, will stand up. This great prince of God has stood up for God’s people in times past. There shall be a time of trouble and Michael will stand up for God’s people again. This is a time of trouble that we are in now. And it is expanding and will expand more in the next year or two. (He is talking about the Vietnam War. And it did expand from 1967 to 1971.)

Now, there for Michael, who stood up before for the children of God, Rev. 12:-- ‘there he stood up when he gathered the great forces of God, to run Lucifer out of the Heavens. And he had (Satan) had 1/3 of the Universe behind him and had vast armies.’ But Michael defeated Lucifer, and drove him into this solar system and confined him to the earth.

And it tells me in the book of Daniel, and God inspired Daniel to write this book---that in this time of trouble, the Prince is going to stand and the people shall be delivered. And all those with their names written in the Book of Life are going to survive. (Don’t forget, that Israel, was written in the book, before they were sent down here.)

Now, of course, this is the program of God. They may talk of coming against us, with their hordes of power, they may talk about sneaking up with their subs and launching missiles against our cities, they may talk about the Soviet Air Force, which is second to none in the world, and one of these days she is going to darken the skies as she comes in to deliver the areas of supplies and the paratroopers. It is going to be a serious circumstance. And you say, ‘why do you think they are going to come?’ Because George Washington caught the vision of America. And he saw the Red hordes that came and parachuted down and the battling in the streets of our cities. And he saw the Negro revolution which answers to the power of Jewry. And they are a part of the Beast System. And their minds have only the capacity of these people.

And he saw the battles in every street of our cities. He saw that White men were coming out to battle the aliens, while the Jews directed this thing from behind. And the Negro is their shock troops of the Beast System inside this country. And you are only months away from their revolution.

(Again, this revolution of 1967, was settled down by the coming of Richard Nixon. The cities quieted down and so did the college campuses. The radical ‘Left Wingers’ were restrained from stirring up the masses.)

We would also say that George Washington saw in the vision, the tremendous outburst of resistance in this country. Now you are going to say, ‘What can we do about this. What can the Right Wing in this country do about this?’ The Right Wing can declare that we are in the latter day and the Kingdom of God will come in. And all of these programs of the U.N., of Jewry, and Luciferian, are going to be nothing. All the financial control of the world and all these other programs are going to come down in one hour. And I want you to realize when we see all these circumstances coming to pass, THEN LIFT UP YOUR HEAD, FROM WHENCE COMES OUR STRENGTH.

We can tell you one thing. The book of Revelation says this is not going to be a victory for just you alone. But God Almighty is going to give the Kingdom to HIS children. And they are going to arise and take the Kingdom forever and ever. But this I know, that this Kingdom and HIS children are up against 5/6 of the world. I know what we are up against when we have a Jew like Secretary of the Navy, Nitzi, in power as Secretary of the Navy here in these United States.

Christ was speaking out on this in the symbolizing of the book of Revelations. For this book in chapter 19, it says, ‘I saw Heaven open’---now remember, the significant symbolism of the battle of Armageddon is here brought forth-- ‘and when the heavens opened, a White horse was seen and HE who sat upon it was called faithful. (Vs. 11) and true, and in righteousness, HE shall judge and make war. HIS eyes are like a flame of fire and on HIS head are many crowns. Behold he has a name written there and no man can name it, but Himself. And His clothes were the vesture dipped with blood, and His name was called--the word of God--(YAHWEH)-living Word transforming into a tremendous battle and the heavens will unveil Christ and the coming battle. And the words say the armies of the heavens followed him.’ So you see there are some reinforcements coming. You know what Christ said, ‘I am going to sound my trumpet and call My Elect from the four corners of the Heavens.’ They are to come from the furthermost galaxies. They are going to come from beyond Orion. They are going to come out of the Milky Way. And as they come, it is going to be the greatest massing of power that the Universe has ever witnessed. And it will come behind the power of Christ. And following, will be Michael and the forces of which are already preparing for the conflict of the earth. So as we see these things come, it says that out of HIS mouth moves the sword that shall smite the nations. (The Sword--HIS truth. And it says HE will tread the winepress and HE had written HIS vesture, KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS.’ (King of Kings and YAHWEH THE ALMIGHTY YAHWEH.)

And we can see that the Apostle Paul also talked of this one Supreme King, this Almighty, by the name of YAHWEH. And King Jesus, the Christ. Now you can laugh and say, I don’t believe it. And say it is off in the great distance. But you have the great deceiver, Lucifer directing, the Worlds Communism programs and now gathering to attack you.

Oh, you will say, ‘We are a pretty strong people.’ Yes, we may be a pretty strong people. But you haven’t learned to lick the Negro revolution that is going on in your midst.

You may think you are a pretty strong people, but some of the advisors around our President favor programs of the devil.

You may be a pretty strong people, but let me tell you, the false prophet has moved into the Christian Churches in America. And by his design and conspiracy, he plans to take every minister of the Gospel that preaches the truth and proclaims the victory of Christ, out of that Gospel. He intends to license a whole group of clergy that will have a gospel of the world, instead of a Gospel of Christ.

These are the things he plans. But of course, I don’t think he will be victorious. Because we are going to preach the Gospel until Jesus comes, irrespective of what they declare. We are going to preach the Gospel anyhow.

I’m going to tell you there may be a mighty surprise coming for these children of darkness that have tried to take possession of your land. I’m going to tell you, that the ministers of the Gospel are going to call down the wrath of God on the heads of those rascals who try to put their hands on the ministry of the Gospel that speaks for Christ.

I’m going to tell you that you are going to see miracles as great as when the bears swallowed up the attackers of ‘Pearly Wise.’ (Is he referring here to a football game?) You are going to see the judgement of God start to fall on these children of darkness as God protects HIS little flock as HE maintains the one force that will fight the battle of Armageddon, because they will battle the children of anti-Christ until God, Himself, says, ‘I am going to give them immunity, so that no sword will thrust them and no bullet will reach them, because they are the armies of the MOST HIGH GOD.

Well, you say, ‘We don’t believe that.’ Well, you don’t have to believe that. But there are a lot of us that do believe it. And one of these days, you are going to find a people that can’t be destroyed.

Now, the armies of Lucifer are going to defeated. Make no mistake about that. The growing harassment they think to use to bring down on our continent, will be followed by great destruction and bombing on the cities of Asia. Oh, you say, ‘we may not have the planes left.’ Well, we know where they are coming from. And the cities of Asia are going to know what the results of this is to be. Because the armies of Lucifer will be totally defeated. We have Michael who once before defeated Lucifer and we have Michael to stand up to defeat him in the earth. Then you have got Christ who is coming in with a sword that will be sharpened and who says, ‘I am going to reap and throw into the winepress, the judgement, that will descend upon the powers of darkness.’ We are to see this.

Now we can turn over to Revelation 19:17, ‘Therefore, there was heard the great cry, as all the birds of the air were to come and eat the flesh of captains and horses and eat the flesh of men that fought for the Beast. And I saw the Beast, and I saw the armies of earth, that gathered to make war with Christ and the armies who came from heaven and I saw the great cry that said, ‘come on ye birds and feast on the bodies.’

Well the scriptures tell me that world communism is doomed to defeat by Christ, the KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS, who rules over the Universe and who is going to bring Lucifer to his knees. I’m told by scriptures that the hordes of Lucifer are to be destroyed.

You are going to say well who destroys them?---Well, you are going to be doing all you can to destroy the armies of the beast here in your own nation. But you can depend on the fact, that God is going to bring victory, to every angle of our nation and HIS Kingdom.

So we see these areas of destruction. And we know the monetary system is going to fall. And this is one of the signs. Lucifer thought he was wise as he chose gold and silver and jewels. And his children gathered them from all the nations of the world. And as his children gathered the jewels, and gold and silver, and took them to Tel Aviv, and now they are gathering al the monetary exchange. We see the signs.

You know one of the things they are doing right now? They are turning their dollar credits in and are trading them in for goods and shipping them to Tel Aviv and over the country of Israeli. They have been taking up and gathering money and we are told as the money poured into Israeli, that a billion dollars came into Israeli during this situation and the Jews admit a billion dollars. And they want to transfer it into goods and you know why? It is because they know the monetary system is falling.

Let me show you something. The U.S. World News (1967) says, ‘Washington will need to borrow large sums of money to pay their bills and competing for available money with all industry, long term interest rates already from the effects and from back years, are back on their feet and will be pushed still higher as the governments compete with the borrowing of funds.

(We have been going into debt deeper and deeper. The amount of money borrowed now is terrible---with Nixon and now Ford---the built-in programs started and added to since the days of Roosevelt has made this happen.)

Now if the Government decides to just print its own money and just put it out, this would be dynamite. With the government printing its own money and with no area of backing other than the government saying we are going to back our money with production of goods, then the Jews would have no control over the money. Well, they would squall and they would run to Palestine. And they would do everything to try to create problems for our system. For the reason that they could no longer control the money system.

In fact, it would have to come out, for you couldn’t just print the money without some other developments. One of the great developments would be United States money---interest free money, backed by production and goods. We shouldn’t back any money by gold or silver. We should leave it absolutely free. We should have as much as we want to buy. You should be able to buy or sell money as a commodity like peas or beans.

Alright, now we are faced with the fact that the government is broke. That it has to borrow money. It can’t get the money, it is competing with private industry. It either has to extend its debt or to print its own money. This is going to say that we should empower the value of our money. And the value of course, in the areas of commerce and of production and then the Jews will try to control that.

So you see the powers of darkness in the monetary field are about due to fall. No wonder the economic Babylon with all its control over the Unions and all they touch, is now coming to its own decisive end. No wonder the people will cry like the waters of the sea and Babylon will be dropped like a great stone in the midst of the sea (sea symbolizes people or the masses). This is the destruction and death of the entire political, economical and social system of Lucifer.

You say, ‘Dr. Swift, you are talking (1967) when the Jews are riding high, when they are now in Jerusalem. You are talking--why they have the economic field in their hands. They already have the gold and the silver. They already are finding out that we are running out of the commodities to give them, and they are starting to draw on our production (wheat and goods), and the government no longer has the money to back itself.’ Well then, the government may call time on this thing and start to print its own money.

Money that is plagued by inflation, will continue to get less and less. And as this situation builds up more and more, they will have to establish a United States Bank and bring in an entirely new system.

You are coming to the end of the Luciferian system. Lucifer and his armies will have to march to conquer people. There are many people that are asleep. And many people that seem to be unaware of what is happening as they follow all the propaganda lines. And they think that the Jews are the ‘chosen people.’ Well, Jesus said they are the sons of Lucifer. Well, you can believe Jesus, anyway.

I want you to realize that in this whole strategy, Lucifer and his whole family are not only going to lose control of this whole earth, but in this mighty battle which is shaping up, the children of the Kingdom, the people God quickens with HIS consciousness, are going to awaken out of their sleep and be triumphant.

I want you to know that you who have held to the Gospel of the Kingdom, you that have been opposed to the powers of darkness, you that have stood by the areas of Truth, you who have been laughed at by your neighbors, you who have held that the great ‘Right Wing’ is the awakening of God’s Spirit calling out God’s people---unto you is going to given, the Administration of God’s Kingdom. And I am going to cite to you that those who seem to be in positions of authority, and count themselves first, are going to be last---and be glad to be doorkeepers in the House of God.

When you take over the Kingdom, don’t you make any mistakes about it, today, my friends, it may be the battle for America. Tomorrow, for the world, as we take over for Christ. So I can assure you that you have the armies of Heaven and armies that we cannot begin to measure as they hit the horizons. And as we said this afternoon, let people say, ‘I never see any flying saucers around, I never see any flying ships.--’

Well, the people with Paul, said it thundered. But Paul saw Christ. And the children of the Kingdom are not alone in this thing. But some of them who haven’t built up a prejudice against this fact, until their eyes are blinded, are beginning to say, ‘Behold, in the twinkling of an eye, the great armies of heaven can materialize and the enemy will know great and mighty defeat.’

I am going to tell you that you can also be thankful that God has placed an all abiding presence close to each and every one of you. I can also tell you that you can also look forward with anticipation, for the God of Heaven surrounds the House of Israel.

I am going to tell you that when you call for Heaven, it is going to be right there. It is around us now, with us now. And it only waits for the children of God to awaken and call this power to drive the enemy from this land.

So when you see all the demands for these tapes from all over the world, from clergy, from churches and others, playing these tapes, then you see by these things that God has produced a miracle here in honoring HIS word. Don’t worry when the money crashes, for God will see you thru in HIS plan for the Children of the Kingdom.

(End of Sermon)

(Now here in January 1975, we are moving into this money crash. It will be interesting in watching what happens.)