ERM - Tape 141 - The Time Of Mysteries ... Almost Over


TAPE NO. 141.....By Ella Rose Mast




(Oh! how we wish this would prove to be true)


More and more the mysteries of the part concerning this Adamic race are being revealed in spite of the clamp put on this knowledge by the hand of the Desolator. In the past several years we have been uncovering from old books information to substantiate the things we learned from the Swift ministry, and we are finding that as we come to the climax of this age that even modern writers are now coming forth pointing out the many things which identify our race with the people of the BOOK. Bonnie Gaunt is one these writers who has been researching and uncovering more information she connects the symbolism of old monuments and such built by the Master Builders in certain portions of the earth. She is finding as we have that every thing built as these people followed the pathway laid out for them, is connected symbolically and geometrically with YAHWEH-YAHSHUA, that each left a message for his people and many continue unto this day to speak to anyone who pauses to look and listen.

What many of our people fail to understand today is that our Race..the Adamic Race came into earth possessing all the knowledge necessary to build and equip such a civilization. They also do not understand that this race came into earth with a definite purpose in mind, which was to build a Kingdom for their Heavenly Father, and that this kingdom should once and for all times stop the Satanic misleading of the created people of earth.

In the Book.."The Apocalypse of Adam" by Charles W. Hendreck, published in 1977., we learn a bit more of this wondrous story as we put together our picture sort of like a giant jig saw picture, of the program of YAHWEH as His Kingdom in earth is built.

The English word Apocalypse means an uncovering of something which was covered or to disclose something unknown. Thus the Apocalypse books are where you find extra facts to back up and fill in the Biblical story. These books have been handed down thru the years coming from old documents which we still find available, and were available at the time of Christ, and then recopied making them still available today if you search a bit.

In the Apocalypse of Adam we find the things which Adam revealed to his son Seth, the son now who would carry on the 'seed line of spirit'. As any father, Adam is telling his son the experience that he and Eve had as they came into physical earth. And he also tells what he, Adam, expects to happen in the future.

Adam tells Seth the story of creation as he remembers some of the glory in the life of the earth. He tells him of the temptation he and Eve faced here in the physical and how they fell and how especially at the beginning they so missed the Garden where they once lived. Seth is told of the glory where Adam and his mother walked and how they possessed knowledge. Seth is told never to forget that this race carries a special seed which is never to be mixed with another race. Seth is told that the program of the rebellious one is to destroy the Adamic race so as to stop the building of YAHWEH'S Kingdom here in earth.

We are told in the Scriptures that the children of Seth were blessed and they began to call themselves the children of YAH. Seth is told that to carry out their mission in earth YAHWEH will move His people to a place where they can dwell safely for a time, thus the migrations were to begin and we find that the Adamites from Seth on down left the high Tarim basin in their migration pattern.

While Noah and his family were building the Ark, those of the Adamic Race who had come into earth after the womb of Eve was cleansed, were moving out of that area. We find in the Apocalypse of Adam that it follows the same theme as did the Swift Ministry but remember Dr. Swift received the story he preached from inspiration as a minister, and then he also checked the old records as well.

Adam recorded that the basis of the Adamic Salvation was simply the fact that they as a race retained certain knowledge such as that they came from the great beyond, and remembered they were imperishable, for YAHWEH had promised certain things as He sent them into earth. Their hearts ached for the glories they remembered, but they also rejoiced in the promise that they would be redeemed. This was a knowledge that they retained altho they had lost the knowledge of how to return, thus they must go thru the cycle that was laid out for them and be a blessing to the people of earth, while they walked their path waiting for the time of return.

The word 'Sleep' in the writings of Adam was a description of the Adamites in this world as not alert to the thinking of this one they called the god of the world, rather than actual physical sleep. This was the type of problem which found them in trouble ever so often.

Adam tells Seth that his race has passed thru three great periods and now he and his brothers and sisters are to be sent out into the world as 4 Great Lights, (4 rivers, or streams of people?) as they were to start moving out of the high country and beginning the building of YAHWEH'S Kingdom here in earth.

We are told here in the Apocalypse of Adam that he named his son 'Seth', the same name of that one who is the Seed from which the great generation comes. It is made clear here in the Apocalypse of Adam that this race beginning in the heavens was a special race carrying a special spiritual seed.

Adam also tells Seth that at one time he and his mother Eve resembled the great Eternal Angels and yet were greater than this one now called the god of this world. But when they came into earth he and Eve were taught 'dead things' and fell from their former life and the god of this world created a son for himself and Eve, and after that the Adamic days were numbered.

Adam explains the reason for the flood in Noah's time as to how all in that area except those in the Ark were to be destroyed because of sin. The sons of Noah were described as being told by their father that they were to serve YAHWEH, AND BECOME A LIGHT TO THE WORLD. They were told not to let their 'seed' depart from the face of the Almighty YAHWEH.

Shem would than say:..'Let my seed be pleasing to you and before your power, seal it away by your power so that all the 'seed' (children) from me may not wander from you, but serve in humility and reverence for the knowledge given unto us.

Others of this race also would come from other sons of Noah and serve with those who also came forth from the Ark, carrying a great knowledge, and the shadow of their power would protect them, turning every evil thing and every unclean desire aside for their foul did not come from a defiled hand, but from the great Command of the Eternal One.

Seth was told that the lost glory of Adam and Eve was preserved in the 'seed' (race) of these Adamic men, and he was the one designated to 'hand on' the revelations of Adam, especially this knowledge that the 'seed' produced by these Adamic men are those who will stand before YAHWEH in another glory. We find also that the line of descent for these men is the same as that recorded in the scriptures.

In the latter part of his prophecies, Adam reveals that in the finality of this story a great cloud of Light shall descend and other clouds of light from great sons will be seen coming down upon the earth, and eventually there will be dwelling places with YAHWEH for these people, as YAHWEH will take them into the aeons of tomorrow to those dwellings with HIM. There will then be no more distress for these sons of YAH, for they are not strangers to the Holy Angels who do His work.

Yes, the mystery of the purpose of YAHWEH as to the work of His race now in earth still unfolds. We know that it was from the city of Orusalem, this ancient city of Peace that Enoch was taken into the heavens, then returned to that city to record for his race what their Heavenly Father wanted them to do. It was from Enoch that an explanation came for those figures in the heavens from the so called 'Bible in the Stars'. It was from this old city that Enoch and Job went into Egypt for their mission of building the great monuments called a Temple for YAHWEH.

Under close study we find that others of this race were also building 'signs' of the race in England such as..ancient Stonehenge, and both the building in Egypt and in Britain was done by Master Builders of the race who possessed a knowledge of the creation as well as a glimpse into the future for both tell the story of Adam-man's relationship with his creator Father.

There in Egypt these Master Builders built the city of ON with the Temple of Zendera in the hub of the circle. They built the great Pyramid, one of the wonders of the world and it still stands today in the minds of people who glimpse some of the Mystery as 'the bible in stone'. Those Master Builders also built the mysterious figure called the Sphinx, known today after some mutilation in the days of Napoleon, as the figure of a reclining lion with a woman's head. This figure was also on the dome of the Temple of ON making the start and the finish of the Star Bible.

We have written often of they many mysteries being uncovered in this structure called 'the Great Pyramid', and yet there is still more information coming out in this story. Down in the well or pit of the Great Pyramid there has been found a secret cave or grotto in the rock. This small cavern was no doubt in the rock as the Pyramid was built above it. In 1966., August Turnquist and Frank Shallieu..two American researchers were researching the Great Pyramid and they climbed down into the Pit and discovered this grotto. They used flashlights and photographic methods to photograph this grotto from side to side and angle to angle, because they had never heard of this grotto in the Pit.

Back in the United States these men were giving a slide presentation of this area of the Pyramid, when a woman exclaimed 'I see a lamb's head'...quickly the slides were stopped and this particular slide was examined more thoroughly and it did appear that there was a lamb's head protruding from the side wall of this Grotto. Two years later Turnquis returned to Egypt with a young assistant and this time they especially looked for this 'Lamb's Head' and sure enough, a natural stone formation of about 36" tall protruded 18" from the wall of this grotto. Thus the secret...connecting the Lamb to the Great Pyramid has now been revealed.

Just a coincidence you say? No my friends, just another identification of this story which the Master Builders of our race were leaving as they traveled the earth, for you in the future to discover. Just one part more of the mysteries now revealed.

What was the witness the prophet Isaiah talked about in connection with the Great Pyramid? A Witness of what? A witness to whom? This empty box there in the King's Chamber of that Pyramid has stood as a representative of RESURRECTION, yet even after 33 A.D., when the silent symbol became a reality, still the great Pyramid is not recognized by many of our race as to what is revealed here in this Bible in Stone. This King's Chamber is symbolic of a Chamber of LIFE. For it contains air vents to the outside to prove the point. When covered by the great white casing stones as in the beginning, this great monument was known as the 'Pyramid of Light!'

The Top stone, or capstone of the Pyramid, had never been placed. It in itself would have to be a perfect Pyramid, each side about 48' wide at the base, and over all about 30' high, thus a mammoth stone. Yes, it represents YAHWEH-YAHSHUA, or if you prefer Jesus the Christ. ..I AM THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE. In the old days some modern writers think that it represented the sun, but this was also understood to be the source of LIGHT.

Zachariah tells us that when this top stone is placed in position on top of the Pyramid that there will be much understanding:..4:7., 'He shall bring forth the top stone with shouting of Grace, Grace unto it.'

The sun and moon have also been described as 'signs' for us now in earth. The New Jerusalem is also described as a 'sign' all are 'signs' of the coming Kingdom Administration which is to envelope and rule the earth, therefore is not the Great Pyramid and also ancient Stonehenge signs of the coming kingdom rule? Both are located on the great arc of a circle, one in Egypt and one over 2000 miles away in Britain.

Today in this computer age the mysteries of ancient Stonehenge are beginning to be better understood. People are beginning to be amazed that this ancient circle of stones also reveals a creator who had plans reaching far into the future. Thus it is no coincidence, even tho some will not admit it, that 12% of the significant alignments of Stonehenge point to an extreme position of the moon, or as Bonnie Gaunt assures us, that there is a strange relationship between numbers of the circumference of the Sarsen Circle and to the name of One we call Jesus the Christ.

In the scripture the unit measure..the reed..was given of YAHWEH to the prophet Ezekiel in the year 573 B.C., yet this measure was also used at Stonehenge long before this marking Stonehenge as of Divine destiny.

The outer face of the lintels that topped the Sarsen Circle bear the number for Phi (3.14159) for it has a circumference of 31.4159 reeds, or ten times Phi. No one is quite able to define Phi which appears to be the number of infinity for it never comes out even. by its never ending nature it represents the Eternal YAHWEH...does it not?

There should be no question in the minds of a Biblical student as to who built these great monuments of antiquity. Wisemen..Magi..were still in the Temple of ON at the time of The Christ Child, when He was taken to Egypt for protection, thus they were there for almost 5000 years, were they not?

The name of YAH or YAHWEH was used by His people from the time of Seth, up unto the time just after the death of Solomon, then at that time descendants of Esau and his Cainanite wives began to come into Jerusalem and Judea and claim the land. The name of YAHWEH was gradually taken out of the mouth of the Children of Israel as the Edomites (Jews) gradually gained an entrance into the Temple worship. At the time of the High Priest.. Caiaphas, it was decided that the pagan Priests now in place in the Temple could use the name of YAHWEH but this was no longer allowed for the children of Israel. There were to use the word... this is LORD.

According now to modern writers we are learning more and more about the ancient monuments and the mysteries which connected them to a race and to the Redeemer..creator.

On the afternoon of April 3., in 33 A.D. we are told that YAHSHUA HUNG ON THE CROSS atop of Golgotha Hill. April 3., of that year was also the passover, and at three o'clock of that afternoon the "Lamb of God"..YAHWEH AS YAHSHUA died on that Cross, and at 3:06 Stonehenge time., the full moon eclipsed, and as the moon rose over Jerusalem that night it was still eclipsed for 17 minutes.

Yes, the ancient monuments are for "signs" and it also seems that the architects of Stonehenge chose the one spot in the northern hemisphere where the sun and moon alignments would form a rectangle. The only other counter part to this spot is in the southern hemisphere, in the ocean.

The builders of the Great Pyramid chose the only spot called the center of the earth for their building. A coincidence you say?....we do not think so.

The Station Stone Rectangle of Stonehenge has a length of 164' marking its use as a sign point to the Great Pyramid, could that also be a coincidence? As we learn more and more about the work of the Master Builders or our race we realize this was all for 'signs' pointing to a returned knowledge of the Eternal, His program and His Kingdom Administration.

As we speak of numbers that tell the story of Mystery, we are then thinking of the word Geometry in connection with numbers for the word..geometry..meaning 'measures of earth'.

There are three basic geometric figures which enter this picture of Divine Order, these are the Circle, the Square, and the Triangle. Ancient geometry began with one representing EL and its first division was into Elohim. Today they use the Zero but this only originated in the 8th., century and actually there is no Zero, for it does not exist. A Circle is a perfect illustration of unity, no beginning, no end.

"The LORD possessed me in the beginning of His ways, before His works of old. I was set up from everlasting, from the beginning, or the earth was. When there were no depths; I was brought forth; where there was no fountains abounding with water, before the mountains were settled, before the hills I was brought forth; while as yet he had not made the earth, nor the fields, nor the highest parts of the dust of the world.

When He prepared the heavens, I was there;

When He set a compass upon the face of the depth;

When He established the clouds above;

When He strengthened the fountains of the deep;

When He gave to the sea His decree, that the waters should not pass His commandment, when He appointed the foundation of the earth; then I was by HIM as one brought up with HIM, and I was daily His delight; Rejoicing in the habitable part of His earth, and to my delight were the sons of men. (Proverbs 8:22-31., from the Companion Bible)

Pythagoras, the Aryan Fifth century B.C., Mathematician said, that numbers are the language of the Universe. Here in the Air Age we have seen men reaching for the facts of space but ignoring the fact already outlined by writers or our race, as they have sought to keep truth alive over the centuries.

Rev. W.M.H. Milner is one of these writers who is well worth reading as he traces the Royal race of Adamic people from old Palestine to Britain, then back and forth from that land in the west to the land in the east..waiting for the time when YAHWEH as YAHSHUA WOULD COME TO RESCUE HIS PEOPLE. This did happen on time and now we recognize the Resurrection of HE WHO PROCLAIMED:...'I am the Resurrection and the Life.