ERM - Holy Grail


(Could it be in 1999?)


by Ella Rose Mast


We are indebted to Jeanette and to Terry for the report of the work of Josep Mason, for his understanding of what is to happen this year. We have of course tried to help him in spots but of course you are used to me doing that.

It seems that I cannot get by the first part of the year without a sick spell. So after a short stay in the hospital am trying to get back to normal and to work. Hopefully soon, for there is a lot going on which I like to follow. So here we are already into the month of March and on our way for this year of 1999.

Here in the past few years we seemed to be getting signs from the heavens with their symbolic meanings. And we enjoy trying to discover their meaning for our lifetime. Thus, we have had the Hale-Bopp comet and the Crop circles with their symbolic meanings. You will remember that when Hale-Bopp was coming in that they reported that there was something with Hale-Bopp, perhaps a companion, for sometimes you would see it then at other times you would not. Then came the denial that our telescope in space had seen anything. Now these many months later they are saying that, yes, there was something there and it seemed to be orbiting Hale-Bopp. Thus you would see it at times, and at other times you would not.

Now comes the report that there is something with our sun and they are wondering if this could be Hale-Bopp’s companion. Will see what we can find out about this as time goes on.

We have now had the Impeachment of the President, but the Senators failed to stand, so he was not removed from office. But we also think that the President fulfills the Prophecy of Daniel (Chapter 4) of the basests of men who with his wife is in control of our government. That prophecy has in my books been fulfilled, and now we see that he was not to be destroyed with our hands. But nevertheless he is to be destroyed --without hands. In other words by YAHWEH Himself. We still do not see any awakening of our people for they still struggle to follow the President even when protesting. They do not seem to understand this display of power used by this White House.

Sometime ago I called your attention to the scripture which said there would be two eclipses, one lunar and one solar that should be close together and this would have a very significate meaning for us, for these words then follow---"And then comes the end.”

We have been trying to find this event in its correct time schedule for as we understand this measure then the moon does not give its light and the sun fails to shine. Today we can now pinpoint these eclipses, as the Lunar eclipse of July 28, 1999 and the Solar eclipse to follow on August 11, 1999 at 11:00 A.M. this becomes more significant, for before this we will be watching the planets begin to align themselves for another sign which is called the Great Double-Cross.

Now, the path of this solar eclipse shadow will strike the land at Cornwall, England. This the southwestern tip of England. The reason this is significant is that this is the part of England where in the Hebrew Joseph of Arimathea brought young Jesus to the tin mines which Joseph owned. The ancient records do proclaim that Joseph of Arimathea did own these ancient tin mines, and that he was then very active later in bringing Mary the earthly mother of Jesus, as well as Mary Magdalene, and Martha to the west. But Mary was brought to the little wattle home that Jesus had helped build on one trip, for her residence after the Crucifixion which He knew was coming. Mary was then to live out her live here at Glastonbury. Much has been recorded of the moving of the throne to England, and then later those of the Holy Blood, so there is no doubt of this.

Today our people have been encouraged to forget their past, but as you see they have been pushed so vigorously until you understand this is the work of the children of Darkness.

Today our people have also been pushed to forget the ancient symbols of their race have even forgotten that they are Christian symbols. In the past few years as we have been reviewing signs and symbols we have now come up to the end of the age or the beginning of the new Millennium. Thus we have been very interested in the crop-circles and what may be their symbolic meanings. We have learned that the crop circles of England have appeared in the Wessex Triangle of that land, one corner of which is marked by the Glastonbury Tor. And Glastonbury is just east of Cornwall.

The Mayan scholar Hunbatz said that the sacred symbols will be newly understood as the earth changes come into manifestation. This is to signal an awakening of God's kingdom people. Today people are recognizing the symbols and they walk right up to the story found in the Bible, and yet the do not recognize the beginning. (Genesis 5:1) For instance this man Joseph Mason has been having dreams and such, and has been tracing myths and information, and then he walks so close to the beginning of the story. For there is a lot of truth in what he has discovered, yet he has not caught the significance of it as yet. He has learned the significance of the symbols of the Lion and the King, of the Holy Grail. He believes that the spirit realm is in communication with us. And that the knowledge of the Holy Grail will serve us in some way as we move into the new Millennium, or the new age as they are want to call it. Thus he has come to the conclusion that the Holy Grail is more than legend or symbolic. He has also discovered that the Biblical Joseph of Arimathea is thought to have brought the Holy Grail, or Royal blood line to the west, in fact to Cornwall in England.

There are two books which tell this story so well and they have been available for years, “The Coming of the Saints” and “The Journey of the Lost Disciples.” These have been available for years as is the one about the Holy Grail. For these books do take the Royal Bloodline to the west. There are others which fill in the gaps, thus you trace these Aryans to the Westward and Southwestward out of the high mountains of Asia.

Then as our nation was formed then Col. Totten picked up the story for us. There is thus no reason for this blindness to continue over our people unless they are still not interested in the Biblical story. What will it take to wake them up? We are still wondering, as we see so many authors come and go, so close but then so blind to the Biblical story because they have the wrong people in the wrong place. And they are giving away all of the promises of technology from our ancestors. Mainly they do not understand that Jewish history ends at Armageddon.

All right, here in yet this March of 1999, we have been trying to study what is prophesied as for this year, and still waiting for something else to happen so that we will see justice restored to our nation. Finally in March we hear that the Chinese have stolen the U.S. Nuclear secrets and threatened our national security. And the Clinton administration has done nothing about this because of the Chinese money that came in for the last election. A Senate Committee is now looking into these allegations and we are hoping that we will still be able to unlock the whole sordid story which will lead to the President’s resignation. We will be reporting on this as time goes on.

Now, we will outline what we have learned that is for the latter part of this year. So prior to the eclipse in midsummer the planets will align in what is called a Grand Cross. Our author had his interpretation of this sign and we have helped him a bit by putting the correct marching orders as we have learned them. To us this makes the marching orders of ancient Israel as Judah--the lion--on the East; Dan the way maker with the Eagle on a staff, on the North. While on the West is Ephraim--the Bull. And also on the West is the other son of Joseph--Manasseh with his sign of the outstretched wings of the Eagle. Then on the South is the face of the man or Reuben. As the lineup happens later in the year, we will be watching as to the planets which line up at each end of the double cross.

Scorpio as mentioned by our author was the symbol of an Eagle in ancient times, ‘old records’ say that these Zodiac signs marked the opposition of Taurus, which is the age of Joseph. Thus the symbol on the west of the Grand Double cross seems right to us. Yes, the Septre is to remain with Judah until HE who comes --"It's right it is.”

The 4 signs of the Double-Cross will line up--

Judah---the Lion

Dan----the Eagle on a staff.

Ephraim--the Ox and the Unicorn.

Reuben---the Man.

These signs were well known at the time of Ezekiel. They were also in the symbolism associated with lost tribes of Israel.

Now, the Daniel Walsh's book---"Lost Tribes of Israel,” study maps, trace the history and travel of these ancient Hebrews as they traveled westward in their migrations. It also traces them into Western Europe and then on into the British Isles, where thru marriage the Royal Blood lines of Pharez and Zarah were united. These, remember, were the twin sons of Judah. Thus the tribes of Israel responded directly to the Grand Cross design, from the Zodiac of the heavens at the time then that now this eclipse is to be over an area with the Zodiac sign in the landscape and over a people of Royal blood of the ancients Hebrew Kings. Judah the Lion can be thought of as representing the spiritual progression of the Royal blood people, or their spiritual path.

Now, in the seventh month---July of 1999, the planets will be in this Grand Cross alignment. And on the 28th of that month the lunar eclipse will occur. This is to be followed by the Solar Eclipse on the 11th of August, thus in the 8th month.

Joan Schrabulis has written a book about the 1999 eclipses. The book is called "The Lost Covenant--Angolmois.” She says that Angolmois means ‘Sang + lion + Solomon.’----Thus tracing the blood line of the Lion on to Solomon---Davids son.

Then this quantrim:----

In 1999 in the seventh month, from the sky shall descend a great and terrifying King who will resuscitate the Great King Angolmis. Before and after Mars (war) will reign happily. And the blade of the Magical sword should be forged in the hour Mars (war)---with new tools.

Now I see this as meaning that in the 7th month, this terrible King must be the power of Christ, for he resituates the great king Angolmis--who leads us again to the Royal blood line of People, the Israelites who have been hidden so many years as of today. The blade of the Magical sword to be forged in this hour of Mars (war) I would say is the two-edged-sword out of the mouth of Christ, for it is Shekinah Glory which will finally cleanse all things.

In 1993, Joseph Mason had a dream which said that the Merkabak will not come for another five years. The Merkabak meant this four-wheeled vehicle or Chariot or now called the Wagon of Ezekiel with the 4 living creatures in the driving seats. And thus here then in July comes the Eclipse, after the Grand Cross with the four living creatures of the Zodiac. This happens August 11, at 11:00 A.M. 1999.

Merkaba is a compilation of Egyptian words: Mer=place of ascending. Ka is Spirit and soul, and Ba=earth or self. Thus here is a picture of this so-called wagon, or ship of Ezekiel which has circles at every corner. This was similar to the Great Barbary Castle crop circle which was found near Avebury. These great circles can be said to be positioned to match 3 basic designs---such as "The New Jerusalem plan,” a "Teutonic cross, or a pyramid viewed from above with a special cross upon it with 5 circles, one at each corner and one at the Apex.

The circle with the two rings in the Barbary foundation were upon the face of the Pyramid before the facing blocks were removed. The number codes involved here include 3, 3, 3 and 9 or 3, 6, 9-----54 or 4---5. Here are the pictures of the wagon and of the Double Cross.


Now, Judah and Tamar (Genesis 1:8---with these two connected to the Royal blood line) then also associated with the Holy Grail, then there are some who say that the real Holy Grail is ---the Royal blood line. Then they say that if Jesus had children, then the bloodline would continue unto this day.

Well, Jesus the Christ is and was YAHWEH in the flesh, And yes, HE had children of spirit for HE is also Spirit, soul, and body. That is where these Hebrew children of the Biblical story came from. Those Israelites who have been building his Kingdom in earth are the people of the Biblical story. And you will of course find various symbols connected to this race, and this Kingdom such as:----The Lion, King, Crown, Royal power, harlot, trees, Tau, Sword, rock spear, twins, communications and of course the Rose and many others. Alchemical and duality symbols are also major players in this story. These are such as the moon, the sun, King and Queen, and God and Goddesses. In addition we find that sacred geometry and ancient germatrian numbers are also associated with this Biblical story.

This Solar eclipse of August 11, as understood by Michael O’Reilly using astrological analysis leads him to say that as we edge toward the new age this powerful astrological event should set the geopolitical tone for the last few months of this present millennium. For this Solar eclipse which takes place August 11, 1999, finds several of the outer planets poised dangerously to challenge the Status Quo. For instance Mars (war) and Saturn (Satan) are apposed to each other, but are also squaring this Lunar Eclipse. And then simultaneously Uranus (Money) then in Aquarius is also opposed to this eclipse. And this fixed configuration called a Grand Cross (which we say reveals the marching orders of ancient children of Israel, the people of the book is composed of very antagonistic archetypes, according to some of the astronomers, is thus guaranteeing that Military, economic, politically and possibly religious factions will be in extremely tense relationship to each other, and will be battling in whatever means available.) We may understand this situation much better as we move into July. For these planets share the remarkable similarities to the solar eclipse that occurred August 6, 1990, which coincided with the Persian Gulf war.

The U.S. now the proclaimed Global Cop will be deeply involved with a major military operation during the time of the Solar eclipse of August 1999. This is because the Grand Cross planets activate the U.S. mid heavens, located at 16 degrees Leo, which is the very location of the path of the Eclipse. All of these planets in the Grand Cross, which we say are associated with the marching orders of ancient Israel point to some kind of showdown. Both Mexico and Russia staged their revolutions the last time Uranus (money) was in Aquarius. Thus, we expect these countries at this time to be experiencing major upheavals. Perhaps Iraq will be revisited, but we also look for the Pan-Islamic movement to be on the march. And within the United States the religious right will be readying itself for its greatest political entry to date, with a viable Candidate for the next Presidential election.

Now, in the circular called Volume 2 No 6. On the cover of this publication was a Mandelbrot set as a crop foundation. It appeared lats August 11, in Oxfordshire. This grand daddy of all crop circles appeared near Cambridge where Benoit Mandelbrot went to school. Some thought this one a hoax, but the researchers pointed out that the formation was incredibly intricate, tapering down to single stocks of wheat where the circles touched. Some of the buds were clipped in a way that demonstrated musical notes, as noted in other foundations.

In the "New Scientist" for 11-11 of August of 1990, this letter also appeared---ll. The formation of the corn circles are growing in complexity each summer. How long before we see a complete Mandelbrot set? Then only one year later came the crop circle near Cambridge. So who or what is reading the "New Scientist?" this crop circle was found on August 12, probably created the night before. This is called the 'Cosmic Coincidence.' The final crop circle of the year seems to be the most important and points the way to the type for the next year.

Prior to 1990 the crop circles were simple circles or rings. Then they became more complex, and some even were rectangular. They were a box symbol shape and seemed to impart a dual symbolism. The central circle would be divided by a line. In the sacred symbols of MU---a ring bisected by a line is shown in several places as an ancient glyph. In the book of ‘The Golden Age’ you will find this:===

Ring---Hun---The Creator is One.

Ring bisected by a line means "He is two in ONE.”


This leads us to say that Jesus the Christ was and is YAHWEH in the flesh.

Ring with 2 parallel lines = Meham--or Adam Man.

These two engendered, and the son (Mehan) of man.

The Hindus included this inscription for more than 2000 years in their publications.

Now, a drawing similar to the Barbary Castle triangle is found in Manley Hall's book "The Secret Teaching of All Ages,” an Encyclopedia which outlines Masonic, Hermetic, Quabalistic, and Rosecrution symbolic philosophy.

On August 10-11 of 1994 the great spider web crop formation appeared next to the ancient stone circle called Avebury. It is said to have appeared in two parts over 2 nights. Then on August 17, 1994 came the publication "The Cerealogists,” and on page 13 was a weird story. Taken from the Winnipeg Daily Free Press of September 10, 1886, this was printed the first time in the Cincinnati Commercial Gazette:

This is the story:-----The ecliptic is in a line across the Atlantic Ocean. It starts at +41.04 degrees north, 164.58 degrees west in the Atlantic Ocean some 300 miles east of Long Island here in the U.S. It then climbs up across the Atlantic to the peak of the circle, at lands end Cornwell 11:11--Me). The eclipse describes a curve first climbing up with its peak at Cornwall, then descending thru France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, the Black Sea, Turkey, Iraq and Iran, Pakistan and then finally India, ending in the Bay of Bengal.

Now why would the sun and moon have an urge to climb up together in a cosmic path sort of like a marriage in such a path? How also could Crowley anticipate 56 years before, in a magic ritual? And what has he done with that knowledge? Has HE put a message in the earth grid in expectancy of being awakened 56 years later by this Eclipse? We know that the number 56 is the number of the perfect lunar cycle. The number of Aubrey holes in the Arbury circle at Stonehenge is 56. These 56 holes served as a sort of computer. By using them the Stonehenge Priest could have kept track of the moon and so could have predicted danger periods for the most spectacular eclipses of the moon, and yes also of the sun.

We now know that the connotations of 7 and 8 are 15. And this is said to introduce the perfect application of Divine Grace, issuing in Glory. That being the case then by multiplication then 7-times 8 = 56 and greatly intensifies the significance of both 7 and 8. In the book of Revelation the phrase --"I saw"---occurs 56 times.

It was when searching for "men-au-tol" that they found the stone with the hole in it that you could crawl thru, thus the path of the Eclipse was discovered.

Now, we wonder.--Why so many things to turn our minds to this part of the year 1999? Lots of people have mentioned seeing that number 11:11 in different places as tho it had a significant meaning. Well---we would say that the spirits do not give up on us easily. They repeat, and repeat, thus dreams or numbers until we finally decipher the message.

Now, King Arthur is considered by some to equate symbolically the return of Jesus into worldly affairs. King Arthur you know was a historically figure, of the Royal Blood line of Biblical Kings. And the Sword of course is an important symbol for the people of the Kingdom. The Sword was passed down in each family, from the Eldest son on down. In the story of one family the son was polishing the sword and near the handle he found in polishing it that there was this 11:11 carved in the blade itself near the handle. The Sword is an important symbol for the people of the Kingdom for Jesus is to return with a Sword---a two edged sword is to be issuing from the mouth of 'The son of man'.

In the Arthurian Legends the Lady of the Lake involves the Sword, Excalibur. The future king with draws the sword from the Rock. These legends are of course related to the Holy Grail. The Tarot deck also has a suit called Swords. There are many versions of the ancient Tarot, one of which is the Arthurian Tarot.

Now, again this number 11:11. Others have experienced the work of numbers. We know that 37 relates to the Cross of the Planets during the coming eclipse. The 4 corners of the magic square of the sun is 6+31=37 on one diagonal. And 1+36=37 on the other. At the end of World War I the Armistice was signed on 11:11, or on the 11th day at 11:00 A.M. Prior to this war the nations were ruled mostly as countries with a King. But not one dynasty was left in power at the end of the war.

Now, there is such a thing called "Lucifer's Rock."---This is a great rock found in Syria-Austria. This was used as a Calender in Stonehenge to observe the planet Venus, the morning star once revered as the Goddess of Love. Sexually Venus, Aphrodite, Ishtar, Freya, and Lucifer were all frames of that Goddess of Love because its visibility lasts 260 days and corresponds to the pregnancy period of women.

You have read of the great meteorite shower of 1833 when the earth crossed the path of a comet. People in North America witnesses the most spectacular meteor shower in recorded history. Heaven reigned stars at the rate of 20,000 per hour, until the people thought the sky was falling. The next time such an event as 1833 is supposed to occur is November of 1999. That is thus one more event we will face this year.

It has been suggested that the great solar eclipse of 1999 with its Grand Cross in the heavens will represent a Crucifixion in space --of the planet earth. What will we see it as? They tell us that the energy shift will be the greatest June 21, so be prepared for that. As you are studying the Psalms then remember that Psalms 80 is describing the restoration of the Vineyard. We suggest you read it and see how it fits for today.

Now we have given you some things to think about as the year wears on so until next time----------YAHWEH willing.