ERM - Tape 040 - When Did Communism Start; Grenada Invasion





1. Communism, when did it start?

2. The Grenada Invasion


QUESTION:...then Communism did not start in 1917?

ANSWER:...No, of course not. Communism is the ultimate goal of the enemy because it is totalitarian rule over the earth and its people. It is the name of the final power of prophecy this white race of the kingdom is to face, but it is the same old power of Lucifer's kingdom. It is atheistic, it is a religion complete with prophet, holy blood, dogma, and high priest. The dogma is the fallacy of 'Equalism'..on an individual and ethnic scale.

The truth boldly stated is that men and races are not equal in physical, mental, or moral powers. Because of this simple truth all attempts to force them into equality by the force of law are doomed to failure and will destroy or enslave the superior. That is communism.

The race question serves as another example of lunacy. The liberals say that if the Negro has proven themselves incapable of maintaining civilization thru out recorded history, then just educate them, with the white children of course, then do the same with the mulatto offspring of the two races and the nation will leap ahead to utopia. If the parents complain, well educate the parents, and if you can't do it with newspapers, T.V. Evangelists then use the tanks and bayonets.

Such reasoning has failed to consider the inborn, and hereditary spiritual, mental, physical, and character capacities, the differences and needs of individuals and races. Prophecy says:..'I shall take you to...thou shalt go even unto Babylon, and there shalt thou be delivered; there the LORD shall deliver thee from the hand of thine enemies.' Then HE tells us to 'Come out of her oh my people less you be hurt in her fall.' Revelation 18. Since this Mystery Babylon, this Great Mystery Babylon is the fulfilment of this ONE World Government, the Beast system run by Lucifer and his children then we have walked into this enslavement, and must come out of it.

You can search Christian literature over the past ages and it is only after the ADL and their associated groups begin popularizing the malicious myth of Judeo-Christian heritage that we see this phrase used as a fact today. Now this refrain is parroted by Catholic Priests, Protestant Bishops, Clergymen who have encouraged to regard the expression as a mark of sophisticated liberalism, and as evidence that they are completely free of Christian Anti-Semitism.

Our race is in a trap, and not many of the race realize the existence of the trap. But just think of the price our race has paid since Adam, to survive in a Cainanite world? Then with the time of Jacobs trouble, think of the price the race has paid to survive in an openly acknowledged Jewish world especially with and after W.W.II.

Some of you may remember Conde McGinley the publisher and editor of the Anti-Communist Newspaper 'Common Sense.' He was very outspoken as to why the U.S. was being destroyed from within. Dr. Swift quoted him often and in going thru some old 'Mercury Magazines' I ran across some of his reports of what he had learned about Hitler and Germany before W.W.II, and during that time. (quote)...When Hitler came along he was tagged a 'right wing' leader. Actually Europe had toiled under Rothchild oppression for one hundred years. Rothchild the great so called..Capitalist..was also the Prime Financial backer of Marxism. The Press owned by Rothchild thundered against the 'Godless' Proletariat, at the same lapdog intellectuals employed by the Rothchilds lured the European workers into Marxist movements. Europe was in the grip of a Jewish fraud. The German masses had gone berserk under the lash of the Rothchild oppression and Hitler just got in front to lead them. The Germans went to the polls and elected a solid communist delegation to the Reichstadt. The German Jews counted heavily on Marxism to maintain their hold on Germany. The power of the German Jews at that time was as great as the power of the New York Jews in America today. They almost owned Germany and yet they poured millions of dollars into the support of Communism.

Gustav Krupp had to make an important decision as to his Industrial Empire. He backed Hitler as he decided to throw his lot with the German masses not the Jews. Sometime American and Russian political leaders will have to make the same decision. The Jews of Germany thought they would and could control the masses but found themselves unable to understand what was happening. They did not understand the reality of men like Adolph Hitler, or Mussolini, who represented the clamoring masses..clamoring for liberation from Jewish rule. Hitler then got in front of the majority and ran, and Jewish money was not a match for this situation. The enemy can manipulate ambitions and mediocre little men who want public office, and public honor bought with Jewish money, but they cannot manipulate the majority. Hitler, my friends, did not conquer Europe, no...Europe threw itself into Hitler’s hands. I watched in Berlin when all of a sudden those young men who had been at communist meetings were now marching in brown shirts with Swastika arm bands. Red Berlin thus joined the Nazi party practically to the last man. I was hearing communist and anti-communist gasbags speaking as if the world must really 'chose' between Capitalism and Communism. But I saw the young men of Berlin make their choice, and they quickly chose brown shirts and Swastika arm bands and they soon learned to sing a new song. The English title for that German song was:...'The age of Rothchild is over.'

When watching the events in Germany we were to find the limitations of the modern Jew. They can manipulate World Affairs successfully only as long as the direction of World Affairs remains in the hand of a creative minority. Why? ...The Jew is a parasite in a system not of his own creation. He cannot stand alone, when he destroyed the people who create, he cannot cope with the masses, and they trample him as they did in the 1930's in Germany. It seems likely that this will happen again because the masses have been abandoned by the sold out traitors of their own race who have become Judaized, and have abandoned their responsibilities and now are like a herd of Bison stampeding. They will finally solve the Jewish Question, but the process will not likely be constructive, orderly or happy. This is because the Christian leadership has failed and the people will follow. The world thus faces a time of irrational violence, which will continue until Jewish power is liquidated. If you are looking for a preview of what happened then look back at Germany during the twenties and thirties for Germany was the test laboratory of tomorrow. Since the leadership of the non-Jews have failed to resist the Jewish take over of the world then the Masses in their turn are seldom mild. (unquote)

Alright:....looking back we see how we walked blindly into a trap, and this trap has been intensified and the opening coming out closed. For instance...early in 1978 an English newspaper reported that the Rockefeller family assembled a group of 34 Western banks to help the Soviet Union build its munitions industry. These 34 Western banks are now part of an International syndicate to subsidize Red Leaders with 240 million dollars. This new money over and above earlier subsidies is to be used to build the worlds largest copper mining and smelting facilities. This operation is ran from Rockefeller, Moscow, which maintains an office at No. 1 Karl Marx Square. Remember that Nelson Rockefeller was also Vice President of the U.S. after Richard Nixon was brought down. But then the United States and the NATO countries have built the Soviet Union, its industrial and military capabilities. It has taken fifty years of trade, sale of plants, equipment, and technical assistance, but it has resulted in the economic success for the USSR, but a political failure for the U.S. It has not stopped war, and it has not given us Peace. And this hypocrisy of fighting communism while making sure it survives is not understood by the American people, or they would rebel. Promoting and defending International communism is however in the interest of the International Banker, and Multinational conglomerates, but not in the interest of our nation, or its citizens. The Big Establishment Newspapers and T.V. protect their patrons interests, and they should be understood and considered an enemy which speaks with a forked tongue.

We then must ask:..what price will we have to pay to liberate ourselves from this tyranny, so that we can march into the future to build a world in which those dedicated to the enslavement and destruction of other human beings will be eliminated for all time, until the Adamic man for the first time in his history will be able to enjoy the fruits of his freedom. Remember that despite the ordeal which the white race has endured we still retain those qualities which make their goals not only a possibility but our determination will overcome the hatred which the enemy has used to poison the world. Our lives will be placed in the breach for one final time, for one great and glorious effort, the attaining of Eternal Freedom and this means the 'rising' of the Kingdom administration.

Now; lets turn to another source, to see what the other side thinks about this situation. Henry Watson, a Jewish Philosopher in 1939 wrote in his book:...'A program for the Jew and Humanity'..(quote) The Aryan will enlarge and beautify the earth; but they will settle to enjoy the world they created, in the Tents (dwelling places) of the Jews. (unquote) These tents, my friends, are communism, and Internationalism. And he was right was he not....this is where we find ourselves today?

One of the programs which led us into this trap was the 'Brotherhood' farce initiated in 1934 as 'Brotherhood Day' and it became a full weeks observance in 1940. Under the self-styled National Conference of Christians and Jews...Brotherhood week has become a National Hollywood style theatrical stunt that plays up anything and everything but the true brotherhood based upon the fundamentalists of true Christianity.

You have been taught that the high point in White history was the total destruction of Hitler’s Germany. But Germany at that time just happened to be the only organized force in existence dedicated to the survival of Europe and the White race. Joseph Stalin's program was the destruction of the Hitlerite regime...why? Because the German government under Hitler was the only one in Europe that was opposing the spread of communism.

Remember...I told you in the U.F.O. tape that Oppenheimer said the bombs dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima were German made? Well the fact is that when Hitler found out that his scientists were working on his project he ordered the work stopped. This allowed the Atomic bomb to be developed in the U.S. at Los Alamos for Roosevelt and Stalin to be used against the so called...Aryan...nation of the East! Japan was called this because of their ability, their highly developed technological abilities and of course their opposition to communism. They were to be the guinea pigs for the strategists in control of our government, for the new..HELL..bomb which was then used under the Truman Administration against the two Christianized cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. And now with the Atomic bomb the enemy could terrorize the world, hold the nations in check while they moved to take over World Domination. Chaim Wiseman boasted:...(quote) 'We will never have to use this Atomic weapon in military operations, a mere threat of its use will persuade any opponent to surrender to us.' (unquote) No wonder this installment of the defense system called 'Star Wars' must be stopped by them, for if in place, the threat of Atomic warfare would no longer be of any use.

Looking back over the years of Jacobs Trouble when we were walking into this trap we can now look back and see so many instances when it seemed that the enemy had total control over America. That we were deliberately installing the enemy into high offices where they should not have been. Thurgood Marshall for instance had 17 citations before the Un-American Activities committee for Communist activities and yet Congress confirmed him to the highest Court in the land. But one of the greatest influences on the American destiny during our first 200 years has been the intervention of the U.S. into two European Wars making them global in nature. The profound changes in the world wrought by those two wars and particularly W.W. II., will forever be a subject for analysis.

Now; going back into that history, and in spite of what you may have heard or read, here is what Adolph Hitler dictated in Berlin during the final days of that conflict. (quote)..'This war against America is a Tragedy. It is illogical and devoid of any foundation of reality. It is one of those twists of history that just as I was assuming power in Germany that Roosevelt the Elect of the Jews was taking command in the U.S. and without the Jews and their lackey, things could have been quite different. From every point of view Germany and the U.S. should have been able, if not to understand each other, then at least to support each other without undue strain on either side. Germany remember has made a massive contribution to the peopling of America. It is we Germany who have made by far the greatest contribution of Nordic Blood to the U.S.

The last great economic crisis struck Germany, and the U.S. at the same time more or less, and with the same force. Both countries rode out the storm in much the same way. The operation...tho extremely difficult, was crowned with success on our side. In America, where after all, it presented no difficulty at all, the operation achieved only a very mediocre success under the guidance of Roosevelt and his Jewish advisors. The failure of the 'New Deal' is responsible in no small measure for their War Fever.

Germany expects nothing from the U.S. and the U.S. has nothing to fear from Germany. Unfortunately World Jewry has chosen the U.S. in which to set up its most powerful bastion. That and that alone has altered the relations between us and has poisoned everything. Roosevelt has dragged the U.S. along a path on which they had no business being on. He has forced them to take an active part in a conflict that does not concern America at all. Roosevelt has taken advantage of the ignorance of the American people. he has made them see the world thru the eyes of the Jews, and has set them on a path which will lead them to disaster, unless they pull themselves together in time.' (unquote)

There is another quote from Adolph Hitler which we think was very interesting. This is a speech he delivered April 2, 1945....(quote) 'With the defeat of the German Reich and the pending emergence of the Asiatic, African and possibly the South American Nationalism there will remain in the world only two great powers capable of confronting each other..these two..the U.S. and the Soviet Union. The laws of both history and geography will compel these two powers to a trial of strength, either militarily or in the fields of economics and ideology. It is equally certain that both these powers will sooner or later find it desirable to seek the support of the sole surviving great nation of Europe which is the German people. At this juncture it is difficult to say which, from the ideological point of view, would prove to be more injurious to us..the Jew ridden Americanism or Bolshevism. It is possible that under the pressure of events that the Russians will rid themselves completely of Jewish Marxism, only to reincarnate pan-Slavism in its most fierce and ferocious form. As for America, if they do not swiftly succeed in casting off the yoke of New York Jewry, it won't be long before they go under, even before reaching the age of maturity.

Thus in this cruel world into which two great wars have plunged us again it is obvious that the only white people who have any chance of survival and to prosper are those who know how to suffer. Only those who still retain the courage to fight, even when things are the death, the people who themselves capable of eradicating from their system the deadly poison of Jewry.' (unquote) We remember that this year when the President wanted to honor the German dead how that stirred up such a great hue and cry of Nazism.

Now; dear friends no matter what you think of National Socialism, the system of Germany's Government at that time, still Hitler was trying in every way to avoid war with the U.S. and he did not declare war on the U.S. until compelled to do so by this alliance he had with Japan. And WWII now became a Holy cause to the Leftist of the world because Russia now with her Jewish Communist ruling class was under attack. The International Bankers would not allow their base for violent revolution to be wrested from their control by a German madman as Hitler was portrayed. The International Bankers were already upset when Hitler canceled..the National Debt..thus freeing Germany from the interest she was paying these International Bankers from the wealth of Germany. Then Hitler went further..he removed these International Bankers from the Banking business in Germany. He had literally 'cleansed the Temple', and for this he will forever be blamed for WWII and its consequences.

Remember Stalin had said in 1922 that there must be abolition of racial exclusiveness, equality of nations, and the integrity of their territories, liberation of enslaved nations, restoration of their sovereign rights, and the destruction of the Hitlerite Regime.

Then in WWII as in most enemy controlled military operations, the great massacres of this War occurred not on the battle field, but in peaceful neighboring communities. Read this Book of Esther in the Bible understanding it is written as a Jewish Book, and it directs their people to massacre women and children, to exterminate families who dare to oppose them. For instance then it was Dresden, the historic German culture center where thousands of women and children...refugees from communism had gathered, assured by the Red Cross that they were safe from danger, because there were no military targets in the city. But as the Red Cross was giving this assurance the generals and advisors were preparing to murder them. This was in the program which called for the murder of as many white civilians as possible, for the shorten the war. But it would also erase from history all the evidence of western civilization, the greatest example in this city was the culture gathered here, the irreplaceable porcelain, the priceless paintings, the great mansions with their poetry carved in stone. Then to...into this city was thousands of prisoners of war, and yet the orders were given and American and British pilots carried out their orders, and in a short time that night, some 300,000 people died in the fire bombing of the city. At the last minute the Soviets withdrew from what was planned as a joint venture and today the Soviets can denounce the U.S. for the destruction of Dresden and her people. For the horror of that night I would suggest that you read the book 'The Destruction of Dresden'. Yes, after the great destruction of WWII the White race set out to rebuild a Europe which the crippled and dying Roosevelt signed over to good old Joe Stalin, while Churchill sat idly by in agreement. These three horsemen who had hoped to bring the Apocalypse to western civilization were merely used by the enemy to cause the white race to be swept away in a sea of blood.

Now; lets go back still further to see what has helped blind us so that we would walk into the camp of the enemy and settle down to live. The Book: ..''The Anti-Christ' Fredrick Nietzsche was published in 1918 and was quite popular in that free thinking area for it was then republished in pocket editions in 1923-24 and 1927. Then it disappeared from libraries and even most professional book finders have been unable to find a copy. The copies have been removed from libraries and even the copy from the Library of Congress. If you find a copy today it will be thanks to the 'Noontide Press'.

M.L. Menchin was a part of American Folklore and Nietzsche of Germany was the same, and the combined work of these two..for Menchin translated it into English now gives us the book for study. As you read this book you begin to understand why there has been a conspiracy to ignore this book since it identifies the basic rot in our culture and in doing so manages to offend everybody, the Liberals, Christians, Jews...and who is left?

Nietzsche wrote some years before his work was published, but he anticipated the religion of Marx. If communism is the theory of human equality,... carried to its radical conclusion, then Nietzsche is the exact opposite for he recognized the fact of human inequality, aristocracy and heredity. And communism being a theory must then rely on imposture, lies, exist, and truth being a fact has no need for artificial controls on human nature and human behavior, and is in itself the essence of individual liberty, individuality and all human creativity.

The Horrors of communism in action do not spring from its lovely and ringing phrases and rhetoric but grows out of its unnatural false and destructive root, the theory of equality. A political system resting on the lie of human equality can maintain its rule only by fraud and by force, there is no other way. This theory of human equality...called Democracy in all its forms, political, religious, and cultural has been the downfall of the Western world.

In his book Nietzsche wrote of the evils he saw in Christianity and thus he became a German monster. However he was a foe of Democracy in all its forms...political, religious, and cultural and what he stood against was not the Christian belief in following The Christ, but what he saw as the crippling of a Superior minority by the intellectual disease from below.

By the time the Higher critics were thru there was very little belief left in the basics of Christianity. He felt that a Christian Cult was developing, that it would find Protestantism, identified with it, Catholicism would have it as Modernism. He saw a conspiracy using Christianity to bring forth Democracy, to destroy the strong thus a conspiracy against the progress of mankind. Democracy being..Mob Rule..the mob is the most ruthless of tyrants. That this corrupting of Christianity has destroyed the higher type of man, has turned to the Evil one Himself and made the strong man an outcast among men. Thus it was the theologians of this cult of Judeao-Christian that Nietzsche was making war upon. It is men of this sort who seem to reach out for power and confuse good and bad. Until everything is confusion and dangerous.

Nietzsche, after the higher critics had outlined their idea of the Gospels, found that Christianity was no longer THE MAN ON THE CROSS. So who put HIM to death? Who was HIS natural enemy? Answer...the dominant Judaism ...its ruling class. And if the Jews were the chosen people then they put their own God to death. But the Jews just struck out yesterday...they invented their own history of the Christian beginning. They treated the history of Israel to another falsification so that it became a mere prologue to their achievements. Later the church falsified the history of Adam-man in order to make it a prologue to Christianity. In fact the whole of Judaism appears in Christianity as the act of concocted false assumptions, and there after many centuries of earnest Jewish training and hard practice of Jewish technique, the business of Christianity comes to the stage of mastery, and the Christian is thus the Jew all over, he is three- fold the Jew.'

Now; Nietzsche not understanding the identity of the people of the Bible then felt this religion called Christianity in his time was the Anti- Christ. He did not understand that the true church is still there, and will rise when prophecy has been fulfilled. Nietzsche did have a valid point didn't he? No wonder they got rid of the book that he wrote.

Now; one thing the enemy has not been able to do is to remove the Love of YAHSHUA which is built in part of our hearts. We live in a world controlled by the enemy. The noose is being tightened around our race but the last of the battle will bring the true church to the Light and the Race will see the Truth.

Altho the enemy has marked our race for the kill they were unable to measure the resistance of our society or the achievements of our race. They are not able to understand the capacity of the Christian heart even tho it has been placed in the field of destruction where we have been led to kill one another, and then rise and close ranks and rebuild one another. Yes, we helped destroy Germany, and then turned around to rebuild what we had destroyed and today Germany and America stand as the strongest forces against the enemy.

The theory of Darwin was to be used to put to sleep our Faith, rip the Bible to shreds and knock Christianity out of its place and replace it with materialism out of which Socialism would find the material for its growth. And altho the enemy works hard, still Archaeology has proved that men walked the earth long before the steps of evolution would have you think that man evolved. If 1 1/2 million years can be traced back and scientists can pick up a skull and say this is an Asiatic, a Negro, or a White man, then evolution falls apart, altho it is still taught as education. But it is not education, it is brainwashing, used to destroy our culture. History is being interpreted as the enemy wants the youth of tomorrow to think... yesterday was.

Now the publisher of this book...'The Anti-Christ'..had this to say which I thought was most interesting:..(quote)..'To me, Jesus was a great reformer, a revolutionary really, who was killed as soon as he left the field of mere words and entered the pragmatic world of politics. It is strange that most of the interpretations of the Life of Christ down play the incident which resulted in his crucifixion. When Christ entered the Temple in Jerusalem, and physically attacked the money changers he was marked for swift death. He ran no soup kitchens, or free clinics, he was no 'do-gooder', no Liberal preaching the politics of pity. He was ready to resort to force and violence against evil, and he hated the Talmudic leaders, and the usuary money system which was designed to enslave men. He knew that this system was the keystone of the political corruption of that day as it is today. He understood money, and Usuary the money system which was designed to enslave men. He knew this relationship with the conditions of humanity, otherwise why would he have acted so out of character and resorted to violence? By taking the law into his own hands he became the target- ed enemy of the money changers and they had him slain. His attack on the Usurers, on the money system was a culmination, the result and conclusion of his life and ministry. A few days after his physical encounter with the establishment he was nailed to the Cross.' (Unquote)

Nietzsche mistook the name Christianity for a reality. He condensed in his book one degenerate interpretation of Christianity, thus he said that Christianity represents all that is decadent, and life extinguishing, this must be opposite to what most of the followers of The Christ claim. If Nietzsche is right then the reason for the decline and all of the west is because we have spurned LIFE, affirming values, and taken up the values of slavery, sickness and death, these are described by HIM as Jewish, the gift of the enemy given to their host people for their survival. Thus Judeo-Christians have placed and locked the manacles of spiritual slavery upon their own hearts and built an insurmountable wall around their own racial identity.

When Nietzsche wrote, Europe was secure and unassailable. Britain cont- rolled 17/20 of the world, and Germany was supreme on the continent. Established authority was firm and Europeans had no reason to fear the future. Whites were safe in the most remote portions of the globe just by the virtue of the color of their skin. Nietzsche was able to see thru the facade of order and stability and prophecy the worst.

When Mencken wrote his introduction of the book then World War I was just concluded. He saw it as a tragic struggle within the west but did not foresee it as the prelude to an ever greater struggle and the total collapse of Europe. Since W.W.I., our policy shaped for the prophets of the International Bankers, Communism and the Zionists has produced the world revolt against the west and brought the Soviet Union into the Middle of Europe, has bankrupted Britain, destroyed Germany, made the continent of Europe and the U.S. the dumping ground for millions of racial and cultural aliens as well as a colony of Wall Street for stateless mega-bankers and other riffraff.

Both Menschen and Nietzsche really did not realize the full value of their white heritage, but both saw Judeo-Christianity squat astride the pathway to our racial and cultural survival. It is more than a philosophy, more than a lie, it is as deadly as an enemy, the traitor at the gate. A secret enemy, one who poses as your friend, nay your savior, is far more dangerous than an open enemy. (Unquote)

This summary was written May 1980 in L.S. by:..W.A. Carto, and now you understand after this publishers forward why the Historical Society Building was bombed in L.A. and so much material destroyed.

Yes, we are sure we walked into a great trap, into Mystery Babylon, and since many realize that why is it so hard to come out of that trap and return to your God???

Back in 1962 the Swift group asked this question of Senators and at that time Senator Eastland very frankly admitted that the Congress is controlled. That the Civil Rights of the minority in our nation are now more important than the rights of those who built the nation. Now the enemy is guiding the interpretations of the Constitution.

Today we find the same situation, even the drug scene is more wide spread and seemingly something which cannot be controlled. The drugs are pushed because the drugs let the body be unprotected and evil spirits move in thus the individual is no longer a responsible person. Under this control then there is no way for you to come out from under this rule but YAHWEH did say in Ezekiel 36:37...'I will yet be inquired of by the House of Israel to do it for them.' We thus have a right to call on our Father to do it for us saying:..Please Father we tied ourselves in all these man made laws which we have added to yours, so please Father help us, eliminate for us the Anti-Christ in our midst then we can stand against those who come from the outside.

Remember again, this meaning of means in place of..and this whole program, this manipulation of Christianity is in place of Christ. What then will it take to bring us out of the Judeo-Christian trap? We think that before you are thru in your battle to 'come out of her, oh my people' that YAHSHUA will be doing it for us. This will be the establishment of the Kingdom Administration. We will have to get out facts straight and one instance that comes to mind is how Hollywood portrayed the facts. Just look at Cleopatra..the last of the Ptolemies...she was not a dusky haired vamp. She had reddish gold hair enhancing her female charm. She was a white ruler of Egypt and Rome was also ruled at that time by a white man.

This...'Love your neighbor as yourself'..has been used by the enemy, it has been used with enthusiasm whenever the world enemy has been attacked for its offenses against society, and our people don't know who their neighbor really is to be.

In this time of Jacobs trouble we have seen events which were never seen before we were a nation. The Anti-Christ has brought a terrible price as a series of successful attacks on White family life has been made the Tax Structure has been used to finance the great boondoggle of the abortive state of Israeli, the build up of the Soviet Union and the remaking of Africa from the Colonial system to Marxist Black Africa. Here in our nation wives have been forced to leave their homes and take jobs, placing their children in 'child care' centers thus reducing the family circle of teaching the children.

The Satanic alliance of International Bankers, Government Officials, Church Leaders, Tax exempt foundations, academia, the courts, and the media have all played their part in this time of Jacob's trouble, trying to stop the rise of the kingdom. American soldiers have been placed in Germany ever since 1945...actually for the insure the extortion of Billions of dollars as ransom to the State of Israeli which did not exist at the time of WWII. All this was taken from the German workers who lost their battle against World Communism.

Because of their capacity for distortion the enemy has hoodwinked man- kind...for the Holocaust nonsense has brought hundreds of billions of dollars to Israeli and to the uncounted millions who escaped the so called gas chambers.

Christian also means Anointed, thus Jewish anointment has taken from our race our heritage, and has literally conferred an omnipotent power of intimidation against anyone who begins to understand their destiny, or dares to stand against the Anti-Christ ambition.

The Black Horse of Revelations was one of the most deadly forces sent to conquer our race. It is to put out the LIGHT that you carry. It is the economic power of the Beast System to hold you in bondage. It holds the balance in its hands of unjust weights and measures, and the Federal Reserve System is only one of he vehicles being used to hold you in bondage and the love of money has been substituted for the love of the kingdom.

Looking back we find that in this time of Jacob's trouble as we came up to WWII., then F.D.R. went into office March of 1933 with the hopes of the people high. Little did the citizens of our nation realize that 6 months later the platform he endorsed 100% would be mangled and the Democrat Party the people thought they voted into office in November of 1932... died. Its historic functions were taken over by a crowd of invaders who did not resemble true Democrats any more than Felix Frankfurter resembled Thomas Jefferson. With the bringing into his administration so many of the enemy then F.D.R. was able to change America. When he could not bring down the Supreme Court he began to pack it in order to have the Court undermine the Constitution and interpret the law of the land A La Brandeis, Frankfurter, and Roosevelt. And with the Frankfurter power then Europe was changed and Germany destroyed. Little did the American people know of what was being done by the political ran of Babylon, now in control of our Government. Many people today still have an idea of what went on then, or still goes on today.

If we did not believe this was all foreknown by our Father, and that it also has an ending we would wish perhaps that we were still blind. But looking for the downfall of Mystery Babylon we are happy to learn all these things, and to know they will come to a climax and end.

Those of you acquainted with the writings of Noreen Nichols will remember her interpretation of the meaning of 1000 years. The word years means a folding or duplication, thus one thousand years is the time bringing forth the Kingdom Administration and could well mean 1000 duplications which is also born out by the Scriptures which state that HE is bringing many sons and daughters unto Glory...Thousands of duplications of HIMSELF. This then is a long term basis of training, experience, teaching, and this is what Dr. Swift in his way was telling us. Thus since September of 1979., are we moving in the time of fulfillment? First we whip the enemy and do this so that all things are brought out in the open. We will see how we have been fooled by the enemy, how everything that was true has been made to look just the opposite. What do you see that has not been corrupted..very little.

In the beginning even Washington D.C. was laid out as a city 4 SQUARE. This is just an example of how most everything in our nation has been changed. At first the word Holocaust was used to describe the massacre in Dresden in 1942...and then they transferred the word holocaust to describe the Jews who were supposed to have been killed, and by constant talking about the later forgot the beginning of the word...HOLOCAUST. This truth is changed and with the control of communications then truth becomes false. But my friends, this is all to change and exposing the truth will bring the awakening of YAHWEH'S people. So hang in there we are going to win.

QUESTION:...Was the invasion of Grenada necessary? Who is telling the truth, the administration or the Press?

ANSWER:...I have copies of many of the captured documents that our service men captured in that invasion. From those documents you have more of the inside story of the Grenadian Revolution and the making of a Totalitarian State. Paul Seabury and Walter A. McDougall put a great many copies of these documents in a book, and as you study these papers it should destroy the assumption that dominate the thought or actions of many members of the American Congress as well as private citizens who believed that revolutions are brought about primarily by poverty, deprivation, and oppression and not by subversive political action. If this were true most of the world would be in a state of convulsive, revolutionary activity. It was Vladimer Lenin, the leader of the Bolshevik Party who pointed this out, long before he successfully guided his party to the conquest of Political power.

The 'New Jewel Movement'..those who seized political power in Grenada, for all their differences were Marxists. Their language among themselves reveals this. They spoke of building a Marxist Party, a Marxist Government. For those who say this tiny Island of Grenada or even Cuba for that matter can be no threat to the U.S...they overlook the extent to which the Soviet Union and its Cuban proxy are involved in the guerrilla disturbances of Central America.

The captured documents show that almost every communist satellite regime under Soviet influence, had observers, at some stage of the game in Grenada. Even North Korea which treads nimbly between communist China and communist Russia were there. Despite those two communist countries being still enemies of the strongest bastion of the free world..they were represented in Grenada. And Grenada was being readied as a pawn, like Cuba before it, in the struggle for world domination. Elaborate preparations were being made to receive all forms of aid, especially military aid from the Soviet Union, and from the Soviet Satellites and they were to train Grenadian political cadres in the Leninist Schools of the Soviet Union.

Now; some public officials and even the Press have gone so far as to compare the American action in Grenada with the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, but the assistance of American forces were requested officially by the organization of Easter Caribbean States, along with the Governor General of Grenada who exercised his authority according to British Commonwealth law in the absence of a Prime Minister and Government. This happened after Bishop was killed.

The intervening forces found Cuban soldiers and officers in Grenada, and high ranking Soviet, Bulgarian, and East German Officers including a Soviet four star General. Altho Grenada is an ENGLISH SPEAKING COUNTRY... material and signs in Spanish showed the Cubans were in charge.

Now as to Afghanistan...the Soviets say they went in there at the request of the Afghan Government to withstand the assault of American, Chinese, and British invaders, but not one of those people has been found there. Then as soon as the Soviets came in they murdered President Amin who they claimed asked them to come in. American troops were soon pulling out of Grenada, but the Soviets are still in Afghanistan combating a nation in arms, being opposed by hundreds of thousands of Afghans.

Something missed in the fuss over whether the Grenada Invasion was necessary or not was the fact that the American Invasion of Oct. 1983., was an event of major importance...historical importance. This was the first time and only occasion since the Bolshevik revolution in 1917 in which an established communist regime was deposed by the free world.

This invasion then yielded a treasure trove of captured documents depicting the inner workings of this 'New Jewel Movement' or the peoples revolutionary government of Grenada. Thousands of Party, State, and Police documents fell into the hands of the U.S. Military forces. These documents told the story of the internal affairs of the only communist regime ever to be established in an English speaking country. What makes these captured documents so valuable is that they permit us intimately to witness both the dynamics of a Marxist, Leninist Regime in the earliest stages of its consolidation, and its emerging relation to broader configuration of political power in the communist world. It is now apparent that this 'New Jewel Movement' was bent upon imposing the same type of controls in Grenada, as in Cuba, the USSR, Vietnam, and East Germany for instance. Some of these controls were already in place when the American invasion occurred.

Since Grenada was an English speaking nation, the Marxist-Leninists were not trained in Moscow, altho the second wave was to be trained there. But get this...the first group of leaders were trained in schools in America, and in England, and Bernard Coard...those thugs who murdered Maurice Bishop, that man, Bernard a graduate of Brandeis University in the U.S. while Bishop himself studied law at the University of London. (these men were of mixed and white)

One reaction to these documents is that at which ever level, they convey a sense of intimacy. It was really happening here, on the fringe of our North American continent. Its records speak our own language rather than that of some distant land.

Now; the take over of little Grenada became a fast moving situation, for Grenada only became a fully independent nation on February 7, 1974. By March of 1974 the government was overthrown by Bishop the leader of the 'New Jewel Movement'. By April of 1974 the government of Grenada and Cuba announced they had established diplomatic relation. May of 1980..Deputy Prime Minister Bernard Coard signs treaty in Moscow which permits Soviet long range reconnaissance planes to land at the new airport at Point Salines.

August 26, 1981 Bishop charges that recent U.S. and NATO military experiences in the Caribbean are a practice run for an invasion of the Island.

February 6, 1982 President Reagan was in conference in Barbados with five eastern Caribbean leaders charging that Grenada had joined with the Soviet Union, Nicaragua, and Cuba in promoting Marxism in the region.

July 26, 1982 Bishop visits Moscow for talks and signs substantial economic and political agreements with the Soviets.

October 1983 Bishop and three members of his Cabinet are killed. He had been under house arrest since Bernard Coard had ousted him.

October 21, 1983 a ten ship 'task force' heading for Lebanon had been diverted and sent toward the Caribbean.

October 23, 1983 ..5 members of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean states formally request U.S. assistance in restoring order and democracy on Grenada.

October 25, 1983 U.S. troops together with contingents from Antigua, Barbados, Dominica, Jamaica, St. Lucia, and St. Vincent landed on Grenada and you know the results.

Now what about these men who were trying to establish a communist regime on Grenada? Maurice Bishop was born in Aruba, the Netherlands Antilles in 1944 to a well to do family. Remember that Spanish men married native women and over the years then the children were all of a darker skin. Bishop was sent to London where he studied law. He returned to Grenada in 1970, to practice law in association with Bernard Coard. And early leader in the 'New Jewel Movement' Bishop was elected to Parliament in 1976, and then was killed in the aftermath of the coup engineered by Bernard Coard in 1983.

Bernard Coard was Deputy Prime Minister in Bishops government, and minister of finance, trade, industry and planning. He studied at the University of Sussex in Britain and at Brandeis University in the U.S. with full scholarship in economics at the later. His wife was head of Radio Free Grenada, and the National Woman's organization, she is an heiress to a Jamaican liquor fortune.

Thus this was the situation when President Reagan finally informed the people that an invasion was in progress without the Press in attendance, and certain Congressman also began to holler. Senator Moynihan comes to mind as he said:..we heard that Grenada was a Soviet Cuban arsenal, but many of the weapons found were over 100 years old, and just valuable historical pieces. In reality according to these captured documents, sophisticated military equipment and technical logistical assistance had been agreed upon, and much had arrived with more to come. There foreigners were in Grenada to assist in the transformation of the Island into a major military camp, anti-aircraft weapons, ammunition, armored personnel carriers, and rocket launchers were discovered.

Always in the letters from the head men of Grenada to the Soviet Union or other of the Satellite countries, they were addressed:...Dear Comrade. One request for military aid lists the equipment to come for the period of 1983-85, and a request for help in creating many infantry battalions, and equipping them for any use deemed necessary.

One paper is entitled propaganda work plan. This shows the specific intention of the Bishop regime to concentrate press activities on the distribution of Soviet propaganda. There was a program to Sovietize the agriculture of Grenada, and in fact everything was planned in order to change Grenada into a complete Soviet Satellite. This was also to include the plans to control the publications of the Catholic church until all non Marxists publications were banned.

The Bishop regime worked to gather support within the U.S. They tried to draw the Reagan Administration into open controversy over Grenada, as a means of polarizing American opinion and generalizing support for the 'New Jewel Movement' among U.S. Liberals. They sought to gain support among blacks in the U.S. stressing the image of Grenada as an English speaking, black, socialist commonwealth.

The governor of Puerto Rico in talking about why the Soviets shifted their work of influence from South America to the Caribbean says that the U.S. Foreign Policy set the stage for the end of the U.S. control over one of the worlds most important asset. First came 'Detente' and then the Panama Canal Treaties setting the stage for the end of the U.S. control over one of the world's most coveted military and commercial assets. And then the Carter Administrations Human Rights Policy under which Washington reduced or eliminated various forms of military and economic assistance to several regimes endangered by communist supported insurgencies. All of these foreign policy decisions played a part in encouraging an acceleration of Soviet activities in the Caribbean area, activities which have steadily advanced to the point where the region is finally beginning to be recognized as a true zone of crisis.

Now; Central America is composed of six nations including the newly independent country of Belize, another prime target. Immediately to the north of Central America is Mexico whose oil deposits may equal or exceed those of any nation on earth. And immediately to the South of Central America is Panama, and its Canal from with the U.S. is committed by treaty to with- draw entirely by the year 2000.

Thus the geopolitical stakes which the Soviets see are involved in the struggle for control of the Caribbean and Central America, these being the two enormous treasures...Mexican petroleum and the Panama Canal. Thus the sense of urgency with which the Reagan Administration has acted to address Central American issues should not be dismissed as over reaction. Under no circumstances should it be interpreted as just a symptom of conservative nostalgia for the era of U.S. 'Gunboat diplomacy' in the region. On the contrary the Reagan Administrations assessment of the situation is in more ways than one a realistic recognition of a mounting threat to the economic, political, and military security of the entire Free World.

Now; in July of 1979., a leftist regime took power in Nicaragua and not a word from an American Administration, and immediately a sharp escalation in guerilla warfare in El Salvador occurred. The elected government of Honduras is also in trouble from guerilla warfare. The entire Caribbean is being threatened, and the U.S. and other free societies have a tremendous stake here. They must not stand idly by while the nations in the Caribbean fall under the yoke of Communism.

Robert Norris Chairman of the National Committee to restore Internal Security, an author, columnist and lecturer says:...People who are informed on geopolitical developments have known for some time that Grenada has been a planned Soviet base astride the main shipping lanes from the South Atlantic and Indian Ocean to the Caribbean, and our vital ports and major refineries. We also know that Grenada is situated at the entrance of the deep trough so well suited to the development of hostile submarines. It has been also well established that Cubans, with East German and Libyan help were building a ten thousand foot airfield runway on Grenada, which was all out of proportions to a possible use by tourists visiting the tiny Island, and there were even preliminary plans to build a Soviet Submarine base on Grenada. Clearly this strategic Island was an essential element in the Soviet master plan to surround and utterly destroy America.

In the past the U.S. has sat back and watched, influenced by the Media which always says:...'force solves nothing'...take no action until we exhaust all political solutions, totally ignoring the inflexible posture of those with who the settlement is proposed. They do not want a solution, and will never accept a fair one. Cuba...Castros invasion helped by our own state department has blossomed into a formidable Soviet bastion only 90 miles from our mass population centers in Florida. But President Reagan used our power which people all over the world have longed to see wielded. We were thus not invading, we were just aborting a Soviet invasion at long last. Let us now go forward and implement this victory for the world is full of Grenadas. And it is full of people just yearning for the freedom and security that a strong America can provide. (Unquote)

Now; El Salvador in that area is also another Vietnam as the Press and Liberal Senators would have you think. For a look at the other side of that story comes this article from the editorial page of the San Diego Union Newspaper:...(quote) 'A 14 ft., 'specter of death'...a macabre figure labeled..U.S. aide, led a march in down town San Diego recently in observance of International Women's Day. About 75 members of the Women's Peace Action group marched alongside this grotesque giant. Each woman wore a black gown to demonstrate grief for the women of El Salvador, all bore identical signs reading...The U.S. out of El Salvador. As the originators of this product had hoped a dramatic photograph of the death march went forth over the newspaper wire services to tell the world that there burns a pure flame of outrage over the U.S. policy in El Salvador. Similar anti-American demonstrations are being orchestrated around the world. Thousands of protestors have taken to the streets in European cities to portray the U.S. as Chief Villain in El Salvador if the war mongers in the Reagan Administration would only cease and desist presumably all would be sweetness and light in Central America.

Ed Asner the Hollywood actor and head of the Screen Actors Guild is a sad example of the strange voice which echo's this theme across our land and abroad. Mr. Asner recently announced that he and a group of actors, and film makers had donated "25,000.00 to buy medical supplies for the Marxist guerrillas who were fighting to overthrow the lawful government in El Salvador. When asked if he favored a communist takeover of El Salvador Mr. Asner hedged a bit then finally said:...'If they choose communism so be it' ....(remember that Mr. Asner is Jewish).

The hard truth is that the Cubans and Soviets have invaded Central America and they and their Marxist surrogates are responsible primarily for the blood bath in El Salvador.

Even tho the ultra liberals of this country confuse public opinion, and seek to paralyze U.S. policy the truth is there still for those who seek it. The results of all this propaganda however is that the Reagan Administrations efforts to sustain El Salvador against a siege by Cuba and the Soviet Union has itself became the 'Issue' instead of the establishment of a communist beachhead on the mainland of the Western Hemisphere. The Liberal Congressmen try to preach the nonsense that El Salvador will be another Viet Nam, an endless Asian nightmare. The star truth is that we face a national disaster in the communist takeover of all Central America, and as night follows day, a spreading bloodbath next door in Mexico...with a flood count of all proportions as of now...of refugees streaming across our southern border.

If the U.S. is so divided as to be paralyzed in the face of such rising danger in Central America as the Caribbean, can anyone, least of all the Soviets believe Americans would shed blood to defend the Persian Gulf oil, or European Allies, or anything short of bombs falling on the White House.

Mr. Asner and his followers are right about one thing, we ought to be certain that El Salvador is not another Viet Nam with its unending human tragedy, and its legacy of fear and appeasement.

Now; Central America is a route for the drug trade into the U.S. This is a business which draws a lot of money, thus the big International Bankers are all involved. Lets look at one example where as a drug trade was used to manipulate governments and bring down a country so that it could be made into a communist nation. Perhaps you have read of the Opium War in 1824 which the British fought...brought about because they wanted to swamp China with Indian grown Opium, and the Chinese refused to take it, thus the war. Why did Britain do this? Well, the most influential Jewish family of that time in England, and one of the few intimates with the last three generations of the Royal Family used their wealth and their power to bring on the Opium war. David Sasson, a branch of this great Sasson family was located in India, with a rug factory and banking establishments but he soon recognized the opportunities of the Opium trade. Delf maneuvering netted him the most valuable prize any Indian merchant could strive for, this was the monopoly of the Opium trade.

Then David's son Elias went out to the China Seas as early as 1844 in the wake of the Opium war which had given British traders the right to dump into China all the Opium Indian and the near east could grow. Selling the drug to 400 million customers, then Elias was spectacularly successful.

Sir Edward Sasson the second Baronet (Albert Sassons son) was born in Bombay India in 1856, and he married the Baron Gustave De Rothchild's daughter, and he resided in London and became a Major in the Duke of Cambridge's Hussaes Yeomnry; his daughter then married the fifth Marquis of Cholmondely, and King Edward VII considered him a friend and he was then elected to the House of Commons of the British Government. Thus the infiltration of the British Government by this method began. It was the time of the great Opium trade. The poppy fields of India and the near east yielded a golden harvest and British ships brought the sweet smelling product to China's distant ports.

David Sasson was rich and powerful and most of the Immense fortune was made in the Opium trade. Thus from India to China, to Shanghai the drug moved and the money moved into the Sasson pockets and other British merchants of that sort.

Much later, in fact in 1931, Sir Victor Sasson came back to Shanghai with an immense amount of money. He invested, he brought everything that could be bought in Shanghai. He took over the vast Nanking Road holdings. He accepted the chairmanship of the old family establishment of E.D. Sasson and company...bankers, merchants, industrialists, and he controlled the Yangtze Finance company, and the International Investment Trust and Shanghai was thus under control.

The Sasson family claim their pedigree goes back to King David, and the British bought it as they decided the wealthy Jews were of Judah and then the hierarchy of Britain intermarried with them. Thus this power over the British government was then immense, and they considered the White boss of Shanghai was Sir Victor Sasson.

Then Sir Victor Sasson came to America and tried to involve the U.S. as well as the Japanese in a program which would not fail to protect his far eastern interests while endangering our peace, and that of the far east as well.

This then was just one of those influential International families who have always been deep in the swirl of International politics and they know their way around the world. This has been true thru the centuries. During the nineteenth century the Sassons who had built a vast fortune in India and spread out from there because of Political unrest in India changed their base as they always do, at one time their base was in Venice, Constantinople, Jerusalem, and Baghdad to name a few. But this was the way Britain gained her way into control of Shanghai which they are now trying to relinquish.

The great Statesman..British..Gladstone declared talking about the Opium war:...A war more calculated to cover in this country a permanent disgrace. The British flag is hoisted to protect an infamous traffic, we should recoil from this sight with horror.

You see....China used little or no Opium until it was forced upon them in huge quantities by the agents of India using their influence in the British government. No explanation was given the public in Britain except that the Chinese had flaunted the British prestige, property and flag. But here was a Western Christian power forcing its will and desires upon China in the Opium war, and then gaining treaty rights. It was by this method that the British acquired the great port of Shanghai...treaty rights against the will of the Chinese. And the Opium then flowed into China, to the moral and physical decay of millions of Chinese, and brought great financial profits to those who manipulated the British government. Thus there was two sides to the British government, the same as there has been in the U.S. for years. So who is behind the drug traffic in the U.S.??? Is it not the same people behind the scenes manipulating our foreign policy and influencing our politicians to always protect the interests of the International money men, the merchants of the world? THINK ABOUT IT!!!