Every Tongue Shall Confess. 1-17-65



By  Dr. Wesley A. Swift- 1-17-65

Let us turn back to the Book of Philippians and here we find that the Apostle Paul has had a vast area of experiences far beyond that of many Christians because he was called as an Apostle to the nations of Israel and to the Church. His area of responsibility was to make known unto them the things God had delivered unto him. That he might make known unto those of HIS Household the great Mysteries of his race. The Apostle Paul you will remember was stopped on the road to Damascus as God put his hand on him, and took him out of the control and propaganda of the Jews. Altho the Apostle was not a Jew he had been taken in by their influence and by their control of the Temple. Yet he was well prepared for his ministry. He spoke fluently and could speak many languages, and local languages of his day and time were known to him as well. He was without question one of the most astute philosophers of his day, but at the same time he was very active and militant. But when God called him, and awakened him to the fact that The Eternal Christ was the fulfillment of God...THE MESSIAH..embodied, he also took him into a dimension of great significance.

The Apostle Paul tells us about his trip into the dimensions, in great detail in his Apocalypse, and also tells us about it in the Scriptures that we have here in the Epistles. He tells us that he didn't know whether he was in the Spirit or the body, that God alone knew. And that God had taken him into the heavens, and talked to him and showed him things that he was to tell HIS Church. And so by this process the Apostle Paul had said:.. 'Whether in the spirit or in the body I can not tell.' Again we tell you that as far as the dimensions, and the description of the development of things, the Apostle Paul was to talk about, it was as tho he was in his body, and he had little ability to determine whether as to he was in the body or not. But the soul consciousness was resident there and it was communicating there as well. And while he was there God was talking to him, and he tells about the vastness of God's Universe. And he talks about the purposes of God, and while he is there Paul sees people coming and going from all corners of the Universe. He beholds them coming in vessels, in ships which sail thru the courses of the sidereal systems, and the back- ground of immensity as we see it, in the creations. In fact the Apostle Paul had stepped into Eternity, he was in yesterday, and tomorrow, and was watching people come and go. He was seeing the work of Administering spirits, and of Archangels. And thru all these things, Yahweh was making clear to Paul that the Universe was in HIS hands, and HE was God. And that HE had stopped him and called him to be an Apostle unto HIS people. Therefore in all these discussions God showed him that sin was not going to triumph. That sin was not going to triumph in any phase, that it was not going to win a battle in any instance. And in order that he might make these things known...HE showed the Apostle Paul the sovereignty of HIS WILL. He showed him the Majesty He had measured out in the courses of time, and how HE was going to triumph. He had discussed with the Apostle Paul how there had been a rebellion with Lucifer and how there had been a battle in the skies and how Lucifer had been swept into earth. And there cast upon the earth, Lucifer, had polluted the civilizations and corrupted Divine Law. He had mutated the races of the earth by bringing Negroes from portions of the Milky Way, but these people had also been already degenerated and deteriorated before their coming. But God said:..to all these things I will call a halt. And in the instance of it then God said:..I brought forth my own family, my own household, and I put them in the world, thru the Adamic race, and I thru them shall build My Kingdom and with them we shall triumph over the powers of darkness. And then when we have defeated them ...utterly...until they are unable to rise..unable to carry on their areas of activities...then we shall envelope and separate them. For these peoples in the areas of darkness cannot understand when they are in control of the Witchdoctors, and the Devil forces that lead them, and they are merely being gathered into the armies of hate. God said unto the Apostle Paul, some great and tremendous things, and the Apostle Paul revealed these things in the Apocalypse of Paul, and then scattered them throughout his Epistles. As we read these Epistles we then come upon these areas of truth that we found recorded in the Apocalypse of Paul. So God has highly exalted Himself, and in His embodiment has given Himself a Name above every Name.

Now: listen to these words of the Apostle Paul...'That at the name of Jesus that every knee shall bow, of things in heaven, of things in earth, and of things under the earth...and every tongue shall confess that Jesus The Christ is LORD..The Eternal Glory of God.'

Now:..hear this:...here is the declaration given to the Apostle Paul, and this is what he is told, and what he tells you in Philippians 2:11..... 'At the Name of YAHSHUA every knee shall bow of things in heaven, of things in earth, and things under the earth.' And what is it that every tongue shall confess? 'That YAHSHUA-YAHWEH embodied is the Eternal Spirit (father).' This is of course a tremendous statement. This is assurance given to the Apostle Paul that Our Father is going to triumph over the powers of darkness. That He is going to gather every last living soul which exists in His Universe, and that He is going to make everyone who was in the areas of that revolution and in the violations of the processes of Divine Law, and they are all going to acknowledge the truth...they are all going to acknowledge The Christ, and this will make new creatures out of them, all this is in the courses of time. Lots of people don't think they have a lot of time because they are working on 3 score and ten or 4 score years, but let me tell you, that we have lots of time. We have 1000 or millions of years if that were necessary, but it isn't going to take that much time. We have been here about 7400 years already, and it is but a drop in the bucket concerning the areas of time that God has if he wants to expend it. But we happen to be operating on God's Timetable and He has told us that certain things shall come to pass, so we can tell when God is going to do things. He gave us signs of His coming, He gave us signs of our day, He gave us measures in the sky. He talked to Enoch and told him of His first coming and of His second coming, and we are in the day of His second coming...This coming of Jesus The Christ. Let me point out to you that under this, the Apostle Paul said that he was preaching a marvelous Gospel. In the first place God placed His Kingdom here in the midst of the earth, He brought forth the Adamites in His own image, and put the spirits of His own Eternal children in the bodies of flesh of this Adamic race. He brought forth the Household of Israel, and these were His children, His offspring, His own family, and tho they would fall in earth, yet He would redeem them and by Israel He would redeem the world.

Now of course there are a lot of things people do not want to accept. They didn't want to think that all the people of the world are going to be put back in order, they want to have some of them out there for a scapegoat. They want to punish some of them forever and forever because they don't like the idea that there is going to be enough Grace to catch the Devil. After all the Devil is going to be destroyed, but Lucifer the Archangel is coming back to serve Our Father. Oh! you don't like that? Well he isn't your Archangel anyway. He belongs to Our Father and the day is going to come when Lucifer is going to worship at your feet.

Now: when you have a worshiping Archangel he isn't a devil anymore. There is a lot of times, and a lot of problems, and we find ourselves in the midst of a lot of complex situations, and we are fighting darkness and evil, and will to the death if necessary, but at the same time there isn't a conscious spirit anywhere existent on the face of the earth that is destroyed. God can get them out of the netherworld, He can take them from every dimension, for there is no area a spirit can go that God cannot find it. And there is absolute and complete assurance in this Book that God will get back every living spirit that ever existed. Let me suggest for a moment an interesting thing. We have in the Book of Acts the fisherman, Peter, who became an eloquent and majestic speaker, as the Spirit of God unveiled to him and brought things to his remembrance, of the conscious pattern of Gods creation. And thus Peter saw the majesty of how God worked. And then Peter talked to these people who were largely from the House of Judah, of the House of Israel, altho there were Jews also standing by who were Satans sons. And Peter said this about The Christ:.... 'Whom heaven must receive until the time of the restitution of all things, which God has spoken by the mouths of his holy prophets since the world began.' Now:...of course when you start talking about the restitution of all things then people say:...Now I don't want any talk of Universalism, but you aren't invested in this, for you are the saints and nothing is going to happen to you that isn't good. So why do you want anything to happen to the rest of the world which isn't good? We will fight against the areas of evil and we will fight against communism or anything which tries to overthrow our society. We will fight with all the resistance which we are capable of because we are here to preach the truth unto the nations, and to proclaim the program of God's Kingdom. We are not called upon, my friends, to surrender or submit to them because the Kingdom of God is going to reign. Let me point out that we would gladly see the world accept Christ and turn to Him, but these forces of the world will not turn to HIM until we have broken down the powers of the Witchdoctors, and the powers of Lucifer until he is a broken and defeated foe. But a defeated foe he is going to be. Here in the Scriptures it says:...'He whom heaven (the dimensions of spirit) must receive until the time of the restitution of all things which God has spoken by the mouth of all the Holy Prophets since the world began.' Alright, lets take a look at this. Even before you race came to earth, there were Tungest people and even in their migrations and civilization they had gone far. They had one prophet...because even Horus was a prophet to the Ancient Egyptians of the pre-Adamic world. And these peoples of Ancient Egypt were those who escaped from the land of Atlantis as it sank beneath the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. They traveled to the eastward to get away from the catastrophes that Lucifer had brought upon them with the mongrelization that was going on. Altho many turned to evil and worshiped the darkness, still many also wanted to worship and serve the right God, so they left with their prophet...Horus. We have found the record of this in the Temples of Karnac of the prophecies of Horus. We have found in Ancient Egypt these prophecies of Horus and the prophet of the land which God said in the 3rd chapter of Ezekiel was a mighty Empire, and a great tree, and had mighty racial streams all over the earth in the days when HE placed Eden in the earth. Thus when God placed Adam in Eden, then there were mighty Empires all over the earth and this Horus was a prophet of God.

Thus Horus said:...This Almighty Yahweh..this Putah..would someday send his own sons and daughters into the earth in physical bodies, and they would teach the world...TRUTH. That they would redeem the world, and that first HE would come and redeem His people, and they would then redeem the world. Horus talked about Osiris..The Lord of Life and Resurrection...who was The Christ. He talked about The Christ crossing the River Styx and coming back again, and bringing captivity captive, about bringing people out of the grave, and He said that in the course of time His Kingdom would triumph, His Holy Temple would be filled and His markers would be replaced in Egypt, but His Kingdom would extend from one end of the earth to the other, and all men would turn into Yahweh...Putah.

Alright:..this is also what the Scriptures says:..'Unto the restitution of all things which God has spoken by the mouth of all His holy prophets since the world began.' Acts 3:21. Now: there is no doubt that in the context of the Scriptures, both in the Old and the New Testament we find the constant story of the restitution of all things. A lot of times a people hear this and are concerned about this, and they think it is going to be now, or a few years from now, but the restitution of all things takes in all the areas of the chastisement, and development of these people who the Lord loved, and those He loves He chastens. He said that He loved the whole world, the soul that He made, and that He has a special relationship with the children of His Spirit...these of His Household. He has said that He would give Ethiopia (Africa) for you, He would give Asia for you, because you are the Apple of His Eye, but He said to the ends of the earth as well, that He loved His Creation.

Here then Peter was speaking and he was expressing what the Holy Spirit showed him and this was the restitution of all things. Then God speaks out concerning his sons:...'Command ye me concerning my sons.' Now: He said: I made the world and put people in it and you ask me concerning My sons, because the people of the world are going to admit that there is the manifestation of Deity in my sons. So therefore He made this declaration:..Tell them then, and bring them near and let them take counsel together and who had declared this from Ancient times, have not I...THE LORD? Is there a God beside me? No not one. Is there a God or a Savior? There is no God beside me, for I alone am God, I alone am Savior. Isaiah 45.

Now: there are these pagans and they cannot tell us of a single prophecy which is coming to pass, for God said:..I alone am the author of prophecy. I alone can put enough energy of the Universe into this situation to make things come to pass. I alone am the declaring point of prophecy. Then He said:...You bring all these people from the ends of the earth, all these heathens...and then 'Look unto me and be ye saved...all the ends of the earth. Isaiah 45:22. Then the Eternal makes a declaration:....I have sworn by myself, the word is gone out of my mouth in righteousness, and shall not return, that unto me every knee shall bow, every tongue shall swear. Here the magnitude of God's Grace is revealed by the prophet Isaiah, and in this instance is one of the most tremendous patterns of human concepts. And He said:..Surely shall one say...in the Lord have I righteousness, and strength, even to him shall men come; and all that are incensed against him shall surely be ashamed.

Thus even Lucifer, his family and his household are eventually going to be ashamed. 'And in YAHWEH shall all the seed of Israel be justified, and shall Glory.' As we look out on our race we see the affinity which we have had from our mothers knee. We have the relationship with God which some people take as a matter of course when or until they are called to the timing, and a realization. But in the pattern of it we discover that we communicate with God, we talk with God, and even those who pay little attention to HIM, until they are in trouble, still they know where to turn when they are in trouble. But in the instance of this is the fact that we are the offspring ...the Household of God. But just stop and think:..In India are 600 million people at this very moment who do not know God. There exists across the roof of the world, and into the heart of China, and in these areas where today we are fighting communist hoards..but here in the area of the Buddhist of today there exists better than 1 billion Buddhists. Think this over! Then there exists in the areas of Africa..thousands upon thousands of Witchdoctors, and millions of Negroes in the darkness.

But the Scripture says:...'Every knee shall bow, and every tongue shall proclaim.' This My friends is going to take a tremendous miracle. We look out upon this area of their catastrophe, and we see millions of people laying in the streets of India because they have no substance, and no property. They are a property-less people, and we see their Temples led with God-less immorality, and filled with demons and devils. We see their over population which is responsible for their not having enough food to eat, so they are in trouble. But their overpopulation comes from the back- ground of their Temples. For their temples have taken 30 or 40% of the girls of India and made them Vestal Virgins of the temple to serve the gods. And then the gods are bringing in young men to wait upon the gods, and the illegitimate children of Hinduism is a part of the catastrophe of India. But it all glibly passes over this as there are those who are wealthier but there is ignorance as well in those who have less, because in the instance of Nehru who died, and the Ghandi who now lives, and the Ghandi who lived before...they don't know anything about God because of absolute idolatry. Even what their race once knew from what was carried to them of our race, as our Aryan forbearers moved over that land they do not know today. The fact remains that the people of India today are a mongrel society, and they are a broken up people. But in all these instances they hate the white man, even tho they will take your money. But they don't want the white man to preach about his God. Someone said:..but this is no way to save the world. Well there is to be an operation, and it will be painful for India because whether they like it or not they are going to have to turn to the right God before they gain the areas of development which they anticipate. For instance they have destroyed the plows and have gone back to the sticks. They are using the oxen instead of pumps to life the water, and we could put forth enough effort to raise food to feed everyone in India, but they raise only enough to feed about 40% of their people.

You say...why is that? It is because wisdom follows the mind of God and when you are in tune with the mind of God and the Spirit is in tune with God, then the wisdom of God comes thru. Adam was placed on earth because there was no one to 'Till the soil.' There was no one with the knowledge of agriculture...to make the Garden grow. God said:...'I will put Adam down here, and for the last 7400 years there has been gardens growing in the world. The heathen have copied it but they haven't planted it or made it very fruitful. Thus the areas of this are true. This is just one facet of it, for the Buddhist move across the Steppes of Asia and they move with their Yaks and they move in the simple areas of their society, but there are demon powers which rule over them. They move into the cities of Asia and where as some of the people in these cities might have some opportunity because they have some technical capacity, still it is blotted out because their priesthood is taken from them. Except for some portions of business operation which must be kept alive for their operation, all is blotted out, and the people inside this area have turned to communism. Buddhism has turned the people to communism, and communism is the politics of Hell. But...every knee shall bow, and these people, every last one of them is going to recognize that Jesus is The Christ. You say:..How? Well, because we in the kingdom are at war with communism, with China whether you realize it or not, and we are at war with Asia, and we have the areas of tomorrow still in store, for we are going to destroy communism and we will sweep Africa and Asia, and we will destroy these evil people who control their evil Priestcraft, and thus break their control over these people.

Even tho the politicians are trying to keep the Buddhist happy, this will all be swept out, as this is only a part of the time of Jacob's trouble. It seems that these leaders of ours need a complete revision of their thinking. Alright:...God said...I am going to make all the ends of the earth to know that I am God, and that there is no other. 'I have sworn and the word is gone out of my mouth in righteousness, and shall not return...That unto me every knee shall bow, every tongue shall swear.' There can be no doubt but that God is talking about this area of activity. There is no doubt then that in the declaration He brought forth that He said:..that in the purposes of God, that we were with Him as His children before the world was framed. We were predestined in the purposes and plans of God, we were His children even before the foundations of the world. And we are at the pleasure of HIS WILL. Therefore He has abounded toward us in all wisdom, all providence. He made known unto us the mystery of His Will according to his good pleasure which He had purposed in Himself, and He gave us the Law. Now:..the law is to come forth in righteousness and the disobedience to the law brings forth these discrepancies in the conduct of our nation. But the teaching of God comes thru the law. Salvation doesn't come thru the law, it comes by the Grace of God. But the law is given to us because as the Grace of God develops in our consciousness the law of God becomes...the way. The areas of the instances of it is that in the fullness of time..that in the dispensation of the fullness of time, then God is going to gather together all things in one..in the fullness of The Christ both which are in heaven and in earth, even in Him. Of course we have an inheritance in his because we are the children of God.

So therefore it says:...We because we are His children, we have an inheritance...we were predestined according to His purpose..by HIM who works out all things according to the council of His Will. But He is going to go further than that, for He is going to reconcile everything to Himself, and bring everything together in HIM..all in heaven and in earth..unto THE CHRIST. When we recognize that, then we recognize the great magnitude of the conduct and nature of God, that transcends any capacity of duplication. After all, it was God whom Lucifer rebelled against. It was the majesty of the Most High that was installed in the body and in the flesh. It was the sons of Lucifer who called for His blood, altho there are some who would try to lift this from off them. But they killed the body of God, and that is a proven fact. In the magnitude of His Spirit the Eternal God said:..I am the inhabitant of Eternity. In the Book of Isaiah in the 57th chapter He talks about how He alone inhabited Eternity, and in this declaration He says:..'For thus saith the High and lofty one that inhabiteth Eternity, whose name is Holy...and I dwell in the high and holy place with him who is of contrite spirit, with He whose spirit is not lifted up against mine. For these are my children and my household. For I will not contend forever, neither will I be angry forever with these forces against me, but I am going to bring them into the areas of understanding. Then in the areas of this He said:..for the iniquity of the covetousness I was angry, and smote him. I hid from them my Grace, and was angry, and he went on forward in the way of his heart. I have seen his ways, and will heal him, and restore comfort unto him, and to his mourners. I am going to create the fruit of his lips; Peace will I give unto them. But the wicked are like the troubled sea which cannot rest, whose waters cast up mire and dirt. There is no Peace said the LORD, to the wicked. But there will be when they become good. Now He said:...I inhabited Eternity, and I have lots of time, but I am bringing this to truition thru my kingdom, for my kingdom shall reign from one end of the earth to the other. It shall extend the areas of my Grace, it shall lift up my standards and it shall know that I am God. Then over in the Book of Ephesians we have the declaration that we have obtained the areas of this inheritance which He has named. Then in Colossians the Apostle Paul said:...who is the image of the invisible God... and he was speaking of The Christ. 'For all things were created by Him whether visible or invisible, whether in heaven or earth, whether they be thrones, dominions, principalities or powers...all things were created by him and for him. He is before all things and by Him all things consist. He is the head of the body of the Church, He is the beginning, and the first begotten of the dead. But having made Peace thru the blood of His cross it is by Him that He shall reconcile all things to himself.' Then he goes as far as to say:..whether they be things in heaven or things in earth. And you yourself, who have sometimes alienated an enemy in your own mind because of wicked works, yet now by Faith he hath already reconciled. He has already moved out upon the House of Israel, and the areas of where they broke the law. Sometimes we are alienated from God by our activities, but He has already reconciled us, and He is going to reconcile all the heavens and the earth, for He is going to put everything back in order. We have evidence that He bought the field, and He paid the price, and He drank the Cup in the Garden to the last drop. And in that Cup in the Garden was the transgression of the violations of Divine Law, the patterns of what we call sin, and He took that Cup and drank it to the last drop. He took it all upon Himself...He bought the field, the whole world, so that He might have the treasure hidden in the world...and this treasure was His Household...His people Israel. That thru them He would carry the Gospel to the ends of the earth, and that it might be saved.

Now: do you suppose that God bought something that He isn't going to have? Do you suppose my friends that all the sons of Lucifer are going to stop Him, or maybe just one or two of them...or even Lucifer himself? NO Because He is King of Kings, the all wise LORD of LORD'S the all wise potentate. The Majesty of His Grace is a splendor which is beyond our comprehension at times, but we can stand back and say...He is Our Father. Now:..within the course of this declaration it tells us in the Book of Hebrews, that we see Jesus who came in the flesh, a little lower than the Angels...to suffer death. 'Crowned with Glory and honor that He might taste death for every man. For it became Him, for whom all things, and by Him whom are all things, to bring His many sons to Glory, to become the captain of their salvation. But He who sets them apart, and they who are set apart are all one, and for this cause He was not ashamed to call you His brethren.' (family)

Now: we have the magnitude by which He worked to gather His Israel. He came in a body of Israel. He was identified with His race, and they with Him, but by the process of it, then it was a declaration of inheritance. 'In the midst of the church will I sing praise unto thee.' The church in the Old and New Testament is the composite areas of the people who are the Israel of God. Again:..I will put my trust in HIM, Behold! I and the children which God (the spirit) hath given me. For as much as the children are partakers of flesh and blood, He also Himself likewise took part of the same, that thru death He might destroy him that had the power of death, that is, the devil; and deliver them (Israel) who thru fear of death were all their lifetime in bondage.' 'For verily HE took not on Himself the nature of Angels, but He took on Him the seed of Abraham, wherefore in all things it behooved Him to be made like unto His brethren (you), that He might be a merciful and faithful High Priest in things pertaining to God, to make reconciliation for the sins of the people.'

Now:..what is reconciliation for...why did He make reconciliation? Because He Said: I am going to reconcile all things, but I am going to reconcile My Kingdom FIRST. And as 'All Israel shall be saved' so also 'Shall all flesh be saved.' In the writings of Timothy 'All flesh is going to come to the knowledge of God.' He declares in Isaiah that all flesh is going to be saved..and that every knee shall bow, every tongue shall proclaim...'That I am God.' By the time you have brought these Asiatics to the point where they acknowledge God you will know that you have had a tremendous area of development. Today you are in the midst of the earth and we are engaged in a terrific struggle. It is clear to those who study Scripture, and to those who are watching things come to pass. We must understand that we are watching the course of destiny and anticipating the fullness of prophecy, that they are watching things come to pass. We must understand that we are watching prophecy come true, and that these prophecies of the areas of God's Word are true. We do know that it shall come true, we do not know just how soon, but we do know that the kingdom is here and we know it will be triumphant, and we know that the ends of the earth will know that the Kingdom shall stand supreme. By the same process we see today that thru the U.N. they have said yes, to the voice of Satan and to his way, thus Asia and Africa are being gathered against the Kingdom. But we today are aware that we are the children of God's Israel, and we are aware as a people that God is Our Father, and as we see these things...whether it be the National Council of Churches that denies Christ, or some other organization, we repudiate that organization for what it is. For these people have their minds bound up, and are held as much captive as some of the pagans, but they also shall be saved. (from following Satan)

Now: the course of time we discover that the Asiatic world, when it went into Buddhism, and into the Apostasy of Luciferianism, and into Hinduism, then they went into the netherworld as spirits, and in the Netherworld they stay and then go thru cycles of return...for no new spirits are created.

Now:..the Adamic race as they fell also went into the Netherworld as well, but there was a division between the Adamic and the Luciferian section and household, then when The Christ went into the Netherworld after the crucifixion resurrection He led 'captive', and now He led His many sons on high, then the Netherworld became enlarged. Because there is not a white man..a man of this race of God on the face of the earth who is held in the Netherworld at his death. There is no question of the development which took place, or of the development which shall take place with men, because every day there are multitudes and multitudes who die. Every day in India, multitudes die, and every year they move into cycles of the death pattern of dying. They do not know nor understand and they act as tho they were on dope, or as tho they were in league with some strange circumstance which they don't understand. They don't seem to understand that they have to work, that they have to apply themselves if they are going to live. But they also cannot understand the natural laws until they understand the spiritual, and this they do not understand...at all. But out of this process will come the revelation of the end. For instance in this area of 'The Hour' will come the magnitude of how we will overthrow the evil, and we shall rise the standards of righteousness. We have a Grace that is sufficient and will eventually bring all people...even the Asiatics to the knowledge of 'The Truth', and they will acknowledge that 'I am God'. We are going to crush and destroy the areas of their war-making, and their Satanic power, because they bring misery upon the whole status of society, and we are going to bring all this evil down. But under the instances of this we do not hate the world, but we do fight the evil which has been installed in it. And in fighting that evil we fight those who perpetrate that evil, and bring it upon the people of the world. And under the areas of violence which they bring upon the world under the hoards of communism, or under the areas of the Mau Mau...we ask no quarter, and we give none. But the spirits and the souls can be brought back because there are several resurrections in the Scriptures..even the resurrection of the dead. And they are going to be chastened and they are going to know. How long will all this take? I don't know..I don't know..but there is going to be a resurrection of the dead, even tho I don't know the date line. I am also going to cite to you that the Eternal God has a purpose and a plan for all these people of earth, but you and I are the force in the world today which is carving and working and building a Kingdom. And because of this we extend the hands of mercy to the ends of the earth, and then we get slapped because they are under the hands of the witchdoctor, but God takes this into consideration. He animates His Kingdom until it stands in resistance against the hoards of communism and programs of Anti-Christ. So...in the instance of this, then what are we going to do with the Devil and his Angels? We are going to throw them into the Lake of Fire.

Here at this point, someone always says..Oh! My! that isn't good. Well! let me tell you what that Lake of Fire means...it means Shekinah Glory, and I don't know why they translated it thus but maybe they didn't know what else to call it..except..Lake of Fire. But this is talking about the Constellation of Ara out in the Universe. This is where they are going to be thrown into..a Lake of Fire, but it is called the Lake of Fire because It is on the Altar. But I am going to tell you that they are going to be thrown into the Shekinah Glory, and the Spirit of Life of YAHWEH-God is going to purge out everything which is evil that is in Lucifer and his household. This is the declaration in the Book of Revelation.

Thus we tell you that when God said, 'I am going to reconcile all things unto myself'...when He tells the story of how 'all Israel shall be saved' and then all the ends of the earth are to be saved...HE means it. When HE tells of the magnitude of His Grace, then the people that Lucifer and his household want to fight and hate are the very ones that can accept it. Isn't that strange? But we offer the world the Gospel of The Christ, and we offer the world the only God who ever existed. We offer unto them, Our Father, so that they might accept HIM as a created people. That they might learn to serve Him and that they might obey the areas of His instructions. We tell them to acknowledge HIM, and stop serving the Witchdoctors. We war on Buddhism, and Hinduism, and I would blow up every Buddhist Temple on the face of the earth. Oh! don't rock back at that, for these captive minds have been in the most Mesomeric area of operation that has ever existed. These perverted forces today are working with the enemy, and the enemy, and the positions of our men in the service are always known to the enemy. Then they call...with a gleam in their eye for us to protect them during the truce. But let me assure you that they hold Africa and Asia in bondage, under the areas of false religions and false operations.

The Kingdom of God is to set men free...the Kingdom of God will set men free...in the areas where they think. The Scripture tells us that men are in bondage where they think. And thus they do wickedly because they think wickedly, but also this is the area that the Kingdom shall rectify. We are in the time of Jacob's trouble today, because they who are at the apparent head of our leadership, are not the children of the Kingdom who have been spiritually regenerated, reactivated, and brought to the conscious patterns of the Truth of God. We do not have enough men or women who read and believe in the Bible and are activated by it..in the positions of government. At the same time the President with voice and with constant duplicity refers to the Scripture, and refers to God as it still lies within him, but we do not execute the areas of its policy. They tell us today that it is to late, that Christianity as we know it is dying out. That a world embracing all religions of all men is going to take its place. I tell you that this is a lie. You can be absolutely sure that every knee is going to bow, and that every tongue is going to proclaim that The Christ is God. That HE alone is God, and this is 'THE ETERNAL GLORY OF YAHWEH-YAHSHUA FOREVER.' And in that day shall the nations learn war no more, and the kingdom shall have come to its fullness. But remember that we are in an hour that is hard to explain, but it is simple to the spirit of the Scripture. We move out against the darkness, and we fight where we are supposed to fight. We are carrying on a struggle to maintain our way of life, and under this pattern God is hardening and toughening the hearts of his sons and daughters. He is tempering the metal, but let me assure you of this:..the Kingdom will never be destroyed, and the Saints of the Most High God are going to take back the Kingdom and possess it for ever and forever. Because He is Our God, and He is the God of Eternity who rules in righteousness. And who says:..In My Righteousness I will forgive their transgressions...I will purge them, and make them a new creature..This I will do.

The Apostle of Paul to Titus contains a tremendous amount of truth. 'Paul, a servant of God..an Apostle of Jesus the Christ, according to the faith of God's elect, and truth says:...In hope of Eternal life which God who cannot lie, promised before the world began...to the Elect. Here this now:...The Apostle Paul who is writing to the children of the Kingdom...to the children of Israel whom he has already proven to be the Elect of God in the world, therefore cites therefore...that the hope of Eternal Life is in God who cannot lie. Of course this is the understatement of the year because God cannot lie, there is no unrighteousness in God at all. But God has promised something and He promised it to us before the world began. He promised His Kingdom that He would restore to it Eternal Life, and that we would have Eternal Life from before the foundation of the world. He promised that this would be brought forth, that He would consummate it in His purpose, and it would be fulfilled in His redemption. And therefore:...HE..YAHWEH-God as redeemer..promised to the House of Israel, the elect, the children of His Household, promised Eternal Life to them before the world began.

We are also to note in the writings of II Peter 3:8...'Beloved, be not ignorant concerning his promise, altho one day with the Lord is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness, but it is long suffering toward us, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise; and the element shall melt with fervent heat, and the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up. Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of person ought ye to be? Looking for the hastening of the day when the world (order) shall be destroyed.' Now:..the world is not slack in his promises, and this is what the Apostle Peter tells us, and then the Apostle Paul also said:..'In the hope of Eternal Life...promised by a God who cannot lie; before the world began.'

The most unique development in this area is..how much did we know, and how much did we understand before the world began. The Scripture establishes the fact that the children of God's spirit were begotten in the spirit before the world began. And we also know that millions of years have gone by. Then we look out over this congregation and at the rate of 3 or 4 score years we time it, altho we are living longer today than at any other time in our history. We are staying active longer than at any time in our history, but what a small drop in the bucket is the life span of a man today, concerning the pattern of the antiquity of the distance back unto when God told us these things. Before He started the earth or this world order started, before He even created the pattern of the Adamic race...in that hour God told us in the heavens..before the world began..that we would have Eternal Life. That we would dwell in the flesh...that we would be overcome by Lucifer, but that we would triumph when God poured out His power and His inspiration on His sons and daughters, as he placed Himself in earth, in a body of flesh and redeemed His people.

Now we are called to recognize the pattern of communication, for we well know we were begotten of incorruptible seed which lives and abides forever, and that as we moved thru the heavens above, and the areas of His creation..then God had communicated with His sons and daughters as He explained these things, and made these promises. Thus being begotten of incorruptible seed, the thought capacities of the children of the Kingdom were one with YAHWEH. It was almost as tho a communication system was between the mind of the children of Spirit and the Living God, which filled them as it filled the mind of God.

In antiquity we traveled thru out the vastness of God's Universe. We were overseers of the vastness of the program of God's Kingdom, even before the days of Lucifer and his rebellion. The Father had declared that Lucifer was to acknowledge God's children, and this was the cause of the Luciferian rebellion. Lucifer had said he would never acknowledge these sons and daughters or lose any area of power or administration over the people, which he held. But it was not necessary that he lose any, it was only necessary that he as an Archangel with all his hosts at his command..serve the Universe..and serve YAHWEH-God, and acknowledge God's family. But as we understand this then the thought of God became the thoughts of our minds in the plane of spirit. And God made it very clear as to the things that were purposed toward us,..as we watched Michael the Archangel battling against Lucifer and casting him finally adrift and into this Solar system, and then crashing his ships down into earth. Then Our Father told us that the powers of earth would be shaken. He told us that Lucifer would capture the nations created in earth, and that he would use every Satanic program of mutation, but also that this was becoming the theater of the Universe. And in this operation of the theater of the Universe, that God had ordained that HIS sons and daughters would live in flesh bodies and would be victorious and would triumph. But in this process that these sons and daughters would fall and then rise again, because of this Satanic battle which shall be fought ...IN THE FLESH..in the earth. God told us at that time, and every child of God knew it, even tho they remember it no more, but there came this surge of truth back again as the Word of Truth was spoken once more by Enoch. Then later it would be spoken again by the Apostle Paul as both men were taken into the plane of dimension to see God and they were to tell us what God told them. There is some kind of a spiritual assurance that tells us that these things are true. It tells us that these are things that are brought back to our remembrance.. ..from the times immortal.

Thus we have the patterns of these things for God told us who are His children, that we would become the masters of the earth, because HE had ordained and willed it..before the foundation of the world. HE told not only the man Paul who was taken into the heavens, but also He told what and how to write some of these things in a Book. In the Apocalypse of Paul... great were the mysteries of the things that God told him, and how we had known these things from the beginning...before our Father pulled down the curtain on our minds eyes, so that we would be willing to remain in earth, and do the work of the development of the Kingdom of God. The man Enoch wrote tremendous things also. I want to point out that he established thoroughly the overseership of God over the affairs of earth. That when Enoch was writing 5000 B.C., he said that God told him of things he was to bring back to his remembrance..things that he had known when he was with HIM in the heavens. God told him that He would not be slack in His promises.

The Apostle Paul made the same statement:..that God was not slack concerning His promises. Then God told Enoch that the people 'Israel', meaning at that time as well as now..the sons and daughters of the Kingdom ...but He told Enoch that the Adamic race was 'Israel', that the sons of Seth were 'Israel', that the sons and daughters of Enoch who followed Enoch in the days of his greatness were 'Israel'..'God's issue ruling in the earth.' And as God talks about this with Enoch he says it was as tho a cloud of darkness moved out over my people, and my land, and he calls these people...his 'Israel' of God, and Saints,..and Enoch returned to earth and wrote these things in the 'Pillars of Enoch', and the 'Secrets of Enoch', and he tells of how the powers of darkness was going to move out and try to wipe out this household which he was to develop from one mans family. He brings to the attention of Enoch the violations which resulted in Giants being in the land. This is the reason why Enoch talks about Giants in the land which come from the Luciferian violations with these races. Violations that produced an unassimilatable spiritual force which could never be assimilated, and how at that time these Giants were even seizing people of the white race. But He also told Enoch that in some parts of the world, the forces of darkness and of evil would be consolidated. He told Enoch how there would be in some part of the earth a great flood, and the water would boil up unto the tops of the mountains and then come over and destroy these pagans who are trying to destroy...MY PEOPLE. He told Enoch how this water of the flood out of that area of the earth would come...and run down from the mountains, so Enoch recorded it..and we know it as the records of the flood of Noah's time..but Enoch lived 5000 years before Christ and several thousand years before the flood. So Enoch told of how this flood would come as God kept His promise to save His people. God also told Enoch that He would redeem His children. He talks about the patterns of Egypt, for Egypt was a real nation at the time of Enoch. And He talks about how this in period of time Egypt came from the lands before. Note this again:..Enoch told of how people of Egypt, that built Egypt in the beginning, came from the lands which sunk, and Horus who was the High Priest of Ancient Egypt has also brought forth long testimony of how these people of Egypt had been torn between serving YAHWEH..Putah..and the pagan gods Lucifer has set up.

Then god speaks to Enoch and He says this:..now I am going to redeem my people, but there shall come a time when even Egypt will hold my people in bondage. God spoke out again, and said:...I will take my people out of Egypt and I will go before them. Enoch records again and says:..There will be a migration out of the land of Egypt. Speaking again to this man Enoch, God says:...I will feed them on the bread of heaven and I will give them the meat of life. Therefore we are told in our Scriptures that in the wilderness...God's people were fed with Manna, and with Quail. And God had not only brought these things to Enoch's attention and remembrance, but also brought forth the knowledge that the end of age would bring deliverance. And Enoch would live long before these conditions would occur, but he was to write these things in a Book and in the Rock of Iron forever, even as Job was also told to do. So we can see this area of Mystery. And we know that God wasn't slack in keeping His promises. You can just go back now a few thousand years and see that God did back His people, and the flood did come on time, and Abram was called out of the areas of the Ur of Chaldeas, and his descendants did grow, and the line continued out of his household, and God did feed His people after He took them out of Egypt. And He tells in the writings of Enoch how this household would grow. He tells of the rise of the Pharaoh's and how some would be guided by the influence of Satanic forces...out of fallen Angels. How Moses was to be raised up to guide HIS people, altho Enoch did not know or name Moses, but the promise of the deliverance was recorded. Thus Enoch is told, and he recorded the areas of captivity and the battles for the earth, and how Satanic powers would capture HIS people, and how they would be weakened by the ignorance of their leadership as they took into their society these people not of God's Kingdom.

Now:..again God is speaking and He says:..'Ye are Elohim and all of you are the children of YAHWEH..Psalm 82:6.' But the pagans are not to join themselves unto you inside your nation, or gain any form of authority over you. Enoch then in his writings as well, tells how we get into trouble when we 'bend our ears' to those strangers outside our society. We are told that they will gain control over our society, and the things that we have wrought if we let 'them' take control over us.

There are many in the line of Biblical interpretations who try to say that most of the promises that God made to 'Israel' in the Old Testament, are temporal promises. He promised to restore the things taken from them, the land, and the nations, the food and the everlasting hill, and the sun and the rain, and that He was to bless them with all the resources that they needed. But all of these they say are just material promises. But now under the New Testament all the promises are spiritual..there are kinds of spiritual promises God is going to give us after we die, and get into heaven. Well, I want to point out that this is operating under ecclesiastical ignorance, because it was a very significant and important thing that the children of God who were begotten in the spirit, and emerge out of Adam's race..that they produce a Kingdom. Their dwelling in flesh was important, and the coming of Messiah to redeem your race as He promised to do before the foundations of the earth. This promise was very important that He would come...as Redeemer..out of your race..He would be the Lamb of God slain before the foundation of the world, and HE made all this known unto you. The mystery that Enoch could now quite anticipate was that God knew death, and the body of God knew life and power, and by way of the resurrection, and because God came in the flesh and He died in the flesh.. ...then the Spirit raised His body, in flesh, and He took the flesh into heaven. And it was the same body He had before the foundation of the world.

The promises of God were quite extensive, and as Enoch wrote concerning the things God had ordained He said that in the final accomplishment of the victories in their measure of time, that God was going to join His Kingdom in the earth, and that He would bring in the Hosts of Heaven, bring in the vast space crafts, the chariots that came and went, from the four corners of the heavens. That He would gather His vast Angelic Hosts, and He would move into earth with thousands and thousands of His Hosts, and would establish His rule, and break down the powers of darkness. Thus the Book of Jude quotes Enoch:..'Behold! YAHWEH cometh with 10,000 of His Saints, in the pattern of Judgments.' But remember..that 5000 years before The Christ, that the gathering of His children both in heaven and earth was made known unto Enoch, and then Enoch recorded it.

Now:..the promises of God are sure..but Enoch also talks about how in the latter days that great sleepiness would fall upon these children of God, and how in the great institutions which were to be the oracles unto God's nation (race) there would arise teaching against God, and the institution He is speaking about is the CHURCH..as it was to be the voice of God in the Kingdom. Enoch didn't call it a church because he didn't know it would be called a church, but he knew that it was a great spiritual center, and would be a great oracle inside His Kingdom. Enoch knew that there were others who would migrate from other lands, and would join this oracle and change it until it testifies...not of the Truth's of God. But God says concerning His Saints and concerning His Household, His Nation (race)...I shall speak to my people, and they shall come out of their sleep, and they shall stand, and with Michael, they shall stand against the Hosts of Lucifer.

So again we point out that these things have come to pass. There is not one single fact of prophecy so far out in the future that God has not been fulfilling it. For God spoke and He said:..I cannot lie..I promise you this: ...then turn to the Scriptures and they talk about the precious promises of God..and yet people just pass over them and say:...oh, they are nice promises, but they are promises of the wealth or the prosperity of the earth, for food, or of mastery of the earth, of houses, of defeating the hosts of the enemy. Someone says:..but those are just promises of the flesh. But the body of God was also in the flesh and you are also of spirit and of soul and of body, in the image of God. The final program of God calls for a triumphant Kingdom and this is referred to by the prophets of old. It was referred to by Enoch and also by the Apostle Paul, and it will be a final victory. And every unit of flesh shall put on Immortality, and all of the Household of God shall rise, rule and reign and they shall do this in the Name of their God. This will be a political Kingdom, and it will extend from one end of the earth to the other. Now:..as we move into this latter day we are discovering that this oracle which was..the church..and which had become a very vital messenger of truth to the nation, had an area of invasion into its society. Men have come in who do not believe in the Deity of Christ, and if you do not believe in the Deity of Christ then John says that ye are of Anti-Christ. And back in the prophecies made in the days of Enoch, and then translated into Latin, and then into Greek, it lists those who do not believe in the Deity of Christ as Anti-apocalypse...or against the Fatherhood of God. And if you don't believe in His embodiment this then is the program of the Anti-Christ. Every facet of this is true, and as the speakers came forth out of the oracle of God..and then embrace the program of the politics of the enemy of God, then try to make you 'One Worlders' then God speaks out and says:... There is not one world (order) there is to be two, and my world (order) is going to rule over the other world order until it is destroyed. But there shall emerge out of this situation, salvation for all flesh, because they shall hear the truth, and they shall respond to the truth, and it shall be enforced upon them with a rod of iron.

The Scriptures in the Books of Matthew and of Luke tell you the same story, of the return of The Christ. They tell you the same story as was recorded back in the days of Enoch..5000 years before The Christ, and that story tells you this:...I shall take the children of My Kingdom, my sons and my daughters...and I will empower them and they are going to rise and rule over the enemy with a rod of iron, with the flexibility of the laws of God, which are righteous. These are promises that do not fail, and God is not slack concerning His promises.

In the Book of Titus we read:...'In hope of Eternal Life which YAHWEH promised before the world began'..remember by a God who cannot lie. We speak these things to you and they were spoken in the past by those who have long since passed into the plane of Spirit, but their spirits and each soul consciousness is still alive, for they have never known death. They may be at work working out the program of the kingdom, or they may be in the spirit of the Kingdom of heaven which is around you as well, and with you are participating in the work of the Kingdom, but they are working for the Administration of God's Kingdom in the earth. This is one truth of this phase of our knowledge:..every last one of the children of God who has passed over into the dominion of the spiritual realm of the Kingdom because he has known death is still going to rise in his flesh body, and like Job.. ..he is going to behold his redeemer. Thus we have this whole package of truth and the doctrine of the resurrection, which is a part of the Christian Faith. These people who stand up and denounce the oracle of God in the midst of the church may not have the resurrection in their thinking, but they also shall know what this is all about. But the one great truth is that the people of God have had the word of God and you the believing offspring of God..the Saints of God have had HIM unveiling His Word down thru the course of the years.

Someone said:..but how do we know that we who have this hope of Eternal Life really have it, and that we are not mistaken? You can be sure because you have this promise by ONE who cannot lie..and it is fulfilled in the flesh, and besides you are still here and you came out of the ages of the past. The energy that dwells in you, this soul consciousness which has the pattern of God's Spirit has called back your remembrance of the patterns of the ages of the past. Your ability to understand and to believe the mystery of God's Kingdom demonstrates that the energy in you is spiritually oriented. And now as we face these periods of crisis you are still here and we have been with God in the past thru out the ages, so...where does this conscious spirit inside of you come from? It came out of the patterns of the heavens as God had begotten it, and therefore we are the children of the Kingdom and are on a spiritual adventure (quest). We are on the adventure of the recapturing of the earth, thru the destruction of the darkness, and will bring again the appearance of The Light. This is the one rebellious stronghold in the Universe, and you have been selected, and chosen to bring it down, and put it back in its rightful orbit under God's rule. There cannot be any question of the fact that we have a God who cannot lie...therefore having promised us Eternal Life, we are not afraid. The Apostle Paul said of his trip into to the dimensions..'Whether in the spirit or in the body, I cannot tell.' Then he said in the Book of Philippians...whether to leave this world and go to be with Christ, or whether to stay here is most important....I know that I live on and on, that my life is in the spirit and there is one great plan which is...the bringing in of the Kingdom to fulfill the Oracle of God. Thus as we say these things we can say that we have a mighty God and a Great Father, who is the great and mighty Potentate above all in the Universe. And by the Scriptures we can say:..KING OF KING, AND LORD OF LORD'S...OUR FATHER, HALLOWED BE HIS NAME. So we don't worry about Eternal Life because we already possess it in the consciousness of a regenerated spirit, and you had to be..in the beginning..to have a regeneration now. The Holy Spirit has given unto us Eternal Life in the Spiritual realm and we know that these things are true. Then someone says:..How do you know this? Well, His Spirit bears witness with our Spirit that we are the children of the Most High God. Now there may be a few people who find it quite impossible to confirm whether or not these things are true, for they may be sick and have a vacumn, but the sons of the Living God will lift up their voices in Praise to their Father. And will carry forward with vitality the program of the political kingdom in the earth. I tell you that the program of the political kingdom in the earth will continue and will emerge in final Victory, for God who cannot lie, hath promised us the CONQUEST of the darkness, and the raising of the standards of Light...for the ruling of the earth.

(End of Message) .