From Everlasting To Everlasting, 10-21-68


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 10-21-68

(Current events----summarized)

Mr. Herbert Hoover had pushed for a U.S. Bank but the Jews would not consider that so they broke with him and brought on the depression and elected their man----Roosevelt.

Now; America has learned and they will never take another great depression. When they say we will have a great depression, then look and see who is withholding the money. Germany tried to come out from under the influence of the Jews as well as Great Britain helped bring them to defeat and thus another nation of God’s Israel will have to stand up.------ This nation will have to install a U.S. Bank and we will do that because that is God’s plan---- we are his great nation and with violence will this great program of Mystery Babylon be cast down.

In the Book of Micah is says: The Kingdom of God shall be established in the highest and greatest nation. And the people of the world are going to flow into it. God promises victory for His Kingdom. He tells us not to listen to these false prophets who tell us how wonderful socialism and Communism are.

In the book of Ezekiel 13 it tells us: Oh Israel thy prophets are like foxes in the desert, Falsely in their pulpits, and falsely in their political prophecies they have been telling the Americans that all good things are going to come to them----They have said: The Lord has said this, the Lord has said that----He wants us to feed the world, he wants us to take care of all the problems of the world. Then God speaks out and he says: Have ye not seen a vain vision, have ye not spoken a lying divination, whereas ye say----The Lord saith it---but I have not said these things. Therefore saith Yahweh---God. Then he again speaks out and he tells Ezekiel; Say to the house of Israel, they have seduced my people saying Peace, Peace when there is no Peace.

We have a lot of that crying going on today, bow down to the Russians so we can have Peace----sweet Peace-----but that is catastrophe and war, not Peace.

Then God says: Under these circumstances I am going to eventually destroy this wall of untempered mortar which you call the U.N. I am going to destroy it with hail stones, bombs and trouble. It may take war but I will destroy it to deliver My People.

Thus America then will come to an economic crossroad, and you will have to make a choice, if you show any weakness they will push to smother you. But---they shall not smother-- and I can prove that statement by the Scriptures.

The Lord shall be King over this earth, and in that day, there shall be one Lord, and his name shall be one.

One of the things he is going to do before that day:----I am going to cause a great consternation to come in my people, they are going to seethe like water boiling in a pot of water, and there isn’t going to be one Canaanite left in the house of God.------If the Jews can’t live as Parasites they won’t stay in our country. If they can’t live like parasites they will run like they left Germany. They may run to Palestine, but its different this time, for there this time, for there aren’t that many places left for them to run to. When they get run out of this country the other countries are going to rise up to burn---the great whore---who sat on many waters---this happens to be the control of international Jewry----its pagan finance, its areas of false doctrines and its strange strategies.

Now; I imagine there will be an area of come-uppance for those people who don’t know what the whole story is about or what the score is in the areas of Palestine. They think they should preserve Palestine, and preserve all the nations. They couldn’t preserve Palestine if they tried to because it would just be like putting Humpty Dumpty back together again. You are never going to make a country called Israel out of Israeli of today, which is organized Jewry. This nation Israeli is the abomination of the Desolator, and Jesus said that country would never bear any good fruit, it would never be a great nation again, tho it does serve as sons of Lucifer----the abomination of the desolator and God promises catastrophe and disaster.

Now you say;---But there are only 5 million of us who know who we are and what Israeli is----well did you ever stop to think that you have the voice and the testimony, and those people who don’t know this testimony don’t know anything against it either. The Gospel of the Kingdom is going to come forth, and not only are you going to teach the Gospel of the Kingdom, but you are also going to solve the race question also, because people feel like you do even tho they are afraid to say anything, because they have been taught these false doctrines. The Church itself has by their false doctrines totally beaten down a people by a policy of the enemy for destruction----through integration, and mongrelization. But I tell you that the nations of the Kingdom are not going to be taken over by pagans. They are not going to be destroyed as the Anti-Christ hits all the nations of God’s Kingdom.----For God tells you that you will join with him and sit with him upon the seat of authority and upon they throne of his greatness.

I tell you that America is bound for victory, America is bound for great leadership and it is bound as a great nation of God’s Kingdom----upward. I think you of the Republican party made one of the best areas of advancements that you could have made since the days of Roosevelt, in your choice of Mr. Nixon. Now he doesn’t have all the answers and there are lots of things that he will need help on, but at least he will not put up with communist betrayal in high offices of government.

(Well Nixon is out and Kissinger is still there but that situation may backfire yet.)

In your day and in your time America is going to turn around and quit supporting the Anti-Christ United Nations. In America we are in a period of great and intensive struggle between liberal and conservative actions, but the conservatives are over the top as far as numbers are concerned, and victory is in the offering. It may not look like it for a while but I can assure you that this is true, because America will stand and America will move to the right and then will demand that their congressmen do the will of the people. Congress makes the laws and there is where your pressure should be. Many of the laws passed have been unconstitutional. Thus these laws must be eliminated from your society. They must not be any longer a part of the great society of God nation. God says; In the last days I shall come in with my whirlwinds and I will destroy the wicked from among you. He is talking to you about this nation which was set in place upon his plan for its greatness. Since I believe the covenants of God, I believe that America will get a new lease on life.

Yesterday we glanced at the L.A. Times and they had a great picture----a great Muriel so they said that would end all bigotry and prejudice. Well it was a picture of Jesus so they said, altho it doesn’t look like any picture of Jesus I ever saw or dreamed of, but it was a picture of a Black Jesus and surrounding him are about 25 integrated angels all of various colors. They said:------This is God, he is the God of all races, all colors and all creeds. He is a black God because he is all of these colors mixed together.


It is a rather unique thing but the facts of the purposes and the Majesty of our God proves that he is a white God. And proves also that his household was begat in his own image and that he begat them as a white people. And more than that he is the God who lighteth every man who cometh into the world. He is a God of light, and of truth and of righteousness who said to you as a race, with his integrated angels standing around him.

Another thing in the paper that was interesting was the notice that they were canceling the program of the Church of council of L.A. called the program of---project equality. This was a nation wide inter-religious program by which they would bring forth equality. But they had to cancel this because there wasn’t any support for the program in the White Christian part of the area. The NCC and the Jewish organizations were the sponsors for this program---project equality---but they said that the white Protestants in their denominations showed no interest in the project, and they contributed no money and no talent for promote the program so they had to cancel their trip to Chicago because of lack of funds, and then they canceled the project.

(How about that?----One project the White Christians didn’t put up the money for, or supply the people to make their project work. Ha.)

Another thing of interest:------General Hershey made a speech explaining the amending of the draft law concerning Conscientious objection to fighting in a war. The part where one stated that it was against his religious belief to fight was removed. Mr. Humphrey then got into the act and he is now so happy because:----he said:---so many good people in this country don’t believe in God.

Now:----Really there are not fine people in this country that don’t believe in God. We do have idiots if they don’t believe in God. It is a fool, who is his heart says there is no God. This nation is under God whether they recognize it or not. You are set free under God, not free without God. Just remember that your enemy has no consciousness and in the day when Jesus appears in the sky they will even turn their rockets and implements of war on him, they will be swept out of the sky, but they will try. We know that today all through the Mongolian mountains that high gantries have been built and on them have been placed inter-continental missiles. So they are in place, they will launch them at you or at God, it doesn’t matter to them which because they consider both their enemies. We can prove this by the Bible because it tells us that all the beast system will turn their forces on God, when he comes in power. When he comes in power-----it will be one of the shortest strikes that the Soviet Union has ever undertaken.

Now; we turn to our subject to:------From Everlasting to Everlasting: Psalms 90. “Lord thou has been our dwelling place from generation to generation.”

We do not find God as most religions picture him----as standing out on a little cloud and just looking into a mist and then starting to create. They teach Sunday school children this beginning of God. They have him starting out in that mist then in about 6 days they get him down to Adam and on down the line to about 6,000 years as of now, when actually they are over 7,000 years from Adam as of now. But they have him standing on nothing, not knowing, not thinking where he came from or where he has been.

I tell you that God is the eternal God and his creating period has been through out all times. There has never been a period where there was not a vastness to God’s Universe. There are 1,126 trillion suns that you can see with their solar systems which is the beginning for your eyes of the vastness of God’s Universe. God is always changing and shaping and working. He never stood on nothing, and worked with nothing, he has always used his intelligence, he always existed. Can you imagine a Great God just hanging out in space doing nothing, existing but creating nothing?-----Of course not. The scriptures are full of the story of how out of the antiquities of yesterday, the great and majestic Majesty of the Mighty power of the Almighty was at work. This gives the lie to the concept that out of three score and ten, or at the most 100 years, that people can say that is where I began, then I grew up, became conscious, had a relationship with God. I want you to know that there is not one of you in this congregation who was not with The Father before he made the world. You were begotten by the Spirit of the Everlasting God, an incorruptible seed, immortal in the Spirit, in the ages of yesterday. The Everlasting Father begat an Everlasting family with eternal life and you are a part of His Household.

“Lord thou hast been our dwelling place in all generations.” Now before the mountains were brought forth, before there were any creations, before any of these things, we were with our Father. Our Spirit existed with the Father in the realm of Spirit. Therefore as thou has formed the world from Everlasting to Everlasting and even before that thou has been our dwelling place in all generations.

A thousand years in thy sight are but as yesterday, when it is passed----only like a watch in the night. Therefore again---we see that this is a significant pattern of measure of time with the eternity of God’s program and plan. After all with only 7,400 years from Adam that is just a drop in the bucket when compared to the time in eternity where you existed with the purposes of the Father.

Now, there are races of people who were on the earth much longer than this, in fact back 600,000 years ago we find their traces thru artifacts and pictures they left to prove this. There were beings living on this earth at least that long ago. Now Human being----Adamites a little over 7,000 years, as only the Adamic race was given the Spirit of God making them

Hu-man beings.

So as we turn back through these patterns of time where were you 600,000 years ago? Where were you even before that? Because the earth is older than that, because archaeology has taken us back and back into time, much farther than that of over 1 ½ million years.-----Then before any of this we were with HIM.

Therefore:----”From everlasting to everlasting thou art our God.” This is one of the reasons that he tells us that he wrote our names in the lambs book of life, even before the foundations of the world. He says he knew our names---way back there and he knew who we were to be and when we would be begotten into the earth in a physical body. He says:---I wrote down your names of who you would be and the time and date when you would be begotten into the physical body and I put all this information in the lambs book of life, even before the foundations of the world. More than this God has unveiled the Majesty of his purpose. Therefore Children of His Spirit, and the Spirit is made of incorruptible seed, and abides forever.

No man ever sinned by His Spirit, because the spirit has eternal life. It has everlasting life of God, whence came your Spirit, and he is the source of all Spirit. Thus Spirit issues forth from God, therefore Spirit is Holy.

Also:-------The Spiritual nature of man is Holy because it came forth from God. More than this there is no area of destruction for this Spirit. Today there are whole areas of darkness aimed against our civilization, but I want you to understand that you are a part of the endless yesterday and a part of the endless tomorrow. Because of this the enemy will never accomplish the wiping out of HIS household, even tho they are attempting to destroy the mortal body which is subject to death. The Spirit that dwells in this body is immortal, from everlasting to everlasting.-----Absent from this body is to be present with the Lord. Therefore the soul consciousness pattern of antiquity, and wisdom or remembrance moves from the physical body back to God from which it came. This is one of the reasons why the Apostle Paul said: “Absent from this body is to be present with the Lord.”

Then in Ecclesiastes:----He said as he was talking about the Enosh and the righteous. He said:---The Zombie---they know nothing when they die. The Zombie are not children of the Spirit----they are children after the flesh of a world order of the beast system. When they die they know nothing at all, but the Spirit of the Living God returns back to God who gave it. So we have the assurance in the book of Ecclesiastes that this is true. Therefore you are a child of Eternity----and knowing this then also know---that as your Father has life, so also do you.

In the Book of Proverbs you have the constant pattern of wisdom and Knowledge that exists in the Spirit of the Sons of God. In other words the sons of God are a multitude because God has multiplied and multiplied HIS household. The Spirit of wisdom which resides in them resided in God----and he was their dwelling place from generation to generation----before the foundations of the world etc.

We turn to chapter 8 in Proverbs, verse 22:----The Lord possessed me from the beginning of his way, before his work of old. I was set up from everlasting, from the beginning or before the world was.

24. When there were no depths in the ocean, I was brought forth; when there was no fountains abounding with water I existed.

25. Before the mountains were even settled, before the mountains were even settled, before the hills----I was brought forth.

26. While as yet he had not made the earth, nor the fields, nor the highest part of the dust of the world.

27. When he prepared the heavens----I was there

28. When he established the clouds above:---when he strengthened the fountains of the deep.

29. When he gave to the sea his decree; that waters should not pass his commandment; when he appointed the foundations of the earth

30. Then I was by Him, as one brought up with him, and I was daily his delight, rejoicing always before him;

31. Rejoicing in the habitable part of his earth and my delights were with the sons of men.

Where were my delight?-----With the sons of men----in that period of time before the foundations of the world----God said: I was with him and I was his delight, because I was a child of immortality. This is the secret brought to you again by the proverbs. No wonder that the Psalmist writes: “Oh Lord thou hast been our dwelling place in all generations.”

Thy eternity---the Majesty of thy existence----recognizing thou art an Eternal God.

Never was there a period of time when God stood on nothing and decided he was going to start making something, because God is an intelligent great creative Majesty. Always working, always developing then going on and on----because there is no beginning and no end, and thus the great cyclic course of the Universe with its ecliptic’s and orbits has never had a beginning and there never has been an end. When we recognize this its hard for us to justify the fact, that we who were with God before the foundations of the world, we who were told so many things before the foundations of the world----could yet not be able to understand. We who were fortunate to have explained to us the courses of time and the purposes of God, and even told of the rebellion of Lucifer, in fact we stood back and watched the battle between the Angels, and we saw Michael sweep Lucifer out of the heavens, as he stood up for the household of the Most High God. In all these situations, you are dealing with hundreds of thousands of years of time, and of purposes. Then we find ourselves down here in our life span. But life on earth is but a small fragment of time compared to your great pattern of life, but it is not my Friends according to the purposes of the Most High God.

The Most High God said:----I have begotten my household and he promised you this before the foundations of the earth----in a mortal body. I placed you in this mortal body and because of violation of Divine law, by your first parents on earth----death came on them. Now you were immortal in the Spirit and you could have been immortal in the body but you chose mortality, therefore God had told you the story of redemption, and promised you redemption before the foundation of the world. He had explained redemption to you, he said: I will redeem you----immortality----your physical body will put on immortality as your spiritual body has possessed immortality. Your mind will put on the infinite pattern of the mind, even as your spiritual mind knows all of the things, even the deep things of God. So the mind occupying this physical body is for Spirit, soul and body,---you---are my sons and daughters---immortal people.

This is a part of the things God told us before the foundations of the world. This is one of the great and strange situations never understood by the power of darkness and of evil. The forces of darkness does not recognize the power of resurrection or of light. When Christ became embodied in earth, he took a body like you have. Enveloped with light could have been his course, enveloped with light of the Shekinah Glory could have been his way, because he did this on several occasions such as on the mount of transfiguration. He came forth also at his resurrection in the power and Majesty of His light. But prior to this time had he wrapped himself in the light of the Spirit he would have been totally immortal. In fact it would have been impossible for him to have been crucified to redeem his race that HE permitted to take on mortality. He didn’t take a chance with his household, therefore when he came to earth he took a body just like you had and was not ashamed to call you His Kinsmen, his brethren, and was not ashamed to move into the avenue of the darkest of all experiences, known as death.---And yet My friends, that day when Christ---his body hanging on the cross gave up the ghost---that body didn’t disintegrate-----that body didn’t crumble---he resurrected that body in 3 days and bought for you immortality that you possessed in the Spirit, and therefore the Spirit and the body will become as one----then this mortal will put on immortality and death will be swallowed up totally in life, because you are a part of the Everlasting Eternal God, from Everlasting to Everlasting.

Now we don’t have to worry about whether the enemy will keep the Peace treaty. We know he never keeps his treaties anytime. We don’t depend on dreams and dreamers, for we know that as the sons and daughters of God that we were put down here to conquer darkness, and to raise the power and righteousness of the Kingdom of God. He has unveiled out of His Spirit the concept of His Kingdom. The thoughts that exist in the mind of God, as he came forth out of the grave and raised his body by the power of the Spirit, he also says your Spirit is going to envelope your body with light and your body is going to put on immortality. As such then I was with the Father before the world was framed. I was with him before any of this was created. I was with him when he was rolling out the heavens and as he created new creations. At that time we didn’t have any questions about the knowledge and the purposes of the Most High God. There wasn’t even any little peanut walking around here on earth saying there is no God. ----Now think of that---what a fantastic thing---a little peanut walking around down here saying there is no God----after participating in the creation and program.???

When God sent you down here in physical bodies he sent you to occupy this spot where he was going to build His Kingdom. He knew you would fall, he knew he had power to save to the uttermost. He said: I will redeem my people, the whole house of Israel shall be saved. I will take away the ungodliness of Jacob, this I will do, I have promised this from Everlasting to Everlasting. He said:---I am your Messiah---I give you Eternal life.---and you never perish. If you die that is not the area where you have Eternal life. The Spirit is the area where the consciousness can pass into Eternal life. But then HE says:----I am going to speed up the revolutions of electrons around the nucleus and I am going to speed up the revolutions of electrons around the nucleus and I am going to do it with light. I am going to do it with the immortality that comes with light.

Thus you have the declaration of the Eternal Everlasting God. You don’t have to start him out about 6,000 years ago, standing out there on nothing, because God thought out his creation was ever moving, remodeling and recreating before the foundations of the earth were laid and----you were there.

Even as this earth has been remodeled, and changed so has other areas of the Universe. You are doing a lot on this earth to remodel and change it. You are putting down mountains, you are using great earth moving equipment and if mountain gets in the way you tunnel through it or cut it down. There is going to be a lot of changes made even in the earth itself, in the areas of the times to come. However the changes of the earth or the earthquakes which can happen at this time are not important because:----One thousand can fall at thy left side and 10 thousand at thy right side yet no harm will come to thee. God’s covenants are made by an Eternal God, and they are from Everlasting to Everlasting, and you who are of the Everlasting, Eternal Spirit have nothing to worry about concerning the future and purposes of your father. Therefore when it tells you of the creations in the book of Proverbs---you were there.

Again as we turn to this constant pattern of Eternal truth and immortality, remember that you are an Everlasting being also, that you are a possessor of Eternal life.

How do you get this across to people ???????

“I give you Eternal life and ye shall never perish”----(John 10:28) Thousands of people read that passage---over and over, and then they still wonder about Eternal life and how to acquire it. In fact Evangelists are going through the country, and they dome into a church and they try to save Christians and give them Eternal life.-----Now think about that----An Evangelist comes to you in a meeting and he tries to see you---who already has Eternal life---on the idea that if you go through this process of saying words, then that way the Christian gains Eternal Life.----But---Your Father gave you Eternal life, when he begat you in his spirit, and this was long, long before the foundations of the world. He gave you Eternal life when His Spirit called to the secret consciousness which is inside every man or woman of His household, this is a secret awareness in every child of God. He was pouring into that secret consciousness knowledge and truth, even when you were playing at your mothers knee. He has been pouring into the household of his race, the concept that he wants them to have. He is molding tomorrow. He moves out with great vision and inspiration on your inventors and your scientists. He gives them concepts and they start probing and working, whether in the area of biology, or geology, or astronomics, or medicine----it is all being purposed out of a mind that knows all things.

We think of our men going into space, which is a wonderful thing, but think of the thousands of men and the hours they spent to produce that feat. I want you to know that the power of the Spirit of God surging through the intelligence of your race has put a drive in you of accomplishment. At any time he could stop it----just like that. But out of the continuity of this society they accomplished a drive which took men to the moon and brought them back. This is just a small step into tomorrow as you start rejoining the purposes and the plans of the Eternal God. It isn’t so much the fact of their going out into space, but it is the massive pattern of wisdom and guidance, and intelligence which surges down and moves through the mentality of men, that works through the intelligence of the brain---coordinating their activities----that produces this. What so ever man thinketh he can perform.

Now;---These are the declarations of God, but that doesn’t mean it is for everyone. You have enemies today who steal your secrets and they try to duplicate, or get ahead of you, but I want you to know that God speaks to you and he opens up the patterns of wisdom and knowledge to your mind. So also the whole program of the Universe he had declared before the foundations of the world.

Over in the book of Isaiah (45) God speaks out and he said again to His People:

“I am Yahweh----there is no God beside me.” I girded thee tho thou has not known me----Yet I am Yahweh and there is none else. Now;-----He says: If I stir up the spirit of remembrance then you will remember the things of old, long before you dwelt in earth, back when you heard My counsel, when I told you of ancient things I was going to do. Remember saith Yahweh: the former things of old, for I am Yahweh and there is none else. I am Yahweh and there is none like me. I declared the end from the beginning, from the ancient times. The things not yet done, saying my counsel will stand, I will do all my pleasure. As for our redeemer---Yahweh of Hosts is his name----He is----the Holy one of Israel.

As God speaks out he says: Now there is no God on the left or on the right but I alone am God. I alone have the power to ordain forth tomorrow. Lucifer may carve and mold gods from fallen angels, but I alone am Yahweh----thy Redeemer---the Holy one of Israel.

He says:---I can call to your attention the things not yet happened, the things I told you in ancient times. I can cause you to remember that I have said these things. After all my friends, we are living on prophecy. We are believing the words of God and the events he said are ahead, because HE said they would come to pass. As we have been calling the prophetic patterns of events to your attention, we have only been calling attention to events in your scripture, for even the United Nations is there. No new thing has happened to the alert children of God, they have just things brought back to their remembrance by the inspiration of God.

One of these days we are going to see quite a tremendous situation----when God pours out the spirit of light and immortality upon His Children, when light once more envelopes his family. One of these days, rockets will come flying out of the Soviet Union headed your way and then great host will soar out of the sky and turn those rockets back on their country. Its going to be days like this when you are marching young men out to war----when suddenly those young men will begin to glow like the sun and machine bullets won’t touch them, and as they keep moving think of the reaction of the enemy as the bodies of these men have their electrons speeded up, and moving around every nucleus of their bodies, then their bodies become compact and the bodies won’t bruise and cannot be injured because of the balance of the cone and core of light that maintains stability.

“Arise and Shine thy light has come.” (Isa. 60:1) And the Glory of God is risen upon you.

God says:---I shall sound my voice before my army, I will give them immorality, they will not break rank, they will keep on going, and when they finish they will have the earth cleaned up, and the white race will be ruling, when they usher in their Eternal God and Father. This is the truth of the Gospel of Everlasting to Everlasting.

I look around today and I see white people who are almost ashamed to admit that they are of the white race. They don’t want to say:---Our God is a white God, for that would show prejudice. They don’t want to say---Our God is the Great Eternal Everlasting Yahweh.----A white God----Oh my that might offend a Negro or a Chinaman, but My friends the masses of the Enoch peoples of Africa and Asia have been stirred by the powers of the Anti-Christ to come against you. So you have just one hope, if you are not the children of the Everlasting then you don’t even have that hope.

If your 1/6th., of the population of the world doesn’t have more intelligence than the rest of the world then in 10 years from now you will be forgotten. If you don’t have an Everlasting God, an Everlasting covenant and this is not the truth then there isn’t any truth and this I am telling you will be blotted out and the world will be ruled by the Enosh people. No my friends:---That isn’t going to happen, you don’t consider yourself as disappearing as a race from the face of this earth very few people can even conceive of being dead, they see someone else as dead, but personally they don not see themselves as dead. Well----The Spirit in them is eternal and they really don’t die, their consciousness doesn’t, die rather it moves into the plane of Spirit and keeps on going since you are pulsing with life. You are the Children of Eternity, you are the children of an Everlasting Father, therefore it is important for us to realize that He is our Everlasting Father. If I was with him in the beginning, If I was with him before the world was framed, if My consciousness and My Spirit listened to the Most High God----If I was with him through those thousands and thousands of years then My friends you aren’t gong to place me here on this earth and leave me here just because it is the design of Lucifer to put death and mortality on My race.

There is ever evidence of thousands and thousands of years in yesterdays and there is evidence of me--with My Father in the endless tomorrows, with His program of His tomorrows. He tells you of those tomorrows as he says:---eye hath not seen, nor ear heard of the things prepared for those who love me. Then He talks about a new heaven and a new earth, and of the re-organization, as the power of righteousness takes over the powers of darkness and that power of darkness ends. But he also talks about new creations and vast programs in tomorrow---in the endless program of the vastness of space, and n the hands of a constant Eternal Creating God. He talks about the day when the devil and all his angels will worship at your feet. You say:---Oh, I don’t want them worshiping there----well----Yes I do--- I think its a good time for them to start worshiping there. One of these days the devil is going to get down on his knees and weep and crawl at the feet of the Most High God. Now it may be hard for you to imagine the devil doing that but that is going to transpire because this is the authority and the power of the Majesty of Your God. He says:----I can call every Spirit to order and I can call every order of creation into its proper being. I want you to know that you are My sons and daughters and you have been begotten of incorruptible seed that lives and abides for ever. In the book of Galatians it tells you that we have Eternal life because we have the Spirit. And out of the Spirit cometh Eternal life and as the Spirit, soul and body are inseparably re-united in the majesty of God’s great creative work at his coming, therefore we want you to know that these are important things for you to know.

] Some people say:----I don’t want Christ to come just yet, for there are many things I want to do yet. I want to go to certain places yet, I want to see some things before he comes. They want to put off God. That is what they are really saying:-----maybe we can take a vacation trip somewhere before he comes. That is about how silly people are because of lack of understanding of the plan and purposes of The Most High God.

And yet in the hour that is about to transpire---as Spirit envelopes the flesh there will be no more tears----there will be no more sorrow because there will be no more pain, and there will be no more sickness.

Why?----Because you cannot make a body sick when the element of the Spirit of light keeps it well.

More than this:----no more sorrow, no sickness----permanent health----this My friends is the promise of the Most High. This is why he says:----no tear, no more sorrow----rather permanent health for My family, My household, as they put on immortality, put on Eternal life.---Do you want to push that off into the distance??????

You haven’t begun to decide what there is to do, for there is so much to do that you have not done, so many things to see, so many things to enjoy, that you do not even know what enjoyment is compared to the things God has planned for YOU-----for His Household in the days to come.

Some people say:---Oh, just get me out of the world before the trouble begins----Well I don’t want to miss any of it. I want to see the victory----I want to see the smashing blows. I want to see the hammer and sickle come crashing down, I want to see their armies crushed. I want to see THE KINGDOM OF GOD RISE.

I know that this will happen because MY GOD who came from Everlasting has declared these things from the beginning, and these things are so.