ERM - Tracing The Covenant People Leviticus To Deuteronomy




By Ella Rose Mast


Here are the books for the health laws and the numbering of these children of Israel, so as to assume their marching formation and their style of life for their best health results. Leviticus is also the book relating to worship. And is only for those whom YAHWEH thus calls. For only those does HE seek to worship HIM.--"Blessed is the man whom thou chooseth, and causes to approach unto thee, that he may dwell in thy courts."---(John 23-24---and Psalms 65:4). Here we are thus talking about worship just as the book of Exodus thus relates to redemption.

The Holy Spirit is not once named in the book of Leviticus whereas it is referred to in all the other books of the Pentateuch, because ALL relates to The Christ. And it is the spirit which works to Glorify Christ. (John 16:13-14) Thus YAHWEH begins here in the Old Testament with the burnt offering and ends with the Sin offering.

How then are the National and Ecclesiastical laws to be administered and what about the separation of Church and State? The Bible gives emphatic guidance on both. Both Church and State are under YAHWEH'S laws and are subject to HIM. Altho both are not under the same human administration. Moses and a cabinet of Judges whom he appointed and trained in statesmanship executed all manners of State. This plan was suggested by Jethro, the father-in-law of Moses, who was a Priest. This plan was used for 40 years in the wilderness. As we also know from Deuteronomy 1:15-16, it was still in use during the reign of Jehoshaphat who adopted it in its original form unchanged from the days of Moses.

Ecclesiastical statutes were administrated by the house of Aaron. No man is permitted to execute both national and ecclesiastical law. No Priest or Bishop is exempt from the obedience of the Statutory law of the nation, and government officials are not permitted to control the church as they do in totalitarian countries. Mutual interest and cooperation are enjoined as all 'wise hearted' folks will love and support both church and state. When the Christ returns then as King of all the Nations and head of the Church, then for the first time will the rights of both offices be vested perpetually in one person.

The word 'And' (Lev. 1:1) connects Leviticus closely with Exodus; and Exodus in linked to Genesis, for these are the same people and this is the same story. No other book written by Moses contains so many words of YAHWEH---"Yahweh Spake", appears 36 times. ---"I am YAHWEH", appears 21 times,---"I am YAHWEH thy God", appears 21 times.---"I AM", appears 3 times, and "I YAHWEH", appears 2 times.

The sons of Aaron the Priest received their instructions for the burnt offerings. There was a great ritual to all this, and lots of continuous instructions, and work for each offering. There were even instructions as what to do with the ashes from the altar. Always when done right, there was a response from YAHWEH in each instance of sacrifice. Once two sons of Aaron got carried away and did things they were not commanded to do and fire came out from YAHWEH AND CONSUMED THEM. This was because of disobedience. After all YAHWEH was preparing His army to retake the Old Land of Promise. And this would demand total obedience or these covenant people would be wiped out once more. As you will remember, YAHWEH'S people have always been His battle axe and weapons of war.

Now, all worship which is not kindled by the Holy spirit is called 'Strange Fire'. It was of their own kindling, so is most of that which is offered today. And according to John 4:23-24, deserves the same judgement. The 'incense of prayer' and worship on the golden altar in the Holy of Holies, was kindled by fire taken from the Brazen Altar in the outer court of the tabernacle on which the atonement was made. (Lev. 16:12-13) Only those whose sins were being atoned for could worship at that time.

There is a symbolic lesson found here in Leviticus 16:8-10, and altho the translation is somewhat corrupted, still the story is:---'Therefore two goats were brought by Aaron the priest. One of these goats will be used for sacrifice, and the other will be sent out into the desert.' The lesson being, that the sins of Satan are not to be sacrificed for, here with the Children of Israel. This is not in the program of YAHWEH for that time.

There are three fires mentioned here in the book of Leviticus:--

1. The fire of true worship.

2. The 'Strange fire' or strange worship.

3. The fire of Judgement.

Obedience in the program of the Kingdom is thus vital. This is also the reason why Judgement must begin at the House of God (I Peter 4:17). All worship which has not Christ for its object, the Glory of YAHWEH for its ene, and the Holy Spirit for its power, will be rejected and judged. If you protest this judgement, you also are finished. For who can stand against the Wisdom of YAHWEH-God.

As for the food laws, we know that food plays the chief part in health and sickness. It is wisdom to obey the food laws as far as possible, for all are based on the preservation and health of the race. Some are for sanitary reasons, and some for peculiarities of climate. Some are for separating you from other people.

It is a biblical fact that from the beginning the earth has shared the consequences of the evils of man. And when man is in disobedience, the earth suffers. Sin (the breaking of the law) brings no blessings and yet the earth is glad when YAHWEH avenges his people. (Ps. 96:11-13)

In the book of Exodus and now in this book, YAHWEH spoke to Moses and told him what to say to the congregation of the Children of Israel. As you read the book of Leviticus, you realize that everything is touched upon. Every factor of their lives is for protection and blessings as they go once more into this old land of Canaan, which He gave to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and their seed after them. Those are the people who own that land today, altho they seem to have given their inheritance away. But watch what YAHWEH has in mind.

The laws have thus been given for the Kingdom, for the administration of that Kingdom.

The rituals were established to bring these Covenant People to the Christ. The rituals were stated as:--'if you do this then blessings will flow.' Where as the great lesson to be learned was that without obedience, then 'no blessings'. Without total Faith, these people could not maintain this hope of final victory.

We see here then, the trouble that Moses was having in education the people of the Covenant, to prepare them for the next step in this program of the Almighty. A leader would also have to be trained just as Moses was trained before he took over the job of leadership.

The book of Leviticus ends with this verse:--'These are the commandments which the Lord commanded Moses to give to the children of Israel in Mount Sinai.'

The fourth book of Moses called Numbers, begins with the counting of all the men of each tribe of Israel form 20 years old upward. This book of Numbers is an important book for the guidance also of our statesmen during critical wars and distress among the nations. Besides the records of census taking in general, it gives the plan for the registration and training of men for national defense. Look at Britain and the United States today as once more our leaders are succumbing to disarmament propaganda instead of following the instructions of the Almighty in being prepared to protect our nation.

In this book of Numbers, we will find division of land, the inheritance of the tribes. But first they must reach this promised land. Remember how they sent spies into Canaan land, and the people, as they read the report, even with YAHWEH with them day and night, were overcome with fear at what they learned? But this was because of their unbelief in the power of His protection. Thus they would spend 40 years here in what is called 'the wilderness' waiting for the doubters' to die off, and the young army to be prepared to retake the Promised Land moving in total obedience. At the end of the 40 years, they would take another census and at that time those whom Moses and Aaron had numbered in the beginning, except for Caleb and Joshua, would not be now counted. (Numbers 26:63-65) For had not YAHWEH said they would surely die in the wilderness. Thus only Caleb and Joshua remained as those who set an example of Faith and Courage for all succeeding generations.

In this census you will notice that the tribe of Levi were no where numbered. But both the sons of Joseph now had a tribe to be numbered and each of those two tribes would carry the standard or ensign of their father's house. The tribe of Levi would camp around the Tabernacle and be responsible for its care and the moving of it as they marched.

On each side of the Tabernacle would thus camp three tribes and they would hold that position as they marched. Each tribe carried the standard of their fathers house and the one in the middle on each side would fly the highest. Thus this would expose the 4 so called living creatures of scriptures--'the Lion, the Eagle on a staff, the Man and the Bull'. Today, we trace all the tribes in their homelands in the West by the blessings of Jacob-Israel and their ensigns and symbols.

YAHWEH had spoken to Moses giving orders for money to be given to Aaron and his sons, and also all the orders for the preparing of the Tabernacle, and the method of transporting it on their march to the Promised Land. You will remember that YAHWEH had delivered Manna to the people for food---heavenly food. And then when they complained that they wanted meat, HE also sent the quail. And remember that some ate so much meat that they acquired a stomach ache and some even died. But they received what they asked for.

Remember how even Miriam protested that Moses had not married out of the strict line of Israelites. No. She was out of the lineage of the White Shepherds, the Magi, out of Seth. But YAHWEH had not objected to this, so why should Miriam? But she had to have a lesson as to who was in control here. And she was Leprous for seven days as her punishment. Thus making known to her that Moses was the one He chose for leadership, and this was not her decision. But when Moses prayed, then Miriam was healed.

As the children of Israel were camped at Paran, then men were sent in to search the land of Canaan. And it is noted that once again, this land was given unto Israel. A man of each tribe was sent in to spy out the land. To find out just what type of people were in the land and where they lived. They reported back that this land seemed to be flowing with 'milk and honey' but there were walled cities and Giants in the land. These would be like those destroyed in the flood of Noah's time. They were Nephilin, or fallen Angels offspring.

After this report, the children of Israel again began to murmur and cry out, but their leaders, now Joshua and Caleb, pleaded with the people not rebel against YAHWEH. For HE had promised them the land. But some would not listen, and the earth just swallowed them up. After all back in another dimension, then YAHWEH will deal with them later. And now they would not be among this young fighting force led by Joshua and Caleb as they became the 'battle axe' and weapons of war for YAHWEH in this process of retaking again, this old land which HE had given to Abraham so long ago. The promise had included the Seed of Abraham as well.

Miriam died there in the wilderness and also Aaron died and the garments of the Priesthood were taken off of him and put on his son Eleazar. YAHWEH had taught these people a great lesson there in 'the Wilderness' as He sought to get them to depend on Him. Remember how even the serpent situation was solved as Moses was told to put the Brazen serpent on a pole. This was of course all in symbolism to show them their problem of having those influence by Satan who would rebel against YAHWEH, and always when this happened they were immediately in trouble. Time after time YAHWEH had rescued His people. Some of them had been sent home. For death is after all the back door. But they would thus be out of the way as they prepared to retake the Old Promised Land.

The dividing of the land was done (Numbers 26) as each tribe was then given their inheritance. And they would then know where to make their abode after securing the land first. Some of the tribes would be given land east of the Jordan River, even 1/2 of the tribe of Manasseh. For the land west of the Jordan was small and these Israelites were many in number.

As the children of Israel camped on the other side of the Jordan, they came to the land of Moab. And we have then this story of Balaam (chapters 22 and 23). As the King of Moab saw all of those Israelites who were now approaching their land, he was very disturbed. He then sent men to Balaam because he was known as a Medium or Spiritist, and the King asked him to come and curse these Israelite people. Well, to make a long story short,--YAHWEH told Balaam that he was not to go with this King of Moab and he also was not to curse the Israelite people. (Chapter 22:12) So Balaam sent the men back to the king saying he could not come. The king then sent them back to Balaam with the offer of a reward if Balaam would come and curse these people. Balaam again told them that he could not come, --but this reward---. He is now leaning toward disobedience, for he asked the men to tarry until the next morning. He once more goes back to YAHWEH as to what to do. He didn't take his first answer as a No. This time YAHWEH says:--'If these men come to call thee, then rise up and go.'--Well, the next morning Balaam did not wait for the men to come to call him, he just got up and mounted his little donkey and went in search of them. Is not this a good example of how Israel acts so many times. Always in a hurry and then they have to pay for disobedience.

Well, Balaam was so intent on doing 'his own thing', that he was just riding along, maybe thinking of that reward, and he did not see the Angel of the LORD standing in the path. But the little donkey saw the Angel with the big sword and he knew he could not pass. When you have even the little donkey seeing the facts of life, then Balaam was so far out in his thinking, that he could not see. So he beat the little donkey and when it fell down, he would have killed it if he'd had a weapon. Then YAHWEH woke Balaam up and now he was ready to admit he had sinned. Now he is ready to obey. Therefore he is now sent on to the King of Moab to speak only the words that YAHWEH would tell him. There is much symbolism in this story, for there was built 3 times--7 altars. And seven oxen and seven rams were put on the altars. And each time then, Balaam can only repeat the story of the program of YAHWEH for these Israelite people. Balaam would know the story of the Star which came out of Jacob. And a scepter would rise out of Israel. And since these descendants of Lot, or of Esau, would not now let the Israelites enter into their inheritance, then the inheritance for them is also over. And they shall be punished.

As you study this parable of Balaam, you are reminded of those of the race today who way:--'sure we believe in Jesus the Christ, but He is so far away. So get out of the way, for we are going to do it 'my way'.' To me, the little donkey represented this remnant who have always been trying to alert the race as to their purpose in earth, but only get beaten in the process. Altho they are still studying , and learning and maybe becoming quiet as they see all the events taking place, but in faith they are still moving the Kingdom quietly forward. But those who will not see, or listen, are still pushing ahead trying to accommodate the World Order and make it a part of the plan. In this effort, they can only stub their toe. For it will not work. Only those of total faith will be able to answer the call when the time comes for the administration of the Kingdom to be established. The others will have to be made aware of 'the way of the LORD'.

It must be a program to total obedience to establish this Kingdom, for there is always much pressure against it.

Now, this document called Deuteronomy, as a digest of Israel's constitution should be studied in every home. It should be the text book in every American school beginning with civics and continuing thru the University coursed on political science. Deuteronomy not only reviews the Law, but summarizes the proceeding instructions.

You cannot read the Old Testament and not realize as to what a marvelous man that YAHWEH raised up to lead HIS people. We are thus speaking of Moses. For he is also the one who left this written record for us to digest. He made one mistake in all those years. For he struck the rock twice, being angered by these complaining people, and it lost for him the privilege of leading the children of Israel into the Promised Land. But perhaps YAHWEH had something more important for him to do, since he had by foreknowledge already trained Joshua for the job. Moses, under YAHWEH'S appointment thus had mobilized the Children of Israel and brought them out of Egypt. At Mount Sinai, he was their spokesman when the Kingdom was organized and when the people pledged their loyalty unto YAHWEH'S Holy Will and Purpose. As a scribe, he classified and recorded the Commandments, Statutes, and Judgements. In real life, he taught the Israelites how to understand, and to obey, and apply the laws. He trained them in the art of worship. He stood between his people and YAHWEH and prayed and pleaded with Him for mercy and forgiveness. And after a long and hard journey, he brought this Covenant family to the brink of the Jordan River. Moses had done his job well and now it would be time to let another step into center stage for YAHWEH had been preparing someone to take his place.

Before leaving this book of Deuteronomy, we should once more review the facts that these Israelites are the Holy People.

Deut. 7:6--"For thou are an Holy people, unto the LORD thy God. The LORD thy God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto Himself, above all the people that are upon the face of the earth."

Again:---chapter 14:2---

"Thou are a Holy people unto the LORD thy God. And the LORD hath chosen thee to be a Peculiar people unto Himself, above all the nations that are upon the earth."

There are things written in the last of the book of Deuteronomy as to the death of Moses which Moses did not write. And later we would see Moses on the Mount of Transfiguration. So this idea that Moses must have died, this Moses did not write. We also find that Lucifer is hunting for the body of Moses and if it would have been in earth, he would have found it.