ERM - Explanations Of The Bible Bk 28 Vol 4


Report by Ella Rose Mast


Book 28, Volume 4

by Joanna Southcott



Joanna now affirms to the world that she has the full consent of the Bishops, to publish her calling OF GOD.

Joanna ponders a lot as to what some parts of the scripture does mean and then she will receive a message from the spirit that will help her to understand. She was pondering the fact that the LORD called David, a man after his own heart, and yet the sons of David were so bad. Then what also about Jacob's sons they did many bad things?

The answer from the spirit then came saying:---Joanna, all these are but types of the creation, types of the fall and types of redemption. What promise did I made to (Adam) man at first, and what blessings did I set before him? And in what paradise did I place him, if he had continued to obey my command? Where was it that Adam fell, and what followed the fall? Was not Adam the original progenitor of all (Adamic) men that I created to be fruitful, and to multiply and replenish the earth, and said I formed him in my own likeness?

Now why marvel at David's son, as David was the father of his children, so am I the Father of my children and they rebelled against ME. You thought that since so great a promise as was made to David, these chosen servants would show the type of man in creation. What were they credited for, and what did their children depart from? Like David’s sons. How could I compare myself to David if it were otherwise?

Joanna then says that the light of the LORD then broke upon her and she saw the foundation was laid clear in the fall. And the bible is thus like this. If you take away the foundation the LORD laid in the beginning and the promises he made in the fall, you destroy your Bible like the house.

As Joanna then began to read thru I Kings, she was more convinced than ever that nothing would free men from sin and sorrow and bring them into happiness and union with God until the power of the devil is destroyed. Joanna still worries that she might commit sin in her heart concerning the old prophet's deceiving the young. She thought the old prophets had deceived the young, for they were not telling them the truth of the scriptures, only man's understanding. This was explained to her and then the Spirit of truth said that if Adam had died right then Satan would have defeated God. Would he not? Therefore Adam's life was extended even tho he was dead --TO KNOWLEDGE--that God had withheld from him so that the program of God be fulfilled.

The great promises to David and to the fallen were made in the fallen state of (Adam) man and they soon went on to fall from the greater happiness to the greatest of misery. But again the first shall be last and the last first. This is the program of God Almighty. And God's heel was wounded before Satan's head will be crushed. Thus now HE will go on to crush the power of the devil, as he cut off the house of Ahab. And Satan's fall shall be like the fall of Jezebel and all that join with her shall fall--root and branch--that wish to prolong that reign of Satan.

Now come to the glory of Solomon and MY HOUSE shall be established in righteousness and Peace. Remember how soon MY House fell when it was established by (Adam) man? But God's standing is still secure.

How then can man find fault with their maker when they bring the evil on their own head by their own unbelief? Joanna then sees that there is no government which stands out that is established using the Gospel----is this a shadow of things to come when the fulfillment of the Gospel is come? (The U.S.A. started to do this but it has been so corrupted today that it has lost his vigor.)

As Joanna reads on in her bible from the Second book of Chronicles, she finds that the words of the prophets were perfectly fulfilled. The vessels of the House of the LORD were carried into Babylon, and the Children of Israel were made captive there and the house of God was burned and destroyed.

Then as you go into the writings of Ezra, you find that Cyrus of Persia (an Aryan) was sending some of the children of the house of Judah back to Jerusalem to rebuild. And then she sees how the strangers among them caused them to sin. Joanna often ponders the deep things in her heard. She did not understand the Jews, but the light of the Gospel was coming to her more and more. And she hangs to that knowledge that it was the promise made to the woman in creation and the fall --with Christ's death to clear one, and his second coming to claim and fulfill the other.

Joanna had a letter from the Reverend Mr. Pomroy. He is now backing away from his promise to believe her. She wrote him a letter saying: I see that as soon as the LORD put you to trial that you could not stand the mockery of men and for fear of the Jews you lost your honor among men. For the honor of the world worketh death to the honor of God. You came to me and told me how the other ministers were all bothering you, and that you could not go into my company unless I would sign that my work was from the devil.

Mr. Rev. Pomroy is then to receive many letters pointing out how he is doing wrong in rejecting the words of Joanna which are from the LORD. Other ministers have now joined Joanna in appealing to the Rev. Pomroy to reconsider. Since the great God raised up the woman by making her the mother of the 'son of God' (or his embodiment) think ye not that men must also raise her up by joining with her in the promise that was made in the fall. For she (Eve) is the spiritual mother of all (Adamic) men as Mary was the temporal mother of God. But she had a spiritual son by whose spirit and power the redemption of man must be brought in.

Now the temporal mother has become the spiritual mother by the spiritual visitation of the LORD unto her, and must now bring in her spiritual children. Those, who will not acknowledge her, have no part or lot in the kingdom of God. For the birth of the Christ takes from her the guilt that (Adam) man cast on her. Then know she must take from the LORD the guilt that was cast on him by claiming the promise. This then is the wisdom of God to clear his honor in making the woman that no man might charge God foolishly. Nor that Satan might boast of his arts being greater than the wisdom of God. And therefore Satan must fall by the promise, and by the woman's petition. For she never knew her promise until God revealed it to her. And now anyone who will not honor her, to own her promise doth dishonor God himself. If you still do not see then answer. ---Why did God make the woman---his mother---if he never designed to make the woman (Israel) a true mother of (Adam) man?





BOOK 29-----More explanations of the scriptures by Joanna Southcott.


Joanna was next reading in the book of JOB and she ponders the words of God, speaking unto Satan:--Hast thou considered my servant Job, there is none like him in the earth. A perfect upright man, one that feareth God and escheweth evil.

Joanna was then puzzled that if Job was such a good man then why would God allow Satan to pick on him the way he did? She is then told that Job contended with men like the LORD contends with the devil. And Job justified himself. "Canst thou draw out Leviathan with a hook, or his tongue with a cord, which thou lettest down? Canst thou put a hook in his nose? Or bore thru his jaw with a thorn?” These are word that (Adam) man never understood. The Leviathan meaning the devil, and by contending with Job then YAHWEH DRAWS HIM OUT BY THE HOOK OF HIS WORDS, AND BY THE CORD LET DOWN TO GIVE HIM POWER. Then he put a hook in his nose, and bored his jaw thru with a thorn, that he could never condemn Job anymore. Thus God shamed the devil and took his power. And now HE comes to justify (Adam) man that are waiting for his coming. For it was being dead to KNOWLEDGE that made them act as they have over the years.

Now Joanna learns that the Corner Stone means the promise made at the fall. Christ of course, is the cornerstone of the building of the stone kingdom. And as Joanna reads the Psalms she is almost overcome for such are the promises. Such a great love of the LORD had David. What greater gift could his children receive that the LORD give them the gift of His spirit and destroy their enemy the devil. Our God is able thus to save to the utmost, all them that long for his coming.

As Joanna reads of the Wisdom of Solomon, she notices also that Solomon laid his sins to evil and vanity, but he does not repent like David did in his writings. Joanna then says to those who say, there are no changes, everything remains the same:----If men believe no changes can take place then how can they believe that changes ever took place? What about the world once drowned? The wonders done in Egypt? Sodom and Gomorrah burnt? The Temple and Jerusalem once destroyed, and the Gospel of Christ brought in? Since these changes have all been brought in then why not the change brought in for the Kingdom of Christ to fulfill the law and the Gospel?

The answer given to Joanna as to the wisdom of Solomon was so that all men might known and understand the end of things; that the wicked shall be rooted out, and they that trust in the LORD should be established in the earth.

Now as to the city of Refuge spoken of in scriptures as a place to if a person committed a murder accidentally or unintentionally----- that city is Christ.

Joanna is now threatened with a trial, and she sees that the sealed will also be present at her trial so she is not to worry. She had a dream and she dreamed she had a large cloth full of eggs and she was going to tie the cloth so the eggs could not fall out as she put them in a cart. But as soon as she let go of the cloth the eggs started to fall out. She begin to pick them up and a lady begin to help her. but the eggs rolled so fast that the greater part of them was broken. The LORD answered her dream this way:---Those eggs are the sealed people, those that you preserved whole are those who keep their Faith intact. Those that rolled off are those that fall away thru unbelief. It is impossible to put an egg together again after it is broken in pieces.






BOOK 30----More explanations of the Bible by Joanna Southcott.


Joanna keeps reading her bible and if she has a problem with some parts of it then she gets an answer as to whether her thinking is right or wrong. As Joanna reads about Cain killing Abel, then when the LORD is talking to Cain and is reproving him. Then Cain said, 'My punishment is more than I can bear." And the LORD said---that now no man should slay Cain for he would put a mark (an identification) on him, lest anyone find him and slay him. Here is mercy mixed with anger. Both in the reproof to Adam and Eve in casting the greatest curse upon the Serpent, and then next in His mercy giving Cain room for repentance. ( In other words Adam and Eve were also responsible for partaking of the evil fruit, and Cain was the innocent product of Eve's fall. Adam and Eve both blamed the Serpent and then God himself, so Cain should have a time for repentance. Thus the mark put on Cain was that he was the son of Eve and of Satan.

Now Joanna notices that the LORD visited his people in the body many times in the Old Testament. But in the New Testament the visitations are in the Sprit. When He comes to destroy the work of the Devil then they who are born of the spirit which is of God will come to the light of Truth. This is for your redemption and it is the fountain of Living Waters. That if a man drink of this fountain he will no longer thirst. At that time then you will worship God in spirit and in truth.

When Christ was on earth the Jews did not understand this and they persecuted Jesus and sought to kill him because they said he did many things on the Sabbath. They did not consider that the 'son of God' was also the LORD-of the Sabbath.

YAHSHUA (Christ) said that he worked many miracles on the Sabbath Day to show how he would deliver his people. For the Sabbath is a day of rest for (Adam) man. And it is also 1000 years of rest. When they shall rest from sorrow, from sin, from pain, from sickness, from strife, from wars and tumult. Then they shall see the truth in MY GOSPEL. And then will be given unto them, the fountain of Living waters. It is a well of salvation, that they may thirst no more, when they are called ---with an everlasting call and saved with an Everlasting Salvation. Thus the devil must be destroyed because he stands between God and (Adam) man.

As Jesus talked about his sheep and how they would follow HIM then he said to the Jews, "Ye believe not for you are not my sheep.” Then the Jews took up stones to stone him.

Six Jews then came to Joanna and brought their bibles to prove to her that the Christians savior was not the Messiah. They were pointing out that his manner of coming would have to be according to his second coming, as the Prince of Peace, with the government upon his shoulders. They would not admit that he came the first time to die for (Adam) man. and the prophecies that alluded to his death they would not allow that these meant that they were about the Christ. On being asked as to what they did mean they answered that these were chapters they never understood and what they never understood they were not to look into. As to the comforter being sent if this did not allude to the Apostles they did not know.

Then it is asked---did not His Gospel belong to all (Adamic) men? And did he not say:--I am the vine and ye are the branches? The Spirit of truth thus was to be sent which the world cannot receive, because it seeth HIM not. Our Savior plainly affirms that His visitation shall be in the spirit, and it will be with you and shall dwell in you.

Now then whom can the 'spirit of truth ' visit except those who believe His Gospel to be true and that Christ will visit in Spirit for he spoke such in His Gospel. This is the Spirit that Joanna confirms that has visited her. How then can the 'spirit of truth ' visit except those that believe that God is true, that believe His Gospel to be true, and that Christ will visit in spirit for he spoke such in his Gospel? This is the spirit that Joanna confirms that has visited her. How then can a person say they believe but only believe about 1/4 of what he has said? He said, --'I came into the world as a light to the world, so that whosoever believeth in ME should not abide in darkness.’ thus this holy ghost, the comforter is the sending of 'the spirit of truth'. Joanna says that she was just as blind as others before this visitation of the LORD to open her eyes to understanding and show her the true light of His Gospel. The true light of the promise that was made in the fall. Now she understands the why of her trial, her persecution for saying that now His second coming is to bring His kingdom of Peace. But Joanna in total obedience and now with a better understanding is ready for her trial for she believes in the Restitution of all things. The more she reads her bible the more astonished she is that the ministers cannot see that the visitation of the LORD must be in the spirit, and that He then must come a second time in the spirit to set in place His kingdom of Peace. Did He not teach us to pray for His kingdom to come, His will be done in earth as it is in heaven. This is spoken all thru the bible.

The Spirit of the Bride is come to warn (Adam) man of His coming. And then He says:---'let the world answer ME--- how could I be the beginning and the ending, the first and the last, without I accomplish according to my Words? Was I not the beginning in the creation, to form (Adam) man in my own likeness? And make the woman for his helpmate and happiness? When I made (Adam) man at first, then I must accomplish the ending if I am the last.’

Hebrews:---"And for this cause He is the mediator of the New Testament. That by means of death, for the redemption of the transgressions that were made under the first testament, they which are called might receive the promise of Eternal Inheritance. For where a testament is, there must also be death to the Testator. For a testament is of force after men are dead otherwise it is of no strength at all while the testator liveth.

I Thessalonians:----And now you know what withholdeth, that he might be revealed in his time. Who now letteth will now let until he be taken out of the way. Then shall that wicked person be revealed, whom the LORD shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall utterly destroy with he brightness of his coming.'




BOOK 31--- This is about the plain remarks by B. H., a mechanic.

This man wrote condemning the work of Joanna Southcott. He wrote: This woman makes a scribbling upon some paper and delivers them to her followers and then when something happens in the world she being professed of a lot of head knowledge and retention of knowledge goes to her papers and pretends to read what has happened in the meantime and as tho it was previously published.

Joanna answers this man saying:---how ignorant it is saying that when the Savior died on the cross that was the blow to Satan's head, and it destroyed Satan at that time. What then has been persecuting man since that time Joanna demands to know? She thinks he better keep his job as a mechanic rather than to try to interpret scriptures which he seems to have no knowledge of. This mechanic was also saying that the Church was the woman of Revelation 12. This Joanna did not agree with and neither do we. (If the church then Christ is to spew it out of his mouth at his coming.)

Joanna is sure that if the influence of the Holy Spirit comes into someone’s life that there is a change in that person. She is thus sure of her calling and that she will be saved with an everlasting salvation by HE who died for her and fulfilled the law and made it honorable that never, thus it is never said; that the SEEKING SEED of Israel should seek MY FACE IN VAIN.

Joanna had quite an argument with this man called the Mechanic for he wrote a book against her teachings. Joanna is told to consider the writings of John when thinking about these writings for it says:---"I am the good shepherd, and the good shepherd gave his life for the sheep. But he that is an hireling is not the Shepherd, who owns the sheep, and sees the wolf coming and leaveth the sheep and fleeth, and the wolf catcheth them and scatters the sheep.”

Now the Spirit speaks concerning this and says:--"woe unto the foolish prophets that follow their own spirit, and have seen nothing. They are building up walls and daubing them with untempered mortar. They are destroying MY Sheep when they cry for peace when there is no Peace. Destruction shall come upon all those who prophecy out of their own hearts. They are like the Jews who said follow me and nothing will happen. Many false prophets have gone out into the world saying they are true prophets when I tell you that I never sent them. I tell you that the good shepherd must appear before the redemption of man takes place or the fulfillment of the bible is accomplished. But how tell you--these false prophets -- that this will be accomplished?”

Now is not time extended? "Seal not the prophecies of this book. For time is at hand." (Revelation). If this is literal, then the time at hand must be immediately and the spirit of the Bride should appear and bring a final end of all. Then the LORD says: “I will make this proverb to cease.” Like the present age was so was the past, because judgments were not speedily executed, thus the hearts of men turn to evil. Thus came the captivity of Israel and then the migrations, and at the end then HE says: Once more I shall shake heavens and the earth. Then nothing will remain but those things which cannot be shaken, to receive a kingdom which cannot be moved. The barren womb alluded to the Gentiles as I came from the house and lineage of David. But did my coming that time as the Lamb bring redemption to the Jews. Many of those in Judea however came unto ME and became My disciples and thus was the Gentiles (the nations of Israel) brought back into MY Bible. My disciples and apostles being destroyed did not satisfy me, only my seeing men's hearts and minds longing for the destruction of evil will satisfy ME. Only this will crush the Serpents head. All those prophecies to the gentiles have as yet not been fulfilled. But compare the sayings of the Old Testament with the New Testament which ends in Revelation and you see the fulfilling of the law and the coming of the Spirit to set men free and fulfill all things that our Savior had declared will happen. This following of false Christs only prolongs this coming to bring all things to a climax and destroy the Serpent and set in place My Kingdom. Without the coming of the Spirit how will you understand His commandments?

Now did he not come in the body and be with his disciples? And did HE not after HIS ascension send the Comforter or His holy spirit? And did he not promise to increase this in the last days, so that you (Israel) might have everlasting life? And will HE not in the last days raise up men by the power of His spirit to be his disciples? By whom do you say that my disciples are taught---God or man? Thus I was the first in prophecy thus I will also be the last so as to fulfill that prophecy. Your critics, Joanna, say that the spirit and the bride all refer to the church. But I ask you.---What church? Ye of the church of England if you place this to another church, why do you not follow it? Blind leaders of the Blind who is it that testifies, to these things but the Spirit of the Living God? Ye presumptuous men can it be said that 'ye come quickly'? Of course not. Remember from Adam on men have been dead to knowledge (knowledge of the program of God). Every age has been the same. The just have lived by Faith. But also remember the promise made to the woman in the fall. Then as you come to Abraham the promise was made, again thru Faith, not knowledge. (Adamic) man would receive the promises, and Abraham had no knowledge that God would preserve his son, but by Faith he believed and this was counted for righteousness.

Joanna was then to write these words of scriptures found in Ephesians: "And grieve not the Holy Spirit of God where by ye are sealed unto the day of redemption."

Wherefore HE saith as He ascended upon high that He led captivity captive and gave gifts unto men. "Now that He ascended what is it but that HE also descended first into the lower parts of the earth. He that descended is the same as He who also ascended up far above all the heavens that He might fulfill all things." "That in the dimensions of the fullness of time He might gather together all things in Christ." "Both which are in heaven and which are in earth, even in HIM.”

Then Joanna is told that man has been preaching another Gospel that was not of taught by Christ as he walked the earth. (Remember that HE went everywhere preaching the Gospel of the KINGDOM)

Therefore why is it not marvelous to you that God would send forth the spirit of the Son into the heart of a woman to free her from the fall, and claim the promise that ye may be made heirs of God, and Joint heirs with Christ. Thus it is marvelous that God would send forth the spirit of His embodiment into your hearts, thereby crying Abba, Father, making you heirs of God thru Christ?

Thus, once again the promise of reconciliation is made by the Gospel. But how can this take place before Satan is bruised under your feet? How can you judge before the time--when HE comes in the spirit to light all these hidden things. When were all these things brought to light by man? All these scriptures are for the second coming.

Then saith the LORD unto me (Ezekiel) this gate is shut, it shall not be opened, no man shall enter in by it, because the LORD God of Israel hath entered in by it, therefore it shall be shut. ----A Mystery --yes, to man. but its meaning is told to Joanna. The outward sanctuary that is shut is the outward ordinances of man, it is the wisdom of man. It was shut to the Jews, and they could never enter in because of their wisdom and understanding. For when HE came into the world HE was unknown unto them, for they trusted to their outward forms which were the ordinances of men. They wanted nothing to do with HIS Gospel. But any Judean who believed came in by Faith, but the Jewish (Judeans) try to come in by looking at the laws of Moses, and not the laws of the Christ. Notice what is said in the Gospels---"It is HIS spirit that must be in any person who comes into the Gospel of God's Kingdom. Thus it was by shutting up the wisdom of men that HE came into the world and went thru all of the rituals to die for (Adam) man, and for such as are in the world. This would not have been possible unless the wisdom of man was shut. (In other words, with men thus ignorant of God's Great plan he could then carry it out and not have to condemn (Adam) man for assisting in this program of the devil.) Satan from the first worked on (Adam) man to believe in their own understanding and power. Thus at the end then those who trust in their own understanding will also be shut out.

Now in Revelations ( ) "On the bank of the river were many trees, the waters issue out toward the east country and go down into the desert, and go on out to the sea; which being brought forth into the sea, the waters shall be healed (22:17). Now when the waters are healed they are called living waters. The meaning being that (Adam) man is healed. "I am a well of living waters and He that drank thereof shall thrust no more." Thus the healing of the waters is the healing of the nations (of Israel). Every evil that is amongst mankind are compared to storms, tempests, to raging seas that foameth up dirt, and mire, and to the great waters --floods. Now let man answer when has this ever stopped. Thus, the words of Ezekiel the prophet are for the latter days.




Booklet 32-----Volume 4----by Joanna Southcott.

More explanations of the Bible.

And here are passages of scripture printed for study:---

Daniel 2:44---chapter 11:17, 25, 29; ----Chapter 4:3, 11, 31,---5:26 and 6:26 ---7:9-11, 22.

The spirit says are people so stupid that they think these things are past. Or do you think these things only alluded to the Jews? Do you think the men in the Lion's den were only to impress a king at that time for if you are reading, their sons did not weigh such impressions? All are types and shadows of things that were to come, and all must come around on to the unbelievers in every age, and yet they stand as a type of the end. For remember there are to be wars and rumors of wars to show the sign of HIS coming.

Now the spirit says:--I will punish Jacob according to his ways, according to his doings I shall recompense him. Meaning I shall bring Jacob to the spiritual sense according to the way I laid it in the creation ---meaning I shall reward every man according to his works. (Remember that Joanna makes no distinction in meaning as the word ---man---is used. She also does not make any distinction between the people of Judea, now of course there were people there besides the Jews, for there were Romans, and there were Israelites and so forth. Perhaps Joanna was not to do this at this time of writings for always some things are left hidden from the World, but (Adam) man is to discern these things. The reason being is that as soon as the Devil’s people learn of a program or plan of God they move in to change it. This must be taken in consideration when she is talking about the meaning of scriptures.)

Now as YAHWEH says 'he shall make an utter end'--this is an utter end of sin--and afflictions shall not rise up again? Has this happened yet?---No. --But the promise in the end is to Jacob, meaning faith in man and the power in the LORD to fulfill all He has said---that the remnant of Jacob will be found among the Gentiles (Nations of Israel) Thus as the bible is fulfilled, the mountain (government) of the LORD shall be established and many nations will come and say let us go up to the mountain (government) of the LORD to the House of the God of Jacob and He will teach us of his ways and we will walk in his path, and Then shall nations beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. This is the establishment of His Kingdom. This is the promise made unto us. And everyone will then set under his own fig tree, or vine. And no one will make him afraid.

The spirit speaks to Joanna to answer the ponderings of her heart. She is to understand that all that has happened is worked from the Father to show the madness and folly of mankind. Yes the Aryans even see things wrong but without His visitation of spirit to come to open the eyes that are blind, and unstop deaf ears then the scriptures are but a form. (Joanna is to understand that she cannot wake people up only God can do that. All that she can do is record the facts HE wants his people to know and wait for HIM to awaken them. And when the time comes this will happen, but not before. Until then only a few seem to awaken. But this carries the message on.)

"Whom HE did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of the son.” Thus, of course God foreknew what each Adamic child would do. But this predestination has not taken place as yet has it? Bring in any man who is conformed to the image of the Son. All this is for the end of this age to fulfill scripture. Only the promises are seen now. Only when Stan is destroyed--the work of the devil finished can this all be fulfilled.




BOOK 33---Volume 4---by Joanna Southcott.


You are to judge from the prophets who is the Elect. And this Election is to mean that (Adamic) men are predestinated to conform to the image of the son (Christ). But everything must come to pass in its stated time. Man is saved not by knowledge but by Faith. Joanna at the last of this book is still trying to fit the Jews into this picture, as the Judeans. She tries communication with them. The spirit tells her that those who have eyes on the gold instead of on Christ will be destroyed. This all has to end as the Prince of this world is cast out and destroyed, this being the devil, then those that follow Joanna's teaching will understand. For Christ is to draw all the people of His kingdom to himself.




BOOK 34---Volume 4-----by Joanna Southcott.


(Again, Joanna is sometimes in a fog for much is her persecution, and as I have said she does not distinguish between types of people in her thinking, and this must be very confusing. But when she quotes from scripture, she leaves this picture of who those are who live by Faith.)

In this book the Spirit of Truth speaks out saying:---I must come to judge all men at the last day to save the world where ---THE SEED REMAINS IN THEM. For it is written that of the increase of My kingdom there shall be no end. All the Disciples did not understand what Christ said when they were with HIM. But they will have their understanding as they come with HIM again in Glory. He washed the feet of His disciples but all sin was not washed away at that time. This was just a symbol of the time of the end. For all symbols and shadows stand for the substance in the end. For you cannot abide in HIM except by Faith. This is the substance of the message. And as evil is done away with the 'tree of life' is then revealed. Thus, it is also written:---HOLD FAST TO WHAT YOU HAVE UNTIL I come in Might, Majesty and Glory. Thus now this warning of the spirit comes to warn (Adamic) men. For the Jews were entirely cut off because they would not acknowledge HIM. So are they left now without any power as a nation, or a people to fight against HIM or His Gospel. And He will, as He comes, cut off the power of every nation or a people who fight against HIM and against His kingdom. He will cease in this fight until all nations shall say ‘Holy Holy is the LORD God of Hosts.’

This book then ends as the 'Spirit of truth' then tells Joanna:---- many have failed to hear my still 'small voice' but they will find that as I come I will be Israel's (Rev:11) shepherd and Joseph's guide. Let men ponder these words deeply.

Joanna was seeing a time of trouble ahead and she like many of different people before her was thinking this surely must be the end. But it was the end of her persecution, like as to the others. Her work was coming to an end as she was presenting to the world a different outline of the scriptures than had been originally thought. Her persecution would finally end as she finishes her work in this warning to the world, and especially to (Adam) man ---that this coming of the Spirit of truth would open some peoples minds.







This book was an answer to a book dated 4-8-1805, and that book was one written against Joanna and quoted many scriptures that she does not agree with the interpretations by the Church fathers of the Church of England.

At this time when she was answering this writings against her, the Church of England was preaching that only if you walk thru the rituals that the Church had established could you be saved. They were condemning the writings of Joanna saving that the Holy Spirit--the comforter that Christ promised to send was not for the ordinary people, only for the church as a part of their rituals. The church leaders who were against Joanna's teaching brought forth the scriptures that speak of spiritual things, spiritual knowledge, then they temporized those teachings and made them no more than an outward form. Thus Joanna replied that they were blind leaders of the blind, till both fall in the ditch together.

Joanna then quoted the scriptures:---Jesus told his disciples that when the Comforter comes, at that day "Ye shall know that I am in my Father and you in me, and I in you.” (John 14:20). And she asked:-- “How would this be known without an inward knowledge, an inward visitation, or an inward assurance?” Thus this is proof that 'The spirit is in our hearts'.

And Joanna then asks:--How can this be known in our hearts unless the Heavenly Father gave it? How then can you look in your bibles and quote--'this is given of your heavenly Father, then set out to write that you can only receive from the rituals of men? Then quote:---"when they are come to the enjoyment of the blessings they are led into the depth of the wisdom of God."

And again Joanna says:---This man brings forth the scriptures of truth, to prove the Holy spirit of God is to be given unto them that believe, and then at the same time says spiritual gifts are not to be received by individuals, neither are they to be expected; for they are to trust only to outward ordinances.

Joanna tells us that those condemning her teaching that there is this special spirit in the children of God, those condemning this --say that this is only the Holy Ghost of God communicating his love unto his church. Thus they acknowledge that it is from the communication of God by His spirit that we are to be enlightened, so how can they deny the very things that they bring forward from the scripture to prove their theory that all of this fits only in the rituals of the organized church. She says that all believers on the 'son of God' have this light, truth, life, Grace and glory given as an earnest of their inheritance. That when he appears, they shall also appear with HIM in Glory, their bodies being redeemed. For the scriptures evidently declare unto us that the Kingdom of God will come, for this you were taught by Christ to Pray:----"Thy kingdom come, Thy Will be done, ON EARTH as it is in Heaven.

The accusers of Joanna for teaching a false doctrine then quoted Nebuchadnezzar's dream as interpreted by Daniel. And they claim this is an assurance that the Kingdom of God must come, and must continue upon the earth; for the kingdoms of this world shall become the kingdom's of God and His Christ. How then can these accusers of Joanna then say that any knowledge of this is spiritual and will not be given to men of earth, (His kingdom family?)

Jesus said there are people on earth that are to be translated into the kingdom of their father. They are to be made heirs of God and joint with the Christ; and are the Sheep of Christ, and will follow HIM. A stranger they will not follow, but will flee from him for they know not the voice of the stranger.

Jesus also said that those who are disobedient, those who deny are the children of their father the devil, being carried up into the religion and delusions that prevails unto this day. Thus, Jesus condemned those trusting to their own wisdom. That they had set themselves up; and refused to listen to the 'still small voice of the LORD', who had wrought so many miracles among them.

It was Joanna's contention that it is these people who are of the 'seed of the Serpent' who cannot be ever reconciled to the 'Seed of the Woman'. Thus she suggested that this mans now bringing charges against her must be one of those trusting in the forms of godliness but denying the power thereof, and resisting all visitation of the Spirit of the LORD. Thus, they are being an enmity of spirit of the Kingdom of Christ. And they would soon join with the Serpent in persecuting the woman (Israel) and her seed, which is in Christ, to reconcile the world unto God, Himself.

Joanna, thus says that being under the power of "The spirit of truth" she must insist that our people believe that the gospel brings forward the daylight to us, that children of the Kingdom are promised this visitation of the LORD, allowing that this is given so that they can be led by His spirit to know His voice, and to thus flee from the voice of the strangers with the knowledge of men then to be in vain. But those who have the power of the Spirit, and are led by His spirit; such He says are kept, by the power of the Father, thru Faith unto salvation. HE says that the 'tares' are the worshipers of the Beast (the world order), but all will worship HIM whose names are written in the Book of Life. The Beast (the world order) is the offspring of the Devil. And here he is condemning the world at large, all those not filled with the holy spirit. Remember that God manifested Himself unto us in the flesh, and in this manifestation HE proved to be the same god in vital communications of Himself unto HIS (true) church, and to His people. Thus there is a difference in the 'good seed' and the others of 'the evil seed' which are to be destroyed.

Joanna was teaching that when Christ came, a man among men, he pleaded with the public, and with his enemies as he said; "Why do you not believe Me when I tell you the truth?" But when He arose from the dead, He appeared only to his disciples, who were his friends and brethren, to His believers. He did not appear unto His enemies. He left them for his disciples to plead with them in the flesh, by His spirit, that He had given them.

Thus, Joanna said; --If you search your bible thru and thru then you know that it is in man that the LORD pleads by His spirit. When HE came to Mount Sinai, it was to Moses that he dealt with. He never pleaded with the children of Israel individually, himself, but thru Moses, and by prophecies given to man. Thus how can my accusers quote the scriptures, and then say those who do not have the light shall surely perish, and yet at the same time mock and despise the light, thinking that the knowledge of man is now better than that of the scripture, and thus decide not to obey? We say that they do not walk in the Light, but have chosen darkness instead.

Joanna thus declares that 'this kingdom of Christ is to be restored here on earth. That this is a part of this wonderful program of God which was revealed unto her by His spirit. That the whole program of god is to be the path that His children in earth here must follow. All is a part of salvation. That even Baptism, is you depend on that only, will not fulfill the program of Salvation. Neither will the 'sealing' of the people be all that is necessary. If you depend on only the Sealing, or the baptism, without believing and relying on the promise of God, that was made in the fall, and in the merits and death of Christ, that HE is the Lamb of God that taketh away the sins of the world, and who died to reconcile the world unto God so that at His second coming HE must destroy the work of devil, must cut off all the power of the Devil, and every root of evil. And that He hath by His power worked in man, for this must be their trust in the merits of Christ. And the promise of God, made in the scriptures.

Now as to the 'sealing' of the people. That sealing is in their forehead, and it signifies their names. For their names are written in the book. It is said that 'what is sealed on earth, is sealed in heaven.

This teaching was also objected to by the critics. They were saying that she was teaching that you came into the sheepfold by Faith. That you also depend on the written word of God, knowing that these things were foretold. That we were not to worship the Beast, but to sign with the work of our head and hearts that the beast was to be destroyed, and the kingdom of Christ was to be established. By this time the church off England was teaching that all people were to be brought into this kingdom of Christ, denying that this kingdom is to be in earth as it is in heaven. (In other words the earthly church had decided that it knows better for the world today, that God does not understand.)

Joanna thought that she had the words of the 'spirit of truth' in answer to the critics and now teaching of the church. The spirit said that the ranting of this man who was disputing Joanna was a folly now found in Mankind. The 'spirit of truth' then said that they have turned my bible into a form of godliness, but are denying the power thereof.

How dare men to wrest my Gospel in this manner and deny the knowledge of my spirit? For this will be the end of all, when I bring in My kingdom of peace. He that recognizes the holy Ghost will not receive ME.

But I asked him what instruction Baptism hath given to the minds of the people that rest there? Let him look into his own heart and in his own writings, and tell me what knowledge, or what instruction hath he learned from Baptism? Or even what understanding he hath of the scripture he hath mentioned? Hath he not made the very scriptures that speak of the quickening of the spirit of God, to guide and lead them into every truth? Does he mean more than a dead letter unto man?

The critic quoted Isa. 8:20, saying: --"To the law and to the testimony, if they speak not according to this word it is because there is no light in them.”

Joanna answered him saying, ‘should not people seek unto their God for the living to the dead? As to the law and the testimony (vs:16). The program of God for the woman (Israel) is told--born of the spirit, born of the flesh, then this woman (Israel) is to be free of transgression of the fall, if she has faith in the promises and believes the words of her maker. In other words the woman (Israel) must believe in her redemption. For this comes thru her bringing into being, the spiritual seed. (Why?---Because the spiritual seed is the children who build the kingdom of God in earth.) Joanna then says how could you believe that the redemption of man---born of woman---comes to pass while the woman (Israel) stands under the transgression of the fall? Joanna then puts this in a different way by saying: ---How then are women to be saved who have no children? Notice what the Apostle says --that he recommends the virtue of a single woman, or a woman that was not allowed to have children but who lived to please the Lord, how much more is this than the married lady who lives to please her husband only.

Thus, to understand this quotation:---'She shall be saved thru Child bearing, then you must go to the prophet Isaiah where it is written:---"All of her (Israel's) children must be taught of the Lord. It is the second Adam that cannot be deceive. He was born of woman to free her of the transgression of the fall. But since Adam fell, but not being the first in transgression he cannot be the first in redemption. Thus now man search the scripture and they will find that the woman is mentioned as the one to have her seed bruise the serpent's head, that she may be delivered from the transgression of her fall. If man rely on the Apostles words as they are spoken then hear:--The man was not deceived, then there is no other transgression in the man only his being born of a woman. But reason tells them that a corrupt foundation can't produce a pure stream before it is cleansed.

I would remind you of this.---Adam was not deceived, but the woman (Israel) was in transgression (from spiritual to physical). Thus, death came to Adam thru the woman's fall. But the promise to her was that she was to be saved in child bearing. Thus Joanna tells us that if in Adam all died even so 'in Christ all shall be made alive' if Adam was not deceived, but the woman only and transgression came that way only, then the promise brings redemption that way. How can she be saved thru Child rearing from the transgression of the fall, if the promise is not fulfilled? Do you suppose that no woman is to be saved but those who have children?

Oh, men of little faith who take one verse of scripture and stumble on all the rest. Thus do not believe that this childbirth means temporally, it is spiritual for the meaning is much broader than ordinary men surmise. (Here Joanna is talking of the fact that here in earth God's family must march on the same path obeying until the Father says,--"The time has come.") Joanna is emphasizing that it is faith, believing, and obedience in the word of God which brings the promises thru out the bible. If the children of Israel might sprinkle the doors with the blood of the lamb; but stopped there then their deliverance would not have come.

Thus, the Apostle said:--'as by one man's disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of ONE shall many be made righteous.' If the fall came by disobedience thru the subtlety of the serpent, and death was passed upon that disobedience, then surely you know that Jesus died leaving them an example to follow his footsteps. If Adam at first chose the evil and not the good and this was done as he followed the woman, then I tell you that. BY THE WOMAN'S (ISRAEL'S) hand ye must join at last together, the man and the woman to refuse the evil and choose the good.

These are the words of the prophet and the commandments I gave to the prophets. Thus mark the word I said before,---"Bind up the testimony seal the law among my disciples." Otherwise, you have no light understanding of the prophets, the law or the Gospels. Remember HE told us that in the latter days that HE would write his laws upon our hearts, and bring you to a true knowledge of your God. He said,--'I shall pour out my spirit upon all flesh (of his kingdom) This has been promised by the prophets, and he who denies this then there is no light (spirit in him to understand HIS words.

Now the critics of Joanna then quoted the scriptures (Romans 5:12)--'Wherefore as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin, so death passed upon all men, for all have sinned. Thus the critics were saying that the promises are them all made to the man, and to the man only.

In answer to this then Joanna answers, --If sin entered the world by the man only then the promise must be made only to the man. But sin entered the world while the woman was in transgression and then the man followed her into sin. Thus there is then more to this question of one man taking one verse out of the scriptures and discerning no more. What about the promise to the woman (Israel) as well. What about Jesus the Christ? What about at first the man and the woman were One? What about the fact that Jesus the Christ died to redeem not just the man, but the woman (His family)?

What did the Apostles say,--'Being justified by faith, we have peace with God thru our LORD Jesus Christ, wherein we stand and rejoice in hope of the Glory of God.' As you will notice the Apostles also had not received all they were expecting and looking for. Today no one has received all of the promises which are to Israel, by Faith. Since Christ died fulfilling the Will of YAHWEH BECAUSE OF THIS CORRUPTION. Thus if this corruption lies with the woman thru the fall, then that corruption must be cleansed, before the stream can be healed. Let men then discern that they can in no way clear their bibles, to heal the transgression of the woman if Adam was not first in the transgression. It is known unto all that he joined in the transgression and was not deceived by the Serpent, but by the woman as he joined her in transgression.

Now Joanna says, ‘Let my critics say whose transgression is to be done away with. If they say the woman's, then the woman must be done away and the whole creation then is destroyed, and a new creation would have to be brought about without the woman (Israel).

Then Joanna says,--My critics quote Hebrews 2:14-15,---"For as much then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood, He also, himself took on the same, that thru death he might destroy him that had the power of death, that is the devil.----Why?---So as to deliver them who then fear death, and were all of their lifetime subject to bondage.”

Now gentlemen therefore open your eyes, unstop deaf ears---What man is he that liveth and shall not see death? Can he deliver his soul from the grave? But no man can therefore deliver his own soul, nor free himself from the grave. His deliverance come from The Christ. Enoch was translated, he was dead unto sin, but alive unto righteousness. When YAHSHUA came to deliver the souls from the grave, then the living are changed in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, and then at that latter time the living will be changed from the death of sin and Satan, and be renewed to life in YAHSHUA. But know that Enoch and Elijah did not see death of the grave, neither did Christ remain in the grave. There death is to be swallowed up in victor as Christ comes to establish his throne. This is as spoken by David to have it endure forever. Thus the body of Adam returns to the dust but his soul to God who gave it. How then can the critics turn to another part of the scriptures as read:--'The dead in Christ shall rise first. (I Cor. 15:51). Then how this after telling people that none escape the king of terror then bring forward to prove that in the that many shall escape this terror, for they shall be changed in the twinkling of an eye and shall put on immortality. Then read further the words of the Apostle, 'When this mortal shall have put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass that saying that is written:--'Death is swallowed up in victory.' The sting of death is swallowed up in victory. The sting of death is sin, and the strength of sin is the law; but thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory thru our LORD Jesus the Christ.

Now on man answers for thyself, how can death be swallowed up in victory thru the LORD Jesus the Christ if none can escape the king of terror? HE--the LORD Jesus the Christ thru the apostles tells us that it is He who gains the victory for (Adam) man, and then the terror will be destroyed.

Now Joanna says that there is a mystery here.--You do not discern the promise of "The tree of Life” which was not eaten in disobedience, but preserved for generations to come. Remember that the curse was pronounced upon the serpent, the devil. Therefore when his head is bruised, and his final curse taken place, then men are no longer under the power of the devil, that cause their death. For whom was the life preserved? Was it not for the man--(Adam)? And was it not on the serpents head that the curse rested? This curse was not to remain forever upon (Adam) man. It is to be removed when it is cast upon the betrayer. Then may he lick the dust of those he has caused to die. Are you then questioning Christ who said a change would take place in the man (Adam)? How can you then say that Christ cannot fulfill his program, his promises? How can you say all things must remain the same? Do you draw your judgment on only one part of the Bible without discerning the other?

The Joanna turns to the book of John to quote: "Ye are my friends if ye do the things that I command thee. When the Comforter comes, which HE has promised to send, this Comforter shall testify of Christ.” He did not tell his disciples that they must not have any further knowledge of HIM. How could He send the Comforter, this 'spirit of truth' and not send the spirit to inform them? Thus, you find servants and friends. A servant will obey his master, as far as the command is given unto him, but a friend is made acquainted with His Lord's mind and will which a servant knoweth not. Servants will rest their labors on baptism and confirmation and thus his labor ends. While the friend wants to know the will of the LORD, and will strive to find it. Will strive to find it? Wants to know the coming of the LORD as well.

Thus some men discern what the scripture points out without understanding, nor discerning that the Spirit of truth comes to His friends to fulfill, his words and promises.

Now like the wise and foolish virgins it was the wise who were ready for the expected coming. The foolish virgins had heard but they had not prepared for his coming. Unknown and unexpected would be his visitation to one who was never warned by the 'spirit of truth'. But to those who have been warned of His coming and Satan's destruction then his coming will recall all things to their remembrance. And they will move with joy and have their lamps trimmed and will go out to meet their coming LORD to possess his kingdom in righteousness and Peace. And will rejoice to see their adversary destroyed.

Some say that this coming is meant only for disciples, but they departed this life to go to HIM. Had that been the meaning then HE would have come to them and they would have been made kings and priests like David whose kingdom it is to be. But HIS kingdom was not of that world at that time. All of the things spoken unto the prophets were not to be fulfilled then, but were left as a record to later be fulfilled. But grieve not the Holy spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed until the day of redemption. Since you bring forth this scripture to prove it is the holy spirit of God which does the sealing, then how can you replace the Holy spirit of God with the ordinance of man? Does this not show you the blindness of man and his ignorance doing the very things he hath brought scripture to prove he should not do? Thus do you not see that it is the spirit of truth that must guide you into all truth.

Another instance of the ignorance of men who deny 'the spirit of truth'---was Christ mocking men when he said they should ask and it would be given them. Seek and ye shall find? If everything was left as a record, plain before them, and forms were all they had to pass thru then man would not have to ask for anything, would he?

If ye then being evil were able to give good gifts to your children, how much more shall your heavenly Father give the 'holy spirit to them that ask him? If the Holy spirit is given by the Father then how can it be given by men. How can the wisdom of men fill you with Light (Understanding). Only when the eye is single being taught of God will His visitation be known.

Now the critics said that Joanna should not look for the thousand-year reign of righteousness. We today call this the kingdom age, to come. But the critics were saying this 1000 years does not come until the devil is chained and this will not occur until that 1000 years is finished and the devil is destroyed period. But that is not what the scripture says. Also they are saying that a woman would not be made use of to be employed in such an important work. Perhaps this was the most disturbing to the men of the church, that a woman be given the Spirit of truth and told to deliver it to HIS people. However in this instance would they have received it if it had been delivered, for they are bound down by the teaching of the wold, and would not have responded as Joanna---to these words as she did:---'declare my wondrous works to the children of (Adam) men, and my faithfulness and loving kindness thou shalt not keep back.