Faith To Move Mountains, 10-5-69


By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 10-5-69

Things are moving very fast around the world, and things are moving toward fulfillment as events take place. We look out over some of the decisions made and there are signs of degeneracy, and they move with mental depravity if nothing else. Then as we look out over the construction of society then we point out to you that Mystery Babylon is still coming to its full. For we find that Mystery Babylon may have gained control over your industry and over your money, it has not gained control over the handling of its own affairs. But without a doubt the crash of Babylon is very close. I talked to business men this week and the banks are out of money and they are trying to get money from the government. The government is trying to borrow money from the banks for they don't have it. The Federal Reserve can't print it without permission.

The printing of money without collateral is of little value, and brings an endless pattern of inflation. So the Banks are worried, and the federal government wants to issue money to them on the basis of their loan value. So as they loan money on a piece of property then the property becomes the collateral for the loan, plus the interest, plus the handling, plus the government extraction.

Of course this is a very serious thing, for under this kind of a situation the cost of interest is going to go even higher, so the banks are having trouble loaning the money out, and this is slowing down industry slowing down the building industry and all of the crafts in trade. And there is still a problem for the banks do not have the money now to loan. So the banks are coming to the Federal Reserve System. And the Federal Reserve System cannot reach into the treasury, for the treasury does not have the money. So here we are face to face with the economic stealing. Approximately thirty days to six weeks is the time this situation will be able to run.

We will have to start to print money if all other factions fail. And without collateral, the intelligence, and without the backing of the process to use this money, and without the program to use property as value but not as collateral necessarily for that money, which was loaned. They will be in serious circumstances. A few weeks ago the bankers of the world met in Washington, D.C. And they were there to discuss the idea put out a Jewish conspiracy, called paper gold. And so they finally adopted the idea of 'Paper gold'. And under this program there will be approximately eight and one-half Billion paper gold money released. Four billion 8 1/2 million will go into the U. S. And they can get this paper gold released as long as they can get someone to pick up or guarantee the gold. Because the 'paper gold' is not backed by gold, or silver, not backed by property until the property is put up as a guarantee that the paper will be good.

Now apparently the government expects these companies like General Motors and other companies would buy a type of bond that would guarantee 'paper gold'. And it would just say that this is gold, and then they would utilize this themselves in their exchange. And of course there would be nothing leveled against it in penalty, in exchange between countries, and they would go for this. But the companies do not want to put their property up for the 'paper gold' which has no value. So since there is nothing behind the 'paper gold', then a month has gone by and there are no takers, and no buyers, thus no guarantee for the 'paper gold.' But the 'paper gold' is moving thru the U.S. and thru Europe so they will have to print more paper to guarantee the 'paper gold', and that will call for the printing of more paper and on and on. This means a mad rush at total inflation. And then comes the total crash. This is a strange and peculiar situation as we see it.

Now; there happens to be another pattern of great significance as well. Dan Smoots brought this out a couple of weeks ago, and it is one of the most unique situations. We have spoken in the past on the dangers of creeping socialism. And Socialism is an immoral system of political life because it is built with a whole facet of folly, as the background of its continuation. There is no way you can depend on a Socialist system for it does not work. It primes, and primes the pump to the point of crash. And countries that advocate Socialism do not actually run on Socialism altho they advocate it and seek to spread it, to other countries where it seeks their devastation. And in other countries it advocates the government confiscation of all industry and farms.

Well one of these situations was brought to pass during the time of President Roosevelt. And this was when he was told that it was the governments responsibility to see that all of the people were well housed and well clothed. And under this program then they would insure that everyone was well housed and well clothed and would also guarantee that the government would see to pensions so that anybody could retire without any debts, and retire satisfactorily, and this was called Social Security. And now then some of you may be on social security and getting Social Security checks, and be in favor of this because it is coming to you. But I am still going to tell you that the Social Security system was to change America from a responsible system of family life, and of saving and of thrift, and of investment in areas that would be valuable. Insurance companies and the areas of investment in large companies, which would have put the money to work and paid dividends would have produced a tremendous amount of wealth, over that period of time. But when they placed this system in the hands of the government then a group of cheep politicians took this money and did not invest it in American industry. They did not invest it in American production, did not invest it in production to supply the world at large, but they spent the money on every boondoggle design that Mr. Roosevelt’s group could design, and this has been done by all of the Presidents ever since. Thus at the present time the social Security program instead of having billions of dollars laid back to pay off the people, that are retiring, and more people are retiring every year. And then the politicians come along and they want to increase this retirement every year, and Mr. Nixon now wants to increase it 10%. And a Democrat came out this morning saying that oh, we must increase it more than that, why not 50%.

Let me tell you something. The government has spent the Social Security money and you are now 423 billion dollars in the hole. And men who should know think this cannot last much longer and then chaos is going to hit your society, as people who learn to depend on it find that it is not there. Dan Smoots came out this week to warn you that there is no Social Security money there. There is none in investments for it has all been used in other patterns of activities. And already you are 423 billions dollars in the hole.

When social security was started then only 1% was taken out of the salary of the employee and one-percent out of the employer. But 2% would have bought twice as much as it buys today. And there has been no profit. But at the same time the same amount of money invested in all time and history there would have been a backlog of money for this system. But there is none today, none was put away and your government has betrayed you and put you into the system of Socialism here in the United States.

When you hear these things then a person is amazed at the double dealing if you kept your books, and made reports back to the people filled with lies as the government makes to you, then the Internal Revenue would have you in jail. But you have today a socialist situation of boondoggling which has now taken place here in the United States. And than this we have another situation which has come to pass. We more now have in our war college in Washington. And in the last few months there has been a criteria leveled down, and this criteria calls for the candidate or officer who is moved into your war college ---if he is a conservative, and anti-Zionist or anti-Communist. Then he is broken out of the war college and discharged, and moved back into the ranks. So you see again the serious circumstances you have in Washington today.

By the same token we have a great deal of stress, for the Army and the Navy are very much worried about the tremendous missile strength of the Soviet Union. And they have a tremendous submarine fleet in the Pacific Ocean. And these submarines have missiles that they can launch 450 miles out to sea, and they can hit any spot that they want to on the continent of the United States. They are so far ahead in their accuracy over our Polaris submarines with the accuracy of their missiles until our Army and navy are seriously worried. Then came a strange situation for two men came out because they could not stand the strange hypocrisy of a government that they had been under. And they have been reporting as to what was going on, they were from the Soviet Union. But now our government has shut them up and they can no longer give out their information. But the information they let out did reach the areas of a responsible press. So the Soviet Union is getting along with America, and they smile at us but is getting ready for a sudden attack. They are moving along the coast of South America both east and west sides, and they are buying up all of the resort ports, all the way from Peru on up the coast. And they are placing naval installations in these ports that they have bought. And they are closing them down as areas of entertainment, and then opening them as areas of naval operations. There are 14 of these ports on the west coast of South America that have been bought up by the Soviet Union while she smiles at you. And while she says she is willing to talk Peace, all the time getting ready for a surprise attack against America.

Now; while these conditions are developing there are other conditions that are developing as well. For it was only last week that we had the total change in strategy in the United States. Goldie Meir was in the U.S. several weeks ago and you remember that she is the Premier of Israeli. And she was trying to procure weapons from Mr. Nixon for the use against the Arabs. And this week Israeli said she is now willing to fight a hundred-year war against the Arabs and the Muhammadans so as to stay in existence and power. But this 100-year war is not a plan for Israeli to take this loss it is a plan for you. Actually the head of the Israeli government has been secretly meeting with the Soviet Union, and they have worked out a design to put in place. And the Soviet Union will not pay any attention to what Israeli says, but the program is to work America up into a war fever.

Did you know that thru out all of your trouble with the Soviets, the Jews have been siding with the Communists saying that Communism is merely a political philosophy? And it would like to compete with the political philosophy of America. They have been against the war with North Korea and in the Vietcong. And everywhere they seek to spread the programs of socialism and communism. Actually we can well understand for Jewry put the Communist revolution into being. And Jews were at the head of that revolution. More than this they not only put to death 17 million Christians but they made war on no other religious background inside of the Soviet Union. None but Christianity. And actually the Jews have remained in power in the Soviet Union from the days of that revolution, until now. But of course they do not want this to become to apparent. When the Atom bomb secrets were stolen every last one of those who stole the secrets but Elizabeth Bentley were Jews.

Rabbi Stephen S. Wise said, 'I call it Judaism. Intelligent Christians should have been awake to this demand.' But of course we were not. But now we are under constant attack, and have pressure put on the administration. We have constant attacks upon our program and upon our society. We have had talks about this terrible imperialism that we have. And we have had the support of anti-colonialism by organized Jewry. Everything that runs to the left is where you find them. They have been able to bring into this country many of their Jewish instructors, and entertainers saying they were run out of the country by the Russians. And of course those that came from Germany came as a way of escape, only to spread the doctrines of socialism and communism. They filled your colleges with Communists and they are admitting this openly to see just how far they can go. And they are seeking the overthrow of what they call the terrible Capitalist system. But at the same time they have made millions and taken it from the American people. This then is the background of Israeli and the communist society that she helps to spread.

Then last week came a sharp reversal---clap, clap for the things that the people of America have been able to do with the collapse of the Soviet Union, we have to stop Communism, and oh, how we need help in Israeli. The Arabs are supported by the Communists. It is a greater menace than the Vietcong. And they are trying to appeal to American sympathy. More than this Mr. Nixon and Mr. Kissinger are carefully guiding the policy in Washington to go pro-Israeli at every turn. And they have assured Israeli that America will never see her defeated. And Mr. Cline who is Mr. Nixon’s man says that we may have to take a part in this war so that Israeli is not defeated.

Now; the design is this, if the Americans get involved in a war with the Arabs the Soviet Union will supply weapons to the Arabs but not enough so that it will make a difference. (And actually they supplied the weapons and not the ammunition so that the Arabs could not protect themselves when the Israelis struck the Arabs.) The design is for America to be locked into a titanic struggle while little Israeli sits back and the Soviets will sit back while we move our naval strength away from our nation, and our boys are involved in this struggle then they plan for Russia to suddenly strike America from both coasts. And in this event then Israeli is to get all of the Tigris and Euphrates area and all of Egypt, and all of Morocco and North Africa. This then is the deal Israeli has with the Soviet Union but it is being covered up while she propagandizes you to fight her battles, to fight the Arabs to make it safe for her, and in the process weaken your nation, for the surprise Soviet attack.

My friends, when you hear this then recognize what is going on. The Jews are saying that they are persecuted in the Soviet Union but last week in the L.A. Times it said that the Jews were dancing in the streets of the Soviet Union, around their synagogues, saying:---How happy we are to be living in the Soviet Union where we can be Jews, Jews, Jews. This, my friends, does not sound like persecution to me. But the fact remains that Gromiko meets with Israeli an they plan the final destruction of America. And the deliverance into the hands of the Soviet the oil and the material of the middle east as well as the continent of America. Israeli is today the springboard of all Communist programs on the face of the earth. And we now stand in amazement as Mr. Nixon now appoints Mr. Burns, the Austrian born Jew, who was educated at Harvard. And now Mr. Nixon appoints him as the head of the Federal Reserve Bank. We must remember that it was Colonel House who sold Carter Glass on setting up the Federal Reserve System, which is a private, Jewish controlled banking program. And for this Kuen Loeb and Company and Jacob Schiff said to Colonel House who was this strange friend of President Wilson. For having delivered over the American Economy into the hands of your mothers people we are forever grateful. A blank check will be recognized by you any place in the world by Jewish Banks.

So again we see it is the program that the spirit of Antichrist is moving in this great nation of God's kingdom to break the backbone of the kingdom and to move in with all of their strange design. We are thinking this afternoon of areas where they cannot be successful. We must remember that the Eternal God who has had trillions of year behind him, in creative ability, Absolutely the only all powerful God, the only potentate, the King of Kings and LORD of Lord's. And He is not only your Father, but he assumes a direct relationship with your nation. He assumes it with all of the nations of his kingdom. And this relationship is sometimes not understood, especially as the ministers move into their display of the allegories they think they are studying. But when the shepherd says that 'I am a shepherd to the sheep'. He also says: a stranger they will not follow, but they will follow the voice of the shepherd. But when God said I am the shepherd of the sheep, he also places a strange and peculiar relationship between the Most High God and you of the household. Where in this instance he utilizes you as the sheep there are other places where you are utilized as the lion, and some places as the eagle, but under the symbol of protection you are called the sheep. He says: I am the shepherd and you are the sheep of his pasture. There is no area of responsibility that places more areas of responsibility on the master than to be Shepherd of the Sheep. The sheep are not held responsible for any activity where the shepherd is total accountable for their welfare, their position and their protection, and for their survival. Thus it is that the Most High says:--I am the shepherd of the sheep.

There is this accountability that we see when David writes---The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not want. He maketh me to lay down in green pastures and he leadeth me beside still waters, He restoreth my soul. Yea he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness FOR HIS NAME SAKE. Hear this now. For the shepherd hath a definite investment in the sheep for the sheep are of his name they are of his household, his own relatives. But the shepherd says, I am responsible for the sheep and I must see that all comes out all right for my names sake. Because these are my sheep and my name is at stake.

One of the familiar patterns of measure is therefore that the sheep must survive. God says that all other patterns of religion and all other patterns of philosophies speaks of the fact that they are thieves, and liars and hirelings. And he speaks of the fact that the shepherd gives his life even for his sheep.

Also as he speaks out on this matter, we want to point out to you that he says: --therefore my sheep know my voice, I know them, I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish. The eternal pleasure of the sheep is then a total guarantee of the ability of the shepherd, the Master. So he who is the Eternal God, the Master of the universe has guaranteed that the sheep shall survive.

This is why that as he speaks in the book of Isaiah that he say: 'All Israel shall be saved'. This is a guarantee of salvation. This Is why it says in the book of Roman that 'all Israel shall be saved', and he shall take away the ungodly of Jacob. This is a commitment by the Eternal God, that I shall guarantee the salvation of my people, because I am the master, I have the capacity, I have the Omnipotence, I have the Omniscience, and I can foresee all of the patterns of strategy. I declare in the patterns of prophecy the things which shall come to pass, and I shall bring them to fruition, and this I guarantee. And in this area we point out to you that as Jesus stood on Solomon's porch he said unto the Jews:---"Ye are not my sheep, as I said unto you, My sheep hear my voice, they follow me and they shall never perish." Thus, again we see all of this prophecy.

We can turn to the 53rd chapter of Isaiah, and it says in verse 6--: All we like sheep have gone astray, and we have turned all to our own way but the LORD hath laid on his Messiahship, his embodiment the iniquity of us all. Therefore how great is it?--He says, My Grace is sufficient, I save unto the uttermost. More than this he says that he has the power to transfer the activities of my own consciousness of my own mind unto my people. I will renew your mind, I will bring you to a point of understanding. I pour out the light of my own existence upon you. For God is Light and you also are the children of Light. And as eventually he brings his kingdom to fruition the nation shall rise and shine, for the glory of God shall have risen upon thee. Why?--This is all in the symbolism of the Shepherd of Israel. Today we look out over the House of Israel, and we and we see many things that we are dissatisfied with. We see the great pattern of the hirelings that have moved in and stolen the great positions of government. We see men who are not statesmen, and men who are cheap politicians. We see the design for destruction. We see the design to make us as other societies and to make us exactly like the degenerate, and depraved idol worshipers on the face of the earth.

But again as we turn to the word of God, he speaks out and says that He is the shepherd, and guarantees again the survival of his household. Seven thousand people that God had in the past, who had not bowed the knee to Baal, had the sufficient strength to get an entire nation back into the proper relationship with their God. And this is also an important factor for you and for me at this hour. The Most High then looks down upon you and assures you of survival and of victory. And across the vast areas of America we are watching the vast areas of awakening. The people are becoming disgusted with the way that they have been betrayed, and the pattern of evil. And then I listen to the voice again of the shepherd. Strangely they like to attack the right wing And they refer to the 'right wing' as tho it were something terrible.

I tell you today that if Christ were to walk the earth today they would call Him a 'right winger' and try to put him out of a lot of the churches. And try to put him out of the center of society.

Listen. I listened this morning as KNX man was putting on his editorial. And as I listened I thought what a degenerate this man is. He was talking about the status of this present course. He talked of how judge Earl Warren's son was now a judge in California. And then he said, can you imagine the terrible right wing.' They have descended on young Earl Warren and they have threatened his life, and threatened his family, and they are calling him on the phone and they are telling him certain things.---Why?--Well, he had a case before him, and it was from the entertainment field. And of course some of the women before him believed that they did not need to be covered from the waist up so they were performing that way. And others thought they did not need to cover themselves from the waist down. And they said that this judge was a kindly man and he went to see all of these filthy shows. And he said this is art and it is beauty, and one should not condemn all of this. So he told the jury to bring back a common verdict, and least of all 'not guilty'. So whether they were topless or bottomless it was ok. But this so incensed the Christian community that they rose up and they began to write letters, and they threatened this judge, and told him to get off the bench, for making such a terrible decision. So he says this is the work of the terrible 'right wing'. I think it is time we pulled a lot of these judges off of our court benches, because they do not represent America and our values and our freedoms, or that of a Christian society.

As we look out over the news this week, we are shocked for we see that the Crosses may have to go. Why the Cross? Because of this sign we conquer. But oh, how some people hate the cross. Oh, how the enemies of the Cross hate this cross. And they say this Cross has to go. Back in the 30's they had in Oregon a huge cross that had been put up on a hill. And this cross was about 35 feet tall, and they used it at times for ceremonies in a park below it. And for Sunrise services as people would gather around it. Well about two years ago some Eagle Scouts were in the park and they noticed that the wood of the cross was rotten and so they went to a contractor and they talked about a cement cross 50 foot high, could it be put up on the hill to replace this wooden cross. The contractor thought this a good idea so he made the cross and did not charge the little Eagle Scouts anything. So there on the hill above Eugene, Oregon they put up this 50-foot cross. Marking, they said, a great Christian society in a great Christian nation.

Now; this cross stayed up there for about a year. And the Jews decided they could not stand it. The agnostics and the atheist decided they could not stand it. So a group of the ADL attorneys and a group of these left wing women, sued the state of Oregon and the city of Eugene for having infringed on their feelings and their spiritual feeling against this cross. And with this cross there then there was no separation of church and state.

Now; think of that, they had this cross for all those many years, and now since they have a beautiful new cross up there the Jews want it torn down. Well the people did not want to part with their cross, and they fought this and it was carried to the supreme court and it ruled that to fulfill what is meant by the separation of church and state the cross must come down. There can be no cross on display in any public park or in any area that has to do with government, or in any area where it might insult anyone who has to look at the Cross.

Now; this court shows no knowledge of the constitution for there is no place in the constitution that says a word about the separation of church and state. So the courts jurisdiction lies. But to take the cross out of the park where it was erected has caused a great consternation. There are about 23 crosses in the park in Oregon, and there is 11 of them in California. Some of them stand for the spots where the early fathers established missions. And they mark the background and history of California. Others have been erected because they symbolize our Christian culture, and our Christian civilization. It will now go to the Supreme court of the United States Churches have resisted this but many of the left wing churches have shown where they stand. And some Ministers are saying, oh, we can take the cross down, we don't need it anyhow. Some of these are ministers in Eugene, Oregon, and some across the nation. But I tell you again it is by this Sign that WE CONQUER. And by the emblem of the cross we see again the measure dividing the good from the evil. Thus we see again that they would take away from us the very structure of Christianity. And they tell us that if that cross goes then the crosses will have to be removed in every cemetery where your soldiers lie. The cross will not be permitted if its shadow falls across the street, when the sun shines. If the cross which you wear on your lapel insults the enemy, they will be taking that away from you. This is about as far as you can go, it is about time for Christian civilization to call for the Shepherd to intervene. Call for the hand of God to seek our deliverance, for we should keep our courts clean, from the justices who are not interpreting the law, and are even misinforming the public on the contents of the constitution as they work in this pattern of total depravity.

I can assure you of one thing. And that is that we shall have victory. Some say but how can we have victory with things happening like this? How? ---America is rising up they are sending in clippings, they are talking to people. They are getting excited about this for we are a great Christian society. The Supreme Court has ruled this in the past, but now I suppose that our Supreme court is out of order, because they did not separate church and state when they said that we were a Christian society. I want you to know that God is going to shake this land. And God says that 1000 can fall at thy side, and 10,000 at thy right hand and no harm shall come to thee.

But I want you to know that the chastisements and judgments can come. This week in Missouri there came great floods and an unusual amount of rain and whole villages were wiped out. When winter struck between Colorado and Nebraska 700 people were marooned in snow drifts four feet high on the highways. And they are very much worried about the patterns of the loss of life, and so these type of judgments can move but they are only a symbol of the kind of judgments that can fall on a society. But I also want you to know that God said that 1000 can fall at thy side, and no harm will come nigh thee. But I also want you to know that God's hand will also sweep this nation and HE will remove this power of darkness, and the nations of his kingdom and this shall be again 'The nation born in a day. We can now say that the time is about here when the people of this great nation will stand up and take a stand with a declaration they have never taken before.

End of sermon.