Evidence Of Divine Assistance, 5-13-63


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 5-13-63

As we open this service tonight, the federal government is moving. And on orders from the Kennedy Administration, they started flying in troops into McClelland field next to Montgomery, Alabama. So the troops are on the way before they think the patriotic groups could coordinate in defense of the State. More than that, they announced over the air just a few minutes ago that the papers were being prepared to graft into the Federal service, the national guard of the State, their State Militia, so that they cannot be used in the defense of the State. Showing that they do intend and that they have reciprocated for the seizure of another State. I consider that the President of these United States, at the present time, with his present advisors, and the Attorney General of these United States, are the greatest danger for the destruction of our society as anyone on Mr. Khrushev's general staff, or Mr. Castro’s chiefs. I think it a matter of interest to note that for several weeks or months, but definitely for the past few weeks, a strategy which was made known to Conservatives, for it was being discussed openly in the areas of Communism and Left Wing agitation, and discussed among the Negro groups who were precipitating the crisis at this time . . . these meetings have been penetrated and covered. And even in these meetings, they have been listened to while they held their meetings and planned their strategy. So it is a bad system if it cannot be used both ways. And if technology is going to be used in the fight then you can be sure you have the most of it. And you do. As a matter of fact, there is very little lately that has been planned by the Negroes wherein we do not have the knowledge of what those plans were before they were ever put into practice. Among these plans has been the strife around the city of Montgomery. And the design to bring this pattern to a held, was one in which not only Martin Luther King was involved in. Someone said what do you think of Martin Luther King? --I think we have a fat headed demagogue of the Negroes, who likes the attention, and the prestige. And he likes the press, and he will go along with the Communists. He will go along with anyone. He actually has the same attitude as those whose ultimate achievement is Black Supremacy such as the Muslim X movement. The willingness of the NAACP and King’s movement that is being organized among the churches, and the Muslim movement shows that they have coordination and that they have a design for the overthrow of White Christian civilization, and the establishing permanently and firmly a Black supremacy in America. This will not take place if every Negro has to die before it is over. I can assure you that the Whites in America are not going to let the Negroes take over America by force and violence. There are not enough of them to win by election. And their attainment by force and violence is clearly impossible unless it were done by revolution.

I think it is rather significant that while we are on this matter, that out of the Los Angeles newspapers, and also out of the Negro newspapers, comes some rather interesting pictures. This is also out of the Muhammad X paper which is selling around Los Angeles. And this is stressing that 14 of them were being tried for their assault against policemen, and the riot which ended in death of some of the policemen as well as some of the Negroes themselves. This is a picture of a casket. And up on the wall is a great big placard in this Muhammad X assembly. There is an American flag, and under the American flag it says---Christianity, slavery, suffering, death. On the other side it says---Our flag, the flag of Islam---freedom, justice, equality, supremacy. The Christian flag and slavery or the Islam flag and victory.

Now I think this should be looked at very carefully. The Negroes of the United States do not identify themselves with the flag of the United States which represents Christianity and slavery. For the flag of Islam, they say, is their flag, which they say is freedom, equality and supremacy. So you have a case of dual allegiance. Only, there is no place to ship them to. And in this instance we do not have the same situation we have when we deal with Jewry. For Jewry, in its allegiance, uses Israeli as its home base. In their Zionism and their political strategy, they swear themselves in dual allegiance in the support of Israeli. And thus, we have in almost all of the Jews in these United States an actual participation in one form and another in dual allegiance. If you started then to deport you might deport to Israeli, but where would you deport the Negroes to? Where would you deport some of these Negroes to, who for 100 years or more, trace their roots to here. The fact remains that their acceptance of this gangster leader, Mohammed X, with his doctrines and philosophies is carefully coordinated with some of the smartest of experts whoever worked for the Communist in devising this pattern in which Jewry has designed the whole thing.

Now the strategy is rather interesting, recalling the prophecies we gave you in covering Biblical events last Friday night. One of them was that this Administration has not been above being in collusion with the NAACP, and these other organizations. And I tell you that whenever a department of your government moves with minority groups to create and work up a process of strife, and plans their protection against a majority of people, this is conspiracy. This is collusion. This is Treason. And so we have evidence one of their designs was to keep these waves of trouble up until they had made a great demonstration out of it . . . these so-called marches, of one thousand and two thousand marching in the streets. Wherein one thousand Negroes were arrested and put in jail in one day were all to call attention, while they wanted to create enough violence so as to be able to make it appear that they were abused.

Now personally, I do not think that turning the hose on any Negro is abuse. In fact it might be a new experience for many of them. But it is not abuse. In any other part of the world, revolutionists violating laws or attempting to create strife would be received with a lot more reprisal than a fire hose. I think that Alabama has shown a lot of restraint in handling these violators of law who flaunt their ways and flaunt their violations before the nation, and do this to discredit the state they are doing this in. And in seeking to work for a state of great agitation they have worked for just what they have gotten. But they are hoping for more. They are waiting for more. And they are going to get more. In the first place, those remaining Negroes whom you may have thought were civilized, are all gradually resigning from the race. They are moving out into the areas of the Mau Mau, the Pooyo, which is the other deadly force out of Africa. Mohammed X and Pooyo in the United States are all the same. And NAACP is classed with them. For they are all the same running around on the campus of San Juan University with the exchange students from Africa who are here now. And they are wearing the name of Kenyetta on their sweaters, sweat shirts and athletic shirts. Yes, Kenyetta--the Mau Mau who created the most vicious blood bath ever known, against the forces who sought to civilize the area.

I am well aware that we are moving into the stages of Armageddon. And are we not moving into the path of the steps referred to in George Washington’s vision concerning the struggle in America for America? And I want you to know that being Christian Americans you have the right to defend yourself, your country and your faith. We are the majority, and we are going to keep it that way. And if the Kennedys and those like them do not want to live that way, then I suggest they can go to Israeli or leave with the Negroes. For they are going to make it incompatible for them to stay here.

In this document I hold, it is quite obvious here that they had the proper information. There is always one way to see if the prophecy is right, and this is if it comes to pass. We spoke to you Friday night and we said that we have a two-way area here. And one of the most conservative areas of the report comes out to tell you who all of the people are who are behind this situation. And we are not talking about Decoursey, who we will come to in a few minutes. He said that the tea party is getting rough, and the time has run out when the Christians and Patriots can sit around in homes and sip tea and talk about how they are going to save America. But the enemy has been planning on how to destroy it, and he is destroying it. But it is going to take as much direct action to save it as it will to destroy it. Do not ever think that you can save America without direct action. Someone said, ‘Yes, but Christians do not take direct action.’ Don't you believe this. For Christ is stepping into this situation with the Sword of Judgment in HIS hand, and with direct action. And it will continue until the blood flows to the horses bits. And there may be the greatest deliverance that you ever saw.

Listen. Under this direction, we told you that---September of 1963, is the known date for the creation of the kind of emergency wherein they plan to bring United Nations troops into the United States under the United Nations Charter agreement, in defense of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties. And under the treasonable Disarmament Act and Arms Control disarm us under this Public Law 8297. And under this instance, these troops are to come in September of this year. And it was dependent upon how the Soviet Union and America settled their differences. It depends on this as to whether the time will be stepped up. If the Soviet Union and Red China then struggle for leadership, and they decide in the Kremlin that they will set Khrushev aside---and they decide to put in someone in his place in order to keep China from revolting---then they would step the plan up for trouble and crisis and would then not attempt to overthrow your government until September of 1964. But we can say that it is going to be set up for earlier than this because the facts remain that in the election this week, the support fell behind Mr. Khrushev. And they decided to retain him, and the support is now between China and Russia. And they will work to heal their differences and then work for the overthrow of all of their adversaries, then settle their internal problems until they have succeeded in destroying the Capitalistic and Christian nations.

If you want their decisions on this, then in todays TIMES and yesterdays Herald Examiner, is the statement that they have settled this matter. And they will now seek to break and overthrow the enemies of the Workers Revolution. And then having accomplished this, they will then return to the decision which will settle their internal conflict. These patterns are rather significant in the face of these patterns which we are going thru. And I point out to you, that you can look for any step up in this activity.

Now in this intelligence report that we were utilizing, one of the things which stands out here is that in order to create the necessary emergency, it is so stated that one of the things which would be done, would be either to have a racial crisis under which a racial crisis would cause the government to declare a state of emergency. And with dictatorial powers and authority, seek to step in and turn over the civilian problems to the United Nations and to member nations, so that the UNITED NATIONS TROOPS AND AUTHORITY WOULD HANDLE THIS CIVILIAN PROBLEM BECAUSE RACIAL PROBLEMS MOVE UNDER THE UNITED NATIONS CIVIL RIGHTS PROGRAM. And under this program, they would also use their power to put pressure on Portugal and Katanga. They are making demands now on South Africa. And the fact here is that Mr. Kennedy is perfectly willing to have the United Nations to step in and to put the white people in their place accordingly, to satisfy the revolution and the Negro agitation.

Now the whole story is supposed to be, that this creating of a crisis must be very great. There has to be hundreds of people injured. There has to be a lot of martyrs deaths. They have to have bloodshed and they have to have death. And then they are supposed to have it so intense that Federal troops will step in for the policing of your nation. And the dictatorial powers taken over by your President would put him in dictatorial power. And he might never return that authority. Someone said, ‘But that is fantastic.’ Well, it might have been fantastic if it were not for the fact that the step up which they planned on a week ago, was to step-up larger and bigger riots. And they are going to use these riots for bloodshed. Last Friday, they tried one of their designs. They went out and torched the homes of two of these preacher Communists leaders, or they acted like Communist, and probably were. But the fact is, that they torched the homes. And then they were going to cry that the whites had set fire to these Negro homes and they would then have a bigger riot than ever---and the government would send in troops.

Well, what happened was that an alert police department caught the men while they fired the buildings. Caught them setting fire to the churches and the homes. And they found it was being done by Negroes of the Martin Luther King Negroes and the Mau Mau. The result was that they did not let the fire department come out, saying if they want to burn down their own houses, let them burn them down. So that did not work. They will not even get insurance to build any new ones. No White man goes out and burns down Negro houses and churches, for they just get insurance and build a better one. There is no sense in giving them insurance and propagandize. This is what will happen. For you cannot get any insurance on arson. So that is the end of that story.

Now, so you say, they did not accomplish what they wanted to do. There were as many as one thousand of them in jail at one time. For they were rioting and breaking the law. And they are flaunting the law, disregarding the law, irrespective of whether it was a misdemeanor or not. Their flaunting regardless, whether it is a misdemeanor or not, shows that they do not believe in law and order. If the State of Alabama lets them get away with this and the nation looks the other way, then they have turned their backs on law and order. Of course when you deal with the kind of demagoguery which we see in this situation, we are not sure whether it is the Soviets or JFK who runs America. The one thing which is quite obvious is that they are doing every thing in their power to stir up more and more trouble so they will have more and more opportunities to act. The demonstrations which I tell you as of today, involves over 500 people injured as of tonight. You see, they have to have a lot of people hurt before they can say that the government had to step in.

Well, there are several stages of this to recognize as well. In the first place, they have created this crisis so as to create this situation. There is no doubt in my mind, that they bombed their own Negro section. For late this morning, the Negro sections are still in flames inside of Birmingham, Alabama. Of course, the world sucks in its breath and all of the Left Wing news reporters are airing this on the news. And don't forget this. Extra news is coming out all of the time. They have never given the White man a proper position. They have supported the Negro integration. They have supported all of the Negro functions against the White race. Every White Christian in the State of California, ought to notify the advertisers on this news program that they are not going to buy one iota of their goods as long as they are the creators of trouble. Do you want to know how to fight the enemy? You hit them where it hits their pocketbook. And this is the first line for getting their attention. As far as this crisis situation, they wanted to create a mob scene. And as soon as they saw this, they said, White men, in speeding cars, did this. But they do not know who did this. But it is quite obvious that it was not done by White men unless it is someone who came out of the Communist party. For the White men well understand what is being done. Plus the news report in the last few days, as to how this is so terrible, and they say that in various parts of Europe, they are shaking their heads at the terrible actions of the police forces in the United States. And down in Cuba, they think this is terrible. But who cares what the world and the Negroes think. I do not care what DeGaul of France thinks. I don't care what the people of England think, if they are foolish enough to vote for the Socialist Party and turn their country over to Communism. They better wake up and save their own skins. One thing is quite obvious. Their Parliament had more sense than our Legislatures. For they have banned any more immigration of the Negroes into England, and have banned since World War II, the deportation of Negroes and they have no right to criticize the Whites in America, for not wanting to turn the country of America over to the Negroes. There was no problem, no crisis, nobody disturbed, even letting Negroes get more money than white collar workers did, than what they did. The average longshoreman makes on an average $40.00 more a week than then average Professor and Scientist in the White ranks. Nobody is abused. They never had it so good. Nobody is even worried about it. Nobody cares about how nice their houses are, or how much they have gained, and what kind of cars they want to drive. And they can run around in spats if they want to. It does not bother one White American as to what the Negroes gain as long as they leave us White people alone. As long as they do not try to force themselves into our society. We are not worried about what they call opulence and wealth, because there is no one as abusive to a Negro than a Negro who thinks he has arrived.

But I want to point out to you that when it comes down to the fine point of integrating them into our homes and into our apartments, and our schools, and into every part of our society, this is a vicious violation of Divine Law. And the documents that made America free are now being abused, and are being changed in meaning by forces that are not interested in the rights of the great majority in America.

Now we have rights in America. Every White Christian has rights in America. We have a right to be left alone. We have the right to raise our children among our own kind. And we take them on our standards. For we do not have to absorb anybody because Mr. Kennedy or Martin Luther King says so. So the bulletin said they would create an emergency. And so they created an emergency. First it was Little Rock, Arkansas. This was a violation of law, sending troops into a sovereign state, forcing an area which was not in the government’s jurisdiction. It was violated again when they invaded Oxford. It is now being set up for the third act. This time against Alabama.

It is rather interesting that Governor Wallace is now warning the federal government that they better not try it. That they will be violating the law. He is raising ten thousand men tonight. He says he will find who is to blame for this bombing. He says that, ‘we will enforce the law here whether White or Negro. But we will have no interference here in our State. And anyone who tries to put down Alabama, then Alabama is going to fight.’ Someone says, ‘This will go just like the others.’ But don't be too sure of that. Do you know that every left wing pro-communist force that wants to attack America is right on course, and every patriot who wants to protect America is subversive?

Now this is a strange bend. It just shows you that we should not pay any attention to what the World Order thinks or those that represent them, as long as the great White Christian Majority is correct, and we are the most. Then what difference does it make? If they want to call Christian America subversive, then it is time that we reestablish a Christian American government whether they like it or not, for we will only give them what they expect. I think that the remark made by the Attorney General when he called the Mau Mau and Mohammed X movement, a heroic Negro organization, in the face of the fact that this felonious group of felons have been automatically talking about the massacre of the blond haired and blue eyes, how they are going to take over and kill and murder, and how they are going to take over the government.---- And the Attorney General calls them heroic? He is probably an honorary member of the Mau Mau.

Now I have some news for the Attorney General. There are more Klansmen in the state of Alabama, ready to defend Alabama against the Mau Mau's then there are marshals in the whole United States. Someone said, ‘Well, then what about these people?’ I will tell you, that those Klansmen are not terrible people. They are 100% Americans. And to be 100% American in this day of Internationalism is a very terrible thing.

Now what is going to surprise these people one of these days, is that the eventual administration is going to be a white robed throng. They won't need the hoods. A rather significant thing in this moment is that they have now created the crisis and they have created the violence and they have the fires burning. And they have inflamed the people. And now they say that it is not true. But they are getting ready to use them. Thus, this report is not far off.

We call your attention to some pages of this document, because if you did not hear the Friday night message, you should know that when the Federal Investigative board investigated the use of Federal Marshals after they had put down the riots in Mississippi, how they treated the prisoners that they had picked up on the streets, many of them having no contact with anything---but 456 of these deputized Marshals clubbed, manhandled, beat, kicked and stomped people that were unable to resist. Some of these people are permanently injured and some of them are still in the hospitals. This was done by a group of United States Marshals. And in this listing, then 97 of them were former Penitentiary guards, and they moved in on these citizens. They forced them to sit for 20 hours with their legs drawn up to the chest and their legs locked as tight as they could be. Made them put their heads down on their chests while sitting on a cold concrete floor. This they did, for 20 hours. And if anyone started to move, he was clubbed over the head by a Marshal. When anyone went to sleep, they made him stand against the wall and then they jabbed him in the kidneys and in the groin, chopped his legs out from under him, and stomped him with their heels. Not in Russia, these are the Kennedy soldiers, the Marshals of hell. They stopped people on the street. One wedding party, old men, young people were all herded in and put thru this same situation. And this civil rights program which they are pushing now is saying we need this legislation now. So there will be nothing for the Negroes to fight about. So they want to give them the country.

They are pointing out that when the facts came in from the Legislative committee, they said this is all southern propaganda---sworn testimony from 90 witnesses, and one high officer who went thru a Japanese war camp. And he said that the Japanese war camp was to be preferred, that what some of these citizens went thru. And then they were forcefully held in dormitories and the torture went on. He said, ‘What I saw was as great as anything I saw in the Japanese prison camp except the pistoling of the head which took place when a Japanese officer decided to go berserk.’ I just want you to know that the justice department was able according to the bulletin, to suppress the news stories which were being transmitted across the country. And they were able to squash this kind of thing. I think it is also important that Christians cannot stand idly by and say this is none of our business. You could do this in a communist country, but you could never put it over in these United States. But they did put it over. They did just that. And they have gotten away with it this far.

The power of organized Jewry at the present time, is behind this thing, and it would like to destroy and wipe out Christian civilization. In so doing, they would like to eliminate every Clergyman and every Patriot who has the nerve to point their finger at them. They have not planned anything softer for you than they did behind the Iron Curtain. Remember that. You say, ‘Are they going to be able to do this?’ No, because we are not going to let them do this thing. We are not taken in by the idea that Communist coming to America would be any different, or less brutal than Communism inside of the Soviet Union. The continued use of United States troops against those they call in the Counter Resurgence, and the continued use of this title of Counter Resurgence, the continued program to disarm America, is carried out by branches of Governors working within the system. All of these are evidence that they are trying to clear the field of all possible areas of resistance. There must be something in the mind of left wing administrations involving states and the nation that fear the reactions of Christian Americans, therefore, they want to disarm America before they put it over.

Kitle said that the most dangerous thing in America was the Conservatives. He said the most dangerous thing was the extreme 'Right Wing.' He said that, ‘60% of my mail coming in here is from people who are frightened.’ Well, it is about time they woke up, for this is something to be concerned about. Only, what is going on does not bother Kitle. And even his own party says he runs from the middle to the left. I think that we should work until every man who represents America is on the Right. They are saying that over 40% of the people are now on the Right, and they are worried about this. For they say they are trying to capture the Republican Party. Well, that is good news. What is the matter with trying to capture the Republican Party? It is pretty obvious here, that they know that the other side has it. I think we ought to capture both parties. I would like to see an election where you could vote for a man you could have respect for. I would like to see the time when you could vote for either a man of the Taft caliber or the George Washington caliber, and it wouldn't make any difference who won. Since I have been old enough to vote, there has not been many elections where there was anyone to vote for. Is the reason why God said that this generation shall not pass away until all of these things be fulfilled? This promise that all things will be fulfilled also promises victory?

In this area of catastrophe and design, even the Los Angeles Times talks about project Cloud Gap. This is talking about the disarmament project, and using troops in policing and locating the possession of arms among civilians. And it places this 'cloud gap' policy of the disarmament agency at the position of espionage of even the Armed Forces of the United States, probing their secrets of defense as a major government operation. We have reached a point, my friends, when the secret services of your Army, Navy and Marine Corps has to keep secret the storing of certain weapons for the defense of our nation. And the secret service is to find out what those secrets are and how they are being protected. And a government agency is trying to find out the secret place of storage so they can open them up and destroy the armaments needed to protect these United States.

Now these men seeking to destroy the Army, Navy and Marines, led by men like Dr. R.A. Kahn and of course, Dr. Jerome Weisner, who is supposed to be a White House advisor and one of the top officials in the Arms Control Policy----Dr. Weisner wants to take 30 of our B47's, one of the finest that we still have, and fly them to a neutral country and compound them, showing that we were really planning disarmament. This would show the world that we were really going to disarm America. The only way that I think that America would be willing to do this, is if Mr. Weisner would go in one plane and an another advisor would go in another and both stay with the ships.

I want you to hear what Mr. Weisner said.--He said, ‘I have a disarmament kit that will handle every one of my needs. And for every one of my programs which they discard, I have two to take its place. I am going to disarm America if I have to declare war on it.’ This cannot be done without a struggle. This is a White House statement. And I am reading right out of the bulletin now. Well, let’s not forget who it is that is declaring this war, so we should know where the sights should be.

Now listen to this. Names make news, but all of the names associated with disarming of America are anti-Christian, and non-Christian. So I think it is time for America to wake up and call your attention to the fact that those who are trying to disarm America are the Jews. They are planning on total war against America to accomplish this total disarmament. And then it gives the names of others involved in this. And they are Arthur Goldburg, Dillon, Salanger, Schlesenger, Samuelson, Cohen. A whole page of them. But their strategy of anti-Christian takeover is to take over all armaments, lock up people, mental health being pushed. And anything else is called operation row. I think we are overdue, my friends. I think Operation of the sign of the Cross had better start. I want to add one more thing, because we feel that it is vital. I feel that if anyone has read and filed these infringements on our rights can note that Dan Smoots is one of the most accurate of reporters in this area of the United States. He stays in the area of the Conservatives. And you wonder how he gets away with it at times. You wonder sometimes why his pen does not burn a hole in the paper.

In talking about disarmament and where it comes from, he is saying that its starts with the communists and in the world market. It is discussed by the Jews. Back in October, they were saying that this does not mean that all of these people who are fighting for recognition will stop our programs. All it means is that by plan and by agreements, we will seek to divide the Imperialists and eliminate their ability to defend themselves. So the Soviet Union admits that in their worldwide struggle, the plan is to cause the Imperialist Capitalist to be disarmed so they cannot defend themselves and will be wiped out. This is essential if they are to build up a Socialist world power. That all of these people who are in on this plan have vowed to make the Soviet Union first in all fields. They have moved into this program of putting a satellite in place and are pushing for the Soviets to be first. But not many know that they have harnessed German scientists and put them to work. This just proves which scientists were permitted to get in the field and start production. One Representative was disturbed when Mr. Khrushev said, ‘This is simply a race between your German Scientists and ours.’

All right, the Administrations spokesmen have now reached this brink of National surrender. And Dan Smoots says the Kennedy Administration has planned America’s surrender. He said the machinery is all ready for Kennedy to surrender the armed forces into the hands of a communist organization. Do you know that it is later than you think, much later?

I think it is rather significant, someone was speaking of a Rabbi, and then found out that even tho he said he was not a Communist, that was in fact a pro-Zionist. And then they follow someone like Marty Riskin and they say he is all right for he is a real Conservative, and, yes, he is a Jew---and I will straighten you out. For Marty Riskin said, ‘I would agree with Thoman Kinkle, that these who are hate mongers are doing the devils work and are tearing our Republic apart. We know that all of those professionals are carrying the mark of the Zionists and this is a Jewish plot against the world.’ But this has been exposed as a forgery and was written by a member of the Russian police.

Now you all know about Mr. Niles. I have some very interesting copies of the Protocols in my library. I have it in several languages. I have it in pictures and languages. And this was published in Italy. The Count of Siena gave it to me. He was visiting here in the U.S., and he came with the Countess to our meeting and she said it was the first time she had been in a church in her life where it made sense. Especially after what had transpired in Europe.

Now you say, ‘but the Protocols of Zion have been well established as forgery.’ Yes, there is no doubt that the one which you have seen had to be a copy. Absolutely, this is true. You could have never had your hands on the original copy written in Yiddish, and written in that formation in that conference which was held way back there when the Protocols were put together. So it is true everything that you have ever seen about the Protocols are copies and called forgeries. I want you to go home and get out Mr. Webster and see what a forgery is. ---It is an exact copy of the real thing. But I think it is interesting that in this attack that Marty Riskin said there are some terrible things going on. There is reason for people to have fear and hate because they are being influenced by the American Nazis and by Gerald K. Smith, and his followers. Then he goes to quoting Mark Hatfield, who says that the Fascists are here now. He says that actually he cannot think of a more frightening situation than of the remark of Senator Hatfield, who said that the Fascists are about to take over. Well maybe he better put up now and tell us where he got his information.

Now listen to this. One of the deadly things now being distributed, ---I cannot remember of a more frightening declaration by a prominent American for it outdoes the old story that Jews used Christian blood in preparation for their moffest. This caused a lot of fear and a lot of trouble for Jews. It had quite an effect at that time and they said that very few Jews used the old recipe. Think about this, my friend. This did have one good effect when it came out, for they said not many Jews use the old recipe anymore. This was talking about Jewish ritual murder. The other day, I looked at a five-volume works written by one of their historians. It is now in my library, and is one of the later editions of this kind. And one whole volume of it is about the cases, wherein they were charged with ritual murder all over the world for almost a thousand years. I never heard anything about all of this, wouldn't have known anything about it if they hadn't written this book. You don't suppose that anyone was ever charged with something one thousand times and never committed it once do you? No, they are not persecuted. They are just punished. So Mr. Riskin said, ‘I do not say that a massacre of Protestant Whites in this country, as a direct result of a governors warning would not prove a direct exercise in ridding some of the rest of us of our fears.’ So here is a Jew, and he is saying that anyone who is anti-Communist and anti-Jew is a Fascist. That is their interpretation. And if they were massacred and put to death, that it would serve as a very good cause and take away the fears of the Jews in America today. Why is the modern Jew afraid of us? It is because there are more of us than all of the Jews and Negroes put together. I had a man say to me one day, ‘Dr. Swift, we don't dare to rise up and act---or they will close the banks and put us out of business.’ I said, ‘If they take the money, all the Congress has to do is to print some more money. That is what the Congress is for.’ We do not have to operate in monetary poverty because of manipulation or the whims of the International gold and silver changers. We don't have to do that, nor do we have to surrender any of that into their hands.

So Mr. Riskin sings his tune. And I point this out, for I think this is something you should know. There is always something funny about Jewish patriotism. Within this same strategy, I turn in this propaganda age in which James Baldwin told the Congress of Racial equality, that history has been responsible for all of the trouble that we now have racially. Because all of the bonafide history which has to do with the races of mankind, has said that the Negro is not a man and therefore no crime has been committed against him when he has been in slavery or never trained, and if so trained, for something for which he has no capacity to behold. So Mr. Baldwin said it is history which is justified by the misuse of the Negro saying he is not a man. He said, ‘I can show you history after history used in our colleges that states that this is true.’ Well, we are indebted to Mr. Baldwin speaking at the Baptist Church on Griffith St., for discussing the history of Negroes, and seems to know more about it than modern educators. I think it is something for you to recognize that in this story---in the Los Angeles Times, a picture, an agreement reached in Birmingham. A White committee and Negroes arrive at a four-point pact.

Now who is this White committee? Most of them are imported Jewish Rabbis who went to Birmingham. And they came from the north, and they came from California and other states. And they went to New York and met with the ADL, held this convention, then called on Mr. Kennedy to intervene, to protect the rights of the Negroes in Birmingham, Alabama, while the agreement that was reached was actually drawn up between Jewish Rabbis and Negro Revolutionists. So they announced that there would be complete integration in every area of public life, and this would violate the society and laws of Montgomery, Alabama. But the mayor of the city and the governor of the State said that they had not entered into an agreement with anyone. That no one authorized these people to make this agreement. And now you are hearing on the air that White men have violated their agreement. But White men did not make this agreement. Jews and Negroes made it in your name. I think it is rather significant then, that this whole Bill points out that the 'Women's Strike for Peace' organization sent money to Mrs. King, how chief Rabbi visited and helped organize the Negro masses---and all of these organizations, the ADL, and the B’nai B’rith, and Jewish labor groups, all contributed toward the riot. So stop talking about Jews as White. They do not think they are White. They have proved that by their associations. If you want to read some evidence of this, you go down and read Michael Gold's book ‘Jews Without Money.’ You will probably find it at the Library. He said, ‘It certainly pleased us Jews to see how we could pass off for Whites and even joining their churches. --and pass off for whites.’

I think that in view of the many situations developing this week, in view of this crisis in which we are passing, in view of the Soviet Union now coordinating for all out military, in view of the increasing crisis in the Cuban area and the building up for submarine warfare with a great new submarine base and naval base being built just across from McConnell Air and Naval Base---and the scuttlebutt that is going around in Washington that we might just abandon our Naval Base in Cuba, and move it to one of the British possessions---if we retreat one quarter off of that ground, it just demonstrates the duplicity of this Administration. The fact is that all of these things tow in together. Then along comes Mr. Castro and he wants to talk to Mr. Kennedy. And the President says he will talk with him. Mr. Kennedy promised the preservation of Communism in Cuba. We have permitted the build up of greater military power than at the hour of the so-called emergency which was made to order to take the heat off of Mr. Kennedy for Oxford. Tonight I charge that inside of our State Department, there are people who with deep duplicity have been weakening our defenses with people thru out the world. I charge that Mr. Rusk and his associates in this Administration have sabotaged the anti-Communist resistance of Laos, force the coalition government which everyone knew would not work. And every American knew it would not work, including Mr. Rusk. Now the collapse in Laos and the apparent instance of losing this, even tho we have spent a lot of material and a lot of time to hold it, is just doing what Mr. Rusk was for back in the days of W.W.II, when he stood for coexistence with the government in China, when we forced Chang Kai Shek to join with the communist government for equal seats inside of the U.N. And one of the men who helped to implement this, was Vinegar Joe Stillwell, with Rusk and others. And it was General Weidemire who said, 'May God forgive us.’ And then we watched the Communist take over. And by gaining such footholds in such areas as they had been unable to conquer, they were finally able to push Chang Kai Shek back to Formosa. That should have been enough of this coalition government in order to intervene in the division inside of a country.

Now, Laos is the proof of the happenings when you put a failure in a second time. Mr. Rusk smiled and said, ‘I made a mistake for thinking that China was only an agrarian revolution.’ This is a country of 190 million people. Do you think that we are so short of men that we cannot select a man who has never made a mistake on Communism, for this high office as Secretary of State? Why should we select a man who helped produce the enslavement of 180 million people? I do not think we can successful build the resistance of the Kingdom on any such program which gives such colossal error a second chance. Someone said, ‘But that is not fair to the man.’ Well, let him go plow the ground, or grow beans. For he is not a good American service man. And surely not a good Secretary of State. You know, we are building America on too much emotion around those who do not deserve it. Don't you worry about how Mr. Rusk feels. Turn him down. Put him out to pasture and put in men and women whom you have confidence in. I am more concerned about how a hundred and five White Christian Americans are going to feel in the next hundred years.

Now we told you this week, that the President said that we would defend Israeli if she were attacked. We told you that every White Christian of our church should consider himself a conscious objector, for you do not need to fight anywhere in the world for the Jews, the enemies of Jesus Christ. There is no reason why you White Christians should spill your blood or the blood of your children fighting for the Jews. We will not fight. We are not against war. We are against the Jews, and we are not going to let the President of these United States determine our obligation. Now we are not a pacifist at all. We would move out tomorrow against Communism in any design. But in this instance, we point out to you, that wherein we have been committed to this area of defense, some rather unusual things have been developing. They are stepping up a lot of projects while we are building new areas of defense. And before we can get them off the drawing boards, we are modifying them. And then some of the weapons, after they have proved their effectiveness, and some of them after they have passed all of the strenuous tests, we decide we will build one or two more. In the meantime, the orders should have been rolling by the hundreds. At the same time, we set up astronomical budgets for our defense, but we cannot see the results of those astronomical budgets.

I tell you that between the drawing board and the experimental models, between the first of the successful ones, and the armament that you should have and the construction built around them--that it never reaches this point. I believe that America would discover in a struggle tonight, that we would be seriously handicapped, whereas we have been talking about grabbing control of space, and the Russians have been talking about the same thing---and while we have been matching their exploits with millions of dollars, surpassing them in technology. Remember that they have all kinds of man power. They can print the paper and redeem the paper with slave grown vegetables and government owned housing. That the actual cost of putting a Russian satellite in the air is not 1/50 of the cost for you of putting a satellite in the air. As the major areas of their supremacy, altho they have been developing in the area of the continental missiles,---they, at this time, have been developing some of the fastest long range bombers. And now have whole fleets of them comparable to the B47. They have manned bombers and manned fighting crafts over your Navy. And they continually keep the fleet under surveillance. And they have these over the heads of our planes. And your government has to admit this, for the records show it. They say when we are ready, Pearl Harbor will look like an experiment. We will annihilate the whole United States Fleet in one blow. This is military strategy from the Soviet war school. Someone said, ‘Dr. Swift, are you frightened?’ No---I am not one bit frightened. For we do not have to permit this to happen in these United States. This is our country. And we do not have to keep a group of people who are deceiving all kinds of leadership around the world while they destroy the power of Christian civilization to defend itself by their own activities.

Now something is going on. We have been paying so much attention to putting a man on the moon and getting a man out into orbit with all of these space shots, that no one pays any attention any more to all of these flying objects which they did not build which are flying around the earth. I have been receiving clippings and reports. And we have in the last year, looked at some very fine and efficient crafts that move very effectively across the lenses at various distances in space across the scope. I want you to know, that just because you have not heard anything about flying objects, or seen them, that they are not out there. In this present time, there will be more crafts moving thru the heavens than at any other time, since they first have been seen. I want you to know that we are in an interesting period which Kenneth Decoursey tells about in his Intelligence Guidance. Last week, he did the same thing which Bell did in his report,--the same thing which Gerald K. Smith had in the 'Cross and the Flag' and which Conley McGinney had in his story. Only, this was an amazing thing for Decoursey. For he came out in his publication and listed all of the important Jews who controlled the American Government and controlled Mr. Kennedy. And then this week, he says, ‘For what I am about to tell you, I may lose my life and not publish another report.’ And he says, ‘I want you to know that the devil is in a human body and he is on the earth. He is moving in command of all of the Communist forces. I have seen this man and he is alive and he is here today. He plans on destruction of all Christian society and bringing into focus the anti-Christ and his power.

I am going to tell you tonight, that he has been around and seeking as to whom he might devour for quite a while. I do not think that he always carried a rabbinical skull cap, but I think he has learned to sit on park benches and advise the nations in all the realms of Jewish strategy. I think sometimes, he sits on the Supreme Court. And some times he is on the Disarmament Council. At least if he does not fulfill this bill, his children do. There is no doubt that an embodied devil moves among men. It wasn't but a few millenniums ago that embodied God walked among men, and you and I acknowledge HIM as the leader. Acknowledge HIM as our Eternal Father. Acknowledge HIM as the head of our civilization that we are a part of and helped to build. More than that, if we have the intelligence to understand what HE tells us, and have the blueprint of what HE has stated, we know that there is nothing to stop HIS reentry at anytime into the world's affairs. I think it is time for some of our pseudointellectual who come out of the background of our Christian heritage, recognize how God maintains and keeps appointments and get out of this sophisticated surrender and recognize that God still intends to intervene in human affairs on your side with military power unprecedented to let the devil reap what he has sowed in a physical world.

You say, ‘But that is not a loving God.’ Well, it is far more loving to put the devil back in his place than to let him go on ruining things all over the world. You know that I find more people who do not believe in God trying to tell us what he should be like. Especially what Mr. Khrushev tries to tell us as to what is Christian---tell us that we are not really Christians if we don't trust him. Saying we should be willing to disarm first to prove it. And then some silly preacher gets up and agrees with him. In that case, I do not know who joined who.

I point out to you, that the Bible points out very clearly that when the enemy is mobilizing, we will know. The African and Kenya papers a couple of days ago, said that the Negroes in this Mau Mau movement are gathering from all over the land this year in the fall. They say that they are going to break and drive the White man's blood into the soil of Africa. They intend a blood bath. Soviet Russia has been supplying them with arms. Britain reports it. The people of Angola report that the arms are smuggled in by Russian submarines. And Mr. Uthant, the goof in charge of the United Nations, promises that he is going to help the Negroes drive the White man into the ground. The people of the U.S. government are angry and we are telling them that we are not going to pay any of the bills for this movement of the United Nations. But little Mr. Stevenson told them that we do not want this glorious institution to fold up, so the U.S. will go for more than our 32% share, and we will pay the deficit to keep it alive. I think when people go for the support of such an unconstitutional organization which even our Congress has not always gone along with, but I think it was interesting to learn that we pay 32% of the United Nations bills. I think that if the Kennedys and the Stevensons want to pay any more, their money should be confiscated and used for that purpose.

If you want to know how close this thing is, there is a program on which is being supported in the areas of identification and in the areas of judicial security, and of medical experimentation. They want to attach a chip onto the foot of every child within a week after it is born. I tell you that we should not permit anyone to put a mark on us or number us for this is almost smacking of another program of the anti-Christ. I will tell you something else that Congress was taken in by the internationalists to do which is a dangerous thing, and that is to see that everyone has a number. So you know that your bank wants you to have a Social Security number and if you do not have one, they are going to assign one to you. They want this number to be on your tax report and on everything which relates to you. Because like the Soviet Union the United States wants you all numbered. Then they can put you thru their vast processing machine. And don't worry, the Jews have your number. They are going to have your number as an identification, and of the things that are 'right,’ on down to your tax records. And their inquisitors are going to know where to tax and where to abuse, and were to persecute you. I think it is time for the American citizens to put pressure on their Representative for forcing American to run by number, and to place so much power upon the identification of a man, his mail, everything, that relates to his business and to his household. I am beginning to wonder if we should not seek the advice of council. For if the Mau Mau can move exempt from everything, everywhere,----if every phoney anti-Christian religion can be introduced, it surely should be a position that every intelligent Christian should take. Based on the time the condition and the prophecies of the book of Revelation, I think it is time that all Christians should object. We do not want to be given a number. And we do not want to be treated as a number. This is against our faith. And Congress shall make no laws which established religion. This is our Faith. We do not want to be numbered. If they cannot remember our names, then forget it. Someone said, ‘This is not important.’ But, my friends, you would be surprised at how important this will become. One machine can process 5000 bits of information in five seconds. These are signs of the hour. The enemy is moving seeking to enter areas of government and administration. And by decree, make his position appear as tho it were law. When the Commander of a Flat Top was in communication with a pilot at the Bay of Pigs invasion, when the Air pilot called back for assistance, the Commander said, 'I cannot give it to you, but you are fighting a good fight so keep it up.’ When he wanted to return to the Flat Top, he was told that he could not come back---just find a flat place and set it down. The pilot said, ‘Why?--why do you not back us up, this was our agreement.’ And the answer was, ‘I have just received my orders from the President of the United States that this ship cannot in any way get into this action.’ The pilot said, ‘I cannot just quit.’ But the reply was, ‘We just have to obey orders.’ God forbid, that we have to obey orders from morons, while they are destroying America. I think that when orders border on treason, that it is time we no longer pay any attention to orders. Here in the United States, the troops are ordered to fire on the patriots if they resist treason. Let us hope they have good sense enough not to fire on their own people. These troops have been training in every kind of situation. Why? So that they could be used to encounter any type of insurrection which might come as people realize just what is going on in our government. If the patriots run to the mountains to be secure, they are training the troops to go into the mountains and wipe them out first. Here in California in the high Sierras, they are placing men in high places. This might be to take care of paratroopers who might drop in from some unfriendly country, but I point out that they constantly use the word ‘Counter Insurgency.’ I do not know any American who does not want to preserve this Constitution, this government, and this flag. I have never met a 'right winger' who wanted to overthrow the government of the United States. We are not a people who are disorderly. We are a people with a great heritage. We love our nation and we love our country. We are not seeking to take that authority out of the hands where it belongs. At the same time, I am telling you that we know the day and the hour, and we are not going to let anti-Christ destroy Christian America.

The other day as material started to come to my desk, it was coming from everywhere. I have records of very significant sightings and records that come to us. And I want you to know that at this time, there are more space craft flying around the earth than ever before. I want you to know that we are approaching the time when Michael will stand up and fight for the Children of God as he did once before. (Daniel 12:1). I want you to know that there are Angels unaware walking the streets of your cities. I want you to know that Divine intervention is not only standing by, but I would like one visitor like Gideon rather than a whole army of Kennedys.

I point this out to you tonight, that these signs of riots and distress, this racial upheaval, are all signs of the climax of an age. When you see these things come to pass, then look up. Remember the prophet Joel said:---’When they call on ME, they shall be delivered.’---Every last one whose name was written in the book, before the foundation of this world. Not taken out of the world, but empowered in it.

Many people are praying to be taken out of the world. Sometimes I wish they would. I think the most dangerous people we have are those who do not want to stand up for victory with God.

I point this out to you tonight that you have been moving thru a very important and prophetic year. From February of last year, you have been moving under measures and cycles which are stepping up. And you have been moving thru a very prophetic month and before you are some specific measures. There is no question about the upset and pressures and Middle East tensions. And in America, they have been scheduled for patterns of disturbances and strife. This is all compatible with Communist strategy. They say that racial strife must be created in National Parks on Memorial Day and in all big cities. I have here a report that 1000 Negroes plan a Labor march on the Capital. This march on Washington is being planned by all Negro labor leaders. They plan to put another hundred thousand people on the streets of the nation’s Capital. Well, we know they have a great number of them there already, for the greatest crime wave to hit any city has hit our Capital. I think this is a most unusual thing, however, for these Negroes are to go there to show their displeasure with President Kennedy. They are going to hold their mass rally in front of the Lincoln Memorial, and they are going to demand that President Kennedy address them. They are going to demand that he hire every one of them at once and wipe out every vestige of race bias. They are going to make trouble in Washington, D.C. so that the Attorney General will have to do something. I would like to see one of Teddy Roosevelt’s Generals in there for a little while.

Let’s make a great disturbance so the government will have to do something. Do you know that they think in that situation, the government will not do anything in defense of you? They anticipate that the only thing to be done will be for Negroes. I think we have been going down hill since 1932. And I think we have passed the downward measure and now we are going back up. We are going to lift our heads, and we do not care what the world thinks of us. But we are going to keep the status quo of our nation.

I want to point this out to you, that you do not have to be afraid to fight. You do not have to be afraid to take a stand, because the judgment hand of Almighty God is going to work on your side. HE is going to gather HIS authority from one quarter of the heavens to the other. And HE is going to gather out of earth everything which is offensive, and seeks to destroy. And one morning, you will discover that America's and the world's greatest rascals have disappeared. But there is coming a morning following a very dark night when there will be a lot of missing people all over the world. And they will not be Christians. For Jesus did not promise to take the Christians away. HE said, ‘I am going to take the tares out first.’ Where are they going?--Well don't worry about where they are going, and don't spend any time getting them saved before that special harvest either. For you cannot make wheat out of tares, and we do not want any tares in the bin. Oh, you say, ‘I worry about them.’ Well, you don't have to worry about the justice of God. Just let HIM get them out of here. Help HIM. --This is a process of Faith. I also like what James said:----’Show me things without works, and I will show you things with works.’ I think James has a very good point there. But we know that God is going to bring victory. The evidence is on our side, that time is running out for the devil, but not for you. And the Kingdom of God is coming into its own. There are forces out there who would like to silence Preachers and pulpits which bring out the truth. But I want you to know that the action hand of God is going to protect those who lift up his standards. And the catastrophe of judgment will fall upon those who dare put their hands on God's anointed, HIS ministers, HIS prophets, thru out this nation. So we call upon each one of you to tell it, tell it. And remember that what you have been building and creating is not new. What you have established as you built this great nation, has not been evil but illuminative in leadership. What the Christian nations have tried to do to the ends of the earth has been for development and progress. And what the blueprint of God's Kingdom calls for is progress after evil has been broken. And for this we are blessed.


End of message.