ERM - Dispute Between the Woman and Powers of Darkness 1802 - Bk 11 Vol 2


Report by Ella Rose Mast

A Dispute Between the Woman and the Powers of Darkness 1802

Booklet 11 ,  Volume 2

By Joanna Southcott


Joanna tells us that it may seem to her readers that there be this dispute between the woman and the powers of darkness, but the LORD hath given liberty to Satan to come and offer whatever arguments that he had to plead against the justice of his sentence as to being bound for this coming 1000 years, and not being able to tempt any of the children of God who are now sealed in their foreheads.

Joanna had not written the words of Satan before because she thought his words as blaspheme against YAHSHUA. Now; however Joanna says that here in the 1800's she has now been commanded by the spirit of truth to pen every word. She had not done this is 1792 because she thought it would make religion sinful.

Remember that the LORD himself had disputed with the devil for about 40 days. So shall the creature be more bold than his creation? If the LORD had been contending with Satan for man nearly 6000 years, then Joanna should be able to contend with the devil for seven days. (This meaning that we of the 7th era must contend with the devil, for our maker for seven clays. (Think of the significance of the number 7 which has such a place in the scriptures. Thus the Adamites need to contend with the Devil for these many years---why? Joanna says that we must fight and prove that we are of the 'Tree of life'.) The dispute began with the woman and the devil and it must now end this way. Thus Joanna was given this command by the spirit to write these words which she considered were blaspheme by Satan. But if she now is able to answer all the things declared by the serpent, then answer them as would the spirit of truth. And in Faith she held out for seven days. And if this would occur then men would come to judge that the woman had a powerful adversary to contend with and now they would he ready to follow the woman's teaching.

Joanna was promised by the 'spirit of truth' that Satan would not be allowed to harm her in those seven days, as she answered these charges that the Serpent would make. So Joanna went to a private place, and did as she was ordered to do. On the three day of the seven the ministers were to come and the devil would be permitted to come in person to argue with the men. But the devil did not show and therefore he was forbidden to come to her in person and stand before the woman. So Joanna had nothing to fear from his appearance, but was commanded only to write his words. Joanna knew that if her writings were from the Lord that she had nothing to fear but she did concede that she had trembled a time or two. But her faith was so strong, that she would go ahead and show you that the woman mentioned in Revelation 12 must tread down Satan under her feet by strength of argument, and by faith in Jesus Christ, our blessed Lord and Savior. Thus the last may be first and the first last. In other words the woman fell first and shall conquer Satan who stands here at the last to destroy completely.

We, here today at almost 200 years later, think the woman of Revelation 12 is the Israel of God thus making the scriptures come alive. And now Joanna begins her seven days of testing. This is a dialogue between her and Satan.

SATAN:---Thy God is a liar, but I did not say the God of the heavens, for he is not thy God.

JOANNA:---Well who then is my God? For I serve no other God but the God of the heavens.

SATAN'S friend:---Call me not Satan for I am Satan's friend. Now I will answer if thou seekest to serve God. Thou must begin a new life. The reason that I say this is that you know it is written---"Be still and know that I am God.” The angels were cast out of heaven because they could not serve a god in that manner. Satan was a lively, cheerful spirit full of mirth, and the LORD could not stand this, so he cast him out of the heavens. So I tell you, that you are deceived, you are in no way like HIM. So how can you serve HIM. Even when his son was on earth, he was sorrowful, and gloomy, he died in sorrow. I will convince you from the scriptures that you are not serving the God of the Heavens.

JOANNA:---Was that the reason you were cast out of the heavens? Because you were too cheerful a spirit? All the Angels of the LORD sing HIS Praises. Our Savior was sorrowful to see what Satan had wrought. He wept over Jerusalem, for he saw how its destruction was being planned. Christ had commanded HIS Gospel to be preached. Do you, Satan's friend, still say Satan was cast out of heaven for nothing, but being a cheerful spirit?

SATAN'S FRIEND:---You fool do you judge that I am a liar like yourself? Can you be such a fool that you would judge the God of heaven ever came to you in this manner? HE was more familiar with the Angels. You do not know God or His ways. His footsteps are did in a deep sleep. No man can by searching find out about the Almighty God.

JOANNA:--- Then you admit that God is Almighty. And if thou were an innocent cheerful spirit, then you have changed for you are now a vengeful spirit full of deadly poison.

SATAN'S FRIEND:---Now you have come to the very inquiry that I wished for you. You are not to say that when men commit sin that it is from the devil. Do not say that Satan is the author of all evil.

JOANNA:--Whom am I to ascribe evil, our Savior, himself said that sin was of the Devil. He it was that said that in time Lucifer himself would worship at His feet once more, and also worship at the feet of the woman (Israel).Therefore I confess that God Almighty, our Savior is worthy to be loved. Worthy to be feared, worthy to be held in everlasting remembrance.

SATAN'S FRIEND:---Is this thy spirit? Then I tell thee that thou art lost forever. I now will tell you that from your beginning an evil spirit was in you up to this day. Finding no other way you came under the pretense of knowing what was coming upon the earth, and new things then found a way to appear as God's angels came and told you of these things. I shall then tell you the truth in a parable. You are like the woman that married in a mask, both she and her husband. But when the mask was taken off she found her mistake, she did not love him, but was forced to live with that husband.

Now, if you will renounce all you have written then Satan will be your friend. And all men will praise what you have written, and praise your wisdom. Have you noticed that many people write and their works are snapped up even before they are finished with the writings, while your writings just lay here with only a few friends to keep them alive?

JOANNA:--Thou fool, suppose the words thou has spoken be true. Let the spirit look to that and answer to Satan for what he has done. I will have nothing to do with this deception. I will not burn my writings for I will not please Satan or his friend so well.

SATAN'S FRIEND:--- Thou will never see another day. The spirit that loved thee hath deceived thee. That was Follart, who told you these things. It is his spirit that had intercourse with thy spirit, this is the mystery that thou wanted to know. He it is that prevented the devil from tearing thee in pieces. For your Faith is so wrong. If you do not see that you are a fool.

JOANNA:---I am not convinced that one word you have said is true. Thus, I will not burn my writings. I trust in The God of My salvation, for I know that HE would not give Satan such power over me. If I had been wrong then he would not have let me be led by a wrong spirit for 10 years. The LORD is My strong tower and Rock of defense, of whom shall I be afraid? I will not fear the arts of hell, for one thing contradicts the other.

SATAN, himself:---Don't say any more of one thing contradicting another, for that is like thy writings and the bible, both are full of contradictions.

JOANNA:---Then if they are alike I shall believe in both alike, and trust in the unbounded mercies of God who will make every crooked path before me ---STRAIGHT.

SATAN:---- What hath thou conquered in ---thou art a liar.

JOANNA:---In not obeying one command of the devil. And in trusting in God, of the heavens, my salvation, who is able to keep me from the powers of darkness.

SATAN:--Thy God is a liar. He said he would let Satan upon thee, and he has not. It is but his friends who have come.

JOANNA:--What a wretched hardened spirit could speak that word, if not the devil?

SATAN:--God is the liar and he hath deceived himself as well as man.

JOANNA:--How hath God deceived thee 0 Satan? Man must answer for himself, as to whether the LORD hath deceived him.

SATAN:--I know what thee want. It is to see something from the devil, to come from these ministers, but I will foil thee there.

JOANNA:---It is happy I will be when you say you have nothing to say for yourself. When you were at liberty thou did declare that the LORD hath not dealt justly with thee, for he set the bounds for you like he did for man.

SATAN:--Thou temptest the devil, and not the devil thee. What have I said against the LORD? Read it back to me, I want to know what has been said.

JOANNA:--I am not to read it back to you before the ministers come. The Lord knoweth whence all comes, either from the devil, or his friends. The LORD is a witness between me and then.

SATAN:--Will thee still have it that thy writings come from the LORD?

Doest thou still claim that promise?

JOANNA:--Yes, I believe them from the 'spirit of truth' which is the Almighty LORD, and I have a right to claim the promise the LORD hath made.

SATAN:--Well, if this is what is to be said in my silence, I might as well break in as not. I find I mock these fools by keeping back, it will not do. Thou will be convinced if I tear thee to pieces before the morning.

JOANNA:--I do not believe the LORD will let you come and tear me to pieces. HE hath promised me to keep me from Satan's power. He is the Rock of my defense. Then should I now be afraid?

SATAN:--- I will tell thee before morning, and fool with thee no longer. But if you will give up these writings I will leave thee alone, not hurt thee.

JOANNA:--No, I do not give them up, I cannot contend with my maker. Neither would I for the world, for I both love and fear him, and thee study of my life has been to know HIS way and to obey.

SATAN:--Thou mad fool, This is the reason I am coming unto thee, and have the power to destroy thee, because thou art claiming a promise of God, which he never made to you----to seal up the bounds for Satan, whose bounds are unlimited, whose power no one can deny.

JOANNA:---I answer --the Bible hath said---Satan shall be destroyed, for Christ died to triumph over death, hell and the grave, and to chain down the powers of darkness and who can prove HE will not do it? God hath not given thee leave, 0 Satan to come and hurt me, for it is not like him, for the LORD does not act in such a manner to those that love HIM.

My trust is in his mighty power,

And He will keep me still

And I with him shall surely stand,

On Zion's holy hill.

SATAN:--- Thou proud, vain and boasting fool, how doeth thou know what comes from Satan?

JOANNA:---No spirit of God would have made me that answer for trusting in the God of my salvation, I am on solid ground. The LORD himself hath commanded us to trust in HIM.

SATAN:--Then now I will tell thee my thoughts. Whatever spirit leads thee, thou art a fool to see, this betrays your ignorance. This shows more wisdom in the devil than in HIM.

JOANNA:--When the Lord places signs he will fulfill them. I have not given up my faith to Satan.

SATAN:--You say you will not give up thy faith to Satan, and now three men art to come and I did not devour them. But if thou do not agree to burn thy writings, I will surely jump on thee, as thou sawest in thy dream. So now, answer me, what will you do.

JOANNA:--I will not give up my Faith in God, nor say writings come from the devil. So you just as well give up.

SATAN:--do you mean to stand to that word?

JOANNA:--yes I will stand unless the LORD takes my life from me. And then HE alone makes me give them up. For men nor devils, never shall make me give them up, or give up my faith in the God of my salvation.

SATAN:-- Thou shall feel the weight of my anger before morning.

JOANNA:--Shall I fear to answer the O’ Satan, who seeketh my ruin, and the ruins of all mankind? Have I not a god that I can trust? Hie hand will support me. So I do not fear thy threatenings; for I know thy malice is more than thy power.

(This debate goes on between Joanna and Satan and then Satan says:)

SATAN:--Thou woman of hell, Is this the manner thou intendest to set forth that there art two kingdoms that are here, side by side. Is this the message thou are sending into the world?

JOANNA:---Yes, this is the VERY TRUTH--THERE ARE TWO KINGDOMS, THIS IS THE TRUTH I MEAN TO PUBLISH TO THE WORLD. For I have heard the voice of both. The voice of the Christ, is love, happiness and Peace, as that of a father, a brother, a friend, a husband and protector from all danger. This kingdom leading to perfect happiness. But thy voice holds, horror, which fills this heart with thy appearance, as threatening destruction if the LORD will give thee the power. Let the world then see your threatening, and your malice. This was thy own proposal to reign in thy kingdom. Thus man will finally see and chose God's Kingdom. Thousands have died before this for HIS Kingdom.

SATAN: Thou infernal______________? I have been given only seven days to contend with thee. I never thought that thou should give such an answer.

JOANNA:--What answer did thou think you would receive. As with Jezebel--you also shall be thrown down.

SATAN:--Go ahead and print, thou fool. For I have millions in money and I will give it all to men. And I will give leave for every pleasure, they may wish. I will not confine them to nothing but what their hearts desire to lust after.

JOANNA:--Now thou devil I have discovered thy cloven foot. The fear of God, the love of God, the praise and worship of God thou would destroy and take from the LORD the Glory due His name. Now let thee, and thy money perish with thee. The whole world will then turn on thee, It is time for Christ to cut off thy reign.

(After this, Satan left for a few hours then broke in again)

SATAN:--Satan is handy by thee.

JOANNA: What hath Satan to say now?

SATAN:--IF thou will strike out all that thou hast written then Satan will forgive thee.

JOANNA:--When I believe that there is no God to protect me, then I shall know there is a devil to frighten men.

SATAN:--Thou infamous____________,to treat the god of this world with contempt.

JOANNA:--I will not bow to the god of this world, I am forbidden to do that. I am treating him with that contempt with which he treated the son of God. (We say HIS embodiment). And now he despising the power of The LORD. If Satan was then the god of this world to blind men's eyes, the LORD hath promised that the old things shall be done away with and HE will make all things new.

SATAN:--Do you think that He really has the power to chain Satan down? Satan is so great and mighty a being and he has legions of Angels to attend him.

JOANNA:--Yes, by the same mighty power that he used to throw him and his legions out of the heavens.

SATAN'S FRIEND:-- I am but Satan's friend. He hath gone to heat hell seven times hotter for you. I am Apollyon, I have come to make friends with thee, if I can so Satan does not destroy thee, so I will come again.

JOANNA:----What a fool I would be to rely on a friend from hell, whose ways in every step I hate. I know that Satan hath no power over me. I will see what a wretch he is before morning. Do you think that I am as Eve? She did not know his arts, but I do. The more thou tempt, the stronger will I stand for the God who is my salvation. On HIM alone I now stand or fall.

APOLLYON:--Thou hast now brought on thy utter ruin.

JOANNA:--I think thou are heating the furnace for thyself, to pull down divine judgment on yourselves.

APOLLYON:--Thou silly fool doeth thou think that if we had not known that the power of Satan was greater that God that we would have joined him?

JOANNA:---Thou silly Apollyon, why then did not Satan abide in heaven, where he had the third part of heaven to join him. Why did he give up his power if it was greater? Oh! Bless be to God, HIS power is greater.

SATAN:--Thou fool. Satan is come to ask pardon of God and thee.

JOANNA:--Then to the MOST HIGH GOD, he must go for pardon.

SATAN:---Thou fool, did thou believe I come to ask pardon of God, or of thee? No--I come to mock thy ignorance to think devils could repent or ever would.

JOANNA:--Oh, thy silly Satan if thou casteth thy self out of the heavens think not to pull me out also, for I hope one day to go to the blessed mansions thou hast left.

SATAN:--- I am betrayed by a cursed woman.

JOANNA: --Poor Satan does thou not know thy threatenings are of no use. Heaven is for God's throne. The earth is for his footstool, and the earth is made for the fullness thereof all things. Then where will thou go for thy kingdom. Let people then choose which kingdom that they will. For God is the God over all of the earth, and they will chose HIM.

SATAN:---I have no god but myself.

JOANNA:--- Then thou must go to your own kingdom which is grown below, in Hell, (the inner earth) was made for devils and fallen Angels, and for him who denies the God who created him.

Thus, this ended the 7-day disputation. Then again the powers of darkness broke into Joanna's thought saying Satan would not stoop so low as to come and argue with a woman. Thou must be mistaken as to who has come to thee. You say Satan is the god of this world, so why would he bother with thee? How do thee answer that?

JOANNA:--Very easily, for MY God said to Pilate---"Thou wouldst have no power unless I gave it to you.)'

SATAN'S FRIEND:--Oh, you silly woman, that is so far the truth, for Satan is the god of this world, you must admit that when Christ came he was destroyed as was his disciples. Everyone who depended on him died. Can’t you see that --you silly woman? Can't you see that Satan is the most powerful?

JOANNA:--Call me silly if you must but I say that the Almighty God of the heavens will in the end destroy you and all who follow you. Praise be HIS Name. He who even created you. To HIS name be praise, honor and wisdom and power forever and forever.

SATAN'S FRIEND:--Did not thy Father say, --'They are from their father the devil, and his works they will do?' Answer me that. If God be the common parent of all men, how then can they be from their father the devil?

JOANNA:-- Our Father said that in anger to the Jews, who called Abraham their father. And he said that if they were the seed of Abraham, then they had now departed from the faith of Abraham and had drawn away by the darts of the devil, so they could now be called the children of the devil for they were denying HIM. They were doing the work of the devil because they were of their father the devil. And they were doing this work of their father the devil because they were persecuting the Son of God. If we would be influenced by the power of darkness and give, our hearts to the devil, we also would fall. The works of the devil are in open rebellion. But our Savior said--there cometh one stronger that he who bindeth the strong man, armed, and taketh possess of the whole by himself.

SATAN’S FRIEND:--Here thy words have raised my anger and indignation, against thee. Do you say that man will hate the ways of the devil? Do you not know that every pleasure in the world comes from the devil?

JOANNA:-- What pleasures?--I never saw one in my life, that came from him. Strife, envy, malice, hatred, things like that come from the devil. SATAN'S FRIEND:-- Thou ignorant fool! Hath not thy life been made wretched and miserable on account of religion. See what a state thou are fallen. Instead of living in credit like thy sisters, thou hast not one penny.

As soon as this was said there came a knock at the door and here was Mr. Foley and another gentleman to see Joanna. They were to see as to her writings. Joanna had been getting anonymous letters saying that it is impossible for the will of God to be done on earth as long as Satan's power reigneth. For his arts are many, and his power is so great. Joanna had replied that this teaching is hellish doctrine mentioned in the book of Revelation, under the head of the abominations of earth. Who was it that had destroyed all of those good men who became martyrs? All the time when God's people are trying to bring in his glorious and peaceful kingdom so His will, is done on earth as it is in heaven? For all of the time the enemy of our salvation is daily working in the hearts of people to war against God and his followers. What need the Christ to conquer death and the grave, if the devil did not try to conquer men? I could fill a book with the quotations of texts of scriptures to prove that the devil is the grand enemy of mankind. Now God hath revealed himself to the woman and no man may boast and take this merit to himself. I have shown in my writings the wrong Faith of the Jew and what confirms that wrong Faith. The Gentiles would have as wrong a Faith as the Jews if they judged the LORD would carry on a work that was not of His own spirit.

Remember that the earth was to persecute the woman, and the earth was also to help the woman. The Serpent cast out a flood after her, when she fled from him. And she was taken to a place prepared for her. All those that have a right faith will see their bibles clear and be of that Faith, for a wrong faith will perish through unbelief.

Joanna then turned to another subject and she says this as tho Christ was speaking:---Now; I shall begin with My shepherds and end with my sheep and call you back to the creation. What suppose thee was this 'Tree of Life' that was in the garden, and then preserved with the Cherubims, and a flaming sword to keep the way of life --this 'tree of life'. Let my shepherds answer, what mean's this creation if they deny the redemption? You say as a tree falls, so it lies. As death leaves, so judgment finds thee. Oh, foolish men, let a tree lie when it falls?--- You do not understand the words. Do men not immediately remove the tree and cut it into pieces. When men die do you leave them in that state? No.--You move them to the grave. When death strikes his spirit wandereth to his home unenlightened to that state of perfect happiness or misery, he is soon to enter into. But at the Great Day--judgment will not find him in that state. The righteous will be 10,000 times more enlightened than at their death. And the wicked who died in a hardened state of sin---judgment will find them in a state of bitter repentance, when they have suffered the punishment due to their sins.

No. the dead cannot repent in the grave and cannot praise God in the grave. But the spirits of just mane, will praise HIM with ten thousands more money and happiness and love than while they were bound here in earthen vessels.

So death left them and judgment finds them. And (Adam) man cast the blame on the woman, and then cast the fault on God for giving him the woman, so now death left him, so judgment now finds him, The woman cast the fault on the serpent. So death left her and now judgment finds her. but death did not leave her temporarily dead. And now judgment finds her alive. Death did not strike Adam totally dead, and now judgment finds him alive. Death left him to be fruitful and replenish the earth. As Adam was cast out of the garden, a sword was placed so as to keep the 'tree of life' secure.

Now judgment has found him using the sword to defend himself and to preserve this 'tree of life'. He was to fight and overcome so as to retain thus his part in this 'tree of life'. So the 'tree of life fell with the greatest curse on the serpent who is also called the devil.

Now the Apostles and disciples did not boast of their power, but gave ME all the credit for they knew it came from ME. Thus now Joanna also gives the credit for her predictions which have come true to the ONE who informed her as to what was to happen. Many were the nights when Joanna was fearful and then she would hear the words:--"Fear not for I am with thee. Nothing shall harm thee."

Now is Christ risen from the dead and became the first fruits of them who slept. Every man in his own order, but Christ first. Then cometh the end when the kingdom is delivered up unto God. The last enemy is death. The head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is man. But when the fullness of time came then God sent forth his son, made of a woman, made under the law, to redeem them that were under the law, so that they would cry Abba Father as sons.

Then there comes this time when there shall be no more left of the powers of darkness here upon the earth, and they shall now know O’ woman that thou hath ventured thy life in the saving of souls that believe. If thee have the faith as a grain of mustard seed, you must know that your redemption draweth near. The devil is beginning to fear and tremble.

Now Joanna thus was hoping that the LORD would open the eyes of men's understanding, that they may be looking and hastening to the coming of our LORD, Jesus the Christ.

End of volume 2--booklet 11