ERM - Tape 152 - America At The Crossroads


TAPE NO. 152  -  by Ella Rose Mast





Here in January, 1995, we realize that we have been manipulated in all areas as the enemy has been trying to change your way of life, your intelligence factor, and all areas of your society. And then in the process, make you think that all beings on this earth have the same intelligence, as the next one. The difference being that some have had a different and easier advantage in life than others. Especially is this true in the 'Elitist' view of the White Anglo-Saxon and kindred people. Thus we have seen over the years, a dramatic transformation in American society as the 'Elite' --and here we would use the word 'educated liberal', --has tried to create a new class of people which they would dominate as the 'ruling class' and the rest of the Americans would fit into their idea of 'the working class.'

This my friends is not something new actually it is the Communist thinking of the Thirties, which triumphed in the 50's as the United Nations led by communists was born. Here today, even tho Communism has proved to be a failure in the Soviet Union, and has been brought down at least for a time, there are still in this nation those who still are advocating the same thing for America. Their thinking has not changed over the years and many of them are still in the Congress and thru out the areas of the government of these United States. With the election of November 1994 we began to hear the people of this nation express a desire to dump this old program that has not produced anything but tragedy and chaos for this nation, and go back to the basic principles which formed this nation and our constitution. We are therefore hearing many arguments. And some dirty politics of course always surfaces, for we still have some of these people in the Republican Party as well.

This is the reason as to why the book --”The Bell Curve” struck a nerve, and is considered as so controversial. And now we are seeing the attempt to bury the book, before it becomes ‘well known’. One thing the authors of the “Bell Curve” --Richard J. Herrnstein (who is now deceased) and Charles Murray pointed out, is that in spite of these decades of denial, the actual truth is that ‘Intellectual ability’ is endowed unequally, and government policies can do little to change that Fact. Needless to say this book has then been very controversial and now that Richard J. Herrnstein is gone, leaving only Charles Murray to defend their work, the enemy has moved to suppress the book. Why?------Because in their book, the authors also brought out the fact that was already well known by many scholars that the ‘Intelligence levels’ differ among Ethnic groups. That trying to put all people in one basket had brought on most of our problems here in the United States of America. Trying to accomplish this feat through out the years, and then the concentration during the 40 years of the New Deal, the Great Society, and the New Frontier and now under the so called ‘new Democrat’ has not brought about their goal, and has only caused much chaos here in our beloved nation.

As the book pointed out this policy has been to refuse to acknowledge the proof of human differences or deal with the consequences. Until we face up to the undeniable fact that our nations problems stem from this drive to make this a Communist nation with only two classes of people we are not going to be able to solve our problems of School ‘drop outs’, unemployment, out of wedlock births, crime and so forth. Until we admit that these social problems are to a great degree problems of Intelligence we will keep on failing to solve our problems. We even have to revise our thinking and open this subject to the public thinking before we solve these factors.

Charles Murray is a graduate of Harvard, and he is the author of the book ---”Losing Ground”--American social policy---written during the years of 1950-1980. Richard J. Herrnstein received his PH.D. in Psychology at Harvard and he also taught there since 1958.----And now altho he has gone, still he witnessed all these years as this process developed here in America.

What then is this thing called Intelligence?-----It is real, and it varies from person to person, and is the Universal and ancient understanding of human beings. Actually cultures thru out history have had words for saying some people are smarter than others, but today the attempt to measure the intelligence with tests has been dismissed as a process of racism.--What ever

is meant by that word. And yet many people believe this today. Thus you see why this book has caused such a stir in the literary world. As we expound some of the facts stated in this book you will see why it is a fitting book to read here at this time when we are at the “Crossroads” as to where we should as a nation go next.--Should we go all the way to this Communistic One World Government, now called Socialism in this nation? Or shall we go back to the ‘family values’ which are so maligned in the Press of today? What did the Election of November 1994 mean as to the route that this nation should take, and can we accomplish this route in the face of so much opposition? We would remind you that God is still in the heavens, and He holds the balance of the world. So that is the way we look for assistance. As Dr. Swift said some years ago----‘Back to the basics which we once knew--that is our survival for it is based on our Faith.’

In the last half of the 19th Century, Darwin insisted that inherited intelligence was a key step in human Evolution thus driving our ancestors apart from other Apes. Then his young Cousin--Sir Francis Galton got into the act and seizing on this idea then presented evidence of the intellectual capacity of various families of the Britains. And from this came in the late 1900's the so called IQ tests.

By the 1920's, America was with their immigration laws trying to limit her immigrants to the Nordic types, those of Western and Northern Europeans. Then beginning with the rise of powerful social Democratic, and Socialist movements after WWI and accelerating until 1960, we saw a shift taking place in the idea as to ‘Equality’. This became most evident in the Political field. The Civil Rights movement and then the ‘War on Poverty’ raised the consciousness of Americans so it was said by the ‘Elite’. In the 1930's it was debated as to whether intelligence was from the Genes or the Environment. But by the 1960's and into the 70's, it then became controversial to claim that Intelligence came from the Genes. Then came this further shift saying that the masses of humanity would not have “Peace” unless they --the ‘Elite’ would redistribute the wealth of America. Oh, not their wealth, but that of the ‘Middle Class’ of America who should be ashamed of how they have ‘held down’ the less fortunate people of the world. Thus there should be this ‘redistribution’ of wealth, bringing on better education, better housing, and medical care which would remove all differences between the races. When this did not seem to work, then came the ‘cry’ to outlaw the use of these so called ‘ability tests’ and no longer would tests be used to register Intelligence.

Actually the IQ tests are not always the best way to test intelligence. Some people may be experts in just one subject, and they may not be able to concentrate on anything else. We see this lots of times. Thus the IQ test does not always tell you anything in this situation.

The 20th Century then dawned on a world divided into two classes, defined in the terms of money, power, and status. Whereas before this, the lines of separation were based on hereditary rank and now this was thus replaced by ‘social standing’, and out and out wealth, and educational credentials, and what was then described as Political talent. Thus this brought on the recognition of an ‘Elite Class’. This new definition of intellect became the driving force in this nation as we moved thru the development stages of this great nation. Therefore we move from knowledge from heredity to this new way of thinking which created a new class in the U. S. who thought that they were more intelligent than the run of the mill citizens of the United States and those people began to congregate at the seat of government in the political world.

As you will recall, in 1913 a few men were able by cunning maneuvers, able to take over the money system of the United States. And the so called ‘Federal Reserve’ was put into action to handle the economy of the United States. Over the years this system has expanded as has the government until here in 1995 no one dares question this system which has never been audited. In former years as a President or other official questioned, that was their demise, showing the strength of this system which is not a part of the United States Government. Not at all.

As the 20th Century developed, altho they did not recognize it or were more interested in hanging on to power and wealth, this class known as the ‘Elite’ which today we call Liberals, are entrenched in both parties altho they have concentrated more on the Democrat party. But as time went on these people were also infiltrated in their personal life until they began to embrace Socialism, and the strong ties to their belief in the God of Israel such as the founding fathers established for this Great Nation of GOD’S Kingdom was shoved into the background in their drive to ‘get along’ with everyone.

In this instance, and under this so called’ Intellectual guidance’ we have seen the gradual removal of God from our schools, our society, and our government, and many see this as the ‘cause’ of our explosion of Crime, of Teenage babies, and so forth. But no one will point out the ‘Why’ of this situation. However remember that you cannot correct a situation no matter how had you try until you identify the ‘5th Column’ inside your nation which has been working to bring to pass the very ‘Crisis’ that is now destroying your society.

Take another look at this situation, and you will find that in the 20th Century that America opened the doors of its Colleges wider than to any other previous generation. And College education grew by leaps and bounds. A person to succeed now in the business world must have a College degree.

I have seen this situation develop. No more are you to remember that to found this great nation we saw the Pioneer woman walk with a gun in her hand and a child holding on to her skirts and sometimes a child in her arms, walking beside her man as they brought this nation under the control of the rightful rulers as decreed by the MOST HIGH. For someone to be allowed to teach in the grade schools of the United States in 1930, that person just out of high school, must by the fall of that year take an examination in 16 subjects covering subjects taught in all 8 grades of the grade schools of our nation. Subjects such as art, music and so forth were also added. And with the passing of this examination, you were eligible then to teach in the little country schools as soon as you reached the age of 18 years. In those country schools, perhaps not all 8 grades were represented. But sometimes they were. And you taught -- Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic. And without the help of a calculator or computer. You also taught history, including the stories of the founding of this nation, its goals, and also, based on the Faith of our God under which it was founded.

Gradually over the years as the influence of the ‘Elite’ grew in government, we have seen the change in our schools as well as the effects of the ‘Civil Rights’ movement as it came into play and demanded that so called’ segregation’ must be ended in our schools. This being more important than what we had considered as education. And now we were to ‘bus’ the children in and out of certain areas so as to mix the races in the schools. Look at the results. Have these tactics worked?

Going back to your beginning, the laws of God warned you of the consequences as you turn your back on the Laws of God, then watch out. In former times a student could not graduate from College until they could take the Bible and translate it back into Hebrew. Today in our nation a teacher may not even have a Bible in the classroom. Is not America at the Crossroads? In the beginning and for many years, the Supreme Court declared this a Christian Nation. Today this has been tossed out of the way as the question of ‘Church and State’ is debated and referred to over and over again.

The ‘Elite’ group, developed in the College system as well as in government, and many more people now went to College in the 1950's. But Colleges were also now becoming classified, as the costs of a College education sky rocketed. Then the government, under the prodding of the ‘Elite’ began to pay the way for the minorities to attend College. Never mind their IQ or their drive to take their place in the business world here in America when their school days were over. This of course helped some students who still had their drive toward success. But a lot of them never found it. Back in the 1930's a student was ready for their career---out of High School. Whereas today we find that as industry looks for the brightest students, they find that some of them failed along the way to even learn to read or write. Some students therefore came out of College ready to go to work in the structure of the American Dream. And some came out of the Colleges in the 1960's ready to work for the fostering of the type of Socialism which we call ‘Communism’ on to this nation. What happened???---

This drive to make all people all the same---did not work--did it? Some students then bought the radical idea to remake the United States into the image of the Soviet Union even tho that system has not worked and eventually would go down. As the 1950's brought the age of television and long distance travel, then going from this idea of a ‘self educated’ man or woman of the 30's who worked to learn so as to succeed in their chosen line of work, whether it be in Agriculture as our farmers were gearing up to feed this nation and at times the world, or in other lines of work. Our students were expected to form a goal early in life. If the parents were able to provide High School education, fine. If not, you still formed your goals and worked toward that goal. And most succeeded altho per usual we had some casualties in each generation. But you believed in America and you worked to succeed in America’s dream, not always pushing for the highest positions, for not all people are endowed with the wisdom for all jobs no matter what the ‘Elite’ were now proclaiming. Young people of those days thought that if they could make enough money to get married, care for their families and retire in old age with enough finances to live comfortably, that they had ‘made it’ in America. They still believed in God and in country and in their own ability. ----What went wrong????

Those who were able to go on to areas of higher education had different IQ’s, thus they would end up in different types of jobs, different occupations, as it should be in the American dream. Then there were those who just wanted to be able to say they were educated and then more educated, and yet were without goals. And they became a drag on their society. And now they expect the government to do things for them. What has happened is that by trying to make everyone the same, you do away with the great so-called ‘Middle Class’ of our nation. You in the process, try to remove their belief in their God, in their Faith, in their goals in life and end up with Chaos as we find in the inner cities and which is also now is trying to creep into even our smaller towns and rural areas.---Remove a people’s God, and their Faith then suffers. Does it not?

Looking back in time to 1890---more then 2/3 of the Presidents and Chairmen of America’s largest Corporations did not have a College degree. Not especially because they were poor, but because at that time it was not considered important for running a business. In fact, in the early 1900's a College education was considered a hindrance to succeed in running a business. Then the picture began to change. And as the Century draws to a close, some very high proportions of this so called ‘educated’ group are now concentrated within the highly screened jobs. Has this helped the development of our nation?

As the educational degree becomes a ticket for jobs that could be done just as well, or even, maybe better by people without a College degree, then job performance goes down. The high IQ, however, came into play and education itself began to sort the individuals. Remember that Education was supposed to impart skills and knowledge,--reading, writing, and arithmetic--and knowledge of certain facts. Perhaps IQ’s have something to do with peoples performance at work, but after all, education is the key. And if they do not reach that goal, then all the colleges in the world will not help that student arrive at his place in the American Dream. College degrees have been thus given an economic factor. But without education---knowledge, this also will disappear. In fact, as ‘Common Sense’ became replaced by a college degree, we have not seen a rise in our society toward this goal of our American Dream, but have seen a decrease in our American Way of Life.

As you study the statistics of this so called ‘War on Poverty’, we find that no matter how rich or well educated the parents of a girl might have been, still a separated, divorced, or never married white woman with children and an average IQ was still looking at a 30% chance or over of being below the poverty line, far above the usual level for the white married women. Family break-up thus is responsible for a major increase in child poverty. But a return to basics would help rectify this situation in America not only for the whites, but for all the races here in the United States. A return to the Laws of the Almighty would help even in the instances wherein divorce is a necessity. A return to family values would lead your young people into the path which has less stress for them. Today and for some time they have been pushed into ‘Live’ before they are ready for it. Education has thus fallen down in teaching the young the ‘facts of life’ and their responsibilities in it. Education takes in the teachings from a family perspective which public education has been playing down for many years. Schools with their sex education courses, have replaced the home teaching of ‘not only love and marriage’ but the basics of responsibilities on the part of each student and citizen of this nation. Instead we hear ‘Do what ever you feel like’ and youngsters have been pushed by this teaching into a way of life they are not prepared for. Look.--Today we have been hearing that ‘sex education’ has to be taught in kindergarten. The American family thus has been under siege.---Why????

Surely you can see that a ‘5th column’ has been working for all these years to break down American Family Values so as to take Christ out of America’s life style and be then more able to bring in their own ‘One World’ government, wherein there is to be the ‘Ultimate Elite’ ruling class and all others their servants. To do this, they had to get rid of the ‘Great American Middle Class’ which is and always has been the back bone of this nation, because basically of their Faith in the God of their fathers.

Now, welfare in America has caused the rise in illegitimate births as the statistics show. This statistic shows that a woman who goes on welfare constitutes a world of their own which brought about this idea and the concentration of throwing money at the problem until we are at the crossroads here today in this category as well.

Actually did the American people ever vote for ‘forced bussing of their children’, for the ‘teaching of Humanism in the schools’, for ‘Civil rights with their quotas’, for a justice system which rewards the criminal and punishes the victim, for a Federal Reserve System to handle the economic system of our nation, and on and on????? No! These things were put upon them by the powers of the ‘Elite’ who had taken control of the government, the justice department, the economic system as well, and established a ‘New Way’ of thinking for America.

When considering the problem of crime in America, we find that crime can tear a free society apart because a free society depends on the faith that the other person will behave decently. From this idea, we saw develop the idea that crime rises because some people are thought to be deprived. Poverty and unemployment must therefore be the cause of the rise in crime here in our nation. Therefore we must throw tax payer money at this problem.---Well, has it worked???

This society has retreated from older principals of individual equality before the law, and has adopted the policy which treats people as members of groups. The ‘Head Start’ program which came in under Lyndon Johnson’s war on Poverty was initially a summer program. And it quickly converted into a year long program providing classes for raising preschoolers intelligence, giving their families medical, dental, and psychological services and so forth. Soon thousands of ‘Head Start’ centers were employing tens of thousands of workers and spending hundreds of millions of dollars and then billions on hundreds of thousands of children and their families. A few months spent by preschoolers in the first summer program seemed to be producing incredible IQ gains. And the program was expanded by Congress. But no one ever reported to the public at large that these gains picked up in the first grade of school are usually gone by the third grade. And by the sixth grade they have vanished forever. ---Why???

Again, you run into the fact that there are differences in people. Differences in races that must be accounted for. Thus much of the money spent on ‘Head Start’ programs only helps those who administer the program, money wise. Some children are ‘gifted children’. But you cannot make a child into this class, no matter how hard you try. And in that trying, we neglect the ‘gifted child’ who America used to turn to for the upgrading of our society. All human societies must educate their young. Can we here in America, do it better?----That is the question. Billions of dollars have been spent on education. But are we letting each child develop to his or her potential or do we lump them all into one class where no one dares to be smarter than the rest? It has even been suggested that we put the students in uniforms so at least they will all look alike.

Laying aside the race question, which always brings forth the charge of ‘racism’, the ‘Affirmative Action’ program has also not worked. It has put more minorities in the Colleges, but has it helped the education picture? Or has it brought forth more tension among the races, especially between Black and White? This 20th Century program that government should create equality of conditions, that society has failed to do it, now is showing signs of coming apart at the seams. How then should polity deal with the twin realities that people differ in intelligence for reasons that are not their fault, that intelligence has a powerful bearing on how well people do in life? The answer in the 20th Century has been that government should create the equality conditions that society has neglected to produce on its own and has now been proven also not to be working.

For 30 years or more, vast changes in American life have been instituted by the government, many times over the protest of the people, to deal with social programs, failing to point out that a small segment of the population account for a large proportion of our problems, and only a small vocal minority has been running the show. Is it not then time for the citizens of America to rise up and demand their turn to lead America from the crossroads into the new century? We believe this is true. We believe this is God’s purpose and plan for his nation. And we also believe that if you turn our people loose to achieve their very best, that this nation will finally achieve that status of ---A GREAT NATION WHICH DESTINY DOES DECLARE.  

(End of tape)