False Messiah - Where Will He Come From?, 5-6-62



By Dr. Wesley A. Swift  - 5-6-62

Tonight we are discussing a subject which might be of some interest to some and foreign to some. And yet of some interest to others who might have heard or seen something which has been developing in the earth thru out the last few weeks and months as far as the discussion is concerned, in areas that are diametrically opposed to the whole structure of our Christian society. There is a rumor afoot, and it is traveling fast in the Ghettos of the world. And this rumor tells us that the world is soon going to have the opportunity of seeing a Jewish Messiah, who is about to reveal himself and has behind him, the enthusiastic support of a great number of Talmudic Jews thru out the world.

Now, this may seem to be a strange thing. But remember the words of Jesus in the 6th chapter of John,--when declaring His own identity before the great number of people who were gathered around Him in Jerusalem. He said:--’I have come in the name of YAHWEH.’ It is translated ‘I have come in the Father’s name, and you received me not. ‘When another comes in his own name, him you will receive.’ In fact, on four separate occasions the Sanhedrin points out that Christ pointed out that the people who consisted of Jewry and who repudiated the recognition of HIM as Messiah--and would not accept the fact that He was the revelation of Deity. And as such was conscious Deity.--That they would turn around and accept one who they would raise up and empower, and declare that he was himself deity. Jesus said that when they do this it would have been better for that generation if those people had not been born. For this generation shall produce great evil. And upon it will come the great judgements. I would then be better for that people in that hour if they had not existed, for their lot shall be even worse than the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, or even in the days of Nineveh. For Nineveh would have cried out against this people who would not recognize the Incarnate revelation of Deity.

So we discover that the Aramaic as well as the Alexandrian text point out these things which marks this discussion. As Christ turned to the Jews, here in Jerusalem, whom He had clearly identified as not being Israel at all---but who with their false proclamation that they were Israel--protesting all the things which Christ in His ministry was preaching---on the grounds that it was not Biblical or Scriptural, and Jesus identified these people as clearly not being the Israel of the Bible. He pointed out the fact that they were not the seed of Abraham. For if they had been of the seed of Abraham, they would have received HIM.---’I know ye claim to be of the seed of Abraham’ --said Jesus, ‘but if you had been the seed of Abraham, you would have received me.’

Then Jesus pointed out quite clearly in Matthew as he records who they were--and He says:--’Ye are guilty of all the blood of the righteous slain from Abel to Zacharias the son of Barchais killed between the horns of the Altar.’ When they protested from time to time, then Jesus identified them as to who they were.

In the teachings of the scripture, then Jesus identified these people now called Jews, who were then in Jerusalem, as Cainanites. The offspring of a Luciferian violation of Divine Law. Therefore referring to them as Cainanites, the generations of Cain. And by this He raised some of their anger. But they were not too much disturbed by the fact that He knew who they were and tied them to the symbols of the Serpent and the Dragon, as much as they were disturbed when He exposed them to the people and their strategy and plot weakened. And their great fear then showed as their High Priest said:--’If we don’t kill this man, we will lose control of this nation. For HE will gather the Children of God scattered abroad.’---This would of course have ended their political power and their influence. And they were afraid that the Kingdom would be established.

Here just before Easter, as we review these things, it is a clearly established Biblical truth that when you go back and follow thru the prophecies of the Old Testament, it is quite clear that it is from a Biblical foundation where as God is establishing His Kingdom in the earth. And that Kingdom is to rule from one end of the earth to the other. The prophet Isaiah, whose prophecies concerning the birth of Christ, which are so important, tells us that:--’A Virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and you shall call His name Immanuel.’--meaning ‘our God with us.’ The words again which have been so important are found in the 9th chapter of Isaiah:--’For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given and the government shall be upon His shoulders, and He shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, and declared to be the Mighty God--the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.’ All of these things are found in the declaration of the prophecies of Isaiah. Then Isaiah tells us of the birth of His incarnate revelation as Deity. That He shall sit upon His throne, the throne of David and He shall establish that throne forever and of the increase of this government there shall be no end.

Now, this is an absolute Biblical founded assurance that has been proceeded by a great number of declarations upon the part of God--to your race, thru out the time of the Patriarchs and the Prophets, of the eventual coming of His own embodied form. That He would visit His children, that He would accomplish the purpose which Messiah was supposed to do. And He would establish His Kingdom in the midst of the earth forever.

Now, what they did not understand, and the Apostle Paul was one of this great number,--was that there was a two-fold process in this work which God was going to do while embodied here among men. One of them---the first as Messiah, was to establish for them a consummate atonement. He would assume upon Himself as God--and this He would have to be to fulfill His responsibility,--the assumption of their guilt and all of the error which they had committed in this environment into which they had been thrust. Having consummated such an atonement, He would set them free, lift from them for all times, the guilt complex, and establish them as a people with the vision to carry out the objectives of His purpose.

Now, this was the prophecy that related to your race. This was known in the early hours and was understood by Enoch. These were things which were told to Enoch, along with many others, when he was in that heavenly trip, in the voyages which he took. And when he returns to earth, he incorporates this in the Mysteries and the Secrets which he wrote as ‘The Pillars of Enoch.’ He incorporated them in the Great Wisdom which he set forth while he was one of the co-builders of the Great City of On, and in the Great Universities which were established there for those Schools of Wisdom which your race preserved in Egypt and to our time. One of the great things about Enoch and Job in the days when they established these University Schools, was this wisdom they had received from God, and from the blueprints they had concerning His plan. If you were to study the references in the book of Enoch, and as you were to find them even here in the book of Jude, it tells you that Jude anticipated and wrote that Enoch had reported even previously that none other than the Messiah--Christ--or God Himself, would appear with ten thousand in command of His legions, in the hour of His coming to establish the power of Righteousness in the earth.

If you go to the book of Jude and you discover this quotation of the book of Enoch, and you say--but where do we find this? Then go back to the writings of Enoch, and you will find that Enoch will declare that one of the things which was told to him in the heavens was that God would be embodied among men. And that this would be one of the great days in earth. And there would follow thereafter, a period in which He would leave the earth. But in leaving the earth, He would have stimulated the awakening of His sons to challenge the people of earth. And to start the reconstruction of the assembling the nations of His Kingdom.

In the climax of this great struggle which was to come the powers of darkness. And the forces of evil would seek to overthrow the nations of God’s Kingdom. Enoch tells of how they would enter into the nations of the Kingdom. They would ‘5th Column’ their way in and seek to enter into--the religious centers, into the very life of the people. They would even seek to enter in as instructors of the children of God. They will come in proclaiming that some things are special which do not belong to them and in which they have no part or lot. Thus Enoch understood that one of the Great catastrophes of time would be an attempt upon the part of the powers of darkness to ‘fifth column’ their way, altho this is not used as such. But they would come in proclaiming themselves as strangers and then--turn and proclaim themselves as the Chosen People. While they fought with every strategy to uproot and destroy the structure of the Kingdom, they would seek to spread evil and do violence to the truth.

Now, Enoch understood this. And he also understood that having ‘fifth columned’ their way in, they would seek thru previous experiences prior to the climactic event, they would seek to bring strangers---hoards in who were not of the race from which the Kingdom was built. And they would come in and open the door and gates of the cities to these strangers. And this strategy is what Enoch describes as being told to him.

In the midst of this assault, when the powers of darkness were going to be hurled against the children of God, and against the nations of which you were a part, that there would be a mighty intervention at that time. And that time of trouble would see again the appearance of the embodiment of God who had dwelt with men of His own household before. And had called forth with His message of Light and Life and Atonement, and with His final Resurrection, the Mighty Power of HIS Messianic ministry.

Enoch makes this declaration then that this Messiah who would come would consummate the liberation of His people. And then return with power and there would be thousands upon thousands with Him. It says here in the book of Jude--- Enoch, also the seventh from Adam, did prophesy of these saying that --’Behold the LORD cometh with ten thousand of His Saints (of believing offspring) in judgement.’ In the writings of ancient Enoch, he said that HE would come with ten thousand of these commanders of the fleets of space and the mighty hosts of heaven. This then is a part of the Messianic expectation that goes back to the days of Enoch.

Now, we know that back in the days of Adam and in the days of Seth, his son, it was understood that God was going to enter into human affairs, identify Himself with His race, which race He did reconfirm thru the seed of Seth, and with the household of Adam, from the time of the birth of Seth onward. Thus it was that the oldest Patriarchs of the race knew that they were not only the children of God--His offspring--but they also had a direct relationship to God’s plan. And that this plan, God’s plan for the earth called for the establishing of His Kingdom. For the ruling over the people of earth with righteousness and authority but with power. Also it was to denote that by all the expectations of the Patriarch from the things that are declared in the book of Revelations and other experiences that in the hours of great conflict, that the hosts of heaven would be led by Michael the Archangel. And Daniel the prophet who prophesied according to the end of the age and in the time of the problems of our times, that in the most turbulent periods of our history, one of the greatest challenges to our survival takes place. That in such a time, Michael the Prince shall stand up and again he shall fight for God’s people as he fought for us afore time.

Now, there are those who will say--when did Michael the Archangel fight for us afore time? And they will have to come to the realization that these who are of God’s Kingdom then existed with the Father in the dimensions of the heavens, and in the far out outposts of space ages before they dwelt here in bodies of the Adamic race in the earth. It is also quite evident that this is the only time that Michael has ever fought aforetime. And that the people that Michael fought for were the children of YAHWEH or the people of the MOST HIGH GOD, and for the KINGDOM OF GOD in all of its ramifications.

The time when Lucifer rebelled and as an Archangel sought to raise his power, and to gather behind him people of the Milky Way System, against the program of the MOST HIGH GOD, we are told that it was then that Michael the Prince stood up and defeated Lucifer under the direction of the authority GOD had given him. And the broken and defeated powers of Lucifer were driven to earth. In the 12th book of Revelation, again you have the story of that battle, and how the Archangel Michael fought and defeated at that time this rebellious Archangel named Lucifer. And how Lucifer then was earth bound. And here he started the ancient subversion of the races of people, thru mongrelization and catastrophe that overwhelmed the earth in the millenniums which proceeded Time and the catastrophes which proceeded even your race.

As we talk about the books of the scriptures, we start out with the history of the Adamic race. A very small premise is in the Bible concerning the people before this. In fact, of the earlier creations, we are told that they were created male and female--’God created them.’ This existed, as told in scriptures before the seventh day and the sixth day, or the cycles of Time. That this existed--male and female upon the earth--and they had increased upon the face of the earth. When you come to the seventh day, in the book of Genesis, you will remember that in the seventh day, in the book of Genesis, you will remember that in the seventh day, God is resting. And He says--oh, there is no man down here on the face of the earth to take care of the garden. The word here for man is Adam. There was no white man. No man with agriculture experience. No man with technology. Therefore I shall put my Audaum--Bara--and God begat unto Himself, Adaum, or man who was the Issue of, or offspring of God. Both ‘Bara’ and ‘Yatsar’ are translated as created. But the creations had proceeded this. And Lucifer had mutated it with his rebellion. And now god steps into the affairs of earth, and that is why the white man’s history reaches back 7400 plus years. But we have thousands upon thousands of years before this in the history of other races. Radio Carbon reveals this and demonstrates that this is true. Archaeological evidence takes this from the great demonstrations of time and antiquity. In China and Africa as well, from ‘Chicken Bone Hill’--one of the oldest spots for unearthing Chinamen, wherein we can produce Chinamen back 12,000 or 14,000 years ago who lived then in the earth. You can go to Dragon Bone Hill, which is not far from Peking, and there we find the antiquities of radio carbon showing that Asiatics lived there for 30,000 years ago, but no stones, no fossils, no skulls show anything like the white man. Thus we are faced with the fact that Archaeology and Paleontology when searched thru, bring us an affinity to the Bible account, that these people who existed on the earth at that time were not white man. And the oldest artifact, and the oldest trace of fossils and evidence of the white men date him to about 7400 years where he would be in proper chronology. That your Bible says 4004 B.C. for the date of Adam, and just because it was taken our of the Massaratic text, which was abused by Jewry---when they took 1400 years out of the King line in order to make the prophecy of Christ’s birth come out wrong. They did this after His birth. And they did this in order to try to throw off the stated base of the chronology of prophecy, which had existed concerning the coming of Messiah.

Now, significantly, in the antiquity of men, you will remember this and hold it clearly in mind, concerning your race. Because when God begat the Adamic race, remember, that He begat Adam. And He formed Eve out of Adam. And this was a seventh day creation. And He put him in charge of the area He had prepared for him. But you go back in the book of genesis and I don’t care if you use the King James Version, or the Douay Version, no matter what version you use and this is still the same story. Male and female had already been created. But when God begat Adam, He formed Eve out of the flesh of Adam. And this my friends, is a distinct process. A separate preparation being described here in the book of Genesis. But most people don’t know the difference.

Of course, those who are doing the mongrelizing of our time, and are seeking to destroy our race, would like to tell us that everybody emerged from one common origin. And all therefore, can mingle together and go back into a common origin, and this would cause no harm. But everything in the scriptures has warned us against this propaganda, and this vicious strategy which has always been Luciferian---mongrelizing and destroying the race of God’s household in order to stop the building of their Kingdom and their expanse, their vision, their technology and their civilization.

Now, it is true that the Bible taught that there would be a Messiah. And we use the word Messiah because it belongs back in the ancient Hebrew and the ancient foundations of your race. The Greek word for Messiah---is Christ---meaning the embodiment of God within a human body. In fact, the word Christ comes from the Greek word ‘A Zeus, or the most powerful God, the Savior God, embodied as Christ. So the original word Jesus Christ is not the original text word for the name of Christ at all. For HE came in the name of the Eternal Father--which was YAHWEH. And when coming as YAHWEH--HE IS YAHSHUA or GOD THE SAVIOR. Now, Jesus came in that name. He was known in that name. And the Angel Gabriel told the Virgin Mary that she was to have a child and they were to call His name YAHSHUA for HE was to save HIS people from their sins. More than that, He shall fulfill the prophecy and shall sit upon the throne that was the foundation and a part of the opening of the New Testament.

Now this was prophesied in the Old Testament. There was not a prophet who did not proclaim this. And it is then important for you to know that not one prophet in the Old Testament is a Jew. Nor is there one character --of greatness--coming down from Adam, or on down from Abraham to the closing of the book of Malachi--that is a Jew. Moses was not a Jew. Nor was any of the leaders of the race of Israel--Jews. Nor did the Jews claim their names by usurpation, to try to take over their identity to their own particular conspiracy with the background of the prophecy of HIS people until after the fall of Babylon. It is true that they tried various shenanagins to try to get into the Kingdom of God. They claimed relationships to the Kings of Israel, to Judah. They claimed they had by marriage certain rights. And whenever there was a violation of Divine Law and a King of Israel or anyone else of God’s Kingdom with power, married outside of the race, then generally these people were pointed out as --Outlanders. Their wives could not enter into the Temple or the centers of divine worship. Nor could they participate in positions of leadership. If they were kings and already appointed to the throne, none of their families who were the results of the violation of Divine Law were permitted into the Temple, or the seat of worship. And this held true for Solomon who was the most powerful potentate in the earth.

The fact remains that the law had so forbidden these lapses of mongrelization, and violations of Divine Law, that it was for the preservation of racial purity and spiritual law.

When we spoke to you this afternoon about the spiritual manifestation of the sons of God, we told you that one of the great spiritual inheritances of your race was that capacity and in that peculiar way that God had constructed that spiritual house that you dwell in, and that spiritual being having been begotten by His own spirit and in His own image, that you have inherited all of the thoughts and all of the experiences of your race back to Adam, that particular branch of the family tree from which you have come. These Nasson Electrons have been stored up in the Chromosome and are passed down to form in the embryo, and part of the history of the background of your race is stored int he brain of each tiny child born into your race. Thus you have your spiritual remembrance, and it is your inheritance, a part of your culture. And that is why the scripture says that this is the spirit that the ‘world order’ around about you cannot receive (John 14). But which can bring to you the knowledge of God. Can bring all things to your remembrance that relates to the background of your race.

Now, there is behind the background of a Chinaman, many thousands of years, of their serving of strange and pagan gods, and the worshiping of devils, and the background of their times thru the events thru which they have passed. This is tied into the rebellion of Lucifer. And the acceptance of earth of the symbols of the Dragon and the Serpent in ages past--this is a part of the background of their culture. They have no way to form the same concept that you form, nor do they think upon these things.

When you are dealing with the Negro you are dealing with a race which had very little to go on in thinking of background, or concerning to anything which relates to spiritual form. They first came into the earth in the hours of Lucifer’s rebellion. And they first came in on some of the crafts which were fighting in Lucifer’s regiment. And then became earth bound some 73,000 years ago. There is no history to speak of concerning the Negro much beyond those fossils found in the caves of Kilimanjaro and along the lime pits of the Lake Tanzanika. Here we find the evidence of Negro fossils. And we don’t go back further and find them at all. Altho in Africa alone, we can find thousands of years of testimony of pre-existent Turanians, or Asiatics who even dwelt clear to the southern tip of Africa.

In ages of yesterday, going back over millions of years, in stratum formations showing replacement, showing the antiquity of men and of form, all of these are important to you when you study the facts which surround the origin of men and of races and the problems before us tonight. When we look out over the world, we see a lot of people, many of them are mutations. Many of them are the results of the violation of Divine Law. But your race came in --with the capacity in their thinking to think the thoughts of God, and see the vision that moves in the mind of the MOST HIGH GOD. These ideas that you will discover, as you research into any phase of investigation will develop into knowledge and expanding thought and tremendous expanding vision.

If you do not believe that God is the answer for this, then you will have to explain why it is that all the leadership of the world is in the hands of the White Christian nations. That today, the other capacities as to the making of the weapons of war on the part of our enemies is the results of their stealing our secrets, of their nuclear spies, and their captured German scientists whom they compelled to work with them in the areas of rocketry. If you were to suddenly to remove the influence of the white race from the earth, they would go retrograde. And there would be no technological developments for them in the millenniums which are ahead. I can also point out for you, that this is a self-evident pattern concerning the technological ability and initiative in their relationship to earth and the other things concerning the superiority of a people. One cannot say that this is only a matter of environment, as the sociologists like to say, and therefore the rest of the world did not have the environment that you had to develop in. If this is the way that the sociologists want to put it, then they will have to admit that you came in from a better environment. And if it is your environment, then your background of dwelling in the dimensions of spirit and in the plains of heaven, and in the fulfillment of those things covered, as Jesus said:--’No man can ascend unto the heavens but they who came down out of it.’ Then He talked matter of fact, about the world above as well as this one.

When we understand the purposes of God as the Bible outlines it, therefore this is scripture tradition. This is scripture culture and these are:--’Thus saith the LORD’ --as it has been unveiled to your race thru the Patriarchs and the Prophets. It is the will of your Father, the Creator of the Universe, that the world be put in perfect order, thru the administration of His Kingdom. Therefore that Messianic promise and the development of the earth, with God Himself, even participating in those events, is a part of your destiny.

Now, under the political strategies of the powers of darkness, they sought to capture and proclaim themselves the ‘Chose People of God.’ The strategy being that now Satan’s own children, with their patterns throughout many nations, behind the patterns of false religions, and influencing almost every pagan superstition upon the face of the earth, decided that they would move into the theology of your race. They would claim themselves to be the inheriting heirs, relatives of all the Patriarchs of your race. In fact, they were so going to utilize the periods of captivity, and the battles which had been waged against your race would have caused a break in the continuity of the line of the administration of the sovereignty of your nations, to seek to absorb you among the nations of the world, and therefore lose your identity.

They had very cleverly designed for themselves that they were the people of this book. But I tell you tonight, that there is not one shred of evidence which can be produced by the Jews--that the Jews are the people of this book when they identify themselves with the Israel, of the people of God. The word being even older than the word Abraham and the placing of the name upon the grandson of Jacob. Remember that the word Israel meant ‘Rulers with God.’ And the words ‘Ruler with God,’ like the word Santest, means ‘believing offspring’ of the MOST HIGH GOD.

Now, one of the things which was done in the periods of the occupation of Palestine, when Judah and Benjamin properly returned, having received permission from the Medo-Persians to do this and started the reconstruction of the ancient city of Jerusalem---a mixed multitude of these people---call them Jews, call them kikes, anything you want to--but they are the same people, they were on the Isle of Pergamos,---were scattered everywhere with their mysterious Kehilla, all over the world and they now joined themselves to Judah and Benjamin and proclaimed that they also were a part of the descendants of Abraham.

Now, actually they were strange descendants. Because they had different colors and they came from different groupings. And they had different characteristics about them. But is was known at that time that they were a mixed multitude and they did not belong to the racial pure stock and line of the race of which you were a part. Every once in a while, we hear someone telling us that the Anglo-Saxon is no longer a pure society. That this line is now mongrelized. Well, unfortunately on the streets of our cities, we see some evidence of this mongrelization. But throughout all courses of time that mongrelization meant the ensuing of only the individual that violated that law. In fact down thru the course of history, nobody considered anybody anything but white trash of the lowest order, that mixed their race line with Negroes or Asiatics. Today every intelligent son or daughter of your race should still consider as white trash and beneath your association, those that mix their race and chose to blot it.

Now, under the patterns of Divine Law, the ensuing of this Divine Law meant that they intelligently deported out of their society and out of their nation the results of this violation of Divine Law. When spiritual power waxed warm enough as it did in the days of Ezra, they would deport out of the nation, out of Israel, any of these mongrels and any of their mothers who had been brought in under any violation of law of this kind. The declaration being that you must preserve the Holy Seed.

Now, we significantly recognize that the people we call Jews today, Jesus called them Jews also---the word was Yehudim. They thought that they were going to usurp the whole position. And so take over the Priesthood by their chicanery, that they would fool people for all times. And they would proclaim themselves the people of Israel. Transplant themselves as a motivating force in the white race, while at the same time their brethren were ruling Buddhism in China and they were promoting the worship of Vishnu, Siva, and Kali in India. And today those who dominate the witch doctors of Africa, are still of this same sect of unassimilatable Priesthood that reaches back into the ancient darkness of the Luciferian household.

Now, the significant thing is that having taken over the Temple in the days of Jesus--you had Cainanites in control of the Temple. Jesus pointed out the great evil of these people, and also pointed out that the day would come when they would no longer be in power. He said if His people had the faith of a grain of mustard seed, they would say to the mountain--get into the sea--and it would be so. Jesus pointed out that they assumed the emblem of the Fig tree. And everywhere throughout the world, the Priesthoods of every pagan religion identifies the fig leaf on the friezes of their temples and all of them are Jewish dominated. This goes for Buddhism. This goes for the great temples of India of Vishnu, Siva, and Kali, and everywhere they have fig leaves interwoven. This one of the reasons why you also hear them referred to as the ‘fig.’ Jesus used the Parable to refer to this as He said:--’When you see the untimely budding of the fig tree, and the fig tree is casting forth its leaves, then you know that summer is nigh.’ This has been identified by the church and a great number of people who do not understand, as Jews going to Palestine. Then they say---’see the fig tree is budding again.’ This is one thing that they seem to have straight--the fig tree represents the Jews. It represents them completely. But do not think that is the sign of Israel. For Israel is the Olive Tree. All thru the scripture you will find that the House of Israel, the seed of Abraham, is referred to as the Olive Tree. On the seal of the United States, there is the Olive Tree. On the seal of Britain is the Olive Branch woven in. On the seal of every nation of the white race is found the Olive Branch. Wherever Jews go, you will find the fig leaf. And this symbol of the ‘fig leaf’ belong there. And with that fig leaf they have taken the two crossed pyramids, or what is known as the symbol of David, which goes back to the days of Enoch and Job, the pyramid building upwards to God, and with God the Chief Corner Stone, and then the Kingdom of God crossing and building down to Adam man. Thus the two pyramids crossing one another form what is known as the six pointed star.---not interwoven or interlaced made out of a serpent.

Now, we point this out to you that everywhere that some symbol existed--they captured it and then changed it and identified it with themselves. They knew they were the children of the serpent. And they know it today. Go down here on Beverly Street (in L.A.) And take a look at the picture on the window down there. You will see that those stars are made out of snakes. And that is just the way that it should be. They should have to wear one on their arms when they go down the street.

Now that is not original. Whereas the snake part is identified with them. It was Martin Luther who after 20 years of watching these people, and experiencing how they were the men who opened the gates at night and let the hoards of Asia, the last of the descendants of Genghis Khan who was long since dead, let those hoards into the cities, as these descendants of Genghis Khan were still troubling Europe as they swept across the Danube, and hurled themselves against the gates of Vienna. They were attacking at the Citadels of German cities until virtually every city in Europe had to be fortified. But who was it that sneaked out and let the hoards in? The Jews would sneak out at night and let the Vandals in. And when these hoards from the Steppes of Asia divided up with the Jews before they went out of the city. But every Jew wore a ‘yellow arm band’. And that ‘yellow arm band’ identified him. And as the Asiatics came in, they did not touch anyone who wore a yellow arm band. So when these hoards came in and gathered up the loot of a town, they did not touch anyone who wore the ‘yellow arm band.’ So Martin Luther said they should have to wear it all the time. And we should not let anyone come into the church, but recognize these children of evil for what they are. For they are inconvertible. And they represent a menace to Christian society.---Thus said Martin Luther at all times.

In fact, I was reading some of the things that Martin Luther said. A book has just been published entitled ‘Jews in a Gentile World.’ And this book tells of all the things that the people have said about them. And you know--if they were real smart, they would not publish a book like that, for all the things in that book are true. In fact. That is true. You may disagree with certain things of the German State, but when you read Martin Luther, and then read the book of the devils, they read exactly alike. Exactly. So if there was anything wrong with Mr. Goebbels, then he got it in church.

I am going to tell you that one of the great problems we have here in America would be threatened in church if they just preached---’Thus saith the LORD.’

Therefore, when the Messiah did come, when He was born according to prophecy; when He fulfilled the great destiny which God Himself; proclaimed that He Himself would fulfill; when He made the miracles of the heavens to record it, when He sent His own special vessel to go before the Wise men, so that they might see the light and know the way---when these things happened,--then organized Jewry--using Herod--tried to kill Him at this birth. During His ministry, as He grew up, protected by the Omniscience of His own being, they opposed and despised Him. But they did not make up all the people that dwelt in Palestine. They were only a part of the people in Judea at that time. The book of John tells us that the people gathered in the marketplace, but no one dared speak openly of Jesus, for fear of the Jews. That should make it quite obvious that these were not Jews. Or they would not have been afraid of them. Now would they? The fact is that the Jews made a marked difference between the people of Galilee. And Jesus made it quite clear in the 6th chapter of John concerning the fact that He had chosen 12 disciples and one of them was a devil. We read here in the 6th chapter of John, the words of Jesus. He said to John in His own words:--’It is time that ye know the truth, (if you want to know where the missing money goes, if you want to know what the trouble is, if you want to know who the 5th column is and who is evil)--I have chosen you 12 and one of you is a devil.’

I am going to make this statement flat tonight, that all Jews are devils by origin. For they came from Lucifer who became a devil by his rebellion against God. And any of his offspring and any of the offspring who fell with him, fall into this category. Now, you may say---’I don’t like that.’--Well, I don’t like them either. Then someone said:--’But you should love the devil.’- But I don’t have to love the devil. Not now. He will have to drop his devilish nature and do a lot of changing before I have any love for the devil. But he is my Father’s devil. And He will make him obey in His time. You can be sure of that. In the meantime, He sent me and you down here to put down the devil and stop the influence of his voice. So therefore, Jesus said to His disciples:--’I have chosen you twelve and one of you is a devil.’ He controlled the money bag and he was Judas of Iscariot and he was a devil.

Now, we read that immediately, Jesus had to go down into Galilee. He could not walk among Jewry because the Jews sought to kill him. He had to walk in Galilee because He had identified this Judas of Iscariot, their ‘OGPU’ agent.

Now, the people of Galilee were obviously not Jews. And because of this, then Jesus could go into Galilee for safety. But if He had stayed in Judea, He had to keep disappearing all the time. For they were trying to kill Him. You are told this in the 6th chapter of John.

You say--why didn’t my preacher read about this in church?--Because he only reads what they tell him to read. Only the text they told him to read. And he read the other and never say it. You know, it is surprising how the people can go right thru the pages of a book and only see the things that people tell them to see.

In this instance, here is the story. Here are the facts and the things which related to it.At the same time, Jesus had proclaimed Himself as the Revelation of the Fullness of God. That He was the Messiah.---’Ye who have seen Me hath seen the Father.--I and the Father are One.’ Then He tells His disciples about His purposes, as His enemies gather against Him, as He unveils His relationship to the future. He tells those who are crying out for His blood, that the day will come when they will see Him coming out of the heavens with power and great Glory. They will see HIM assume control of the nations. And He will turn to the white Christian world, the race which He begat and set above all the people of the earth, and He will say:--’Receive this Kingdom prepared for you before the foundation of the world.’ Significantly to rule over the rest of the earth, and bring in law and order.

Yes.---Someone said:---but did Christ have the position of, as in the declaration of He being Messiah?-- Yes, He knew that He was embodied God. He said:--’I will tell you a mystery.--How is it that you say that the Messiah shall sit upon the throne of David---and David called Him Father?--How is it that you say David’s son is going to take the throne and yet David calls Him Father? This is the mystery.--For this Messiah whom David called Father, and sits upon the throne of father David, still sits upon the throne that rules the heavens and the earth.

In the writings of the older discussions concerning the church, we have the writings of Polycarp--, and Clement in which there are great narratives and volume after volume which I would like to find in my library today. The number of books what were written, taking down all the things that Jesus ever said. Did you ever stop to think that Jesus, for three years of His life during His ministry, talked and talked and traveled earlier to Britain from Palestine on the ships of Joseph of Arimathea, taught in London, in the Druid Universities, and helped to build the Wattle Church at Glastonbury, then reentered Palestine, as the records of Rome in the customs office record in Palestine, and all this time, Jesus talked, and instructed---with knowledge of the heavens and the knowledge of the Creator of the Universe.

I am going to site to you that here in the four Gospels, we only have a few collections of the things that Jesus said, written by about 40 followers of Jesus the Christ. But a multitude of things that Jesus said, and revelations in that ministry, that you and I don’t have. Because we don’t have all those writings and books. If all the things that Jesus had done were put into the scriptures, the Bible tells that even the world would not be able to contain them. That is easy to understand. Because this is a book of beginning and in never has an end. But the fact of the matter is that we are interested in our relationship as a Divine Race. As a race which God placed in earth to master evil and to rule. And we are interested in our responsibilities to this.

Now, the Messiah came. And He was not our Father Incarnate in human form. More than this, in that Messianic destiny, was first, to take away from us this fear and darkness, to throw out all fears, and to set us absolutely free. Christ in His own ministry, and in His own life proved that death had no power over the spirit and over the consciousness of man. Proved that it could not even hold the consciousness in the grave when HE willed it otherwise. Demonstrate with the power of His Resurrection, and the historic events which transpired that HE was the Master of Life. This proof was to carry us down thru all the courses of time. And was a part of the things expected on the part of your forbearers. Whether they were Germanic, or Anglo-Saxon or Scandinavian, they knew also that the spirits of their warrior sons, the spirits of their colonizing forefathers, rode thru the heavens as the Valkyrie. Rode as the sons of YAH. And in the multitude of their cries and their calls, they knew of the indestructible dominions of the heavens and of the program of its order. And they knew of the mighty hosts who stood by.

You know. We could be challenged today by some of the disturbing events that happen. What could be more disturbing than pick up the newspaper and learn that the silly people who run your foreign service and your State Department, and go to the conferences with other nations and give away our Polaris Submarines, the most powerful striking force that you have. The detonating of one of these Submarines is more powerful than all the strength of W.W. II, and put them into International hands even tho it is in NATO.? And most of them are of the North Atlantic Treaty Nations. Most of them are your kinsmen. But we have Israeli also in NATO. And as long as there are Jews in NATO, you shouldn’t surrender anything into the hands of NATO. Keep it in your own hands.

Now, the Jews have been trying to tell the world that all of the evil in the world comes from those who oppose the Jews. But you could not do the WILL OF GOD, AND FOLLOW JESUS UNLESS YOU OPPOSE THEM TOO. Now significantly of course, do not expect they are going to give you any praise. For remember what they said about you. Don’t you worry about whether the Jews consider you respectable or not---who could accept or receive any honor from the Jews. They said concerning the Christ, that there was nothing about HIM that was not evil. They charged that His birth was illegitimate. That He was a magician and a faker. They charged that HE was a doctor of evil. And then I will go a little further---

In the last 25 years, the work of Jewry has been the reconstruction of the Talmud. This Talmud has been rewritten three times in the course of years when we have been watching this situation. And we know that the Mishnah has been rewritten by the Jews. And of course the Jews wrote the first Talmud which many people think is the first writings of the laws of God, as well as the Torah, which they think is the laws of God, and the Pentateuch. But I want you to know, that if I were to hand you this book, and you were supposed to look thru it, and it is supposed to contain the prophecy of the prophets, after first containing the Talmudic Torah, and the first five books of the Bible written by Moses---you could not find any similarity between--Genesis, Exodus, and the rest of the first five books of the Bible in this book ‘the Talmud’ and your Bible. You would not know that you were in the same book. The reason for this is that you do not have the same authors.

Now, when you come into this book, it is a very excellent one. It was liberated by some patriot on the New York Synagogue Council, because they thought it might be of service---better on the outside. And I have it.---This is a liberated volume of the Talmud. Now, we will tell you about this volume. It has seen a lot of service since it has been in a lot of pulpits. Inside of this book we discover that these are the works of the Rabbi. And the Talmud is always the work of the Rabbi. For they have constant comments. They run this in Babylonian Hebrew--not the original Hebrew down one side of the page, and then run their interpretations, and their notes down the other side. And the average of their people read it today where it has been interpreted for them.

Now, I want to site to you that in the last 25 years, there has been a great wave of activity among a group of Messianic Jews all over the world. We know that from the Red Revolution and back in the 1900's that it was organized Jewry, operating under the guidance of their Rabbi who were helping to overthrow the Russian country and to take over the Czars Kingdom in order to have an area for their shock troops and masses and have a starting place for World Communism. We know that they used this text book, on down to men like Lenin and Stalin and others. You know the names of these men. I could give you a long list of their names. And Stalin’s name was taken by him later. And Lenin’s name was also much different in the beginning. He was not born and given the name of Lenin, but there is a long story behind who these men are.

I want you to know that the money for these men came from Jewish enterprises, and industrialists here in the U.S. who financed this revolution in Russia as they sent over the ‘assassins,’ the ‘shock troops’ who actually captured the Czar. Almost all of them being Jews from New York City, from Rabbi Samuels own Synagogue. In fact, in my library, where in are many books written by contemporary writers, including some Hollywood script writers. They boast of their background and their history and how they went to the Synagogue represented by the aging Rabbi Samuels who had actually set up the overthrow of the Czar. You see they know what they have done and their relationship to it.

Now I want to point out to you, that in their teaching, they claim that they are the people of the book, of course. And this is a part of their usurpation and their setting up of their false religious front and their design to take over the world. So they say that Moses was Moses Jehovah God, and that Moses was the God of the heavens and Incarnate when he was born. And all incarnate Jews are incarnate Gods. That all Jews being incarnate--when they fulfill a position of leadership are reincarnated gods and --gods the many. That there will be one great and final Moses who will be the Messiah. And when he is born, he will be Moses--god the last.

Now, the word for this is ‘el-capour’---Moses el-capour, or the lord god Moses the last. Now, it happens that among the Rabbinical leaders and even before the establishment of Israeli, there was a false Rabbi. A Rabbi leading a great number of Jews, definitely Zionist Jews, from Theodore Hartzell who formed the order officially, to take Palestine and make of it a nation, thus setting up an international headquarters from which they could operate. Among them of course, were men like James Weichmen who later came along, and eventually the warriors who are a part of Jewish fight for world power, who were a part of this establishing of a nation. And who were a part of their elders. This of course involved men like Ben Gurion who called for the conquest of all the ancient areas of ancient Baghdad, of all Egypt, of all of the North African coastline, and all of the eastern Mediterranean under the guise of the flag of Israeli, and the beginning of the Jewish Empire. I can show you in the writings of Ben Gurion the calling for such an Empire. And which called for and looked forward to a sudden declaration of a Messiah. Now Moses el-capour has an influence which is very large. His is the most powerful and largest influence today in Palestine. More than that, at one time he demonstrated how powerful he could be when he started to gather together the Zionists all over for the establishment of a Messianic cry. So they were once more re-doing the Talmud and he had been previously been contributing to it.

The Talmud which I hold in my hands would contain a lot of things of interest to the Christians, since most Christians know nothing about it. But they were taught in their Baptist, or Methodist Churches that the Talmud is just a Jewish Bible. That it is just the laws of God, and that they have the Old Testament, but they do not have the New because they did not see Jesus.

Now, I want to tell you that is a lie. The fact is, that they have all of the Old Testament and they know all about you and who you are. They know all about every white nation. And they know where these nations came from. They know that you are Israel and they know that they are Jews. They know that you are the descendants of Abraham. And I can show in this book that they refer to the land of Israel. And they refer to the land of Israel as being under the influence of Ephraim, or England. And in regard to Ephraim, himself--namely that Ephraim is England. And at the time when they prepared this Talmud, they listed that it is she (England) which rules over this land of Israel.

Now, I can show you here where they identify the United States as the kindred house of Joseph. I can show you here that within the structure of this book that they not only know that the ten tribes of Israel, and together with all of them, but those ten tribes who went into captivity of all of them are made up all the great white nations of the Western world. More than this, they know something else. They know that the Germanic race is a part of the armies of God, the hosts of the Father. They know that. So what do they do?---They then make the charge that by identifying themselves with Judah. They must claim Judah’s heritage. And as such, then they claim that they are Judah and the Germans are Assyrians.

Now, anytime that you hear a preacher saying that the Germans are Assyrians, then you find out which Jew is binding him. Because this is the story. They have designed to make Christians fight throughout all times. The great masters of their ‘Learned Elders of Zion’ was a name that they gave to their international cabala. And they actually planned on pitting Christian nation against Christian nation. When they designed their plan call the ‘Protocols ‘ they laid out a great number of plans concerning Christian nations and the white race. More than that, they talked about how they would fool these Christians, after dulling their minds with alcohol and drugs. And after taking them over, after all the propaganda fields of false brotherhood and vain influences, having smashed their lodges, and infiltrated their churches, they would lift up a Jewish Messiah and proclaim him as God. Then put him on the throne in Jerusalem to rule the world. And then say this is the Messiah. This is the son of David. That is their plot in the Protocols.

Now, they talk about it. And they planned it. I have in my library a number of books written by Jews about ‘The Protocols’. They did not like the fact that they were discovered by Christians and finally exposed. So they kept saying that it was a forgery. But, my friends, a forgery is a copy of the ‘real thing.’ Mr. Bernstein produced a book a few years ago which I have in my library. And it says that ‘I can prove that this is a forgery’. Then he introduces all of the original documents from which this was copied. So this establishes that they had a plan to rule the world. That they had a plan to raise up a Jew and say:--’this is God.’ And then going further---they intend by use of World Government, and the use of power, declare that by this time they will have collapsed all the governments of individual nations and brought them subordinate, under the will of their Jewish masters. They will rule them with a fierce and hard rule. And they will rule them from Jerusalem.

That is the plan. But I have some news for you. THERE WILL NEVER BE A JEWISH MESSIAH WHO WILL RULE OVER THE CHRISTIAN NATIONS OF THE WORLD. I will tell you something else. Every Christian in these United States, and all the Christians throughout the world ought to get together and if the Jews lift up a Messiah and declare that he is the Christ, and try to subordinate the United Nations to this phoney fellow, we should send brigade after brigade until someone gets him. I can’t think of anything better than the picking off of an Anti-Christ that should be ‘merit’ if anything is.

Someone says---’You should not talk that way, Dr. Swift.’ But we are a realist. This is a real world we are living in. And you will find that out every time you pay your tax bill. This is a chastisement. This is what your Father said---’let these rascals into your country, you let them come into positions of power, and they will ‘fifth column’ you. HE said you let these things happen and then you will say---’where has our money gone, what has happened to our strength?’ Oh.--it is being dispersed all over the world. Well, then, take a good look at who is doing it.

The other day, I looked at that obnoxious looking one who is an advisor to the President and here he was talking about disarming us and giving that away, and why it was necessary that we do all those things, and that the supreme control of this nation was now in the control of this man’s head and hands.

I turn here to these words which I want you to remember. And since it is obvious from the things that we have introduced, that Jesus is not a Jew,--but to argue the point then He would be a Greeco-Roman, that He is ralated to the people who were in Galilee who wer erelated to the Assyrians, and the Greeco-Romans. In otherwords, then they said that Jesus is not a Jew. He is a Galilean. Jesus is not a Jew, for He belongs to the same race of people as the Greeks and the Romans. And yes,--then He is a relative of the Germans.

Now, you say:--’But they didn’t say that.’ Yes, they did. And now they said that we thus conclude that Jesus is Satan, who all these years the Christians have been worshiping. And His mother whom the Christian revere, as being honored above all women, is Shak-tar Rahab the original harlot of the powers of darkness and the wife of the original Satan. They site that Jesus in many reincarnations is alway evil. And that Satan of these many gods is YAHWEH-Lucifer. Only they say Jehovah here.

Now it is a rather interesting thing that the word Jehovah was never created until the year 1010 A.D. That was done by translators with Jewish advisors inside of Europe. For one thing the Jews were afraid of, was the name of YAHWEH. They did not want that name mentioned. So they always supplied another word for it. Finally then had Christians talking about Jehovah. And then in their own Talmud they run around talking about Jehovah. And so they declare tha tthe devil is Jehovah and that Jesus is the devil. And here is a volume filled with rotten and evil concepts.

Now you say--but I don’t accept that concept. Well, I don’t either. But this is the one they are using. This is the one also that has a stamp on it of a chief Rabbi---Moses El-capour the Last. And if you turn inside the background of this man, you will discover that he has a powerful right arm. This man is to be an administrative ruler when he takes his throne. And seated on his right side is this man the lord David Horowitz. I don’t know if you have ever heard of David Horowitz. But he is a very Satanic force. He was in these United States for some time, then went over to Israeli and was part fo the Revolution. And Before this, was working with Moses El-capour. In fact, they sometimes capture men who should know better. We used to have in these United States, a reporter whose mother was a student of th Bible. And she knew identity and she knew the scriptures. And this man used to write for Heast newspapers and others. And his name was Bo Carter. And then Bo Carter became interested in research. And he knew that all the Christian nations of the world were the Israel of the Bible. And he even found out where their signs, or symbols were. And he decided to go down to Jerusalem to the University where they were still under the British Mandate, and he would do some investigation down there. But when he got down there, these Jews captured him and got around him and started to tell him why the Christian Bible was no good. And they said they should know for they had helped translatae it. And they said that there were many things in it that were misunderstood. For the Jews wer the very cream and the true heart of Israel. And all the rest of these nations were just sort of a bastard, mongrelized society.

Now, they converted Bo Carter to Judaism. And he became a Jew. And finally they killed him. And killed him, they did. Because he finally discovered the depth of their conspiracy, so they killed him. And he is buried right here in a Jew cemetery in the city of Hollywood.

Now, David Horowitz was the apostle of Moses El-Capour. And when they started to publish and issue this last of the Talmudic works to the Synagogues, and to the Jews all over, there was modifications in places to their works. And this was used as a teaching foundation in many places. But when the Jews wanted Israeli recognized, then the disciple of Moses El-Capour---this David Horowitz, was sent to Mr. Truman. He came to Mr. Truman as a Rabbinical representative of the highest orders of Jewry from Palestine. Altho they had illegally gone in there and seized it. And no one officially recognized Israeli as of yet. Tho arms had been supplied by manufacturing companies behind the Iron Curtain, most of the arms were Russian made rifles and those also made in Czechoslovakia. So in this instance the late visitor to Mr. Truman was this man. And David Horowitz said to Mr. Truman,--’your name is also marked with names of our ‘great’ ones. Your name is Harry Solomon Truman.’----And do not think that I am saying that Mr. Truman was a Jew, for he was not. But Mr. Truman used to have some Jewish partners and they took him several times to the wall, into bankruptcy. But he was never smart enough to see this. After all, Mr. Truman was just a clerk in the Pendergast machine. And unfortunately this proves that anyone can be President. In the course of time, we have the chance to see how unfortunate it is when we put such small minds in such a big job. But also you would have to apologize for such an attack.

But David Horowitz said:--’Mr. President, I want you to know that the Jews have returned to Palestine. That this is prophecy in your Christian Bible. This is prophecy for us, and now we have returned to our home land and ‘Blessed will be the man who recognizes this.’ We want the world to recognize us, then God will bless you and give you a long life. He will give you riches. And you will be reelected. But if you don’t, you will be cursed. You will not win the election unless you do this. And if you do, then we will put great finances behind you.’

Now, I don’t know which element of Faith effected Mr. Truman most. But after Mr. Horowitz talked to Mr. Truman---no wait.--How do I know this?--Well, the B’nai B’rith Messenger published the whole story of how Mr. Horowitz came from Israeli and conned Mr. Truman into recognizing Israeli. So, Mr. Truman went to his pastor and he thought this thing over. And he had always heard this propaganda about the ‘Chosen people.’---bless them and you will be blessed, and curse them and you will be cursed. And no one ever told Mr. Truman who he was,--so things ended that he believed Mr. Horowitz. And he did not even tell the State Department. He just came out and announced to the world that he recognized Israeli. This astonished Britain and all the nations of the world. But Mr. Truman did this because he was under the influence of David Horowitz, the disciple of Moses El-Capour.

A few months ago, there came an announcement from out of the centers of Jewry that a Messiah would soon be announced. This announcement rippled thru a great number of underground positions of Jewry everywhere. And there was even talk in Washington D.C. that it would not be long before the Messiah would be declared and that the Jews would like to see that all national sovereignties surrendered to a sort of United Nations Assembly, of all the member nations. So you wee the program was that Israeli would eventually take it over.

Do you know that tomorrow morning that you will read in your newspapers this message--that we will now need to surrender all Sovereignty to this organization which has now come into being. You will see in tomorrow mornings paper---Uthant putting a wreath on the grave of the slain United Nations leader.---And this is what this Asiatic said:--’Until we throw aside the ideas of sovereignty, we cannot finish the task laid out for the United Nations for making it supreme---that there would be no resistant sovereignty anywhere in the world.

It is significant now that they tell us that they are about to reveal their Messiah. Therefore, remember what the qualifications for the false Messiah shall be --- they talk about Anti-Christ but refer to all the powers, the beings with fierce countenances, the men who talk with short sentences, the forces of darkness---these were all forces and powers of darkness unto Daniel. Then in the book of Revelation it talks about Apollyn, this being the power of Lucifer leading his forces, his hosts in the days of real struggle and battle which you are about to see in the midst of the earth. You are told in the book of Revelation, about Satan the Anti-Christ, the false prophet. You are constantly hearing about ‘the Beast’, the Anti-Christ and the false prophet. The ‘beast’ is the political system of the powers of darkness, and there are many anti-Christs. And of course the chief challenger against Christ is the Anti-Christ. The false prophet can well be the figure which will rise upon the world horizon and would necessarily come out from the area of the false proclamation. Remember that Christ came out of Israel. And the false prophet would come out of the false Israel--or Jewry.

This is why Jesus said:--’another shall come in his own name and him ye will receive--and it would be better for that generation (race) if they had never been born, for they are the Sodom and Gomorrah of that day.’

Now, there are a lot of strange things going on. We have watched two or three Negro Messiah’s emerge in the last thirty years. We have had Father Divine. And he is still running around. And a lot of silly people follow him. Now, we have Mohammed X, and he claims to be the prophet of Allah. And this Negro organization with a design to wipe out the white race or reduce them to utter slavery by absorbing the white women and liquidating the white men. They openly talk about their objectives and even talk about their design to conquer you and rule over you using television and radio. And no one steps in and does anything about it. Oh, you say---they are harmless. But as long as they march and plot and plan, they are not harmless. They are just an existing menace.

But again--false gods---. But the one which is about to be declared is the FALSE MESSIAH OF JEWRY. I think it is significant that there is one thing they are waiting for. They want to capture the other half of Jerusalem and take it away from the Jordan king. The day that they capture the other half of Jerusalem they want to declare their Messiah on the other spot where the old temple was. And use the plan of the false Messiah to tear down the Mosque of Omar, so as to rebuild a new phoney temple. This program is in the making. And this is being discussed by them. And the design is very, very clear that they who would not recognize Messiah when he came think they are going to fool the world by this Messiah they will introduce.

Now, this will not win the Christian churches. They may be fooled about who the Jews are, but they are not fooled about who Jesus was. They are never going to follow a Jewish Messiah. However, a lot of silly Christians will rush down and try to convert him.

Now, listen. They may give away your great submarines, your nuclear Polaris missiles. They may give away your defenses and they may enter you into a program of disarmament. But I know one fleet that they cannot give away. I know one fleet that they cannot disarm. I know one mighty Archangel who has been commanded to stand by.

I am going to tell you something. The book written by Michael Gold,--’The Jews Without Money”,---he tells about his born hatred of Christians. He tells how he wanted a Messiah like Buffalo Bill to come riding in and capture and shoot all of the Christian leaders who were in his way. He tells about that. And you can buy that book. And that is probably the qualifications for getting a good job out here in Hollywood. But I am going to tell you something. When MICHAEL COMES RIDING IN, HE WILL TAKE CARE OF ANY JEWISH MESSIAH THAT THE Michael Gold followers have drummed up.

The picture hasn’t changed. The Bible still tells of the race that God sent into the world to be masters of the earth, with vision and who will establish it with His coming. Still tells about the host, the victory, the fights, the Great tomorrows, the ruling of righteous government. Talks about the End of the World government, the Beast System, and of the Mark of the Beast, and the powers of the Beast, and the United Nations. Talks about the end of ‘False Messiahs’ and the recognition by the nations of this world that JESUS CHRIST IS KING..

I do not have the time to tell you about what all is in this book.---But in my library are nine more volumes of ancient Babylonian Talmud. And thousands of these old volumes were printed and were in existence. But this one I hold here is the famous edition that to our sorrow our ex-governor who happens to be now head of the Supreme Court, waxed eloquent on, as he talked about how he had become proficient in Jewish law. Let me tell you this. There is nothing Biblical or nothing constructive about this Talmud. Mr. Truman said he used to sit up in bed of a night, and read the Talmud. But no more vicious, no more rotten book, no more fallacies material was ever put between the covers of a book than this---Casino Talmud which is the life blood Talmud for the scholarly approach---in this mutation for the Rabbi of this country.

I think while we are talking about that, there is something else we need to talk about. Every so often we see some Christian who is not very well informed, or at least if he is well informed, then he would be betraying his own people, and selling out his own birthright for a little support. We have watched Mr. Nixon do this from time to time, even taking the six pointed star to Russia. And now we have others doing this. But they don’t have to know, but some will say:--’Personal greetings to the B’nai B’rith which is a Jewish newspaper. This the man now running for governor of California is doing. And do you know what the B’nai B’rith is??---It is the OGPU and enemy of Christianity. The Anti-Defamation League is one of the strongest arms of World Communism.

Now, there is a good side to all of this. America is waking up. I think the truth should come out. I think that people should stand up for the truth or get out of public office. I think you have a right to know the truth and who are the friends of those whom you would elect. Who they associate themselves with. I would no more ask for support, or extend a greeting to the Anti-Defamation League, than I would to Lucifer and all of his legions. But let me say this tonight. A false messiah will appear on your horizon. He will come out of Jewry. And part of their assault will be to try to get the world to believe that their messiah has come. This will be an attempt to mutate all concepts of Christian Faith. And as you bow, you will not have enough power to effect any opposition to anything that they design.

This is why we tell you that we do not like anything that looks like a Federal directory of Religion which has recently been established in these United States (at the U.N.). BUT WE HAVE NO FEAR. FOR THE SONS OF GOD ARE GOING TO ROLL BACK THE POWERS OF DARKNESS AND THERE WILL NOT BE ONE CAINANITE LEFT IN THE HOUSE OF GOD.

(End of tape)