Flight Of Gold, 3-17-63



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 3-17-63

We are talking tonight about a subject which should be of much importance to you because this is an hour of prophetic development. This is an hour in which we find the economic and social life of our nation in a strange and unusual unbalance. We turn to the words of Daniel as he came before the King of Babylon, King Nebuchadnezzar who had just had a dream and a vision. And altho he could not remember it, he was still very disturbed by it. And he wanted an explanation as to this vision and its meaning. When Daniel, inspired by the Living God, came before the king then Daniel told him about the course of the pagan powers that sought to rule the world. He told him of how these Empires would run their courses and that with great significance would be identified by their part in prophecy. Then Daniel said, ‘Thou Babylon--thou O King---art this head of Gold.’

As Daniel introduced this vision to the King as a great statue, he said that the statue had a head of gold. Its arms and breast were of silver, his belly and thighs were of brass. The legs were of iron and his feet and toes were part of iron and part of clay. This was the symbolism of these Empires, but especially was this important as it related then to Babylon. Because Babylon summed up the total of Satanic and evil influence. It became the tremendous international world metropolis of evil. Here were gathered together the pagan priests of every pagan philosophy. Here they were gathered together in a vast Baal temple of universal worship. Behind the scenes the strategy of this evil, Satanic, Serpentine program, was to extend thru their Priestcraft into the thinking of men throughout the world. This would be a control which would extend throughout the Empire which they felt they now dominated and held the king just a figure head. The plan was to manipulate and extend their power over all the earth until all business and all trade could not operate without their permission. Until they could manipulate and control all the currency as well as all the money in the world and until thru their system of religious fallacy, a political economy, they would dominate the entire world scene. This they sought to do by the use of troops and force and that time in history, then Babylon was feared as the most deadly force in the earth.

The fall of Babylon was prophesied and symbolically the fall of the nation---Babylon---did happen. But Mystery Babylon continued. This Mystery Babylon and its strange priesthood spread during the days of the Medo-Persian era, as they occupied that which had been Babylon, and continued its movement throughout the old world to places where it could survive. Such places as Pergamos, and later in Europe to old Venice was this Mystery Babylon scattered. In the days of Rome, it spread from Pergamus into Palestine and then on to the cities and sites such as Rome, and finally into Venice---went these ‘Merchants of Babylon.’ There were strange and insidious forces which would have great influence upon the world.

Few people understood the strategies of Babylon. Few understood that never had there been a people more Satanically guided to dominate mankind than these merchants of Babylon. If you were to follow the course of these merchants of Babylon you would discover that the book of Revelation contains much concerning this symbolism. In the book of Revelation we are told much about this evil force which would wage war on Christian civilization. How it would seek to destroy Christians as they rose into great Christian nations to assume their responsibilities. About their attempt to crush and to destroy these Christian nations would be their same old strategy which they used on this once great Empire of Nebuchadnezzar. Thus it is that we are told that the system under which they operate is called ‘the Beast System.’ To understand this, we realize that all the people who are NOT of the Adamic race---all that are NOT of the spiritual seed, the household which God established with Adam and which continues on down to your time---were referred to as the Enosh, or the ‘Beast System.’

In the book of Revelation, which was revealed to John after the ascension, you will notice that ‘the Beast System’ symbolized the non-Christian world or the people not of your race. All thru the Bible history your race has been marked as the people of God as the household of God. They rate special attention because they are His offspring, and that the building of His Kingdom is established on righteousness, on law, and on wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. This race carried the great capacities to harness the raw materials of earth, and to develop the conditions of plenty in the midst of their society.

Now, we note that in the very beginning, that this enemy is referred to as ‘the Beast System.’ You are told that one of their strategies is to gain control of all the avenues of trade. To gain control of all the areas of the economy until no man can buy or sell unless he puts his hands to do the work of the ‘Beast System’ and uses his intellect and his hands to serve the ‘Beast System.’ This is referred to in the 13th chapter of the book of Revelation as the ‘Mark of the Beast.’ This is referred to as the ‘Mark of the Beast’ in the hand and in the forehead, and some people seem to think this will be a stamp put on the forehead or on the hand, and they are just waiting for this stamp to appear. Well, I want you to know that the ‘Mark’ in the forehead and hand is ‘supporting the program.’ And this does not belong to the spirit children of YAHWEH. This belongs to the powers of darkness and the forces of evil which seek to gain the world. But when men give consent to those ideas, when they are swayed by New Frontierism, Communism, and the grand design, then they are moving into the process of taking the ‘Mark of the Beast’ into the seat of their intellect. When they put their hands into the building of the type of economy which was born in the text book of Karl Marx, and stems from out of Communism and is inspired by all the Luciferian forces that helped to build it, they are then doing the work of the ‘Beast System.’ When they set their hands to do this, whether they do it among men in the organization of their labor to place them under the administration of demagogues who serve this system, then they are moving to do the work of ‘the Beast System.’ Whether they accomplish this design by becoming a part of the manipulation in the fields of the economy and society, that seeks to bind all men so they CAN DO NO BUSINESS WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION, they are putting their hands to this prophet, and in this manner move under this design.

When I look at the positions taken by a great many of the Political leaders of today, I realize that we have more men carrying ‘the mark of the beast’ in the Presidents cabinet than there are good honest Americans in that cabinet. Of course, some people have carried the ‘mark of the beast’ around on their faces all of their lives. Way back in the time when the ‘mark’ was put on Cain, then we found out whose son he was. Then Moses talked about the ‘mark’ on the countenance of these people who were Luciferian, and were the generations of the viper. Moses said that these people were not ‘the mark’ of God’s people, but that God had left this mark on these people so that they would carry this identification with them. There was a factor about them, even a wave length and an aura which went out from these people so that you would be able to recognize them. He warned the people of God about the powers of darkness, as to their identity and as to their strategy of destruction. I tell you that we have not been as cautious as we might have been in taking the advice of those who under inspiration warned us of these people. We have not bee as cautious as we should have been in letting these people come into our country, or rise to power within our society.

One of the things we must remember is that the manipulation of money is a very valuable thing as far as the agents of the world order are concerned. Many people have been raised to believe that they could not understand money, so they left that up to the Bankers. Then whole areas of the Bankers were told that they couldn’t understand except in the areas permitted for them to handle the finances, under the experts at the top who alone understood how to handle economics. But remember, that this was a strange situation which was being manipulated as Gold was being withdrawn---and we did not know why. But we were just told that it was being withdrawn. A Banker informed us the other day that his bank could only loan so much money because we are told that money is scarce right now. Therefore we are told to limit our lending because they are withdrawing credit---at the top---until they get thru a certain situation which will then be acceptable to the higher Banking institutions. After that is passed, then we are told that they will once more release the credit.

So the Banker didn’t know the why of the wherefore of this situation because he had just been told that ‘such and such’ was the case. Even tho he was supposed to be an expert in knowing what things were worth in comparison to his dollar, in his own town, still he did not know where the money came from or why it should go, or when it would come back into circulation. Now we point out to you that we are very much concerned with some of the things which relate to our society. The pattern of money under Divine Law was the medium of exchange for the moving of goods which men created. It was to be the virtual symbol or check for the time, the energy, and the output of labor. Since men didn’t want to keep or store up things produced especially such things as agricultural products, and something which needed to be consumed to be of value, then a system of barter was needed. And the barter system was an intense problem beyond the exchange of great warehouses. Some countries had a great warehouse where they could exchange goods with other nations. But the impossibility of hauling back and forth a tremendous amount of exchange of goods which men produced, was a burden. An attempt to compare the remaining spoilage became a greater problem. And this goes back long before even your race came into earth. In ancient China, as well as in the ancient Summerian Empire, which extended down into Mesopotamia, they had worked out a solution for this. They came up with two ideas to correct this problem. First they could carry with them the most valuable thing they possessed. And this was to these ancient people the thing which had lasted the longest time. They had discovered that as they raided the tombs of the ancient Potentates, that the thing which was left and was therefore the most valuable, was gold. Thus gold became their valuable commodity. And since it seemed to be relative scarce, they valued it highly. Then they found that silver was also valuable. And because it was scarce, then silver joined gold as a valuable possession. Men liked things made of silver because even tho it became tarnished, it could be polished and it would once more shine. There were areas where brass joined the ranks of something valuable. And they learned early as to the use of brass.

Then many babbles were found in the earth and soon men were polishing them. And then gems became valuable and a reality. As to their antiquity, gems did not have their origin in any one planet, because the jewels and the glory of the things of beauty had existed throughout the ages of yesterday since jewels and diadems of jewels had been used throughout the Universe. But as far as the utilization of it then it ran almost to the point of duty, because as to the antiquity of it. Because commercial diamonds were not used for drilling, or for abrasives, or for polishing. So as to this instance of it, the total value of things men claimed as the most important things because they lasted longest were gold and silver. And they leaned more to gold, because it tarnished less unless heavily alloyed.

Now significantly by the days of the great city of Babylon, these pagan priests of Babylon had found that the people had a tremendous desire for this un-tarnishable metal. It is also cited that Lucifer himself, who was once an Archangel, and in his rebellion against YAHWEH was defeated by the forces of heaven, but in the course of that rebellion, then Lucifer had taken a certain fixation in his thinking concerning the amassing of gold for his Empire, and for also the collecting of jewels for his own decoration. According to scripture:--’How art thou fallen O son of the morning?’ Thus his desire to be decked with all the jewels and all the symbols of the beauties of creation. But in this instance, we point out to you that Mystery Babylon has always wanted one thing, which is to establish the economy of the world on the scarcest of commodities and thus dominate and control that commodity by putting it out, and then drawing it back in again so as to reduce all production to slavery and never seek to give a proper reward to production.

Now the program of God’s Kingdom talks about the fact that any civilization must have a way of not only producing and moving its goods, but also have a way of proper exchange. The most important thing to discover from the standpoint of balance, is that from the worker to the consumer, to the producer, and to the owner,---is what equity, does anyone have in any produced goods. The most important thing is equity. And therefore the time and the hour of what ever given wage is contracted is the equity of the laborer in the goods produced. And so he must be given some check as to the equity in what he had produced. Whereas he may not want this in the goods he has produced, but his right to have this, is one of the most important facets of an economy of proper re-imbursement. Also the right of an individual to manufacture, create or make anything which is his, and to synthesize anything he wants on the chance that someone will want the finished product is the very foundation of the capitalizing of these goods to meet supply and demand. And to create demand if there is no demand. And yet, you feel that the demand is worth the risk.

The whole policy of the standards of God’s economy is this. That in the staples that are important, such as wheat, and rye, and the food out of the ground, then there must be a just set of weigh and measures. And by that, I mean that there is a given weight and it is not to be shortened or lightened. To compare compensation by an established value on a commodity, it must be based on the fact that it is obtainable, or that it can be produced, or that there is a human need for it. And that must be established. Then also a value must be established so that it can be depended on throughout the years.

Early Zohar writings of your race, and even going back to the days of the early Patriarchs, the demand that there be no shortage of the weights and the measures clearly established that they evaluated the amount to be given in exchange, either in energy, or labor, or in the gold or the desired commodity. Therefore, many of those societies set up these standards of economy. It wasn’t long then before these coins based on their scarcity, and their desires were used. And coining continued into the time of the Roman Empire. You remember that the Latin word of what we use today was Moneca. And we call it money. But strangely enough, the manipulation of this which we call money has created more trouble than any other single force on the face of the earth. And the powers of darkness understand that the way to take over a nation and reduce it to slavery, even tho it is a powerful nation, is to take control of their economy. And then mathematically and dishonestly, use the basis of that economy for their control.

I point out to you then, that we are in a rather unique position because God blessed this great nation of ours. And we have covered those blessings in the two messages before this. But we told you how He selected this great continent and then endowed it with all the riches of creation. How He guided this---His nation---in the days of our forefathers as they settled here. How He told us that we would have the treasures of the blessings of the wealth of the hills. That we would have everything which would be natural with the sowing and reaping of our food under the blessings of rain, good soil, and find conditions. No nation on the face of the earth has been more blessed than the United States of America for natural resources, for the ability to raise the food, and for all the combinations which are necessary such as climate. And by the strange drive of initiative possessed by God’s household. So with this in mind, we have watched this expanding society from the earliest days of Colonial life as it grew and expanded.

We note that our earliest fight for independence was based on a battle over taxation. You will remember that the excessive taxation which bothered our Colonial forefathers was their feeling that they were being taxed without proper representation. In fact, the secret was in the Jewish gold buyers and money lenders of Europe which was then under the sign of the ‘House of the Red Shield,’ who were planning a design which goes back to ancient Babylon and to Pergamus where Jesus said that you would find the ‘seat of Satan.’ The design always was to gain control of a nation. And now this new nation of America---to gain control over its ‘Moneca’, as it came into being, so as to manipulate its growth, thus was their expectations. What they had never witnessed before was the growth of this nation in its strength, its development, in its blessings as it carved its wealth out of our forests, out of the mines of our earth, and produced the wealth from the fertile fields of our nation as we moved into the greatest agricultural development ever found on the face of the earth. There seemed to be such an abundance in this nation, that altho the parasites sought to destroy this new nation, they failed to leach off enough to crush it.

Strangely enough, additional blessings had come from the mines of America and they began to yield the gold that Cortez had looked for. They began to yield other treasures looked for. And early in our national life, we were to establish the standards of money. We were also to establish the standards and set them on scarce items and scarce commodities as gold and silver. But they were not on scarce as in other lands. And definitely there was an added value of exchange which had been created. There was a bartering switch which had been created in our agricultural and cultural communities. And altho there was a shortage of gold, still there was a surety of production which backed them in the early colonial life. This was especially true in the earlier times as the colonial life pressed forward into the forests and the development of resources of the forests began. The letter of checks from developing companies against production, to get company stores became a principal pattern in the exchange of labor and money. It was not long before this country had proved that it could survive and expand as no other country had done in the world before. The gold buyers and money lenders with their A.D.L. of those days, were worried about America, so they forced the conditions upon the King of England by the process of manipulation of money, bu the withdrawing of it, or the extending of it, every country in Europe and the armies were trained not to march without the gold. Thus they controlled the King and his armies.

Then as England continued to raise the tax on America, it was the tax on tea that became the breaking point. And over this tax, we suddenly revolted with a Declaration of Independence. And our refusal of course, was that we refused to be taxed without proper representation. The amazing thing is that today you are paying four to five times more tax than you were paying when you struck for revolution in order to have proper representation in your taxation. I tell you that you don’t have any more representation in your taxation today than you did when you fought the Revolution. You say, ‘Oh, yes, Dr. Swift, we have the Congress of the United States and we sent the Congressmen to Washington, D.C. and they have a vote on this revenue and this dispersion.’ Let me tell you there is about as much money confiscated from you and dispersed all over the world, as your Congressmen ever individually or consciously vote on for any individual prescribed program. I want you to know that you have about as much chance in stopping one of these programs by influencing your Congressman, as you do in many other situations, because before it is all over with, your Congressmen will vote as he is told because an economical reprisal for his part of the country is promised if he does not do as he is told.

We point out to you that in this individual hour in which we live, one of the strangest of these functions is being clearly marked. This is the manipulation of gold. And it has become increasingly more of a problem. Back in the days of President Wilson, we faced one of the greatest strategies of international Jewry. Using Colonel House who was a peculiar friend of President Wilson, and who had unusual power over him, and using a gradual Jew financed Jacob Schiff backed ‘5th Column’, among almost all Senators and heavy industrial areas which depended on banking finance for existence, then pressure was placed on the Senate of the United States to suddenly establish a system known as ‘The Federal Reserve System of Banking. A great number of people today have the idea that the Federal Government and as such, is owned by the people of the United States. But nothing is farther from the truth. The Federal Reserve System is a private banking system dominated and predominately Jewish owned and controlled, and connected with Jewish banks, International banks, and World Settlement Banks throughout the world.

I want you to know that your colonial fathers determined that your economy would be established on what was known as a United States Congressional Banking System with the ‘just sets of weights and measures’ as prescribed in the Scriptures. Therefore, that Congress alone would have the right to establish the value of money and to decree the standards of its exchange. Thus it is that the weights and the standards of money, and everything which relates to money, was a Congressional responsibility. Actually it was so designed that Congress would have the right to distribute the money and to control the methods of its distribution. There is only one legal process in these United States and I am going to tell you that a sweeping chain of catastrophes may develop with great speed, faster than you think possible. And when it comes, it will be the greatest emancipation day of all history. The people of the United States need a United States Bank which is in the hands of the Congress of the United States and backed with ‘just sets of weights and measures.’ A system which will not, my friends, pay any profit to anyone for extending this money to our citizens, or receive a profit as the citizen repays that money. The money of the United States Government is the money of the people, and not for the use of International Bankers who made fortunes in the process of extending it to you the people, and then having the right to deny it to you in a process to hinder or break your production.

Let me tell you what would happen. If the Congress was to suddenly establish a United States Bank and operate it interest free, and it wouldn’t cost more than .1 of 1% to operate it, (and this is a known fact). If you paid a fee of .1 of 1% as a tax measure to operate your own bank, and get out from under all the interest burdens that function on your society, then, my friends, you would think that a great economic burden would have rolled off from your back here in the United States. If America established an interest free, Divine God constructed economy---every Jew in the U.S. would be catching a boat or leaving some way. Now you say, ‘You shouldn’t refer to this as--every Jew.’ But Daniel knew that Babylon was the head of Gold. Jesus establishes this also in the unveiling of the book of Revelation. And we are told that ‘Babylon is thy merchants which deceives all the nations’ an International fellow, and an enemy of Christ, who is guilty of all the blood shed of all the martyrs of God slain upon the earth. Now I don’t have to stretch your imagination on that one, because in the book of Matthew, Jesus told the Jews that they were guilty of all the blood of the righteous slain from Abel up unto that time of Zacharias, and then would be of all the Christians who would be killed upon the earth. More than that, Jesus identified them as Jewry. He identified Babylon as this people. And the power in force as Mystery Babylon the ancient Satanic conspiracy was to control nations by controlling their economy and by this tyranny to rule over them rough shod. This is strictly a Jewish nation and international origin plot.

Someone said, ‘This is very disturbing because it creates ill-will against the Jews.’ Well, I don’t know of any reason why they shouldn’t have ill-will against them. Some Christians forget who crucified the Christ. Are you to forget this because this is St. Patrick’s Day?

Let me point out this to you. In this strategy they established a world acceptance of the value of gold. Now there is something intriguing about gold because anyone whoever prospected for it or mined for it, or panned for it, became caught in the fascination that keeps them going on even tho they don’t know what to do with when they get it. Sometimes gold does funny things to people and they suddenly turn from being dependable to undependable when they see a lot of gold in their paths. Or they see a way to get a hold of some gold. It seems that Lucifer knew that gold would become by the valuation, placed upon it, one of the great commodities by which great problems could be created in the earth. But in these United States from the day we became a nation, we discover that the enemy has been trying to gain control of our economy. Himan Solomon, who is not fit to be an American hero, and whose statue is not fit to be in an American park, ---in fact, not fit to be in a Zoo---was an enemy in this affair from the beginning. Himan Solomon was not a great patriot as we have been told. He was one of the most cunning scheming money manipulators of the ancient house of Rothchild. He defrauded America, and he helped to create an extending fortune for himself and for his heirs at the expense of America. And at no time did he even try to help America. The same can be said for Samuel Morris who joined with him. And, my friends, Alexander Hamilton who was also a Jew, and a part of the designed conspiracy, which if it would have worked out, would have turned everything in our nation over to Jewish hands.

I point out to you that at the beginning of our nation, when Benjamin Franklin had gone to Europe and secured the necessary finances for our nation for the revolution from the wealthy leaders of France,--he was virtually a prisoner in France while another boat left that land. This boat carried powerful representatives of International Jewish Bankers to America and they joined with Himan Solomon and Samuel Morris to con the Congress out of a tremendous interest debt on the money Franklin had secured for practically nothing. That is why Benjamin Franklin got up on the floor of the Continental Convention and said, ‘Gentlemen, Jews are barbarians. And we should never permit them to become citizens of these United States. If you let them come in, your children will curse you in your graves while they work in the field and the Jews are in the counting house.’ Someone, recently writing in a Jewish newspaper, said that Benjamin Franklin never said that. But the writer must have known a little bit about this matter, because I saw the ‘Pickday Papers’ in the Benjamin Franklin Building in Philadelphia. I saw with my own eyes what Franklin wrote with his own hand. However, those words are not there now, because the Jews went there and tore the page out of that very old volume when the Librarian was busy. They tore the page out of that very old volume where Benjamin Franklin wrote those words in his own handwriting. But don’t worry about this, because those words of Benjamin Franklin were reported thousands of places. And it is well recorded how both he and George Washington were emphatic in warning about letting Jews gain any kind of control in these United States. A reprehensible trick had been played at the beginning of our country as they tried to get control of this new nation.

I tell you today that there are men from the time of Roosevelt until this day who are still controlling a tremendous debt which has been passed down from generation to generation by having the interest mount until, here tonight, you owe more to the inheritors of the debt for the Revolution, than the amount they loaned America at that time. Many, many times over that original amount, even tho you have paid on this debt over nine times the original principal. I think in rather a rather significant thing, altho we are not going into all the ramifications involved in the great conspiracy of sending to the United States, the Frankfurters and others, in order that they might be a part along with a great number of these strange influences of that time. There were such as the Irvings and Kuhn Loeb and Company, and others who came over to America with the direct design of taking over the economy of the colonies of the U.S. And they were directed from the International Jew bowels of Europe.

Now, listen. In your production and in your fixed standards, you had reached a point where you had fixed for a number of years, the value of a gold dollar. You had established a value for an ounce of gold at $20.00. You had a little over 25 grams of gold in your currency, but this currency alone was not what was backing the wealth of America. You also had silver dollars. And these silver dollars were circulated in your midst and if you wanted, you could carry the coins in your pockets. It probably did you no more good than the paper you carry today, and it was heavier to carry, but then it didn’t make too much difference except that this represented what you were told was so much wealth. Now, actually it was never established to you as an individual or to your nation, that this was wealth until it secured for you the goods that you wanted to possess, or that you had worked or acquired and produced by your enterprise and initiative, and the energy in its production.

We point out that this was a standard of value. People could go out and work and they could just about establish how many bushels of wheat and how much goods could be acquired by so much work. If they lived in a city, then people could exchange their gold and silver for food, clothing, or what they needed. People were taught thrift and taught responsibility. And the homes of a growing America were a great center of American economy. And parents and families worked together and sons were interested in the security of their parents. And parents were interested in the development of their sons. And the acquisition of knowledge was also seen as a requisite for the family. And many times families pooled their excess finances to educate some exceptionally gifted member of their family, who in turn felt a definite obligation toward the structure of the family I told you that probably one of the strongest economic units in the nation is the loyalty of the family and the Divine Benediction that God has placed upon the family as the basic unit of society. I tell you today, that when families assume their proper responsibility, and the economy of nations runs strong, and we are no longer being taken by the parasites, then we don’t have to worry about heavy taxes for social security. We don’t have to worry about all the processes of today which are but a part of a Socialist design to get us to depend more and more upon a bureaucratic control in a new department of government. Bureaucracy today, has been largely made up of money masters and international designers of political intrigue, who are working for world mastery and eventually to surrender your nation, your Constitution, and your Bill of Rights, so that they might reduce you to economic and social slavery under their mastery. To achieve this, they persuade men to surrender their liberty, as they promise and promise and promise. Lucifer is a great promiser, but a poor deliverer. But Jesus told you that he was a liar and a father of liars, and his children are just like that.

Now, there are many people today who say, ‘Yes, but the Social Security System of today is more a pattern of investment. It is more like insurance.’ Well, you have invested it with so poor a keeper that it has become squandered and they have spent it all. And now they must tax you for what they have to pay out. Because they did not put to work as an investment company should have, the money you put into their hands. I tell you that if you had handled your money, as the rascals handles it, then you would today, be in the penitentiary and there would be no one on the outside to keep you. Within the same significance of this event, we have watched the building up of the reservoirs of supplies. We have watched the billions of dollars worth of gold which went into the ground at Fort Knox, and other storage centers. People didn’t want to carry it around. And they were just as happy with a gold certificate. Then came the Jew manipulated Depression and the sudden crashing of Stocks, and the selling of America short in the design to crush her. This was a phenomena experience as the money lenders pulled the money out from under the nation. They could never have accomplished this if we had not been betrayed by Senators who did not know what they were doing and by Jewish pressure and power under Colonel House in the days of Wilson when the Federal Reserve System was set up. This system had the power to pull the money out of America and join together with International Financial conspirators to give you the great Depression. Remember in 1933, one of the first things done by the Congress after the election of the spellbinder, who had been selected by International Jewry, the first head of America as she was to slide into complete Socialism. This was when the New Deal came into play. And everyone was singing the praises of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Now one of the first things they did was to reduce the amount of gold in the American dollar. In order for you to have more dollars to spend---so they told you. It really didn’t make that much difference, they said, whether paper dollars in your pocket were backed with 25 grams of gold or 15.25 grams, just so you have the dollars. They raised the price of gold and then reduced the backing of the dollar from 25.32 grams of gold to 15.34 grams of gold. In otherwords, in that Agriculture Act of 1933, our Jew led and misguided Congress, passed this ‘Agriculture Reconstruction Act.’ President Roosevelt was to increase the price of gold and devaluate the U.S. dollar. What he did and what that designed act did, was to take away 40% of the savings people had accumulated for their security. It was to cut down 20% of the value of all the pensions people had been contributing toward throughout their working days. It was to devaluate the savings accounts or the destroy savings towards an education, or for any design for which people had been looking forward to. It meant that your government, led by the Jews, broke a contract and robbed the people of 40% of all of their money.

But you were told---’look, there is more money in circulation.’ But you never saw any great pickup in the economy. So what happened to that sudden increase n money? How did they do this? It was one of the beginnings of a double set of books. No matter what they did, they seemed to absorb it. We point this out---First they devaluated the dollar. And remember this, a citizen always had a right previous to this, to go to the bank and put down his paper note and say, ‘I want a gold piece for this.’ He could have a small or a large piece of gold according to the size of the value of that paper note. There was also the right to trade silver notes for ingots of silver. And a silver dollar carried its own weight. But now this strange yoke is developing on America. They said, ‘You will no longer be able to go to the bank and trade in your $35.00 paper and get 1 ounce of gold. Now you can only trade for another paper note which has been devaluated, because now American citizens are no longer allowed to own gold.’ They made a cute little allowance by saying a coin collector could keep 1 or 2 at the most, of a given issue. But this was only a special allowance because the people were doing this anyway, only now everyone became coin collectors for awhile.

Then they were not satisfied with this, so they set about collecting the gold certificates. But what about the world? The world which was doing business by selling to America and taking American dollars, what about the world? They knew that they could trade these American dollars for gold because it said so on the face of the certificate. Since many of the countries did business on the gold standard, they wanted to continue doing business this way. So one of the things that followed was that your government said, ‘You the American citizens can’t go to your bank anymore and turn in your certificate and buy an ounce of gold, but any foreigner of any country outside of the U.S. could take this payment of American dollars and cash them in and get gold.’ America would back its word and its honor, not to the American citizen, but to the world. This is when we should have thought of a ‘necktie party.’ Anytime you as a nation decide that there are more benefits for the people on the outside than for the people inside your nation, then it is time to have a New Revolution and to re-write the Constitution.

In the instance of this policy, we watched thru the years of the Depression, a continual extension and a continual design. You will note that the gaining of control of all industry and all control of the gold, seemed to be one of the major projects. Gold had disappeared. And gold mines were struggling to produce as much gold as they could at $35.00 per ounce. It wasn’t long before people found that they couldn’t buy as much with $35.00 as they used to get with $20.00 and you heard that inflation had set in and had gobbled up the difference. Gold miners were the only ones to benefit by this. But their day didn’t last very long. I point out that at this time, the budget of the U.S. was not within 1/10 of what it became in W.W. II. And not within 1/20 of what it is today. Of course, you understand, increasing inflation---your government has expanded more money during the years of the Korean War under President Truman’s Administration than by all the Presidents of the U.S. including President Roosevelt before him.

The cost of your budget on 1963 is great than ever before. But the theory is that in order to keep things moving, we must spend this much money.

I want to cite to you that this is a regulation which is unfit for your government. Since a large part of all the money distribution comes out of this Federal Reserve System, let me tell you this. They are allowed to print ten times as many Federal Reserve notes or to draw them printed form the mint as they so desire. But they are allowed to print ten times as many Federal Reserve notes as they actually have deposited, or money actually turning over in their hands. Then they can loan your money to you ten times over---borrowing it once as principal from the government, then multiplying it by ten. Throughout the course of the physical year, this happens, then returns back to the government the single loan with its application of light interest, and yet have drawn from the people at the 6% rate of the interest, 60% of the total production of the working people throughout that year simply by just turning over their own money. You say, ‘Oh, no, it is only 6%.’ But turn it over ten times and see what it amounts to, of the original money which belongs to you in the first place.

Now, in order to keep the money which moves around goods, they come up with this facet. In order for people to have certain amounts of money which is recognizable for demand, then we should always have a reserve whereas the paper certificates could be taken to a bank and silver certificates could be turned into silver---and silver dollars carried their own weight.---Still the silver certificates needed a reserve. But gold---that was different. Not you couldn’t have gold anymore. In fact, as far back as 1958, we happened to have twenty-one billion of gold in the U.S. Treasury. I think that you should know that for the Federal Reserve notes extended by the government, not multiplied by multiple risks---you have to have 25% of that in the Treasure. This is a requirement. So at no time could you have less than twelve billion in gold to cover the extended Federal Reserve notes.

Now, you say, ‘But what really backs our money?’ Well, actually, it is not backed as well as you think. But the wealth that America creates by the things it builds, and the permanency of that wealth with its deteriorating scale, is the wealth of America. If you build a house, then the house is wealth. And this is proved by the money extended to you on a mortgage. If you establish wealth by crops, then the crops produced are wealth. The machines for all of industry are real wealth because it is for this that you have created much paper. It is for this, and by this, that you move your goods. Now, we point out to you that the economy of the United States, in order to be strong, had to have a minimum on the inside of twelve billion dollars to back our own money. Then we must have a balance or reserve of gold, if we are going to do business with the world on the basis of a gold standard. And we must keep an equitable balance in the process of exchange. If you are buying more goods from the outside than you are exporting dollar wise, then they can demand by extending to you, these dollars,---gold out of your Treasury. And your gold supply then goes down. This therefore, would have to be a modulating factor between the creative technology, initiative and ability to your society to get a better production and to produce it economically, but also superior to all other production.

If you want the world markets, then you will have to compete with the world prices. But your enemy decided that by the manipulation of labor, they would create the conditions for higher and higher wages which would be added on to the price of the goods at the producer level, the wholesale level and the distribution level. Thus a large part of these gains in wages would be lost in the expanded inflation of goods. Because it wasn’t long before prices passed up the gain. And thus gradually by the technique designed by your enemies with their seven year or nine year plans, then they helped to organize the pricing of American goods out of the reciprocal trade markets of the world.

Today, no one is going to pay more for your goods than they would pay for the same produced goods on a different labor scale in Germany or any other country, even tho they do not have as much purchasing power as these United States. The strange thing is that as their goods are not priced so high, and there is a closer pattern of exchange, they have almost as much purchasing power. The instance has been that we have watched the strange design of our enemy. They design to entrap us into wars of great destruction and then accomplish the building up of areas of political powers that they choose. The Red Revolution has been theirs from the beginning. International money makers are not on the side of the capitalists unless you want to evaluate that Communism is a Jewish Imperialistic type of capitalism. Actually, it is a king of chicanery, of usury exchange---a cunning usury exchange. A shock troop of the International Jewish Banking House is the Red Revolution. The ‘5th Column’ is their International areas of business and conduct. And especially is this the mark of the United Nations. Their design is to use the manpower of the world to bring you to your knees. And if they cannot do this by economic catastrophe, and by the agreement of submission by International agreements thru the United Nations, then a new way will be tried.

They are threatening you with a danger to your very security. And then they ask you to join in surrendering all your weapons so you don’t have to worry about whether you are going to be secure or not, because you are going to be a slave anyway. We have gone thru the craziest years of all history because we entered into the 1950's on a period of a coasting prosperity. This was because of the war years and people had more money then in their pockets and there were not any goods to spend it on. So now, Americans would buy and they did buy until the saturation point had about been reached. They bought new washing machines, T.V.’s, automobiles, and all the new things they need to replace things in their homes. And they sailed into what looked like a prosperous cycle of the 50's in spite of the enemy. But at the same time, your enemy was evaluating how long this cycle would run. And as this prosperity began to sag, you realized that you were launched under the United Nations, into a hundred projects to help the whole world. You were now being told that if you wanted to ship your goods all over the world, then you first had to make these areas of the world prosperous so they could buy from you. But why did you have to make them prosperous? I do not know what profit the merchant would get if he had to distribute his money all over town so the people would come and buy in his store.?????

You were now told that you had a social responsibility to make every ‘Hottentot’ tribe in Africa, prosperous as well as every nation in Europe and every nation in Asia as well---make them prosperous, wealthy and economically strong.---But how do you do this???

You have to start taxing the people of the United States so that you have the money to give to the world, so that the world can buy back your goods. So what you do is tax yourself to give your goods away. I want you to know that when your tax yourself and then don’t get back---not your money---but their money---then this is a fallacy from the standpoint of prosperity. Someone said, ‘But they told us we were helping all these people, and if we didn’t help all these nations and people, they would go Communist.’ But, my friends, the Communists were their agents and they knew that they could never take the world until they take you first. Thus they came up with the idea to reduce your wealth and your strength. And they tricked you into helping them reduce your nation.

So, economically, they had to destroy America first before they can take over the world. My friends, this is Mystery Babylon you are dealing with. Satan says, ‘This is my household.’ And GOD says, ‘This is your cunning deadly enemy.’

I want you to know that you gave away billions and billions of dollars. You have not only given it away, but you gave it to your allies round about. You took conquered Japan and put back into Japan first class industries. And you subsidized them. And now they with plants as good as yours, and sometimes superior, and with wage scales not unionized as are yours,---and not manipulated with high taxes such as you have---can now sell some goods to America for 50% less than you can produce them for. As a result, you have lost markets to foreign nations you financed with your tax money. You say, ‘But why did Babylon do this?’ Because he was interested first in seeing--this great Eagle nation come down.

I want you to know that where you have to have twenty-one billion dollars or that is what you were supposed to have in 1958---it is a matter of interest that six billion eight hundred two million four hundred eighty-four thousand eight hundred seventy-nine dollars of your gold reserve of 1958 passed over into foreign hands. They suddenly decided that America was not sound as should be and its industries were tacky, its costs were high, the dollar exchange was then considered more valuable than to hold American dollars. But the world never worried about American dollars anyhow. They didn’t have to have your gold because your paper was good. But Communism was not spreading gold all over the world. At the same time was trying to destroy the structure of your economy, and you were simply selling your strength.

Suddenly they were calling for six billion dollars of your gold, and six billion dollars worth went out. In 1963, our total gold reserve is not $15,978,113,000.00.---Now the law says that you have to have twelve billion of gold to back your money so you had left four billion dollars if you backed your dollar as the law requires.

Representative Clarence Cannon is chairman of the Appropriation Committee of the House and he said, ‘You know where we stood in January 1963---four billion dollars over and above what we have to have in reserve to back our money.’ Our insane leaders who need the Mental Health Bill they are asking for---for themselves---have given away twenty-one billion dollars of what we have produced until Jew bankers all over the world hold twenty-one billion dollars worth of claims against the sixteen billion of gold you have left. So if they now call for this gold, then America will not only be bankrupt, but she doesn’t have enough money to give them theirs, and have anything left to back the dollars in your pockets. The money in your pocket isn’t worth anything of the International bankers call for their gold. Someone says that they have money in the bank,--but you just think you have money in the bank. What you have is some paper in the bank from which the Merchants of Babylon have gained all of the metal backing of that paper.

You say, ‘What are the people of the U.S. to do? How do you combat such a thing? What is the next step in this plan?’ Even ‘New Deal’ Cannon says this about the Administration of Mr. Kennedy, ‘There is something unsound and unstable about this budget message. He tells us that we can’t cut off foreign aid, we can cut it a little, but they have to be prosperous to buy our goods, and we are losing money every time we limit foreign aide.’ He tells us that we have to reduce our taxes irrespective as to what it does to our deficit, yet that continually cuts down on what is there all the time.

I think we ought to cut taxes, cut expenditures, and stop giving another dollar away to any country on the face of the earth, except in an hour of emergency and out of the gratitude of your own heart. I want you to know that this is fundamental. That you may assist any other Christian nation which is of the house of God. This is responsible work for you in an hour of emergency. But you are not to support the members of the household of nations. You are not to give anything to your enemy. More than this, the Declaration of Independence says you are free from economic bondage to any country on the face of the earth. And you as a citizen under the Articles of Confederation, under which you come together, and the foundation of the Constitution, no tax could ever be levied against you for the support of any foreign power, or for a contribution to any nation outside of these United States. So you see, everytime your money is given away outside these United States, whether to the ‘Hottentots’ or any other people, it is a felony. Many are coming under the guise of ‘The Alliance for Progress’ program wanting billions of dollars. And if you are slower in dishing it out to one country than another, then someone is unhappy. Every nation today which has been elevated to favor under the Alliance for Progress gets billions of dollars whether the recipient of your freely given foreign aide is a Socialist or pro-Communist. And the man who just visited the U.S. form Latin America for his share of foreign aide, is an outstanding example, because he is a Communist.

Let me point this out. Anytime the signal is given by the International bankers, they can bankrupt the U.S. under this economic system. Someone said to me, ‘Do you think money will become favorable again?’ The only time this can happen is for you to back your money with something not in short supply. The government of the U.S. and the Congress of the United States could do this if they would re-assume their responsibility. They don’t have to vote out the Federal Reserve System. All they have to do is create a United States Bank. All they have to do is start issuing American dollars backed up with production and loan them to the field of production and retire them without interest. They can build dams with these dollars and build great products with it. And they can repay or take back out of circulation the redemption by the energy output of the thing they have created.

This has been done before. You build a great dam but you don’t charge it up forever with taxes, and then make a great Jew profit on the bond. If you build a great dam, you sell the power and distribute it among private enterprise and at a profit which if reasonable. But not at 700 or 800% interest. And when you sell the dam, you take back the money which built it and you have the wealth without one tax dollar invested. This is so well understood, that the Jews have been so afraid that you would find out how it worked in Germany, that they destroyed the economy of Germany before it could be well established. BUT DO YOU KNOW WHERE THEY GOT THE IDEA FOR THAT TYPE OF ECONOMIC SYSTEM?---from the United States Constitutional money system. WHICH WE HAVE NEVER TRIED. I tell you that there is something else you must recognize. Whereas a free economy had coinage moving around, and if you want gold or silver, you have a right to have it, if your nation can mine it. But the real value should be an abiding check against the production which you can take in the commodities produced. I tell you that America wealth is in its homes, its factories, in its land. It is in the things that you have made according to their ability to last against the pattern of deterioration. Your wealth therefore is thus checked.

Thru the program of God’s Kingdom there should be a dollar in distribution, to buy every dollars worth of goods there is to sell. I am going to tell you that in the days ahead, there are going to be days of plenty, and not of scarcity. If your enemy thinks they are going to pull the financial wealth from out of America, then with every type of communication which we have today, Americans are going to know, WHO DID IT. There will be a great human cry in America and people will say, ‘We aren’t going to have this Jew depression no matter who they use to steer it our way. When factories shut down and people are out of work, they say this is because there is no money. Then when they want to start a war, as they have someone they want to destroy, they have all kinds of money, and the factories start and the people go back to work. And you learn something. You pass from one moment of Depression to one of prosperity all because someone is passing out the paper. America should have learned a lesson by now. If someone can start everything moving as they pass out the paper, then if you take another Depression because they take the paper away, or determine what your economic destiny is to be, then you need your head examined completely.

Now, I can assure you of this. The Jews burned down one building (in Germany) before an election, because they were afraid that the election would bring into being a government bank. It didn’t do them any good because the government bank was established the next day. But then they would burn down anything and everything if they thought they would loose their interest burden of 30 to 40% on all the loans which they effectively manage after they have checked out the original of your currency which they have since managed.

Someone says, ‘You mean we don’t have to destroy the Federal Reserve System?’ Well now, who would go down to the Federal Reserve to get a loan when you could get interest free money, backed by the proper investment on the production of your country? Now, you say, ‘Will this work?’ Well then if it won’t work, there is no investment by a financial institution that will work. Then some say, ‘But, Dr. Swift, what can you do with money?’ Well, you can buy good land with it. But then pay taxes on it which is the problem which must be properly evaluated. This purchase must be in an area in which the profit on the land not only pays the taxes, but produces a profit as well. The profit it makes must be on the use of the land, or on the increase in value as the patterns of inflation holds it the same. We show you that this is always a proper investment except for the tax matter. It is possible that the manipulation organizes and moves the areas of prosperity from one side of the land to another. This is something your enemy has learned to do. On the other hand there is another thing we call to your attention, and that is that the business and industries in America who are not in debt to the International bankers, are always a good investment, because they are producing good.

The history of the last Depression showed that those with investments in those industries fared better than anyone else. Because the thirteen to fifteen million people out of work had to buy the production from these industries on which the nation operated on. And the profit which was produced was distributed among the owners of the businesses. It doesn’t matter if the price goes up and down on stocks, and that stock is related to the manipulator. It is only the important investments in the kind of companies which are producing the profit which always goes back to the owners that matter. Now I cite that there are lots of things to remember. But you are not going to save America, and you cannot save America until you break the power of gold---in Babylon.

Someone said, ‘Are you against the gold standard?’ I am against the standard that hinges all of America’s currency to gold, or to any commodity in the face of the vastness of American production. But I believe in just sets of weights and measures which you can inter-change with gold and silver if you so desire. And I am sure that you would rather have the product and the check against it because you cannot eat gold or silver. The enemy knows this. And I think that it is time America not only awakens to its responsibilities as a society and that every Christian American says not another Merchant of Babylon is going to take over our money and then run outside our nation and demand from us its security.

I think across America, that Christians everywhere, should start a great political movement not to elect another candidate who will give away our wealth. Someone said, ‘But what if they start calling for the backing of our wealth?’ Is think it is time we took a firm stand saying, ‘World, there is something you are going to have to know. We haven’t any gold to give away, but we do have production. And if there are goods you want to buy, then you can exchange dollars that you hold for this production.’ We gave most of those dollars away anyhow. So we better earmark and especially catalogue dollars which go into circulation by such a course. The time has come when it is more important that you same America than all the ‘Hottentots’ in Africa, or all the Asiatics in the world. I can assure you of this. If your economy was based on production or that kind of ‘Divinely ordained’ system of economy, it wouldn’t effect it even if they had the gold. And when you got thru, you would have the gold back again.

Babylon which thinks they are going to crush America economically while they gather the Military power to destroy her, is getting ready for an economic doom. I want you to know tonight, that there is no formula for absolute security. They have designed that they are suddenly going to pull the rug out from under Americas businesses and her production security. They are going to import so much goods into this country, that they are going to close your factories. The people have only one recourse which is to protect by tariffs, instead of the program of the Administration, but by the walls of American production.

Understand, tonight, that God has so bountifully blessed this nation that you are self-sufficient. There is nothing that you need which is not in this nation. And if you did not have one bit of trade outside of the U.S., and no foreign aide to give away, you would be more prosperous in twenty-four months than you have been for a long, long period of time.

You say, ‘But suppose they want to buy our wheat?’ Well, let them bring their gold and their jewels and come and buy. Then you say, ‘Suppose India needs wheat?’ Let me tell you something. Those Maharajahs and that government and even Mr. Nehru, have more wealth and jewels and more gold in their lockers than the capital wealth of your nation, in actual gold and silver and precious stones. And yet, you are being told to give to their people. I heartily agree that if they want wheat, then let them dump some of that loot in our treasury.

God has warned you that you are not to help out pagans. You are just supporting them in their error. The flight of gold is an economic disaster if you are going to pitch your hopes on Babylon’s disorder. And if you decide to fight Babylon, then remember their system is treason anyhow. Someone said, ‘But this will make the devil mad.’ But that doesn’t hurt. The best thing that could happen to America is for him to get mad and have the split come right now.

Therefore, they think they have reached the cycle where no man can buy or sell. But there is no cycle ahead where you will be crushed, even tho it say, ‘In Babylon, the millstone will cease to turn.’ Now God is not a Jew who fails to understand background. If you think that YAHWEH’S loss is Omniscience---if you think He doesn’t understand this situation,---let me tell you something. God Almighty has a design to crumble Babylon. And He had a design to so empower you with understanding and initiative, that you will produce a great self-sufficient Christian economy. And if they are dried up form draining you, then these parasites will die on their own vine or bush. They will just disappear because they never produce by themselves.

We point this out to you. They have launched a system which we do not have time to discuss tonight, in the cities of the anti-Christ. They hope to economically control them all individually putting you as a citizen of America under a great world Satanic design. It is going to fail, because when the Light---lights up your countenance, there won’t be a Cainanite in the House of God. It is pretty hard to do business on main street, or on ‘Wall Street’ if you are not here. ‘There will not be a Cainanite left in the House of God.’

Babylon’s millstones are going to cease, in one moment. Her entire International program of control is going to come to a standstill because God says, “I am going to bring My judgement down upon her like great hailstones.” And you are going to wake up and find that Babylon is ‘Thy Merchants.’ Not the man your family has known for years that is a Scandinavian, an Anglo-Saxon, or kindred people. Babylon is ‘Thy Merchants’ your International money lenders, and identified by his attitude toward Christ, toward Christians, and your civilization. Now God said, ‘I am going to save you.’ So don’t forget that.

You say, ‘But how do I survive?’ You take your tithe that God give you, and don’t depend on Babylon’s money. Use it until it is anchored to---not Babylon’s anchor---but to God’s production and blessings and initiative in America. I have a lot of faith in America. But I have no faith in her manipulators.

Now listen. In one hour shall Great Babylon fall. And when Babylon’s great millstone starts to slow do, and its conspiracies end, then America’s great millstones are going to start turning. America is going to have all the things it wants to buy and all the things it know how to build. And the world is going to have all the things which can be produced for it. And when Babylon’s power is broken, you are going to see, my friends, the re-activity again of every enterprise in God’s Kingdom.

I point out to you that the flight of gold is a conspiracy. It is a part of the Communist program. And the most fantastic thing is to see a man of wealth such as the Kennedys support the program which will disinherit every last man of wealth in America before it is thru. I tell you this tonight, that America could stop every one of these conspiracies if every Christian would say, ‘We have had enough.’ In fact, you can plague every Senator or Representative with letters going in every day. You can plug every loop hole of money going out by repudiating this scheme. No sense in telling the world that you have a pocket full of money, when you don’t have. Because the Jews have taken it. When the Jews want to give their money to the world, then you stand back and say, ‘Wonders never cease.’ No wonder that we can say, ‘Lord Jesus come quickly, even so, come Lord Jesus.’

We haven’t time to finish this subject. And we will talk to you next Sunday about the cities of the anti-Christ. This tremendous design of world conspiracy is of great significance. The purpose and plan of God and the surviving order, is also clearly unveiled as we see comparative strategy unveiled. This is very vital for our understanding. There has never been a period throughout all ages, when there was not help from Celestial plains. So remember that. In this vital hour we are now in, then it is help from Celestial plains which will strengthen the Kingdom for these final hours of its service and ministry, before the Kingdom administers the affairs of the world.

Remember the Kingdom is not going down and out. It is coming up. It is not going to leave the earth, but it is going to rule over the earth, because this is God’s purpose. It is our design to outline for you the conditions and times we live in. As we discuss this next subject ‘The Cities of the Anti-Christ’ we will show you the design of the enemy and cause you to know where these cities are today that rule one hour with the beast. The scriptures say there is a very special destiny for those cities. So we think it is important that you know where they are. Until then.------(end of message)