ERM - Windswept House



Report by Ella Rose Mast



by Malachi Martin


Our author is a well-known author and he sees sinister workings in the Catholic Church over many years to put His church in its proper place for this One World Government being planned.

This book ‘WINDSWEPT HOUSE’ was published in 1996. It depicts political and religious intrigue by a small group of highly placed Church officials to steer the Roman Catholic Church into this New World Order.

This author tells of the efforts of disloyal Cardinals who work feverishly to subvert the Pope and the church, and have had no reluctance to use murder, blackmail, and yes, even Satanism, to bring down this church. In fact, they went thru the Luciferian ritual of installing their Prince--Lucifer--some years ago, to be the Pope in their program.

Why the Catholic Church? It is a separate operation with ambassadors coming from several countries. Whereas the Protestant Christian Church is a far flung operation. But it is already mostly in their hands. The Evangelists have been working for this program altho the ordinary people seem not to understand what is happening.

Now Malachi Martin resigned as a priest from the church, and he also resigned from the Jesuit organization as well. Father Martin, when interviewed, stated that his book is but a fictional work. 85% based on 85% factual facts. And most personages are Red, but given fictional names. Altho Michael Gorbachev appears as himself. Father Martin says that he left the Jesuit organization and the priestly life because he found it increasingly difficult to see CHRIST in any of his immediate superiors, and even in the Jesuit organization.

The book begins with a vivid description of a ‘Black Mass’ held way back in Charleston, South Carolina, and in Rome, at the same time. And the author says this really happened. This, my friends, was the ritual installing ‘The Prince of this world--Lucifer--in place of the Pope of Rome. I would suggest if any of you are loyal Catholics that you get Father Martin's book and see what is happening to your church. I would suggest the rest of you also read it, for he is an accomplished author and knows his facts. And besides, this is just describing the last of the Christian faith to be destroyed so as to set in place this ‘wonderful One World Order that the Children of Darkness prepare for you.

Father Martin says that in addition to the Cardinals from Century City, there are numerous Cardinals and Bishops who depict a very bad light from among the Cardinals. For they and many of the hierarchy are Satanists, homosexuals, anti-Papists and cooperators in the drive for this One World Rule which is in high gear in our world today. Father Martin says there is more disloyalty within the Vatican today then when he wrote the book. Father Martin tells us that the Pope is surrounded by people in clerical garb who do not possess the Catholic Faith. They are working with foundations, non-governmental organizations, international groups and other agencies to bring a New World Order into existence based on the philosophies of he who they call their Prince. We suggest that you think for a moment as to what happened to the Protestant Christian Churches, and now the Catholic Christian Church in under the fire, and you will realize that those who do not believe in or love your Christ, your Redeemer, have taken over your inheritance and now claim it for their own.

As planned this new World Order will have a total globalization of money. And the flow of Capital and Capital goods will be managed from a single, controlled directed entity, such as the Bank of International Settlements, in Switzerland. Any nation that does not submit to the new globalized system will perish.

There will be an expanded United Nations, which will spread its new Ethical structure, already championed by Michael Gorbachev and Maurice Strong. This will replace the ten commandments and become the basis of a New Universal and Godless religion. --Satanist.

This New World Order will not be centered in a collection of buildings from which emissaries are dispatched to give orders to the world. There will still be national legislators, but this government of the World will be directed by those who have climbed into the Capstone of power.

Now several years ago, we gave you a diagram of this coming world government and it was in the shape of a pyramid with a capstone. We suggested at that time that the World Council of Churches, and the National Council of Churches, the C.F.R. and the Trilateral Commission, the Club of Rome, and the Builderbergers and so forth, were some of the lower pillars of Power, and that the United Nations was close to the top. This pyramid design is also the design of God's Kingdom with Christ as the Capstone. But this new envisioned World Government now being proclaimed has much different plans and a much different head. And the top positions of power under that head are men from the ranks of those who do not believe in our God, men who have now positions Lucifer as the Prince of this world, and are waiting to install him in the Papacy. These men have no loyalty to the nations from which they come. They are simply internationalists seeking total control of the world, total control of mankind. Each is godless. And collectively, they intend to use religion, government and the control of finance, to impose their will. Thus we see them as Mystery Babylon of the scriptures, in these last days before this process is destroyed by the Almighty.

Father Martin comes up with an interesting idea. He thinks that the Soviet Union was ordered to disintegrate its power, and Michael Gorbachev was the man ordered to bring this about. Ordered and groomed by those who are in the Capstone of command. We totally agree with Father Martin for we know that Gorbachev has been living in San Francisco for several years, working for the United Nations, and the upper echelon of power putting together the plans for this great New One World Order. Thus, who has supplied Gorbachev with his monetary funds to work with?---None other than Henry Kissinger, the Rockefeller Bros. fund, the Carnegie Endowment for National Peace, the Ford Foundation and the PEW, and the Mellon funds, all pitched in with the guarantee to supply Gorbachev's Foundation with its start up bankroll of three and one-half million dollars.

With the coming of this Slavic present Pope, Father Martin tells us that the behind the schemers of the Vatican thought that they would finally have a Pope who would help them progress fast on their program of World government. After all, this Slavic Priest believed in going on excursions to the world, and the Catholic world welcomed him with open arms. But now in office, he would not sanction or change any of the Church's teaching. In fact, he would not even renounce some of the most important traditional claims of the Roman Catholic Church. As long then as he remains Pope, then no move can be made toward their magnificent goals of this New World Order, could be made. At least progress would be slowed inevitably. Thus, the Slavic Pope had become a target of change. Actually the ultimate target.

Yes, we hear of concentration camps all of the time. But Father Martin suggests that there will be these camps, but they will only be used for those found guilty of breaking fully enacted NEW Law. We suggested years ago that the first people taken care of after the establishment of this New world order, if God allows it to go that far, would be these people who joined the other side to help bring this to pass. For those who would help to bring this to pass. After all if they would betray their own people, why would you want them in your organization?

Now you ask, ‘why is the Catholic Church their target today?’ This is Father Martins explanation:-----It is because the Catholic Church is a separate international organization that cannot be allowed to exist as a Competitor. The Vatican has its own diplomatic corpse of Ambassadors posted in highly industrial nations of the world. There are 180 nations that come to the Vatican. No other church commands this much attention. Here then you see those working for this New World Order must bring this unique Catholic organization under their control.

Does the present so-called Slavic Pope realize what is happening and to how he is not being able to stop it? Listen to what he said as he traveled to the Shrine of Mary Magdalene, in France:---(Quote) “Briefly I want to speak to a Saint who went into exile because of the glory she had seen on Christ's face the day of His resurrection. I want to honor her in a special way in the hope that she will intercede with Christ and give me strength to bear my own exile which is just now beginning in earnest.”

Now I am not a Catholic. But I am interested in what happened to this church. And here we learn that while the Pope is away on his trips into the world, that the hierarchies of his office work feverishly on their One World Program and how to fit this Pope, if they have to, into this design for a new religion for this grand new world order. This New Religion will not be founded on the beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church at its beginning. Father Martin points out that it now is too late to find excuses for all of the changes brought about so as to use this church for the benefit of the New World Order.

Now it is up to this Pope, who is ill and getting older and surrounded by men who are traitors to the faith, to save the church. Then how is he to do this? He understands that if apostates are not expelled from a church, the people gradually fall into this same apostasy. The situations we see today sort of bear this out.

Father Martin tells us that Popes are just ordinary men elevated to an extraordinary level, and given extra ordinary powers. Yet they are as fallible as Judas and as Peter. As for Cardinals and Bishops there are great many saints. But also, the church had long been inflicted with intrigue and disloyalty from some of them. This thus means the end of the Catholic Church's structure, as we know it. Where there is apostasy, the unknowing people remain obedient. If the American Catholic Church or any other broke with Rome to create a formal schism, they would lose the obedience of the people.

Thus, this New World Order must move carefully to bring this Catholic Church organization into their control. How to do it was the question. And then it was decided that the best way was to infiltrate the Bishops. Then secure the post of Secretary General to the Holy Father, and to the Secretary General of the European Common Market Council of Ministers. With the Bishop positions then be taken over by the Children of Darkness, they would come to the position as to what to do with this Pope. Oh, just pressure him to resign, for he is losing control of the whole set up in Rome. Well they know that this Pope is getting old and frail and still stubborn and dedicated to the defense of the Papal office. If something happens to him, the people who love him will be up in arms. The safest way to handle him then is thru this pressure, so he will resign.

Father Martin says that in all the past 200 years there has never been a time in the Catholic Church when apostasy was fomented, protected and allowed, and is not even commentated on as it is today. This does not mean the end of the church. It means however, the end of the Church's structure as we know it.

Now the title of this book "Windswept House" was the name of an ancient mansion in New Orleans, the home of the Gladstones, a devout Catholic family. This popular influential old family of the South was now in the hands of a daughter of the Gladstones. She had return to her ancestral home with her three children, two boys and a girl. She was a staunch supporter of this Catholic Church and its values of old. Yet in this story, as outlined by Father Martin, one of her boys would rise to power in this behind the scenes program for One world Order. How this would occur would be explained in the teaching of this son who started out in the Seminaries. Here you must realize that the Catholic Seminaries had been infiltrated and changed over the years just as the Protestant Seminaries had been infiltrated and changed. Oh, the sins of society and of mankind were continually brought out, but of course, personal sin was no longer discussed. Thus, Paul Gladstone goes to the Seminary and he is fed a jumble of Buddhist meditation, Taoist dualism Sufi prayers, Tibetan prayer wheels and North American Indian mysticism and mythology, ancient Greek Gods, and goddesses, hard rock and heavy mental music, Hindu worship of Shiva and Kali, and cult worship of earth goddesses of Gaia and Sophia.

Paul Gladstone took all of this in, and then he rebelled and left the Seminary. He returned home then decided to go to law school at Harvard University, which, by that time, had also been taken over. Then he learned Russian in Moscow, and Mandarin Chinese in Taiwan and Beijing. And there, met the girl who would become his wife. He perfected his German and French and Italian on the Continent. And he learned Arabic in Cairo. He seemed not to realize it, but he was also being changed. And his mother and he had lots of arguments over this on his visits home, which became less frequent all of the time. This indoctrination of Paul Gladstone was proceeding as planned, altho he seemed not to realize it. However this is the way the kingdom of darkness works---take a young man and train him to think as you want him to think. Thus, Paul Gladstone, from this ancient Catholic family, would finally find his way to the behind the scenes work in Rome, and into a high position of power.

As to Michael Gorbachev also a player in this story, Father Martin tells us that this man is more dangerous today than ever, and is destined for great things in the plans of those implementing 'the process' that leads to this final New World order.

We thought years ago as we watched events shaping up that the C.F.R. organization was deep in these plans for this one World Order. We also thought that David Rockefeller might be the head of that pyramid design. But today we see that those organizations, plus many more, and even the National Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches are only a part of the base of this design, and are only being used today as this new leadership of Lucifer's kingdom tried to take over and tries to bring itself into the top spot of power. We did not believe then, and we do not believe now, that this Great Babylonian scheme will ever rule the world and us in it, for we are looking for our Father’s Kingdom rule. And we know who the final winner in this great battle for the mind is going to be. We thought at the time that the Catholic Church would have to go thru more changes so as to be used to play its roll in this New World Order. But now we find that all this was being accomplished on the inside of the Catholic organization, back in Rome, according to the story by Father Martin. This would be accomplished by even the staff in the Pontiffs office.

Now as the story progresses, the other brother Christian Gladstone, a Priest of New Orleans, would also be called for work in Rome. And altho he does not realize it at first, he is also being used, but on the side of the Pope. The dark side of this picture found those involved in building a bridge to the wider world, and there fore on a new kind of church. Thus, a new kind of governance would be required. And we find that to accomplish this they would move in to change the Catholic Bishops of the world. Thus, work was done to use the Bishops conferences around the word to form and to foment an open expression of the new Common mind of the Bishops.

The last step in the plan then was to use this Common mind of the Bishops to forge a valid instrument to bring about the end of the pontificate with it, the end of the papacy as it had hereto been known all of these past years. Today then how far has this plan advanced and what is the next step in the equation. For knowing that the European Common Market was part of the plan we look further at the picture.

The problem for the World Order planners was this task of bringing the thinking of the Bishops into alignment with their view on the question of unity with the Pope. They also must persuade millions of people to change their outlook so as to fit ideologically into the mold that the social planners have in mind. That is to replace old values and behaviors with new ones. We ask you is this not the same battle for the mind that we have been seeing waged on many fronts?

The best way the planner thought would be for the Pope to resign because he did not stop the decay of the church. The question now was to implement this plan. So here they were using one Gladstone brother to easily adjust him to their way of thinking with a high powered job. And they even have him join the Free Masonry league at Old Jerusalem. He is now installed. And as this other brother then went to work for the Pope, he is finally finding out the corruption in the church of the bishops and others in power. But at first with Father Christian Gladstone canvassing the needs and the weakness of the Bishops, they thought that things were progressing well. But Father Christian Gladstone was not long in finding out what was meant to happen to the Pope and to his church, and he was soon on the other sided. No wonder the mother back in New Orleans felt a premonition that things were not right for her church or even for her sons.

We are told by Father Martin that Cardinals were selected to carry out the program of the New World order and murder entered the picture, with cremation at times used to cover their tracks. No wonder that Christian Gladstone as he came to Rome as requested felt like a football tossed into a turbulent river. Soon Christian decided that the Cardinals who were assigning him to his duties had assessed him as a simple, scholarly Priest given to fideistic attitudes and a child like truth in the authority of superiors. Here he thought that he would be teaching in Rome. Finally as he learned more and more and talked to his own friend who is also now in Rome, he realizes the depth of this plan for World Government. And as he visited with the Pope, he promises to be on his side in this great struggle to save the church that is now going on. Thus, now you have one brother on one side of the struggle in a high office, and the other brother working on the side of the Pope, but quietly and secretly.

As Paul Gladstone was taken to Jerusalem and out to the mountain where the Lodge is located, he began to understand how Free Masonry was also being used in this program. For this lodge had been set up, he was told, just five years after the founding of the state of Israeli. And their logo was the ‘Star of David, the Christian Cross, and the Crescent Moon of Islam. And at this lodge then Paul Gladstone got his final indoctrination there on the mountain top, and there was no going back.

As Christian Gladstone attended meetings with the Holy Father and a few trusted officials, he became more and more enlightened as to the problems in the church of the Priests. And this he learned was especially bad in America. But this battle he realizes now in Rome is between the modern lodges of Free Masonry (Satan driven) and the Catholic Pope and what he felt was the necessary work of the church.

Thus, they would use the process of homosexuality to destroy the Bishops and the lesser Priests of the far flung church. Then Christian learn once more about the story of the visit of the Virgin Mary to the children at Fatima, and the message that she supposedly left, which some Pope was to fulfill. Gorbachev was not able to hand on in Russia and to guarantee a visit there of the Pope. And Yeltson was not that friendly. Christian toured ancient Ghent with his brother and his wife and child at Christmas. This which had been ardent Catholic with its holy places and worshipers here at Christmas time. He now sees that even here, no longer did parents take their children to the holy places and let them marvel that the Christ Child had been born for them.

Now the parents took their children to the shops and malls to marvel at the computers and high tech toys and electric gadgets that had been manufactured for them. After Mass, as the brothers talked at Christmas, then Paul expresses his feeling at being now a member of the New Masonic Lodge at Jerusalem. And then Christian learns that many high ranking prelates in the Vatican are Lodge members. And these men refer to Lucifer as ‘our Prince who must be installed as Pope,’ so as to fashion this new man made world for the next century, where all people are the same, and when whole continents are being re-secularized, and re-paganized in accordance with a different kind of belief structure. In other words, off with the old and on with the new.

Christian wondered if we had moved into an era which had caused a loss of divine Grace, and had increased the ability of God's old enemy to wreck havoc. Considering the evidence of Satanism and murder even of Clergy, it did not take a genius to figure that a sinister and vicious force had entered into the picture, and was under way among the nations. This was also the feeling at the headquarters of the Pope.

Now it is decided to send Christian Gladstone back to America to see just how far the cult of Satanism and homosexuality has advanced. The point being, that homosexuality and Satanism are the nitroglycerin of human relations. Therefore now this young priest will have to be very careful as he carries out this investigation. There is no great danger for him in this area. He and his friend Father Damien were then instructed to seek no help from ecclesiastical authorities. So Christian Gladstone went back to 'Windswept House' not knowing of His mother's visit to the Pope where she also instructs the Holy Father that there is much wrong within the structure of the Church and he should do something about it. She was under the impression that he had all power but she would learn later that this was no longer true. As Christian Gladstone does his work he finds the word Digital has come to the forefront. The meaning---'The flesh has been made the WORD.’ Father Damien is found out by the kingdom of darkness and he now goes to 'Windswept House' and there he will be safe. For has not the lady of the house bailed out the Vatican Bank twice so she has some respect by the hierarchy.

Christian, himself, then realizes that he is also being used. For all of his visiting the Bishops just left a file on each Bishop and it would be used by the Satanic group. So he comes back to Gladstone house to think and to rest.

As the Pope is brought a video tape showing of the process in Russia showing the assembly line of live babies thru abortion being dissected alive and screaming into 'useful parts' to be sold abroad, this convinces the Pope that he must go to Russia as the 1917 message at Fatima suggested that he do, so as to be able to convert the Russians, and then he would have a part in the new reign of Peace in the world. But how could he arrange this? He had never found a way. After all, the New World Order had suggested that by 1992 they would have the One world money system set up for European Common Market. But here we are now in 1997, and they still have not accomplished their goal.

In summary, the New World Order has done much to change the Faith of a people. But they still have not been able to get this Love of the Christ Child out of the people, or the Christian religion that is based on HIM out of the minds of the people completely. Oh they have done much damage, but many are asking is this era of the turning loose of Satanic forces as the book of Job tells us, coming to an end. Will we see a return to Divine Grace and the Christian Religion be purged and strengthened and be known again?

Much prophecy has been given. And as it turns out to be not true then it was not prophecy in the first place. But in his book, then Father Martin says that the Slavic Pope will announce his trip to Russia and to Kiev. And those who oppose him will be angry. But we also noticed that such prophecy before hand had the Pope going on a pilgrimage in the spring of 1997, but nothing happened to him. Now he is to announce that he will go to Russia in the spring of 1998 and we will be watching events.

Thus again, we would urge you to get the book 'Windswept House’ and read it. We need to keep up with the times and see what is going on so we will be ready for the next big step, which is when the Kingdom of God is set in place with the removal of the 'tares' and other cleansing. The Most High will see to the Pope and his visits. And we as a people, will not need to be anxious, for what is to be will be. And this is something that you can bank on.

Thus, we quote:--From America to Europe and to Russia, in broad landscapes and clandestine corridors, a rich and varied cast, presidents, and politicos, simple saints, and savvy sinners, popes, and Pope-makers, and papal wannabes---clash with each other amid dramatic and sometimes bloody events which effect us all, who are alive today, and every person yet to he born.

Is "WINDSWEPT HOUSE" mere fantasy? Too outrageous to be true? Let reviewers answer. "In Biblical times,” wrote the Dallas Morning News, of Malachi Martin, they would have called him a prophet. His views, wrote the Washington Dateline, are the stuff of tomorrow’s headlines. (Unquote)

Thus, we endorse the book for your reading. For today this Slavic Pope is still in his position as Pope. Has he been protected? Who knows? But he is still there and has just been in Poland, gone from his home base. But still, the Prince of this World has not been allowed to be seated in his place.

The struggle between Faith and Power still goes on. But hopefully one of these days it will be over, and Faith, as we know, will be the winner.