ERM - Tape 029 - Moses The Dragon Killer





1. Moses.....The Dragon Killer

The next Great Dragon Killer was Moses. And in the old books Moses is called the Serpent killer, the one who stepped upon the snakes. You then read that in the wilderness Moses lifted up a serpent, and the children of Israel were healed. In some translations Moses is said to have lifted up a broken serpent, or a brazen serpent, but actually Moses lifted up a symbol of what was effecting the Children of Israel..these speckled birds who had infiltrated among them and were leading them astray. As they realized the cause of their troubles the Israelites were healed. In the old Zohar it tells us that this staff which Moses lifted up with the broken serpent on it was a Cross. And speaking of the coming of YAHSHUA..Messiah it said:... 'I shall be lifted up to destroy the way of the great serpent.' In the Scripture as it talks about the children of Israel being bitten by a serpent, the old word was Serab..leading you back to the symbol of the fallen Angels who rebelled with Lucifer.

Once more it is the same old story all down thru Israel's History, as to the difference in the people who make up both kingdoms. How Lucifer in rebellion with his dragon and serpent people was always trying to set up their own symbol of the counterfeit the symbols of the kingdom so as to fool YAHWEH'S children. But anytime you see the symbol of the Dragon foot raised, this is the symbol of YAHWEH'S power thru the kingdom people in earth. Since the symbol of the serpent as a symbol of wisdom both of good and evil in earth, then it was necessary for the Dragon Killers to play their mysterious part in the symbolism of our story so that you in understanding YAHWEH'S plan can identify the children of the Dragon and understand that Serpent seed is real, understand what Serpent seed really is, and why that symbolism is used.

This battle of the Serpent and the Dragon is one of the oldest subjects on the face of the earth. In fact the symbol of the dragon and serpent are the oldest of the Ancient symbols. Strange as it may seem these symbols have marked earth Dynasties back thru thousands and thousands of years. What those symbols meant, and the part they were to play in identifying the forces under these emblems is a part of the mysteries that you are to understand. For wrapped up in each of these stories of the Dragon Killers are the same people, the same race battling the same Dragon or Serpent. This is what makes the understanding of symbolism so important. When you come across something written in the days of Enoch or by Seth, or Adam they will maybe turn up in Vedic writings of the Manu, the Aryans in their migrations, and always there is a similarity in what and where ever these white men wrote. Even the original writings of Zoroaster were of the same slant and told the same story. These translated later versions are different for they show the infiltration of the error sowed in by the dragon or serpent seed. You then realize that your part in this struggle did not exist just over a few hundred years, or even a few thousand years. You are simply the materialization of that age old story that has been going on thru the ages, a struggle thru centuries and centuries.

In symbolism in places Satan is the Shinning shimmering one. He wore a great tunic of many colors like a rainbow, and on it were even scales of gold. Embodied he wore this tunic and he set up a magnificent kingdom in the Steppes of Asia in Western China. He was considered a mighty god, the consort of Kali the Serpent Goddess. He was called in some Ancient writings the anointed one, the Peacock because of the way he walked in this great tunic. In Central America in Maya writings he is called the feathered serpent, and the flying serpent. It is said that this was the way he was this great tunic, as he came into the garden and persuaded Eve to visit his kingdom Palace.

Now; coming up to the time of the Temple of Israel, built by Solomon under given instructions, first the Tabernacle and then the Temple...this was a symbol of where YAHWEH and Adam Cadman were to meet. When in the service of YAHWEH as they assembled out of the center of their assembly for worship..came the symbolized meaning of the embodiment of the children of THE MOST HIGH. Thus their bodies were the temple of the Holy Spirit, and everyone a Priest in their own Temple. This Temple the Israelites then were to build and did build in the days of Solomon had a central court, and an outer court, and thus was an image of Adam-man. The outer court being the physical body, and the activities of service done in the outer court is the work done in the world physically for the kingdom. The inner court was the area of revelation, and here was placed the great molten Sea on the back of 12 Oxen. As the Priests looked into the water they watched as they said: ..Hallelujah..and as their voices rippled the water they were to discern or see in the water the image of the things revealed by the Spirit in the Holy of Holies. Then in that area of the Holy of Holies was the place where the Ark of the Covenant rested, and there the abiding presence of The Most High in His Shekinah Glory covered this Ark. This Holy of Holies was the area where the High Priest having made atonement first for his transgression then entered into the Holy of Holies where under the guidance of the Spirit could receive the answers for any great problem resting before the children of Israel. In otherwords the High Priest after making a sacrifice for transgression for himself then for the people, entered into the presence of YAHWEH to gain guidance and blessing for all His people, and for the remission of their transgressions. This is a substitute for the real sacrifice to come. Thus the physical body is the outer court, and the soul consciousness is the Inner court where we see the witness of Spirit. Here you think and understand, and translate the things that proceed out of the Spirit into your consciousness before it can be activated in the physical body to be performed.

Now; Lucifers people knew that this temple being built by the children of Israel under Solomon had special significance. They wanted so to be a part of it. They also knew that those two schools of Mystery set in place in Egypt were still powerful, and they had never been able to penetrate them. These two schools of thought were areas of education for the brightest and most deserving of our youth out of the antiquity of our Patriarchal ages right on down to the days of this Temple in Solomon’s time. Then after the Levi were set apart it was mostly those youth who were put thru the school of the Rose Cross as well as their school for Temple training. If their desire was to still serve YAHWEH they went thru the school of the Law of the Fulcrum and came out as scientists, technicians and to a degree became students of the schools of literature and other knowledge. But there was all factors of mathematics and patterns of leverage and thought woven in. All the Ancient Mathematics were taught by Ancient Masonry such as Trigonometry, and the doctrines of Geometry, and this was where the Greek mathematicians came from. They studied in the great schools and Library in that seat of learning in Ancient Alexandria, Egypt and then went home with their knowledge and taught the Greeks, then gave this knowledge to the Western world.

But as the Israelites were building the Great Temple of Solomon as it was called, the Yehudin were trying to help in every way with that building so as to pollute it from the beginning. The King of Tyre had thought much of David, the father of Solomon, and he furnished Cedar trees..actually the great trees of Lebanon were cut down to build the House for YAHWEH. (I Kings 5) And in the old stories we find that the King of Tyre sent one of his Abiff, or skilled builders to help, and this man..the Israel’s Priests would not let work on the Temple. When they were building the great Molten Sea which rested upon the 12 Oxen (I Kings 7:23-25) they were following instructions very carefully, and had poured the brass, when this Abiff who had come from the King of Tyre cast himself into the sea thus contaminated it. In his clothing they found little statutes of Kali, the serpent and the dragon. The Priests took this Molten Sea out and melted it down and poured it out into the sand and cast another one that would not be contaminated for they knew the symbolism of this Great Temple, and everything they were installing.

Now; when the Israel kingdom fell the Northern kingdom finally went into their captivity and migration, and then the Judah kingdom finally went into their captivity and migration and went to Babylon captivity and the infiltration of the Mystery Schools grew worse in those areas of the Mideast. But these schools were transferred to the West as well, as Israel moved in migration and there had been some infiltration there but Jeremiah cleaned the snakes out of that area many years before The Christ, and the Druids thus maintained their schools. But in the East not able to penetrate as they would like, then the Yehudin set up their own Asiatic wisdom schools and then after that they always tried to merge that two sets of schools, those of the Luciferian kingdom and the Israel kingdom.

While those of the Judah kingdom were in captivity in Babylon you find that Daniel was the Prophet of Israel who was always exposing the work of the Old Dragon, or the serpent. Cyrus was a Persian, and Daniel and he were friends, and the Babylonians had an idol they called Bel, and everyday they gave this idol 12 bushels of fine flour, forty sheep and 50 gallons of wine. Cyrus asked his friend Daniel why he would not worship Bel, and Daniel laughed and that made the King very angry. He called the Priests and said:..if you do not tell me who is eating these provisions you shall die, but if you prove that Bel is eating them then Daniel shall die for he has blasphemed against Bel. David said:...let it be done as you have said oh, King. Well there were 70 Priests of Bel besides their wives and children and the King went with Daniel to the Temple of Bel, and the Priests said:.. we are going outside and you yourself O King shall set forth the food and place the wine and shut the door, after all is prepared then seal it with your Signet. When you return in the morning then Bel will have eaten everything and you will see that Daniel has been telling lies about us. They were very unconcerned about things, so the meal was prepared and the great table ready, then in the presence of the King, after his servants had left, after putting the food and wine in place then Daniel had his servants bring ashes and they sifted them on the floor thru out the temple, then they also went out and locked the door. There was of course a trap door, and in the night the Priests and their wives and children as they were accustomed to do ate and drank everything that had been prepared. The next morning as soon as the temple doors were opened the King saw that the food and wine was all gone and he shouted:...You are great Bel, and with you there is no deceit, not at all. Daniel laughed and restrained the King from going in, telling him to look at the floor where there were footsteps all over the floor, of men, women, and children. The Priests then forced to show the King the secret doors thru which they always entered to devour what was on the table. The King was enraged, and he had the Priests seized and put to death and Daniel destroyed the great idol of Bel, and that temple.

Now; the Babylonians also had a great statute of a dog which they worshiped and called this dog, god. But they also had a Great Dragon which they revered, and the King said to cannot deny that this dragon is a living god so worship him. But Daniel replied:..I will worship YAHWEH, my God, for His is the Living God. But if you will give me permission I will slay this dragon without sword or club. The King gave permission and Daniel took pitch, fat, slacked lime, hair and boiled them all together and made cakes of them and fed them to the dragon, and the flames from the altar in this temple then caught them on fire and the Dragon exploded, and burst upon so Daniel said:..see this is what you have been worshiping.

In the Green Manuscript this story of Bel and the Dragon stands at the end of chapter 12 as an appendix. In the Latin Vulgate and all Catholic Bibles it is listed as chapter 14 of the Book of Daniel. In the common Bible it is in the Apocrypha. But Daniel was also listed as a Dragon or Serpent Killer in the history of our race.

Now; as those of the Judah kingdom came back to rebuild the Temple and stay in the area for the birth of YAHSHUA the infiltration of the mystery schools of Israel intensified. About the time of Nehemiah as he was overseeing the rebuilding of the Temple then Nehemiah was forced to cleanse even the Priesthood of Israel, for even some of the Levi had married outside their race. The Yehudin, or this mixed multitude, were making a great drive to take control of that Temple as it was built. The Yehudin were trying to merge their mystery schools, and even the schools of the Prophets with those of the Israelites. And finally they gained control in that land of Judea, and the Israelite Temple was destroyed. The Temple which stood in the days of his birth and thru His ministry was built by the first Herod who came from Pergamos. His family was a very wealthy family and they used the power of their money to make their son king in Judea. Of course he wanted to turn this kingship over to his son, thus he ordered the killing of the babes in Bethlehem.

There is then children of darkness, and they operate out of a twisted Luciferian philosophy. YAHSHUA Himself recognized this and introduced certain things to them to show by their lack of perception who they were. It is recorded for you that He have thus identified yourselves as the children of darkness, of the viper and the serpent, the children of the Evil One, and then tied them back to Cain. John the Baptist also marked and identified them as he asked them who warned them to flee from the wrath to come? But the Greatest Dragon Killer of all was YAHSHUA who as He hung on the Cross said:...'It is finished', and Lucifer lost control over all the Adamic children held in bondage. Never again would the Great Dragon, this serpent of symbolism, hold any child of YAHWEH in the Netherworld ever again. This part of the program is finished.

Now; in the west there were also stories of the Dragon Killers of our race. Even our daily paper recently carried the article which verified that King Author was deemed to be a historic character. We know that as King Arthur or King Applestain, he set up the Round Table that the Knights of the Round Table were dedicated to the Holy Grail. Their sports were not games as such for they carried the standards of the Christian Knighthood to the ends of the earth. The two schools of wisdom were represented here as Spiritual Law and the Law of the Fulcrum. Merlin who was Master of these schools had behind him, so they said, two adepts: one for the school of wisdom..the Master Builders, and one for the Spiritual wisdom of the Rose Cross. Thus they had two poles at the Round Table. This is why you see it laid out like a compass, the North and the South of the Round Table, plus all the signs of the procession of the equinox broken up each according to its position because they poled the Spiritual law in the sides of the North, and the laws of the Fulcrum in the sides of the South. This was also why the Temple pillars had faced east and west, and were poled to the north and the south. At the time of YAHSHUA the Essene company knew of the Spiritual Law, and the natural law as well and that wisdom carried thru the race.

Now; at the time of King Arthur and the Round table which incidentally also displayed all the symbol banners of the twelve tribes of Israel, we hear of St. George and the Dragon. This story is built on the exploits of the Knights of the Round table in the high mountains of Turkestan which was between Europe and Asia. There in the mountain ranges and valleys Aryans lived. They were Sethites, white men, and they had built great cities, and when John the Apostle traveled to those areas the people became followers of YAHSHUA. In their records you find that these people of those cities talked about Prestor John this carrier of the message of Atonement, the carrier of the Gospel of the Kingdom. But then the Chinese hoards started coming thru those mountains and in the days of King Arthur they were still coming thru and they would besiege these cities. The Aryans had built great walled cities for protection, but when confined to their cities they were cut off from their food supply. The Chinese Mongols had made a great dragon which threw a flame out of its mouth, and they then armed with knives and firing fire crackers would attack the cities as they moved the dragon up to the walls in the night time. It was a frightening experience for the Aryans were outnumbered greatly. Then in desperation the Aryans sent a messenger westward where they knew their people had gone. This messenger went thru Germany and France telling of the attacks against those Aryans left behind in the migrations. Finally the messenger reached the court of King Arthur and told his story. It was decided that St. George who was one of the Knights would lead a group of Knights to rescue those trapped Aryans. As St. George and his Knights moved eastward they gathered other Knights from Germany, Finland and of the Slavic nations (Issachar and Zebulun) and as they came over the mountain following this messenger who had come for their help there were almost 2000 well mounted and armed Knights who had been in many battles. They found this city of Aryans still besieged by these many Asiatics and their Dragon. The mongol hoards were actually the first to use fire bombs and gunpowder in this way. But these Knights with St. George were well mounted, their horses wore protective armor and the Knights had shields and they saw that these Chinese hoards had this dragon, and every little bit fire came out of its mouth, and then great puffs of smoke, and they would shoot off their fire crackers. So these Christian Knights as they charged the Chinese just set their shields and charged their horses down into the Chinese hoards running over them, because the Chinese were not using metal shields. But remember that Lucifer had taught his family tree how to use fire as a symbol of light and power and they were just doing this with the Dragon.

But St. George and his Knights defeated these Asiatics, and they retreated back toward China as their losses of life had been high. St. George and his Knights then went to another besieged Aryan city, and above that city they found a black pool of oil, they ditched it around the city, and as the Asiatics charged they set the oil on fire, and the Asiatics were caught between the city and the river of fire. Then St. George and his Knights taught those people of the mountains how to use the Long Bow as the hoards of Mongols used only the reflex or short Turkish bow. They taught these Aryan people of these cities Archery, and other ways to defend their cities. Taught them how to melt the great pots of lead on the walls of the city, and they were thus able to defeat the dragon, and to chop up the dragon standards that the Asiatics carried like flags.

The Knights then used their long bows to keep the retreat of the Dragon troops moving until they did not return to harass those Aryan cities anymore. And when St. George returned home the legend of St. George killing the Dragon became legendary to the Knights of the Round table and King Arthur. This is just another incident of the Hosts of YAHWEH going against the Luciferian led powers, for Lucifer and his hosts have always carried the symbol of the serpent and the dragon in their battle to try to wipe out Christianity. This is again an age old battle and you still fight against the devil symbolized as the Dragon and the Serpent.

Now; as far as the offspring of Lucifer, the Dragon and Serpent is concerned this seed did not start with Cain or stop with Cain. There is lots of Luciferian offspring in Asia, and in India as well, tremendous numbers of them. Those Priests who run the Temples of Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and Kali in India today are Luciferians as well as most of the Satin robed Buddhist of Tibet and China. Before Buddha it was the Satin robed Gotmas that ruled, those were great monsters who they built those for because they were so much larger than even some of our seven foot people of today. Some were reported to be 20 feet tall, or more, and the houses had to be built for them.

Now; Buddha was a bandit, sort of like Robin Hood for he robbed the wealthy caravans and divided the loot with the poor. He came out of an educated background and was very able to express himself. He wrote poetry as well. Then he got caught doing a robbery and was thrown in jail. He tried to con his jailers into thinking he was deity, and they better let him go. The people of course liked him so the Yehudin decided to recognize him as a Priest if he would adopt their religion. He then started to write the Lotus flower story, and used magic tricks to confuse his jailers, and one night he just disappeared. A year later he came back and now was a great religious figure. All they did was develop the word Buddha, and they said he was a Gotma Buddha who came to life, and now they had a living Buddha. The Yehudin had taken him out of jail, fixed up a great story about him and all the Satanic Priests in the yellow robes started to serve Buddha. The old Gotma Temples to those fallen Angels, sky devils who fell with Lucifer, were now all incorporated into Buddhism. Thus all devil worship is now in Buddhism, and this is the largest religion in Asia today. They teach of a Navana or a Buddhist heaven, and they teach areas of reincarnation, but you never know just what Buddhism is because so many religions are incorporated into it, and most of its Priesthood is Yehudin. Buddhism itself doesn't go back so far but the religion of the Luciferians and the High Priests of the Gotmas has 26 foot images of these creatures who went back at least 11,000 years B.C.

QUESTION:...Didn't the Norsemen talk of killing the Dragon? What about the Valkrie?

ANSWER:...Mostly you find in their history that they talked about the killing of the serpent which is also connected to the Dragon symbol. With them the serpent was the Ecclesiastical symbol of the Dragon. The Scandinavians knew that when they died their spirits went into the heavens. They then called on their famous sons after they were gone, to help them when there was great storms or troubles. Odin who traces back to Tia Tephi was one of their famous sons, and when in trouble they would cry:..Odin, Odin, Odin...for they believed he rode with the Valkyrie. The Austrians and Germans, their kinsmen, used the word Valkyrie as well. This was the spirits of the dead who rode thru the Celestial Heavens, and they thought that they would use their influence to battle for the protection of their people here in earth. They rode thru the heavens and would intercede with their father..YAHWEH..and would some day come back with HIM to join HIS children...their relatives in earth.

Now; the Scandinavians or Norsemen had great double blade Axes and they could throw these axes with precision. As they practiced their target was a serpent coiled with the head sticking up, and they would hurl their giant blades to cleanly cut off the head of the serpent, for yes, they knew the symbol of their Ancient enemy.

Another of the Ancient heroes of Scandinavia was Thor, and he also was revered by his people. To them all these rode in that great ship called Argo of the heavens which you find in the Star Bible. The ship which travels just outside the ecliptic where the signs of the Zodiac are located. There is mystery as to where this great ship came from, but its meaning tells its story:..'The Pilgrims home at last.' The tradition was that these great ones sailed looking for the 'Golden Fleece'..this treasure that was lost in the field, and that ONE called Jason recovered it from the serpent, and Jason in Greco-Judean was YAHSHUA-Jesus. Argo is the return of the great emigrant ship and its company of travelers, a great multitude which no one can number. Isaiah 35:10. Isaiah thus wrote of the Messiah's secured possessions, the safe folding of His blood bought flock, the blessed return of His pilgrims, and their everlasting rest.

Now; today we even have a religion of Odin, in fact this religion or tradition is hundreds of years old, was at the time of The Christ, and is based on that belief that the spirit of the Aryans would some day ride in the great ship of the heavens..going home. I have a book entitled Odin the religion of Odin..this is a handbook and it has many things in it that traces back to the Ancient belief and the ship Argo of the heavens. Traces the Vikings to the Western world and the Rune stones which tell their story of their exploring in North America. I find some things there which tell me that the New Odinism which has surfaced in these latter days has also been corrupted as has everything else, it is now a religion for it is both true and false. It was a Faith which the Apostles delivered to Lost Israel not a religion, and the Christian religion has also been penetrated in that drive of the Dragon to destroy that Faith which Aryan people have always had but which was reinforced with the resurrection.

QUESTION:...What then is the last Battle with the Dragon?

ANSWER:...This last battle comes as the Great Eagle battles the Dragon with the nations of the kingdom identified as the nation under the outstretched wings of the Eagle. (Isaiah 18) 'As a Great Eagle stirreth up her nest, fluttereth over her young, spreadeth abroad her wings; takes them, beareth them on her wings; so YAHWEH alone did lead Jacob-Israel and there was no strange God with him.'

Now; in 1776 when we became a nation then also that year as the Illuminati was set in place in Europe as one of the coordinating programs of darkness a cell was also established in our nation. In 1776 there were many of our forefathers who understood the symbolism of the Scriptures, and held firm to place those symbols over these United States of America. Were thus only fulfilling prophecy. Yes...'a nation born in a day' will not be totally fulfilled until all Israel nations stand with YAHSHUA as he comes. The Last great resistance center to this One World Government under Luciferian control is this nation under the outstretched wings of the Eagle. Thus you need to know and to understand the symbolism of the Seal of the U.S. and why our forefathers chose such symbols. Now Col. Totten in the late 1800's did much work along this line, wrote many books of his findings tracing our heritage. In the Swift Library was several of these old books. (I have book reports of these facts contained in them if you are interested.)

Now; one of the avenues of destroying the Adamic heritage of course was in the infiltration of the Mystery Schools. This was done very successfully in Europe and one of the writers uncovering this was Nesta Webster, for she wrote several volumes which are still available in certain places. Under the influence of the eastern counterfeit mystery schools set in place way back in the days of Solomon after the Satanic influence was kept out of the Temple of Israel, the Mystery Schools of Israel on their western migration were always thus under attack and penetration finally made its way in with the help of the Illuminati, and it would also gain ground even in the United States.

The Great Mystery School of the Masters of the Rose Cross, this school of spiritual wisdom by 1960 had degenerated into the Society of the Rosicrucians here in the U.S. Under Madam Blavatsky this organization developed into a totally Satanic organization. The Asiatic pagan doctrines of Eastern occultism was infiltrated in and continued with the reincarnation of Lilith, the devil woman...and on down to Madam Blavatsky one of the most evil persons who ever lived. She was a Yehudin, she condemned all the Ancient wisdom brought out, all the secret documents and sowed in devil worship. The people influenced by the 'Rosicrucian Society' as they thought they were searching for the pure thoughts of God joined a man by the name of Spaulding, and his teachings. He wrote the book:..'Masters of the Far East' and invited people to join them and learn great secrets.

Now; the Adamic people have always felt this pull toward the place of their beginning in earth. What they don't understand is that there are these two kingdoms running side by side, but in the flesh, and they started in the far East. Most of the white race in their day and age did not understand that the interpretation of the Bible should come directly out of the mouth of YAHSHUA. He is the one who gave it, out of the patterns of His vision, and out of the purpose for which He has created comes the true translation or interpretation of this Bible, thus can only be understood by the household of such purpose.

Now; the counterfeits do not have the same approach to this Book as this Adamic household, altho they have some similar historic events which they try to share. It wouldn't make any difference which religion you were to examine today thru out the world, whether Buddhism, or Hinduism or by products of these Ancient Chaldean religions, everywhere you study you will find similar stories to those you find in Christianity which relates to you. The similarity does not show that all are basically true, it only shows that there was common knowledge which effected our race and related to Adamic history. The only discussion you will discover in association with these stories from Buddhism and Hinduism is that they put themselves on the reverse side and make what you call evil as good, and what you call good as evil. Thus they reverse the picture but they also prove very care- fully that they don't like where they are. In the last 75 years (Dr. Swift said this in 1965) the greatest incarnate form of evil was this Madam Blavasky as far as tabulating all the religions of thought, concept or volumes of mystery writing. She was one of the correlaters of secret doctrine, and of mystery. She was herself demonic inspired and without a doubt an incarnate form of evil. She was perceived by the Tibetans as the incarnation of Isis..Lilith the mover of all living of the Satanic line, thus the same as Lilith the serpent woman. They also adopted the symbol of wheat and the cluster of grapes in their religion which is taken from your symbolism, for you are the wheat and they are tares at the end of the age, with the cluster of grapes symbolizing the fruit of the vine, only they are not from YAHSHUA but the vine of the serpent.

The Tibetans and people of India gave to Lilith and those who came later a position of exaltation like a High Shaman in Tibet. One of the High Priests of evil interpretation of prophecy which rules over the people of Tibet and China with the authority to set in opposition to the Dalai Lama who was supposed to be incarnate deity. This woman..Madam Blavatsky then comes along and correlates the mass of this Satanic theology and in doing so seeks to put the Christian in a poor light. Madam Blavatsky said Lucifer or the Dragon was brilliant, the son of the morning, and he is not to be connected to Satan..the devil. Well either she lied or YAHSHUA in His instructions to John was wrong because in Revelation 12., the great Dragon is Satan, and the devil and the serpent, and was cast out of the heavens.

YAHSHUA at the time of His ministry exposed this Satanism which had produced a national collectivism under an elite administration of Cainanites, and Sadducees. They had the unlimited power to tax by temple control, turning Theocracy into a complete Babylonian process. And as YAHSHUA exposed this they said they must kill this ONE before He gathered the children of God scattered abroad and took control of that country once more.

Now; in the occult theology they say that a leader will arise in Asia to lead us to all truth. And here in 1984 the Bahi has been held up as this great leader, one lady saying that he is the second coming of Jesus Christ, all there is to look forward to, so learn the great truths from him. But mainly what is wrong today is that the blinder has been put on because people do not want to look beyond 4004 B.C. Princeton University in 1953 started to evaluate and to correlate the civilizations men had produced thru their lifetime and they were trying to follow certain theological concepts which runs tangent to truth. Trying to tie all history and concepts into 4004 years B.C., and the 1953 years since. They looked old records over of history and found they had 259,000 years of history with kings and people, and they didn't want that for they were trying to stay within that 4004 B.C. concept, so they started to throw out this king and his dynasty and that king and his dynasty and when they got thru they still had 35,000 years more than they wanted to cope with. Then they had all the years of the Egyptian history and they tried to build on the theology and philosophy of what even the enemy had twisted for their own misconception. But they would not accept the results of the facts that evil forces beyond that date are still well marked. The forces which ruled over these Ancient people are the same who try to rule over you today. And from these evil forces came chaos and destruction which is well marked thru that Ancient history of continents which sunk, even several layers of civilization which have come and gone. In the Islands of the Sea, in Maya land, in the Aztec land, and in South America we see some of the remnants of history of Ancient civilizations.

Where then did these images and concepts come from? You will find that the so called intellectuals when they came to these recorded facts of Pre-Adamic life then with their established date of 4004 B.C., they surely did consider this material spurious, so they threw it out. But those Ancient people recorded the positions of the sun, the equinox, and had them tied into the birth dates of reigning kings and dynasties. If all this had been concocted by a jealous king at a later date it would have been impossible for him to have concocted this record of equinoxes, eclipses in their right time. So the so called experts are stumped with this data because the Summerian Dynasties checked with sidereal calculators showed that these records are a chronology of events which run backwards in time beyond the Adamic history which itself even goes beyond their 4004 B.C., date.

The trouble today in the Christian west is that our people are blindly trying to ignore the fact that there are differences in people, that this is marked all thru the Bible that they carry. They have blindly tried to set the Yehudin in place of their inheritance even trying to tell you today that they are the ones who can understand the Bible, that they are the Masters of the far east. Yet if you were to pick up a Yiddish Bible or a Talmud it would not be understood by our people. They in their Bible constantly reincarnate Moses, there is about 11 different ones called Moses, and the things which Moses said over about a period of 5000 years of history are interpreted by them until you would have a hard time understanding what history does contain. The idea has always been to cup up this Adamic Faith trying to destroy it, and certainly destroy what that Faith once possessed. Until you understand that there are the children of darkness, and the children of Light, then you will never understand or see the story outlined in the Bible.

Now; when communism was set in place in the Soviet Union in 1917 Buddhism held great power over that continent of Asia. The communist could not take that continent of Asia over until they knocked out the Buddhist headquarters at Lhasa. This demonic Priesthood was not going to share power with Moscow. But Buddhist Priests also hated Christianity so they threw in with the communists saying it was the responsibility of all Asiatics to support communism because this was what Buddha wanted.

As communism was being installed in China during General Mao's rise to power, a young Chinese by the name of Chang Kai Shek went to Moscow to study, and he came back militarily trained. His wife was then converted to Christianity and he also as he saw the fallacy of communism. The wealthier Chinese from the middle class up did not want communism and they were some of those eventually pushed out to the island of Formosa. After W.W.II., our Government was supposed to be giving surplus war supplies to General Chang Kai Shek but traitors in our Government saw that much of this was sunk in the China Sea. It was surprising to learn that Vinegar Joe Stillwell was actually working to help set Mao in power, thus a traitor to true America whether he knew it or not. It was the unseen in high places who wanted China to go Red, that were manipulating the situation. The Chinese of Formosa are mainly Christian today as they saw the fallacy of communism. But the Buddhist Priests are the subversives on Formosa, and in Korea, and in Viet Nam for they work always for communism.

In Viet Nam...President Kennedy using bad advice gave the signal to go ahead with the revolution and put the Buddhist in power. This did not make sense for the Diem's were Catholic Christians and President Kennedy was thus betraying his own church.

If at all possible you should read the book..'Our Vietnam Nightmare' Marguerite Higgins, for she was born in Hong Kong of missionary parents. Her Grandfather died fighting in Viet Nam, and she had written of the last agonies of Diem Bien Phu. She was a Westerner but was born in the far east and had been back many times after becoming a reporter and she knew the country of Vietnam quite well. Was named Chief Asian correspondent for the 'New York Herald Tribune' in 1950. And as she left for her assignment in Vietnam early in 1963., she was briefed by the Kennedy Administration and the State Department, and she was uneasy as to what she was hearing about a religious crisis in that country. She knew the Diems were Christians, and that Diem was cracking down on the Buddhist Priests because the Pagodas had been discovered to be armed fortresses for the communists. She had tried to tell President Kennedy this, but McNamara was his man and he had a different story. She completed her assignment and came back to report to President Kennedy as did McNamara and when both had finished President Kennedy said:...did you two go to different countries?

After the Diems were killed Henry Cabot Lodge, our Ambassador, went to the Pagoda and they received him and bowed down to him and said he was a Buddhist as well as an American. They eulogized the President of the U.S. and Henry Cabot Lodge said he had no idea they would treat him so wonderful because after all he just went into the Pagoda to worship.

Now; why in the world would the United States Ambassador go to a Buddhist Temple to worship??? He however did his job well for the unseen Government as he had carried out the plans to overthrow the Christian Government, and put the Buddhist communists in power, and thus betrayed our fighting young men then and there. Of all the books about the Vietnam war this one by Marguerite Higgins was the most enlightening, showing the scene behind the front, and how men in leadership of our Nation were betraying our fighting young men, and not even pausing to blink an eye. How could they be so blind? Well, this is the time of the Great Falling Away, and of 'Detente' with the enemy. Even that does not quite explain it, for patriotism was supposed to be dead and we are now joined to the United Nations, and were only trying to hold communism in check, so the press told the people.... while evil men in high places were betraying our Nation, and our fighting men. Another book I think you should read is 'P.O.W.'s' by John B. Hubble. Find out what it was like in that prison camp, and how some people think and act which is so much different than the western man thinks and acts. We think every minister who preaches that you are all the same, you are to love everyone, and the Yehudin are the chosen people should read both those books we have just mentioned.

Now; dear friends the reason you are getting this lecture is because we are trying to outline some of the events that have happened in this time of blindness, this great falling away from the Faith.

When ever a prophet appeared in our midst as the Adamites moved out in their migrations always the enemy tried to twist what he said. But this only shows you that there is a world wide understanding that truth does emerge from our race and they immediately try to turn it to error.

We then tell you that of the great mysteries in the world today the pagans bear testimony to these very things we have been telling you. They have twisted things until you who worship the true God are portrayed as tho you worship demons and you are faced with the fact that the Christian is opposed by every religion in earth, but that is the reason that you find the truths of the Ancient Mystery Schools almost blotted out while the counterfeit ones of the Rosicrucian society and what is called Freemasonry are going fully blast. The battle thus is ages old, and the Rosicrucian today is but a great deteriation of what it was in the days of Enoch as The Rose Cross. The same occult came in to take over and destroy as they have in the Master Builders...Masonry. They penetrated the mystery school of the Master Builders with its spiritual and scientific knowledge. Penetrated into all areas of Masonry bringing in the Asiatic theology and practices. Only the secret company of Light Carriers has not been completely negated. We would tell you this, that the purest of Masonry, this company of 'The Light Carriers' has in spite of some penetration been preserving and passing on areas of truth. Never is Lucifer allowed to destroy all truth in the time of the Great Apostasy. This was not allowed even in the dark ages, and one of these days these Mystery Schools will come forth again just as the true church will rise from the ashes of Great Babylon, never to be destroyed again. How do we know? We believe in the Promise that one of these days, in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye we shall think as YAHSHUA thinks, and know as HE knows...without error. But until that moment there is nothing so important as acquiring all the knowledge and wisdom you can acquire for it stimulates the kingdom. the twinkling of an eye, is for all the race, and it will be a most interesting time, for almost immediately the soul consciousness is connected with the celestial mind. Then none of the race will be able to think anything not true. And the stronger the celestial consciousness is connected with the soul consciousness by the perception of the soul consciousness, the more it will think celestial thoughts, and tie it into the physical brain wave of thinking. The longer you are in the areas of thought of the kingdom, of Sonship, and identity, the more these things become a part of you, a part of your whole being. And with this your knowledge of the relationship to the spirit of YAHWEH then comes..and you are a whole being, and with this relationship comes the necessary adjustments or change which ever and wherever it is needed.

In otherwords if YAHSHUA were to step into your world, and you are already going along with the things of the kingdom which are of the earth factor, your transition will be smoother. But those looking for a snatching away, a rapture, may be rather startled to find they aren't going anywhere else. Some even carry such a guilt complex that they may be shocked as they die because they aren't thrown into some fiery furnace somewhere, somehow. But since this race carries this capacity to dwell on two planes then as the consciousness becomes more spiritually guided it is ruled by the Spirit which always thinks right.

Today as we look for what has been a cause for the Falling Away from the standards of this Nation under the Outstretched Wings of the Eagle once had, we find we have reversed the program of progress of this Nation which we embarked on years ago. We find that an unseemly minority has moved in and taken positions of authority and power within the structure of our Nation. Different organizations were set in place for the purpose of brainwashing men of their selection while they destroyed the destiny of our Nation without thinking beyond their positions of power and wealth. For instance one of these later organizations financed by the enemy, and used against the U.S. has been the CFR..'Council of Foreign Relations'..which led to the 'Trilateral Commission' headed by David Rockefeller. Just as Anshel Meyer, who took the name of Rothchild (Red Shield), was one of the great monetary Baronages pushing for control of the earth, who said:...Let us control a nations currency and I do not care who makes its laws, so the Rockefeller family does their work in these United States. Today these organizations using 'thought control' and the enticement of power and wealth buys mens souls until if in leadership of our nation, they many times do the work of our enemy, this age old enemy the Dragon.

Actually there is nothing wrong with silver and gold unless men make them more valuable than the lives of the people, Divine Law, reason or principal. When it becomes more valuable than those things...then silver and gold are becoming Satanic. When men lose sight of the fact that Christianity has more Grace for the enemy then the enemy has for us they join this World Order, and for the One World Government which means the downfall of our Nation.

You would think that our people would learn from events that have happened, but apparently they have not even taken the time to figure why such events did take place. For instance after he did so much for the enemy which hurt our nation, why did Russian Yehudin shoot FDR?? People then do not know that F.D.R. was not carrying out his promise to deliver the gold of Europe as he had promised at one of the meetings with Stalin after he had drank to much vodka. Or why was J.F.K. killed even after he was said to be willing to kill 20 million white men to integrate America. Perhaps they do not know that as he began to be crossed in some of his ideas that he threatened to change the money system of this nation, just as President Lincoln had done.

Why was Upton Close killed when he said communism was Jewish after Rabbi Stephen Wise made no bones about the fact that the Soviet Union was created to be the Asian nation to be used to take over the world? Could it be that a Christian is not supposed to say such things? Rabbi Stephen Wise said that when Americans accept us as one of them, then we will use them... haven't we seen this come to pass?

We have seen these things happen and yet our people walk blindly and allow them to happen. Someone said:..but we have to make excuses for people or you can't love everybody. No..that is true but you just evaluate what is happening and understand why, and who it is that turns you from the cause of your kingdom. In fact many people read the newspapers and think they must go along with the world because there is no one out there to stop the enemy, so stay safe as long as you can, don't rock the boat, just remember what happens to people who do. Many writers even have bowed to the pressure as you allow the enemy to take control. In the Swift Library was an example of this laid out so well. He wrote a book about Palestine, and how the Jews had pushed the Arabs out of their homes, and they many terrible things which happened when the Jews grabbed the Arab lands. Then the Jews got hold of Mr. Toynbee and they said:...we don't like this, we will cut off the circulation of this book, and you put out of business unless you rewrite this and make it complimentary to the Jews. Do this or you will never sell any more copies of this book or any other book. Well this historian did just that...he bowed to the pressure, and rewrote his book, but both books were in the Swift Library so that you could see the difference. He not only wrote of the History of Palestine, but in 1965 he wrote another book about ...the Nile, Egypt, and Africa, and in this book he said:..(Quote) The most important thing for the good of the world, and for Africa is for all the people to intermarry. White women should be marrying Nigerian Negroes, and Egyptian men and those of Central and South America, in fact all people should breed together, and then he added:...if other men can find white women worthy of them..(Unquote). This is Toynbee after the enemy finished with him. This is turning to the worship of Baal which is a vicious process of race destruction.

In the first place worship has to come out of the heart which desires synchronization, then the individual who thinks he is worshiping is not, even tho it may be a form of religion, a form of Godliness..but that is all.

Now; we have the Asian nation set in place that was to represent the Dragon as it comes out to attack Christendom, this was known long before our day, for the early Christians also knew this and you find it in their songs and their literature as always the Dragon makes war with the woman who is Israel. You see the symbol of the Serpent more along the equator and south, and the symbol of the Dragon more north of the equator, but they are one and the same. Occult religions will tell you that yes Lucifer fought against the God of the Universe, but Lucifer is the wise one for he is god of this earth and he controls you.

Remember that YAHWEH gave some protection to this Lady Israel (Revelation 12) which was two wings of an Eagle. All thru history the Eagle is symbolized as the Serpent Killer. Thus the new western world order is to be found under the Outstretched Wings of the Eagle, and this Nation carries that symbolism, and it will rise to lead Israel back to her Destiny. Isaiah in chapter 18 tells us of this nation that is to rise, of her people and of her destiny.

QUESTION:...The I M movement....what was it?

ANSWER:...There is much about St. Germaine in European history. He must have been a reincarnation as he lived a long, long time. Dr. Swift told us much about him, but the doctrines put forth by St. Germain who was called a human devil, were built up after the penetration of the Rosicrucian by the Illuminati. This was the I M movement, and they made all those doctrines of St. Germain look beautiful and many people were fooled by the rhetoric and they hung all these beautiful statements around the neck of this St. Germain, then used this fifth column to destroy the Rosicrucian organization. The Illuminati was in full control with their red company, a white company, a black company, and they infiltrated various branches in Europe which is 100% Illuminati controlled. There was much about this St. Germain to be found and he was put almost on a level with Jesus with some people sort of like they are building up the B’hai today, saying he is the second coming of Christ. But St. Germain was a devil, and he only appeared to familiar spirits.

There is thus much in this Mystery of Iniquity. They talk about how they don't like your racism, your segregation, your concepts, for you should all love one another, and yet they come with riots against you. They shoot, they burn, and the communist world conquerors country after country as they move with their armies while talking to you of Peace. They talk of imperialism, of colonialism and racism but never tell you that communism is the end of your Nation, and of you. But we want you to remember that YAHSHUA thru the Apostle Paul in the Epistle to the Thessalonians talks about this Mystery of Iniquity, about who is involved and assures us that it will be destroyed by the Brightness (truth) of HIS coming. We are thus very glad to have the help of heaven to put the world in order and to bring all things back into submission.

QUESTION:...Is there Jesuit subversion in Central America as we read in many places?

ANSWER:...Yes, much. We have told you before from the tape ministry of Dr. Swift as to the Jesuit organization, how it started and what it is, what it does today in 1984...this answer will come from the tapes and the reports of Dr. Coleman, and my understanding. Dr. Coleman being a 'Born Again' Christian is not willing to accept the identity message, but in this case does not like to go deep into the background of this organization, but he finally did and he exposes as to their misdeeds, but he does..and he brings out the work of the conspiracy and has quite a grasp of current events, and their place today in our story.

We would say that there is both good and bad in the Jesuit organization. But this is actually how the people of Lucifer's kingdom work. If it did not have some element showing of good then the Christians around the world would not be working for it, and thinking they were helping the people around the world.

In Central America you cannot explain what is happening, what is wrong until you expose the meddling of the Jesuits, the 'Born Again' Protestants and Catholics, the Moonies as well as the Soviet, Cuban evolvement.

The Jesuits are Catholics, supposed to be, and yet they run the 'Institute of Linguistics' which is a Bible Belt Missionary effort, running the efforts of many thousands of missionaries thru out Central America. The Jesuits have both a right and a left wing to their organization thus they run both sides of the situation, and the Christians only see the one side of the picture.

According to Dr. Coleman the Jesuit leader as of now is Father Metz of West Germany, and he admits they are working to discredit President Reagan. Father Metz sponsored a Mid-May Seminar in Belgium which was for the purpose of examining this situation in Central America, and deciding a course of action. Father Metz is known to have trained hundreds of Jesuit Priests in 'terror tactics'. One of the delegates to this Belgium Seminar was a Mary Knoll Priest from the Inner Circle of the Nicaraguan Junta. Remember the Nuns of El Salvador who were killed? They were from this same Mary Knoll Order. In Rhodesia and Angola, the Mary Knoll Mission provided safe houses, food, clothes, escape routes for black guerrillas, some of whom had just returned from slaughtering West German Protestant Missionaries. It would appear that the duties of the Mary Knoll sisters included more than religious activities as we have seen in many places.

Now; as an independent force the Jesuits are the most influential group operating in Central America, and they use both the right and the left... a doctrine which American conservatives have a great difficulty in understanding.

The Jesuits are in alliance with the World Council of Churches, and those many Catholic organizations such as the Mary Knoll Mission. And you will find Jesuits in every nation, even in their Governments. So what is manipulating the situation in Central America is a leftist controlled Jesuit leadership, and a rightist controlled Jesuit leadership, plus a large Christian fundamentalist movement sponsored by the Jesuit right wing.

The greatest salesmen for armament in this area is Israeli. They were given this territory by President James Earl Carter in 1977, and they supply especially Nicaragua, Honduras, and Guatemala. Thus Central America is as we said less a fight between communism and the U.S. backed forces, than a fight between religious forces working both sides and led by the Jesuits.

You ask...why all this? Well, back in December of 1980 the Left wing factions decided to hang a Vietnam style conflict around the neck of the Reagan Presidency. So you found Henry Kissinger meeting with Olaf Palme of Sweden, and Pier Shori who is a so called specialist on Central America, for special interest groups. Involvement in Central America..would be a Vietnam type thing. The idea was to bog the U.S. in as many conflicts in the region as possible, and for as long as possible...why? Not only to discredit President Reagan’s plan for a recovery but mainly to stop this New Beam weapons program being worked on which had the big possibility of putting a protective shield around the U.S. After all this same plan worked in Vietnam where 140 billion dollars marked for our space program was poured down that bottomless pit called....stop communism.

Now; while the President was advocating this system, the viable means of putting the Soviet ICBM's out of commission, these anti-Americans are cooking the same stew in which to boil the U.S. interests. Altho the President has his faults and is blinded by his 'Born Again' Christian advisors still he does desire to see the power of the Soviet Union negated in that area. Thus many are striving to see that he does not succeed. They are the same crowd that has always put the interest of America second to those of a One World Government with them in control.

Thus this is not a fight to keep communism out of Central America, but thru manipulation to simply keep a civil war going for years, with money poured into the area from the U.S. and to keep the U.S. sidetracked from the space programs for the protection of the U.S. The strange thing is that the fundamentalist Christians are donating money to the cause of missionary work for Central America thinking their brand of Christianity is better than the Catholic branch which has dominated the religion of that area. But...they have formed a tight group around the Jesuits, Sharon and Moshe Arens of Israeli, and they seem not to know they are being used. They have turned the Lord's Prayer...'Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven'...just full circle, for in heaven it is riches, joy, no sickness, no death, where as here in earth under this program which they call His Will is sickness, death and disaster.

We then tell you that unless you realize this is the time of the Great Apostasy, this falling away from the Faith, then you would not understand what is happening in Central America, or in the Western world as well.

What this Satanic force would like to accomplish by manipulation would be a religious war, Catholic against Protestant breaking up into many little splinter groups. For using religion as a weapon, just see what has been accomplished in Iran, and in Lebanon as those countries have been destroy- ed, for a purpose.

The message thus being delivered thru religion in Central America is called Christian Marxism, and the two large missionary centers get their money from the Catholic Church, from the left wing Jesuits, from the Protestant and left politics manipulated by the same people, and they hope it will boil over into war anytime.

Now; the Jesuit Bastion both of the right and left in the U.S. is awesome and together with its European counterpart, and together with the mother of all left wing organizations at Travistock Institute in London, all are deeply involved in the de-stabilization of Central and South America. According to Dr. Coleman here are a few of the Jesuit left wing organizations center in these United States:..The Jesuit Conference, Washington D.C., The Loyola Center, New Orleans, Louisiana, where over 1800 labor leaders are trained there, most of them surfaced in Central America as communist guerilla leaders on both the right and the left. One man who has trained many a young man to be ultra liberal if Father Theodore Hesburg of Notre Dame. He is on the board of Chase Manhattan Bank, belongs to the C.F.R., and is on the board of the Rockefeller Foundation. Proteges of Hesburg include Jim Ervin who is active in Sonora, Mexico, another is the Archbishop of Panama..Marcos McGrath, and Napoleon Duarte who is now the president of El Salvador. Are you surprised? Well, Father Hesburg is also a Jesuit and he said some time ago that national sovereignty is a kind of historical insanity. Another organization is St. Marys Seminary located in San Antonio, Texas. It was founded by Jesuits. It is a radical left wing establishment, their special program is 'Liberation Theology'. Another is..'The Center for Concern' headed by a Jesuit, ties into the Club of Rome. It is the building black upon which the 'Inter Religious Peace' organization was based. This organization is funded by..The Methodist Church, the United Auto Workers, and the fathers of the Mary Knoll Mission. The latter being the most rampant communist supporting church operating under the guise of religion. The United Methodist church has direct communications to and with the Frente Democratico Revolutionaries which is the communist guerilla organization in El Salvador.

In Columbia the man Camito Torres who was killed by the Columbian security forces while fighting along side left wing guerillas was a Jesuit. Our State Department has many of these One Worlders in it, and they are using a right wing President to try to impose left wing ideas on us in the name of religion. The same thing happened in Rhodesia under a British conservative government. There a communist Tyrant was put in power. In Nicaragua this also happened when a 'Born Again' President was in the White House.

This is why we say that the U.S. is not actually fighting communism, in fact it was the unseen government of these United States that placed communism in power in the Soviet Union, and keeps it there for a purpose.

No?..then why do we have a law on our statute book that says it is illegal for anyone to launch an attack against Cuba from any part of the U.S.? How come Castro tolerates the big U.S. Naval Base in Cuba? If serious about the Cuban threat in Central America then we must deal with it at its source. Being afraid that this President might do just that then who sent Rev. Jesse Jackson to Havana? Who paid his way? Who is paying him to play at being a U.S. diplomat, who is behind all this? It is time to quit looking for a conspiracy and who is behind it..after all it is out in the open and the results are showing so recognize what is going on.

This should give you a little idea of the many sides of this trouble which this nation finds herself facing. America is once more standing at the cross roads and our enemy would like to drag us one more time into a Vietnam type of war, this time in Central America and hope it would last for 30 years or more.

Now; Dr. Coleman has this solution for our troubles. If the President wants to stop this communist penetration in Central America he must do these things:.....

1. Go to the people of the U.S. and tell them exactly what is at stake, holding nothing back, prepare his own statements, keep his aides out of it.

2. Having gained the support of the people which we feel he would have no trouble doing, then go to a joint session of congress and explain how the U.S. intends to deal with the communist threat by military conflict, and then ask congress for a declaration of war.

3. Send the full military might of the U.S. forces into the region and within two weeks smash all communist installations, and communist support organizations, thus routing the guerillas. The Soviets will not intervene even as we did not intervene in Hungary or Afghanistan. If Castro would try to intervene then he must be crushed also.

Thus ends Dr. Coleman’s report, but remember we are in this time of the 'Falling Away' from the Faith, and carrying out no. 3 that he proposes would find you stepping on organizations supported by many 'Born Again' Christians....are they ready to come out of their blindness??

We think this should help you to realize what a big burden a President of these United States carries in this time when all restraint is lifted for Lucifer to throw everything he controls at you.