ERM - Tape 031 - Epistle To The Hebrews





1. The Epistle to the Hebrews


This Epistle to the Hebrews is the greatest Mystery Book of all the Scriptures. It contains the deepest and most vital truths concerning the character of the race, and our relationship to Our Father. It contains this Mystery of how you are tabernaceling in this physical body. In otherwords a tabernacle is a dwelling place for a Celestial son and daughter and in this instance then YAHWEH became flesh and dwelt as we do in a body formed out of this race. He thus became kinsmen with us, and was not ashamed to acknowledge this fact. Therefore whether you are a good son or a bad son still YAHSHUA is YAHWEH in the flesh. . .the same High Priest who took care of our transgressions, thus by His Stripes. . .by His suffering we are healed. Thus what YAHWEH performed for His people was something we did not have anything to do with because it was not determined by our reaction, but by and for HIS purpose. When He calls His Sheep by name and leads them out . . . His sheep were not made sheep by something they did, but were sheep before He called them. Therefore you can't make sheep out of goats at a revival meeting no matter how hard you try. If fact a revival meeting is for the people of the kingdom because a revival is for something which had 'Life', and just needs to be reactivated until it has more Life. Goats never had this spiritual Life, and they therefore need to be led by the sheep who can be revived. The children of Lucifer have no spiritual capacity thus you can't take them into Biblical organizations, or write their names in a book, and dunk them in water and have them come out of the water anything but Lucifer's children. This is just a fact our people need to realize. You cannot place Lucifers children in Christian theological seminaries, and have them teach men to be Christian ministers without those men coming out with a twisted theology. This is where the idea originated that God is dead. They say that God is just a thought form . . . until the time of Jesus. The sum total of all this revolution was found in Jesus. So we follow Jesus who was a great man altho a revolutionist, but God is dead, there is no God outside of the ideas which exist in you. This then is a developing God so throw out all the old tenants of religion and form a new brotherhood, accept all faiths, all philosophies, socialism and liberalism. This was the drive intensified in the early 60's, but it was designed to cut you off from your Father and His Holy Word, to turn you from His instructions, from the story outlined in the Scriptures in this Book written to the Hebrews who were His race. After all the enemy would like to do away with the truth of the purpose of the crucifixion, the resurrection, this Atonement which was for you. This is the work of what we call humanism of today.

Now; in this period of the great 'Falling Away' from the Faith we have seen the theologians embrace the enemy. They would now have you believe there is no help coming because all has to be developed right here, out of us. And if we as a race have the idea that our Christian religion is better than any other then it will be better,..only..if we can sell it to them. For after all God is dead, so we better except all religions and develop the good from all of them, but my friends that is not what the Bible is all about. It is not what is unveiled in the mysteries of this Book to the Hebrews. In fact such are the mysteries of this Book that if the Apostle Paul wrote this Epistle to the Hebrews then we believe that YAHSHUA guided his hand. We tell you that we believe that all those whose names are written in the Book of Life before the foundation of the world are the people of this Book known as the Bible. They are the Adamic . . . Aryan race known as Sethites, Shemites, Hebrews, Israelites, and of course always Adamites, and many other names of branches of their race. We believe YAHWEH has a plan for this earth which is outlined in this Scripture, and He has not abandoned on iota of this plan which promised empowered sons and daughters. We believe that the power of truth contained in this Book is more powerful than any force turned loose against you in the earth today. So don't give away your birthright for in this time of great challenge to our society, to our Faith we are promised deliverance.

QUESTION:...'For unto which of the angels said he at any time . . . 'Thou art my son, this day have I begotten Thee' . . . and again:..'I will be a father and he shall be my son.' Hebrews 1:5.

ANSWER:...Remember that this is a Book of mysteries and it is your Book, and you would not translate it as one of the world order would you? But this has happened to the Scriptures so lets consider what it really is telling us.

The Apostle Paul says that at different times YAHWEH in the past Spoke to the fathers of our race by the prophets (vs:1). Then in these last days YAHWEH spoke to us by His embodiment . . . YAHSHUA . . . when He came as our redeemer. And after His work was finished here on earth He raised again the symbol of authority on HIGH. (vs 3) Now; He was of course the creator of the Angels so was higher in name than they, in fact HE is above everything since by HIM all things consist. (vs 4) And you also know that Adam was a son of YAHWEH as Luke tells us. You know that YAHWEH begat Adam as He said ... In the womb of yesterday. You know that this Book of Hebrews belongs to our race, the Israel of the Bible, so the Apostle Paul was just refreshing your memory in the first chapter of Hebrews.

Thus the Angels were created beings, but Adam was the begotten Issue of YAHWEH and at no time did YAHWEH ever call the Angels sons or daughters. It was Adam and Eve who were YAHWEH'S offspring, the beginning of the flesh . . of this one race to carry forward the spiritual seed thus fulfilling their responsibility of building YAHWEH'S kingdom in earth. Then YAHWEH came . . . embodied, He who made the world, who is Heir of all things . . . came and purged out our sins then returned into the spirit.

Again:...HE emerged, the first begotten deity out of His race. He did this so as to redeem His people, but the Angels worshiped HIM for they knew who He was. (vs 6) But even embodied as YAHSHUA . . . Messiah His Throne is still forever and ever. After all He was YAHWEH in the flesh, and 'A scepter of righteousness is the scepter of the kingdom.' (vs 8) The scepter is the symbol of authority of rulership, and this kingdom is to rule with righteousness on earth as it is in heaven.

This is again the same story found all thru the Scripture, this is to be understood by our race as YAHSHUA told us:..'It is given unto you, to under stand the mysteries of the kingdom, unto them (of the world order) it is not given.' This is in the Old Testament as well for YAHWEH said:...'Ask of me concerning my sons, command ye me.' Isaiah 45. He said He placed His sons in the world to set the captives (races) free, and to liberate the nations. In other words to restore unto the nations and races of the world the things they lost under the rebellion by Lucifer. You are going to enforce the laws of the kingdom, for 'out of Zion . . . which is the kingdom . . . is going forth righteousness. And in the fullness of time even 'All Flesh' is going to be saved. This is a declaration seventeen times for YAHWEH refers to this, and all thru the Epistles Paul refers to this. In the Book of Hebrews it brings out the absolute supremacy of the Priesthood of YAHSHUA . . . YAHWEH in the flesh, which then passed down in similitude to His children thru their Patriarchal responsibility until every Adamic father is the Priest unto His family. Thus every Celestial son now inside a physical temple is a Priest unto his family, and this is your reasonable service for you are a kingdom of Priests, a Holy Nation. This embraces all of the Adamic race, now called Hebrews, Israelites . . . Anglo-Saxons and so forth. This is your responsibility to fulfill in earth, and not only here but thru out the Universe.

As the Apostle Paul has been revealing all these mysteries pertaining to this family of YAHWEH, many of whom are now embodied in earth, he was not worried about death for he knew that 'Absent from this physical body is to be present with YAHSHUA'. But the same token applies, the children of YAHWEH are all involved in what He told Adam, that He would do this before any of the children came into the flesh. This is absolutely confirmed clear thru the Epistle's of the Apostle Paul. 'But to which of the Angels said He at any time, sit on my right hand until I make thine enemies thy footstool? (vs 13) Knowing that YAHSHUA was YAHWEH in the flesh, then the promise is to His children that He will make His enemies and ours to be ruled over by the kingdom. When talking about Angels . . . there are two words translated Angels. When speaking of ministering Angels, this should not be translated Angels . . . this is the Elect. Lets get this clear, the word Angels only applies to the beings created as Angels. There are different kinds of Angels such as Cherubs around the Throne called anointed Cherubs . . . 'that covereth'. Michael is an Archangel who is commander of the Hosts of Heaven, this is his job while Gabriel was the Archangel who was the great proclaimer of knowledge, and coordinator of information. Thus there are all kinds of orders of Angelic beings that exist in Celestial planes. They can be visible in physical planes, can move around and use influence in this plane. But they are not physically embodied in the physical plane unless they took upon themselves a body by changing the vibratory wave length of their existence. This they could do as long as they obeyed Divine Law while in that category. But if they violated Divine Law then they had left their first estate, and might not be able to get back into it. Maybe they would have to stay disembodied. Once they violated Divine Law after being embodied in physical form, in the creation, such as Lucifer and his followers did they could not go back to the status they had before unless YAHWEH would intervene in their behalf. This is why you find in the Book of Enoch that Fallen Angels were appealing to Enoch as he visited the Netherworld before being taken into the heavens, they wanted Enoch to appeal to YAHWEH for them.

Now; understand there are propagating Angels as well, these are Angelic orders who serve before THE MOST HIGH, and they multiply their own order, thus there are propagating Angels thru out the Universe. There are also Angelic hosts in high positions who are not propagating Angels. Lucifer and some of these Angels who were Masters of Orders were not propagating Angels. But when any slipped out of their order, or their first estate, and took on bodies then intermingled with the daughters of men they were fallen Angels as the Scripture records. This intermingling started in the Milky Way as in rebellion they planned to try to destroy YAHWEH'S control over the Universe. This great rebellion, this caused great catastrophe and it started in the heavens before it was confined to our earth. There are then separate orders of Angels but still none of these Angelic orders were greater than the offspring of YAHWEH who were His own spiritual seed, for we were spirit of His Spirit, light of His Light, life of His Life, before this world was ever framed.

Now; then in earth bodies those Angels who could not die were greater in power than a man whose physical body could die due to the fall. We are talking about such as Michael and Gabriel, but before the fall of the Adamic race they were not greater than Adam and Eve. This then is the reason why in this Book of Hebrews you find this statement:..'For unto which of the Angels said YAHWEH at any time...thou art my son.' (vs 5) This is speaking of the Adamic son . . . Adam the first of the family of YAHWEH in earth . . . but with HIM in the beginning in the heavens. Again:..'I will be unto him (Adam-Israel) a father, and he shall be to me a son.' (vs 5) 'Thou YAHWEH, when you brought your body forth out of your race said:..Let all the Angels worship HIM.' (vs 6) All right . . . Heaven was watching this miracle development and knew this was now YAHWEH in the flesh as Messiah, a tiny babe to fulfill prophecy. They also knew that this Adamic race was His race, His kingdom, and they watched this miracle of redemption, and they knew who was His children. They knew that in the beginning YAHWEH formed the foundations of the earth, and that the heavens were the work of His hands. (vs 10) They knew that those who violated Divine Law shall perish. (vs 11) But thou YAHWEH art the same . . . all factors are considered here, but YAHWEH stays the same, and all things He has planned come to pass. Thus, to which of the Angels did YAHWEH say:...sit in the scepter hand of authority while I make your enemies thy footstool? This scepter hand of authority is rulership of the kingdom, and this is a question thus He asked . . . no Angel to do the Atonement for HIM . . . no . . . He did this Himself as He came embodied as YAHSHUA . . . Messiah to redeem His people, His household, His kingdom. (vs 13)

Now; in verse 14., it read:...'They are not all ministering spirits who are sent to minister to those who are heirs of the salvation.' What? To those who are heirs of the kingdom. But listen. Angels are created beings, servants in heaven and they serve our Father and His family, thus the correct translation of verse 14 is:...'Are they not all ministering spirits who are sent to minister to those who are heirs of the kingdom?' Again . . . Angels are servants, some of the greater like Michael or Gabriel have been sent on special missions to earth. But Angels are still servants, and at no time did an Angel ever measure up to the status of the son level, the Elect . . . the Saints or believing offspring. Thus there are two words and both are sometimes translated as Angels, but there is a big difference in Angels, and the Elect . . . sons of the household of YAHWEH who are ministering spirits and who are administering spirits to rule with HIM.

QUESTION:...'Now we see Jesus who was made a little lower than the Angels for the suffering of death, crowned with Glory and honor that He by the Grace of God should taste death for every man.' Hebrews 2:9.

ANSWER:...Yes, YAHWEH in a body of flesh as YAHSHUA-Messiah was a little lower than the Angels because this body of flesh was going to die where as the Angels who kept their first estate did not die. But in this instance always remember that YAHSHUA did not become something by what He did, as you may have heard some declare. He just established before men . . . the Deity of flesh. He could have stopped the Luciferian rebellion anytime for He had absolute control of the Universe at all times, but He allowed these things to happen so as to take out of this a greater good, a greater development by letting things run their course. Letting spiritual seed establish itself and letting all these experiences take place, then see the triumph occur, let the Majesty of Grace be demonstrated, let the superiority of spirit over the Luciferian order show itself.

Thus it was becoming of YAHWEH for whom all things are . . . in bringing His many sons unto Glory by being the captain of their salvation, thru HIS suffering. The translation may not be clear, but it was a great thing for YAHWEH to have done this, because He alone could atone for us. We could not do it for ourselves. We are His household, and He designed this program so He was not about to lose His kingdom, therefore how could He not do this? Here in this tremendous second chapter of Hebrews this great mystery is again confirmed:..Since the children of YAHWEH were here in bodies of flesh and were partakers of flesh and blood, then HE came, taking a body of flesh just like His children had, and was not ashamed to call them kinsmen . . . family. HE did not say He came to make them sons and daughters but that He came because they were sons and daughters here in the flesh. Remember how in the Majesty of His ministry He said:...'I call my sheep by name . . . I lead them out' ???

Again the Apostle Paul is talking about this man Jesus the Christ of translation. Paul tells us that HE was a man among men, that He was YAHWEH embodied, the same yesterday, today and forever thus YAHSHUA was YAHWEH in the flesh and the Eternal God of the heavens. We are then told in this Epistle to the Hebrews that this YAHSHUA as HE materialized into our world and took upon Himself, not the nature of Angels, but was born of woman as you were, born of the seed of Abraham, grew up among men and was not ashamed to call us family, . . . why?..Because His children were here in bodies of flesh, and to identify with us He took a body just like we have. This was YAHWEH (God) dwelling among men, but never before had He allowed his visible body to die. However if we could have remembered what had been told to us before the foundation of the world these events would have been more clear. We would have remembered how He told us that the strange power of the forces of darkness, the subtlety of Lucifer would have caused our fall. That our race would surrender much of our freedom by bowing to suggestions and the plotting of Lucifer. That the mongrelization called for methods of survival of the race, for the correction by His intervention as the substitutionary sacrifice. That He alone had the power to place upon any act which He performs or anything in His creation, or in His power which He intends to be used to produce the accomplishments He has ordained. Yes, we forgot this would be necessary, however men of our race had this brought back to their memory, and Enoch recorded it for the race and our ancestors looked forward to Messiah, knew that some form of death awaited HIM. Knew also that 'very God' would triumph over this situation, while in earth. And while in earth He made always a marked distinction between those who were HIS Household, His sheep and the World Order. Not only concerning what He was going to do, but concerning their identity and their abilities. It is significant that you understand how theology has been attacked over the years until we stand today with the visible church having blinders to these passages of Scripture having so much meaning for our race. But with vision gone, the search for knowledge stands still. If you were not with HIM before the foundation of the world how and why do you think your name was written in the Lambs Book of Life? How do you think you were blessed with all spiritual blessings by the Father before this world was framed as Paul tells us in the Book of Ephesians? How . . . if you were not with HIM in spirit? If you do not think there is a difference in people and nations then why do you think as He spoke of His reentry into human affairs did He say the first thing He would do was separate the sheep nations from the goat nations? On what basis would He make this separation? The Apostle Paul talks of this separation as he spoke of the things he himself suffered then says:...'They are not to be compared with the Glory which is revealed' . . . and Paul catches the concept that 'HIS Spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are offspring . . . children of YAHWEH.'

This second chapter of Hebrews shows some of the results of Paul’s trip into the heavens. There he went into different dimensions, and he talked to Angels, was reminded that this was where he came from. Paul was told that these millions of people he saw coming and going thru out the Universe, many of them were his kinsmen. That many of them were also in earth thus YAHWEH had come into earth to redeem them, came in a body of flesh like they had.

Now; Justification . . . this sanctification of verse 11 . . . 'For both HE who justified and they who are justified, are all ONE, for which cause HE is not ashamed to call them brethren.' Or family. Justified means no area of conduct can be weighed against you. The weight of temptation, the forces, the vibratory impact of evil, and the necessary impact of what YAHWEH puts in and feels compelled to put in, because HE owed this to His offspring who are now in this environment with His foreknowledge, prescribing destiny, knowing what HE was able to do, knowing that He could have eliminated evil to begin with, that HE put you in this environment, knowing what you would do in these circumstances, so HE says:..'I justify you' . . . and HE alone can do that. YOU are thus justified by His Grace. We don't boast that our conduct is so excellent that they can't keep us out of heaven, we just say we can't be kept out of Celestial realms because of the greatness of Our Father, because our transgressions were in this body of flesh, and in spirit we have Eternal Life. People all the time are running around trying to get sanctified, to justify themselves but only HE can do this for you. This is an act of His Grace, this is what justification or sanctification means . . . this is total Faith, you can now look your heavenly Father in the face and say:...'here I am . . . I have accepted your atonement, it is complete and there is nothing I can add to it, but I can believe that it is done. YAHWEH does not run around challenging, He knows it is done. He just wants you to have Faith so that no one can come around and put a guilt complex on you, to beat you down in spirit. By the time you know this then your desire is for good anyhow, and if it isn't then you wouldn't be interested.

Now; since the children of YAHWEH are partakers of flesh and blood . . . HE. YAHWEH as Messiah-YAHSHUA took upon Himself a body likewise (or the same) so that HE might destroy him who has power of death. This was of course Lucifer . . . the Devil . . . 'for fear of him those of the Adamic race were in bondage as well as the fallen creation.' Verse 14-15. He, YAHWEH, did not take upon Himself the nature of Angels, but took upon Himself the seed of Abraham. (vs 16) He did this to be like His children, to redeem them here in the flesh. (vs 17) This is the same story is it not? The same story outlined for you thru this Bible, and to bring this chapter to a close the Apostle Paul then records in verse 18 . . . that since YAHWEH as YAHSHUA-Messiah had suffered, and been tempted here in His physical life, now He is able to comfort and strengthen, for He has redeemed His household.

QUESTION:...'And to whom swore He that they should not enter into His Rest, but to them that believed not.' Hebrews 3:18.

ANSWER:...His rest is doing the work of the kingdom until the things YAHWEH has determined are done. So what is the Great Commission? Some would have you go unto all the world and preach the Gospel and save all people. But actually the Great Commission is to occupy earth until HE comes . . .working always for the kingdom which is our rest as it is fully established.

In this chapter of Hebrews Paul is still talking about YAHSHUA . . . 'For this ONE was counted worthy of more glory than Moses in as much as He who builded the house hath more honor than the house, for every house is builded by some man, but HE that built all things is YAHSHUA . . . who was YAHWEH in the flesh.' (vs 4-5) But YAHSHUA is over His own house, and we are that household so hold fast the confidence and the rejoicing of the hope holding firm unto the end. (vs 6)

Thus take heed brethren lest there be in any of you a heart of unbelief lest you depart from the LIVING YAHWEH. Remember what happened to those who came out of Egypt under the command of Moses, it was those who did not trust completely in YAHWEH who died in the wilderness. Those who did not believe He was able to move His people in the way that He wanted them to go as they built His kingdom, those who died in the wilderness. They were not a part of the army of Israel as they moved back to Old Palestine to retake that land from the Canaanites, and all those pagan nations. Only those Israelites who were ready to obey perfectly would have protection as they retook this old land which once belonged to their ancestors. Remember how the Canaanites came into that land after Enoch and Job left to go to Egypt with the Savants for the memorial building there, and all those of the race left in that old land were slaughtered by the Canaanites. Now this young fighting army of Israelites led by Joshua came back to retake the old land of Palestine. After all it was there the kingdom would be centered in Israel's glory under Solomon, this was prophecy and it must be fulfilled. And later this would be the area of the great work of Messiah as He completed the atonement. Three times that old land and its city of Jerusalem had its greatness in history. Today the abominations of the desolator lives there, today that land awaits its judgment for what was done to the Messiah and His people.

Paul in chapter four of Hebrews is still talking about this rest for the people of YAHWEH when they finish their work. This rest will be when the kingdom rule is set in place and from then on. There is some fear then lest this promise of rest would not come to some. (vs 1) 'For unto us was the Gospel of the kingdom preached as well as to others, but the word preached did not profit them not being totally in the faith when they heard it.' (vs:2). But we believe . . . we who believe do enter into His Rest, we believe this program was set in place before the foundation of the world. (vs 3) The translation is not too good because what it meant in Ancient English and what it means today are very different. In other words this rest is an understanding. It is inner satisfied consciousness of the things which YAHWEH as YAHSHUA did of things He has finished which are the mysteries, His power, and His Law. Thus there is a rest which we enter into when we believe, thus total belief is also our rest, perfection of belief as the kingdom develops, this is also our rest.

For instance YAHWEH did not rest on the seventh day from living . . . No, but He still lived, and went ahead with His program and brought forth Audaum on the seventh day as His issue. Thus, He rested from creation but not from living. (vs 4) But remember it was on the seventh day, or in that seventh era that YAHWEH said there was not a man with the knowledge of agriculture on the earth. Before this people were picking fruit off the trees and running their cattle over hills and eating them, but Adam knew how to make the earth produce. That was the gift given to Adam. But then Adam and Eve were the beginning of the kingdom so . . . 'Let us labor therefore to enter into that rest, for there is rest that remains for the children of YAHWEH.' (vs 9) So be careful that you do not fall into unbelief. In other words instead of straining for truth, just let it come, don't put obstacles in the way, open up your mind. The secret in discovering truth isn't cornered by just a few, so receive it, pulse with thought, catch the tempo. Once you have caught the knowledge as to who you are, and where you came from, and you know the kingdom is real and that it is on earth, that heaven is for you, then there is no secret thing hidden from you. Now you can have it all, and the more you learn the better it is for you. Oh, you don't strive for it in the way some people do, but you just keep on learning and learning, and you are then satisfied with this way of life even tho it separates you from the world.

This is the important thing about Faith, YAHWEH does not want an unhappy people. But you are also never satisfied until you have attained all because the earth could not contain all the things there is to know. In other words if books were written about all the things Jesus had done . . . well be reasonable . . . He never had a beginning and of course thru out the ages He has been busy. So if books were written about HIM, and the things He has done the world could not contain all those books if they were published because again . . . there never was a beginning for YAHSHUA . . . who was YAHWEH in the flesh. For this reason we never think of being bored, never think there is nothing else to be learned for now we know that we have the capacity as spirit of His Spirit to think every thought in the mind of YAHWEH. We here in earths environment haven't even mastered all there is to know, haven't learned to apply the fullness of Divine Power of the Kingdom. Sometimes we work so hard at it that some go out on a tangent and obscure the true picture.

But this mystery of the family of YAHWEH does not belong to someone else, it belongs to His race, for only 'Unto you is given to know the mystery of the kingdom unto them (the world order) it is not given.' This flow of knowledge of your destiny is for you so don't bottle it up, just let it flow into an ever widening picture.

Back in the Ancient mystery schools they taught how to receive this knowledge, how to apply it. They taught the symbols of identification, those picture symbols the world order would see, but not understand. YAHSHUA talked in symbolism . . . in parables saying as long as I am in the flesh, the world order has its eyes on me, therefore I talk to you . . . to my family . . . in parables so that the enemy will not understand. After the atonement then it was necessary that He go away for then the wave length of His Spirit would activate the consciousness of His people, and the Apostles, and disciples would be led to the knowledge of all truth by His Spirit. Then as His Spirit moved thru His children would hear the message the Apostles delivered. His Spirit then called and the Lost Sheep of Israel came to their Shepherd.

Now; seeing that we have this great High Priest who has passed into the heavens who is YAHSHUA . . . YAHWEH in the flesh, let us hold fast to our Faith. (vs 14) For we have not a High Priest which cannot be touched with the feelings of our infirmities, but was tempted like we are, but He was without sin. (vs 15) 'Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of Grace that we may obtain mercy, and find Grace to help in time of need.' (vs 16) The Apostle Paul is talking about Melchizedek . . . KING OF KINGS . . . LORD OF LORDS . . . Our Father the High Priest of His Household. And since He is our High Priest then we can go directly to Him to obtain mercy, and to find Grace, you do not need another to intercede for you just come direct to Our Father . . . Melchizedek.

In chapter five of Hebrews the Apostle Paul starts explaining this mystery of Melchizedek.

QUESTION:...'For every High Priest taken from men is ordained for men in things pertaining unto YAHWEH so that he may offer both gifts of sacrifice for sin.' Hebrews 5:1.

ANSWER:...The Priesthood of Israel after Mt. Sinai came from the house of Levi. This Levitical Priesthood was also a ministry given to all the tribes of Israel forever. But from Mt. Sinai on us to the time of the crucifixion, and atonement, the Levi Priesthood prepared and carried out the ritual of sacrifice for Israel. Aaron was a Levi and was appointed by YAHWEH. There was in the Levitical Priesthood different standards, different areas of service. A lot of them were like theological students, they had different responsibilities in the service of Israel, as tho they were an apprentice. When a Levite decided, they would enter the Temple in service they went first to what would be called today a type of Ecclesiastical school. Some of them may have received higher spiritual insights as they attended the school of the prophets, and were taught how to meditate. These were the type of Priests who would gather around the molten sea to check the rippling of the water. This was another area where YAHWEH gave them vision and perception.

Then there were the Levites who were not particularly adapted to spiritual responsibility or at least did not apply themselves. They came from Levite families however who wanted to share in the responsibilities so these young men studied the law, and were more or less the legal lawyers of the Temple and the Sanhedrin. Thus there were different orders of the Levitical Priesthood for different functions and you had a High Priest and a lesser Priest, and Levitical students and legal students then became teachers of the law and lawyers before the Ecclesiastical court of Israel. You might say that in the Old Testament times there was a witnessing discernment among Priests and elders. They baptized their people in clear water, ceremonies were considered and conducted for the testimony of YAHWEH to be free from all their transgressions looking forward always to the atonement, actually a type of preliminary baptism. There were rites and rituals that we Don't pay any attention to today, but these were all a part of the selection of that Priesthood.

This chapter of Hebrews has also been tampered with somewhat to try thru translation to set up Ecclesiastical teaching that the Godhead is in three persons, that YAHWEH-YAHSHUA in the flesh is just the son of God and today this has been carried as far as to suggest that Jesus was just a good man. For instance notice verses 8 and 9 . . . Though he were a son yet He learned obedience, by the things He suffered; and being made perfect He became the author of Eternal salvation unto all them that obey HIM.' Remember they are talking about YAHSHUA who was the same today, yesterday, and tomorrow, who was YAHWEH in the flesh, and HE did not learn obedience by the things HE suffered for HE was not made perfect by what He did for He was already perfect to begin with. He was YAHSHUA . . . MESSIAH . . . SAVIOR . . . MELCHIZEDEK, the High Priest of our race.

Now; the mystery of the Melchizedek Priesthood is that this Priesthood was started with the embodiment of YAHWEH. Remember the Apostle Paul has already told us that the first thing YAHWEH did was to take a body for himself so as to be visible in the physical and this was long before Adam. In fact His physical body was the first formed of every creature. Colossians 1:15. Thus YAHSHUA or YAHWEH in the flesh is the Melchizedek Priesthood, without father, mother, or beginning of days or end of life, abides a Priest King forever. (vs 6) The Apostle Paul then says that there are many more things to say about this order of Melchizedek but they are hard to say so that you will understand because 'ye are dull of hearing'. (vs 11) Why does he say this? Because by this time, after he had told Israel all these mysteries when they should know enough to be teachers still one must teach them again the first principals of the Oracles of the Faith; in fact Paul tells them these mysteries are hidden from the world but revealed to those who are spirit of His Spirit. Thru the Priesthood of the Old Testament, and now the ministers comes the responsibility for teaching the people their ABC's of Faith which is referred to as milk, but after you are grown you don't remain on a milk diet. So move forward from this milk diet to the strong meat of these mysteries which include the laws, the covenants, identity of Sonship, restoration, restitution, all those things involved in the mysteries hidden from the world order since before the foundation of the world. But you are able to understand because you are spirit of His Spirit so awake Israel and move forward in knowledge. But if those instructing the people of Israel are still on a milk diet, then the people stay on the bottle.

In the average Seminaries today they will give a pastoral psychiatry, social sciences, a brand of church socialism supplied by the National Council of Churches. They will give you a sort of historic continuity of the Bible and then tell you that this is tradition, this is an allegory, and this is a myth. In other words this fills the description of what the Apostle Paul called the Great Falling Away from the Faith. Now; the great structure of strength men receive is out of the wisdom and knowledge which they are capable of receiving. Being spirit of His Spirit you should see the mysteries of YAHWEH, the power and essence of your being, the message of Divine Origin, and the incorruptibility of the internal nature. Instead of this we either get a fantastic bed time story of torture chambers and burned up people. All those kinds of things, even burned up spirits when spirits cannot burn. From one end of this superstition ladder to the other end this does away with knowledge, with the purposes of YAHWEH, and tried to throw people into a socialist revolution without God.

You say:..but our people believe in Jesus Christ that all you need to know. But this is only where you start from, here you start growing. If a teacher does not have something to offer more than the pupil already knows then what can you teach? Milk thus is symbolic here of spiritual baby food but don't forget there is adult food by which you grow, one of these is Sonship, then there is pre-existence, origin and material destiny, the purposes of YAHWEH and the synthesis of the kingdom. These are the strong meat and they are mysteries . . . yes, and many of our people have never had a square meal in their lives. There is a famine in our day, a famine of hearing:...'Thus saith YAHWEH'. However Ezekiel the Prophet records that this time of being spiritually dead is to end, and YAHWEH'S people are to become spiritually energized, to rise and become a mighty people, they are to stand on their feet a great and mighty resurrected, restored people. Thus the Apostle Paul is telling Israel not to stay at the beginning point, on this milk diet, but feed on the great truths delivered to Israel by the Apostles. Don't be mentally and spiritually lazy for now the Holy Spirit will reveal to all Israel . . . even in our day . . . what has to take place as YAHWEH chastens and awakens His people, and power moves out with judgment on the enemy in our midst. This is a part of the strong meat and if you know some of the mysteries you are better able to understand what is taking place, to discern good and evil, to take your stand on the right side. In chapter six of Hebrews Paul is still talking about the milk of the WORD, this idea that the belief in Christ is all there is. Paul says:... 'for it is impossible for those who were once enlightened and have tasted of the heavenly gift and made partakers of the Holy Spirit, and have tasted the good WORD of YAHSHUA who is YAHWEH in the flesh, and the powers of the world to come . . . if you fall away from all this you have learned, and have to go back again to repentance, are you trying to crucify YAHSHUA once again, and put HIM to open shame?...Why?' Because my friends you are doubting His atonement. Do you want HIM to do it all over again, to save you one more time?

Now; YAHWEH is not unrighteous, and does not forget your work, and labor of love which you have showed toward His Name, in that ye have ministered to the Saints. (vs 10) We therefore desire that every one of you show the diligence to the whole truth, for you inherit the promises. (vs 12) Remember that YAHWEH made a promise to Abraham and swore by Himself since there was none greater saying:...'surely blessing I will bless thee, and multiplying I will multiply thee.' (vs 14) YAHWEH who wanted to show this to the heirs of the promise thus confirmed it by an oath. (vs 17) Therefore there is two immutable things, first it is impossible for YAHWEH to lie, second is this hope set before us. (vs 18) For this hope is an anchor for the soul and is sure and steadfast and it is within a mystery just as is this Priest hood of the order of Melchizedek. (vs 19-20)

Now; once again:...the Melchizedek Priesthood starts with the embodiment of YAHWEH . . . you see . . . YAHWEH in the flesh as YAHSHUA . . . the Melchizedek Priesthood, without father, without mother, or beginning of days or end of life, and abides a Priest King continually. Hebrews 7:3.

YAHWEH Himself then is the Patriarchal father of His entire family as you are told in Ephesians:...'The whole family in heaven and earth is named.' He is head of the Patriarchal Priesthood of His household. He is creator and author but more than this not only the maker of the Universe but also Father of His family. Thus the Melchizedek Priesthood is the Patriarchal Priesthood which also comes down thru the family, but it has to be a divine seed. Thus it was that this man . . . YAHSHUA (Jesus the Christ of translation) was the fullness of YAHWEH dwelling bodily. It ties in with the words of the 82nd., Psalm . . . 'Ye are Elohim and all of you are the children of YAHWEH.' Because this is true the Melchizedek Priesthood is the Priesthood of the Patriarchs, the 'called out' for service, and has to be Divine seed embodied. There can thus be no Melchizedek Priesthood outside of our race, this is a fact for it only comes down thru those who are spirit of His Spirit. This Melchizedek Priesthood of YAHSHUA . . . YAHWEH here in the flesh carried on in earth because 'As Christ was, so are you' . . . because you are also embodied out of the heavens into earth. Remember YAHSHUA said:..'You are not of this world as I am not of this world.' AND 'Thine (spirit) they were in the heavens, and mine (now embodied) they are in earth' . . . and under this Melchizedek Priesthood.

The Apostle Paul is telling you that this Melchizedek Priesthood is maintained as it comes down as the highest order of the Patriarchal Priesthood and then moves thru the Levitical Priesthood and on down thru the houses of Israel, always stays among Israel. This is a Patriarchal Priesthood but it did not start after the flesh of our race, for it is without father, mother, without beginning or end of life, and abides a Priesthood of the Incarnate YAHWEH (God) forever.

QUESTION:...'For this Melchizedek . . . King of Salem, Priest of the MOST HIGH who met Abraham returning from the slaughter of the kings and blessed him, to whom also Abraham gave a tenth part of all; first being by interpretation King of Righteousness, and after that also King of Salem which is King of Peace' . . . who was this? Hebrews 7:1-2.

ANSWER:...We have told you before so this will be repetitious, but this was not Shem to whom Abraham paid tithe. Shem would not have been greater than Abraham. This was incarnate YAHWEH in the function of Patriarchal High Priest to His family, and Abraham was one of the Patriarchs of His household. Later the Levi assumed the office of Priesthood, this Levitical Priesthood was established by YAHWEH, and they were then to take tithe from the children of Israel which was to be used for the maintenance of the spiritual center of the kingdom. (vs 5) The Apostle Paul goes on with his explanation of how this is a continual Priesthood for Levi came from the lineage of Abraham. But if there was perfection in this Levitical Priesthood then it would not have been necessary for another to come after the order of Melchizedek. Verse 11.

In other words; if the Levitical Priesthood after the order of Aaron was all that was necessary for atonement then YAHSHUA would not have needed to come to carry out the atonement. But the Levitical Priesthood was just a little interlude to lead you to the perfect sacrifice and atonement. Levi could not redeem his race, only YAHWEH could redeem His people. Thus YAHSHUA CAME EMBODIED THRU THE TRIBE OF Judah, not Levi, for Levi was not the power of an endless life. Levi was only a High Priest of His race after the Melchizedek order. Verse 17.

Now; the law made nothing perfect, it was for the correction of Israel, but under this Patriarchal Melchizedek Priesthood we have a continuing, unchanging Priesthood which lasts forever. (vs 24) After all the Israelite Priests died, and others took their places, but this is not the way for this High Priest of our race for HE is YAHSHUA . . . YAHWEH in the flesh, and HE since He fulfilled the atonement is able to save unto the Uttermost. (vs 25) Remember these words:...'Save to the Uttermost'. There is no condition that can occur in which our Eternal Father when embodied cannot save unto the Uttermost. The Apostle Paul has revealed earlier that

'All Israel shall be saved.' But our High Priest did not need to daily as the Levi Priests offer up sacrifice for himself, and then for the Israel people, no He came and offered himself as the sacrifice for His people. (vs 27) The Mosaic law made men High Priests who were not perfect, but YAHSHUA the Living Word . . .is consecrated for evermore, Melchizedek, the Incarnate YAHWEH-YAHSHUA . . . a High Priest of His Household. (vs 28)

QUESTION:...What is this better covenant established on better promises? Hebrew 8:6.

ANSWER:...The Apostle Paul in verse one says:...'now of the things we have spoken' . . . in fact he is just going over what he has already told us, that we have such a High Priest, He sits in the seat of authority in the heavens. He is a minister of the sanctuary, of the true tabernacle which YAHWEH Himself established. (vs 1-2) But those Priests on earth such as the Levitical Priesthood served as an example, as a symbol of heavenly things. For Moses was instructed by YAHWEH as he was about to make the tabernacle it this exact way which I showed you on Mount Sinai. (vs 5) But now that the atonement has been made and if that former way had been faultless then the atonement would not have been necessary. But Israel Priests could not save Israel, they could not even save themselves, this work had to be done by the 'Spotless Lamb' of prophecy.

'Behold the days come saith YAHWEH when I will make a new covenant with the House of Judah and the House of Israel, not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day when I took them by the hand to lead them out of the land of Egypt, because they continued not in my covenant, and I regarded them not, saith YAHWEH.' Verse 8-9. Remember this will be a new covenant different than the one in the days of the Exodus and at Mt. Sinai. Israel was not able to walk in total Faith, and keep the law and the rituals which was as a taskmaster to bring them to YAHSHUA. In other words they stumbled and fell along this path which saw them 40 years in the Wilderness, but they would retake Old Palestine, and after many years they would establish their nation and its greatness under Solomon. Then they would not be able to maintain their way of life and the kingdom would be split into the kingdom of the House of Israel and this was called the Northern Kingdom, and the House of Judah the Southern Kingdom with its headquarters at Jerusalem. Then would come the captivity of the Northern kingdom and finally their migration to the Westward while the Judah Kingdom went into the Babylonian captivity. Many of the Judah Kingdom went into migration with the House of Israel, the Throne and all the symbols of Israel were moved to the west, and finally some of the Judah Kingdom returns to Jerusalem and tries to reestablish their temple and their nation, so as to stay in place for birth, crucifixion, and resurrection of YAHSHUA which they were looking forward to. This old covenant depended on Israel doing her part, and she was not always able to stay on the right path so she slipped into chastisement as she also was fulfilling her destiny, for Our Father knew exactly what His people would do.

Now; this new covenant . . . the one He makes with the House of Israel . . . this covenant is for after the resurrection and when both Houses of Israel are again back together in One House. He says:...'I will put my Laws in their mind, I will write them in their hearts; and I will be to them their God and they shall be to me a people.' (vs 10) All right the atonement is finished and this covenant does not depend on Israel being able to keep the law, or the rituals of the law. In this covenant YAHWEH says:..'I will do this' . . . Israel has proved she cannot save herself. Thus, YAHWEH said:... 'I will' and by His Cross He did just that which Israel was not able to do. And the Apostles were sent to Lost Israel to tell them that YAHSHUA had come, the atonement was finished . . . completed, and they have been redeemed, and now they can look forward to the coming of the kingdom rule after a certain length of time. The Holy Spirit will now reveal the laws to His people, will reveal the Gospel of the Kingdom and in time they will not have to teach . . . rather the Holy Spirit will teach every Israelite and it will not be necessary for every Israelite to say:..'Know YAHSHUA as I know HIM' . . . for all Israel shall know HIM from the least to the greatest. YAHWEH said:...'I will be merciful to their (Israel's) unrighteousness and their iniquities will I remember no more.' Verse 11-12.

Quite a promise is it not? This should be what Life in the Kingdom is like when His people come to power and rule with righteousness. The method or design of entering this household of YAHWEH has always been by the Holy Spirit, for we are spirit of His Spirit. But you wouldn't look for perfection in Israel, for she was here embodied in earth, and the weight of the World Order was always thrown against her. But now under the new covenant you leave the old behind and move forward under the program of Our Father reaching for our Destiny. Oh, we stumble and fall but this time YAHWEH says we will do certain things, and He brings the situations where as the new covenant will be fulfilled in spite of the stumbling we do. Thus the new covenant is better, and the promises are better because this time we as a people won't be able to louse it up, for what He determines, He delivers. Now; we find today that our people say they believe in Jesus The Christ, and they are saved. Then some are reaching for the same kind of religious experience they see portrayed perhaps on T.V. or in other instances. We get this question quite often:...I see a minister in meditation and he is describing people in T.V. land who have different troubles, and God is healing them right then. And pretty soon someone calls in saying they had this trouble, why can't I? We would say that this is reaching for the same experience as another individual, and is a part of the problems of today. It looks good on T.V. or in a meeting and please don't misunderstand for YAHWEH can heal anytime, the Power is all HIS, but with this type of program you are not disturbing the enemy, you are also not reaching or working for the kingdom, but rather an emotional high.

There is a gift of healing, we have seen it work. We also know that the Apostle Paul, this great Apostle to Lost Israel, was not healed of his physical infirmities. YAHSHUA just told him as Paul asked for healing . . . 'My Grace is sufficient to carry you until your work here in the physical is done.' Perhaps we His people should not just concentrate on the healing of our bodies but reach ahead, learn our responsibilities while here embodied and then carry out those responsibilities which is our Great Commission which is to occupy earth looking forward to and working for the kingdom rule until HE comes, or we go home. While we are occupying then hold up HIS standards as you resist the enemy. Learn all you can about the program of YAHWEH for this earth, and our part in that program, because the more you learn the more this knowledge becomes an armor around you until your work here in the physical is finished.

Different individuals of our race have fulfilled their Great Commission in their physical life time. We are thinking of Enoch and Job, and of the Apostles and of this Apostle Paul who was to go to Lost Israel telling them that Messiah had come, that their YAHSHUA of Nazareth was YAHWEH in the flesh. Now; Lost Israel would know they were no longer wild Olive Branches but again a part of the ONE Olive Tree, this family of YAHWEH. Now they were to know that since they were still spirit of His Spirit that they were once more installed as sons . . . All Israel united in His Purpose.

Now; going further in identifying Melchizedek as the Apostle Paul has been doing, we think again about this ONE . . . without father, without mother, without descent and having neither beginning of days or end of life, but made like unto the abiding embodiment of YAHWEH. Yes it is translated some what differently but He has just told you that this ONE was without descent for His is Melchizedek . . . and is out of YAHWEH Himself, the first formed before any creature. Therefore His is a Majestical Priest, a Priest of righteousness not a Priest of transgression, thus perfect, but also somewhat mysterious.

The Apostle Paul as well as Moses of the Old Testament records that Abraham this Patriarch of our race paid his tithe to Melchizedek. Thus where then did Melchizedek come from, where was the city of Kings, where was the city of Peace? This is a part of the mystery you need to know so as to understand your Bible. The city of Kings is the offspring or descendants of the MOST HIGH as they form the city Jerusalem conforming to His program. This New Jerusalem coming down out of the heavens prepared as a bride for her husband is a family, now in earth forming the kingdom, this New Jerusalem descends thru Adam-Seth, Noah, Shem, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob down thru all their descendants for the kingdom people for this end of the age. The rest of the Adamic race played their part, and either were absorbed into this final stream of the race or their offspring died out, or were absorbed by the other races ending their stream. Thus this kingdom race is a living city, the city of kings, or the city of Peace . . . Salem. They are the living sons and daughters of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA who is incarnate after whom the whole family in earth and in heaven is named. This is the 'ONE' that Abraham paid tithe to for he being the head of the household is greater than Adam or any of His descendants.

Now; since Abraham established who was the greater then out of Abraham was to come Isaac, and Jacob and eventually Levi whose descendants YAHWEH established as the Priesthood of Israel in the Old Testament. Since the Levitical Priesthood was set in place by YAHWEH then Levi could now take tithe from men, and the tithe would be for the maintenance of the tabernacle and the temple, and for the Levi families. Then the tribe of Levi was scattered thru out the tribes of Israel so they remain ministers in YAHWEH'S Household on earth. Today Israel still pays their tithe for the support of His Household and the work of YAHWEH. But also in this mystery Adamites were paying tithe to Levi symbolically when Levi was still in the loins of Abraham, and in that manner Abraham paid tithe to this 'ONE' who was greater than all.

The Apostle Paul records:..'Blessed be this for there was HE that received, and we bear witness that HE lives.' The sons of Levi get old and the die, but HE that received this tithe was without father, without mother, without descent, without beginning or end of days, abideth as a Priesthood forever, and it is written that He liveth.' Hebrews 7:1-8. We then have this declaration in the passages of Scripture which is not well translated in the Book of Hebrews, and we also in the passages of Scripture which are written about HIM . . . that HE was YAHWEH in a body. That HE had also appeared in a body in times past, and this body was the same yesterday, today, and forever, this body of YAHWEH does not change. Then here in the Book of Hebrews we are to understand that He took a body a little lower than the Angels so that He might taste death for every man. Thus had He permitted His body to be completely covered with His enveloping Glory which He possessed as the Eternal YAHWEH . . . EL-Orien thru out the Ages He could never have been crucified. Therefore the Love of YAHWEH would predestinate the death of God, and the Melchizedek Priesthood was laid aside until His death was accomplished. But in the fulfillment of His Majesty YAHSHUA who was YAHWEH in the flesh was born of a woman, and this woman's race came out of Himself, for this race is also His Household. Thus He completed His cycle and emerged out of a woman, but did not emerge with His Glory, for He separated Himself from His Glory which was the only new thing in creation.

Here YAHSHUA . . . while in the flesh performed miracles. He called the dead out of their graves. He had the power over life and death, was master of all things yet His body was also subject to death, and as He moved among the enemy it was necessary to use the mystery of His Power such as moving thru walls, as they sought to kill HIM for He knew that if they attacked His physical body they would kill it. So He protected His physical body until they had seized HIM in the Garden and brought Him before the High Priest and Pilate until the children of darkness cried:...'His blood be upon us and upon our children.' This was the physical body of YAHWEH and the fullness of the Power of YAHWEH dwelt bodily, but the Light or Glory of YAHWEH was not upon HIM, until the crucifixion was over. Oh, He had permitted the Majesty of Glory to shine forth on the Mount of Transfiguration and at other times, but we want you to always remember that this one known as YAHSHUA was YAHWEH in the flesh, He was the Majestic ONE of the Old Testament and before He was . . . El-Orien whose appearance is marked with the Old Testament again and again. He appeared in His Majesty as Melchizedek the Priest King Forever. He appears also as the tremendous conqueror, and also as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. But in the course of the concepts of the Scripture each time He appears it is the same body, the same presence, but when He appears as Melchizedek as He did to Enoch and Job and then to Abraham He appeared covered with Glory, with the Light and Majesty of His position and they were lifted to a position to receive HIM. Once He appeared to Joshua clothed in the armor of His Righteousness and Joshua realized that He was . . . THE MOST HIGH YAHWEH and Joshua acknowledged HIM as he said:..'MY LORD (YAHSHUA AND MY GOD (YAHWEH).'

Now; we discover that in the hour when the crucifixion had taken place and this our Father-Savior had taken upon Himself . . . the transgression of the entire world . . . so that He might buy and pay the price for His Household. In this hour He did not sacrifice the blood of goats or sheep, but sacrificed the blood of the body of YAHWEH. Thus showing that His blood had been without transgression, without sin, thus He had taken upon Himself the transgressions of the whole earth so that He might redeem His own Household, His race, and thus establish their course in the hours of victory.

Now; we then realize that the first covenant which was referred to as a great covenant was the covenant of the law, and that law existed in the days of Adam, in the days of Seth, the law was the way things were put together then . . . YAHWEH then established the Law, added the rituals and gave it to Israel at Mt. Sinai, gave it to Israel by way of Moses, and the children of Israel said:...'All he hath given us we will do.' But in the Majesty of having received the Law, the children of Israel found that this Law was a harsh route, it brought a situation where they sometimes violated the Law. However the Law when violated is not an act of vengeance, but just the act of how things are put together. When violated it was a violation of the Law of YAHWEH, and that violation brought a reaction. Adamic people were not able to keep this Law to perfection, so the Apostle Paul talks about this as he talks about the Melchizedek Priesthood. He explains to you as he says that the Law was not perfect because men did not keep the Law. They even had to make sacrifices for themselves. The High Priests of Israel had to make sacrifices for sin before they entered the Holy of Holies. But in the ministry of YAHSHUA no sacrifice for Himself was necessary for He became the Living sacrifice, and by the Power of HIS Resurrection was then enveloped once more in Light.

Now; in the Power of His Resurrection, the clue which the Apostle Paul brings forth as a mystery is . . . 'Thou art a Priest forever after the order of Melchizedek.' Thus the Spirit was endless and the Spirit of endless Life raised up HIS body which lay in the tomb, and enveloped it in Spirit, Light then took upon itself in its incarnation as Messiah-Savior the Priesthood of Melchizedek once again.

Now; there was a short time when the Priesthood of Melchizedek was not in operation and for a moment Lucifer thought that he had won, but that was not in the plan, had not been in the plan from the beginning of his rebellion.

During the ministry of YAHSHUA as He became the High Priest now in earth, as He measured the transgressions of the world and took them upon himself there was in this body a Spirit that could save from death, we thus say the fullness of YAHWEH dwelt bodily in the man YAHSHUA . . . Christ Jesus. But in the hour of HIS Resurrection He again took up the Majesty of the Melchizedek Priesthood. This then is a Spiritual Priesthood, and has the Spirit of the Living YAHWEH enveloping the body. Thus, when He speaks of His many sons and daughters He says that they also will be filled with the Glory of YAHWEH, the Light of YAHWEH, and this Light which is of the Spirit will come upon them, and they will build His Kingdom and set the captives of the world free. This Melchizedek Priesthood will descend upon His sons and daughters. Oh, you say, but we have fathers and mothers . . . yes, He alone is Melchizedek until the hour of the Restoration of His Household, but in that hour there will be Priests according to the order of Melchizedek who will go out to the ends of the earth, and to the ends of the Universe. Yes, we shall set with HIM in the seat of authority in the administration of Priests. For the New Jerusalem which is the bride of YAHWEH will stand forth as the city of Salem, the City of Kings for the King of Salem . . . King of Peace.

We would point out to you that the Apostle Paul records:..'This man because He continues forever' has an unchangeable Priesthood. Thus the law which was not kept perfectly made that law not perfect, but the new covenant comes forth out of this perfect Melchizedek Priesthood, so remember that Melchizedek our HIGH PRIEST is the Eternal Creator, the Master of the Universe. He said this new covenant would emerge, for all Israel, and this would not be a law of conditions, but a Law of Destiny. This old covenant was not flawless, and it did not contain as much as the second covenant will contain.