Report by E.R. Mast



by Jeanne Manning and Dr. Nick Begich


As we have told you and the Internet has told us, HAARP is a big ‘power grid’ built by the U.S. and based in Alaska. This messing with mother nature and the children of earth electromagnetically, started years ago. It was in the 1800's that Nickola Tesla was working on such an idea that would transmit electrical energy thru the natural mediums. In 1858, White House advisors on Weather Modification were studying ways to manipulate changes 'of earth and sky,' and so affect the weather. In the 1980's, the United States began to use the developing process in hope of defense purposes and thus 'Stars wars was born.' In 1995, Congress budgeted ten million dollars for the year of 1996 under nuclear counter-proliferation efforts for HAARP. From 1994-1996, testing of HAARP equipment has been frozen, supposedly. Altho we now learn that HAARP was turned on this year. So who is now calling the shots on this project? The system was not projected to be fully operational until 1998.

Today we are living in an age where scientific progress seems to be advancing at a more rapid pace than spiritual values. Is this a danger for our civilization? Some people seem to feel that this is true. We must remember that absolute power corrupts and since we are now governed by people with no spiritual values, this is the danger that we face. In order to move on from the 'cold war,' did these corporations which were all involved in HAARP in the days of the danger from the Soviet Union need to find a way to keep the money flowing and decide to work with a force within our government that would use this technology not for the good of America and her citizens, but for their own enrichment? And at the top, was the plan to manage the citizens of this great nation thru mind control until we would walk into this great big ‘One World government’ that they had planned for us for decades? That is the question.

Jeanne Manning and Dr. Nick Begich thus, came into this story as their curiosity grew and they put together this book "Angels Do Not Play This Haarp." Dr. Nick Begich is a researcher. And in the case of HAARP, he saw a tiny one-paragraph notice on the project in Nexus Magazine. As he began to research this project, he found layers of deception at every level. Here was a megalithic project, that if implemented, could profoundly affect the lives of every person on earth. Thus, this project needs to be studied to see how those now in power intend to use it. Researchers soon learned that HAARP represents a technology which could lead to a new class of weapons that could change our world profoundly . . . an all-purpose military tool. IF MISUSED, THE TOOL COULD MESS UP OUR WEATHER. It could be used against humanity in a way that would change what people think,

believe, and feel. It could be used for ‘Good or Evil,’ just as a harp can make the music of Mozart, or the melody of the death march.

Today no one is supervising the big boys who have this big toy and the fat black wallets. The Clinton Administration, as of May 1995, planned to spend 15 billion on 'theater defense missile systems' in the next seven years. But today, they are also not budgeting enough money to supply even the bullets for the weapons the military now uses. And they have strung our service men all over the globe. Also, they have not used any money that has been appropriated to upgrade the safety of our military air craft.

Nicolas Tesla was a great inventor of our race and he presented many inventions to the government agencies. Such as the idea of sending electricity thru the air without wires, and the idea of cheap electric power for everyone by just putting a rod into the earth and extracting energy--free. After Tesla admitted to J.P. Morgan that his experimental tower on Long Island was meant to send power as well as messages, his public career was ended. And no longer did the money men finance him. He died a pennyless inventor. He continued to learn and to invent, but he was kicked out of the spotlight because Corporate Moguls were interested in creating monopolies and SELLING the electric power to the people.

In her research, Jeanne Manning followed the trail from Tesla to ‘Star Wars.’ In this research, she found what we have known as the Russian Woodpecker, that radio frequency signal, or low frequency (elf) waves which had been discovered in this country in late 1976, which would at times disrupt electrical equipment. Jeanne Manning found that for some reason, Tesla was being downgraded as an inventor. And she wondered why, since Tesla had invented the florescent lights. Whereas Thomas Edison invented the incandescent light bulb; Edison was revered and not Tesla. Altho Tesla's AC system was better because AC electricity can travel hundreds of miles over power lines at high voltage, while a wire carrying DC would be unable to light bulbs a mile away from the generating plant. Then she read a list of military uses of Tesla's many inventions such as Earthquake contrivance, World radar, Particle Beam weapons, and brain wave manipulations. One or more magnifying transmitters could send destructive impulses thru the earth to any location. A well-placed jolt of many millions of volts, could theoretically destroy the communications of any major city. Particle beam weaponry was such a high-level secret that even Jimmy Carter was screened from vital technical developments by the bureaucracy of the C.I.A. and Defense Intelligence Agency.

Thus, 'Star Wars' came into being at a time when we were searching for a way to stop incoming missiles from the Soviet Union. And she found that they were using the Tesla inventions. The idea being to heat up a portion of the atmosphere thru which Russian missiles would come and they would explode as they hit that shield of electric heat. Yes, it would work. And the Soviet Union caved in and the Cold war was over.

Now looking backwards, then back even in the Kennedy years, another inventor had taken research papers to the President showing the massive amounts of power which could be distributed by broadcasting it, which Tesla had proven, could be done before 1911. This inventor was then shocked to find his papers placed under the Secrecy Act legislation. And altho offered a government contract, still they did not want to work under that syndrome. So he was told that he and his helpers were to sit down and shut up. Thus, again there was to be no cheap energy for the people of the U.S.A. even back in those days. Have you ever wondered who it is that in the different Administrations, that does not think first of the American citizens?

A man by the name of Gregory was very, very disturbed at the ideas he saw being developed. This heating of the atmosphere, to him, seemed to be dangerous. He called Jeanne Manning and told her that the ‘mad scientists’ were going to build a super-powerful ionospheric heater, and an array of antennas in the Alaskan bush outside of Anchorage, Alaska. This man was an environmentalist and he was angry as to what might be done to the environment. In early 1994, there was still no interest in the press about this building going on in Alaska. Then Dennis Specht, an anti-nuclear activist then living in Alaska, sent a news item to an Australian Magazine, and the reporter asked:--"Has anyone raised the thought of things getting out of control?” And then interest began to mount over the world as to this HAARP which Angels do not play.

Now some statistics:---The electron that hits your T.V. screen is moving at 25,000 electron volts. When it gets more than 1/2 million volts that is when you call it relativistic. The ones HAARP is talking about are one to three million electron volts. The Physicist in charge emphasized that he is in favor of HAARP. For if 10% of these things they envision work, it is a very neat thing.

Now this experimenting with ionospheric heater began long before HAARP. In 1960, one was built at Plattesville, Colorado. Then in 1983, this was moved to a site east of Fairbanks, Alaska. Long before HAARP was conceived, the Soviet Union built more powerful heaters than the West and involved more scientists in ionosphere changing experiments than the West. Max Plauch Institute in Germany, built a heater at Tromso, Norway. In 1991, the Europeans had caught up with the Russians by beaming one megawatt of effective radiated power from Tromso. You must remember that the heaters were to heat the atmosphere in spots to stop incoming missiles. But at this time, no experimentation was taken so as to see what the effects on earth would be.

In far off Alaska, they depend on the radio for life or death calls. And when they learned that such places as HAARP could interfere with the radio frequency, then they began to worry and to protest that the HAARP should be located somewhere when this radio interference would not interfere with the military establishment. Then what made them think that the Alaskan wilderness would welcome it in their back yard? And of course, they did not. People against this project express it with an Alaskan's common sense expression. They say,---(quote) “They are like boys finding a sleeping bear and poking it in the butt to see what is going to happen.”

Thus, the arguments go on and on since the big boys don't know the results of what they are planning to do. Here today, as we study this situation, we realize that so called 'star wars' seemed to stop the Russians since they could not keep up. But look today, here in 1996, we are now going into space with the Russians and we now have a woman up there in the Russian capsule with those men. For what purpose??? Environmentalists worry about the loss of the ozone belt, then want to ban hair spray pressure cans while the government builds such things like HAARP which can destroy, in a minute, more than hair spray pressure cans could in a life time.

The danger from HAARP today, we would say, comes from those who control it. The CIA reports that National governments are already able to manipulate weather for military purposes. We have often read in the past about this weather manipulation and modification. And if you mentioned it, your were laughed at. But now we find this has been going on for a long time just as we said.

Now we are told that experiments have been going on since 1940. But that using environmental modifications techniques to destroy or damage another state are prohibited. Do you suppose our enemy would adhere to that if they were to take over from within??

The Poker Flat Rocket Range is the largest land-based research facility in the world, and the only high altitude rocket range in the U.S. It is the only university operated range in the country. It has been funded in the past with NASA grants of 1.5 million annually. It received a 30 million dollar upgrade as part of a national defense bill passed by Congress in 1990. The plans were to build the best upper-atmospheric research facility in the world.

In February of 1995, the Star Wars missile defense shield was supposed to be dead. The U. S. House of Representatives voted to kill the program. Yet HAARP continues on while the motives of the military or those who are in power, are hidden from the world. Looking back in time, the C.I.A. interest in mind-control began with the Korean War during which the North Koreans had demonstrated skills in the areas of mind-control not previously seen in the West. The C.I.A. undertook a significant research effort into this area which extended to numerous related fiascos. Some of these were uncovered in subsequent scandalous revelations which included Canadian citizens being mentally manipulated without consent, treatment of thousands of university students and military personnel with LSD, and such. To the C.I.A., Dr. Delgado's wireless effects were thought-provoking. He discovered that animals could be manipulated without any physical contact. Moreover, the fields Delgado uses are as low as 1/5 of strength of the earth's own magnetic field. Yet when the signal is tuned to precise frequencies, it was found that Delgado’s can do much more than make a monkey sleepy. These technologies were increasingly being recognized by other researchers, and the data base has reached a level of certainty not understood as little as ten years ago. Today, a number of tools for brain entertainment are being marketed. Even some devises are being marketed for people to alter their own brain activities.

Now in its beginning with the HAARP program, it was made clear that this program would always be carefully controlled. This has always been the fear of those who are opposed to the program, ‘WHO WILL CONTROL? AND IN THE HANDS OF THE WRONG PEOPLE, WHAT IS THE DANGER TO THE AMERICAN CITIZEN?” This high frequency active auroral research project is ‘the HAARP that Angels do not play.’

Remember the 1960's thru the 1970's, there was the story and also intelligence reports of microwave beams being directed at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow? The government has never released the whole story. Beginning in 1965, the Government tested Embassy personnel to see if any genetic damage was done. They claimed no ill effects. But when President Nixon went to the USSR in 1971, members of his party showed abnormal behavior, including crying and depression. The spy community already knew that the Soviets had developed microwave beaming technologies which can affect mind, memory, and health. Soviet research had already shown that it was also possible to create hallucinations and significant perpetual changes in people.

The C.I.A.'s use of mind altering technologies is not new. We have told you this for years. They conducted memory experiments on thousands of unknowing people across the U.S. in 180 hospitals, and research centers and prisons. They used LSD and other drugs, brainwashing, sensory deprivation, hypnosis and many other mind control techniques until 1976, when the U. S. Senate investigated and stopped these practices. It appears that the names of the programs and their approaches changed, but the programs may have continued. And the Soviets moved ahead of the U.S. in their development of the ‘mind war’ technologies. They perfected a device called the ‘Lida’ which produced low frequency pulsing fields. Lida was then used on prisoners of war to put them into a trance so that secrets could be extracted from them more easily. As they increased their pulse waves so as to talk to their submarines, they became known to some radio operators as the 'Russian Woodpecker' because of the steady pecking signal. The negative side to this caused communications interference, power failures, mood alterations, and weather modifications, which have had a devastating effect on food production in the Soviet Union since the 1970's.

Since the 'Cold War’ is over, Russia and the U.S. have been cooperating in a number of research efforts including electromagnetics. In 1995, discussions about the policy of the Defense Department was that these systems could be used by law enforcement and military applications on their adversaries. The term 'Adversary' includes those who are engaged in activities that they want to stop. This policy does not preclude legally authorized domestic use of the non-lethal weapons by the U.S. Military in support of Law Enforcement. This allows use of the military in actions against the citizens of the country they are supposed to protect. Thus, who are these citizens they wish to stop and what are their activities and who will make the decisions to stop these activities? (Remember Waco?)

An important aspect of this word 'Non-lethal' is intentionally misleading. The policy adds:-- ‘It is important that the public understand that just as lethal weapons do not achieve perfect lethality, neither will non-lethal weapons always be capable of precluding fatalities and undesired collateral damage.’ In other words, you might destroy property and kill people with the use of these new non-lethal weapons. But for riot control for instance, now the government can use these new weapons against their own citizens what they cannot use in warfare with real enemies. Because they now have agreements with their enemies as to their use. This then was the reason that the non-lethal was moved out of the Department of Defense into the Department of Justice. This places the American nation, the Americans, and citizens of other countries in a lesser protected class than individuals seeking to destroy our nation.

All right . . . Playing the HAARP.-----

December of 1994, the system was put thru a number of tests.

January of 1995, the system integration phase of testing was continued. February thru March of 1992, a number of tests were run.

March 29 thru April 13, 1995, formal testing was done.

July 25 thru August 10, 1995, corrections were made as a malfunction occurred.

September 11-22, 1995, the system was used to test patents and the heaters turned on to send energy to the same spot in the ionosphere. Spring of 1996, the testing of earth penetrating begins. There are still problems. And funding by Congress has been stopped. But other funding is still coming in and the testing is going on.

Thus the people of Alaska who are alert, are worried. And they claim that HAARP is already affecting their people. The others say, “Oh, it just means more jobs and prosperity.” But others remember as we do that as early as 1970, Zbrigneiu Brezinski, later National Security Advisor to Jimmy Carter, predicted a more controlled and directed society would gradually appear linked to technology. This society could be dominated by an Elite group which impresses voters by allegedly superior scientific 'know how,' unhindered by the restraints of traditional liberal values. This Elite would not hesitate to achieve its political ends by using the latest modern techniques for influencing public behavior and keeping society under close surveillance and control. Technical and scientific momentum would then feed on the situation and its exploits so Brezenski predicted.

Today a number of new tools are emerging for the Elite and the temptation to use them increases steadily. How could the U.S. be changed bit by bit into a highly controlled techno society? Among the stepping stones, Brezinski expected, were persisting social crisis and use of the mass media to gain the publics confidence.

A different opinion was expressed by Newt Gindrich, now the Speaker of the House, who has always been fascinated with technology. And as he read these reports, he thought this project had potentials to control these brush fire wars around the world. He was always interested in technology for the Western world and the protection for the U.S. from enemy missiles such as 'Star Wars.'

Now in review, we understand the anxiety of some of the people of Alaska who are alert. If we did not depend on the protection of our Heavenly Father, we would be more worried. But we know we are in a time of trouble such as there never has been such a time since we became a nation. And, yes, it seems like the enemy is gaining all of the time. But we also know that there has to be an end to this sometime. And we trust that HE WHO IS IN YOU (US), IS GREATER THAN HE THAT IS IN THE WORLD. Thus, the enemy thinks they have succeeded in destroying the kingdom, still they come to the end of 'their time'. Meaning their time to molest the kingdom.

And, yes, the love (or fear) of the LORD is wisdom, and turning from evil is understanding. Thus, there is hope for our nation and for us.

(Job 28:28)

End of review.