ERM - Genesis 12+ Bible Study


By Ella Rose Mast


We are now coming up to the time in our Bible Study when YAHWEH made the Covenant with Abraham. We decided that from now on since this COVENANT is so important to this Adamic race that we would follow the COVENANT in our study as you read the rest of this book of Beginnings. If any questions where we can help you then let us hear from you.

This book of Genesis is the book of Beginnings. In the first 11 chapters you have a broad outline of the Adamic History. You also have the background of the destiny of this man Abram whose name was changed to Abraham. In the first eleven chapters of Genesis you have outlined for you by Moses, the story of Creation, of Recreation, of Restoration, of Paradise lost, and the rise and fall of that part of the world up unto the deluge in the time of Noah. With the beginning of chapter 12 it will take Moses 11178 Chapters just to record the story of Abraham and his family. All others mentioned are noted only as they deal with or oppose or influence this story of this man who now steps to Center Stage in this great program for the earth , of our Father and God.

Those today who stumble over the method by which Adam and Eve came into this existence should know that YAHWEH is not limited to any one creative purpose. Thus you should not be surprised that this man Abraham would number among his posterity the House of David with its Royal line, and also ONE greater than David.

As of yet the world and our race in particular seems not to understand this biography of this one man of such a remarkable destiny who is not only mentioned in the old testament, but in the new as well. YAHWEH selected this man Abraham to become the founder of his kingdom here in earth, now in full view of the world Order. Thus we have decided that instead of studying the rest of the book of Genesis verse by verse, we would hope to bring you this story of this One man selected to be a Man of Destiny, the bearer of the Everlasting Covenant. All Others mentioned here you will understand were those who came in contact or opposed this Covenant .

Abram was born about 2160 B.C. probably in the ancient city of Ur of Chaldeas since his father Terah was Prime Minister of this Empire under the rule of Nimrod . Terah was of the lineage of Shem, and Nimrod of the lineage of Ham two of the sons of Noah. At the time of the birth of Abram this city of Ur had been a city of culture and civilization for more than 10 centuries. We learn this from the science of Archaeology . Dr. Wooley in his excavations at Ur tells us that in Abram's days the citizens of Ur lived in brick homes which were at least two stories high, and they contained a dozen or more rooms, grouped around a central paved courtyard. The inside of these houses were surprisingly like our homes of today, they also included a large reception room with wide doors, a servants hall and a chapel for worship, and under the floor of the Chapel a vaulted tomb for family burial. Under ground plumbing and spacious bathrooms were also found.

Cuneiform clay tablets found in these homes show the type of education pursued in those days. Some of the tablets found were of a historical nature, some were Hymn books and others dealt with mathematics, with forms for extracting both square and cube roots.

Sir Flinders Petrie in excavating at the city of Gaza, just 8 miles from where Abram lived found homes three stories high dating back to abut 3000 B.C. These homes were built of yellow brick with underground plumbing.

The night of the birth of this child called Abram by his father Terah there came a sign in the heavens. Men came to celebrate with Terah the birth of this baby, and they saw what seemed to be a great star, and this star traveled thru the sky and as it went it gobbled up several little stars. The wise men of Nimrod's court predicted that a child born this night would build a kingdom which would be much greater than this one of Nimrod's Empire. Because of the orders then given by Nimrod to search for such a baby born that night, then Terah sent Abram and his mother, hurriedly to the house of Noah, some distance away. There Abram remained until he was ten years of age, being schooled in all the wisdom found in the house of Noah. In fact Abram spent little time in his father's house for he was out in the field building his herds , and his household for after all he was the son of the Prime Minister , and certain men would be attracted to his court . Abram was building his household and his wealth in preparation for his march of destiny whether he realized it or not. . But he had been well schooled in the worship of YAHWEH the Almighty One of the heavens.

This city of Ur of the Chaldeas had reached its zenith for mongrelization was now being practiced which would eventually bring it down. The day thus came when YAHWEH would say to Abram:----"Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred and from thy fathers house unto a land that I will show thee, and I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee and make thy name great and thou shalt be a blessing (unto the world). And I will bless them that bless thee, and I will curse HIM THAT CURSES THEE, and in thee all the families of the of the earth will be blessed." (Genesis 12:1-3- Read this again---NOTICE ---that it is HIM that would curse Abram and all that he stood for. This is of course referring you back to the one who has always opposed YAHWEH'S kingdom. You noticed the beginning of this enmity in Genesis 3:15.

Abram and his wife Sarai and his whole household, his father Terah and his household, and a nephew and his household all left this area of Ur of the Chaldea , and went to Haran, and they stayed in that area with other Aryans until the death of Terah.

Abram was then 75 years of age when he left Haran with his household and with Lot and his household. The next step in the setting in place of this kingdom in earth will now begin, and we see the Covenant begin to develop. We are told in the ancient Zohar that the blessings of YAHWEH were upon Abram and Sarai because they had been faithful all thru those years to the MOST HIGH YAHWEH. Thus we find that Sarai was then granted perpetual youth for this devotion.

We should mention here that Sarai was the daughter of Terah , the father of Abram by another wife. You will notice all the way thru this Adamic story how the participants , those especially on center stage, were close relatives, and remember this also this was YAHWEH'S doing, remember that. And He brought this group then into the land of Canaan and as they came in the Cainanites were already in the land.

Here YAHWEH appeared unto Abram and said:--" Unto thy seed will I give thee this land". And Abram built an altar unto YAHWEH who had appeared to him.

Vs:8--Abram then moved unto a mountain on the east of Bethel and again he built an altar unto YAHWEH , with Bethel on the West and Hai on the east, and here Abram called upon the name of YAHWEH. as you noticed every time he stopped Abram communes with YAHWEH , thus witnessing to a belief in this kingdom, even tho he is now becoming an old man and still he has no heir. At Haran there had been an addition to the Covenant, and now he is given this land.

A famine came on the land and Abram then moved his household down into Egypt. Here Satan would temp Pharaoh to desire Sarai who was still a beautiful woman. Abram had said that she was his sister, thinking they would leave him alone, and actually she was a 1/2 sister, but we believe this was to show that YAHWEH protects those who are to fulfill this drama of leadership in the building of the kingdom and the coming of Messiah. The Pharaoh of Egypt was an Aryan from the lineage of Seth, and when he learned that Sarai was the wife of Abram he saw that she was taken back to her husband.

In chapter 13 we find Abram and Sarai and Lot returning to the spot where Abram had built the altar between Bethel and Hai. Since each household was now producing great herds they would get in each others way, and there was some bickering among the men with the herds. Lot and his household then decided to dwell in the plains of the Jordan. Remember that this was before YAHWEH HAD DESTROYED THE CITIES OF SODOM AND GOMORRAH. Remember Lot and his family would be trapped in that situation, but this does not effect in any way Abram or the Covenant. Abram now takes up permanent abode in Canaan land which has been given to him and his seed FOREVER.

Once more (13:16) Abram hears a further expansion of the Covenant as YAHWEH says;---"And I will make thy seed as the dust of the earth, so that if a man can number the dust of the earth, then shall thy seed also bee numbered. Arise and walk thru the land, the length of it and the breadth of it, for I will give it unto thee." Now; we find that Abram then moved to the plain of Mamre to dwell and here also he built an altar unto YAHWEH.

In the 14th., chapter of Genesis the kings were fighting and you will remember that Lot and his household were then taken captives. Abram armed the men of his household and went in pursuit with 318 men. As you have learned --there is spiritual significance in numbers (app:10). Three denotes completeness of spiritual perfection including resurrection , and 300 just intensifies this spiritual perfection . 318 is a multiple of 6 --man in the flesh, --the 18 is trilogy of Adamic man who is spirit, soul, and body. Under the guidance and protection of YAHWEH then Abram returned with Lot and all his household and his belongings.

Next in the scriptures we have recorded this visit by Melchizedek, called the king of Salem, to Abram. In the old books you find a more clear picture of this visit. For this was YAHWEH who came and set out the communion table for Abram, and blessed him, and it is recorded that Abram gave tithe of all that he had.

In the Companion bible you are told to notice the Parenthesis clause (vs:18-20) which INTERRUPTS TO INTERPRET . Thus you have to remember here that this is Abram the man who the Covenant was made with. Here the High Priest of this Covenant could be none other than YAHWEH as YAHSHUA (EMBODIED) . He was confirming the Covenant at the communion table which would be later given to all Israel. This could not have been Shem as some have suggested for Abram would not have paid tithe to Shem, for Abram is the man chosen to be on Center Stage, not Shem, besides Shem was not the High Priest of this Covenant given to Abram. This was Melchizedek the High Priest ---of YAHWEH'S household ---Salem meaning Peace or understanding.

Abram remember took nothing from the king of Sodom, and what earthly possession would Abram have with which to give tithe to MELCHIZEDEK who had no use for a portion of the herds, or for gold and silver, so what would he pay tithe with.? Abram in symbolism paid tithe of what he possessed which was total obedience, total belief in the worship of One God, and total belief in what the program of YAHWEH CONSISTED OF.

In the next experience for Abram (chapt. 15) YAHWEH came to Abram in a dream saying:--"Fear not Abram I am thy shield and thy great reward" Then Abram speaks unto YAHWEH and wonders why he has not been given a seed, a son, for he has no one to inherit this Covenant. YAHWEH then brings Abram outside and says:--"Look toward the heavens, and tell me, are you able to number the stars.?" So shall thy seed be, " Remember now that Abram is now an old man altho still vigorous and now showing his age. He has been believing YAHWEH all of these years as he lived on faith, not quite understanding how all these promises would be fulfilled. Today when people do not see the end tomorrow we find many ready to find another answer. Here was Abraham still called Abram, still being tested, and he has now in old age not seen any of these promises fulfilled, however he believed YAHWEH and this was counted to him for righteousness , right thinking. Then Abram was told to take a heifer 3 years of age, a she goat of 3 years, and a Ram of 3 years and then a turtle dove, a young pigeon, and prepare a sacrifice.. You will remember the significance of numbers which enters into this sacrifice, and also remember that this Covenant is an unconditional Covenant . Then YAHWEH said unto Abram:--"know of a surety (knowing thou shalt know) that thy Seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them, and afflict them for 400 years. And that nation whom they will serve, will I judge, and afterwards they shall come out with great substance, and thee (Abram) shall go to thy fathers in peace, thou shalt be buried in a good old age. In the 4th., generation they shall come hither again, for the iniquity of the Amorites is not yet full."

The fulfillment of this prophecy would be still years away. and Sarai was now also becoming impatient, and she then gave her handmaiden to Abram thinking they might enjoy a child in their old age. But this was not according to YAHWEH 'S plan and the child --Ishmael --became a thorn of contention to Sarai, however since he was Abrahams son then Ishmael would be granted a blessing and one of the instructions was that always the Arabs were to be allowed to dwell in the same location as their brethren, the promised seed of Abraham. Sarai was to learn the great lesson that YAHWEH does not use substitutes in his program.

In chapter 17 once more at the age of 99 years Abram has a visit from YAHWEH and once more the COVENANT is confirmed--as he says:---"Walk before me , and be thou perfect , My Covenant is between me and thee and I will multiply thee exceedingly --thou shalt be a father of many nations." Well, Abram fell on his face as YAHWEH goes thru the whole Covenant once again, and then he informs Abram there is also more to be done. ---"Ye shall circumcise the flesh of your foreskin and it shall be a token of the Covenant between thee and ME, and every Male from a child 8 days old shall be circumcised---thus my Covenant shall be in your flesh, for an Everlasting Covenant.

Number 8 is also the number of Resurrection, and now to be associated with circumcision, and to be resurrected you must also have experienced death, thus this circumcision was now a part of the Covenant symbolizing bringing the Adamic race---God's Israel, now in the flesh, thru death into resurrection. The word flesh meaning the whole person, or the Adamic race now in the flesh.

Finally, Abram's name is now changed to Abraham, and Sarai's name changed to Sarah. The Hebrew letter H signifies the number of Grace, and Sarah is now a Princess, and then come the promise at last for a son for Sarah---and "all nations (or Israel) and Kings of people shall be of her." As he heard this, Abraham fell on his face and he laughed for joy, but still, don't you suppose that he wondered---shall a child be born unto him for he is now almost 100 years old, and Sarah 90 years of age. Abraham of course loved his son Ishmael and he showed that he had faith that at last he would have a son from Sarah for he asked for a blessing for Ishmael also. YAHWEH replied that yes---Sarah would have a child and they should call his name Isaac and the Covenant would move thru Isaac and then on thru his seed, but as for Ishmael---he would also be blessed for Abrahams sake. "12 Princes would come from Ishmael and he would form a great nation." But is would be thru Sarah that the covenant would continue for the very next year Sarah would have her son---Isaac---the child of laughter.

This rite of Circumcision was performed when Abraham was 99 years of age, and Ishmael was 13 years old. The Arabs still circumcise the males on their 13th year as compared to Isaac and his descendants on the 8th day. This rite of Circumcision showing that the Covenant moves thru these people of the Kingdom now in the flesh reminds us that there is nothing to hard for YAHWEH TO ACCOMPLISH THUS AFTER ALL THESE YEARS Sarah has a baby boy and she and Abraham are rejoicing over this child of laughter who is also the inheritor of the Covenant---for to Abraham was said:---"In Isaac shall thy seed be called." (Gen:21)

We think of the enjoyment this couple must have experienced after this wait of all these years for that child, then we are told of the testing once more of Abraham. (chapter 22) We think of this 3 day journey, the symbolism posed by the number 3, as in obedience then Abraham takes Isaac up the slopes of Mount Moriah. We think of Sarah as she watched them leave altho she did not know where they were going. Then at the top of the mountain, in total obedience, but perhaps still some what puzzled, Abraham builds this altar unto YAHWEH, and then bound his little son to the wood of the altar. By this act he was sealing the destiny of the nations of the Kingdom who would be born or called or named in Isaac, by committing them, in symbolism to serve the Eternal Will and Purpose of YAHWEH. Someday we will recognize this as one of the most significate moments in the history of the world. As this event reached its climax, Abraham was moving in Faith, altho he could not quite see the way. But in total obedience and in faith he raised the knife, and a voice stopped him, for he had not failed the test of total obedience, and after all a suitable sacrifice was waiting. Once more on this Mountain the Covenant was restated and then more was added to it.--"Thy seed shall possess the gates of his enemies."--"In thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed, because thou--Abraham have obeyed my voice," (Gen:22:15-18)

Soon after Abraham and Isaac returned from Mount Moriah, Sarah having fulfilled her part in this Kingdom plan would die and be laid to rest in the purchased family tomb. A great mourning was heard in the land for Sarah, but it was time for her to pass from Center Stage as someone else would come forth to occupy this position as time goes on.

Abraham then marries Keturah and he now has seven sons and is allowed now to experience the raising of a family, but of course the Covenant moved only thru Isaac. In time we find Abraham giving gifts to these children of he and Keturah and they would be sent to the east, back to Northern India where they would finish out their days in earth. They would however be away from Isaac who soon moves to center stage in tracing the Covenant. The blessings to Isaac of course could not be separated from the Covenant, but it did not mean that YAHWEH loved the children of Abraham less than he did Isaac. From the old books you read of the life of these children sent to the east and you see from their lifestyle these blessings, and this teaches us that by Foreknowledge YAHWEH had simply selected the best person for the carrying out of his purposes, and for the benefit of all.

To this day the Arabs and the High Caste Brahman's of India claim Abraham as their father. During W.W. I the Arabs and those natives of Northern India performed a remarkable loyal service to their Saxon half brothers.

Abraham now passes away and was laid to rest in the Cave of Machpelah, which the sons of Heth provided. This Man of Destiny thus passed from the scene and Isaac will now step to Center Stage as our story continues of the outline of this Everlasting Covenant.---Thus the transfer of the Covenant moves to Isaac for remember --"In Isaac shall thy seed be called."

As you will remember Isaac sent a servant back to the city of Nahor , to his own relatives for a wife for his son Isaac. We read of how this certain servant of Abraham came to this certain well, where the women of the village came for water, and the servant of Abraham prayed that the damsel who would offer to let him have a drink would be the one who was appointed as a wife for Isaac. (chapter 24) Well, Rebekah came to the well and she was the daughter of Bethuel, and the former wife of Nahor who was Abraham's brother. This name Bethuel means --separated of God. The damsel Rebekah gave this servant of Abraham a drink, and also watered his camels. As he ask her whose daughter she was, and whether there was room in her fathers house for him to lodge, he learned that she was indeed the daughter of Bethel, the son of Milcah and her mother was the former wife of Nahor, Abraham's brother. This servant then bowed down and thanked YAHWEH , while Rebekah ran to her father's house to tell him that this man at the well was also a relative, as well as being Abraham's servant.

Now Rebekah had a brother and his name was Laban, and you will hear more of him later. Laban then ran to the well to invite the servant of their relative into their home. He was given food to eat and he and those with him and their camels were cared for, and then the servant stood to say;----'I shall not eat until I tell you of my errand'. The family gathered around as the man said:--'Abram's servant am I and YAHWEH has blessed Abraham greatly and he has acquired great herds , and flocks and silver and gold, and menservants and maid servants and camels and such. And Sarah my masters wife bare a son to Abraham when she was old, and unto this son hath he given all that he has. My master made me to swear that a wife for his son not be found among the Cainanites (Cainites) of the land. Thus he hath sent me to his kindred to find a wife for Isaac. I said unto my master--what if the woman will not follow me and my master said unto me,----YAHWEH before whom I walk will send his angels with thee and prosper thy ways, and thou shalt take a wife for my son from my kindred. ' As the servant continued speaking he told of how he came to the well, and how he had prayed and then in answer to his prayer came Rebekah to the well. As Laban and Bethuel heard these words they decided this was from YAHWEH and Rebekah should go --if she would choose to do so. The servant of Abraham then gave the jewels, silver and gold and raiment to Rebekah. In the morning the servant asked to be sent on his way, and Rebekah was called and they asked her if she would be willing to go and be a wife for Isaac.

Remember --here is the girl who will take Sarah's place in center stage in this drama of the Covenant of the Kingdom. Rebekah said she would go with the servant and preparations were made and Rebekah not only would go but with her would go the woman who had been her nurse from her beginning. The journey would be by Camels and thru dangerous territory and Rebekah and her nurse were dresses in very poor looking clothing so as not to look conspicuous. As they drew near to where Isaac was waiting Rebekah alighted from her camel and put on her embroidered traveling cloak and then went on to meet this man whose wife she was to become. We are not told much about this marriage in the scriptures except to say that Isaac installed Rebekah in Sarah's spacious tent and then he courted her and she then married him and he was comforted after his mother's death.

In the old books we find that Rebekah was as high spirited as Sarah, but Isaac was very satisfied with his wife. And Isaac was 40 years of age when he took Rebekah for his wife. When Rebekah was pregnant she was told by YAHWEH that two nations were in her womb. Two manners of people would be separated from her, one people would be stronger than the other, and yet 'the older would serve the younger'.

As the twins were born to Rebekah the first to be born was red all over, and like a hairy garment, and they called his name Esau. The second came out holding to on to the heel of Esau. As the twins grew there was a great difference in the two boys. Esau was more a man of the world, he was a great hunter, and kept his fathers table supplied with the meat from his hunting. His father Isaac loved Esau because of this attention since Jacob was more a quiet son, and not as outgoing as Esau. Also he was prone to stay by his mothers side and did not cause them any trouble. Esau did not want to live the quite life that his parents lived, as they obeyed and worshiped YAHWEH , however he was the oldest and by rights the birthright should be his.

Esau returned one day, and yes I know that the scripture says that he sold his birthright for a mess of pottage. This is in allegory and in symbolism for Esau did not value the birthright, and he was hungry ---but he also would then marry two Cainanite wives, and thus he could not carry on the birthright.

There came a famine in the land like as it was in the days of Abraham, but YAHWEH appeared unto Isaac and told him not to go down into Egypt, but to dwell in the land which he would tell him of, and if he would do this then YAHWEH would bless him and give unto him all this land that he had sworn to give to Abraham his father. The Covenant then passed on to Isaac with the same blessings, and Isaac then dwelt in Gerar; and again we see the same type of situation as the men of that place asked about this beautiful woman with Isaac, and Isaac also said:--she is my sister. Again remember that YAHWEH had told Isaac to dwell here in this land , and he would bless him, thus we would expect him to protect him a well and also his wife for YAHWEH had plans for this couple and one of their sons.

When King Abimelech found out that Rebekah was Isaac's wife he gave orders that no man was to touch Isaac or his wife, or they would be put to death. Isaac then planted a crop in the land, and YAHWEH blessed him and in time he became the possessor of great flocks and herds and had many servants. of all the wells that Abraham had dug when he was in the land, the Philistines had filled them in with earth, but Isaac re-dug the wells and named them once more as had his father Abraham.

Isaac's servants found a well of spring water, but the other herdsmen came claiming the water, so the servants dug another well and as the Philistines kept pressing them they would dig another well and then move on. In this way they came to Beersheba and there YAHWEH appeared to Isaac and delivered the promises to him for Abraham's sake.

Now the Philistines came to Isaac saying we see thou art blessed, and we would like an agreement between you and us that we have done nothing to harm you, so since you leave our land in peace let us have an understanding that you will not harm us. Isaac made a feast and they did eat and drink together.

Esau was 40 years of age when he took a wife--a daughter of Beeri the Hittite, and also he took another wife of the daughter of Elon the Hittite, thus two wives from the Hittites. This was a great grief to Isaac and Rebekah, altho Isaac being an easy going person still loved his son Esau, even tho he knew it was wrong for him to marry outside of his race. Then came the day when Isaac thinking he was dying, his eye sight about gone, and he asked Esau to once more go hunting and prepare for him a meal of this food that he so loved. Rebekah heard this request and she sent her younger son to fetch two young kids so she could also make savory meat for Isaac, and thus he would bless Jacob before his death. Jacob reminds his mother that Esau was a man with much hair on his arms, where as his arms were smooth. Rebekah insisted that they try to fool his father into giving the blessing unto Jacob instead of Esau.

You remember the stores of how they put the skins of t he goats upon the hands and arms of Jacob and upon his neck. Rebekah as Sarah was trying to get ahead of things, and seemed not to remember that by her action she was only creating problems for her son, because you do not hurry YAHWEH'S plans, and she had apparently forgotten that YAHWEH had also told her that 'the elder would serve the younger'.

You will now remember that Rebekah sent Jacob dressed in Esau's clothing and with the skins on his arms with the meat dish to his father. Isaac at that time being blind, said:---'the voice is Jacob, but the hands are Esau.' nevertheless he blessed Jacob and passed on the blessing of the Covenant. Not long after this Esau came to his father with his meat offering, Isaac then trembled for had he not blessed someone else not his son, Esau? but the blessing would have to stand, it had already been given. Esau cried out to his father for a blessing, but is told that his brother has stolen it. Then Jacob pass on the blessing --as it were--to Esau confirming that 'by the sword shall he (Esau) live, and thou shalt serve thy brother, and then it shall come to pass that thou shall have the dominion and thou shalt break his yoke from off thy neck.' ----Was this prophecy fulfilled when the Edomites took over old Jerusalem in the days just before the time of The Christ??

Isaac then went to his rest, and Jacob has to step into the testing period for the Covenant must continue. Thus this Everlasting Covenant stretches over many, many years and this is thus the Biblical story in our book.

Jacob hurriedly leaves home to escape the wrath of Esau, and his mother sent him to her own people in search of a wife. Thus Jacob walks into his own testing period and he will serve in bondage many years for the woman he loves.

As Jacob traveled to the home of Laban, his mothers brother , he stops for the night at a strange place and here he also has this strange vision. Jacob sees this ladder stretching from earth into the heavens. He sees YAHWEH at the top of the ladder and he listens as YAHWEH transfers the Covenant to him and to his seed after him. YAHWEH also promises to be with Jacob at all times, until he (Jacob) has done all the things that HE has told Jacob that will be done with him. This ladder stretching from heaven to earth, with people coming and going up and down, is in symbolism---and Jacob is seeing this Adamic race, the household of YAHWEH COMING TO EARTH TO BUILD A KINGDOM, AND THEN GOING BACK WHEN THEIR JOB IS FINISHED. This was the New Jerusalem also of Revelation, with its constraint flow of people to occupy as the kingdom in earth is building. Jacob sits in awe of all that he is seeing, but he realizes that it was Divine faithfulness and promises which marked this place as the House of God, for YAHWEH reminds Jacob of the work that Isaac and Abraham have already done for the kingdom.

In verses 13 and 15 notice the "Shalls" and the "Wills: and all the repetitions of this Covenant. "I will not leave thee"--this promise made to Jacob for Covenant Grace; to the people for their journey (Deut:13-15) to Joshua for conflict (Joshua1:3), to Solomon for work (I Chron: 28:30) and which also extends to us for daily provisions (Heb:13:5-6).

This phrase --"The house of God"--this is the place where YAHWEH meets his people in Grace. Our place of worship where ever it might be is where he meets his people.

As Jacob arose early that morning he took the stone he had used for a pillow and set it up for a pillar and poured oil on top of it, and called the name of this place where he had this experience Bethel, but the city of that name was formally called Lug. Bethel however means thee House of EL. Jacob before leaving this place made a vow, saying that if YAHWEH would be with him , and help him in the way he must go, and eventually bring him back to his fathers house then YAHWEH would always be his God, as well as the God of his father and of Abraham also. This was a solemn vow the first one recorded.

Jacob continues his journey, and came into the land of the people of the east. Shepherds were at a well and he stopped to inquire as to his people. He finds that these shepherds knew Laban, and in fact here comes the daughter of Laban to the well with her sheep. Jacob is overjoyed to find someone from the household he has come to find. Rachel after meeting Jacob runs to tell her father about the man at the well, the son of his sister Rebekah. Jacob was of course taken to the household of his relatives and he told them of all the experiences he has had on his way to them. He tarried here for one month working for Laban, and at the end of the month when asked as to the wages he would require, then Jacob having already fallen in love with Rachel asked for her to be his wife. Laban as you remember had two daughters--Leah and Rachel---and Jacob then consented to work for 7 years for Rachel, and her father consented. You have noticed the symbolism of numbers all thru this story, and we find that at the end of the seven years then Laban tricked Jacob and gave him Leah for his wife, and then he worked 7 more years for the girl he loved--Rachel. But actually there was 20 years of frustration and disappointment and double dealing in this household of Laban and in all this time Jacob had built no altar unto YAHWEH. However in that time the household was expanding for in all Jacob had obtained 4 wives.

Yes , after serving seven years for Rachel then Laban tricked him and brought to his tent Leah in place of Rachel, but in the morning it was Leah who was in his bed . Laban then explained to Jacob that it was in their country customary that the eldest daughter be given in marriage first, thus Jacob then worked 7 more years for Rachel.

YAHWEH was also working in this situation for he had plans for Jacob and for the building of his kingdom, and from Jacob was to come these 12 sons. As time went on when Leah or Rachel remained without child then they gave their handmaidens also to Jacob so as to raise children, but these girls were of the race, and they were just those who worked for the older girls who were already married, and they were perfectly acceptable to be mothers of these 12 sons who were to be an important step in the building of the kingdom in earth. In all Leah produced;---Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar and Zebulun. Leah's handmaiden by the name of Zilpah produced Gad and Asher. And Rachel the beloved produced Joseph and Benjamin, whereas her handmaiden --Bilhah --produced Dan and Naphtali.

Up to this point the path of the Covenant has been easy to trace. Beginning with Abraham it continues thru Isaac, and now Jacob who has these 12 sons. Ishmael and the sons of Keturah, and yes even Esau were not outside the limits of YAHWEH'S love as some would have you think, for he remembered them and blessed them, and gave them certain portions of land for their inheritance. However they were not under the terms of this solemn compact which YAHWEH had made with Abraham, nor were they responsible for its fulfillment.

After this 20 years then Jacob decides to take his wives and his children and return to the land of his father. We have passed over this love story between Jacob and Rachel rather hurriedly because it fits within the Covenant, and remember this was also the doings of YAHWEH for Jacob was to have these 12 sons for HIS purpose.

In retrospect we see a dedication of the whole family of YAHWEH at Bethel, and now we have seen the placement of these 12 sons of Jacob, so as to expand the kingdom. As Jacob is now ready to return to his own land he recalls how he tricked his brother Esau out of his birthright and he knows that he must return thru the land now claimed by Esau, and he is afraid, so now at last he is ready to call on YAHWEH for help. He is really praying now for the first time. (32:9-12) And of course YAHWEH will return when called on by his people. As this group reached the land of Esau then Jacob divided his household into two groups, servants and flocks as well, and then he sends a present of his herds to his brother.

This is the night then that Jacob had that experience of wrestling with this ONE all night long. This is a story in allegory and it is also symbolic for Jacob had been lax in all these 20 years in communing with YAHWEH and he needed to get in close touch if he was to be a part of this Covenant. After a long nights struggle in this situation then Jacob has a better understanding as to just what is expected of him. After this session YAHWEH blesses Jacob and he called this place Peniel for he had, in this place, seen YAHWEH face to face.

Next morning as the procession proceeded on their way then Jacob sees Esau coming with 400 men. Jacob quickly divides his family into groups and he puts Rachel and Joseph last for Rachel was heavy with child --with Benjamin who would bee this last child. But now Esau was glad to see his brother for YAHWEH had also changed his heart. And the company moved along slowly on this long journey home. As they came to the area of the city of Padan-Aram Jacob pitched his tent and he bought a piece of land for 100 pieces of money, and here finally he built an altar unto YAHWEH, and called it El-elohe-Israel.

There is a pause in the covenant message as we read of the taking of Dinah the only daughter of Jacob by the Hivitte, and how the sons of Jacob solved this matter, but also it would be necessary now for Jacob to move on at once. YAHWEH tells Jacob to go back to Bethel, and there Jacob will make another altar unto YAHWEH for here YAHWEH had been with him before when he was distressed. The sons of Jacob had taken certain things of the Hivittes , whom they had then killed for what they did to their sister Dinah, and these were buried then under the Oak tree, and they journeyed back to Bethel.

Here at Bethel YAHWEH came again to Jacob and blessed him and now changes his name to Israel, as he now confirmed the Covenant with Jacob, and the land he had given to Abraham, and then to Isaac would now belong to Jacob and to his seed after him. As the journey commenced once more from Bethel they had to call a halt for Rachel went into labor and they were forced to stop for Benjamin to be born., and here Rachel died. Jacob was very grieved, wondering what he should have done different to have helped this situation. He buried Rachel and built a pillar over her grave, and it still remains unto this day as the Arabs and Christians maintain this grave site, Rachel was not taken to the cave and buried where eventually Jacob and Leah would be buried . For some reason only the first wife of both Abraham and Jacob would be buried in this family tomb. The others would have their own grave site. Judah of course would carry the king line , and he was from Leah. Judah would also be listed in the lineage of YAHSHUA . Leah would also now take over the care of Rachel's two sons, Joseph and Benjamin.

We are given the lineage of Esau--who is Edom since this group plays a part in this story of Israel, but they had no part nor lot in the program of the Covenant altho they claimed such a part later using their claim of Abraham for a father.

And now we come to the great national story of the bible to see featured the first born of the beloved Rachel. It has seemed always that we walk down a long tunnel with a great light at the end and certain individuals were chosen for leadership in this story of the Covenant for specific works and each step to center stage as their time of destiny becomes clear.

In this Destiny story we see that Jacob-Israel loved Joseph his first born of his beloved Rachel, and no doubt spoiled him for his brothers seemed to resent him. Instead he made him a coat of many colors and seemed to keep him closer to home. Joseph when young remember had this dream, as it seemed his brothers and yes even his father would bow down to him, and instead of pondering it in his heart he told this to his brothers and they resented it. When Joseph was 17 years of age his father sent him out to where his brothers were guarding the sheep. The brothers saw him coming and they said:--'Let us kill him and tell our father that a wild beast devoured him. ' It was Judah who suggested that instead of killing him that they sell him to the Ishmalites who were just passing by. This they did and Joseph was taken into Egypt and there sold unto Potiphar, an officer of Pharaoh and the Captain of the guard. Benjamin being the younger brother was not involved in this selling of their brother. When the brothers returned home and told their father that Joseph must have been eaten by a wild beast , they were touched in their hearts as they saw the grief of their father who was now getting old. .

you may think this is terrible but remember that YAHWEH had also been involved in this for he was placing this 17 year old spoiled lad in just the position where he wanted him to be, a little later after his education was completed. Here in the household of Pharaoh, Joseph grew up fast, for YAHWEH was also with him. His breeding no doubt helped him to walk the path he should, and when Pharaoh had his dream of the seven good years and the seven lean years, the Joseph was able to interpret, saying that YAHWEH would give him an answer: (Gen: 39: 21-22)

Remember that this Pharaoh was an Adamite and when Joseph suggested a plan to provide supplies for the seven lean years that were to come then Pharaoh recognized this as a wise solution. Thus Joseph who came into Egypt at the age of 17 became Prime Minister of Egypt at age 30 years. All countries would then come to Egypt for supplies as the lean years drug on. And yes, this would bring first the sons of Jacob to Egypt to buy corn. Joseph would thus see his brothers altho he did not reveal himself at first. The brothers then came back bringing Benjamin with them as had been requested, and you know this story, and remember it was again Judah who offered to remain in place of Benjamin, so his father would not be so grieved. Finally Jacob-Israel and all his sons would come to Egypt and here this dream of young Joseph would come true. Yet in no way did Joseph try to punish his brothers for selling him into this slavery. His love for his family and his protection for his family is a story the children of YAHWEH should proclaim. Joseph like his grandfather and his great grandfather before him was a man of whom it was said that no stain of lust blots the records of each .

In the old books we read also of the story of Asenath, the young lady at the city of On. Her father was one of the Priest at On, where this white priesthood still held sway, and one day Pontipher, her father , tells her that this young man--Joseph --is coming to call on him. Of Course she is not interested, however she is watching from her upstairs window as here come this handsome young man up the walk to their home to talk to her father. Suddenly she changes her mind and she flies to the mirror to check her hair, her face and her clothing, then demurely she sweeps down those stairs to play Hostess for her father, this Priest of On, who is from the lineage of Seth. To make a long story short they were soon married , and to this union two sons were born and they named them Manasseh and Ephraim.

Again we remind you that YAHWEH was not being unfair when he selected Jacob over Esau. He merely selected the man best suited for his plan. Esau was still an Aryan, or Hebrew but he had stepped out of his race to marry two Cain-ite women and thus his offspring would thus establish a dynasty which was not Adamic, but which would also later be trying to claim relationship because of Esau's birth line. Esau is however listed as the progenitor of the Edomites, and they produced Kings before there ever reigned a king over Israel.

Now;-- Joseph also recognized that it was YAHWEH who sent him into Egypt, to prepare a place for his brothers and his father for these are the children of the Covenant. Thus from now on then Jacob-Israel and his family would dwell in the land of Goshen, and be close to Joseph where he could look after them. For 17 years things went well, for this Covenant family and they multiplied and they became used to living in the land of Goshen. However the time came for the death of Jacob-Israel this leader of the Covenant people. Joseph was notified and he came to see his father, and he brought with him his two sons--Ephraim and Manasseh. Jacob was just able to sit up in bed to receive them, and he said to Joseph;----"YAHWEH appeared unto me , at Lux (Bethel) in the land of Canaan and blessed me and said unto me;---behold I will make thee fruitful, I will multiply thee, and I will make of thee a multitude of people, and I will give this land to thy seed after thee for an Everlasting possession, and Ephraim and Manasseh these two sons born to you here in this land of Egypt before I came unto you--they art mine--just as Simeon and Reuben, they shall be mine and thy issue which thou begetteth after them shall all be mine, and shall be called after the name of their brethren (Israel) in their inheritance.'

Jacob-Israel now embraced his grandsons and placing his right hand on the head of Ephraim the youngest, and his left on the head of Manasseh he then blessed Joseph and his two sons and of the boys he said:" Let them grown into a multitude in the midst of the earth. Joseph noticed and protested that Manasseh was the oldest but Jacob-Israel knew what he was doing and he assured Joseph that the younger would be greater, for his seed would be a multitude of nations, but Manasseh would also be a great nation, and he sat Ephraim before Manasseh.

By the words of this blessing you would look for the seed of Ephraim (Great Britain) to become a multitude of nations, even before Manasseh (the U.S) would reach her potential . The fact of scripture is extremely important for you to remember, because Jacob-Israel had very forcefully brought both sons of Joseph into the Israel family. In place of Joseph , at his death would be his two sons taking his place, in the Covenant picture, then both of these two sons would by this blessing carry all the responsibility of the birthright which before this had been carried by Jacob-Israel. Now all the sons of Jacob share in the blessings in this latter age of the Covenant. This was also brought into view that now there would be 13 tribes of Israel when Joseph passed from the scene. And Manasseh would carry the number 13, However to retain this significant number 12 then the tribe of Levi would no longer be counted for later YAHWEH would make of this tribe the Priests for the kingdom, and the Levites would be scattered in all the tribes when later they would go into their migrations. This all then fulfilled the sharing of the blessings which YAHWEH had promised to Abraham.

It is now time to answer this question--what then became of the Covenant, when Jacob-Israel finished his obligation in earth and goes to his rest? Remember here that all of the kings were to come from the line of Judah, but the two sons of Joseph were responsible for the birthright. This company of nations, and this great nation would eventually move into the administrative head of the whole House of Israel to form the National basis for YAHWEH'S kingdom in earth. Here we find the basis of this Identity message as Britain and America would move into the limelight of this Everlasting Covenant much, much later.

Before he died then Jacob -Israel gathered his sons to his side for their blessings. And from these blessings we look for those 12 tribes as to their location today in the west after the migrations were all finished. But first they have much to do to fulfill their part here in earth.

This book of Genesis--the book of beginnings then comes to a close with the blessings to this house of Israel.. Thru the influence of Joseph all branches of this Covenant family enjoyed prosperity and prestige in this land of Egypt. You may read of these blessings in the book of beginnings chapter 49--and notice also that this blessing to each was to befall them in the last days, meaning after the crucifixion and the resurrection and ascension of YAHSHUA. In the Companion bible we are told that this prophecy and these blessings to the house of Israel extends to, and embraces the days of Messiah--his first and second advent.

We are also told that Jacob-Israel asked his sons to bury him in the cave with his fathers, in the land of Canaan. Thus Jacob's body was embalmed in the land of Egypt and then a great mourning was done for this man who had followed YAHWEH'S instructions

so carefully. Joseph then went to Pharaoh and asked for permission to carry out his father's wishes. We find that a great company of people accompanied the body of Jacob-Israel into the land of Canaan, unto the cave where they placed his body. After all had returned to Egypt the sons of Jacob began to wonder if maybe their brother Joseph would now with their father gone, remember how they had sold him into captivity, and maybe take some revenge on them. They were worrying for nothing because Joseph met with his brothers and was able to convince them that all this situation had been the work of YAHWEH , so as to bring him to the place where they and all their little ones would be safe for the time being. And as long as Joseph was in charge they would have many blessings and be safe here in this land of Egypt.

Life thus went on after the death of Jacob-Israel and Joseph saw the children of his two sons Ephraim and Manasseh grow into the second and then the third generation, and Joseph lived 110 years then said to his brothers----'when I die YAHWEH will surely visit you and bring you out of this land, and into the land which he swore to give to Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob'. And then Joseph died their in the land of Egypt after asking his brethren to take his body with them when they left Egypt, thus Joseph's body was embalmed there in Egypt and placed in a coffin and thus ends this book of Beginnings. It is now up to the next leader to step forward to lead the Covenant people .