ERM - Answer Of Reverend Foley To The World Bk 37 Vol 5


Report by Ella Rose Mast


Answer Of The Reverend Thomas P. Foley To The World

Book 37, Volume 5

By Joanna Southcott


What manner of communications are these:----

The Reverend P. Foley came to believe that the writings of Joanna were true, and he published a booklet saying this. Then he came to live here to study. He knew that she had struggled for 12 years and without the aide and assistance of the God of the heavens she could not have written all that she did. There was a public trial held at the High House of Paddington for seven days in January of 1803, to investigate these writings. They had asked that the ministers of the Church of England should come but they paid no attention.

Reverend Foley had been pointed out to Joanna as one who would help and finally he came. This work by reverend Foley and a man by the name of Sharp was called from 'the seed' of Faith by the 'spirit of truth'. Joanna is told that most everything Christ did in earth was a message for the latter days, such as was the turning of the water into wine. Thus, the best is for the last. Just as the promises from the first were also for the last. Christ's heel was bruised for the transgression of man. Satan's head is to be crushed for betraying the woman.

Eve began perfect and thus fell. Like a travailing woman in sorrow did Eve begin when she found that she had been betrayed by the serpent, condemned by her husband and blamed by her maker like a travailing woman then her sorrow began. But perfect --"I TELL THEE" --shall she be at the end.

Now the end---nearly like the fall will come in the spring for (Adam) man, when I COME TO BRING IN THEIR REDEMPTION, AS I told them to mark the Green leaves, knowing that summer was nigh at hand, and their Redeemer was drawing near. You know when the sun rises, and where it sets. Thus the sun must set on the Woman's head and the power's of darkness must go into darkness, for there was the curse fixed and there must his proud waves be stayed.

Thus,--I placed the woman first; to be created as a helpmate for (Adam) man. Second to have the promise made to her that her seed should bruise the Serpent's head. Third for ME to be born of a woman to have my heel bruised, that I might accomplish the promise and for truth to send my Spirit to visit the woman to kindle that enmity and to claim the promise.

Here are the four quarters for men to discern, here is the sun dial where by men may see the time and the seasons. How all will be fulfilled. And now let men discern deep from the manner of MY visitation, the manner of thy Faith and Fears, what thou hast gone thru, trusting in ME, fearing to offend. Jealous of being deceived, with a single eye to MY honor and glory, wishing to know MY WILL and to obey it. And with a strong enmity against the serpent which is the devil. Fearing neither his threatening, nor his malice, but trusting wholly in ME to be the keeper, and deliverer from all his power.

I designed the kingdom for (Adam) man from before the creation. And now I go on like before to defy the working of the Serpent. Those who mock My coming they will find it will come upon them in a day they little think of, and in an hour unawares, as MY first visitation came upon thee.

Now, the Spirit of truth tells Joanna that the truth came forward more strongly to convince an unbelieving world, that say it was proved by nothing, but Believers. Thus it could possibly have been if these ministers had been believers, and perfect. Thus, I tell thee of the end. I shall make the truth much clearer to prove their innocence and My visitation unto them then it could be proved if they had never been deceived.




A man dreamt he should go till he saw four white oxen in a plough and then he would have great possessions. He went for 18 or 19 miles and at last he saw four white Oxen ploughing. He went up to the man with the four Oxen, and told the man of his dream. The man laughed at him and called him a fool, and said the same night that he should go to such a place and there he would find and dig up a French nut tree, and under it he would find a large crock or Pot of gold. (Later she says she will explain this.)




Joanna is told by the Spirit that even the actions of Reverend Pomeroy was planned to be this way. If he had come forth willing at first to confirm Joanna's writings, then people would not have believed as readily as they have this way, when enemies as well as friends desired to prove the Truth. And all of this shall end when He makes every truth clear in a way that ye know not. And mark the way the shadow began by strangers coming from different quarters to search out the truth, thru Faith. Men will act thru unbelief when His appointed time is come. But HIS Visitation to thee (Joanna) shall rise higher and brighter and brighter to the perfect day. And then ye shall know what was sown in weakness shall rise in power.

Then Joanna is told by the spirit that her writings shall become like the water turned into wine. The best has been reserved for the last. And that other women shall be there for the end. And altho there will be other women to finish what Joanna has begun, and pen the words that I HAVE DELIVERED TO THEE, AND THOU TO THEE. Thus know that there are many things yet to be cleared up and these shall confound all Gainsayers.

Always Joanna is told the same thing, time after time, that for the last is the redemption of the woman and the destruction of the Serpent, to bring this about. This is a fulfillment of the Scriptures, and Joanna thru her writings was to also consider that HE hath begun to fulfill all things, and "I SHALL MAKE AN END." The Tree of Life has not been as yet fulfilled, neither has it come to (Adam) man. For a sword was placed so that (Adam) man would not b e able to reenter and live in sin forever.



Our LORD told us in the third chapter of John that the Visitation of HIS Spirit would come and friends now say, so hath it come to Joanna Southcott.

All visitations we believe have been from the inspiration of the Spirit within. For ye are told---"The spirit of truth shall come to guide you into all truth.” Our LORD told his disciples, that it was His father (the spirit) that spoke within them. And speaking to Nicodemus He said, those that are born of the spirit, hear the spirit, as ye hear the wind. Thus you are to realize that one part of the Gospel is fulfilled but one part is not. The spirit of truth which the world cannot receive will come to teach you all things and bring all things to your remembrance. So the Gospel is plain of an Inward visitation of the spirit of the LORD, and without that no prophecies can be depended upon. Thus we know that often the LORD hath visited someone thru out the ages.

Then Thomas Foley concludes by saying:--We are embarked on a voyage of greatest momentous concern, that was ever undertaken by the sons of God. We are on our way to the Canaan shore. Shirk not your posts, nor cast a longing, lingering look upon this vain and deceitful world. But set your faces fixed upon the Promised land. Let us neither faint nor slacken our diligence to hold to our course, though the waters rage and swell, and though the mountain shake. He will deliver us out of all storms and carry us in the end, into a Haven of Rest. Which remains for the people of God. Let us now prove ourselves Children of the free woman, knowing that when 'the son' shall make us free, we shall be free indeed. Knowing that His spirit will fortify our souls against all opposition and make us valiant for the truth, now outlined before us. And here if we prove that we are faithful to the Grace and Appointment given us, we have nothing to fear. But shall be carried safe thru all troubles, and trials of every kind. For HE who rideth upon the White Horse is our leader and defender. And HE hath a bow to wound his adversaries, and a crown to give his true and gold tried followers. And HE goes forth conquering and to conquer. But remember to him only that overcometh will HE grant to sit with HIM on His throne. As HE also overcomes and sets down with the Father on HIS throne.

Signed Thomas P. Foley.

(Had a change of heart, didn't he?)


BOOK 36----Volume 5-----by Joanna Southcott.


Sealed prophecies.


Joanna was to write the prophecies then to seal them up for a time, and in this time the prophecies were of men and none of them came true. Then as they were published it was found that the writings of Joanna, which came from the Spirit of truth, had come true. Showing the difference in the two. But when things did not happen immediately then men have a tendency to disbelieve. This makes it easy for Satan to step into the picture and divide and conquer.

The 'spirit of truth' tells Joanna that it grieves HIM that she worries so much at what she is doing and why people do not agree with her. She should have more confidence in his protection. So quit worrying about other peoples blindness for all will end as the LORD has proclaimed no matter what men say, or do. Joanna has had many headaches because of men's disbelief, and she is told to stop this, but she cannot seem to quit the worrying because men do not want to turn and learn anything that she has to say.


BOOK 35---Volume 5-----by Joanna Southcott.

The Kingdom of Christ is at hand and an examination of baptism and the use of the church Ordinances, and the Sealing of the people for the latter days.


Now, HE comes this time in power, which is added to the meaning of the words of John:---"I called you--not servants, but friends. Proving that the Spirit of truth must first visit with you as Friends, to make known unto you the Divine Will, like the Vine and the branches are one. Also that the living waters can never come to man, but by the visitation of the Spirit to friends, who are waiting as the people were waiting at the pool of Bethesda to be healed.

An explanation of these words: 'MY spirit shall not always strive with (Adam) man. There shall be a new heaven and a new earth. The Sword of the LORD shall go forth to destroy his enemies. This is the heritage of the servants of The LORD.

An explanation of the fall of (Adam) man by the woman and his redemption by the one man Christ. This is to unite them both as ONE. As the woman was at first tempted by the devil. Christ was also thus tempted by the devil, but he could never deceive Christ as he did Adam. But by the fulfillment of the promise of the creation, all things will be put under his feet with and explanation of these words of St. Paul---"In a moment in the twinkling of an eye.” Also an explanation of the type of Enoch and Elijah being not seeing the grave, and of Christ, who did not remain in the grave. Death which in the end must be swallowed up in victory, and (Adam) man then changed to be like HIS Glorious body. As to the sealing of the people, there would have to be a visitation of the spirit with the people then looking for their redemption, for this must not come without a visitation of the spirit, without knowledge, for the people must not be tempted to look for their redemption in the wrong way.

As Joanna explains the letter received from different ministers, is always pointing out how wrong these men are as they try to explain the scriptures. In conclusion there is only one way for events to happen, and only one sequence to be followed. And she is not talking of ordinances but the great program of God Almighty for this earth and for his people.

Believers are kept by the power of God thru Faith unto Salvation not thru the keeping of ordinances. The 'tares' are the worshipers of the Beast--( the world order). And all will worship him whose names are not found written in the Book of Life. The Beast (the World order) is the offspring of the Devil. God manifested himself unto the (Adamites in the flesh) or in the vital communications of Himself, unto His church, and his people. Saying these are the good seed to be saved.

Joanna argues with one man who says she is deluded, for there is only one way for salvation, and that is by Baptism. But she says it is the coming of the Spirit of truth that shall bring Salvation. But if you depend on only the sealing of the people, and do not understand it then you also still have no foundation to build upon. Those who come into knowledge must rely on the written word of God, knowing all these things are foretold. You come into the sheepfold by Faith. And you go on to acknowledge that the devil has his kingdom that is to be destroyed. And the Kingdom of God is to be established. You then can fight as good soldiers under Christ's banner against the world order, the flesh and the devil. This is the fulfillment of the word Baptism, and also the meaning of the sealing. But without Faith neither baptism, nor sealing is any protection for (Adam) man.

Joanna is then told that it is Gods spirit that is working in her that has brought her to this knowledge of HIS program. For HIS sheep must be guided by HIS spirit, directed by His spirit, and they must also receive the Holy spirit as his disciples did. Thus they must be born of HIS spirit, to hear His voice. Do not those who deny the coming of the 'spirit of truth' realize that HE said that in the latter years he would pour out his spirit upon His sons and his daughters and that they would prophecy. Anyone denying this are walking in darkness with the Beast (the world order)

If the children of Israel had stopped in Egypt with the sprinkling of the blood upon the door posts they would not have been delivered, now would they? You must follow unto the end of this program of God. If Christ died on the cross to fulfill the Will or program of the Almighty shall not then (Adam) man be obedient unto His Will to resist evil and choose good? Thus this signing that you believe in HIS coming and Satan's destruction is showing you Faith and Love, resistance to evil and choosing that which is good.

Know this then ---( Adam ) man at first chose evil and refused God's plan. This was done by following the lead of the woman, but now as you come to the last days, then you must join with the woman to choose good. Remember Christ gave himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time. Thus can man do the testifying here in the last days? Of course not Adam was not deceived but the woman being in transgression (changing from spirit to physical) was deceived. Not withstanding she shall be saved thru childbearing. If she continues in Faith, Charity, and sobriety. For in Adam all died, even so in Christ shall all be made alive. Thus understand that if by the woman this transgression came, then the promise being fulfilled brings the redemption the same way. (Thru the woman.)

Coming down to the time of the Virgin Mary whom Christ called Mother, you must now realize that this is the record left for you to understand. You continue in Faith, and this is Charity, that Women must believe in charity---that women must believe in their redemption, to bring the spiritual seed. For know this, that as soon as the woman is freed from the transgression and her redemption takes place, then comes the redemption of (Adam) man. How vain it is for man to believe that his redemption can take place, for he is born of woman, and as long as the woman stands under the transgression of the fall his redemption cannot totally be fulfilled.

Thus we say that the woman of revelation 12 is God's Israel, and it is thru joining of the (Adamic) man and the (Adamic) woman that spiritual seed can be passed on to their children. Thus the disciples wrote even tho at times not understanding, that the end will prove to all men that it was the second Adam, the man Christ Jesus who was not deceived, who was also born of the woman (Israel), and who will free her of the transgression of the fall. Thus there is no way for men to clear their bibles, to heal the transgression of the man before Christ heals the transgressions of the woman (Israel). Altho man was not first in transgression still he joined in the fall. If these False Shepherds say that the woman's transgression is not to be considered for she was only deceived then must the woman (Israel) be destroyed, and a new creation formed without the woman. We would say not for this was the Father's words from the creation. And a redemption was promised before Adam and Eve even came into flesh.

To enforce this then Christ also came the same way that Adam and Eve came, as a babe from the woman. In this way the scriptures can be fulfilled. How could (Adam) man watch for the day and the hour then if they were not warned and understood? How could they be warned but by the Spirit?


BOOK 34---Volume 5-----By Joanna Southcott.



Joanna tries to unveil the meaning of the parables then realizes how she does not see deeply as to their meaning. Every parable was to be a type of the End. The wheels of Ezekiel and the rings, and the wheels within wheels shows the wondrous works of your creation. The living creatures would not have been understood unless you understand that they are alluding to (Adam) man. (We today understand the interpretation of Chapters one and two of Ezekiel which Joanna at that time did not understand. For the scripture even identifies them as the children of Israel.)

The parable of a man planting a vineyard and then letting it out to husbandmen, but when HE sent for the fruit of the vineyard, they beat one and stoned another, and wounded him in the head. Again HE sent another, and they killed him, and many others, beating some and killing others and then HE sent his son and they killed him also. This pertains then to the LORD of the Vineyard who shall come to destroy all these husbandmen.

This parable also stands for the End, when HE comes in Might, Majesty and power to claim the vineyard. Which is also in earth. All those who despise his love and reject his Gospel and every visitation of His Spirit will be destroyed. All this so that you shall see His Gospel clear. Then the spirit of truth says that His parables stand for mankind to warn them of the end. This time it is different for this time of the end the parables are for signs to show the (Adamic) people what should come upon them.

Now this word Adultery was much misunderstood, this was the adulteration of MY Gospel. This is man's interpretation which Joanna was speaking against. For the Gospel ends with the identification of a people of the Kingdom, and of the Holy city, with its 12 gates---all symbolic---of the 12 tribes of Israel. This is the message Joanna's critics would not submit to. They would not admit that the time comes for the power of Satan to be cut off and the kingdom of god to be set in place.


BOOKLET 27-----volume 5----Joanna Southcott.


There were five false changes in the Leed's Mercury brought against Joanna. But only four were brought to her. And she answers with four true charges against her adversaries.

The charges:---

1. I know she declared to the world that her sealing would cease on the last day of Dec. 1803. Old style. And it is well known that she continues this practice to this day.

2. She positively declared that in March last, the invasion would take place; this I believe she never put in print, but I dare say the believers have heard her affirm it many times.

3. In a tremendous prediction, your every grain, says the prophetess, shall be smitten with rust and mildew. This the believers say has come to pass. I appeal Mr. Editor, to you and all the world, whether the late harvest did not rather falsify then establish this prediction. Wheat was in some places a failure, but in several others it was exactly the reverse.

4. I come now to Joanna's late and awful trial, so long foretold. The unbelieving Clergy, it was said, would be compelled to be present, and to acknowledge the mission of this wonderful woman. I ask the believers. Is this true?

5. And lately she has said frequently that the LORD had made known unto her that she would not live to see the end of the year 1804. Is this true?

Certainly not. How then can this woman charge such falsehoods upon heaven? The word of God has descended upon her pretensions and says: 'when a prophet speaketh in the name of the LORD, if the thing follows not, nor comes to pass, that is the thing that the LORD hath not spoken. But the prophetess hath spoken it presumptuously and thou shalt not be afraid of her.

Joanna answers this first acquisition by repeating what she has said in the beginning. After her death that the seal would be broken and given to someone who would go on with the sealing until the number mentioned in Revelation as being sealed is finished. (This would then cover all of the tribes of Israel, and all of those people.)

The Spirit of truth then speaks out as to this sealing which was to go on for all those who wished to have God's kingdom established and Satan's kingdom be destroyed. Know then ---that on the Cross as HE said, "It is finished." This meant that Satan's power over Christ was finished. But it did not stop Satan from going on a rampage after the Apostles and disciples.

But the people of the tribes of Israel shall be numbered, as mentioned in Revelation. These are those that are sealed by Faith.

The second charge:---Joanna said that this second charge is even without any foundation of truth, words that she never spoke, nor even thought of. The Spirit of truth then says as to these second charges--- they are false for the Spirit of truth knows her heart.

The Third Charge:---this prophesying against the grain harvest in the year of 1804. The Spirit says if this harvest was so good why the high prices and great drought in the land?

The parable said that the dew shall bring the rust upon the grain. But if men no longer mock and jest, the famine not shall come. The good crops is men who will come to save your land from utter destruction, as a good crop prevented a famine.

The 4th and 5th charges are to be answered by the spirit. These are charges to be turned back upon the Shepherds.

The four charges were first brought against the people of God, those who had been visited by 'MY WORD.’ This high price of corn by the failure of the harvest of 1804 is confirmed in the house of Lord's.


BOOK 26---Volume 5 by Joanna Southcott.


Answer to Garret's Book. ---The Scriptures of Truth, by Rev. Jeremiah Learnault Garret, Author of ‘Rays of Everlasting Light.’

This is a description of the print of this book:---The head of Rev. Garret is uncommonly large. Above the head, he is adorned with a cross and a crown. On one side an axe, a sword and a whip. On the other side is something resembling a spear, with a trumpet and some grapes. Beneath the man is a quarter angle divided in the middle with God in Hebrew characters, surrounded with rays of Glory, and the words ‘holy, holy, holy.’ Near the bottom angle is written Lamb's wife. All in rays and a bare arm issuing from behind the angle. With a sword pointing to the beast below, with 12 heads on, which is seated a woman with a devil behind her. And one of his arms around her waist. The other pointing to the opposite side at a watchman with a lantern, blowing his own horn. Behind is a mount, and a cross. And out of this cross issues a small cross with two labels on which is written the following texts--I Corinthians 15:45, 47 and Col. 2:14. under the beasts with 12 heads and the woman, and the devil is written in small letters, Wonders of Neckinger. Over the devils horns, which are of the Bat kind, is a house, the lower part invisible to the eye with smoke, a long string with a dart at the end, forming the devils tail. Under the whole is written in large letters:--The Reverend Jer. Learnolt Garret P.R., Minister of Zion Chapel, Lant Street, Southwark.

Joanna then tells us that this description shows how Rev. Garrett placed his head hovering over the sacred name of God (YAHWEH ) with the holy of Holies, and the Lamb's wife.

Joanna answers the criticism of this minister and she says that this picture he has drawn he is coming forth in the spirit of the Jews, placing Christ as a devil seated on a monstrous beast as tho it were Beelzebub, the chief of the devils, in inner earth, according to the language of the Jews. And he with a sword going to stab the whole, treading down the holy one of Israel beneath him. The 'Spirit of truth' also joins in this condemnation of this minister saying that Garret was more hateful to ME than when he lived in public sin, for a proud and vain, boasting false pharisee is worse than publicans and sinners.


BOOK 25---Volume 5--------Joanna Southcott.


THE TRIAL OF Joanna Southcott -------begun on the 5th, and ended on the 11th, of December 1804,----at the Neckinger House, Bermondsey, near LONDON.

Now the spirit of truth had something to say about that trial---'Let this be a convincing proof to all men that truth cannot be made known by an enemy. Truth must be made known by a believer, who will not blind her own eyes, nor the eyes of others, but do justice toward God or man, which the enemies of MY Cross would never do. Now let the world see who really comes forth with the truth.'

Men of the ministry were thus to come forth and prove that Joanna's writings were true or false. Unbelievers then sprang up and criticized or persecuted Joanna for saying her writings were from the Spirit of truth. People then came from distant parts of the kingdom to hear Joanna's trial. They did not know it was to be carried on by the Clergy. Seven men then came from seven different counties as the 'Spirit of truth' then called and these men were not considered as wise men, who trusted in their own wisdom, and learned wisemen who trusted to their own learning. Those men thought that if they remained silent that all this would just go away while these simple, unlearned men were willing to learn, what they had never understood.

Finally 24 persons, including seven mentioned were chosen and meetings were held for several days according to orders, for the regular examination of the different witnesses. On Wednesday, Dec. 5, 1804, the trial of Joanna Southcott commenced. The letters sent to the Clergy and by them returned were laid before the meeting. Also other letters from several Clergymen stating their sentiments were read, and it appeared that their general tendency was to mock the mission of Joanna. Several of the letters were considered so indecent they could not be read before the group. Thus then anyone that stood for or against Joanna were interviewed, even her brother.

Now the next day the assembly met with Joanna and many of her women friends. Here the box of writings which had not been published were put on the table for consideration. And now the interviews must be with the women who had gathered around Joanna.

A communication came from the Spirit of truth. Joanna had been ill, in a sort of trance close to death. But now comes the decree from the 'spirit of truth' to those gathered to determine if Joanna's writings were of god or the devil. It had been determined that the cost of this trial should be born by the great and learned who had doubted her. but they were also to give their answers before the seals were broken on the box of Joanna's writings that had been sealed until this day. Someone was to be found who could read Joanna's writings after she is gone. That the hand of Joanna being determined was a hand that no man could forge. All this was to be happening until HIS Kingdom is established. All this was not to be known at present, but nothing shall be concealed that ---"I shall do upon earth.”

After this communication from the Spirit of Truth was read the assembly instantly stood up and with uplifted hands one and all cried out:---"The Will of the LORD be done.”

At about half past eleven Joanna then began to cut open the sealed bundles of her sealed writings. Then she had to retire again for a little while. She came back later and started to explain as to this trial in which she said that she was called by the LORD, and not by man.

On the fourth day about 700 people were present. Joanna found the strength to address the crowd after the services. She told them the story of the scriptures. After bringing them to the fall and the promise. She became faint and left off speaking. But the men with their investigation of her writings went on with their work.

On the fifth day, it was decided as to which of Joanna's writings would be sealed up until after her death. The 'spirit of truth' had decreed as to which writings were to be sealed until after her death. And the 'spirit of truth' then tells her that ----His wisdom has been concealed till now, but now MY WISDOM SHALL FLY ABROAD. Then let the learned see if they can overthrow their God.

(Thus the identity message went out, first as British Israel Identity and then in America as the last great nation of God's kingdom, the message was picked up and carried forward.)

'The Spirit of truth then said:---I cannot bring in (Adam) man's redemption before I come in the spirit to clear the woman. This prophecy must be fulfilled in ME. Thus to claim the promise, clear the fall, and bring forth children to the LORD. And now let the world see in what sorrow thou hast brought forth thy children, how strong thy desire has been to the LORD. How many times you have been afraid of being deceived. But notice how strong I have ruled over you until I brought you back to the knowledge lost in the fall, and which lead to the misunderstanding of the Gospel. And now I tell you that the Jews were plucked up and cast out for they have no place in me. The unbelievers shall also be plucked up, they perish thru unbelief. And will be plucked up by the root, as branches dead having no share or lot in this matter. To be united with the church triumphant in Glory above, or with the church militant here on earth.

"From the east to the west, from north to south

My name shall fly abroad,

And all the listening nations round

Shall praise their conquering LORD.


And now the last ceremony comes for Joanna has done her work. And she is told by the 'spirit of truth' that her work will do more good when she has gone on home. As Joanna then reads thru these writings that have been sealed she sees how everything has been foretold.

Thus, ends the trial of Joanna Southcott, examined and proved by the 12 witnesses. Then here begins the trial of all men's wisdom, to prove and to see what is in Man.