ERM - Tape 125 - The Sons And Daughters Of God


Tape No. 125.......By Ella Rose Mast


The Sons and Daughters of God


In our modern world today, the so called, cultural elite do not respect traditions or standards. They believe that 'moral truths' are relative, all life styles are equal, that a family arrangement does not necessarily mean father, mother, and child, rather just who ever lives under one roof, that fathers are dispensable, and parents need not be married, or even of the opposite sex.

As we approached this subject...the sons and daughters of God... we turned to the Swift ministry for an outline of the subject, and to the words in the Gospels from the writings of the apostle Paul in his great Epistle of mystery..'the book of Ephesians', for confirmation.

In the writings of the apostle Paul to the sons and daughters of the kingdom, called in translation 'saints' we are reminded that 'he hath chosen us in HIM, before the foundation of the world'...that we were blessed 'with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places' and this could only have been before we came into earth. The apostle Paul reminds us that we were predestinated as sons and daughters by YAHSHUA Himself, according to HIS will. That now since YAHSHUA has restored us, then even those of Israel who were a far off were now once more in the sheepfold, and that 'the whole family in heaven, and in earth, are called by HIS name.'

From the Swift ministry we find the outline of this basic knowledge that a certain people called the Adamic race were the offspring of YAHWEH (spirit). This being a confirmed fact then we are thus occupying a physical body, as an individual, and this is described as our earthly tabernacle. We then remember that Moses was instructed to have the children of Israel build a tabernacle in the wilderness having an outer court, a central court and an inner holy of Holies. Symbolically this wilderness tabernacle was the image, or symbol of Adam-man. The outer court being the physical body, thus here service symbolized the work done in the world physically for the kingdom.

The inner court symbolized the areas of revelation which they would receive in connection with the holy of Holies, or the spirit. Ephesians 5:18) in the holy of Holies rested the Ark of the Covenant, and in the Ark resided...the law, and the abiding presence of the MOST HIGH, with the Shekinah light covering the Ark. Symbolically then it is in the holy of Holies where our spirit meets his spirit, to find guidance and blessings. With the physical body as the outer court, the soul consciousness is the inner court where we think and understand...we realize that as thoughts proceed out of the spirit of YAHSHUA, symbolized as the holy of Holies, they must pass into the soul consciousness before they can be understood, and then activated in the physical body, and you can thus perform your work for the kingdom.

In this instance then, this tabernacle was a symbol of where god and Adam man were to meet. Then out of this service of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA...this assembly of worship, came the symbol of the embodiment of the children of the MOST HIGH.

The apostle Paul tells us that our bodies are the temples of the holy spirit. Peter then elaborates on this theme stating that everyone of the sons and daughters are living stones, which grow together into a holy temple unto our God.

Here in our world today always we find people who are not willing to accept the mysteries of the scripture, even though they admit they love the sound of the words. In this instance always you need to discern what comes from the spirit, and what is simply the work of Satan as he tempts the flesh. God works through the spirit, thus generally any seemingly manifestation of power, may be in fact, probably is today the work of Satan manipulating the emotions of the flesh.

We find that even with only the new testament to guide, still the message is clear...there are differences in people..'your bodies are the temple of the holy spirit...their (different people) bodies are temples (dwelling places) of idols.' there are noticeably different cultures in the world, thus...'what have ye to do with idols?' remember ye are the temple (dwelling place) of the holy spirit of the Living God. Therefore you are HIS sons and daughters.

In the instructions given in the Old Testament was the warning that under no circumstance can the people of the kingdom mutate the structure of this tabernacle, this house of service, with any other race of people, and expect YAHWEH to receive their offspring, for the spirit of YAHWEH who is YAHSHUA in the flesh cannot reside in such an offspring.

Peter then makes his statement that the sons and daughters are 'living stones', a chosen generation (race), a royal priesthood, a holy nation, thus we are lively stones built up into a spiritual house so that we can serve in these tabernacles in which we live in, and in which we are united and become with HIM the tabernacle of God, making us in translation the body of Christ in the world today. As living stones, children of the kingdom are stones framed together, and the building is complete when YAHSHUA is the capstone, which seals in the whole building, making spirit of HIS spirit framed together into the many membered body of Christ, or as the apostle Paul said:...'we are one body, but many members...the symbol of the body of Christ, his witnesses in the world today.

Now;..once a son or daughter, born of HIS spirit, you are always and forever HIS son and daughter, no matter how far you fall in the flesh, no matter how much chastisement you bring on yourself by what you do wrong while here in the flesh, as you bow to the 'errors' put forth by Satan, or the church age of Laodicea. Remember, that if the enemy pushes too hard, this will turn the thoughts of the sons and daughters to their Father, the only source of their inspiration and vision.

As Adam transgressed this was the greatest of transgressions, for Adam was the begotten image of YAHWEH, and he knew at that time that he had within himself this spirit of the eternal one, that he had come from heaven to earth. He had been warned as to what would happen if he intermingled with the people symbolized as 'the tree of good and evil', these people who had fallen under the influence of Lucifer. This was why YAHWEH brought forth eve from Adam...thus making them one flesh, or making Eve also YAHWEH's offspring so that Eve could carry forward Adam's seed to fulfill this responsibility of building HIS kingdom in earth. Thus even after Adam transgressed...still it was YAHWEH, Himself, who came down after this transgression of HIS children, in the flesh, and set them back on course as still HIS son and daughter, set them back on their appointed path. Adam and Eve both knew they had lost their covering of spirit light, this aura which had been outside of their bodies, which had now retreated to the inside, into this symbolic temple in which they now resided.

It was this transgression which made necessary the atonement which YAHWEH had promised before Adam and Eve came into flesh was in the heavens wherein he had said:..'I shall emerge out of your race, and in this this seed emerges through the woman (Israel) this seed.. my embodiment as YAHSHUA-Savior will bruise the head of the serpent.'

From the 'Book of the Bee' according to Dr. Swift, and articles from it which I have read then YAHWEH told Adam and Eve...'ye are my son and daughter, and although you have been disobedient here in the flesh, and even though you have now put this transgression upon all the generations which will come after you, still I will restore you. I will make this atonement for you...I will redeem you.'

Others of the old books confirm this promise as does the scripture when understood. The eternal priest..YAHWEH, Himself, made this atonement and gave back to the fullness of time..what we lost by Adam's transgression, which includes our former life style, our illumination, our great area of understanding, our freedom from sickness and disease, and catastrophe. After all, HE placed us in earth to make the earth to bloom and produce, and it is only through the breaking of the law that the earth fails to do this today. An example of what we are missing can be found if you go back to the golden age when Enoch was in earth, for Enoch walked with YAHWEH, and did not transgress.

The difference between Adam and the Enosh was that Adam was offspring, the progeny of deity, and the Enosh were created beings, who had worshiped YAHWEH totally until the Luciferian rebellion. However YAHWEH never called these creations...sons and daughters. HE never gave HIS Spirit (light) to others. It is this light which can change you from knowledge to image, to power. It is by this light that all the race lost by the fall of Adam can be restored. Thus you read:..'paradise lost...paradise regained', which will bring forth this great aura of the sons and daughters manifested to the world order, and then Satan is finished.

It was thus the second Adam...that divinely embodied life see.. YAHWEH as YAHSHUA in the flesh, by the process of having brought forth issue..thus making YAHSHUA the second embodiment of this form, yet also the first begotten out of this (Adamic) race. At no time did YAHWEH (Spirit) bring forth another issue that he personally begat in the flesh, thus this issue (Adam), until HE brought forth Himself in the miracle of immaculate conception.

As this relates to Adam, then he, the original issue, was a living soul, and YAHWEH in renewing HIS children, to rebuild HIS kingdom, is a priest with a life giving spirit. Thus we read of one of the mysteries:..'by one man (Adam) came death, by another man (YAHSHUA...YAHWEH in the flesh) came life and immortality.'

Thus we read that after the fall of Adam, then YAHWEH came down and established the principal of sacrifice which would then run down through the Adamic race. HE established the principal of sacrifice which was a substitute until the day when YAHWEH, Himself as YAHSHUA-Savior would make a total sacrifice in HIS own tabernacle of flesh, for HIS household this Adamic race, and through them then for the whole world.

Oh! You say....but how do you prove this to people? Well, lets look at the facts,..although the world order did not accept him, still it is an established fact, and the theory of evolution has not been able to hide... that he was crucified in old Judea, and the world has never been the same. Since that time this Adamic race has moved out over the earth proclaiming: ..'one lord, one faith, and one baptism. One god, one father, who is above all, and through all, and in you all.' (Ephesians 4:5-6)

These are the words of the apostle Paul after he was taken into the heavens, and his eyes were opened as to the program of YAHWEH for the good of all the people of the earth. We of the kingdom family have a responsibility in earth, to fulfill, which is a reasonable service as living sons and daughters of YAHWEH, our YAHSHUA-Savior. We are to set the captives free, to liberate the nations, to restore to the others all the things they lost under this Luciferian rebellion. The laws of God are to be enforced since out of Zion (the administration of the kingdom) goes forth the laws of righteousness. In the fullness of time 'all' flesh shall be saved...'as it is written'. There is no if's, and's, or but's to this declaration which is referred to 17 times through the epistles...'all flesh, not just some, but all flesh.'

The absolute supremacy of this divine priesthood is passed down in similitude to HIS children, through their patriarchal responsibility, proclaiming that now each son or daughter is inside a physical temple, thus a living son or daughter here in earth to serve our Father, for yes we serve here in earth, and later will throughout the universe.

Enoch was told also as to the royalty of these sons and daughters as he was taken into the heavens for instructions as to what these children of the kingdom were to know while here in these earthly tabernacles of flesh. Enoch also learned that there was not one of the occupied planets of the universe which would not be governed by a member of the family, and that they would be received as Elohim (blessed forever). You say what does this mean?...simply put, it means they will be received as 'Divine Seed'.

There is one thing we as the children of the kingdom do not need to do, although this is a well practiced habit and that is we do not need to sit around saying:...'wonder what is going to happen now?' the blueprint of the program of our father is in our book. However it is as of now not laid out so that it is understood by each and every creature of earth. It must be reached for through the spirit which is in every one of the sons and daughters. The apostle Paul, after his trip into the heavens understood that these children, himself included, would one day put on immortality. In otherwords, would regain what they had lost, and he then just wanted to put on his light! He wasn't worried about death since he now knew that 'absent from this body is to be present with YAHSHUA'.

The book of Hebrews is another, perhaps the deepest, mystery book of the scriptures. do you suppose that the apostle Paul wrote it with YAHSHUA guiding his hand. It contains deep and vital truths concerning the character of the Adamic race, and the relationship of these people with their Father, and this fact that you are said to have tabernacled in this body since this tabernacle (body) is the dwelling place for a celestial son or daughter. Thus we read that YAHWEH became flesh and dwelt in a tabernacle of flesh just like his sons and daughters, and was not ashamed to acknowledge HIS children. Therefore whether you are a good child, or a bad child, still you are a child and HE as our Father, our high priest, took care of our transgressions, and 'by HIS stripes (wounds) we are healed.' in this instance this was not something determined by our action or reaction, but by HIS purpose. When HE calls a sheep by name and leads them out, then you were a sheep before HE called, not a sheep because you were in some revival meeting. Remember a revival is something which has some life, and just needs to be reactivated. Goats never had spiritual life, they need to be led by the sheep, who are led by the great Shepherd, as portrayed in the Star Bible.

As Dr. Swift would say:...remember that Lucifer's children have no spiritual capacity, therefore you can't take them into your church, or your biblical organizations, or write their names in a book, and dunk them in water, then have them come out of the water anything but...devils. Their purpose in life as the children of darkness is to try to cut you off from the God they refuse to honor.

Some people will not accept the idea that there are people on this earth who have a spiritual connection different than others. Some say, but our race has also fallen away from their faith. We say this error is not a part of the true faith, it is only a part of the blindness of the children here in the flesh, led by blind leaders. Led by leaders who accepted the errors fed into the church in its early beginnings, and which has led to the Laodicean condition of today. Remember this:...'the word became flesh and dwelt among us'. HE lived here in the flesh, in a tabernacle (physical body) just like HIS children have. We as his children then have this special place where HIS spirit can reveal truths to us. If all the bibles in the world were destroyed, still there would remain this connection. And those truths would carry on because HE can always bring things into the minds of HIS children, so that they will know who to follow. After all, we are sheep of HIS pasture. As a priest in this tabernacle in which we dwell you can enter the holy of Holies and there HIS spirit can bring to your remembrance those things HE has said:..'I told you in the beginning...I will renew your minds....I will do those things.'

Therefore we are children of the kingdom, and will continue to be children of the kingdom, for HE said:..'my word will not depart out of your mouth, or out of the mouth of thy seed, and thy seed's seed, for one thou- sand generations.' this of course is only 30,000 years thus is an allegory, because we will never forget anything, it is already planted in you. The enemy will never be able to stop this gospel, or to wipe out this holy seed, for we will all be witnesses in this outer court, and all will stand when HE calls. No one has ever backslid out of their responsibilities as a son or daughter, we just backslide into positions where we receive our chastisements, or meet catastrophe head on. But no son or daughter ever slipped down so far into the 'miry clay' as the psalmists says....that God doesn't reach down and take hold of that child and set HIM back on solid rock. The mystery of the ability to bring to our remembrance the patterns of all the wisdom, the technological developments, those facts stored around the tendrils of the brain is a part of the secret of the make up of our race.

Remember that a priesthood has one reason for existence, which is to complete a close connection between YAHWEH as Father and HIS household. Every priesthood of the Old Testament had one responsibility and that was to work to keep the close cognition between the children and their Father, for the will of YAHWEH, for the work of YAHWEH. And YAHSHUA as our eternal Father-Priest is the only source of our inspiration and vision. This is why we have told you that when the enemy pushes too hard they always turn the minds of the children to their father. We have seen this happen time after time throughout history of the scriptures. with the spoken word, through tradition, and the written word, HE keeps his children stirred in the very seat of their being.

Today we discover many things which are in conflict with our beliefs, because they have been warped and translated in this way, but always HIS spirit bears witness with our spirit to these great fundamentals of the Christian belief. As YAHWEH our YAHSHUA turns to activate HIS people, the changes in this, HIS nation, in his people will be almost unbelievable.

Today we seem to be reaching the climax of the Satanic design for they are attempting to end the sovereignty of this nation, the last great nation of HIS kingdom, with its symbol of the outstretched wings of an eagle, as well as the other nations of HIS kingdom in earth. The enemy thinks they have at last a plan that will lead to the liquidation of this family to God.

Today our nation has gone a long way down this road of destruction, and most of our people do not realize what is happening. This is what we were told would happen as we brought people into our nation who do not think, or worship as we worship. They have placed a great yoke around our necks, as they slowly but surely have tried to remove from our hearts all things we are capable of remembering if we would only reach into the spirit for understanding. Our nation thus can only survive by going back to her beginning where men did the work and the will of God, as they established this great nation on that foundation.

It seems that we as a people always get the cart before the horse. We are trying to go out and put the world in order before the kingdom administration is set in place. We cannot carry out our mission, unless we do things...God's way. You cannot share the administration of the kingdom with the Cainanites who do not think as you think. We as living witnesses of our Father must do things HIS way to avoid all the catastrophe we are bringing on ourselves.

The Laodicean church age has brought us to the point wherein we have lost all our former knowledge of the administration of the kingdom here in earth, until we concentrate only on getting people...all accept the Christ so that they can go to heaven with us...someday. When people read:...'I call my sheep by name and they follow me' them this only means that they have to prepare everyone to go to heaven...someday.

Once more we would call your attention to what YAHSHUA came into flesh to do? We read in the scriptures that 'HE came to save HIS people from their sins'. (Matthew 1:21) their sins, meaning their trespasses. Then we are told that HE came:..only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel... 'I am not sent (by the spirit) but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel'. (Matthew 15:24) there is no place in this book that it says HE came to save them from hell. Actually what raises all this hell in the world today is violation of law, depravity, deception, murder, immorality and such which is the work of Lucifer and his children of darkness. This is not the work of the spirit of God which is in his children, but people are caught between the thinking of the flesh and the thinking of the spirit and are not able to discern between the two. By following the thinking of the flesh they do 'err' and no great spiritual charge moves out of their consciousness. The fact remains that as far as this great plan of YAHWEH for the kingdom and for the world as well is concerned it is lasting and vital, and you are to remember that throughout the prophecies HE has proclaimed that there are these people who are HIS sons and daughters, and that with the manifestation of these children, and the administration of HIS kingdom here in earth then the world will know that HE has loved HIS sons and daughters. This is an area of realization and with this comes the end of the destructive force of disintegration. No more fear which destroys people which makes them hesitate to trust their instinct, and that small still voice inside. When you believe in the kingdom, in all things god is bringing to pass, you move with assurance, of expecting the achievement of victory.

The power of the spirit, which is that great flowing energy of God's own being, mind, and consciousness, out of the entity of his being can flow through your spirit and activate your consciousness because of this.... spirit connection inside of you.

Even today, there are none of us who can say that they have not transgressed, yet the spirit within each and everyone of the sons and daughters of God did not transgress, for it is a Holy Seed and it abides forever. Never can you corrupt the incorruptible. It was the soul consciousness in this physical house, under temptation, which broke the law, but our heavenly Father came down here to save HIS children from their sins (transgressions), and HE did not say anything about saving them from some place when they die, so error replaced truth.

The only thing which will take us out of error is the coordination of our consciousness by the spirit of our Father, with the things HE has purposed, and as these things roll over you, a great change will come.

No one could line out this picture as to who are the sons and daughters of God as could Dr. Swift, after all, this was his mission here in the body. Can't you just hear him say:..'I will tell you something else'...for those who believe that the earth is going to be overpopulated. The time will come when the sons and daughters of God will increase and the pagans will decrease, and eventually as far as the purposes of God are concerned those who did not start here will go somewhere else. One of these days with the great transportation system we will build, we will be transporting, and transplanting people to the new solar systems, taking them out to new far flung places.

Tomorrow's activities always activate in the vision of god's children beforehand. Besides, our Father has been synthesizing things for a long, long time, thus there is plenty of room out in the great universe. There will never be one more person in the universe than there is a spirit for. There will never be anymore of those outside the family of the most high than HE has delegated the spirits of this creation to their cycle of return. And as far as the children of HIS kingdom are concerned...'of the increase of this kingdom there shall be no end.'

I am interested in getting this work of the kingdom completed. I know that the plan of my Father is good. I know that HE is bringing into our minds what is just over the horizon, not what is in the far distant future, this will come later. As you realize that the story of the kingdom brings light, that our Father is the light giver, the light giving spirit of that kingdom, then we want to go out and make everyone and everything well.

The fact remains that our race is a light giving race. We of these days, do great miracles of the tomorrows. A great transition will come, and we will go out and make a new earth, and the presence of the MOST HIGH GOD, dwelling among his family for the next 1000 years is going to bring all this to pass. Remember when we used to sing..10,000 years? Remember that we have as many years to sing HIS praises as when we began, for we are the children of an endless life, the children of HIS spirit. (Unquote)

Here in 1992 we thus say:..walk tall, hold your head high, for the scripture does confirm, as does the old books, the message we found in the Swift ministry that we are the sons and daughters of the most high. Be assured that we shall perform the witness that HE has outlined for us to proclaim.

Yes...HE died for our sins, but our salvation depends upon HIS life. The cross is a symbol of reconciliation with our Father. The open tomb, HIS resurrection, and HIS manifestation are proof of HIS eternal life, which is the salvation of HIS sons and daughters. (I Corinthians 15:17) 'if Christ be not raised ye are yet in your sins'. And.. 'He that has not the son (embodiment--YAHSHUA as Savior) hath not life. (I John 5:11-12) our salvation as son and daughters of HIS kingdom thus depend upon our possessing this eternal life within ourselves:..'if any man (Adamite) have not the spirit of the Christ, he is none of HIS'. (Romans 8:9) 'the Christ (spirit) in you, is the hope of glory.' (Colossians 1:27)

We should remember that each generation of our race is born into the world order without knowledge of truth or faith, or national ideals. Therefore each generation must be taught by the fathers and mothers, by instructions and example, and if not taught we arrive at our distressing condition of today, in this Laodicean age. Thus we tell you that responding to an altar call, baptism, taking communion, joining the church, all of these are simply symbols of what is right and good in our faith, but does not provide us with salvation. We are only saved by HIS indwelling presence, here in our bodies, so that the life of YAHSHUA might be made manifest in our flesh. Only thus can we shine forth as manifested sons and daughters of God in the kingdom of our Father.

We shall live with HIM by the power of YAHWEH (spirit) toward us. Thus examine yourselves as to whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves, know ye not your own selves that Jesus (YAHSHUA) the Christ is in you?.... except ye be unapproved. (II Corinthians 13:5)

We thus rest our case...knowing this...then we are assured that when HE calls...HIS sheep will hear HIS voice, and they will come.


May YAHWEH Bless