Eternal Throne, 10-24-65


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 10-24-65

We turn tonight to the subject The Eternal throne. And from the very body of God comes this declaration:--- ‘Thy throne, oh, God is forever and forever.’ There is no question about the fact that we as Christians are in a struggle tonight against forces which would destroy our Christianity, eliminate the continuity of Christian Civilization and eliminate the ability of Christian nations to be free. In this period in which we live is the sinister design to accomplish the envelopment of all of the world with their strategies of evil and their political strategies of destruction is obvious to every student of world. Never have we had more evidence before us of a design to destroy the kingdom of God. Nor has there been more necessity for us to understand as to what the scripture has to say about the outcome of these events.

We turn tonight in the declaration of Divine purpose, to an area of government contract which God made. And we would turn to the 89th Psalm for its repetition. And we read in the 34th verse:--'My covenant will I not break for all of the things which have gone out of my lips. Which I have sworn by my holiness, and I will not lie unto David, that his seed shall endure forever, and his throne as the sun before me. It shall be established before me as the moon, a faithful witness in the heavens.’ This declaration made here by the Psalmist and sworn to by his own holiness. That He has established here in the earth a throne that is forever.

This of course has a special significance to us for we turn to the book of Luke. And we read here the announcement made by the Angel Gabriel, to the Virgin Mary, and it relates to the infancy. And the Angel came unto Mary and said--talking about Jesus--"Hail thy Highly favored, for YAHWEH. God has blessed thee above all women. Blesses art thou among them.” And when she heard these things she was troubled. But the Angel said, be not troubled Mary for thou hath found favor with YAHWEH, and thou shalt bring forth a son and thou shalt call his name YAHSHUA, or Jesus, meaning God embodied. He shall be great, and he shall do one thing. And now this is in declaration:--now he shall not only be known as the embodiment of the Highest but YAHWEH--God shall give unto him the throne of David. And now you shalt know this declaration--'And he shall reign over the house of Jacob forever. And of his kingdom there shall be no end.’

Now; this is a clear declaration by the Angel Gabriel here in the book of Luke that it was a fact that here the embodiment of God would be the miracle that would be encased in the womb of Mary. And this embodiment of God--this YAHSHUA --Jesus was going to assume and take the throne of David, because he had the right to assume because the very family thru which he was emerging were the heirs of that throne. But the miracle, which would be later discussed by David, was that HE who took the throne as David looked forward to the fulfillment of this prophecy, called Him also LORD. So he who was to assume this throne was before the days of David, and had existed from the very beginning. The great mystery concerning the Throne of God in the earth is one of those things for us to understand. When we talk about a material throne, we are not talking about a pulpit where God was going to use to preach to the nations. We are talking about a design on the part of God for the ruling of the earth from one end to the other. An all powerful administration. A Government that can rule from one end of the earth to the other. A government under God, a theocracy. This is the blueprint of which God's word supports.

Now; there is no doubt that the transfer of God's throne from heaven to earth, is a mystery. We are told that 'thy throne exists in the heavens, oh, God, from the ages of the past. And we can turn to the declarations in the scriptures in the book of Jeremiah. For instance here we have statements concerning the Eternal nature of the throne of God. In this instance we are told that this is an Eternal existing throne, and this throne is from the beginning of all creations. The authority of God, and the power to maintain an Eternal throne is acknowledged all thru the scriptures. He rules the heavens, every part of it, and in this area of space, he holds it together. And HE has been the master of the kingdom but HE is not just a force without personality. He is the Eternal Father of the Household which HE calls his own and of his race. And thru the transference of God's kingdom from heaven to earth, this is to wage war against the forces of darkness, and against Satan and all of his children. And to overthrow all of the powers of darkness which hold the world in captivity. And this blueprint of God is found from one end of the holy scripture to the other. The purpose of God then is to transplant his family and HE did it. He not only produced as he turned unto His Celestial children, the Elohim, And he said; let us therefore prepare Adam in our own image. And we are told that he brought forth Adam in the image of the spirit. And he did this for his many Celestial Elohim children.

Jesus makes this quite clear when in the midst of his own message. He the embodiment of God who had come down out of heaven with all of his wisdom and his purposes, and he cited that all of his children had belonged to Him in the spirit, and now when he is embodied in earth then 'Mine they are in earth,' talking about his physical Messiahship. The transference of a people who were to increase and multiply, are the very foundation of the scriptural records. And their preservation of their racial self respect to keep this from being mutated, mongrelized, or destroyed, is also one of the great themes and central commandments of the entire scriptures. There is no single violation of law that is a greater affront to the Eternal God than to permit thy household, thy seed, to intermingle with other races, or lesser species. Which were not begotten of God and are not his offspring.

We point out to you that by this declaration a throne and a kingdom comes by inheritance. We are also heirs, and joint heirs with the embodiment of God, this man Christ Jesus, for the kingdom. For we are members of His family, and thus we can say:--"Our father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name." And His spirit bears witness with our spirit, as the Apostle Paul was shown in the heavens, that we are the offspring, progeny of God.

Now; a lot of people do not know this. If they realized that the honor of the house rests on them, then they might behave themselves, and start filling that responsibility that is being carried out by many. I think that we in America are suffering from some of the areas of the sellout of Political leadership, the greatest in history. I think that we have Congressmen and Senators, and people in high offices who betray us and work for their own good or from the standpoint of what they evaluate to be their own good. For their own areas of political activity and for economic gain. But they are selling out the kingdom. And it is about time that they realized that this condition for which they work is only temporary. But the program of God's kingdom and its rule in earth is forever and forever.

I think at this very moment we are engaged in one of the greatest fiascoes in any time and history. This great and mighty Christian nation which rose to power as the strongest nation in Christendom today. This great and mighty nation which has been built by the very seed of God, whose civilization and culture is Christian and belongs to the white race. And today we have a President, and Attorney General and a whole area of men who are acting unresponsively as they can be and are trying to bring about a situation where in the mongrelization, and degeneration, is bringing about the lost identity of this household. In fact in this great Christian nation we are going so far as to see those in authority wanting to select all the areas of all religions and weld them together, which also brings the curse of God down, and demonstrates that actually they have no spiritual awareness of what they are doing.

I point out to you that this very week--and you will remember that in the book of Revelation when it talks about the armies of God, it also talks about this great white robed company. And right now there seems to be a peculiar opposition to white robes, whether they have a hood on them or not. But they seem to be opposed to them. I do not understand all of the Jews, and all of their accomplices wanting to make war on this white robed company.

Now; I want to tell you this, we have no membership in any organization tonight, outside of the church of Jesus Christ Christian, and the Christian Defense League. But let me tell you this, I believe 100% in the principals and am in sympathy with the organization of the Ku Klux Klan. But that does not mean that I would support every action by someone who does belong to this organization. But faced at this moment with the kind of interpretation that Government investigators made at what happened at Watts, or for every area of crime and violence that the Negro caused. I say that we should justify anything that the white race did, as an emotional reaction to the conditions that were created in our society. Someone said but what has this to do with an Eternal throne?

I am going to tell you something. And remember that the white race today belongs to the family of God. And I am going to tell you that every white man on the face of the earth should be joined with us and every white man on the face of the earth, for a solid front to the hoards of communism and the forces of darkness, out of the Antichrist. I want you to know that I am not under any area of responsibility as a minister of the Gospel to condone error, or to approve error even tho it comes out of the official voice of the President. And surely not when it comes out of a gnat brain like Avril Harriman. And last year we were listening to his work in the U.N. where he was resisting the call of Indonesia for Independence rather than to accept integration. Rather than to surrender its white Christian control over its country, and permit themselves to be mongrelized or ruled over by people irresponsible and not of their faith, they said they would rather fight for that Independence even tho they died rather than to submit to the powers of darkness. They said they had a Christian responsibility. That they were responsible for divine righteousness and for the laws of God. And that they would keep the reins of their government a Christian reign even tho they had to die to do it. And then this man Harriman got up and said, we here in these United States hate this doctrine of white supremacy, this area of white superiority and we will help to crush any area of the earth that brings out this doctrine. We will use violence if necessary. Well Mr. Harriman does not speak for me. The time has come when even in a country like this one, the spiritual capacity of the people has still maintained control of that country. Take the white man out of Africa and you have nothing but raping and bloodshed and evil. You have witchcraft and cannibalism. The only thing left in Africa tonight is the white man and the Christian Faith. The only thing right in the U.S. is the white man and the Christian faith in the hands of those that know.

Now; when we talk about the ability of God to preserve there is no doubt about that. For he not only establishes his rights to build a kingdom. But in the day when God established David on the throne in Israel. He made certain promises to him. And the king stood by his pillar--the coronation stone. It is not there now, nor it is over in Westminster Abbey. But at that time it was over in Jerusalem. You say but how did it get over to where it is now. Well, that stone had quite a history you know. That stone was Jacob's pillow. That stone was a precious treasure with your race. And that stone was always there at the throne,--the Coronation stone of Israel.

You know when Jeremiah fulfilled his responsibility. For you may remember that the seed of David descended down thru generations and they sat upon the throne of Israel. But there came a time when there was a division between the people of Israel and it was during the time when a descendant of David, Rehoboam was on the throne. And he did not listen to the wise advice of the scriptural advisors, of the priests and the true temple leadership. He did not listen to the old men but he listened to a bunch of this same kind of revolutionaries that we have. They were kind of the Beatles of their day. Together with a bunch of these kike refugees who had come in those days.

Do you think that the refugees started with you?--No they had trouble with them even in the days of Rehoboam. They had trouble in the days of Solomon. A lot of silly people think that the Israelites are Jews. And now all of the trouble that Israel ever had came from the Jews. And all of the trouble that we have starts out with them.

I am now reading from the Los Angeles 'times'. And it says that in the United Nations that they were trying to get a definite declaration against racial discrimination. And we were trying to get a treaty against racial discrimination. Well the final vote was 82 against it and now declined to vote and most of them wanted to leave out of the reference the proposal against any kind of discrimination, and then they ruled out the word Anti-Semitism. And here the Jews were working to get a law saying it was against the law to be anti-Semitic. And they did not mean to be against those who came from Shem, they meant to be anti-Jew. Now; of the United Nations made it a law so that you could not criticize the jews , and they called it anti-Semitism. Then, my friend, if the United States upheld the U.N. ruling this would constitute a ruling against free speech. But you would not be allowed to discuss the Jewish question in this church.

You say but what would you do? We would hold meetings down in basements, and in homes and you would knock at the door and say Tom sent me. And you would know that they came to hear the truth if they said, "Tom sent me'.--See? And the gospel would be preached if it had to be preached underground. A lot of people would say that I wouldn't go for there is a little danger involved. But what I think America needs is a sharp awakening for people are talking to lightly their heritage. Someone said some of these days they will silence us. No, they won't for they will just start such a spiritual force that it will rise up from underneath and explode right around their ears. But in the purposes and the plan of God, these forces thought to destroy the throne of God. But the Davidic throne belongs to the Most High God. Because this is his issue, and David was only a vice regent to sit on that throne until the day when Messiah came and whose right it is to reign. But God said, do not worry for you will never lack for someone to sit on that throne. And there never has been a lack for someone to sit on that throne.

Now; God spake one day before that coronation stone, as the king stood by this pillar. And God said, I want you to know that this is the promise that from the day that I took you from beside the sheep coat, where you had this corral for the sheep. And I took you to be a ruler over my people Israel. And I have been with thee whether thou wentest and I have cut out all of my enemies and I have put them out of my sight. And I have made your name, another name of the great people of earth. And wherefor I will make another place for my people Israel. And they shall dwell in that place and they shall move no more. Neither shall the children of wickedness afflict them as before time.

Thus God made a promise that he would plant Israel, and this was a place which they would never be moved out of.

Now; there are other promises, and HE tells about a place in the wilderness that he has prepared for his people Israel. There is not any doubt about that, and we are in the days when this will be fulfilled. And 'thou shalt sleep with thy fathers, but I shall set up thy seed after thee, out of thy innermost being. And he (Solomon) will build for me a house for my name and I shall establish this throne forever. "I shall be his father and he shall be my son'. If he commits iniquity, I will chasten him with the rod of men, and of the children of men, but it was of course Solomon who built the temple. And those others tried to get involved and to penetrate the temple, in the days when the king of Tyre came around to present their workmen. And they planned to bring all of the doctrines of Asia inside of that temple. But the leadership of Israel would not allow it. And no pagan was able to enter in for the desecration of the temple.

Now; following the days of Solomon we see the throne of the kingdom of God with an infiltration trying to come in to destroy. And we see in the days of Rehoboam, that they finally came in and then got to advising him. We have the same kind of advisors that came in with Roosevelt. Well, we mean they were sort of a New Deal trying to take over the Davidic throne. They said all you have to do is raise more taxes and then you can spend more money. So just raise taxes and all of our problems will be solved. We have a lot of kooks today trying to tell us that. And since that there has never been an accounting and it has been tax and spend and tax. So there came a great revolt concerning this. Actually there were Levites in all of the tribes of Israel. And there were Judahites in various branches of Israel because they had married into the various tribes and became leaders in those tribes. And Jeroboam could also trace back his seed line to the Davidic house. And in the instance of this, and in the days that affected them they came to Rehoboam and said you are not only taxing us but we are losing our farms, and they are taking over our industry. You are letting these strangers come in and tell you how to run the country. Stop this thing, and give us some tax relief.

Now he did not turn to the Priests and his old advisers. He turned to the B’nai B’rith for his information, and advise. For these strangers that were surrounding Rehoboam were none other than the same people that you call Jews today. And their ancient traditions tied into their Luciferian background, which they were always trying to take over the kingdom of God by infiltration. From the very first period of your race, the enemy has been trying to infiltrate and take it over. And by usurpation trying to take credit for identity which belongs to you. And they said; look Rehoboam, if you have been whipping them with whips then whip them now with scorpions. You just increase their taxes and take anything we need for we will show them that we are going to do this thing the way we want to do it.

So Jeroboam said:--'To thy horses Oh, Israel.' And the ten tribes separated themselves from Judah and Benjamin, leaving only a two-tribed kingdom as they went away. And the covenants stated that the day would come when HE would rend out of the hands of Rehoboam because of disobedience. And HE said, I will leave one tribe with you and this was the tribe of Benjamin. And that ten-tribed kingdom carried on, but it also when the days came that the powers of darkness would come against the house of David But as to the kingdom in the hands of Rehoboam, the day came when Zedekiah had become king and he had still not got rid of these rascals who were handing out all of this advise. And Israel would know their bad days like Ahab, But I point out to you that Babylon waged war: first having sent their spies in, and they worked with their ADL and their fifth column and then they betrayed but they would say, let’s have a brotherhood, and all of the time as they went outside they were doing and planning all of the things which you have going on all of the time. This linking the brotherhood to Christians and Jews with much propaganda is just as phoney as it was then.

All right. So one day Babylon conquered Jerusalem. And Zedekiah and his sons were carried away captive But Jeremiah the prophet took a daughter a tender twig of the tree, from the high branches of this evergreen tree, and went down to Egypt. And then from Egypt he sailed out thru the pillars of Hercules and on up to the British Isles. And there he took Tea Tephi and joined her with the seed of David which existed in the land of Ireland. But you see the ten-tribed kingdom was conquered by Sannachereb, and their areas of weakness came in the days of Ahab, and Jezebel. And kings which did not stop the refugees from coming in. They fifth columned their way in to make merchandise out of you. And after their captivities the people still remained loyal and true. And they served and praised the Most High God and in the days of Shalmaneezer they were given their liberty, and they migrated. Altho some had already moved out and became citizens of Greece and other spots. And the Anglo-Saxon, Nordic, Basque that moved into the heart of Europe were these ten tribes. And with them they still had a continuing administration. It was in the days of Zedekiah before the fall of Jerusalem, that Jeremiah took the daughter Tea Tephi to Ireland, and they were already freed from Schalmaneezer, and having resettled in the isles of the sea and in Western Europe. He transferred the seed line of this eternal throne directly from Jerusalem to the throne line in the west.

The book of Ezekiel tells of this story and how God prophesied as to how it would be done. And the book of Jeremiah, tells us that Jeremiah was called for this transfer, this transplanting by the hand of God.

We will not go all thru the line of drying up the green tree, and the transplanting of it. You remember in the days when the Hebrews returned to Jerusalem, of Judah and Benjamin they thought that they were all that was left of the power of the kingdom. They rebuilt their country and then a mixed multitude came along and made trouble for them. Even up thru the life time of Christ. But the real transferred Seed line was already in Britain, where Joseph of Arimathea also owned the tin mines of Cornwall and the kinds of land at Glastonbury, and where Jesus went during his ministry to the cities of Ephraim. And when coming back to Palestine, he had to pay the custom. And they got the custom money out of the mouth of a fish. And when they cried out to him, he said:--whose image is on this money, and they said:--'Caesar.’ Then he said: 'render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s.'And 'unto God the things which are God's'

All right the throne was in Ireland, and it went from there unto Scotland and from Scotland to Wales. And one of the things transferred over there was this stone which had once been the coronation stone of Israel. So where is it today. It went from Ireland, to Scotland, and to WALES, and at the present time it is under the Coronation chair in Westminster Abbey.

Now; this is not a matter of coincidence. I tell you that on the walls of Buckingham Palace is the descending line of David down to the present Queen. And there has never lacked for someone to sit on that throne.

Now; I pledge allegiance to YAHWEH the most High God, YAHWEH-YAHSHUA THE CHRIST. I am an American citizen and I pledge allegiance to no other government on the face of the earth, than to the government of these United States, in the hands of Christian administrations. And I pledge no allegiance to some son of evil who may try to tread this path, in this hour. I would fight for this country against the powers of darkness and the forces of evil without reservation, but I would not be able to fight a bunch of Christians in order to satisfy a bunch of Jews.

Someone said, how long will this nation last? Well, this nation is going to last thru out these last days and the days to come. But there is going to be a slight transition and we are going to go from this Republic to a great Theocracy. There are a lot of people trying to tell us tonight that this is a democracy, but this is not a Democracy. This is a Republic. But the kind of government that Mr. Johnson represents is a Democracy. But we assue this Democracy and we call for a return of our Republic. We assume the advice of his advisors and call for Constitutional justice.

And now we are in the latter days. And since we are in the latter days then we find that one like the prophet Micah tells us what we would see in these last days when the mountains of God Kingdom would be among the great nations of the earth. In these days when the powers of darkness try to make warfare and swallow it up, it says that there will be a daughter of Jerusalem on the throne of David. And so there is at this very moment in the British Isles. And I point out to you that she holds it in trust for the day when Jesus Christ Himself will sit on that throne. And shall rule from that throne with a rod of iron.

A lot of people say well we will not have to worry about that, but a lot of people are going to worry about it whether they know it or not. Someone said what is our responsibility? I will tell you what it is. Our responsibility is dedicated to the kingdom of God, to the rule of Jesus Christ, and are of our spiritual inheritance and to this great Constitution, and to this great nation formed by our forbearers. And it is our responsibility to keep it Christian and to break the power of every anti-Christian force in America, which wants to destroy our society.

We will just give you some more assurance as we talk about the eternal Throne. That out of the heavens which has been in the hands of the great Eternal of Days, here moves out from his heavenly throne more power than the world has ever witnesses. There moves before this throne, and I saw this ancient of Days, the eternal one.

This is Alpha and Omega of the book of Revelation. This is the Eternal God. And I saw that his throne was like a fiery flame. I saw a fiery lame that went out from this issue. And I saw that ten thousands, times, ten thousand times ten thousands stood before HIM. And all of this mighty stream of fire, and all that rule with HIM are described in the book of Daniel. And that throne that rules in the Universe was to have a counterpart in the earth. And the very God who sat on that throne was going to rule in earth.

You say, but how do you know? When John was given this call and a door opened into the spirit, and John walked forth into Celestial plains, and the first thing that John looked for was to see what God was like. And he saw this throne in the heavens, and he took a good look at the one who sat on that throne. And he found that He who sat on that throne was Jesus the Christ. And He heard the words:--I am Alpha and Omega, and he took a good look at that person and it was Jesus Christ, speaking.

Now; let me tell you as to what Jesus Said. This throne that I have established in the earth is my throne. And that is why David said: my posterity is on that throne. So why did David call him LORD when Jesus said that before Abraham I am. And I am the very God out of which David is conceived. You know we have it backward. YAHWEH JESUS IS THE ROOT AND David is the offspring. He is not the root and offspring of David, He is the root and David is his offspring. He emerged out of his own house for his own purpose.

Now; I turn in the book of Matthew and if you would check your commentary you would notice that then in the 29 chapter of Luke in the 28th verse. When Jesus said:--Ye who have followed me in the regeneration, when the Son of man sits on his throne in Glory, ye also shall rule sitting on the thrones of the 12 tribes of Israel, over their nations and their people.

Now; you will note that if you have an analytical type of bible like Schofield, that word used here for reactivation has nothing to do with the spiritual consciousness, as much as the new social order under God that will conform to the laws of God and the purposes of God for the ruling of a regathered earth. We can tell you right here that this is for the recreation, or the making of a completely new creation of earth, or the reorganizing of the earth on the order of the throne of God. So Jesus said that is one thing that he was going to do right here in the earth. In the book of Matthew I read these words 'And he shall sit upon the throne of his father David. So you see he was to sit upon this Davidic throne. I do not think that this will be over in the British isles, I think this throne will right in the heart of the U.S. by that time. I fact you might find more of Israel gathered right here in one place, for you battle the battle of Armageddon, and you battle for the LORD.

One of the things which Christ is going to do is to refute the policies of Mr. Johnson and all of the integrationist. He is going to gather all of the nations before him and segregate them.

Now; I like segregation and I hate integration on every level. I will never accept integration because it is a violation of divine law. There has existed a persistent area of perfection that moves out of the great white nations, to all of the people on the face of the earth. And in the areas of this dispersion it has always been the white man who has come to the aid of the Negro when he is in trouble. In fact he has had to support him in the times when he was not productive. And it is not a hostility to people on the basis of what they are, or because of the condition of their birth. But when any people became an instrument of Lucifer to try to overthrow the throne of God, they become your enemy. And I am going to tell you that of all of the good relations which existed in this country, by other races, which have been permitted to enjoy some of the benefits of this country, is vast disappearing since racial masses are being gathered for war against the kingdom of God and the supremacy of God's family.

I want to say this, for it is essential that we repeat it and get this clear. We hear a lot about the Klansman taking the fifth amendment. Like other organizations in the United States, they have the oath of secrecy. But one thing this organization has done, because they know that they have enemies that are always warring against the house of God. And would war against any men dedicated to preserving America, from all sources of Christianity. And that organization is pledged to protect America from integration, and Mongrelization, and from Jewry and Communism and any other which might try to destroy our faith. And we know the power of the purse of these enemies so they have to resort to secrecy. And they have sworn before God that they will never divulge the identity of another member. That person could do it if he so desired, but they cannot ever divulge the identity of another member. Therefore every honest man with integrity that might belong to that institution, or might have with any open secrecy have contacted, with it they are under obligation before God to keep that oath.

Now; if a felony was committed, that he knew of, he might be responsible before the federal government to bear testimony of such error. But this is not an instance in which these felonies are committed. It is an harassment that the ADL says that 'we are behind'. The same that made trouble for Rehoboam, the same who ran his country, the same thing divided Israel, and the same thing is trying to destroy you today.

Now; the ADL brought the hearings in all of their newspapers, which I have, saying that they were responsible for and calling for the investigation of the KKK.

Now; let me tell you this, we carried to Washington a petition for the investigation of the ADL I filed papers with Congressman Rankin the Chairman, and they were published, and the B’nai B’rith here was trying to block the investigation of all Congressmen who were Communists and on civil service payrolls. And they said that anti-Communism was anti-Semitism, and the majority of people who would be removed would be Jews. So Congressman Rankin agreed with us and he introduced a bill and it was supported by others, and what happened? The Jew Congressman Seller sits on the head committee and never let that bill come out to the floor. But that same force with that background associated with Communism is at that very moment seeking out and harassing and in the limelight would discredit the KKK.

Someone said this organization has been associated with violence. This may be because it was reformed and reactivated in America in the days of violence, in the Carpet bagging days when white womanhood was not secure. And when the states in the South were being exploited. When they were being crushed under the heel of carpetbagging politicians. And I am going to tell you something again, if you try evil on America I do not care whether you call it the KKK or what but it will rise up in a great vigilante force, and they will never permit America to be destroyed by this evil. When Law enforcement breaks down then God calls for all of his people to stand together. If they had not contained WATTS and it had spread to wipe out the adjoining white community then white men would have stood up, a mighty legion, in southern California and they would have discovered that quickly. So God, a segregationist, whose sovereign throne shall rule earth, then said; When you see the Son of Man coming in his Glory to take that throne. Then shall we segregate the nations, and divide them like a shepherd divides sheep, from the goats. He is going to separate the Israel nations from the goat nations. Remember he sent his disciples out only to the Lost Sheep of Israel. And then I will say to the Sheep nations, come ye blessed of the Father inherit the kingdom that was prepared for you from before the foundation of the world. A kingdom comes by inheritance. And when he said inherit the kingdom prepared for you from before the foundation of the world. You are the heirs. And God does support and God does advocate white supremacy.

We point this out to you because this is important unto you and very, very vital. And under this same area of his declaration, we point out that in the blue print of the Most High God, he calls on those who make up his kingdom to anticipate it, to work for it, and to seek to occupy in the lands into which he sends them. And it is your job and mine to take the world for Christ. And in the midst of the battle when they seek to destroy us then we have the assurance that the hosts of heaven will come to our aid. Someone said but suppose we try to take the world for Christ and they do not come to our aid. Well, once you get started then just keep on going, because the aid will come when you need it the greatest.

Now; I point out also that in this blueprint of divine administration the great areas of divine purpose are to have a people who will denounce evil. That will build a kingdom of righteousness and justice. That shall overthrow the powers of darkness and shall rule. So get out of the U.N. and do not join yourself to foreign countries, and pagan people and pagan religions And yet today we see in every instance a violation of divine instructions, but still there is awakening a majority of people in these United States. And when God awakens his people they move from political error, they move from the left to the right. Under this instance, in this move from the left to the right. It is referred to as a move from left wingism to right wingism, from radicalism to conservatism. Do not think that the agencies of your Government have not been infiltrated. For instance I have here the Jewish Press. And this tells about how one of the men, who spoke before a Jewish committee, said that he is the director of 'trend and analysis division', of his committee. He was also one of the leaders on the ADL staff. And now he said, I speak with authority for I have been a top agent for the FBI.

The reason you get harassment of the children of the kingdom is because when you get a Jew on the FBI staff. Then, remember, that has been also a member of the Communist party. And what the ADL is here saying is that you are being given a treatment by the sons of Satan.

All right. What did he say? Oh, he said, we have a dangerous situation. He said, we have to stop the conservatives. We must stop them politically. We have to put them in disrepute. We have to find some way to stop the conservatives and sell the nation on the idea that they are bad. If we do not destroy them, they may capture a next election. So look out for them. And then he starts to name them. All of the Patriotic groups and right wing groups. And the John Birch group and they might as well all come together for they have been named by this FBI man.

I tell you that no FBI man should be using the bloody pulpit to criticize and citizens of our country. But when a man is a Jew you can expect him to act like one.

Now; In the face of this I want to point out something to you. The kingdom of God knows that there is ONE ETERNAL KING. It knows that His throne is forever far it is written:--from the beginning of Creation this throne has been established on the earth now forever, until the day when HE takes it. And someone is going to rule on it until HE does take it, while we as Christians are going to fight for that kingdom in every Christian nation. We have been told that we must look out for the mongrelization of the Faith as well as the race.

I have in my hands a photostat copy of the L.A. Times from last Thursday. And it says that a challenge has been given to the church ---and they are calling for the adoption of all cultures for America. We must take the best out of all religions, and if necessary use the counterfeit of the church to voice their program. I have a document right here in my possession in which the NEA, the National Educational Alliance, which is working for full federal aid to education, actually has a document here that invades all of your constitutional areas of liberty and freedom. There is a volume in which they are circulating, in fact five million copies of it are circulated to the schools for a guide book to the teachers. These are entitled, How to build America, and America's way of doing business. We discover that Werner and others are involved in this, and I am going to read a separate section of it.

This American way of business which is one of the topics for economic study, together with this 'How to rebuild America' which is being circulated with federal programs, and in education under the NEA. This is that all institutions of Insurance shall be nationalized and the federal government shall operate under public ownership. And on this basis of necessity all resources such as mines, oil, timber and coal must also be nationalized. And special courts will have to be established to be able to overrule Congress, and local and state government, this is essential, in building this perfect and coming society. Do you see what I mean when I say that it is an economic conspiracy? Do you see what I mean when I say that this is the program of Antichrist? They want to rule your nation, and your economy and they want to rule until you cannot buy or sell except you have the mark of the beast and you serve the mark. They want to destroy the thinking of your youth.

There is no greater depraved bunch of men than those who run the motion picture industry. I am holding in my hands a copy of the L.A. Times, Thursday morning October 21, 1995--and what does it say?--They are going to revise realistically all of the standards of Morality, and sex. For they do not believe that anything is unnatural. Anything that people want to do is all right. So Homosexual, depravity, and such are all right and should be recognized. All patterns of intercourse, and mongrelization, and all of the shame, and sex that they can put in immorality, they are going to sell, and make merchandise out of you. The Hayes office is gone, and the Johnson restraint will not be there. The Jews say, we are going to stab America, and we are going to zing it into their minds. They are going to make merchandise out of you while they pluck you.

I tell you that we should see that every Jew is deported out of our society. I will tell you just what is going to happen. We will do everything we can to stimulate the church of Jesus Christ, and Christians everywhere to fight and boycott the film industry which takes this course. This does not come from narrowness which rejects areas of entertainment. This, my friends, comes from that which you cannot characterize, as proper entertainment, but is evil, out of the minds of the Babylonians. I am going to tell you that we should work for the bankruptcy of the entire film industry if they are going to be turned over to this area of smut. What will happen? I will tell you this, the films will be made one of these days by Christians. And there will be some different betrayals of history than what they have been putting on, when they set up a film. And they will not lose any of their zest or any of their vitality, and they will not lose any of their history but the right people will be where the criminals should be and they will not be planning on selling a fight against the children of the kingdom.

Yes, we are a part of a race which has a throne in our midst. And the Almighty God of the heavens has said:--'That is my throne, and you that hold it only hold it for ME. The hour shall come when I shall rejoin you with my family and I shall rule the earth. And I shall establish my position of white supremacy, for I put you on the face of the earth, above every other people upon the earth. And all shall be brought to fulfillment, and every knee is going to bow and recognize that I am God. The whole

is going to know that I am God, and that you are my children.’

Someone said, but this is not American . . . ,is it? My friends, this is as American as the bible. I want you to know that you have arrived in a great land carved out of the wilderness. And the Most High God is not going to let the enemy take you over and destroy you.

There is going to be a trial in New York city, and what this is about, is that some Jews in a hospital there infected some patients with some live cancer viruses, so that they could practice and then treat them afterwards. But anyone who goes to a Jew doctor is absolutely foolish. They can put cancer in you and then get 7,000.00 dollars out of you before you die. I never trust a jew Doctor for then have no honor when dealing with anyone who is not a Jew. All you got to do is read the Babylonian Talmud to ascertain this. And even tho they are American Citizens, actually they are not citizens for just a few days ago, they sang the Kola Nidra and there they dissolved all oaths that they had ever taken, to our nation, or to any other area of agreement that they might have made. They say,--'All oaths are as no oaths, and we now free ourselves from any vow that I have ever made'. And by this process you can never trust a people who swear and affidavit, then revoke that affidavit. And the only way you can have a strong society, which is 1008 Christian, and no one else has any influence in this nation.

In the hour when that Throne is taken, in all of its fullness we tell you that you should crown Christ LORD in your hearts. See Him enthroned as the constant being in leadership, and know that he is the man that we follow when we follow the instruction of God's word. HE who is King of King, and LORD of LORD's the only high potentate above all ruler who is OUR FATHER, which art in heaven. And who assures us that we are his children and as you pray for it, he promises that His Kingdom shall come in earth as it is in heaven.

End of message.