ERM - Sealed Prophecies Bk 14 Vol 2


Report by Ella Rose Mast



Booklet 14, Volume 2

By Joanna Southcott


I should probably now tell you that some of these volumes will seem as tho by number that some are missing. This is sometimes true or I did not find anything different in those little booklets to review. This volume ends with book 17, but booklets 15 and 16 are small not to enlightened and if so I run it in to the summary.)

We have read many of the books written in the 1800's Most of them about the history of this race of people who were to build God's kingdom in earth. No doubt that the spirit may have moved upon these people to have them search out the past and keep that history alive. Here with Joanna things took a different turn. She was writing about a new way of interpreting the story contained in the bible. Then she would make prophecies of what was yet to come. She thus run into much persecution from the organized church which had a set doctrine. The other writers sold their books to those who were interested, and the others just ignored them. With Joanna she was advocating a different way of understanding some of these very same established doctrines. And she was also challenging the church fathers as to the truth of where she was getting her facts, thus this brought on the persecution. The men who doubted Joanna's writings began to have dreams and visions and they finally came to change their thoughts. Joanna wrote much in verse trying to explain all of this.

The proving of the truth of Joanna's writings are now finished. 23 people were appointed by divine command as well as 35 others were present and signed their names that her calling was of God. Then Joanna was told that there is a mystery in the sealed number, the sealed people that no man knoweth. And then she is told that what she does not know then she will be told hereafter. She had been told to seal up the King of England, and half the nation in 1794. She was not to know the mystery of their being sealed and their names being given unto her. Neither was she to know just what was coming but she was to be warned and so were the sealed people when danger drew near. She does not elaborate more fully on this but says it will be explained more fully another time. She asks her readers to weight deeply the past and the present and to remember what was said of the month of May. For let it be known unto all men that this war broke out in May, as Joanna had said that it would last May, when they signed the ratification of the articles of Peace on the 29 of April at Amiens. Thus Joanna's prophecies were true and she reminds men that

had they listened they would have known this to happen. Peace treaties signed usually leave room to bring on another war. And then she reminds men that Faith can banish fear.