False Church Speaks Satan's Lies, 1-21-64


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 1-21-64

As we go into our subject tonight, as to how the ‘False Church Speaks Satan’s Lies,’ there are some strange situations which we see as having occurred in the course of history which have been well explained in the areas of prophecy and in the content of the WORD.

One of the mysteries of course, is ‘Mystery Babylon the Great.’ And in the 17th chapter of the book of Revelation, we see one of the seven Angels which had seven vials. And he talks with John saying, ‘Come hither, and I will show thee the judgement of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters with whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication.’ So he carried me away in the spirit and showed me a woman sitting upon a scarlet covered beast full of names of blaspheme having seven heads and ten horns. And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet color and decked with gold and precious stones, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication: and upon her head was a name ‘MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF EARTH. And I saw this woman drunken with the blood of Martyrs, and I wondered at her.’

This mystery Babylon the Great is the area of the false prophet, the ecclesiastical darkness uttering blaspheme---utter blaspheme. So we have here a very strange thing. We have the message of the Christ as it related to HIS household, to HIS people, to HIS race. For one thing that the Bible teaches is that the Adamic race is the White race, that they are the offspring of God, that God did begat them in the plains of spirit. The 5th chapter of Genesis starts with the story of the Household of Adam and the generations of this Adamic race. The Bible teaches that this was a significant thing, that God had established a household and a people. And then thru the seed of Adam, HE continues to unveil the fact that HIS race was HIS Issue in the earth, and HE calls them ISRAEL.

Again, thru the course of this, YAHWEH has talked about the assembly of the spiritually minded people as they were seeking to guide and to lead the people who make up HIS race. HE talks about HIS race and talks about the Kehilla which were the called out ones of HIS race, who gathered together as the Levites did in worship and called the congregation of Israel to worship. Then as we move into the New Testament, the word becomes Ecclesia--or church which was the spiritual center of HIS Kingdom. And we find this spiritual center of HIS Kingdom in the nations of HIS Kingdom. Thus here you find the church, these spiritually called out people who not only are guided by the spirit of God, but are to show the teachings of God to the Nations. Then we discover that in the Old Testament story, the church which starts to spread out is to call to the attention of the Household of Israel, the fact that their Messiah had come. The Apostles were sent out to the Household of Israel, to the strangers in dispersion, to the Elect of God. (I Peter 1:1) They went out into Europe and to all places where the House of Israel had been scattered. The Apostle Paul said the Spirit of God expressly forbid him to go into Asia. Therefore, as he went out to speak and to teach, as did the other Apostles, he spoke to the people who were Israel. And wherever any of the Apostles spoke, the church took root.

Now, we discover that the church, this spiritual center of HIS Kingdom, is the choice center of the patterns of Israel. And as God loves Israel and proclaims HIS love for Israel in the Old Testament, HE still proclaims in the New Testament HIS love for Israel and HIS church.

In the book of Ephesians 5:32, is a passage about this great mystery:-- ‘I speak concerning Christ and HIS church.’ We are told that Christ loved the church. That HE would set it apart and cleanse it by the washing of the water of the WORD. So that HE might present it to Himself a Glorious Church not having a spot or a wrinkle, so that it would be Holy and without blemish. Thus it is that in the hour of Christ’s return, as the church is gathered to HIM, so also is ‘All Israel’ changed in the very element of their being. God says this about HIS Holy Church that HE will present to Himself holy and without blemish, ‘As men are to love their wives as their own bodies, he that loveth his wife loveth himself.’ ‘No man ever hated his own flesh, but nourisheth and cherisheth it, even as YAHWEH-YAHSHUA loveth HIS Church.’

Now, they are HIS flesh because they are HIS offspring. And HE said before this that HE is married to this race and the church is the spiritual center of the race, or the choicest in the eyes of the FATHER. Therefore, we are ‘members of HIS flesh, of HIS body, of HIS bones.’ This is the Great mystery---’I speak concerning Christ and HIS Church.’ Exactly as HE has been aligned with Israel, and the spiritual center of HIS Kingdom, so is HE aligned with HIS Church---the True Church. HE refers to it as the Bride which is the Lamb’s Wife, which is the heart of Israel, and especially as the select and chosen Household who have respected HIM and sought HIS way and HIS word, have loved Christ as HE hath loved them.

Now, Lucifer also has a household. He also begat this household. And Jesus produced for you the evidence of this household when HE said, ‘Ye are the generations of the serpent and the viper.’ And ‘Who warned ye to flee from the wrath which is to come?’ He said, ‘Ye are of your father the devil, the lusts of your father ye will do.’ In otherwords, you are the offspring of the household of the devil---you are devils. HE proved this again as HE said, ‘I have chosen ye twelve and one of you is a devil.’ HE was speaking of Judas of Iscariot. But after this, HE had to walk in Galilee, because the Jews sought to kill HIM. The Jews knew HE was identifying them, so they knew they would have to kill HIM. And we are told this in the 7th chapter of the book of John.

Therefore, out of the area of the false prophet who assumes a false ecclesiastical structure---then makes huge, monstrous ecclesiastical structures which envelope all the false religions of the world---combines all false religion into this one great false ecclesiastical structure says, ‘We are the way---we are the light.’ This is the program and everything the false prophet teaches is the work of the devil, or Satan. Therefore, this woman, this great whore, this mystery Babylon the Great, is the false ecclesiastical structure---church---sitting upon many waters. And as the false church moves, she is full of apostasy, bowing to every idol god, every pagan philosophy, every process of evil, teaching the intermingling of races and the process of every abomination in the eyes of God. And we find that God said that this Mystery Babylon, the woman, is guilty of every abomination. HE refers to her as the great whore who sits upon many waters. But she is full of abominations and the filthiness of her fornications, and her mongrelizations and all her false religions.

Yes, God calls her ‘Mystery Babylon the Great.’ And John says, ‘I saw this woman drunk with the blood of the Saints and of the Martyrs of the MOST HIGH GOD.’ Then we can turn back to the words of Jesus concerning those responsible for this and HE said, ‘Ye are guilty of all the blood of the righteous (offspring) of God from Abel to Zachariah who was killed between the horns of the altar.’ Thus it is that this Mystery Babylon is the system of false religion formed and headed by Lucifer which has spread out to become one of the most Satanic programs on the face of the earth. Therefore, it is the program of the false prophet preaching Satan’s lies for truth, and because of this, there are many who depart from the Faith, because they have not been astute enough to understand these things.

I want you to turn with me into the book of II Corinthians 11:13---’For such are false apostles, deceitful workers who transform themselves into the Apostles of Christ.’ Thus Mystery Babylon the Great has actually taken some of these Jews and moved them into the seminaries, moved them into the churches, and into the pulpits. They have taken an ecclesiastical structure and made a church out of it. And these apostles, false ministers, now call themselves the Apostles of Christ. But listen to what the WORD has to say about this situation. ‘It is no marvel, for Satan, himself, is transformed into an Angel of light.’ Therefore, it would be no great thing if his ministers also be transformed into ministers of righteousness who shall be according to their beginning.’(verse 15) Thus they will end---right back in the Netherworld where they came from.

Now, I want to point out to you today, that we are in one of the strangest times and conditions of all history. Because we have well marked in the Word of God, the things which mark a believer of the House of God. The things a true Israelite, by Race, should believe, a true member of the church who founds his doctrine upon these things, because they are TRUTH. There are no errors, no lies in the Gospel of Jesus the Christ. For HE is the Way, the Truth, and the Light. And within HIM there is all truth and HIS WORD is all TRUTH. But what does the false church do? It does not teach the WORD OF GOD, but straight way departs from it.

Now, I want to point out to you that the WORD of God actually exists in the True Church. But it does not exist in the false church. So where is this false church? Today which involves all pagan philosophies---which has the mystery of transforming itself into Angels of Light? Today we have a World Council of Churches, a National Council of Churches, which is supposed to represent all the Protestant bodies in the world joined into a great World Council. Yet the head of those World Councils are false prophets that have transformed themselves into Apostles of Christ. And they do not believe that YAHSHUA is YAHWEH (God). The World Council and the National Council of Churches do not believe that Jesus the Christ is God. They refer to HIM as a teacher, a good man. And say that they follow HIS teaching and HIS instructions, but they do not believe in HIS virgin birth or that HE is God. By this very declaration that they do not believe that HE is YAHWEH come in the flesh, they prove that they are the children of anti-Christ. In their thinking and their philosophy they are the children of anti-Christ. Today there are many, many Jews in the National headquarters and in the World Council of Churches who supposedly are transformed as Apostles of Light.

In I John 4:1, we are told:-- ‘Beloved try the spirits as to whether they are of God; because many false prophets are gone out into the world.’ ‘Hereby know ye the spirit of God; every spirit that confesses that Jesus the Christ is come--IN THE FLESH--is of God; and every spirit that confesseth not that YAHWEH-YAHSHUA is embodied in the man Christ Jesus--they are filled with the spirit of anti-Christ.’ I want you to know therefore that the National Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches are a part of Mystery Babylon the Great. And behind her and weaving into here are those who are as deadly to Christians if they gain the power they hope to gain, as Mystery Babylon has been at anytime.

I would like to point this out. This is not all of Mystery Babylon. For instance, inside of the Roman Catholic Church today are many people who are very devout. There are Priests and Sisters in the Convents and there are communicants who love Christ and while they are wound up in Ecclesiastical areas of error, at the same time they believe in the Virgin Birth and the blood of Atonement and so forth. But I want you to know that Jewry gained early control in Catholicism. Many times the Chief Bishops in the Church have been true Christians and have denounced Jewry and false doctrines, but at the present time the Pope is a half Jew. And he sits on that throne. I want you to know that this man may have transformed himself into an Apostle of Christ, but his end will be as his beginning. Because he is as bad as any of the council leaders in his denunciations. You say, ‘He recognizes that Jesus is the Christ.’ Well then it tells me over here in the scriptures that ‘Thou shalt have no other gods before ME.’ ‘Hear O Israel, thy God is ONE.’ Therefore you cannot recognize other gods and other facets of religion and still be an Apostle of Christ, especially the Chief Apostle of all. Yet I want you to know, that this Pope had turned against the things of the MOST HIGH. He said in his Easter message, ‘We want to see an end of race. We want to see an end of nationalism. We want to embrace all men in a great single religion. We realize that all men worship God in many forms---the Buddhist, the Hindu, all worship God. And we think we have the highest form of worship of God. But we are big enough to embrace all men in this worship, thus form a great Ecumenical conference and convention so that all churches, all religions can flow together, and we can learn to respect every man’s concept of God.’

My friends, this is absolute and total Apostasy. This man will let the Buddhist kiss his ring, and proclaims that everyone must now accept the fact that we must end all racism, that we all came from one race so nationalism must go. And we must return to one race and then to one religion altho it may have many facets and many ways of reaching God. I tell you that there are not many ways in reaching God. And there are not many gods to reach. There is ONE YAHWEH-YAHSHUA --(LORD--GOD). And anything outside of that is total apostasy according to the scriptures. YAHWEH said, ‘I am a jealous God. Thou shall have no other gods before ME. Israel shall know that I alone am God.’ As this Pope said what he did, he demonstrates again, his lack of spirit. Because again, he becomes the Apostle of darkness.

YAHWEH has called upon HIS race to be separated and segregated. HE said, ‘Ye are a Holy People.---I have called you to be a Holy and separate people.---I have chosen you above all the people on the face of the earth.’ HE has stated HIS determination to separate you from all the other people of the earth as in the Old Testament. Time after time, HE has said, ‘I have called you---I have separated you---segregated you from the other races. And HE calls for the recognition of Race. HE calls for this in the Old Testament and in the New. And says, ‘Come out and be ye separate and touch not the unclean thing.---What fellowship hath the Temple of God with the temple of idols?---Come out and be ye separate so I can be a God unto thee and thy children after thee in all generations.’

The Apostle Paul makes it very, very clear that god is still calling for the separation and segregation of race---as apart---from the races of all the apostate on the face of the earth. In the book of Ezra, he speaks to you as God spoke to him, and says, ‘Send away the outlander men and their mongrels, for I shall cleanse the blood of MY people.’ HE will again, cleanse the blood of HIS people and there will be the greatest exodus you ever saw of all the pagans, the mulattos, every mixture of race out of America. And yet this Pope calls for an end to racism, saying that all the Priests, the whole church must work for an end of racism. At the death of Martin Luther King, who was a Communist, the National Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches said, ‘We must re-dedicate ourselves to end racism.’

My friends, do you realize that they were saying that at the death of this Communist that we must press to fulfill the Communist program. Therefore as the Church says, ‘We must support and pledge to support the Communist program then they are not carrying out the program of God’s Kingdom. The scripture still remains the authority and still carries the inspiration of God. And the Federalized councils realizing this challenge of the scriptures and says that, ‘We will no longer be superstitions.’ This is simply saying that they no longer believe that the scripture was by inspiration. They say that instead, we must depend on the concepts of men who now have been educated to understand that the biggest responsibility of the church is to become the guide in the social evolution to a better world---yes, a Social evolution.

My friends, I think that is about as far advanced as the National and World Councils will go, or even the Ecumenical Conference---Social evolution. Because in their social evolution they are moving to destroy TRUTH and will degenerate into one of the most obscene, wild orgies on the face of the earth thru mongrelization, integration, and prostrating themselves before all the pagan gods on the face of the earth saying they are all the image of our God.

My friends, they are not the image of my YAHWEH-YAHSHUA. For I want you to know that HE is HOLY and HE is Righteous. And because you are HIS offspring and HIS Household, because HIS Spirit has been placed in you, then you have no capacity of intermixture with other races of earth because the Holy Seed of the Spirit of God will not co-mingle with the seed of other races. Therefore there is no Spiritual seed and no Spiritual Life in the mongrel offspring. And Satan understands this today, altho many of our race do not. But Satan’s lies are now being taught in the church as how to mongrelize and integrate the people of the church in order to destroy the superiority of the Kingdom of God. If they can persuade your race to intermingle, and mongrelize, and integrate, then they destroy all the Spiritual life which does not follow the gestation of a mongrel society. Therefore they would soon wipe out the White race and have it mongrelized without spiritual vision. And they would then fall into the catastrophe which Almighty God speaks about as HE tells you that you are to make no alliances with the pagans or with Lucifer’s kingdom. You have been instructed over and over again not to marry with Negroes, or Asiatics, the Hittites, the Cainanites, and the Amorites. None of them that God has carefully named in the scriptures. You are not to marry or integrate with them because YAHWEH says if you do this terrible thing, that they will have you turning from HIM and toward other gods. And your philosophy, your religion, everything else will no longer be in your ability to perceive because ‘My Spirit will no longer abide in you.’ These are the areas of Apostasy, and this is the work of the false church.

Here at this time (early 1960's) this program by the World Council of Churches is getting started. This week in Los Angeles, the Methodist Church has a meeting scheduled and the goal of the meeting is ‘the total abolishment of racism.’ They are putting out packets of literature to all houses. They are training workers in the Methodist churches, in the Brethren churches, and other churches who are then to go out and combat racism. To move into every grocery store, and every clothing store, and if they do not have Negroes working there, then threaten them with a boycott until they hire Negroes to work there. They have to push for integration into every portion of the life of the community. The churches are doing this work of Apostate, abominable Luciferian philosophy by saying, ‘We must preach LOVE for all people so they will intermingle, intermarry, and there will be no thoughts of racism left. But YAHWEH said that HE placed a curse on such things---the worst abomination of the scripture. This is the unpardonable sin, for the sins of the father extended unto the children to the fourth, fifth, or tenth generations, thus forever. There is no way to forgive this for you have begotten a mongrel. And the mongrel carries the transgression with him. They lack spiritual vision and everything goes retrograde. This descends on the race, and there is nothing you can do about it. Yet here in this city the churches have been given a guilt complex and are urged to give black dolls to their little children to get them to start loving black dolls and then loving black people, so that as they get older, they will love Negroes as the only way to combat racism. This filthy scheme to destroy the family of God is right out of the program of Lucifer.

The National Council of Churches says that they are very much disturbed because by the large, the largest portion of the communicants in the White Christian churches are prejudiced. They say we have discovered a deep prejudice there, so we must bring a guilt complex down on them. And on this dead body of the murdered Martin Luther King, we must awaken these people to their sins. On the body of a Communist---these people who have been guided by intuition, these people who have been doing and thinking like YAHWEH (God) wants them to, now are to be turned by a great guilt complex so they will violate the laws of God. Thus I tell you today that the false church is teaching Satan’s lies.

These denominations at one time were led by great men. They were people who held to the Great Truths of God. But what has transpired is that they have been infiltrated by Satan’s ministers transformed into Angels of light. They now call themselves Apostles of Christ, saying they believe HE was a ‘good teacher.’ But they do not believe in HIS Divinity. And they stand today in many pulpits to transform these churches into areas of Apostasy.

I will tell you personally, that if people belong to a Methodist Church or to a Brethren Church, or some other denominational church, that it is time they notified their ministers that if they are going to follow this program against the race, this program against the scriptures, this program acknowledging all gods and all kinds of people as their brothers, that they are going to get out of the church. If that minister continues teaching contrary to the laws of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA, then individuals should come out of that church. You say, ‘But the Methodist Church for instance, owns all the property.’ Well, some denominations are not like that, but if a church still teaches contrary to God’s laws then this applies to them, no matter what. As long as the Methodist church, for instance, is on the course of hell, then get out of it.

We have come now to an important time in history. We have come to the time of the drawing of the line and the deciding of the issues. Because the false church has now denied the Deity of Christ. They deny the essentialness of HIS Atonement. They say Atonement is just a figment of imagination. They claim that the Blood Atonement of the Christ is not a necessity at all. It was just filling out a theological nitch men had. But now that they have revolved into a higher concept, they can now utterly remove any discussion concerning the Blood of Christ. This puts the present Pope on the spot, because he cannot remove the blood of Christ from the Holy Communion. So he just give lip service to it even tho he, himself, wants to acknowledge Buddha and every other pagan god.

I am going to cite that there are vast numbers of Catholic Priests so disgusted with that church, that they are resigning and getting out of the ministry of the Catholic church. This is going on right now. And well they might, because this great church is going to have Popes and other leaders who are going to acknowledge other gods, mongrelization of races, and other violations of the laws of God. People then better save themselves and get out of that church as well.

One of these days, the True Church of Jesus Christ will be the most sought after church on the face of the earth, because you still stand on the WORD of God. And HE will honor HIS Word. People across our nation are hungry for truth which they are not finding in their local churches. Therefore, any minister who will stand for TRUTH will have a great following. For those hungry for truth are searching. Any minister who is so afraid of what will transpire, and worries about his pension, has no business behind the pulpit. If they can’t live by FAITH and YAHWEH cannot supply their needs, and the congregation isn’t behind them, they are in the wrong business, so they better get out also. For today we are faced with massive World Apostasy.

Now, the children of the Kingdom who understand a bit of the program of the Kingdom, then understand that the race is a significant thing. They understand that God has said that this is an elect race. That HE has placed HIS name upon it. That HE has called for the Household to recognize this, as HE said, ‘Thou art MY ISRAEL.’

You never want to introduce ‘ISRAEL’ to Satan or his kingdom, for they will not accept it. Satan knows who is ‘ISRAEL’, knows who ‘Israel’ is, and his ministers also know for they have come out of his own household and family. In their Talmud, and their own writings, they talk about you as ‘ISRAEL,’ about your being Ephraim and Manasseh---Great Britain and these United States of America. They say all these things. And yet they are seeking to crush and destroy you because they are usurpers.

Thus it is, again, the program of God’s Kingdom recognizes the identity of the people of HIS Kingdom. It also recognizes the triumph of HIS Kingdom. The True Church believes that the Christ is going to reenter world affairs just as HE left world affairs---in the hands of HIS Church to carry out the testimony of HIS Truth. And thus the Church has come down thru those dark ages. It has born testimony to TRUTH. It moved thru the ‘dark ages’ and came forth proclaiming that YAHSHUA is YAHWEH. Then in these last days, we see the church---the outward church---moving into this area of Apostasy in which they deny not only HIS Deity, HIS Atonement, but now also deny that HE is to return. One of the most atrocious blaspheme that I ever heard came from one of the modern ministers of the World Council of Churches and his denomination. For he said in one of his sermons, ‘Can you imagine the preposterous concept that a man who died almost 2000 years ago still is expected to return, by thousands of ignorant people?’ As he said this, he laughed.

Let me tell you something, my friends. The physical body of YAHSHUA the Christ, may have died almost 2000 years ago, but HE also Resurrected almost 2000 years ago. And HE left earth in one of the great space chariots surrounded by ‘clouds’ in the heavens. And Angelic hosts who brought the craft in for HIM said, ‘Don’t stand there gazing into the clouds, for this same Christ (embodied YAHWEH-YAHSHUA) shall return in like manner.’ They may laugh at us and say that we are superstitious, but we believe the scriptures. And this marks the difference between ignorance and superstitious, and one they call intelligent. I will also tell you this. One of these days, we who they portray as ignorant, will become the great majority in the Christian nations. The majority in our nation are still White. And they will be stirred and moved until they come out once more for the WORD of GOD. You will discover that the people who swallowed apostasy, or who can become lured into areas of apostasy, will become a minority.

I remember that YAHWEH-YAHSHUA has said, ‘I call my sheep by name. I give them Eternal life, and they shall never perish.’ HE also said, ‘when I call my sheep by name, they will hear my voice---a stranger they will not follow.’

One of these days the greatest forsaking in all time and history will be as the White people of your nation forsake the ‘false prophet,’ the false apostles.’ The ‘false churches’ will end up with empty buildings for they will no longer hold the people.

How do we know this? Remember there was a time when Apostasy so reigned in Israel that only 7000 of the millions of your race hadn’t bowed the knee to Baal. Yet thru these 7000, the Triumph of YAHWEH came. And the people turned back and dropped their apostasy and cried out because they had turned aside from the WORD. Then it wasn’t long until the whole race was back in line once more. And in this hour HE has many times 7000 people who have not bowed the knee to Baal. Remember that.

Yes the design is and has been for a long time, to destroy your race by mongrelization and integration, and to do this by the false word which moves out of the church. These false prophets even go so far as to say that a man can be a Communist and a Christian. So we must not say anything against Communism. We will just pray for peace. Like the Hippies and the flower children, they will walk along with their eyes closed, their hands folded and say, ‘peace, peace.’ But let me tell you this. Don’t look for that kind of peace from the ‘right wing.’ Don’t think they want peace when it comes to a Christian who stands for TRUTH, because they plan to lock you up for saying there is any plan of God. These blinded people who stand for the communist will be the first to turn against you as they secretly try to use facets of government against a person who stands for Truth in America today. They want peace for the enemy. But not peace for the children of the MOST HIGH.

Again, we see this is a false peace. And we note the people who are behind the trouble between the Negro and the White man. The World Council of Churches and the National Council of Churches, said we must promote this fellowship between Christians and Jews. Then the ADL of the B’nai B’rith, the very lodge of Lucifer, these are the very ones setting up the program for this institute of ‘fellowship,’--with Rabbis coming in to preach Christianity to the Children of God??? What a fantastic operation this is as we hear them proclaim that they are the brothers of all Christians. I recall that Jesus said, ‘I am from above, you are out of the devil.’ No common brotherhood there!--- Their brotherhood is World Brotherhood, between Hinduism, Buddhism, devil worshipers. And it may be alright for Mystery Babylon, this great whore who sits upon many waters, but it is not for me. For my brothers are my FATHER’S sons.

We turn to the scriptures and to the writings of Timothy 4:1:--’The spirit speaketh especially that in the latter times, some shall depart from the Faith, giving heed to the seducing spirits, and the doctrines of devils.’

Jesus pointed out to you who the devils are. HE said the HE chose twelve disciples and one was a devil. And HE established these areas of Apostasy as coming from the household of Lucifer. And thus we are told many coming from the Household of the Kingdom would depart from the Faith because of these seducing spirits.

Today we stand in these last days and YAHWEH-YAHSHUA calls for you to stand, to put on the whole armor of God. Thus you stand against all the wiles of the devil and all the darkness and denounce these doctrines clearly in the name of YAHSHUA. Today, I want you to know that the apostasy of the ‘false church’ is the biggest abomination on the face of the earth because it is filled with blaspheme. They claim to be filled with a religion of truth, but they are the ‘false apostles’ and are filled with all the filthiness, the rottenness of their seductions. At the same time they are drunk with the blood of the Saints and of the Martyrs. And still will kill Christians if they can get away with it, while waiting their time for their evil move of total world control. In fact, some of these dupes who move around under the leadership of this false apostasy, will be some of the first to be removed when the hour comes for that development.

As we look at the situation today, we see the false church speaking the words of Satan. And YAHWEH-YAHSHUA is opposed to all the things they preach. There is none of the principles of the World or National Council of Churches, or even of the Pope of Rome, for that matter which you can find the WORD supporting at any time. Therefore, we should denounce them in the name of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA. Denounce them as not the Apostles of YAHSHUA (the Christ), but establish this fact that Christ said HE would present HIS Church without spot or wrinkle (without error) to Himself, because it is a Holy institution unto HIM.

HE talks about the tremendous battle for the minds of men. HE talks about the false church and the TRUE CHURCH. And says that HE will call HIS Sheep by name and lead them out, and will give them Eternal Life. And they will never perish. Thus the triumph of the TRUE CHURCH will come with the Spiritual power of the Holy Spirit as HE moves upon men. HE will raise their resistance, will raise their nation up to resist the powers of darkness and the forces of evil.

As we see these things coming to pass which signal the end of the age, we can claim not only the protection of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA, but the guidance of HIM as well, for the emerging Kingdom which is promised us.

(End of sermon)