ERM - 03-94 Genesis Bible Study

BIBLE STUDY  -  3-94

by Ella Rose Mast

Genesis 1;14:-19---From the Companion Bible, App. 12----------

Not only were the heavenly bodies created to divide day from night, to give light to the earth, but for SIGNS, for seasons, and for days, and years. There is an emphases in this area that we should single out these four purposes and consider them separately. Therefore let us at this time consider SIGNS.

We see there are signs of something or someone TO COME, that is the indication.

"Learn not the way of the Heathen and be not dismayed at the SIGNS of the Heavens." (Jer. 10:2)

The Stars are numbered and named, and there are 12 signs of the Zodiac called 'Start'. In Genesis 37:9 eleven of these bowed down to Joseph who was the 12th.

The word Zodiac means the degrees or steps which mark the stages of the suns path thru the heavens, corresponding with the 12 months, 12 being one of the special numbers of scripture.

The Stars were all named by YAHWEH (Ps. 147:4) The Arabic and Hebrew names have been retained of many of them. In old scriptures many were used and were well known such as in the book of Job 38 and Job 9---such as Arcturus, Orion, The Pleiades, and the word Mazzaroth which meant the signs of the Zodiac. Many translations today are incorrect but the astronomers do know of the constellations, but most do not know their meanings. These SIGNS go back to the foundation of the world, and Josephus, the Judean Historian, assures us that this Bible Astronomy was invented by Adam, Seth and Enoch.

You must remember that our written scriptures began with Moses thus for those two thousands plus years before, the revelation of HOPE YAHWEH gave to his people in earth was preserved in the meaning of the Stars and their grouping in SIGNS and Constellations.

The SIGNS and Constellations were first established and then the pictures were drawn around them. The truth was enshrined and written in the Heavens where no human hands could erase. Thus we have told you of that Ancient Star Bible the forerunner of the Written scriptures.

Now; Ps. 19:4--The verbs in the first 1-6 verses are literary---"The Heavens declare the Glory of God; and the firmament sheweth HIS Glory. Day by day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge. There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard. Their line is gone out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world. In them hath he set a tabernacle for the sun, which is an a Bridegroom coming out of his chamber, and rejoiceth as a strong man to run a race. His going forth is from the ends of the heavens and his circuit unto the ends of it; and there is nothing hid from the heat of it."

These verses refer not to the creation but to the eloquence of it's teaching and revelation. Therefore what do they prophecy, what knowledge does these SIGNS impart and what Glory do they tell of?

The ONE great central truth of all prophecy, is the coming of the ONE--who tho he would suffer, should in the end crush the head of the Serpent. Therefore where do you open this book of knowledge contained in the Zodiac?

The SPHINX was built in Egypt as a memorial, and it had the head of a woman and the body and tail of a lion. This SIGN was to tell us that this story written in the heavens began with the SIGN of Virgo and will end with the SIGN of Leo. The word Sphinx is from the Greek word Sphingo meaning 'to join’ because it binds together the two ends of their circle of the heavens.

The Sphinx has suffered much violence over the years, and is sadly in need of repair. In the heyday of Napoleon he went to Egypt and took some shots at the head of the Sphinx and did much damage to the head. The headdress was effected and the great apron which hung down for the head hiding the fact that this was a woman's head, thus for a long time and still today people think that this SIGN established so long ago in the land of Egypt. In the Temple--inside was the Zodiac, and all the stars of the 12 magnitude, and between the Woman--Virgo and the Man--Leo, they placed this SIGN of the Sphinx.

The number of SIGNS then is 12 meaning the number of governmental perfection or rule. The SIGNS are divided into three books or 4 SIGNS each, this 3 times 4 the product of Divine truth working in the earth.

In Appendixes 10 we are told that numbers are used in scriptures not merely as in nature, with supernatural design but with Spiritual significance.

In simple words the story of the heavens then is:

1. Virgo--the prophecy of the promised seed.

2. Libra--The Redeemer's work--(Grace)

3. Scorpio--The Redeemer's conflict.

4. Sagittarius--The Prophecy fulfilled.

5. Capricorns--The Prophecy of Deliverance.

6. Aquarius--Results of work bestowed.

7. Pisces-- Results of work enjoyed.

8. Aries--The prophesied deliverance fulfilled

9. Taurus--The prophecy of coming judgment.

10.Gemini--The Redeemer's reign of Glory.

11.Cancer--The Redeemer's possession safe.

12.Leo---The Prophecy of triumph fulfilled.

For further information refer to the Gospel of the Stars which we reviewed for you from the old books.

Numbers;---At the flood of Noah's time, the number 7 was the number of spiritual perfection, showing that numbers are used with spiritual significance. 40 days--was the number of probation, or the act of proving. Thus 40 is 10 x 4 or the Divine order applied to earthly things, thus the number of probation.

Also interesting is that the 4 perfect number's 3--7--10--12 have as their product the remarkable number of 2520--and you know what that number is. It is the least common multiple of the 10 digits governing all numerations, and can therefore be divided by each of the nine digits without a remainder. It is the number of chronological perfection of 7 x 360 which also equals 2520---After all those years of captivity and migration the U.S. of A. was established as a nation.


AZALE----where is it?

There will be a new place at one extremity of the valley which will be caused after the mount of Olives is split in two by the great earthquake and one part moves to the north and one part to the south. There is one continuous day or one day by itself known only to THE LORD which will create this valley. Living waters then will issue out as Ezekiel tells us (47)---

and this goes with Revelation 22:1-2. Living waters---truth from the Living Saints with that knowledge--it will be as fresh running water.

Dr. Swift said that Azal is also another name of Lucifer so there is that connection with this catastrophe here.


Ps: 82---here gods are Elohim--and earthly judges as representing God, himself.

Exodus 7:1---speaking to Moses he said:--See I have made thee a God unto Pharaoh, and Aaron thy prophet. Also see Chapter 4:16---God--Elohim--one of the Family of God.---------

The Wicked are called the lawless ones and Satan the Lawless ONE, even in the old books such as 'The Apocalypse of Peter.'

The WORD SELAH--means connecting the indictment with the command to judge righteously. Thus Arise O Elohim, judge the earth, for thou shalt inherit all nations.


Question:--How was Moses taking the people thru the red sea considered as Baptism?

Answer:--Well, "Isa. 45:2--says, when thou passeth thru the waters I will be with you.' This is a promise of future deliverance for Israel.

John was baptizing with water--which was a symbolic promise of future deliverance for Israel, and Christ was baptized by John as a SIGN given to Israel--of what???? What was then given to the Apostles and Disciples--but the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.--"NOW I COME UNTO YOU"--and he came to his disciples and the Apostles and HE reconnected the Holy Spirit and the soul consciousness so we no longer need a Priest of the Temple to intercede for us. He did this by sending the area of His Consciousness into complete communication with these individuals. And now it was possible to go direct to HIM, no longer go thru the Priest of the Temple to reach HIM. In a symbolic way he put the Adamic Race back in touch with the Holy of Holies or Holy Spirit, and He could do this because our spirit is spirit of His Spirit. Thus we had the former rain. Being born of incorruptible seed, born thus of His Spirit, we are to be in perfect communication with HIM. Now the soul consciousness is also once more connected and you will be empowered to reach that connection.

"Arise and Shine thy light has come, and the Glory of God has risen upon thee." This is a latter day manifestation--WHEN HE COMES and then we shall be changed in the twinkling of an eye.