ERM - If My People Pt. 1

IF MY PEOPLE  Part 1  7-98

by Ella Rose Mast


"If my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sins, and will heal their land. (II Chronicles 7:14)

Then we also read: "Mine eyes shall be open and my ears attest to their prayers that is made in this place. For now I have chosen and sanctified this house that my name may be there forever; and my eyes and my heart shall be there perpetually. " (Verse 15:16)

Yes, this is Old Testament. But also in that "time" frame then Israel was turning back to their God. And then Solomon built the temple in old Jerusalem for a HOUSE for YAHWEH (the LORD). Then he built a house for himself. And next rebuilt the cities of Israel, and the Kingdom of YAHWEH was thus set in place in the old land of Palestine. Thus we have an example for use today as to what is expected as this Kingdom is once more revealed and exposed to the eyes of the World Order. Thus today here in 1998 then what would you expect to happen as the Kingdom is exposed to the view of the world order? Will it not be like in the olden days? Could we not use this as an example for today, for the truth is always in the knowledge of the past?

Now; Solomon was given much knowledge. More than any man had ever had before. Thus he first built the Temple for the house of YAHWEH, and then he built his own home. Then he turned his attention to rebuilding the cities of ancient Israel. And as they were rebuilt, this signifies the cleansing of Israel was beginning. At that time, as it will be in this time ahead of us, then everything that does not fit in the Kingdom will have to go.

The first time the kingdom of YAHWEH was exposed to the gaze of the World Order was at Mount Sinai. The second time the Kingdom of YAHWEH was exposed to the gaze of the World Order, thus was this 'Time" in the days of Solomon. And this Kingdom Administration then became the show place of the World at that time. And kings and other leaders of the world came to Palestine to speak with Solomon, the man who had been given this great knowledge.

Thus who was Solomon ---but the son of David and Bathsheba. Yes, we know that David is listed as a man after YAHWEH'S own heart. And yes, we know that he did things that he should not have done. But he never doubted his God. The first son of David and Bathsheba died. And as you read this story in the old books you understand a bit better why YAHWEH could still forgive David for his sins, but he also punished him, or, should we say, chastised him. But David knew why YAHWEH did this and he never questioned his motive. The thing that David understood was that he must ask for forgiveness for his sin of sending the husband of Bathsheba to the front in the war and for hoping for his demise. Thus, the first son of David and Bathsheba then died. And during that time of the death of his little son, then David stayed on his knees beside the bed of this child asking for forgiveness, and for the life of his child, if that were to be. When the child died, then David arose and quit his grieving, for YAHWEH had spoken and David accepted his words. And he buried his child.

In this setting then in old Palestine, the kingdom of YAHWEH was exposed to the eyes of the World Order. And Solomon was regarded as being picked by YAHWEH as the ruler and given so much knowledge. And his fame spread around that part of the known world. Then everyone wanted to see this glorious kingdom. And the man who had received this knowledge from YAHWEH, they longed to talk to. There seems to be no question of this anywhere in the scripture. Thus you read that Solomon did all that was necessary to reestablish the laws of Israel, and see that this Israel Kingdom was established before the gaze of the World of that time.

It was into this setting that the Queen of Sheba came with many questions for this man, Solomon. This man who had built a house for his God. So who was this Queen of Sheba who came from the land of Arabia where she had heard of this land called the "Kingdom of Israel." And this man who had this great knowledge. There is no doubt but that she knew who she was, thus she would have many questions for this man of knowledge.

From the old books then you find that the queen of Sheba was not from the lineage of Jacob from which Israel was now to follow until the birth of the Christ to fulfill this prophecy. But the scripture then says that this Queen came asking many questions. So who was she?

You will remember that in the lineage of Jesus there was this man called Heber, or Eber. And he had two sons, named Yoktan and Peleg. You follow the lineage of Peleg down to Abraham, thus Isaac and Jacob on down to David and then Solomon. But what about that other son Yoktan? 1Chron. 1:19-22 will tell you that one of the sons of this other son of Heber, was named Sheba. In history in the old records you have thus these children of Yoktan and follow them down thru the Persian Gulf and on down to the land that is called Yemen today.

Then there comes the Queen of Sheba to Jerusalem, and with her came a great caravan of gold, spices, and precious stones. And She came from the Sheba kingdom. And she had heard much about the wealth of this kingdom in Palestine, and the knowledge of Solomon, this king of that kingdom, and about this house that Solomon had built for YAHWEH. Then after hearing Solomon explain the program of YAHWEH for his world, then she replied:---"I believed not their words, until I came, and with mine own eyes had seen it. And behold the 1/2 of this wisdom was not told to me; for thou exceedeth the fame that I had heard." Then she said, " Blessed be the LORD thy God, which delighted in thee to set thee on HIS throne, to be king, for the LORD thy God loved Israel, to ESTABLISH IT FOREVER, therefore made HE thee King over them to do judgment and justice."

Thus the Queen of Sheba was putting together the facts she knew of her own lineage, with the knowledge that Solomon possessed of the plans of YAHWEH for his world. And she now better understood her part in this plan.

The old records then tell us of the falling in love of Sheba and Solomon. And then when she was found to be with child then the Priests of Israel at that time would not let Solomon marry her because she was not of that close lineage thru Jacob of prophecy. Thus, Solomon was forced to send her away. But with this Queen of Sheba would go 1000 Israelites from Solomon's court so as to form a court for this Child that she carried. This child, then named Manalex I, was born. And as he grew up he married a girl from this court of Israelites who accompanied the Queen. And later we find that they crossed over into Ethiopia and established a kingdom in that land.

From the September-October Archaeology Magazine in 1982, we found the story entitled "Empires, Capitals, Landscapes and Ancient Ethiopia." And you could then trace that Ethiopian kingdom back to 500 B.C. to the time it was still joined with the country now called Yemen. Even between the fourth and fifth centuries this Ethiopian Kingdom was recognized as one of the four world powers. Beginning in the fourteenth century then fabulous reports came out of that area called Ethiopia. And we read of a Christian King of the interior of Africa known as Prestor (Priest) John. And this story intrigued many Europeans.

In A.D. 1543, --Catholic missionaries came into Ethiopia to try to wean these Conservative Mountain people from their long held tradition of Coptic Christianity, but were expelled by them in 1632.

In 1935-36, --Ethiopia fell to Mussolini and then Ethiopia was opened to the gaze of the modern world. And now you could see the obelisk's, the rock cut churches and castles of this ancient land. And you found its Semitic language, background, and the early religious and political beliefs which had been introduced had come from the land now called Yemen. We also found that from this ancient group from this child of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, that this kingdom held their lineage clean for many long years. For remember that from the Bible that the Eunuch came to old Jerusalem, came to the Temple in Jerusalem, at the time that the Disciples had been sent out to the Lost Sheep of Israel. He was from this ancient kingdom in Ethiopia. And after he returned from Jerusalem, they tried to establish a New Jerusalem, in this mountain kingdom of Ethiopia. They planted Juniper trees. And the stream running thru there was called the Jordan river, and a grove of olive trees became the "The mount of Olives.”

Long after the birth of The Christ Child, and then his ministry, then mongrelization came to this ancient kingdom and thus began its fall. It was about 11 generations back from Haile Selassie that this break came. And tho they tried over the years to correct this violation, still the ancient Kingdom finally fell.

What a Lesson for America of Today. Billy Graham, then remember, said in August of 1960, that the first convert to Christianity was this Eunuch from Ethiopia. By that time, Billy had given up on what he knew and entered the stream of preaching to the world order. He was just quoting something he did not want to understand. However you must remember the great testimony this ancient Queen of Sheba gave as to Solomon's role in this great Program of God Almighty.

"Because thy God loved Israel, and established THEM FOREVER, AND MADE HE, THEE (Solomon) King over them to do justice and judgment."

But we also know that altho the Kingdom of Israel was set in place, perhaps as an example to you and to the world, still it lasted in its glory only 50 years. It was not to be the New Jerusalem--in that old place. For you do not put new wine in old bottles. Thus as Solomon grew old, he began to fall away from his great knowledge and thus did the kings who followed after him.

But you are not to be discourages as you see how the Israelites lost control of that old land and their kingdom. For as you read further then you see that the break up of the kingdom there in Judea was of YAHWEH'S planning. You find then from history that after Judgment, then he would be moving his kingdom people into chastisement and then moving them ever Westward, always Westward. Moving them until finally some would build this new land in America so as this would be the last great nation of his kingdom, thus fulfilling prophecy.

As you read then you see from II Chron. 11:2-4 that this break up of the Kingdom of Israel there in old Palestine came about because of God's planning. He would tell the priest that he should tell the king that this break up came from him. And Rehoboam, this son of Solomon, was not to go to fight with the break away northern kingdom under the command of Jeroboam. For this break of the house of Israel into two kingdom's was "Done of ME.” Thus the Israelites under the command of Rehoboam returned home and the program of YAHWEH proceeded on its path to fulfillment.

Thus we see that after this Kingdom of Israel was set in place, and it had all the wealth and glory which should accompany this kingdom, and a man as king with so much knowledge, still, as it became so high with its Glory and wealth, then the people began to forget their origin, and they began breaking once more the laws of the Almighty. Thus they went into Captivity, in Babylon, for their period of chastisement. (70 years.)

As we look forward here in 1998 looking for the 'time for the kingdom of Israel’ to be once more in power, we believe that this time the Kingdom will come to the forefront with power and will no more walk into that trap laid by the Serpent people. For now the oppressors will be gone. And as you think like YAHSHUA THINKS---WITH THE SPIRIT---YOU WILL NOT BE TEMPTED TO FOLLOW THE World Order. You will be interested in this "Rest " promised to the children of God.

In fact everything that hinders this kingdom will be once more moved out of the way, and only that which follows the laws of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA remains, thus a foundation to build upon. You will remember that this Great nation was laid out in its beginning on the laws from the Old Testament.

Today we already have a king, who is YAHSHUA. So the kingdom already has her king. But we are to have a rule of total justice for all. But your governors and representatives will be of yourself, and they will stand for their God and for their Country. Thus, we will build a New World Order on that Design. We then wonder who will be the men who will stand up, as we move into the 21st Century.

As we look back in history, we find that this nation has from its beginning been harassed by the children of darkness. This nation has been blamed for many things. And some of our own citizens blame the U. S. for starting the process of Slavery. But from history again we find that this is not true. For we learn that Slavery was in practice long before America became a nation. For instance in the U.S. Declaration of Independence it tells you this. In it original it tells you of how a Christian king of England, after he came under the influence of the people from whom he borrowed money that he then joined African companies working on the sale of their people as slaves. Then in later years this bit of information was removed from our Declaration of Independence, wonder why? The truth is that the Slave trade was brought to the new nation so as to help to bring down the people of this new nation. Especially was it aimed at the Southern states, the home of the Aristocrats of this new land.

Many were the methods brought to bear against God's last great nation to keep it from developing into their position from which would come forth this Kingdom of YAHWEH in earth; to develop as He had taught you to pray,--"Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth, as it is in heaven." Thus the symbol of the triangles, one pointing up and one down which would become filled with the Light as in the upper one. All of the darkness then of this earthy kingdom would be gone.

Today we are faced with the task of sweeping away all that hinders, from this kingdom. Thus you will see removed all that has been oppressing and holding back this kingdom, and America's rendezvous with our Heritage, a new covenant, not a law of conditions, but a law of Destiny.

Remember the Queen of the south shall rise up in judgment with this generation, and shall condemn it. (She did her part in this great program. So have you done yours?) And shall condemn it. For she came from the inner most parts of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon. And behold! A greater than Solomon is here. That was her testimony. (Matt. 12:42)

One of the signs asked or was answered by the above, and by the story of Jonah. The message is repentance and turn back, stand for your God, your faith and your book where it is laid out. Remember who you are and your mission here in earth.


May YAHWEH bless.