False Economy, 1955



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift  -  1955

Tonight we turn to a subject of the restoration of the Kingdom economy. How it could be accomplished. We are faced with one of the most crucial hours in history. The one thing that you can be sure, we will continue to do is that we will continue to tell you what transpires, as we see it, regardless of the circumstances that are involved and who is effects.

There is no doubt that this is the most crucial hour in the history of this great nation of God’s Kingdom. Among all the nations of the Kingdom of God, America stands out foremost both by designation prophetically from the lips of the prophets and the identification given unto it by Christ in the book of Revelation when He spoke to John. It is the only great nation, today in Christendom whose emblem is the outstretched wings of an Eagle. It is the leadership of such a nation that the nations of Christian civilization were told they must flock. And under the protective wings of the Great Eagle, the great resistance was to be made in this climatic hour of time against the forces of Communism and the great patterns of evil and corruption that would come like a flood out of the dragon’s mouth, and to move against Christian civilization out of the areas of Asia and down out of the north. And strangely enough, that is in the fulfillment of the prophecies of the 18th chapter of Isaiah, a clear identification of this nation as the great nation of the ‘Outstretched Wings of the Eagle.’ The nation of which something great and new was developed as it related to all the people that had descended out of the strains of the household of Abraham and the Aryan race line, and produced the civilization whose destiny had declared to accept Messiahship, would be identified with the person of Christ in whose civilization would be inspired by the vision and spirit that would emerge from the ministry of the Messiah.

Of these nations, Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Nordic, Basque, and Lombard peoples migrated to produce this nation and a ‘New World Order.’ (Novus Ordum Seculorum) It was a nation of one race, but many nationalities. One household, but here blended together under one spiritual concept.

Now we must recognize at this hour that the Supreme Court has verified these statements. This is a Christian nation. The Supreme Court ruled on separate occasions that this is a Christian nation. And the fact remains that there are many forces that are seeking to destroy Christian civilization. They have been engaged in this battle to destroy it since the very beginning of their assault upon the person of Jesus Christ. They have sought down thru the ages to dominate society thru conspiracy after conspiracy.

Today there is no doubt the same powers that have sought to entrap and engulf the world, both in their economic conspiracies as well as in their political and semi-pseudo religious attempt to deify their own stratus of theology at the same time seek to destroy that which opposes, is hurtled against your society as such.

We have many forms of this assault in our time. But in this hour one of the most dangerous things we face is an economy that is controlled by the enemies of Jesus Christ. An economy which would build a World Order that would subordinate every Christian nation.

Now, it is not important to me, whether or not those who would seek to disagree with truth in this hour, agree with us. It is not basically important if the great majority agree or disagree with you if you are right and you recognize that the truth is verified both by the inspiration of the word of God and is the purpose of God. That right shall prevail tho you are out numbered as it relates to the situations and its knowledge your success is guaranteed and assured. There is no doubt in my mind that there is still a remnant in the nations of God’s Kingdom that have not bowed the knee to Baal. That are not going to permit themselves to be intimidated by the forces of evil till they are afraid to discuss truth or afraid to reveal truth. “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free” is the only formula that can save this nation from the great company that has been directed against your society.

If you are to question at any time, that the Biblical statements of Jesus Christ, as they referred prophetically to tomorrow were true, all you would have to do would be to compare what He said then look at the situation which we have today. He warned us that the powers of anti-Christ would be to try to create a ‘World Order’. A system that would supersede the individual sovereignty of nations until it engulfed all nations and as such, were known as all nations. That such an institution once raised up would be in the power of the enemies of Jesus Christ; that such an institution would seek to destroy God’s Kingdom; that Kings would bend their power to it and nations would submit themselves unto its councils and its decisions; and that it would seek to control every branch of economy. That is would seek to control both the sources of production of the raw materials of industry as well as the dispersion of its goods. Then it would seek to take over the distribution of its economy by controlling its money and its foreign policies whereby the pool of goods are contained in the destruction of a nation. Then it would seek to pool all these economies so no man could buy nor sell, save he serve such an insidious institution.

Now this was all related by Jesus to His Apostle John. It is impossible for the enemy to attack the things which we say. Subtle to we might be. And tho he would like to separate the thing which we say from theology, it is impossible for him to separate these basic truths, for which Jesus had to say about them. There is no way for a Christian to consider for the things transpiring in the world except he recognize that these are but the fulfillment of all those things Christ warned us would arise and which He warned us to resist against. There is no doubt today that the forces that were in opposition to Jesus Christ during the hour of the creation of His Kingdom, during the development of His ministry and the sending out of His disciples, of the powers still directing their affluence against Christian civilization.

You must note that it is not against the law for you and I to oppose the enemies of Jesus Christ. It is not against the law for you and I to discuss the things that relate to America’s security because you at this moment, are playing one of the most vital positions among the nations of the world as it related to the events of things to come in the next century. There is no doubt, that if there was a way to silence those who dare to speak the truth, that silence would be developed in this time. But it is impossible for even the Congress of the United States to make a law freezing religion. It is impossible for the forces that seek to control the truth today and seek to silence those who would declare that truth, to stop the reading of the scriptures or its interpretation. You don’t have to worry about your Congress doing that. You don’t have to worry about your Senate. But I would not say that much for the Executive within the structure of this Nation. For there are already signs that from behind the scenes there are powers that are seeking enter into arrangements which America would never approve.

You are in one of the most crucial few hours of history. At the same, historically you are in one of the greatest hours of history, where at last America waking up, speaking out and talking back. That is historically a good sign in these United States. You are in an hour of great and crucial problems.

The United Nations is the greatest conspiracy against Christian civilization that has ever been erected in your time. For instance, from the very beginning the opening of that institution, you will remember, that it was forbidden to open those sessions with prayer when they first met in San Francisco, because they were afraid they might offend Soviet Russia,--- in this great Christian nation where we open every session of Congress with prayer.---God have mercy on us.

If we are ashamed to open up anything we might participate in with prayer because it would offend Soviet Russia, or the Russian regime. And because of that situation, we barred Christ out of the U.N. at the very beginning of that assembly. But do not forget tonight, that in the hour that assembly held its first session in San Francisco, that Sustenius, the stuffed shirt Secretary of State, who little knew of the world situations and whose speeches were written by convicted Communists Trumball, was presiding apparently over the United Nations. But behind the scenes, it was Alger Hiss who directed the entire U.N. conference. It was Alger Hiss who determined who could speak and who could have rooms. It was Alger His who had prepared and laid the foundation for the United Nations Conference. While the Lowenthals funds had been conducted and drawn out with the assistance of ‘Left Wing’ forces behind the scenes in our government as well as those actively a part of the administrations past. Men like Harry Dexter White, following a policy of which Morganthau and Frankfurter and others were preparatory in its design and had drawn up in preparatory conferences. They planned to take over the economy of the nations of the world. In Dunbarton, Oaks and Brentwood, treason was committed. There, my friends, where Senators could not come, there in a place where no American representative except just a few selected ones that fill in the Wise, Morganthau clan. They entered in a plan drawn up by the Laskies and with aid of those who had been playing an economic control of all military funds of the world. They set up these two conferences on American shores. When those conferences were over, the people of the United States did not know what was contained in Dunbarton, Oaks & Brentwood. Little did they understand the far reaching effect of those conferences. They were woven into a world monetary fund. But when the United Nations was set up in San Francisco, there was woven into the UN, a hidden scheme,---the Dunbarton, Oaks, Brentwood world monetary agreements.

Thus it was when your Senators ratified the Charter of the U.N. by becoming signatory to it, and the propaganda lie that was in the institution to build world peace, to end war, to bring about a media for the exchange of ideas between nations. They did not know that they were ratifying a world monitory conference that would require, before it was through, all the assets American, to be placed on deposit to further the program of the U.N. Little did they know that it was the program of Anti-Christ to take over the economy of this great Christian nation.

Senator Pat McCarron, one of Americas greatest legislators said the other day:--’If I had known what I know now, and realized what was hidden inside of that U.N. Charter, I not only would never ratify it, but I pray God to forgive me for ever having ratified this great trap which our civilization had been engulfed.’ That is the voice of a Patriot.

Senator Wells, one of Americas great courageous men said to us:--’There is no more dangerous or insidious machine on earth, than the U.N. This conspiracy and trap will only destroy our sovereignty completely unless we get out of it in the next three years, we are all done as a nations.’

Let me tell you this. There was man after man in your Senate today that understands this now more than they ever did before. There is no doubt there are more Congressmen who understand this danger than ever before. And they find that thru the years because of their lax in this, not remembering some of the great words of Thomas Jefferson. They have permitted one of the greatest dangers to our security develop. There was one thing which Thomas Jefferson said--(-and how people like to quote Thomas Jefferson when they are talking about Democracy. They think that he is the great emancipator for the term and developments of the ideas which they like to refer to as philosophy.) But Thomas Jefferson, in his heart, was the supporter of the concept of the Great Republic. And in the structure of its support, he said:--’Do not have confidence in any executive. Never trust him. For to place confidence in a man is the beginning of the downfall of Liberty.’ That is Thomas Jefferson.---unquote. And you can go into the hall of the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. and he said:--’The Legislative and Judicial bodies must observe the executive, always with suspect. And with ever vigilance, seem to retain as much power as possible and limit executive power as much as possible, therefore realize the maintenance of Liberty.’ And I looked upon those words on the wall and realized America has forgotten some of the words of Thomas Jefferson. Thank God that some of the Senate of the United States is starting to wake up. And issues which involve your security are the issues that are the most important issues before your nation.

Let me tell you this. In the attempt to take over the economy of the nation,---in this attempt to control the economy of all nations of the world,---the processes were set up, which at this very moment, actually has security for its program. And its proposition---the assessed valuation of all possessions that we call America---that together with gold and silver and with bonds on deposit. That is only a part of that situation involved in what we call the U.N. at this hour.

We cannot go in tonight into the long discussion of what the U.N. has been. But we know that woven in that scheme was the program that would spell defeat to your nation. No nation could protect itself long, unless it was capable of defending itself against its enemies. This calls for a strong army, a strong nation. This calls for strong military defenses. It calls for a loyal citizenry. But the U.N. supported two things.

1. It supported a process that would break down your emigration barriers and flood America so you couldn’t protect the security of your nation by determining the content of that nation as its citizenry were expanded according to its desire. In that conspiracy right now, Senator Lehman’s scheme, which we told you a week ago, had now been admitted and released by Mr. Lehman who yesterday, said that he intends at the earliest opportunity, to open up a new barrage of the emigration program to open up emigration between all the nations of the U.N. without any emigration barriers. That means the end of the structure of the American family. That is the end of your type of culture and civilization if this Satanic situation were allowed to be developed.

Remember, that soundness of preserving the status of a nation is one of the very fundamental principals upon which your society had been founded. It was never intended that you were to absorb all the things that were against God and all the things that were opposed to your way of life, thru all the processes that exist throughout the nations of the world. Because of the have nations, they look at you. They would drop you, if they had the opportunity until they had exhausted your creative ability and your initiative by absorbing the things you produce.

2. Under your entrance into the U.N. you became voluntarily, by the ratification of that Charter participating in that program, its councils, and control of your armies. Your armies cannot move without the U.N. councils permission. They could involve you in the Korean War. They could forbid your Generals from winning that war. And they could keep you from doing the things strategically, that would have defeated the Chinese Communist in the first few months of that war.

In fact, when you were engaged in that war,---forever let this be on your memory---it was the U.N. and President Truman, under their direction, that promised the people of Red China, that tho they were the aggressors in North Korea, we would never bomb their soil. We would never attack the supply lines of their cities, and promised them immunity. And I have that document under the document and seal of the U.S. State Department, both in my files and under photostat for protection.

Let me assure you this. Whenever we entered into the program of Anti-Christ, we were surrendering not only our sovereignty, but we were disallowing the Declaration of Independence, which our forefathers made in the hour when God, by Destiny had decreed that it was time for this great nation to rise to fulfill its responsibilities to the world.

Now, I know--and that is why we discuss this tonight.---I know that there is a great conspiracy against the economy of God’s Kingdom. But never forget, the program of Satan is utterly doomed. I know it is going to fall as prophecy has declared it. And the people awakening with a great anger against this evil will tear it down if they have to tear it down, in symbols, brick by brick.

In this final hour, we have watched the seeds of treason. We have watched State Departments involved in secret agreements . We aren’t going to take time tonight to discuss the Vodka bottle policy. That has been one of the great curses of America, when Presidents were too drunk to know what they were signing, as Elliot Roosevelt refers to his father asking your forgiveness for the signing of the Potsdam-Yalta Agreement. Remember that during those periods of time, when he was meeting with Stalin and with Winston Churchill, there was Alger Hiss and the ‘red’ influences in the State Department that wrote up all the fine print. When finally it was submitted, he never read it. It was page after page of protocol. He signed it. Later, he realized how far-reaching it was.

We told you last week something that was a basic charge of great importance. It was cited courageously by the Sun. One great editor said to me, it is the greatest weakness the Republican Party has shown since it has been elected. The fact the great treason was committed during a Democratic machine did not mean the Democrats were essential responsible for it. But it did mean Anti-Christian evil of a world conspiracy had invaded that party. And they set out to capture it. They knew where they were going and the party didn’t. They were able not only to capture it, but were to create great acts of treason while acting in the structure of its administration.

One of the things that had caused the fighting resistance upon the part of the Republican Party in the United States, was its gradual realization that treason had been committed. Yet during the hours when they were to decide on a representative for the Republican Party, they didn’t select a Republican. They selected a man that met the approval of Mr. Truman, whose approval had already been given by a man behind the scenes. When Mr. Eisenhower was selected, this was probably the first time he had been a Republican in his life.

The fact remains, however, the great fighting objective of men like Dirkson and others who had discussed the discrepancies of conspiracy and the revelation made by Internal Security Committees which had to disclose to the public, even tho there were forces that tried to upset him. These men who had been involved in security, had discovered things that were vital and things that should have been exposed for America’s good that we might reverse our steps instead of walking in the direction of destruction. But when the administration came to the fight, none of these things were used in the clincher. None of these things were told to America. And they held back on it.

Then when the Eisenhower administration went in, it lost its greatest opportunity for statesmanship. Had this man been a statesman, and not a tool of Barney Baruch and his crowd, as he admitted at Barney Baruch’s birthday party, he would have repudiated the Potsdam and Yalta Agreements as something the American people had never put their names to and were not responsible for the irresponsible executive actions. Had there been any courage in that administration, they could have repudiated this program that gave all of Asia and over half of the world to Soviet Russia. It would have repudiated the policies that surrendered Austria, Czechoslovakia, which the German high command was prepared to surrender to the American troops and unto our nation, but was turned down by the Morganthau policy who Mr. Eisenhower was following the dictates of.

They would have repudiated however, the policy of an administration that forced a General to make decisions by demand he knew was not wise. No. No repudiation of this. In fact,--silence.

I received word from one of the most brilliant Senators in the United States yesterday. He says we have discovered something. We have discovered why there has been no repudiation. We have suddenly discovered why the President of the United States is fighting the Pritchard Agreement.

Let me tell you there has been no evidence under God, of an awakening of a nation that has been more influential and essential to the security of society than the cry of a nation for the Pritchard Amendment. That call is deluging Senators every day over the nation and letters and telegrams for the passage of that amendment is one of the healthiest signs that America is waking up and still has a little independent thinking going on outside the influence of the proverbial press and some of the influence that directed the vehicles of public opinion in radio and TV.

Let me tell you this. When Senator George, after Eisenhower continued a constant refusal to even participate in a program in any agreement or adjustment to the Pritchard Amendment, he said there is no way that the President can justify his desire to retain power to make agreements that he does not wish to submit to the Senate of the United States or of the approval of the people who elected him.

Let me tell you that it is high time we looked with distrust to any leadership that refuses to submit its plans to the nation that he is supposed to represent as a great Republic.

Let me tell you, we have the evidence of treason tonight. I charge that there is treason being committed. Treason against your soldiers, against your battle against Communism, against the very structure of your nation, in what has happened in the last forty-eight hours as it relates to Russian and the United States.

Listen. One of the evidences of tyranny is that even in the structure of an administrative machine, men who dare to even have opinions that would desire to see a strong legislative body still with the right to protect its society, have been under pressure demands to resign.

The resignation of --------------announced yesterday, when he was forced to resign from his position in governmental relations because he approved in his thinking of the Pritchard Amendment, by the order of Eisenhower, has been one of the healthiest bombshells to break in the U.S. Senate.

This is tonights newspaper I hold in my hands. Listen to these words. ‘The Clarence m.-------incident explodes the Senators with wrath and anger. Senator B(Bricker???) said there will never be any harmony promoted now in the fact of this. Senator Jenner said if this means a man must walk the plank because he believes in certain fundamental things that are basically American, then it is time something was done about it at once. Senator (Shopel??) of Kansas said if a man who serves a position of responsibility must bow to that which is wrong in the face of the fact he knows it is order to keep his job, it is time we look to what is behind it and do something about it.

Now, this is what one of America’s Senators told me yesterday in a very important revelation:--’We have found that already the advice by the ill-advisors that are behind him, that President Eisenhower has already made secret commitments and secret agreements that he does not want submitted to the ratification of the U.S. Senate, and he doesn’t want to have to bring out now, because America is not ready for it and would repudiate the whole thing. And under God, we will never be ready for any of these appeasement policies with the Soviets.’

Let me tell you this. Last week, we talked to you about some of the things we were on the job to see in Washington develop. One of them was the courageous opposition of Senator Welker against the treason that was inside the State Department that brought Ambassador Dean back from Korea, who secretly, all the time, was sympathizing with the Reds, while our boys were fighting Red Communism, and he was our Ambassador to Korea. What type insane instability was involved in an act of a State Department who would send a pro-Red Ambassador to an ally when we were supposedly fighting Communism and our boys were dying in Korea.

This man came back to sell a soft Senate on the idea that we should have to recognize Red China---split her from Russia by being so friendly with the Red Revolution that we would not recognize that this Red Revolution was so dangerous. After all, it’s just a friendly people desiring freedom, and since I’ve dealt with these Reds, I know---as he says. Well, if he’s been dealing with the Reds, we want to know why?

The fact remains, that Senator Welker courageously said that this kind of treason---he should be thrown into prison and in a hurry.

Senators told me in Washington, that this was a bigger incident than the Alger Hiss case. It involves the Secretary of State. Because the Secretary of State had given his approval to the Dean incident and had Dean been accepted and had he sold America on this phoney foreign policy of recognizing Red China, he was immediately going to let Red China participate in the ‘Four point’ conferences in that foreign conference in Germany.

The fact remains, that the pressure was so great, that he didn’t dare to do it so openly, in that discussion. And Red China hasn’t been recognized at that time.

Now, here is the status. A week ago, we told you that we were informed there was a loop hole. A loop hole then were trying to protect because it involved clauses in the Brook Amendment. And now this weeks debate has put more clauses. Clauses that will bring about a re-consideration of all past foreign treaties that effect our Constitution or its content. Clauses that will cause us to re-survey the whole Charter of the United Nations. It will cause us once more to go into any of these things into which we are now bound. And that is why, my friends, a fight broke out in such intensity this week. Because the situation is, they were preparing to secretly cram Red China down our throats anyhow.

So tonight, this story is out.---’Agreement includes Red China.’ So the smart boys let Russia win their ‘four power conference.’ Seventy thousand soldiers guard the ‘four principals in this conference in Berlin. Seventy thousand soldiers. American, British, Russian, and French, guard four men talking about peace.

All the way then, we were insulted by Soviet Russia. All the way then our intelligence was insulted by Soviet Russia. She demanded complete control of Austria for twenty years. She demanded control of all Germany. She demanded all troops withdraw from the conference to permit her influence all over Europe. Had we agreed to Red Russia’s terms, we would have been turning all of Europe over to Soviet Russia as we have turned all Asia over to her, and completed the encirclement of Christian civilization as well as surrendering our fortunes to it. We have permitted those who represent us to play treasons game against civilization too often.

Now listen. The big ‘four’ foreign ministers, today, are today, to hold a far Eastern peace conference, including Red China, in Geneva, Switzerland. Now this, my friends, is one of the things that we were not supposed to do. This is one of the things we promises ‘Singman Rhea’ we would not do. We would recognize North Korea as a participant. We would only recognize Red China as an aggressor, but not as a nation. And we would recognize Communist troops as a body by recognizing only their General. But we would not recognize them as a nation. For if we recognized them as a nation at that conference, then there would be no way to keep Russia from seating her in the United Nations as such.

In otherwords, we have refused consistently since the Communist invasion---since the treasonable activities of Marshall,---since the conspiracies that involved Outer Asia and involved the staff of Reds in the State Department and the Atchison crowd. We have refused to recognize the status of Red China. To recognize Red China is to cease to recognize General Chang Kai Shek. If we don’t recognize Chang Kai Shek’s government, then we unseat his hold on that ‘four vote’ in the Security Council. If Soviet Russia gets that, she is able to out vote us and to control that Security Council. If she controls that Security Council, and you have not withdrawn from the United Nations by the time it gets into operation, it--by its own vote, can end completely, every phase of the sovereignty of the United States of America over its people and over its policies.

That is one of the reasons why that the only way that the economy of Anti-Christ can ever be ended is by the quick and speedy withdrawal out of that institution. It started with a curse upon it. It started against the warnings of Christ that we should never enter into such an alliance with un-believers to effect any governmental institution to which we were joined---believers with un-believers which is a violation of Christian principal. It is also violation of the warning of things that would involve society.

When Mr. Rockefeller went to his Rockefeller church, he was given a bill of goods on Sunday morning. They said the ‘Charter’ would be ratified and it would be a wonderful thing to see this establishment permanently established in America. Rockefeller ran down, violated the laws of eminent domain in the United States, and gave a territory inside of New York City, to the United Nations.

`You say--that was a violation of the law? It was. No permission was given by a Congressional Act to do that. Do you realize, that the United Nations area in which that building was erected is eminent domain? It was here within the eminent domain of the United States. This was the surrendering of that property to a world foreign power.

I went across the threshold of that U.N. building a short time ago and I listened to a guide taking people thru. As the tourist came to this little plot of ground, the guide said:--’You have just left the United States of America. You are now in the U.N., the world power which is greater than the United States.’ Then he said:--’Do you know that there is not one crime that can be committed inside this building that can be tried by a U.S. Court? These who work here and come and go with their briefcases cannot be arrested in New York City or New Jersey. They can’t be picked up for speeding. They can’t be arrested for anything. Not one single crime can they be touched. The only place they can be tried is if they are called by the Council to answer on U.N. territory.’

Of course, under the same regulations, we should be able to do anything we want on that piece of ground and be immune inside the U.S. because I don’t know where they would extradite you to. However, might be a good thing if we did tear it down---blow it up. I don’t know. It’s not our country anymore---so they tell us.

I don’t know why that group of patriots don’t call in Mr. Rockefeller and ask him who gave him the permission to give away the United States of America or any part thereof.

Let me tell you something. While talking with Internal Security Committee leaders, they said:--’Dr. Swift, the dreaded ‘5th column’ against Christian civilization is housed in that house of evil. There are more spies coming and going inside the Unites States without any way to stop them thru the media of the United Nations, than enter in or out of any other country by any other procedure.’ That they not only have immunity, they travel, they come and they go. But almost everyone who has been discharged from the State Department or found disloyal or found to be perverted and no longer fit for mixture with decent society, has gone down there and gotten a job as an agent with some of those foreign powers in some of those offices. So you have the great cancerous, lascivious spots on the fact of the earth right there. But the world monetary fund that controls economies of the nations was transferred into that building.

Now, it is an important thing that in this vital hour while treason is being committed, that Mr. Molotoff--------now, let’s get this straight.--Don’t start moaning for Mr. Dulles senility.--I don’t know what else it could be. If you want to call it treason, call it treason.----For even editorials in great newspapers are talking of the ‘wonderful thing’ Mr. Dulles did, refusing the pressure of Mr. Molotoff to enter into the agreements of Austria and Germany. Why any child knows that America would have exploded when he refused to let Russia have its way on the Germany-Austria policy. Let me show you what is ‘treason.’ Mr. Molotoff was able to win that conference by setting up in Geneva a ‘Far Eastern Peace Conference’ in which Red China is admitted as a nation. In this agreement, Western informants said that at the Geneva conference, will be discussions first, the Korean Peace Treaty. The participation will be the United States, Great Britain, France, Russia, Communist China, South Korea, and North Korea.

So that is the wedge that now recognized Red China as a nation. It will be treasonous if she has a peace treaty ratified.---this is what MacArthur was trying to tell America.---This is the thing that Walter was discussing as one of the serious problems and sited :--how can we make a peace out of Red China’s entry without recognizing that nation. We must destroy its military machine and only then conclude our arrangements with North Korea. There is no other intelligent way to meet that proposition at that hour, because now Red China, once recognized, means that we have suddenly disenfranchised all the Chinese on Formosa. We have taken from them, their voting power in the U.N. And we have betrayed that nation.

What we should do is turn General Chang Kai Shek loose, supported by sufficient strength from air and technical power to made that great wedge driven into the heart of Red China. Keep them so busy at home, they won’t have time to threaten the security of other nations. You won’t have to send one American boy. Nationalist China is just waiting for the assistance that we could give her technically to accomplish the beginning of such a diversion.

Listen. Following the settlement of the peace treaty on Korea,---note it’s all cut and dry.---Let me show you where she is already betraying. Already the secret commitments have betrayed South Korea. America didn’t do it, but the rascals that have been speaking for you have. We promised Korea that we would unify North and South Korea. That was our commitment as a nation. We divided Korea at Yalta and Potsdam. And we have permitted Red China to annex North Korea formerly three weeks ago in a secret conference.

Now, Red China is the owner of North Korea or it is now a state held a plebiscite, in the last ten days. And of course, everybody votes like any other Communist state ---all one way. All cast their vote for the Red State because if you don’t you get shot. ---or you just don’t vote. So under this instance, the plebiscite said the people of North Korea voted into becoming a part of Red China and had approved the annexation. And so she submits this peace treaty that we are going to have in Geneva which already says after we have settled the peace treaty and its conditions in Geneva, a second conference is going to be called on Indo-China at which the United States, Britain, and France will meet with Russia, Red China, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. So having finished the Geneva deal, we will then be recognizing Red China further by sitting in with Red China as to what happens to Indo-China.

Do you know who is qualified to speak for China at such a conference? Only the government that is legally responsible for China and not Red China. You can’t do business without laws. It’s Chang Kai Shek, not Red Mao, that should sit in on the conference that deals with Asia’s destiny.

Who was the brilliant boy who did this? Mr. Dulles and Mr. DeGaul--in order to save the conference from failure, agreed to this proposal. Many concessions had been offered by Mr. Molotoff. And he requested that Red China be seated and it was agreed at the conference.

Now, no one says what the concessions were, because the Russians never conceded anything, and never kept their word in any agreement they have entered into --- for the thirty years.

Now listen. This is treason. Thus we praise every American boy who died in Korea. But they praise all the efforts and all expenditure of money syphoned off in the name of stopping Communism and which now has strengthened the hand of Soviet Russia. Russia would like to hold the world situation in a static state for the next few months. She would like one more harvest, if she could get it. A delivery of the ‘rice bowl’ of Asia would serve her purposes well. But one more wheat harvest if she can get it. So that would set the thinking of America and the nations for August for a dangerous period. For each of the other world wars started the August and September harvest end. So she would present that picture as a security level. And tho we are told by experts we are in the most dangerous periods, for while we are contemplating further conferences, involved in this arrangement of betrayal, we may suddenly look for an outbreak of hostilities to take place at any time. And scattered over one of the new strategics of Soviet Russia, which we will discuss in a few minutes.

So we have it on the line. No wonder we need a Prichard Amendment. No wonder we need some constitutional amendment that will demand that any agreements that are entered into by our State Department be submitted back unto our Senate. Remember, DeGaul, with all of his influences, cannot, even out of weak and crumbling France, make one agreement that he doesn’t submit back to the French people. Remember that no agreement can be made by Anthony Eden, that he does not have to submit back to the Parliament of England. And it is high time that America once more, protected itself by tying the hands of the Executive and the Foreign Dept. from having their own way beyond the interest of American security. We don’t trust them. I don’t trust them. Because it is fundamentally evil to trust these men in this hour after they have displayed the attitude which they have with the enemy.

Listen. I hold in my hands page 14 of the ‘Squide’??? Most people will find no mention of it in tomorrow’s newspaper. But when the Jews controlling the Eisenhower Administration, the Baruch plan which Mr. Eisenhower came right out and said--’this is the Baruch plan,’--asked that we pool as a great semblance to the world, of our desire for freedom or atomic knowledge, or wisdom or atomic bombs, and our supplies and stock piles,--turn it over to the United Nations, as the great keeper of ‘Trust’. What will you get? You turned over your sovereignty, you turned over your army, and they forbade you to pass the 38th parallel. They defeated your men because they wouldn’t let you destroy the enemies lines of communication or bomb its railroads. They have robbed your nation and they have filled it with spies. And they are fighting to continue to fill it with spies to destroy your way of life while they make war on your right to be Christian. And they say they are only fighting segregation and discrimination.

Let me tell you. Any intelligent American that doesn’t discriminate in favor of Christianity as against evil conspiracy to lie, is no true Christian. And any individual that doesn’t want to separate from America, the forces of evil that they are trying to flood into it by any illegal gate, is not intelligent.

So listen to the latest word. Someone said:--’just what was going on in that peace conference?’ It isn’t what happened when those four men sat together, ---what I want to know is what went on when ‘TWO’ of them got together somewhere over a vodka cocktail.???

Listen. The Unites States and Russia today, have reached the high level agreement in a new round of preliminary talks on the Eisenhower-Baruch ‘Peace Plan’. The Administration said that the new era talks were between Secretary of State Dulles and the Soviet Ambassador Zaritin?-- in the initial stages. And that later, possibly Britain and Canada will be permitted to join. The atomic powers will join if progress is made.

Let me tell you this. Do you remember who was Mr. Dulles law Partner? ‘Red’ Dean, who was just brought back from Korea. Do you remember who was under-Secretary of State under Mr. Atchison and who had control of Asia policy when we lost it thru the conspiracies that turned over? Mr. Dulles. Do you remember who was involved in representing Asia as well as Russia’s interests when Atchison, Hiss and Atchison was a Law Firm that made a million dollars off one commission? Do you know who handled a subsidy of that contract for Mr. Atchison? Mr. Dulles. What we need is a ‘Grand’ investigation inside these United States of men who have made money serving the ‘Red’s’ directly or indirectly or who have supported those whose conspiracy have helped to deliver the world into the hands of the Anti-Christ.

You can hang the Rosenburgs or burn them in the electric chair---and that was all too late. And I think they should have been executed a lot sooner than they were. You can throw Alger Hiss into the penitentiary. He should have been executed with the Rosenburg’s. I assure you there isn’t any difference between a traitor in the State Department than a traitor who is subordinate. Someone says--’You don’t talk like that.’ They don’t dare our talking like that. But this is true.

Let me tell you this. The most dangerous conspiracy of all time continues to destroy your society. And now that conspiracy can, unfettered, accomplish this by the seating of Red China, which has already been agreed to. I had several United States Senators say:--’Dr. Swift, we’re going to resist.’ It’s going to be futility. Red China is going to be admitted. They are going to start voting us down. And then the security regulations will go in and the largest number of people by the common denomination will decide issues and America will be out voted and done.

So this bill which would guarantee all the world Social Security and economic equality, with housing paid for and with all the other benefits which your initiative and your capability guarantees you, will be given freely to the world. And the Russian least common denominator, Soviet policy will cause you to pay the expense, or at least impoverish yourselves lower than a peon to accomplish this. That is a part of the design. And they can vote that in and force you to take it whether it is ratified or not. This is only a part of that plan.

There is one thing about the economy of the Kingdom. You know how the economy of the Kingdom guarantees prosperity. God says--you work and I’ll bless you. I’ll give you greater wisdom, greater initiative that you will produce and I will supply. I’ll send you the sun and I’ll send you the rain. I’ll grant you vision and I’ll give you creative ability. If you will serve Me and obey My laws, I will destroy the forces that would destroy you by giving you the knowledge to combat disease by using My power to encircle you from the plagues that would destroy you. You obey and I will bless. But you disobey and join yourself with My enemy, and you will curse your blessings. And trouble will come nigh unto you.

Oh,--you say--that means all the nations.’ No. That is not practical. You wouldn’t be hated for being a Christian in Britain. You wouldn’t be hated by Christians in Scandinavia. You wouldn’t be hated for being a Christian in America. But you will be hated by the ‘All nations movement’ that won’t accept Jesus the Christ. And it is afraid to pray for fear that it will discourage or it will make somebody who hates His name that is joined to it angry. He said you would be hated of all nations for My names sake. And who will they deliver you to? They’ll deliver you to the synagogue and the magistrates.

Let me tell you tonight, that the conspiracy to destroy Christian civilization and the conspiracy to spread world communism is a Zionist Jewish conspiracy for world power.

I sat in the office yesterday, of Senator Jack Kenny, California. He is one of the greatest legislators in the U.S. today. He was chairman of our State Legislature. He is the most courageous single legislator, I think I’ve ever listened to in the U.S. outside of men like Jenner and McCarthy in Washington, D.C. He said:--’Dr. Swift, I’ve just finished a new book called ‘The Trojan Horse.’ It’s more important than anything I’ve ever written. John Beaty who wrote ‘The Iron Curtain’ is writing the forward to it. It’s about to come off the press. The conspiracy of the Anti-Defamation League representing the ADL and World Communism and Zionism, rolled into one ---the Trojan Horse---they are using both in immigration as well as in Soviet conspiracy. The big names, the hand behind the scenes, the designs to surrender us all unto a program outlined and now implemented by the United Nations to eliminate our patriots, to reduce us to servitude, is unequaled in history.’ And he said:--’I’ve got every bit of it documented. And I’ve got it where no one can deny it, both out of their documents,--documents that they themselves quote, and out of documents of investigation of security.’ And he said:--’Do you know why I think we are going to win?’ I said:--’I know why we are going to win, because destiny and because God Almighty will not let truth and Christian civilization go down.’ He said:--’This evil, this evil things going to collapse. Let me show you something.’ He pulled out of his desk a great pile of letters. He said:--’Do you remember that you folks distributed every one of my books on the ADL and the Zionist conspiracy and so forth. You sent them to Congressmen. You sent them to Senators and you sent them to people all over the nation. Here is this stack of letters.’ And he started to read to me--letters from Congressmen, from Senators, from leaders, from Attorney Generals. From people of influence, state after state, as well as from the Senate and the Congress of the United States. And here were hundreds of legislatures thanking him for the book. Thanking him for the revelation that had brought a lot of things together that they didn’t understand. And saying this was the first time they had realized how the hand of Anti-Christ was tied in with the ADL, World Jewry, Communism, Zionism and with the ‘5th Column. And now they were beginning to see the United Nation’s proper light. And I saw that mass of letters and I looked at the names that were on them. I knew that America was on the way up and out, and the forces of evil were going out and down.

There is no doubt, that we are historically watching a prophetically renaissance of the Elijah ministry in this hour to awaken the nation in this hour. We had the privilege yesterday, of meeting one of the members of that ‘Ford Committee’ of Henry Ford I, of which this committee is carried down to give the ‘Henry Ford Reward’ for Patriotism. And this year it was given to Senator Jack Kenny. And we had the pleasure of being able to join in the presentation to Senator Kenny, of the ‘Henry Ford Award’ for outstanding patriotism in the United States. It is a most beautiful gold plaque with the record of Senator Kenny engraved on it. And this is the ‘Henry Ford Award’, not Henry Ford II, because he doesn’t know whether he is coming or going. It was Henry Ford I who knew how to do something on his own initiative and he knew how to reach further to what he knew was American independence.

Let me tell you this. In the hours we face before us, the seriousness of this issue will become more pronounced. The action of the forcing out of the Administration of even those the Administration had working for them, if they disagree, is going to crystallize this fight. It is going into a harder struggle than ever before.

In a few days, we’re going to announce to the world the formation of one of the new great enterprises---the Prichard for President club all over America. This is the time we need the leadership of men like this. Watch for it. It’s going to go like a mushroom.

Listen. It is important that I call your attention to this. There is nothing new under the sun. The Almighty warned us of the existence of such a conspiracy. In fact, so complete was the warning that He warned us as a nation, we being the real Kingdom, the real nations that ascended out of the house of the true Israel, which were the descendants of Abraham, from which the people would be captured by Sennacherib and migrated into Europe and would produce the Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Nordic, Basque, Lombard people. In fact, today there is hardly an anthropologist that does not agree that the great mass of the Caucasian immigration into Europe came out of the captivity release by_________from the Sennacherib conquest.

Now listen. The Almighty said--now listen My people, ‘listen o’ princes, for there is furry in My hands and I am angry. And I am going to take the wine of the cup of this furry ad I am going to make all the nations of the United Nations to drink it. This I say against thee--saith the LORD,--because thou hast permitted thyself to be joined unto all the peoples and powers, kingdoms of the world,---all of them have gathered together in the face of the kings of Shylock or_________, and all of them drunk together in power. Therefore saith the LORD of Host,--Listen, I am the God of Israel. Drink ye now and be drunk and fall because I will ow send the sword among you. It shall come that in My wrath ad My judgement. For lo I see the city of all the nations,--this city of judgement that is evil. Ye shall not go unpunished for I shall call for a sword. Therefore prophesy against them saith the LORD of HOST. Prophesy from on high. A noise shall come even unto the ends of the earth. For the LORD hath a controversy with all these nations. I will plead against them and it will be given unto them for they are wicked to the sword, saith the LORD,--and for their conspiracy. Ad the noise shall come up so great that it shall be heard to the ends of the earth.

Someone said--’what is this about?’ It is the thing Jesus talked about. If you were to see their genocide convention path now, for me bringing this address to you tonight, they could cease me, extradite me to the U.N. and try me in Switzerland and throw me in a foreign jail or put me in the salt mines of Soviet Russia, under the agreement right not of the ‘Genocide Convention.’ And you wouldn’t have to ratify it by your Senate. An Executive agreement would put it in effect or without that Executive, the Secretary Council, with Red China in it, would pass the law.

The LORD said get out of it. ‘This I hold against you, Israel. You have gathered with all the kings of the earth, all the peoples of the earth, with all these people that you have formed this great union of evil. And I am against all these nations, saith the LORD.

Listen. He said except ye separate yourself from this thing, you will receive the evil that shall fall apart. There is no side of the U.N. that is good. Mrs. Roosevelt’s speech recently given before the U.N.---she said one of the most serious things that we will face is--the some 73 to 74 percent of the American people were now against the U.N. due to the scores of literature and the rumors that have been spread by those who are against it in the United States. She said previous polls had shown that after the war, and its first formation, that the majority of the people were for it and less than 12 percent were against it. Today, 73 percent are against it and we can blame nationalism and these super patriots for this great evil.’

Now what is the matter with Nationalism? What is the matter with Patriotism? What’s the matter with a person loving his country? For God Almighty has ordained that a man who doesn’t love his country can have no part in the Kingdom of God when that nation is a part of God’s Kingdom.

Let me show you this, that is, this policy, the Zionist came out with something rather interesting the other day. They said--seeing the great rising agitation against the United Nations in the U.S., it would seem wise that we remove for its security, the U.N. headquarters from New York City to Jerusalem.’ I’m for that 100% with all apologies to the Arabs.

Now let me show you something. This suggestion on the part of the Zionist who are afraid for the welfare of the U.N., desire to see it moved to Jerusalem. They look as tho they think that it is their U.N., and they have paternal influence over it. Don’t they? Well, I think that is true. I think they are a little bit worried about what is happening. People are waking up. So they want to move it down in their own backyard in Jerusalem where they think it’s going to be safe.

Now the only thing that will save New York from an utter disaster that will wipe that city from the face of the earth, is that they move the U.N. Did you know that? For the LORD says--I not only have a controversy with all these nations, but that headquarters of the economy of evil in that Mystery Babylon would enslave all man and would put a system higher than Christian civilization and put a system in power which men would have to bow in order to do business, God says--I’m not only against it, but I’m going to drop it into the waters of the sea like a stone drops into the sea. Woe unto that nation of all nations in that day in that city of all nation of Mystery Babylon the Great.

Now, Nostradamus who had a great vision as a sear to a great extent, somewhat like a modern Isaiah, warned that city of all nations of the New World which would become the city of merchants in the traffic that stood between two rivers, would some day fall and sink. And the whole thing would shake in an earthquake and there would be cracks in the waters between the north and the East River. And he said it could take place in this time. The only thing that could save it would be if that city of evil would suddenly disband.

Let me tell you something. Either the noise that will be heard from the ends of the earth will be the great rising of indignation as this nation rises in wrath and tears it down stone by stone, and when that starts, the greatest immigration on America will take place that we had since the refugees flooded in here that were supposed to have been shot by Hitler. ---Self evident that they didn’t kill six and a half million because they’re found on every main street of every town with the money they printed with the plates Mr. Morganthau gave them. The secret is out.

Listen. Do you know why I think they might move the U.N.? In the first place, I think America is going to start the greatest movement in history to get out of it. It is going to be the rising voice of the people renouncing this plan of the Cainanites. And I think they are going to move it. You say--’oh--now where are they going with it?’

Then over here in Zachariah:--’So now behold--for lo, they have come and have gathered all the nations at Jerusalem. The Lord said--I am against them.’ We know already the power that put this in being. Half of the city has been rifled, the women ravaged, half the city has fallen and past into captivity. The people that had lived in it, the residue--had to flee the city. You say--’it did?’ Sure it did. The Jewish conspiracy that built the U.N. invaded Palestine and ran the Arabs out of their homes, took half the city, ravaged both Protestants as well as Catholic theological people in their Convents and churches, murdered, raped.------This is the most vicious state that has been established in your time.

So now they want to move their ‘pet’ (the U.N.) down there for safe keeping. That is a good place to put it, because the LORD said:--’this is what I am going to do. I am going to drop that country into the sea, split it in half and throw half of it under the water.’ Read the book of Zachariah. Read the 14th chapter. You’ll see what the LORD has to say about this.

Someone says--I can’t accept this content of the scriptures inspired. I can’t believe in prophecy.’ Well, listen, my friend, a fool who would look at the chain of events would have to recognize the inspiration of the Bible.

This you have found over the last six or seven years. You can write what we have told you as it relates to the prophesies of this book has come to pass. And the developments are going just exactly like the Book said they would. And this is the only guide that can be absolutely right with Politicians that went along with Mr. Eisenhower found out that we were right and they wrong. And parties that thought they had to save the party first now find themselves finally coming to the realization that was a mistake. They should have saved America first.

Let me tell you this. God Almighty says it will go into the sea and into it, it must surely go. There is no doubt in my mind that we are facing one of the most strategic hours in history for the crash of Satan’s economy.

The attempt is so open--so brazen. To ignore the people, the whole license of power, to strengthen the conspiracy, to tie the hands of a nation. It’s so been that the nation is enraged as it demands action. Do you know we have a policy---we can be tricked, we can be in the process of having every great right, which we have, taken away from us slowly,--we can be faced with a plan that denies us our independence, and our right of representative government. You think this is not silly?

I am going to tell you this. I have no respect for men who have become the tools of those who would destroy our nation. And it is high time the ‘Church of Christ’ awakened to its responsibility of warning all men that those that serve this powers of Anti-Christ betray not only the Christian world, but betray the whole structure of our society.

One of the subjects we’re going to talk on next week here, is going to be the ‘Gospel of the Dead.’

Let me tell you there is something so deadening that is happening throughout the churches of America, throughout the nation and throughout the world, men better wake up to it. It’s preaching a gospel without Christ. It’s talking about God without an identity. I’ve never heard once, the President use the word Christ since he has been in office. In fact, one man said that he was told by Wynberg, to go down and join the Presbyterian Church and he would have more influence. That was the first time he had ben inside a church in years.

We’re not suggesting that the man knows less than any other man in Washington D.C. about what is going on. But the thing we are opposed to is the thing that represents the Executive leadership that is now in the hands that control, that would deny America the right to direct its own destiny. And that it could be done with honor.---That we are ashamed of the Berlin Conference.

We are ashamed of a deal that meets with Red China and then decides the fate of the world. We are ashamed that we would trust the devil when we have been warned that in the hour when men talk about his peace,---will come sudden destruction.

Into my hands was placed a report that came out of Provda. This is Tass, the official Russian news agency. They were telling the people of Soviet Russia that they must continue to expand every effort to increase their military strength on the far flung outpost all over the world that they were now holding. This is what they said:--’The hour will soon be ours. Our opposition is stretched all over the world. We will move all places at once.’

While in Washington, I talked to one great military man.---A man of experience and a man still associated with polity as far as the department he represented was concerned. I said:--’What do you think will happen?’ He said:--’I think that Russian will open up a new front, possibly the expansion of the Indo-Chinese war, possibly a struggle between Yugoslavia, Austria--in the south, towards the direction of Italy. But there will be a new front.’ Then he said:--’We will have to move our troops there.’

Now, strategically let me tell you this. Probably the ‘U.S. News’, last week, did you a great service in showing you where you stand because of the trick that has been played in your foreign policy. The end of W.W.II, you looked after the welfare of about 200 million people. By the end of the agreement that we were entered into and the completion of those agreements in 1949, by the time you had finished 1949--you were looking after the welfare or pledged to help the welfare of 312 million people. By the end of 1951, you were pledged to protect 479 million people. By the end of 1952, you were pledged to protect 563 million people. And now, you are pledged to protect 670 million people. An area that you have to cover in thousands and thousands or millions of square miles is almost beyond the scope you and I can see. So what we are faced with is that we have steadily and consistently in order to bare out our responsibility of weeding the nations against the forces that are secret enemies within and submitting power to, we have had to take on the obligation of holding the front lines everywhere.

Now think for a moment. This great nation of God’s Kingdom, there is no doubt of your ‘creative’ power being greater than all the rest of the Christian nations practically combined as fast as their present out-put is concerned. This nation now is scattered out from Indo-China, Korea, South Africa, Iceland, Greenland, the Arctic,----scattered out across the South and scattered across the North Africa, helping to hold the line, and in Greece and in Turkey. Supporting and building and engineering developments for the protection of the Arabs against the forces of Russia from the north. We are helping to build the lines of defense that would protect Scandinavia and we are stretched out until 160 million people are protecting half the earth.

So I said to this great military leader:--’What would happen if Russia attacks somewhere now? What do you think will happen?’ He said:--’I think she’ll start something maybe it’ll be in Italy. Then we’ll have to transfer some of our strength over there.’ He said:--’We’re so designed that we can move it to some other place in the world to whatever breaks out. Why they’ll hold the line temporarily, withdrawing until we can support it and win there, where ever we are. The only thing that helps do this is the great speed and fighting power of our Air Force.’

So I asked him this question:--’Suppose Russia strikes in about six places at once?’ Then he said:--’God only knows what will happen when we’re stretched too thin.’

So what I am telling you is ---a ‘Tass’ news agency report. And it said:--’Every effort must be made for this final sacrifice, for when we move to set the world pace, we will move everywhere at once.’

Know what that will be? That is Armageddon. Now you can’t take the army of 160 million people and put them everywhere at once. So that is the strategy.

Someone said:--’not even Russia can do that.’ Yes, they can. Because Russia has the Chinese fighting Indo-China. She has the Chinese and North Korea fighting in Korea. She has Communist hoards she has moved out of the Steppes infiltrating into Poland and into Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. She has at this very moment, scavengers scattered throughout Romania. She has Communist armies in Yugoslavia which have been silly and foolish, utterly emaciated intellect and necessary resistance. The policy of your government to arm Yugoslavia who all the time was Communist, now has gone back in the Communist orbit and is now going to be armies that Russia contemplates using against Austria which is one of her old enemies. And everywhere, the Jews will open up the offensive against the Arabs, against Egypt, to steal the________as they have already threatened to do. And they are creating a crisis there now. They have run the guns into Africa and the Mau Mau’s are ready to explode while Russian leaders are stirring a Red Revolution in Africa. You know what that world wide explosion means? It means Armageddon.

Let me show you something. India has been an explosion all week. Great riots, attacks on American Embassies, riots going on street after street. Remember what that sounds like?---1939. 1938 and 39, riots and explosions starting up and then the boom. This isn’t the first time.

Listen, Russia would not prematurely cut you off with Communist riots in India unless she was prepared to do so. So we are watching this strange enigma of all over--everywhere--sudden action.

America has a ‘5th Column’ as J. Edgar Hoover told us last Monday night,---on the inside, in industry, scattered out. Someone said--’is there any hope?’ Yes. The hope is that an awakening nation is going to have to repudiate all agreements that weaken both our security and the security of our allies. And then we’re going to have to take a realistic policy towards survival.

DeGaul goes back to France. He tells them that there is going to be peace now in the ‘Eight Year War’ in Indo-China. Because they are going to talk it all over in Geneva. Mr. Molotoff told him so.

You have sent men and planes to Indo-China,---I suppose to impose the ‘peace.’ Because my friends, that struggle is shifting. And Japan is one of the next targets of the Red invasion. So we have this picture.

Someone says:--what about the economy of the enemy?’ Because the enemy knows something. Because the men who have been manipulating the economy of the nations of the world both their conspiracies and thru their banking institutions, know something. They know that money itself is not wealth.

I listened to one of Americas great economists demonstrating all he knows about economy is hitched to economy that is not in the United State. He said you don’t have to worry about an enemy attack because they are broke,---that they don’t have any money. They are bankrupt.

But the enemy has learned that if you have got manpower and war materials, you’ve got finished production. That if you’ve got men, you’ve got armies. That if you’ve got groceries, you can march. Someone said--money,--you have to have money.’ Well, they can print that all day long. Someone said--well there is nothing to back it up.’ Certainly there is something to back it up. The Steppes, the Tundra, the tanks, the planes, are ll in their business. For their business is not to produce, but to take and redistribute.

Now America is in one of the strangest positions economically they have ever intended to take us into. I stood before one of the Administrators office of the man in charge of the entire military policy of the United States Government in your legislature. And I was discussing with him a return to a sound economy. Asking why we didn’t repudiate and just let die, all these reciprocal trade agreements which are said to be folly. They are about to die out unless this administration renews them which is giving signs they’re going to do. He said that we couldn’t do that because we need so many of these vital materials for defense. Well, we’ve got the vital materials right here at home and all we’ve got to do is develop them. And he said you mean subsidize American mines? You mean subsidize British mines and subsidize the mines of the Hottentots and you can subsidize the mines and the raw products of India and you subsidize them in Bolivia, you can subsidize them in the United States. ‘What do you mean by subsidizing?’ If you mean making sure that these good can be produced without bankruptcy, the only place we’re not doing it is in America.

I said, ’Isn’t it a strange thing, that we don’t have one sound moratory policy because we don’t even have a metal value, nor do we have a commodity value upon which it can be fixed.’ ‘Well,’ he said, ‘we have a silver standard.’

Now, the standard that we have, everything that we buy from a foreign power, we buy at a higher price then we redistribute it back to our consumer and charge the tax payer for purchasing it and while we did it, we shut down some American producer on the same commodity. This man said, ‘Dr. Swift, no body understands money.’ I said, ‘is that so?’ He said, ‘that’s right.’ Then I said, ‘Then what are you supposed to be in charge?’ He said, ‘Military policy.’ I said, ‘You know who first told the world that was the story to tell the Christians, the Gentiles, the Goyim? Mr. Rothchild and Shamier.---He said, (quote) You tell them, that no body understands money and then we’ll run it. He said give me the power to make money and distribute it in any country and I don’t care who makes the laws.’

I said, ‘That is just what is going on here. Mr. Morganthau understands money. Mr. Frankfurter understands money. Mr. Warburg understands money. Mr. Meyers understands money. The boys behind the world monetary magnet understand money. But they are just keeping you from getting your hands on it or restoring the function of a sound currency back to the hands of the Congress or the restoration of the economy that doesn’t work on interest and usury, that is in their hands instead of the hands of the people and based on production.

Do you realize how silly the situation is? The American miner produces gold. We’re not on a gold standard, but he can’t sell it for what he can get for it and a farmer cannot get any price he wants for his beans. The gold miner has to sell it to the Government for $35.00, Mr. Baruch buys it for $35.70, exports it to Europe and sells it for $70.00. Actually, he is distributing it to certain interests in Belgium for $48.00 and they sell it back to America for $70.00. That is so you wouldn’t run out, so they wouldn’t have something to export again. But you try to buy it, my friend, and export it and see if whether or not you can get a license. Your nose isn’t shaped right.

So here is the story. It is an economy of debt. They make you buy your own gold back because you got it priced so low that they can buy it, export it, but make you buy it back because you have to have it. Because half of the nations will not do business without it. That’s why they drew you off it to begin with. Somebody thought that was prophecy developing a great deliverance from earth.

Let me tell you something. There is no way to get out of the hands of this thing until we surrender America to this great truth. That is America must be Christian, that America must return its economy to a divinely Biblical standard, and must not surrender its economy into the hands of the enemy of civilization. And must not permit itself to do business on a Babylonian standard which means to create artificial scarcities at the expense of the consumer and the people of the earth.

Let me show you how foolish this is in actual crises. Behind Mr. Warburg and his ‘World Bank’, his investments in eleven nations, which he won’t have to pay income tax on---by the way,---because he keeps those outside of America. He controls dairy products, for one. Control of grain is in the hands of the Richburgs, who hold up the greatest grain producing cereal company in America in the great warehouse when they pulled the market in the depression which was artificial.

To show you how far fetching the plan goes, the farmer price is raised by their gradual increase in cost and everything else. The reason he cannot meet the price with the consumer, which he has to deal with-- because of another he has to deal with, which, my friends, is the Commission man. So the Commission man will only give him fourty or fourty-five cents for a pound of butter. But he has to get eighty cents. So the U.S. Government subsidizes the difference. The commission man gets it. By the time you get it, it’s al a price you can hardly afford to pay, after they take all they can take from you in taxes. But the amount they have bought to withdraw it from the market, in order that they might hold the price up and put it in warehouses until it is rancid, has been charged to you 100%. But the reason why this is?---Because we have imported from Holland and Scandinavia, millions of pounds of butter. Because we had a trade agreement with them. And if we didn’t do that, they wouldn’t buy our radios, which they can produce anyhow. But this is because of reciprocal trade. Because everytime it makes an exchange, the World Monetary Bank makes 7% and Mr. Warburg makes 3%.

Argentina is a great natural beef raising country in its Pampas. That is a good thing. The world needs beef. There isn’t nearly enough beef produced to satisfy the hunger needs of the world. But America also has a great beef industry. Across the great plains of Wyoming and Montana and across Texas---across our great nation, we can produce all the beef America can consume.

Now the last thing America should be importing is beef. But the enemy knows this and in order to break the great productive power of the nation, they can’t bankrupt---because beef will breed and grass will grow. And the enemy wants to destroy you and wants to take over your society, but it can’t do it. Because you’re just naturally strong. Because beef grows, grass grows and people eat beef.

So they said---we’ll destroy your industry. So they make an agreement. They say---we sill enter a new agreement with you and we will import from Argentina, millions and millions of tons of beef. But Europe needs beef. England needs beef. And Europe wants Argentina beef. But we are buying Argentina beef. We’re bringing it into the U.S. and we did it at the cost to the U.S. Government of a tremendous amount of money which is charged to you in taxes. Then when we brought it in, we had more beef than we normally do, so we put this on the market in the hands of the consumers at a lower cost than the same Commission man could buy beef in America. So the beef price fell. So then American beef raisers were faced with a crisis. They couldn’t get a price for their beef and they were afraid they were going to be stuck with it. And they started to sell their beef. The Commission man bought it up and the big herds went bankrupt. And the little farmer was going bankrupt. And everybody who was in the beef business was going bankrupt. But who was taking over the papers? Chase Manhattan Bank was buying it up. Who is Chase Manhattan Bank? Mr. Warburg and Company.

You might be interested to know ‘Booth,’ who shot Lincoln, was a Warburg too. He changed his name. They haven’t started that just lately---they did it a long time ago--this name changing business. One of the reasons for Lincoln’s death was because Lincoln had decided to create ‘script’ to pay off Americas dept instead of borrowing it from the Warburgs.

The picture is a long one. But is still the picture of a long conspiracy. They think their monetary fund is the answer. They think their sect of exchange is the answer to bankrupting American industry. They would like to import into America, all the shoes that Americans are going to wear next year. And those agreements would already be made by now with Czechoslovakia, if Czechoslovakia wasn’t in the hands of Soviet Russia. But the State Department wishes to get the agreement with Russia where by they can resume trade with these countries and flood your country with the final point to break your back. While they talk about eliminating recession, they want to flood America with the goods which would come thru Russian trade and you would gain nothing. They say--oh, America is gaining in production.’ She wouldn’t gain production.

You say---what’s this got to do with prophecy?’ God has a plan for the economy. He didn’t say you had to work six days a week. He said you only had to produce the things you needed.

If America could produce all the shoes it could wear, all the automobiles it wants, all the necessary conveniences for its civilization, if it can produce those goods, that is consumes and meet the market of those that wish to buy its goods from without, and pay for them, and do it in three days a week, all America needs to do is see that the purchasing power is in the hands of its people to buy the things that it wants.

America hasn’t learned to explore handling the control of the economy to itself yet, because the functionaries that have been controling money have been operating on the policy that the scarcity of money makes it valuable.

Let me tell you this. There is a sound program for economy in this Book. It calls for illiminating the hands of the enemy that this hour conspires to destroy your society from the control of your commodities and raw materials and your money.

We tell you, great men are thinking on this. We talked to economists in Washington. Do you know who one of the great economist is in America today? Senator Prichard. He is one of the greatest economist in Washington. He is one of the great money economist. He is one of the great voices against usury. He said America should never borrow money from Jewish banks---or we might say International Banks---but it’s all the same. America should never borrow money from any of these banks and pay interest on bonds. He said, ‘because we have to print the money we loan them to loan back to us. So all we have to do is print the money and guarantee that money on the production that has to guarantee it anyhow.’ He said, ‘America’s bills from the last war would be just one-half of what they are, if we had not negotiated thru a commissioned third party which was not necessary and gained absolutely nothing for it, but an increase in our burden and our debt.’

Someone said--well, if they’re working so well on the economic level, then why are they resorting to the military level?’ Because they still have not been able to stop the rain, the grass and the cattle. They still don’t know how to stop America’s blessings, its initiative, and creative genius. So they are trying to saddle you now with the redistribution of the wealth of the world.

I’ve talked to a number of business men the last few days. Tonight is the first time Mr. Eisenhower admits he has got a recession. He says he is laying plans in Palm Springs, to meet the recession. There is a recession on. Businessmen have been doing about 40% less business in the last few weeks than they have had since the days of the depression. The theater owner will tell you, he is down 15 to 20% of the former attendance. All sorts of centers of amusement, as well as centers of relaxation everywhere--beaches, and mountain resorts are off this year, until there is practically no surplus money being spent on these. Shoes stores, and clothing stores which are a must, are citing that their sales are down to an absolute minimum, right now. And it falls into the rough school wear and work wear category.

Now, someone says--’what’s the reason for it?’ The reason is that taxes are actually ---as it relates to the cost of living---are higher than they have ever been in the history of a nation. And the surplus is being sapped out of it. That is the reason why.

The result is--that added to the whole increasing costs and conspiracy that is involved in this pattern, they are seeking to create a scarcity of purchasing power. And control the entire flow of commodities and goods.

Now there will be a release just before election. There is going to be a release in some credit money---------------tape ran out.