ERM - Predictions Of Sean David Morton



(A summary of the predictions and so forth of Sean David Morton.)

(Very interesting.)

By Ella Rose Mast  7-98


The Chakra points of the Planet are: Lhassa in Tibet, Cairo in Egypt, Stonehenge in England, the solar plexus, and Machu Piccho in Central America is the beast (world order). And Los Angeles is the throat, with Osaka, Japan as the third eye. Each will activate thru earthquakes, and it will bring this planet up to what is to happen.

Clinton's China trip is not going to work. He is going to try to get the Chinese not to devalue the currency of Asia. He has given the Chinese the entire Patent database, including even patents that were pending. He shipped to China, the entire CD-Rom library of the patents in the U.S. Patent Office, and he did this about two years ago. And with about everything that we give to the Israeli's, they then sell almost of it directly to China; and they gave it to Pakistan. This is why they could do their missile building program, by leaps and bounds.

The Western media will cover up this fiasco that Clinton is creating by going to China.

But in Asia, Clinton is going to take a drubbing. Listen to short wave radio if you want to know what is going on. Here we live in our own spin. There are 25,000 forms of communication here in the U.S. with T.V. and newspapers, magazines, and radio stations and so forth. All are owned by about 30 men.

Why then has not the Art Bell Show been changed since in 1992. It was bought by some big corporation?)

This whole ‘Zipper Gate,’ or any of that Bimbo stuff is just a smoke screen for the truth. Monica Lewinsky actually came out of the Al Gore office. So they are going to hang Clinton on this Bimbo line so they do not have to go into the China thing where Al Gore is also involved.

So now they talk about giving this technology and satellite technology to China.

Then the Media people and most of the Democrats start talking about 'Campaign Finance Reform, and how the Republicans aren't doing anything about it. They thus want to stay away from the China affair and all that the administration is mixed up in there. If they can combine the Bimbo affair and the illegal Campaign affairs, then of course, that will tie it all up.

Now notice the parallel of Clinton's affairs with Nixon and his troubles. Remember earlier in the year when Clinton had to leave Air Force One and fly on the plane that Nixon once used, and then Nixon also went to China, so Clinton goes to China.

Right around Clinton's birthday, August 17, things will step up. Watching Clinton's demise will be like watching a man falling off a cliff in a Charley Chaplin movie.

He is going to hit every rock on the way down. He will quit, by probably January of 1999, at least by later in the middle of the year. Health reasons will be give for his leaving.

Then Al Gore will be president and he will have Jay Rockefeller as his Vice President. And Al Gore has done this all using the Israeli's foreign policy tactics. With Jay Rockefeller as his Vice President, this is a repeat of the Nixon affair.

For he also picked a Rockefeller and then Nelson Rockefeller continued under Gerald Ford. This would allow the ticket in the year 2000 of Al Gore and Jay Rockefeller.

As just a candidate in 2000, then Al Gore does not have a chance. So he and his followers have to bring down Clinton. The Democrats in control also want Clinton gone, for then as a sitting president, then Al Gore and the Democrats have a fighting chance for the year 2000.

So after more of the same for July, then things will start in August on the last stages of bringing down Clinton. You will see a lot more embarrassing things coming up in July for the President. In astrology there is a solar eclipse right on his natal sun (August 17). But it will be because of China and what he has given away that will bring the charge of treason. Then on Al Gore's birthday next March, you will again hear the cry of Treason on CNBC.

The last great war will be with China. They want what you have. But Communism is going to collapse in China. And even tho it collapses, they will still want what you have. And here we are selling them the very rocks with which to stone us.

Thus, our China policy is insanity. There is no way for Al Gore to distance himself from all of this. He and the Congress are divided over Clinton's foreign policy and next you will hear Al Gore say he is not with the President on this, for what he is doing to Israel.

Then you had Hillary jumping up and saying she thinks the Palestinians should have a home land. (Could Hillary be in on the scam to bring down Clinton so she can be free?) But the President is in a lot of trouble, for you do not want to get the Israeli's mad at you. They have a lot of power over the Media.

And as far as the intelligence gathering goes, they are it. And they have seen Clinton sitting in the Oval Office with Yassar Arafat. So everything, as far as foreign policy goes, is going to come up and bite Clinton in the backside.

So OK. Al Gore will fill out the Presidents term, and then What? Well, it’s hard to see after that. But this election of 1998 will be full of lots of upsets. People are getting fed up with both parties, for you are hearing all the time that the Republicans are just sitting there, like they did not know what to do. It is like Grandma used to say, ‘If voting ever changed anything, they would have made it illegal before this.

The Democrats want to take us to hell in a hand basket and the Republicans in a shopping cart. There has to be some critical point in all of this. (Could it be that he does not see an election after 1998?---Does that then mean then, that we will be moving into the heart of our promise to "Search for the Kingdom of Heaven first, and then all other things will be added to you.")? (Let’s wait and see.)

Now the word Prophet from which we get prophecy. The actual word in ancient Hebrew for prophet had something to do with ‘teacher.’ It literally meant "Singer of Righteousness.” It was a person who taught the laws of Creation, and if you disobeyed these laws certain things would happen. Positive things:--the nation would be strong and the people happy when the obeyed. And if they disobeyed, then they had fires, floods, and earthquakes, and eventually foreign occupation.

Some people are called prophets of Doom. And I would rather be called the prophet of ZOOM because I think that all of these things that are happening are just the birth pangs of a new and remarkable age. I think it is an amazing opportunity for the people to express themselves individually, and to begin to form communities, and begin to literally change the "TIME line" and change the future and create and fight for this future that you want. (Amen)

Then Sean Morton says that he is in disagreement with a number of people, because he believes that the U.S. is spoken of in prophecy, that the people of the United States have a destiny. That they need to start living up to that destiny. That they need to start understanding their heritage and understanding the amazing structure of the Constitution and the Sovereign Citizen aspect of it. For the first time in 5000 years, here on this planet, we have a form of government that was patterned on the Laws of the Old Testament.

In the olden days, the word prophet had very little to do with predicting an earthquake or what is to happen here and there. It had more to do with the actual laws of creation and if you obeyed or disobeyed them. People just misunderstood the term. So in the Old Testament, it was just that as people repented and turned back to God, HE healed their land.

Now as to HAARP:----My uncle is Admiral with the Office of Naval Intelligence, and he knows a lot about this. You remember the Shoemaker-Levi Comet that hit the planet Jupiter? I thought that it would take about until the year 2000 or 20001 for those shock waves to hit the earth. And that then you would have super hurricanes, and the jet stream would begin to dip down. And we would have winds and fires. And this all happened in the summer of this year of 1998. India got the cyclone and we had the dip down of the Gulf Stream this June. I also said that we would have many sun flares, and this would rip open a hole in the ozone, and we would get a heat wave in the Southwestern U.S., all the way from Los Angeles thru Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. The sun, remaking itself, will have a lot to do with changing weather patterns in the U.S. The sun is now totally off its 11-year cycle, as far as the sun spots activity goes.

Now I believe that we live in a Holographic Universe that is literally created by the mind. People used to understand that there is a direct link between themselves and the sun and other various bodies of the Universe.

Art Bell:---Neil Slade is a guest who talks about the power of the mind. He thinks that if people would concentrate only on it that they could affect the cloud formation. The problem is that people don't concentrate, for they are never happy with the weather or anything else, it seems.

There is not a single religious system, however, not Judaism or ancient Christianity, not Hinduism, not Buddhism, that does not believe that the way we act, the way we believe spiritually, does not have a direct effect on our planet. They call it Biorelativity. But in the old days it just meant you weren't kind to your fellow man. and if you didn't obey certain codes, the planet would strike back at you. The old saying then was:--"Don't mess with mother nature.”

I think that this is why the Great Pyramid does not have a capstone, because there is no 7th ‘chakra’ point to our planet. Human beings (I would say Adamites) represent the 7th Chakra of earth. Thus we are the thought patterns, if you will, the brain cells of Planet earth. If this is true, then no wonder earth is acting crazy. (We would say that it is time for the Adamic race, the children of the Kingdom, to get down to their business of taking over the rulership of the Kingdom doing what we were supposed to do ever since Adam and Eve.)

Now as to HAARP:---It has been doing insane experiments. There is this HAARP project in Alaska. There is another directly above Calgary in Alberta Canada. There is another one in Cameroon in Africa, and another one they just kick-started in northern England. What HAARP actually does, it is literally a Tesla technology that will bring the electromagnetic force of the planet up out of the planet and amplifies it. So one thing that it can do then, is that it can control certain aspects of this magnetic grid-line of the planet on a low level.

And this can at that level induce mood states and certain things to people in a dream state, when they are the most vulnerable and the most open.

Yes, it affects the weather and the seasons.  For this is why they are doing these whole series of experiments. In other words, these guys, now in control, are playing God with the weather patterns on this planet.

My uncle says that they are also finding out that as you create these electric grids, that they could use these to bounce microwaves off of a hardened lenses and you could then cook everybody in Moscow if they tried. They did on a small scale.

And it actually knocked down trees and poles in Moscow just like snapping off twigs. (No wonder the Moscow backed down.

And the Cold War is supposed to be over.) You can also, with a satellite, cause a modified air in the atmosphere and bounce a certain beam off it.  And that will cause it to come down and bounce off the earth.  Thus, the Jet Stream will bounce. (This happened in June, during storms across Neb.)

There is something good about all this.

For if the earth would get in a cosmic radiation storm, or solar flare or plume that could damage the earth, then HAARP could be used to protect the planet. This is just a part of the technology that we have.

And it is light years ahead and beyond anything we think we have.

Now as soon as President Clinton is out of office, Hillary will divorce him. And he will go back to Arkansas and will later run for office for Senator from there. And yes, the people of Arkansas will vote for him---just to get rid of him once more. Ha.

Now congress voted May 14, to repeal the Glast Eagle Act. This was the Act for the protection placed after the 1929 crash. This was to protect 1929 from every happening again. But the Banks were just ignoring the law.

And they went ahead offering Insurance, and mutual funds and one-stop shopping and so forth. So the law then was repealed by one vote.

This has led to the ownership of Banks now passing into foreign hands. So the FDIC would not now be able to cover any of the super big banks from going under. But look at the 10 big banks.

Then they will become five and then probably 3. and finally, one super big bank. But on your way there you can get your mutual funds and everything from your Bank. But the firewall to protect the consumer is gone. And a depression could make 1929 look like a Sunday School picnic.

(But you remember that there will be just one bank in the U. S. and that is a United States Bank in the Kingdom age. So they build, but we take over.)

Now then, Japan did the same thing. They took the Eagle Act out from behind their banking and the Mob borrowed money. And now they say, ‘no, we are not going to pay it back.’

Now Sean David Morton lives in California right on top of what some predict that will fall into the ocean. He says that he does not believe that the United States is going to be destroyed, such as Scallion predicts. The reason why, is that he believes this:--that people will use their minds and they can change that. He says that the mind is a builder and people can change certain things.

Sean thinks that the bombs in India and Pakistan, that went off, had certain effects. Fill a balloon with water and then poke your finger in on one side, and on the other side something comes out. So you have Baghdad, in Iraq, directly opposite Landers in California. So set off a bomb in Iraq, and Palm Springs in California will get an earthquake. See?

Let Pakistan have an earthquake and one occurred in Omaha, Nebraska.

And don't forget that those were hydrogen bombs set off in India and Pakistan.

Not atomic bombs. And from India the other side of the planet is Memphis, Tennessee. Sure enough, then Tennessee got a small quake.

Now the crop circle season is in full swing.  It starts in May. There was a crop circle that was very interesting. 

It was of the sun. Then on the other side of the sun with what must have been a solar flare.

But if it had been pointed at the earth, it would have wiped out earth. But this one shows that side of the sun.

And then last year there was one that was interesting. It showed the inner planets, and the asteroid belt and the orbit of the earth, but with the earth missing. It was with the sun in the middle, then Mercury and Venus and the orbit of earth, with the earth missing, and then Mars, and then the asteroid belt.

Sean thinks the crop circles are prophecies for certain people. They are also warnings----to the evil people to let the people of earth alone.

Now September 27, 1998, begins the collapse of the U.S. Government.

Now I have believed for some time that the Federal Reserve is dead. I believe that the IRS is finished and there will be some other kind of a tax, like a flat tax or something like that.

What brings down the government is the Computer failures. And I can tell you that there is a simple way to fix this, but the government would not consider it.

All you would have to do is get in the computer and add 99 months instead of 12, and then you would have a lot more time to fix them.

A computer is sort of a dumb thing. It does not know how many months a year has in it unless you tell it. There are several ways to fix this Y2K problem. So just change the 12 months to 99 months or any other two numbers, and you could go ahead and use them until you can afford new machines, which lots of corporations are now purchasing. There is a man who can fix these government computers, and we asked him if he had offered to do this to the government, the military and the social security and so forth. And he said that he had, but they turned him down.

The sinister side of this is that maybe the government already had bought new computers to take over when Y2K happens. Maybe this is the way for them to take complete control of Medicare, to maybe renege on their debts, as far as Social Security goes, to rearrange everything.

For they have already spent most of the money. The theory behind this is that what they have going on is the Super computers that came out of Area 51, originally. They are the B.E.A.S.T. computers --(Battle Engagement Area Simulation and Tracking). These computers up-link to a Satellite that can use global positioning systems that relate to the computer chips that can be placed in the back of the hand or in the forehead.

The reason? They are placed in those two places, which register heat more fast than any other body section. And that heat could power the 'film lithium Diode’ which is in the computer chip. These chips are called multiple automated read out chips. So they are literally using the Bible to slap you in the face with them. These are actually computer chips that can go into people.


(All right now. I need to get in this act.---Ha. E.R.M.----

-Dr. Swift said, and I believe, that these chips will not go into YAHWEH's people.

This will not be allowed. For you are not to take the mark of the Beast. You are God's people.)

Now Sean goes on to say that anyone who takes the chip, within eight to 18 months will break out with some disease.  For these chips will lead to the last plague. The disease will look something like Leprosy. But it will be fast growing, and then you are gone.

Now the eventual goal of the One World gentlemen is to merge Europe and Russia, and then North and South America, and even Japan into a power block. And the only nations outside of this Western Banking sphere will be China and Islam. And then they plan to fight massive wars with China and Islam to bring them in line with their global plan. You are already seeing the banks beginning to merge for this final play. I am talking about Rockefeller, and Kissinger and the 600 guys who hope to run this One World Global Financial Empire. These are the men who meet at the Bilderbergers meetings all the time. But this has nothing to do with prophecy.

This is just the plans of the World Government men.

Sean is thinking that the political system is beginning to change, and this years election will see many different changes, with third party changes coming about and upsets all over. So Sean thinks this will see many changes this fall that would upset this One World planning.----

The government here will fall and go back to the states, to the counties, and the cities. And by the year 2005 you will see the final falling apart of this government, for people again want to be free. You will see the changes then of the tax code and all of these other things that have been placed over our people.

So what is to happen to the Stock market?----May will bring a down turn, and it may slide down to 8000 or so, and then it will rally.

And I see that it goes up in August before its final down turn later in October. Watch for October 16 for a bad down turn on a Friday situation. But the crash will not come until the year 2000, sometime in May of that year. All of the planets will be aligned in Taurus which rules property, real estate, and personal money. But it is going to be when they get their hands on all of the Social Security money and the Mutual Funds that is when the Stock Market will crash.

There is then the Nostradamus quatrain that I want to talk about.-- It’s Century 10---verse 72. It is about the year 1999, and the 7th month. This is talking about the Terror from the sky, which is the great war with the Moguls, or the Mongols. This is the war between Pakistan and India, this is where it starts. (More on this later from his newsletter.)

Let’s roam around the country and see what is to happen. In California around Mt. Shasta in August, there will be a lot of fires around the Redding area.

Also some west of Reno and up around and northwest of Lake Tahoe. And there is a quake coming in Los Angeles. They just found a fault line that runs around the east side and pretty much thru down town L.A. And this quake is going to butt up into the Hollywood fault and right under the major studios. And we look for this about December of 1998 or January of 1999. There will be fires also in L.A. and around this ring of L.A. and they will be in Ventura in September, and the fires will be severe.

Now they are going to build a motion picture studio out in the Nevada desert where Art Bell lives. It will be the biggest studio in the world. And this heat wave for the summer is going to not only affect the Southwestern states, but some of the rest of the nation as well.

And it will also affect the Power grid and people will be going without electricity, no air conditioning, no electric power for hours and sometimes for days at a time. The whole northwestern part of Colorado is going to go thru a heat wave, and there will be fires there. In fact, 1999 will see lots of fires and changes in the nation because of fires.

Now in 1999, there will be a shortage of food, for the Siberian winters are moving down into Canada and then into the U.S. and it will affect the food chain, even in the central part of the U.S. This will last thru the year 2000. Then Canada will be warmer and will grow more food. And eventually, the western part of Canada will become a part of the Confederation of the United States. The U.S. will finally become the North American Union and part of Canada.

And then central Mexico will also be a part of this with the old flag "Don't tread on me." But that is far in the future, say 100 years off. And Omaha, Nebraska will become the hub of the U.S.A. for food is the answer.

Earthquakes for Colorado in July, by July 20, and then again in September, from an area northwest of Denver clear up into Idaho, Wyoming, and Salt Lake, Utah.

Hurricanes---they will be terrific by late this year in September and October. The eastern seaboard will be hit hard and they will pound the bottom half of Texas and Louisiana and Mississippi.

There is going to be a whole series of earthquakes in Missouri, Nebraska and in Illinois, and in Pennsylvania, and New York---in August.

Now there is something else I wanted to talk about. And that is the Great Pyramid and the date of September 27, 1998. The Great Pyramid is a gigantic prophecy in stone. It describes a 7,000 year period in human history. It represents 7--1000 years, and September 27 is important.

For it represents, for the U.S., the end of a massive cycle. The U.S. was formed POLITICALLY--not the actual formation on July 4, 1776--but POLITICALLY when the Articles of Confederation came together, and the Bill of Rights was signed September 27, 1791---in a grand Jubilee year.

Now the average life of a Nation is 200 years. And after that time, a nation has a responsibility to do certain things according to the laws of Creation. For these last seven years we have had a sort of period of punishment or Grace. ---Sort of a carrot or a stick to see which way the U.S. is going to jump. But on September 27, 1998, that 207 cycle ends and you are going to see the break up of the U.S. Government, the political and economic breakup of the U.S. Government which was formed 207 years ago. It is, also according to the Great Pyramid, that September 27, 2 B.C., that was the birth of the central Messianic figure, pointing very specifically to ONE Person-----Jesus the Christ. And that date now of September 27, 1998 is also the beginning of the third millennium, and is also the beginning of the 6th day or the next 1000 years of prophecy, according to the Great Pyramid.