Essene Company At The Time Of Jesus, 1-1-63


By Dr. Wesley Swift - 1-1-63

Back in the days when Nebuchadnezzar conquered the Judah Kingdom they took the King --Zedekiah into captivity and killed all his sons. But the Davidic throne was transferred to the west as Jeremiah transferred the crown by taking Zedekiah's daughter Tea Tephi--his own granddaughter --to Ireland, and there marries her to the king of Ireland who was of the Zerah line of Judah. Thus the king line was transferred to an Israel nation --in the house of Joseph. Later when some of Judah, Benjamin and Levi came back to Judea they would never be secure in control of their government but just remember that the king-line had been transferred, and this old line in old Judea was to end.

Now; while in captivity some of these Israelites of the Judah kingdom fell, and they mongrelized, still the faith was kept alive even there. Always these two pillars of wisdom were with Israel, in the Judah captivity as well as the ten tribes in their captivity and migration. The two wisdom schools were started by Enoch and Job in the city of On, Egypt so long before the birth of YAHSHUA (Jesus) in old Judea. But these two schools of wisdom still remained with the race so what they did consist of;--? There were two words-- two parts of the wisdom schools. Thus it was always written that there was two pillars of wisdom with Israel. One --the Jerusalem word meaning-- the Household of YAHWEH, the spiritual center of the kingdom of Peace, thus the application of the kingdom in the earth. The second word is -- the Universal word-- this pillar of wisdom reaches out through the entire Universe---thus Grand Masters of the Universe, or sons and daughters of YAHWEH here in their beginning as Adamites or HU-man --spirit man-- YAHWEH'S MAN IN EARTH building the temple of YAHWEH. And the priesthood of these Master Builders of the Universe were thus termed MASTER BUILDERS.

Here you see that at the time approximately from 5000 B.C. to 4500 B.C. --long before the birth of YAHWEH as YASHUA savior, then these Mystery schools were set in place. Masonry for a long time was the outgrowth of the ancient wisdom schools, so early in the Adamic race they were established. One of the wisdom schools was established by Job, and they used the law of the fulcrum, the scales, the balancer ----and applied this knowledge to physical earth, thus were called Grand Masters. The other wisdom school or Pillar of Wisdom was that established by Enoch, and these men were known as the Masters of the Cross which was symbolized by the Crux below the Southern Cross of the heavens. The Rose of Sharon ties into the Rose Cross, and the crux of the heavens, and this is the highest area of spiritual law. They knew about where this was in its astronomical position, and how under divine direction of spiritual wisdom it could be applied to mens minds, to the philosophy of thinking. Using the spiritual wisdom then Adam man could do wondrous things. This knowledge was used in the building of the pyramid, as those there said they used the LIGHT to lift the great stones.

Now; these two schools of Wisdom were to work together in all patterns of science and law as it related to justice and righteousness---would thus come together as Masons, or Master Builders for physical earth. Knowledge of the spiritual came through the organization known as "The Rose Cross" -- and this tied into the story of "The Rose of Sharon" and the Crux of the heavens. These two schools of wisdom were to continue down with Israel. You will find thru the Old Testament days that this knowledge was used for the great building projects which marked the Race.

Now; remember that Moses--an Israelite--was raised by Pharaoh's daughter who was by the way, an Israelite of pure linage-- which ended with her , for her half brother was educated at the city of On, by the same continuing priesthood which had continued down in the city from the time when established by Enoch and Job. It was still there when Joseph and Mary took YASHUA (Jesus) there for protection from Herod king of Yehudin. There was still a temple between the paws of the Sphinx at that time, and there they stayed until they left that white run city to go back to Nazareth.

Now these two pillars of wisdom --these ancient wisdom schools came on down thru the race, and at that time when Jesus walked the earth, the Essene company maintained this knowledge. This wisdom was not for everyone, even everyone of Israel thus it would not be trodden down by the Masses. And when YAHWEH established the house of Levi, from which was to come His 'called' ministers then He ordained that Levi be no more counted in Israel, but scattered throughout the tribes. After both the sons of Joseph were taken into the tribal numbering then with Levi scattered thru the tribes, the number 12 -- could be maintained for it is a divine and important number. Now Levi was to be responsible for the instruction of YAHWEH'S people, and they were to learn the key to spiritual law, as well as all the scriptures, and all the facts listed in the old Zohar the mysteries revealed in the days of Enoch. All these things of knowledge were delivered to Levi and they were thus the keepers of the Schools of Wisdom . A Levite could not enter into the High Priesthood less he was a Mason and totally dedicated to 'The Rose Cross--The Rose of Sharon --and the crux (cross)--' thus the two houses were to be combined for a purpose. Today the Masonry and the Rose Cross now Rosicrucian societies have been infiltrated and the Rosicrucian under Madam Blavatsky became totally Satanic. Much Asiatic philosophy has been fed into Masonry as well. Dr Swift thought there were still areas of true 'light carriers' of Israel left, and there is still Druids of Britain , and one of these days Masonry will be purged as well as the church, and the evil and error will go, and the ancient wisdom schools will once more be leading Israel.

Now; back to the time when Judah and Israel were in captivity ---still secretly---the knowledge from the two schools was kept alive. The Levi throughout Israel knew they had two responsibilities. One was to serve their brethren, and the other to fulfill their responsibility as children of YAHWEH by working toward the bringing in of the kingdom. Thus they taught the purpose of "Israel" in earth. Even as the ten tribes of Israel and a great number of the Judah kingdom migrated to the west they also still carried with them the knowledge that they were the children of YAHWEH, and they had a purpose in being in earth. They knew the spiritual forces of their ancestors were in the plains of spirit, and they called on them in times of trouble. All that has been lost in the history of our race, but it carried them thru until Christ came and the resurrection and atonement was completed.

Now back in Palestine at the time when Joseph and Mary brought the baby Jesus back to Nazareth , the remnant of Judah , Benjamin and Levi who had returned to this old land from Babylon had gradually lost control of their land, and even the temple at Jerusalem. And now the true priests of Israel, the Levi, were crowded out and the Sadducees, false Priests served in the temple at Jerusalem. There were a few lesser priests still there and one of them remained at the temple of Bethlehem, but the rest were living in the caves and cavern systems outside Jerusalem. These were called --"The Essenes", and this underground system stretched from the Dead Sea area to Damascus. This was the situation then when the Christ was born in that old land. Some of Judah , Benjamin and Levi were still in the land, but they were even at times swayed somewhat by the beauty of this temple that Herod built even tho they knew he was not an Israelite.

Now; into the picture comes this man called Joseph of Arimathea. He was the owner of the tin mines in the British Isles, had great fleets of sailing ships, and was a very wealthy man. He was a member of the Sanhedrin here in Palestine, had a home just inside the north east section of Jerusalem, and one outside the city next to the garden on the Mount of Olives. He was of course an Israelite, and had a sister who was a queen in Britain by the name of Anna. She came to visit in Palestine, came on one of the ships of her brother Joseph of Arimathea. There in Palestine she gave birth to a baby girl and then the mother died. the baby was of course was Mary who became the mother of the body for YAHWEH as he came as YASHUA-- The Messiah-- Savior, identifying with his race.

Now; you see the close connection between all these people , for the Joseph that married Mary as Protector, in this time, was an older brother of Joseph of Arimathia. And this Joseph of Arimathia---was not only a member of the Sanhedrin in Palestine , but also a member of the Essene company, this Israel Priesthood out in the caves and cavern system of that land . The secrecy of this company and its connection with Israel over the land was maintained by an elaborate system of watchers who used light flashes as signals. If some messenger between these two groups was coming or going then shepherds would drive their sheep over the tracks and destroy them, and the people in power in Judea could never find the entrance to these cavern systems which they disguised by piling brush and so forth over them.

Remember that John the Baptist was taken to the Essenes for his protection, and was raised there, and he is said to have talked from the time he was a babe until he was about the age of 12 as this knowledge faded from him, talked about the things of heaven, told them the Messiah had been born, was now in the earth and was growing up. Joseph of Arimathea knew these things, and he watched Mary's child growing up, and then began taking him as a young man on his ships. Took him to the Isles of Britain of the Sea where in the Universities of London he astonished the professors. But they called him the embodiment of the 'Triad'--no--not the trinity--Triad, spirit, soul and body. The Druids recognized him as YASHUA who they had so long awaited , for rightly so they thought no man could know these things he taught unless He were Deity.

Joseph of Arimathea thus watched this young great nephew, and when he went back to Palestine he would report these things to the Essenes, and they also waited and hoped, surely this was the Messiah, surely the day would soon come when He will take the Crown, and the possession of the kingdom administration would come back to Israel. But wait-- John the Baptist had said the YAHWEH as Messiah would take the Chalice at this time.

So, who was this John the Baptist , the babe born to Elisabeth the cousin of Mary?-- Jesus said:--'never was a man born of a woman like John the Baptist' ---why? Because this was the spirit of Elijah, in this child. Elijah remember had gone home , gone into the heavens without tasting death, and had returned now as the spirit of John the Baptist and this time he would taste death. Thus remembering what John has said, then as YASHUA'S ministering was expanding, the disciples came many times to this home of Joseph of Arimathea outside of Jerusalem, and to the home of the Bethany sisters also not far from there. And Joseph of Arimathea then not only had the crown prepared, but also the chalice which would hold the cup. Here in this old land of Palestine although this family---Joseph of Aremathia--his brother Joseph who was married to Mary, and yes Anna the sister were of the king line of Israel but the Yehudin ruled their land in the east, but the Davidic throne had been taken --transferred hundreds of year before to the west where lost Israel had taken their place in destiny. Here in Palestine the truth then moved --in secrecy-- always trying to avoid being killed by the Yehudin who controlled the land. But in the British Isles it was a very different story. The Magi had moved into Britain early after Enoch returned from the heavens and there they built Stonehenge. The Druids were the Adamic Priests in the Isles of the Sea which is called the British Isles of today. The continuity of the Wisdom schools had come on down with their race as had the king line, and now even the throne was in the west. In the history of Britain in the days of King Applestain when court was held in Camelot, he became the historic figure of King Arthur, and he set up a round table with his knights dedicated to the Holy Grail, and to the Christian knighthood to the ends of the earth. But there also the two wisdom schools prevailed--the spiritual law, and the physical law of the fulcrum which was the pattern of ancient Masonry. Merlin the master of the school he had behind him they said --two adepts-- one for the school of the earthly kingdom, and one for the spiritual kingdom. Thus there were two poles around the Round Table , this is why it was laid out like a compass, the north and the south of the round table plus all the signs of the progression of the equinox, broken up, each according to its position, because they poled the spiritual law in the sides of the north, and the law of the fulcrum in the sides of the south, just as Enoch and Job had set them up in the two schools of wisdom in the Temple of On. This was why the Temple pillars of Solomon's temple must also be set so as to face the east and west, but poled to the north and south.

At the time of the ministry of YASHUA in Palestine then this same pattern of wisdom that had followed the race all the way to the British Isles also remained in Palestine. There it was the Essene company ,and they had as their emblems---the burning torch (LIGHT) flanked on every side by Eagles, an in the background the 'Winged Orb'. I am sure it still remains in secret today when even in this country we have so been taken over as was in Judea in that early time . In 1982, in the magazine "Sky and Telescope" was a write up about Stonehenge, and they said even today at a certain time of the year the white robed Druids visit Stonehenge. I would think they are watching for a message from the heavens , for after all there was a Druid underground Temple in England in the 60's and it is probably still there today.

But back to the Essene company at the time of the Messiah, the Essenes had discovered down in Syria and along its border and on down by the Red Sea reaching back in the Judean mountains around Jerusalem-- these caverns and connecting caves. They had the entrances hidden with brush, but inside the caves lived the Essenes of the this underground movement . They also had an army of Israelites tracing back to the kings guard, and these soldiers tried to protect the Israelites living in old Judea as well, as they hoped to protect the Messiah. The Army was led by Barabbas who traced his linage back to the old king guard, and they brought in supplies for the Essenes also while those Levi copied their great scrolls and kept alive the knowledge of the ancient wisdom schools. They assembled great libraries in these caves, and not only was there copies of scripture in those libraries , but the other things of interest as well, as you will find in any library. The Essenes had the scrolls even of Enoch which had not been tampered with , so the oldest scripture was not the Septuagint of approximately 275 B.C. which the Jews had helped with , but the Coptic-Aramaic which goes back to the material in the 'Cave of Treasures' records. So the Essenes did their work to preserve the records, the scriptures and they met secretly with those of Jerusalem on the outside of this movement like Joseph of Arimathea. The shepherd company with their signal of lights and their flocks then kept watch, and they moved their flocks back and forth over the trails of any who came and went from those hideouts, and much of the credit for the maintenance of the Essene company must go to those shepherd watchers. The Yehudin (Jews) tried to infiltrate and to destroy the Essenes, for they knew they were the true Levi, but even though they had taken over the government of Judea, and the Temple as well, they could not penetrate this Essene company who knew who they were, so there was always this resistance to the Yehudin being proclaimed in Israel. Today we see that they have succeeded in many areas, but no, but there are still Israelites out there and they are being activated, awakened for the time has come to fulfill the words of Jesus:--' that his servants shall fight and the Kingdom shall not be left in the hands of the Jews.'

Now; as the time approached when YASHUA (Jesus) was coming to be baptised by John the Baptist, the word went out ---The Messiah is standing out from the crowd-- he could now be recognized and the Essene Army was ready to protect him. And then the day came when he was coming to Jerusalem, and the Priests were ready to crown Him King. But as you know today that the time was not right, as he told them, and he took the Chalice so as to rescue those Israelites still trapped in bondage. So the Essenes and the army retreated and the Sadducee Priests then learned where Barabbas was staying and they took him prisoner, for the events were moving fast, for the time of the crucifixion was approaching.

But those great libraries of the Essenes--became known in our day as "The Dead Sea Scrolls", for the Essenes abandoned their caverns systems and moved out, and they put those , or some of their scrolls in great jars and sealed them, and they were thus found in our day and time. And there has been a battle to get them out to the Christian west for of course the Jews or Israeli of today moved in to claim them, and to destroy anything that works against the claim of being Israel, and that land as being theirs.

Yes, you sometimes hear someone say--Jesus must have studied with the Essenes. The English copy of the Dead Sea Scrolls has that remark, but the Jews wrote that story. And then the story of 'The sons of Light and the sons of Darkness' in the scrolls deny the idea that the Jews are Israel, for the Sons of Light followed the Christ and looked forward for his coming, while the sons of darkness deny him thus admitting that they are the sons of Darkness. No where in the Jewish writings do the Jews have a symbol like the ancient Schools of Wisdom had, such as the symbol of the "Cross--LIFTED UP" for they hate to look at a cross. But they say that Jesus must have studied at the Essene libraries for Jesus as did the Essenes preached that the Jews were of the Luciferian household. But you know that Jesus was YAHWEH- come as YASHUA Savior -- now in the flesh, and he knew that this was all by foreknowledge so he did not have to study the Essene libraries. The Purest truth to be found today should come from the ' light carriers' of the Wisdom Schools, but with the infiltration of Masonry and the forming of what is known as "Free Masonry" the light is very dim, but it will come again, you can be sure of that.