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June 1985--- OLD RECORDS.


(From the old files in the Mast library comes a message as to this race called in the old books the Red race, because Caucasians are the ones who possess this peculiarity because Adam by definition means to show blood in the face' Adam's descendants are thus identified by this physical feature. Much interest has been shown in other times as to the Indian section of our knowledge. And in this old file was a message that most readers of that time in history who were searching for truth as to who they were then loved to receive.)

Words have specific origins. This is why the study of languages is so important. Correct definitions are essential for a proper understanding of history. This individual of our story was thus seeking clarification of the term Ethiopian in the scriptures. However in order to understand Ethiopian, you must pursue the word Adam, the name of the first Man. (We would say that Adam was the first man of our race)

Now; as to this writing--my understanding will be added in ( ).

A Caucasian with a sunburnt complexion was known as an Ethiopian. For ‘Aith’ means sunburnt, and ‘ops’ means countenance. Used today it would describe the difference between a fair skinned Midwesterner and his sunburnt brother living in Florida. If you ask your grandmother what she was taught in Sunday school about Ethiopians. She will tell you that they were 'white.' (Perhaps here in 1998 you should ask your great-grandmother.) There were also lots of pictures along with this report to show the truth of this report.

In old maps, in sultry regions, you'll find our ancestors listed as Ethiopians. One such 'Land of Ethiopian’ was the kingdom of Axum, located south of Egypt. There, before the time of Christ we built beautiful classical cities, traded with Europe, and through reservoirs, and irrigation created a fertile land of plenty.

Ancient Africa was a bastion of white culture. The teachings of Jesus zephyered across this land of 'the arts and sciences'. The Apostle Matthew preached to the Ethiopians, as did St. Jerome, who warned them to beware of the Serpent Race.

Across the Red Sea from Axum was the Christian kingdom of Yemen. The people there were being massacred by Anti-Christs and their 'Jewish proselytes.' Justine, the Byzantine ruler, sought Caleb, the king of Axum, to avenge the bloodshed of their Adamic brothers. In 525 A.D. the enemies of Christ were slain, and for its meekness (obedience) Axum enjoyed the most flourishing period in the annals of the country. Caleb, this New Testament warrior, his son named Israel, and the history of this grand Ethiopian Empire are missing from most books and biblical sources. Why? (Here you must also remember that in ancient times this is where the Queen of Sheba came from and her son and Solomon's son also went into Ethiopia and started the building up of that country as well as Yemen and so forth.) Why then would the accursed ones fear you finding out that in 960 A.D.? Judith that fiendish Jewess, conceived the bloody design of murdering all the members of the Royal family and of establishing herself in their stead. During this reign of terror, she and her cohorts slaughters the men, women, and children of the royal house. Under this tyranny, the country fell into insignificance.

Then during the 1600's Negro tribes called Galla swarmed into our ancient land and ravaged, pillaged, and burned enormous areas, destroying countless treasures contained in the churches and the monasteries, and invaluable and irreplaceable old manuscripts. Though once the second largest Christian nation of its time, Axum, with no Adamite to till the soil, became thus a wasteland.

Let's look at another Adamic nation in Africa. Centuries before the flood (in Noah's time) then Adam's descendants traveled from the Himalayas to the land along the river Nile. There they created a magnificent civilization of alabaster temples, and Jasmine gardens and brought forth the pearl called Egypt.

Here the Children of Light erected that inspired living Rock known as the Great Pyramid, the cornerstone mentioned in the Old testament. Our Christian symbol, the Phoenix, displayed in the United States House of representatives is carved on endless Egyptian buildings. Thebes, the famous templed City, derived its name from the Ark of the Covenant.

Many paintings and sculptures feature our fair skinned Israelite race with their sunburnt Complexions, not to mention the mummies with their blonde and red hair. Handsome Joseph, son of Jacob, married the daughter of a high priest of the esteemed city of On. (Genesis 41:45) Incidentally, Joseph was instrumental in the excavation of the canal west of the Nile which still retains his name of B ar-Yoosuf. Walt Disney who borrowed from the Egyptians the story of Cinderella, knew the truth about our race, as did Shakespeare, whose Merchant of Venice was partially based upon the Egyptian autobiography of Lutfullah.

Reigning in Egypt for centuries, our ancestors also traveled to England where they set up Stonehenge, a stellar time clock predicting the birth of Christ. Did you know that there is also a 'Stonehenge' in the state of New Hampshire?

Have you been influenced by the many lies promoted through false Biblical epics? For example, in truth the wife of Moses was fair, and blue eyed and of the ancestral king line of Egypt. Decadent, vile and idolatrous Egypt was not the Egypt we had built, but a nation infiltrated and corrupted by the descendants of Cain.

This perverse and crooked generation, committed hideous atrocities against our families. White children were used as living bricks.----Fathers forced to seal their own crying infants in with mortar.

According to a writer of 1400 B.C., scribes (Moneychangers) with keepers or betrayers using clubs, and Negroes with very effective whips, stole farmers crops, livestock and land, their property--by force. The farmer and wife, then bound together, but still alive were thrown into the canal to be fed to the creatures of the Nile. Their helpless children were put into chains and made slaves. Yes, this cruel bondage was of the race of Adam. (John 8:33)

Perhaps now you can better understand why in the early 1900's, in Africa, a dam was constructed for the sole purpose of drowning several hundred miles of our heritage including over 125 Cathedrals along the Nile. Who upon planet earth would commit such destruction?

Like our fathers, we are innately creators. All ideals of beauty and form are directly related to our Adamic vision and ability. Art is a profound influence, touching every facet of our lives. From Classic architecture to stately gardens, from noble sculpture to fine music, from brilliant inventions to paintings of the masters, it is this culture and creative genius that has always been the mark of our race.

In Venice, in the famous St. Mark's Cathedral, there is a painting of Noah, his wife Naamah the daughter of Enoch, their sons and their wives. All fair complexioned. This is scripturally accurate. For Noah 'was perfect in his generation' meaning pure in race from Adam. (Genesis 6:9) Contrary to the Holy Bible, the ludicrous fable that one of Noah's sons could genetically turn 'black' comes directly from the comments of the Jews, the Talmud of 500 A.D.

The Flood of Noah's time covered only in 'that land,' an area known as the Tarim Basin. This, of course harmonizes with recorded history, for the Great Pyramid, erected prior to the flood, evidenced no sign of inundation. Someone has been leading us astray.

A simple study of language brings knowledge. God formed man (Ish) some 7,400 years ago. He gave him life, and man became a living soul, a spirited being. Adam was the progenitor of our race. He was the tiller of the soil. To till is to cultivate, and from the word cultivate we derive culture.

Adam's descendants are correctly described as Humanes. The word humane was deliberately corrupted in the 1700's. God's family in earth, by nature is good and kind. We are to be of noble character, that is genteel, to be learned of mind, or intelligent and righteous of spirit. Having emotions, we alone possess a moral sense.

Adam's race is also known as Israel. Ish-ra-EL means 'man ruling with God.' To rule is to govern with the laws of God. In the scriptures the word kingdom means government. By definition, such terms as civilized or conduct, humanity, individual, kindred or red kin, mankind, people, person and whosoever refers only to the Adamic or the Humane Race.

Adam's descendants, the tribes of Israel (James 1:1) were called Christians at Antioch. We were given many names. From Shem one of Noah's sons. We were called Semites (Luke 3:36). In old dictionaries, Semite means white. Have you been fooled by the word anti-Semitic lie contrived in the 1880's? From Eber, great grandson of Shem, we are called Hebrews. Having passed thru the Caucasian mountains, on our migration into Europe, we are called Caucasians. Having crossed the Atlantic we were called the red race, the people of the opposite shore. Remember the Holy Bible is the book of the Generations (race) of Adam. (Gen. 5:1)

In Asia, Abraham's forefathers built the kingdom of Mari. Evacuations there revealed bread on the kitchen tables, charcoal in their stoves, and indoor plumbing and tubs in the bathrooms. Abraham kept the laws of YHVH pronounced as YSHWEH. This was falsified around 1300 A.D., with the counterfeit word Adoni meaning lord. Abraham was a Godly man, was just. And because he administered judgment YAHWEH BLESSED HIM.

Ancient India was another glorious Adamic civilization, being foremost among the nations of the world in wealth and culture. Here we were called Ar-Yas or Aryans, meaning Sons of YAH, (Psalms 64:4). A fair-haired people. We built lofty cities, and adorned our Christian temples with the swastika, the symbol of Resurrection.

Here the descendants of Adam were brutally butchered in the most monstrous of Satanic schemes against us. This race war, this genetic mass murder of white men, women and children was calculated and secretly carried out over hundreds of years.

As stated in an Encyclopedia Britannica of he 1800's the Takshaks, the Serpent Race, or Snakes, hiding behind religion, plotted against the Aryans. Mixed mongrel thugs thrived by slaughtering the trusting the industrious, the capable of India, as well as over three million Adamic European travelers of the 1700's and 1800's.

King David was described racially as 'ruddy' (Isa. 16:12). David was of the royal house of Judah, the Germanic stock, and from his Royal bloodline came the lineage of the kings of Europe. (Gen. 17:6)

You might find it interesting to note that during the reign of David's son, Solomon, the chiefs of the tribes of Israel were known, in the Hebrew, as Nasis (Nazis) (II Chron. 5:2). In fact Naxi, meaning ruler, governor, or one in authority is used ten times in the Holy Bible. Gauleiter, of Celtic origin, is another term for Nazi, as is Sgheik, a word of Aramaic derivation.

Thru manufactured hysteria, and the manipulation of single words and phrases, the moneychangers, because of our lack of knowledge, have been able to trick millions of Adamic breadwinners into killing off each other here and abroad, thus ending their pure family bloodlines.

Another Adamic civilization well known for the splendor of its architecture was the old Persian Empire. Here again we find the Christian symbol of the Phoenix. Here too, we were called Aryans. Our ancestors had a full working knowledge of the electric battery. Our Persian manuscripts contained the Bond story. The story of the Pound of Flesh. Iran once part of beautiful ancient Persia, means, the Land of the Aryans.

Alexander the Great, who addressed his prayers to the Almighty, spoke of Divine Providence, and considered himself a servant of God. In ancient Greece, we were described as 'uniformly tall, blond, and comely.’ Did you know that 2000 years ago we were using differential gearing in our machinery?

Cleopatra, Greek by nationality, was a queen of Egypt. Look at the radiant palace our ancestors built there, that is, before it was destroyed by Cain's descendants. Many Greek and Roman historians received instruction in Egypt at the ancient city of On. Plato studied there under Egyptian scholars, and preserved for us the truth about Atlantis, the land bridge of the Atlantic. It was at the city of On that the Holy Family was given refuge after escaping the massacre of young Adamic infants in Bethlehem, and in all the coasts thereof. Our enemies, the Jews, sought to destroy Jesus the Christ, even as a babe.

Like the racial alterations made on the Egyptian wall painting of our ancestors, the enemies of the Christ also tried to confuse us by changing the Adamic identity of the Wise men of our Nativity. Many early paintings, while in private collections were desecrated, and later donated to museums to deceive you scripturally. Nevertheless, the corruptions are detectable, as those charlatans were unable to achieve the skilled craftsmanship and vibrant colors of your Renaissance masters.

Historically, whether you were to visit a Cathedral in France in the mid 1100's, in Spain in the 1300's, or Italy in the 1500's, you would find that the three Wise Men were 'WHITE'. Wise men portrayals that could not be so easily bought and sold, like church walls, altars, and stained glass panels remain untainted to this day.

Jesus, shown in early paintings with His blushing rosy cheeks, was God in a flesh body. Being 'the root and offspring of David,' Jesus was of the Royal House of Judah, later known as the Germanic people. Have you believed the 'Jewish fable' that Jesus was a Jew? Remember that OUR SAVIOR stated that he came "unto the lost Sheep of the House of Israel.” (Matthew 15:24) Jesus then said to the Jews that they were not Abraham's seed (John 8:39) nor Israel (John 10:26).

The man of Cyrene, from Libya, who helped carry the cross for Jesus, was Greek by nationality. Libya was then another Adamic nation in northern Africa. Here we created a cultural mecca of medical schools, huge libraries and Academies. Michelangelo painted a blonde haired Libyan on the Sistine Chapel wall.

Our kinsman Daniel was also of the Royal House of Judah. Cain's descendants attempted to murder him because like Noah, his bloodline was pure. Daniel is portrayed as Ruddy with his blonde-brown hair in the Christian catacombs in Rome.

Decadent Rome was not the Rome we had built but an empire infiltrated by Satan's Children. Under the control of these aliens, and their traitors, Roman citizens were persecuted in Satanic circuses, and in these arenas occurred the Mass murders of millions of white men and women, and their little ones. The true history of Rome, a Magnificent Adamic Republic, has been deliberately suppressed.

Have you believed the Dark Ages fable? In actuality, this was the age of Light, of Flourishing Adamic governments throughout the world. The word world means literally "Age of man--or Age of Adam.” In fact, Ireland was an important center of Light, and higher learning. It was during this time that St. Patrick expelled the "Snakes" from Ireland. This event has been retained in our music, just as the chronicles of the Celts and Saxons were kept in poetic form to prevent distortion. So you see, my God's enemies fear the truth from the old books.

Michelangelo, the greatest of all artisans, knew that we are God's race. On His Sistine Chapel masterpiece, intended to illustrate religious history, he depicted God the Father reaching out to his son Adam. (Luke 3:38)

Yahweh gave life only to man. Life is contained in the blood. Thou shalt not adulterate means you are not to pollute your pure blood lines. Adam and Eve violated their racial family tree. They were seduced and adulterate with the serpent race (Cain was of that Wicked one, Satan.)

(I John 3:12) (The child of Adam and Lilith went to the river in India and there formed a race). When Michelangelo painted the apple and Walt Disney put it on the silver screen, in his classic Snow White, these Christians were warning you through allegorical form.

YAHWEH'S Divine law of segregation is for the well being and protection of His children, the race of Humanes. Race mixing defiles our pure blood, resulting in illness, deformities, blood disorders, and inherited diseases.

Tay-Sachs (TSD), for example is a disease transmitted thru the blood. Its name can be traced to the Takshaks, those snakes who engineered the genocide of Adamic India. Tay-sachs is a disease of the nervous system, causing physical alteration of body shape, seizures, mental illnesses, etc.

When Cain’s descendants and pre-Adamites, passing as white mix with our race, we and our offspring become blemished spiritually, mentally, and physically. Perhaps it should be pointed out that in Archaeology, Negroes and Asiatic are classified as Pre-Adamic--or existing before Adam. Now do you understand why Cain's descendants promote miscegenation through movies and music?

We are to be Holy. Adam's race, God's chose (Deut. 7:6) ARE TO BE PURE IN SPIRIT, MIND, AND BODY. (Or Godly, humane, and bloodline. ) This is why, in the scripture, we read of putting away strange wives and children. Over 60 years ago, racial charts, descriptions and illustrations were secretly removed from our universities and deleted from our textbooks. Courses in Heredity, genetic inheritance were discontinued.

In art schools, the ideal face and figure used to teach students is Adamic---NORDIC, with its straight forehead and nose, ears that set from the eyebrows to the tip of the nose, and eyes with one eye's width between them; the ideal figure becoming the well-proportioned bodies of the Adamic man and woman.

The Jews, identified by Jesus as Satan's descendants in John 8:44, are not white, but by mixing with our race, hide behind our physical features, names and nationalities. This is how they have been able to orchestrate their crimes against humanity. Through the use of cosmetics, these chameleons conceal themselves by attempting to look like us. These Philistines of old have their 'hook' noses bobbed, have surgery on their oddly placed ears, and cover their slanted foreheads with various hair styles. These Edomites, with their swarthy complexions, dye their hair, cover the color of their lips, and put rouge on their blush-less cheeks. And they watch Television for their disguises. Blue-black lips are the distinguishing mark of the black jew, who wears the skin of a Negro. But does not have the typical pink lips. An example is Karl Marx.

Today, deceivers manipulate you through words deceptively associated with false picture images. We have been taught the opposite of truth in those Hollywood 'productions,' fabricated documentaries, and fact less news renditions. For example the name 'Red Skin' identifies the descendants of Adam, whereas, paleface describes Cain's descendants, who lack the natural ability to blush rosy in the cheeks.

With established routes between the old and the new world, our blushing people of 'classic form', often fair-haired and blue eyed, came from the four corners of the earth to possess the Promised land (Isa. 4, 3: 5-6) Here as in the beginning, we were called the Red men.

Herein the land of milk and honey, we tilled the soil for over 4,000 years. Libyans farmed in Iowa, Pennsylvania, and Texas over a thousand years before Christ. The Celts built cities in New England about 800 B.C. And Cleopatra's forefathers, with Pacific Ocean voyages, settled colonies in California around 200 B. C. These early settlers preserved their Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, and Scandinavian origins.

Norse Princes brought their families and livestock to Vineland, 1100 years ago. Welsh noblemen settled the Ohio valley in the 12th Century. Scotch-Irish Princes landed in Virginia, and King Neah lived on the West Coast thirteen generations ago.

Here we created a bountiful civilization. With our Adamic Israelite traditions and visions we established confederations, constitutions, courts, and juries.

Our ancestors became known as the Chickasaw, Croatans, Delaware, Illinois, Iowas, Kansas, Missouri, etc. The Algonquin spoke Gaelic, a language of Celtic origin still used in Ireland. The Micmacs used Egyptian hieroglyphics in their writings. The language of the Shoshones can be traced to Spain (Iberia) of 3000 years ago, and today the fair-haired Sioux (Dakotas) and the Algonquins still speak fluent Hebrew the tongue of our forefathers.

America was known as Paascagoula or 'Bread nation'. Unlike the Palestine of old, our New Jerusalem is abundant with broad rivers, and streams. (Isa. 33:21)

Look at the many word derived from the language of our Adamic heritage. Rivers like the Merrimac, Mississippi, Potomac, Shenandoah, Lakes Erie and Michigan, Chesapeake Bay, Chippewa Falls, Yosemite Falls, and tens of thousands more. The Allegheny mountains, the Appalachians, and the Teutons. Towns such as Biloxi, Pasadena, and Topeka. The counties of Wabash, Wichita, and Wyoming. Cities like Chicago, Miami, Omaha, and Seattle. States such as Massachusetts, Nebraska, Texas, and Wisconsin.

Here in God's Holy land, we were called the Lenni Lenape, those who are the same as they were in the beginning, unmixed. The Choctaw word Oklahoma, Okla-huma (red people) describes the Humane Race.

Charles M. Russell, the famous western artist of the early 1900's retained in poetic form the truth, about our American forefather, who loved his mother country and had always lived with God. Mrs. Russell left us this clearly Adamic description of a typical Indian----blond head, straight nose, square jaw and chin, and gray-blue eyes with an expression of honesty and understanding.

These Christians worshiped God using YoHeWsh (YHVH) His true name, and sang praises of Hallelujah. In the 1600's, the father of Pocahontas, Pharaoh, being of Royal blood, held court with the Queen of England. George Catlin, eloquent historian and renowned painter, wrote of our ancestors. They were once a happy and flourishing people enjoying all the comforts and luxuries of life. They were sixteen million in numbers, and sent that number of daily prayers to the Almighty, thanking Him for his goodness and protection.

Then the accursed ones, obsessed with the birthright they cannot claim, and the bountiful inheritance they cannot create, infiltrated the New Covenant land using many disguises. Pretending to be missionaries, and explorers, these deceivers effected the theft of many treasures. With Military expeditions, they butchered tens of thousands of our men and violated their women by force, producing thousands of racial mongrels.

As fur traders they married into unsuspecting Adamic families, corrupting our blood with genetic impurities ---(deformities were unknown among the red men.) By adding Pork into soups and stews these serpents tricked our forefathers into disobeying Biblical food laws. Did you know that the consumption of swine actually affects the normal color of the iris of the eye?

These verminous merchants intentionally spread disease to silently exterminate large numbers of God's children in order to prevent them from multiplying. Over six million of our American ancestors perished in these contrived epidemics. Now do you understand the mysterious plagues of History?

These verminous merchants intentionally spread diseases to silently exterminate large numbers of God's children in order to prevent them from multiplying. Over six million of our American ancestors perished in these contrived epidemics. Now do you understand the mysterious plagues of History?

Passing as foreign colonial magistrates, members of religious sects, and shareholders of alien corporations, these descendants of Cain, hiding behind Biblical names, infiltrated local communities, and scheming together stole our prosperous plantations.

Just as today, these dragons of Satan initiated lies and caused division between our peaceful people. Since the early 1600's, before the Mayflower landed, these little devils were dumping superstitious darkies upon our shores. In the 1700's these same demons secretly used Negroes to annihilate our ancestors, the Red Men and their families.

Fearing the regathering of Israel, the union of the original settlers with their emigrating kinsmen, the Jews committed violent acts to foster hatred and then laid false charges in order to set these Adamic brothers against each other---a typical satanic maneuver.

Even today, the direct descendants of our forefathers, of these early civilizations, identify their cruel oppressors as Hoccanum or the HOOK. Forced to walk many Trails of Tears, our beautiful ancestors were herded onto reservations, called concentration camps in old books, where they could be stupefied with drugged liquor and starved to death by those Indian agents.

The word 'Indian' is a deliberate misnomer used to deceive you. It has absolutely nothing to do with America. Our grandfathers, Jacob's descendants took possession of this sacred land.

Your grandfathers left you an inheritance. Only Adam's descendants have claim to this estate, or habitation. Have you believed the Jewish fable that you and your American ancestors were two different peoples?

Have you ever wondered if there is an actual figure of six million describing the persecution of a race? It refers in truth to the murder of six million original inhabitants of Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, and Scandinavian stock over a period of 350 years in the Land of Milk and Honey. This animalistic destruction was brought against your relatives by these warmongers. Satan's war against you is physical.

Desperate to conceal their evil deeds, Cain's descendants perpetrated stories that the red men were 'heathen savages.' Locking away our early ancestors curtailed the exposure of the jews. For their lies would have come tumbling down around hem, thus preventing the stronghold they now have within our Christian Nation which they use against our Adamic brothers across the world, and our Arab cousins, the descendants of Ishmael.

In this century, Cain's descendants eager to conceal from us the identity of our forefathers, lined our Tennessee River with 40 dams to cover the ancient cities of the Cherokee. Across our nation, within the ancient cities (Mounds) of our ancestors, are the evidences of our heritage, Roman, an Persian coins, mirrors, Grecian swords and shields, finely gilded silver cups, and Celtic bronze implements.

Mr. Wootos, look at the grandeur of our ancient cities. Wherein America are our cities of marble and formal gardens, our Greek columns and Roman arches, our Southern mansions and Scottish castles, our chamber music and gracious living, our classic statutes and brilliant paintings, our gold and silver, our skilled craftsmen, and our quality workmanship, our liberty, our safety, our peace of mind? What have we "Holy people" given up? What is left for our Holy children?

We created the civilizations of the world, His Chosen, ordained to bring god's Kingdom (government to earth, as it 'is in heaven. It is our duty to protect that which is good and noble, our art, our culture. God blessed us with talents, to build, to create, to invent. Art and Civilization are as inseparable in ourselves as in our righteous fighting spirit used to protect that inheritance.

Are we to become like once white Portugal, once white Cuba, once white Russia, once white Germany, or once white Rhodesia? There is no bible verse, no scriptural justification for what we've permitted to be defiled by Satanic parasites and those rioters in the daytime (II Peter 2:12-13). There is no earthly king, no President or Congress to blame.

Our nation is in jeopardy because of Adamic brothers who, though lacking accurate knowledge of the laws under which they live, spout opinions in place of fact. These hypocrites, with their 'good intentions' are responsible for the eroding of our freedoms. These lawbreakers have not searched and have not cultivated their minds. These disobedient whites have delivered into spiritual wickedness that which is God's.

Do you not see the tears of Michelangelo as he looks upon us today? Do you not remember Ezra, on our behalf, saying:---"Oh, my God, I am ashamed and blush?"

God gave you emotions. Feeling angry and enraged at that which is ungodly is normal. God gave you life, and you are to protect that life. God gave you a family, and you are to protect them. Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? Or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity? (Psalms 94:16)

But there is good news, Mr. Wootos. Across America, descendants of Adam are once more turning red, rising up, as the Phoenix, preparing to redeem His Holy land. So you see, the New Jerusalem will become once again White America because with knowledge --a roar will come out of Zion --IN THAT DAY.

Art is the visible record of our race. With so many books of our bible removed, art and history must be used to fill in the missing pieces. The old books which can be found in the attics of Grandpas and Grandmas all across America, and they still retain the truths of our heritage. Within their dusty covers and faded pages, these golden volumes reveal the roots of our race.



In the name of YHVH

Tom Becker


There is many pages of pictures with this letter that can be copied for they are in black and white. They are entitled Bible History (1936). This letter was addressed to Mr. Wootos and Mr. Becker said that it was good to talk to a man like Mr. Wootos who was searching for truth. The date of the letter June, 24, 1985.



I do not remember just which ministry sent me this copy for it was some time ago when I was just getting started in this work but thought I would share it with you now as I think our people are now ready to receive it.