ERM - Tracing The Covenant People - Messiah


MESSIAH   (The Covenant People story continued)

By Ella Rose Mast



As we trace this Covenant people, we come to this time when we read that a Savior has been born. ---Why was this necessary, is the question sometimes asked.??--Because these Covenant people here in the flesh, altho they tried, and produced some great leaders, still our people could not walk and keep on the narrow path of the Old Covenant without stumbling and bringing on judgements. After all, part of the program was for each generation to receive an education here in the flesh. This physical envelope is the container for the spirit to enter the physical world. Thus our people enter the physical world by the breaking of the water in the birth process. But the spirit which entered this physical body was not a baby spirit. No.--It was a full grown spirit. And this spirit consciousness was with the Father before the world was framed.

Thus here thru this Immaculate conception Mystery, thru this very envelope of birth came YAHWEH as YAHSHUA or Savior, to His people who were already here in earth, in flesh bodies and to all those who would come later. He came as a tiny babe, of His own race into this physical earth. He came as you and I came, a tiny babe, the most helpless of all tiny creatures. He as YAHSHUA (spirit) would dwell in this body that Mary had produced for Him. And we are told that He came to 'save' His people from their sins'. (Matt. 1:21) Why did He chose this way to come?--So that He could identify with you His family. (Hebrews 2:11) We are also told that the greatest of sins for His people would be for them to mix this--His race, His household, which carries the Holy Spirit seed, and capable of passing it on the offspring. Mixing with another race without that capacity, then the child does not receive the Holy spirit and is not of the race. This race was to remain pure since it is flesh of His flesh, and bone of His bone.

His people, under the Old covenant, were having such a time maintaining their status quo here in the flesh. And HE came---also in the flesh, to be an example for them and to rescue them from their sins, which was simply the breaking of His laws. He thus, came spirit, soul, and body and could move into any dimension and could also HOLD THE WHOLE WORLD IN HIS HANDS. Thus making Him the 'same yesterday, today and forever.' This is, of course, some of the mystery of the Virgin Birth. Yet the body of the Man Christ Jesus was not actually a new body. For this was also the body He had before this world was framed. This body was thus synthesized again and brought forth in the Ovum. Thus the translation is ---The Immaculate conception. Thus this YAHSHUA, this tiny babe---was "Very God". This had to be the case, for He was also the Lamb without spot or blemish. (I Peter 1:19)

His heavenly race--this Adamic race, had fallen as He knew they would and He had promised to come, thru this race so as to redeem His people form their sins. It is thus very important for you to understand as you read your scriptures carefully, so as to know who the main actors of this story really are, starting from Genesis 2. In otherwords, --YAHWEH the Father (spirit) had provided the Adamic race with all the essentials for this "Tree of Life"---they being His household, His family, His issue. Thus this was the reason that the fall of Adam and Eve was transgression, or violation of Divine Law. For they were reaching outside this established race. This seduction of Eve produced Cain--a child of crossed races. And then Adam did the same, but he knew better. (I Timothy 2:14)

Now, yes, --our first parents sinned. But YAHWEH did not divorce them, for He understood the temptations of this Satanic seduction. However, He never recognized the child --Cain-- as having any part in this Adamic race. Instead He proceeded with the program of the cleansing of the womb, and setting this--His begotten race back on the path to produce a child pure enough to carry the spiritual seed of the Father forward. And in time, after seven gestations, this was accomplished. And we read of the birth of Seth. And this race was back on track. Seth, thus carried the seed of the Celestial house, making a pure affinity between Adam and Eve, for the production of physical bodies in which the Celestial Household came to dwell.

You will remember that Adam said of Seth:--'I have now begotten a man in my own image and after my own likeness.' (Genesis 5:3) YAHWEH as YAHSHUA, Savior,--Messiah much later then, came into physical earth to rescue His household and make it possible for the Kingdom to progress here in earth. After 5500 years from the time Adam and Eve were put out of the Garden, then here we see the babe in the manger. And the world has never been the same.

Scripture tells us that soon after the birth of the Savior that the shepherds came to worship at the manger. The next morning Joseph moved Mary and the babe to the home of Elizabeth the mother of John the Baptist, a cousin of Mary and of course, you realize that they could have gone there for the birthing, but that would not have fulfilled prophecy. For remember, He was the Lamb without spot or blemish and where would a lamb be born but in a stable?

Then came the Wise men--these Wise men were of this race who had been watching for a certain sign in the heavens. They were of this ancient organization established and formed by Enoch, the man who walked so perfectly here in the flesh, that he did not have to go thru death to return home. These Wise men, as did their generations before them, watched the heavens. And yes. They were pastoral Priests. They had built great observatories, one especially in the High Himalaya mountains and one at the city of On in Egypt. One in Britain, and one on the Persian gulf. There they had over the long years waited and watched the heavens, but their organization had also grown in number and in wealth and they were well known as an organization all over the known areas of earth. The government of Rome, at the time of the Birth of Christ, tried to control Judea, but they also gave orders that no one in their area of control were to hinder these learned men.

Thus they watched the heavens. And excitement began to grow for was that not a sign in the sky, a great light, like a star?? The Wise men prepared to travel--could it be at last??--Yes. The time was right. And now they were on the move. For their promised Savior would be born in Judea. Enoch had instructed them well as to what to watch for. And they were sure this was the sign. They were to go to Egypt to that ancient city of On. And there where their race had left their mark as Master Builders, where they had visited many times, there they would meet the men coming from Britain. And when all had assembled, then as the star seemed to pass from the head of Virgo to the womb area, they would start for Jerusalem the capital of Judea. They were all assembled then in Egypt at the City of On, and they watched. And, yes, they would now start for Judea. No longer would they wait for this fourth Wise man, for they were now late. So they started for Judea and this great light went before them. And they followed this heavenly light to Jerusalem

As these Wise men arrived in Judea, at Jerusalem, they realized that something was wrong. For a stranger to their race sat as King in Jerusalem. They ask as to who had been born, King in Judea, but no one could tell them. Herod the King heard of the arrival of the Wise men and he ordered them brought to the courtyard. Scribes were then sent for and yes--the scrolls said that a Savior would be born King in Judea. But the birth would take place in the little town of Bethlehem.

The Wise men left Jerusalem hurriedly. The atmosphere in Herod's court spelled trouble for the little King. As they left the city, they saw again the great light and they followed it and it came to rest over the home of Elizabeth. No. This was not a Star that came down so close to the earth. But this was a great light and it moved. So use your imagination. After all, this was YAHWEH being born into earth. All things would, of course, have been prepared for. The light thus led them to the Temple. To the home where Mary, the babe and her husband Joseph were with her cousin Elizabeth. Here also was this little boy, John the Baptist born to Elizabeth and her husband Zacharias, who was so it says, to "prepare the way of the LORD" at a later date.

Here the Wise men presented their gifts to Mary for her child, gifts of Frankincense and Myrrh for His burial and gold, the amount needed for His coming ministry. They also warned Joseph about the situation in Jerusalem. And what they viewed as danger to the tiny King. Then the Wise men returned to their own country by another way, not reporting back to Herod that they had found their tiny King,---called in scripture--" A son of David",--one of the mysteries which could only be understood by the Household of the Kingdom.

Joseph was warned by heavenly sources to be on guard and to take Mary and the child and flee into Egypt where they would be safe from the wrath of Herod who would not let anyone live that might in time be a threat to his kingship which had been bought, and which he planned to pass on to his children. Thus we find from other sources that Mary and Joseph took the baby YAHSHUA to the Temple of On in Egypt where a white Priesthood still presided. There also it is said that between the Paws of the Sphinx--where there was also a temple--that they would find a safe place among their own people. These were people down generations from the lineage of Seth. But still their own Adamic people. And they were safe.

From the scriptures we learn that after so long a time, Mary and Joseph and the babe came back to Judea. But when they found another Herod on the throne, they quietly went back to their own city of Nazareth to live.

We pause here in our story to remember that the 4th Wise man had been delayed in his journey into Egypt to join the other Magi, as they traveled to Jerusalem searching for "He who was to be born KING in Judea." This man came late into Egypt. He was bringing the great Robe and the Crown for their King, and the great jewels for that crown. Tradition and old records tell us that as he came into Jerusalem, there was great activity in Herod's court. For now the king was very agitated. How could anyone declare they were born king in his territory? Besides, the Magi had not returned to tell him if they had found the little King. Orders had been given to destroy every male child in the little city of Bethlehem who was under two years of age. The fourth Wise man and his caravan quickly left Jerusalem and hurried straight to the Temple in Bethlehem. And his caravan camped in the courtyard of this temple where also was to be found the homes of the Priests. Here the High Priest was Zacharias the husband of Elizabeth and here also was that little six month old baby, John the Baptist, who was to play his part later in our story.

No sooner had the fourth Wise man arrived, and learned that Mary and Joseph and the babe had gone into Egypt where they would be safe, then the noise came signaling the arrival of the army of Herod on their deadly mission. Here they came to the Temple, paying no attention to the fact that they were not to disturb the Magi, these men of knowledge. We are told by tradition that the fourth Wise man put on the Great Robe which he had brought and picked up John the Baptist who lay sleeping. He folded the young child in his arm under the Great Robe and put one of the rubies for the crown in the pocket. And he stepped out to the top of the steps of the small temple just as the Captain of the Guard came tromping up the steps, asking if there were any babies, males, under two years of age here in the temple homes of the Priests. He was not intimidated by this Magi in the Great Robe, but he did look at the great ruby now in his hand. And his eyes began to show greed. And the Magi knew that he had won. The captain took the great jewel and turned, going down the steps telling his men not to disturb the Magi and his caravan.

John the Baptist was then taken out to the Essene camp to be raised until he could play his part in this drama then taking place in Palestine. We see a scriptural glimpse of the young Messiah at the age of twelve when He sat in the temple amazing the Scribes with His knowledge. Then no trace of Him until He returned to Galilee at the age of thirty years to begin His ministry.

For the stories of the missing eighteen years of His life, we turn to the old books and records as to where He went and what He did in those missing eighteen years. Since you now know of the relationship of these people in our story, it would thus not be surprising that young YAHSHUA would travel on the ships of His uncle--Joseph of Arimathea. This idea that He was only a carpenter's son until He started His ministry, then became God's son because of His obedience, is just a concocted story by someone who could not understand, to keep you from understanding your scriptures. This must have come from someone who had no idea of the symbolism contained in your book, or someone trying to lead us astray.

In my tape series no. 14, I outlined for you the genealogy charts and the early life of YAHSHUA. And you will find much from the old books in that report, so I will not repeat it here. If you do not have it let me know. Today our knowledge has increased and we find that as a young man, YAHSHUA did travel to all places where the disciples would not reach as they were told to go to 'Lost Sheep'. And always as He came, these people called Him MASTER. We learn that--yes--He did teach in the great Universities of England where the Nobility of Europe sent their young men to study. Thus He was more that a carpenter's son. And He definitely traveled more than twenty miles from Nazareth as some would have you believe.

In this period of time, the Temple of Jerusalem was still the seat of worship for all Israel. And the law required that all males of a certain age came to the temple, even tho it was by this time mostly controlled by the Edomites. We learn from Matthew 17:24-27, that as YAHSHUA came back to Galilee, that there was a 'stranger's tax' being collected in that land. And YAHSHUA--Jesus--ten paid the tax. The collectors of the tax came to Peter and said:--'Does your master pay that tax?' Jesus, anticipating this, as Peter came into the house, said:--'What do you think, Simon Peter? Of whom do the kings of earth take a Head tax, from their sons or from the aliens?' As Peter said from the aliens, Jesus said:--'Then the sons are exempt?'--' But no matter lest we offend them, then you go to the sea and take up the fish that comes to you, and take this Stater (coin) and give it to them from me and thee.' Thus here is proof that Jesus was a stranger in His own homeland, the district of Capernaum. This tax was not the Jewish tax of the Temple tax. That was a silver coin. This was a Roman tax. Jesus had been gone from His home district so long that even the tax collectors did not recognize Him.

There is an ancient tradition that writers have found in Cornwall, Britain, which says that Joseph of Arimathea came to Cornwall and brought the boy Jesus with him. And that Jesus taught His uncle how to extract time and purge it form the wolfram--and when the tin was flashed, then the tinners would shout:--'Joseph is in the trade.'

We find also this tradition that says, Jesus was brought to Britain by His uncle Joseph of Arimathea at Somerset where they came in ships of Tarsus to Somerland, and sojourned in a place called Paradise. Somerland is Somerset of course, at the mouth of the River Brue which runs down from Glastonbury to Burnham on the Sea. About a mile from Glastonbury, lies the village of Godney which means 'God's Marsh Islands'. And the Glastonbury tradition is more concerned by the visits of Jesus the Christ during His early manhood. Tradition also states that Jesus came to Britain and spent much near Glastonbury.

This should not have been so surprising. For He was only going where the Covenant people had been migrating to as they moved out on their destiny.