Foretold Destiny Of America, 3-3-63



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 3-3-63

Greetings fellow Americans from the Church of Jesus Christ Christian in Kernville, California. One does not look far today to know that we are in trying times. The White Christian is being pushed from one place after another, as the White man and his Bible law leaves comes chaos and trouble and the so called freed nations come crying for food and all types of aide. The need today is for Christians of America to realize that 70% of the Bible is national, not personal. That the great White Christian nations are fulfilling every promise given to Israel. That the signs of trouble are all around us and that they are the signs prophesied for the ending of the age. God is not mocked, nor is He dead. Nor have His plans gone amiss. Man had done the very thing that God foresaw. So we must learn the hard way, by inflation, pollution, starvation, sickness, war. All these things are the result of refusing to follow the Divine laws of God. America must awaken to her heritage and her Destiny.

We present the late Dr. Swift with the message ‘Foretold Destiny of America.’

Prayer:---Almighty and Eternal Father, we come into thy presence to worship you in spirit and in truth. Thankful that you have given unto us the guidance of thy Spirit, to guide us into all truth for which we search. To open up unto us by thy spoken word, and the revelations of thy written word, as you have moved upon Holy men of thy calling. To record for us thy scriptures as you have inspired your Apostles to record the pattern of events during thy ministry. You have caused multitudes of others to record and to write. You have assured thy people that you have not withdrawn thy spirit. You have declared unto us that you will do nothing unless you unveil it to your ministers and your prophets. You have assured us of the spiritual nature of thy Kingdom and of the spiritual center of thy Kingdom---thy Church. You have promised to bring to our searching eyes all of the things that we would seed to know. So we thank thee for a continual understanding of the things that relate to our background and to the things that relate to our land. We pray that you will grant to us, understanding concerning thy hand upon us and upon the great heritage of our land. We pray that you will help us to awaken thy people out of their sleep and help them to throw off the yokes of attempted bondage and drive the forces of evil from our land. Guide unto us leadership guided by thy Spirit and not by thy enemies. Grant unto us strength so that a stand shall be taken so that the powers of darkness shall tremble before thee, knowing that we are thy children and that you have loved us. As we commit ourselves unto thy hand, we say thy will be done as it is in heaven and then we ask it.---

Tonight, as we talk about the destiny of America, and about these great United States, and about its prophetic destiny, there are a great many clergy who do not know that the United States has a part to play in human destiny, other than just the conditions they see round about them, and the realization that we are a great nations. They do not know that the Bible has anything to say about this great nation. They do not know from whence they come or who they are. And they do not know their national and racial identity as it relates to the program of the scriptures. Thus it is rather hard for someone to talk about this nation in prophecy if they do not know who they are or where they came from. And they do not know their national and racial identity as it relates to the program of the scriptures. Thus it is rather hard for someone to talk about this nation in prophecy if they do not know how this is designed or what God has to say about this matter. In fact, the amazing thing is that so many know so little of the heritage of this continent and what existed upon it and what has gone before. God has not only had this plan for you on this continent, but when the earth was rolled forth, he had you in mind. For God Almighty was working a development for this nation for His people to dwell in. He was developing its resources and He was developing this wilderness, this new continent for this purpose. When the forces of nature were creating their great upheavals and mountain ranges were rising and falling, and when the sweeping passage of a comet tail was to batter the earth in the colds of outer space, as came about in the sweeping back to earth of ice and snow, when the ice age was conditioning the earth, little did men know that God was planning a great continent for you.

I say specifically that in God’s plan, this was one of the final areas of great leadership for the great nations of God’s Kingdom, and a great nation was destined to rise in this continent to carry as its symbol the outstretched wings of the Eagle which was the symbol of the ancient house of Manasseh. And under its measure and its chart, this was a part of Divine Destiny.

We might point out to you that there are a great many things that people do not know or realize about this great nation. For found here are certain qualifications only found on one other part of the earth and this is rather significant. For God promised in the days when He spoke to Israel thru His Prophet Isaiah, that He had a place and He was going to plant in the wilderness:--’The Fir tree, the Box tree, and the Myrtle tree and the great Cedars of Lebanon.’

Now, you say that He was talking about Palestine. But at that time, Isaiah was in Palestine and God had not only prepared also that this land would be occupied by the White race who migrated down from the upper Tarim Basin and had emerged under the strong leadership of Enoch to move into Egypt and establish those necessary symbols. Then back out of that area in part and the leadership to continue under Shem, and Ham in the land of Chaldees. Then the calling out of Abraham came and he was brought out of Ur of the Chaldees so that no mongrelizing of the Seed would take place as he carried forward his pure destiny and spiritual capacity. God made a covenant with Abraham saying:--’I will be a God unto thee and all thy seed after thee, in all thy generations.’ Then He made the same covenant with Isaac as He said:--’In Isaac shall thy seed be called.’ Then He renewed the covenant with Jacob and said:--’Thru Jacob shall I keep this covenant that I made with thy father Isaac, and his father Abraham.’ And out of Jacob came twelve sons for the greatest lines ever known, the great nations of the White race. These are Adam man coming to his fullness. The Adam man, the White man is a different specie from any other and the last to be placed upon the earth. It was the household of the MOST HIGH GOD.

When Ezekiel saw the throne of God being rolled out of that Great space craft, he says, ‘I beheld the One upon the throne and He looked like Adam man.’ In this radiant white throne sat the God of Destiny. And when Ezekiel saw this great and majestic Glory of the White God, Ezekiel said He looked like Adam--man. So you Adam children, look like your Father and He is identified with you.

Now some people won’t like this, but today not many like what is truth. Because it does not fall into the propaganda pattern that the world order is trying to sell you. We point out to you that it was out of this Adamic White race that God brought forth Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and his many sons. These twelve sons of Jacob had a great prophetic destiny. However, we are not, in this message, going to talk about them all. When I talk about the house of Joseph, the enemy always tries to bring an attack against the truth. He has all kinds of names, as he says you are a cult, or you are British Israel, or something else. Well, what about British Israel? Let’s look that question in the face. The Anglo-Saxon people who are a part of the British Israel, are Christians and they believe that they are what constitutes the strongest part of God’s Israel in the earth today. We embrace that this is true, but we go further than they do, for we recognize that every White Christian nation in the world today is God’s Israel. We recognize that Germany is the House of Judah and that Finland if Issachar. And we know that the Slavic peoples of Hungary and Rumania are a part of Zebulun. We know today where every branch of Israel is located and we know their crests, their symbols, and their heritage and their history. Most of our critics don’t know the background of Europe, let alone their own. So I tell you that we make no apologies for what we know of what God unveils. We proclaim these facts because they are internally evident. And since we believe the Word of God to be true, then what God has said He will do. When He has said what He would make of the sons of Jacob, and what nations He would make of them, then they should be in evidence. And we find that they are. When He gave them symbols and signs for identification, then He must have established them. And we find that God has done this.

It would be a strange thing that with all the prophecy of the age that relates to a great nation, that a great nation like the United States could rise up and not be in the Bible. No, my friends, it is in the Book and in the pattern of God that relates to it. We discover that when you go back into the background of these peoples, that God unveiled in prophecy that many of these things that would come to pass, have already been fulfilled. When we talk about Israel, we watched it grow from a tribal family to a Kingdom. We watched it advance from Saul to David and from David to Solomon. Then we watched it divide and 10 tribes became the House of Israel and a separate Kingdom. Then greatest among the House of Israel was the House of Joseph, made up of two tribes, those being, Ephraim and Manasseh.---Ephraim to be a Commonwealth of Nations and Manasseh to be a great Nation when they fulfilled their destinies. The emblem of Joseph was like unto the Unicorn. And the strength of this was also to be as the Bullock and the outstretched wings of the Eagle. The house of Joseph has three emblems, the Lion, the Unicorn (which are on the British Empire--the House of Ephraim), and the outstretched wings of the Eagle on the United States, the land of Manasseh.

The U.S. is a great nation and carries the destiny of the original Anglo’s that helped to settle it, tho to this nation was to come some new development that God had in mind. For into this great nation as God developed it, was to come a gathering of the people. Out of all the tribes of Israel would be gathered into this nation, some of all these people so as to make a great and mighty power, the symbol of God’s Kingdom. Only those from the tribes of Israel to be synthesized, to be amalgamated, to be brought together with God’s blessing upon this gathering. You cannot mix black and white without curses upon it. You cannot mix Asiatic and white without degeneration. But you can fuse together with intermarriage the great nations of the White Western world. Thus in this nation you will find that a great number of people of the Anglo-Saxon background and with their Anglo destiny and language, have fused themselves with their blood to the blood of Germany and with Scandinavia. We are today, one great and mighty White race. For here has been the gathering of the people.

Let us take a look at the background of Prophecy and Destiny. For the Destiny that God bestowed upon His people concerned a great driving force that would move throughout their society and eventually direct them to this course. Long before we find the final settlement in Western Europe which took place as the 10 tribes came out of Assyrian captivity through the Caucasus Pass into Europe in the Isles were already some of their earlier kinsmen who had migrated from the Steppes and were found to be out of the Sethites. They located in the Isles and were there as later migrations came in.

There are people today who are still of the House of Seth. And they are acceptable to God for they Adamic and they are of His Household. Even as when Joseph married Asenath, the daughter of Potipherah, the Priest of the city of On in Egypt. There was no violation of Divine Law in this marriage because this was a White Priesthood established out of the House of Seth, and in the days of Enoch and Job was established in On. This Priesthood was still in Egypt when Joseph and Mary took the baby Jesus into Egypt for protection from the ravages of Jewry on the rampage.

When the blessing was laid on Joseph, the name of Israel was bestowed upon his own sons, Ephraim and Manasseh. Why? Because this is a White race synthesis and Enoch in the days when God spoke to him said:---”Ye are My Israel (meaning ruling with God, Divine offspring of the Household of the MOST HIGH.)” I want you to know that while your Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian forbearers were moving across the heart of Europe and settling deep into the fiords of Northern Europe, and into the areas where Dan had proceeded them and established their outposts. Dan had left his mark for them to follow. Dan had been in Greece proceeding this time and had built a great civilization there preceding the movement to the north and west. The Apostle Paul was to say later, Greeks are identified with us because our fathers came out with Moses. All passed through the same waters and all partook of the same manna.

I want you to realize that the House of Manasseh, which is a part of the House of Joseph, had a very unique destiny. For not only had they been destined in the plan of God, which He knew form the beginning, but in their migrations the grater number of thee settlers were Anglos and the first dissenters. Also the early dissenters among the Protestants were the Anglos and they were the ones who demanded freedom of religion. They made up a great part of the first who migrated to this country. But long before this, the Manasseh tribe was restless and the ships of Dan came out the Pillars of Hercules and went up the coast and were trading with some of the Sethites in the Isles of Britain who were there before the early parts of the Anglo-Saxons arrived. On these ships of Dan, the men of Manasseh rode. They were not unlike the Viking cousins of yours who settled in Northern Europe. They wanted to know and to probe the vastness of earth. They had a strange hunger to establish the outposts of earth and they had ideas to be carried out. Dan had a great courage. And long before the days when Christopher Columbus decided to cross the ocean and reach India, people of Scandinavia had come all the way over to North America on two occasions, during the period of 800 B.C. to 760 B.C., a large company of Manasseh, the Anglos of your race were with them. Even before the final passage of the tribes into captivity had embarked, the ships of Dan were on great exploration voyages. They were born on the winds and with oars across the waters of the Southern Atlantic, and finally came into the Caribbean Sea, and then sailed across that until they hit the coast of Central America. And there they landed. They were received by a people who had a civilization and a society already existing here in Central America. These people are known to you as the Mayans. And the Mayans were related to the Tolec and they had a relationship to the later occupiers of a later civilization that was located high in the Andes Mountains of Peru known as the Incas.

These were people who were a part of the pre-Adamic world. These people were connected with the race lines that had been on this earth before the great catastrophes that had swept it and caused the great sinking of the land masses in the areas we now call the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. In their background, and in their history, they talked about the great volcanoes that smoked to the East and to the West. And how great land masses dropped into the water. They talked about how great crevices opened in the land and the waters rushed in, and how the steam blew the tops off the mountains. And the Mayans story and the writings of Horus in Egypt, are synonymous concerning the sinking of the land mass that existed between what we now call the Americas and the Continent of Europe. The knowledge of this was also known to Enoch at the time when he was in Egypt. For he was dwelling in the land where the descendants of Horus and others had come from off this sinking land mass. After Enoch’s journey into the heavens and having been told these things, wrote of them. When Plato, from our Scythian forefathers out of the land of Greece, came into Egypt for his education here in the city of On, learned of the civilization that came from Alatan and the destruction which occurred when the mighty struggle came between the God of Righteousness and the gods of evil, Plato told the whole story. We will talk more about that another time. But I can tell you that when Plato came home, he wrote the story and we named the Atlantic Ocean after Plato’s story of the people of Atlantas, based on what he learned in Egypt. What the Mayans taught was exactly the same story and they tell also about the land to the Westward. And they tell how the whole thing sunk beneath the surface and the waters swept over it---of the land to the Westward toward the setting sun. They tell of what happened to these great areas of civilization of the continent of Lemuria that is not known as the Pacific Ocean. Today we find only Easter Island and a few other traces of what existed in the past.

The Mayans had a civilization which was very old. But in the instances of their dwelling, they had dwelt mostly in peace. Their cities had been built. They studied the stars. They had their chronological records and their great cylinders of measure. All these were a part of their civilization of the past in Latin America. The Mayans tell a story and it’s a most interesting story. They tell of how the White Gods arrived and who arrived according to their time schedule on their calender within the time when a part of Manasseh sailed on the ships of Dan and crossed the great waters and arrived in Central America. You will note that the Bible says that Manasseh crossed the waters. They did not know where Manasseh had gone, but they knew that part of Manasseh was missing.

I want to point out to you something that was rather interesting. When these people arrived, there was an ancient tradition and it is listed in the books of Horus in ancient Egypt as well as in the records of the Mayans. This tradition was their belief that some day the great and mighty God of the Heavens would come down to protect them from the only thing they feared which was the ‘flying serpent.’ _______ ______(Klepto Kweeato) which is also similar to the Aztec symbol of the flying dragon---the symbol of Lucifer, and to the Dragon god the flying serpent of Asia. But the God of Light would be greater than this and His many sons would come out over the earth and they would be White men and would reflect the Glory and the Light of their Father---God. They were referred to as the sons of Osiris, the Ka of Ra. Then these of Manasseh that arrived among the Mayans were called the children of the Sun. And the Manasseh people told the Mayans that they were the children of YAHWEH. And they told them of what had happened in the background of their race. That is why the Mayans had the story of the migration out of the Tarim Basin and the story of Noah. That is why they have the story of the Serpent and how he entered into the areas of the beginning of your race. That is why they had the stories which were in comparison with many Bible stories. This wasn’t because these stories were universal. This was because the Manasseh people had told them these things. And more than that, they brought to the Mayans, an understanding of measure and of the things of the MOST HIGH. In the instance of this, they became a teaching leadership in the Mayan society.

While all this was going on, we look to the north of your land and we find that out of the Scandinavian parts came Viking ships. They were the winged ships that crossed the Northern Atlantic. And in those ships came the children of Asher, Naphtali and Dan. For there was a drive in these people to plunge out into unknown areas of waters and discover what was on the other side. These Viking ships with their oars and their sails landed these people around the mouth of the St. Lawrence River. When they landed, they immediately started probing up the river. And men with their great axes over their shoulders, pushed up the river and through the great forests. They found a land filled with game and also they found something else. They found that area around the Great Lakes was filled with masses of iron ore. These ancient kinsmen of your race, know the value of this ore. And they were metallurgists who knew how to heat the ore and to pound and produce greater axes and fine blades. They saw also the people who lived among the trees and who drew back as they approached. They were looking at people who later would be called Indians. Then having decided that it was too far to go back home in the year they had arrived, they built for themselves, stockades out of timbers they cut. They built them in what is now Northern Michigan and around Lake Champlain and at the edge of the St. Lawrence River. Some of the people they caught glimpses of, were sometimes hostile, and they were sometimes showered with a rain of arrows, thus the building of the stockades. These people were used to attacks for they had sustained attacks as they had come into Europe and in their migrations as the Asiatics and the Kites had hit them at that time.

These sturdy people had a method of preserving their boats that they had always used, so that they were always available to sail back to whence they came another time. They filled the boats with rocks and sank them. Then they were preserved under the waters. And when the spring came, they dived down and removed the rocks and raised their boats. By doing this, no native wherever they were, could destroy their crafts. Thus having arrived in this new land and having decided it was worth developing, they sank their Viking ships and planned on raising them in the spring for their return trip. Now some of the great ships were never raised as some of their people were wiped out. And just last year, a Viking ship was raised in the Great Lakes. And it was in perfect condition. And by radio carbon dating on the wood of the ship, it was learned that particular ship came over to this land about 500 years before the days of Columbus.

Now I happen to have a tremendous amount of research material on this matter for I am very much interested in the archaeology of my country and my continent. I am very much interested in the fulfillment of God’s plan and His sovereignty. This continent had been placed and planted in the antiquity of time just for you. I am going to point out one of the things God said about this in the beginning as He spoke to Isaiah, at the time Isaiah stood in Palestine. He said, ‘I have planted the Fir tree, the Box tree, the Cedar tree, and the Myrtle tree, and the great Red Woods, the Cedars of Lebanon. I have provided a land which has its rivers coming down from the high mountains, and the land with the greatest water courses of the world. I have prepared this place for you, My people Israel. And the world shall know that I loved thee and that I planned this great place in the wilderness for you.’

At this point, someone always says, ‘But He meant the land of Palestine.’ Let me point something out to you. The ancient Cedars of Lebanon were the great Redwood trees. The only place in the ancient world that they grew, was in Lebanon. Do you know what happened? They cut them all down and never planted any new trees. They used these great trees in the building of the mighty Temple of God in Jerusalem. But today, where the Cedars of Lebanon grew, there are no giant trees. The only place where you find them today, is in their belts in the Western part of the United States. Here in the state of California, we find these mighty trees. And here we say---give us tall men to match our mountains, but take these schmoos and Bronx Indians home.

In this great land where God said some of his work would be done, on one shore He planted the mighty Cedars of Lebanon, the mightiest Cedars in the whole earth. Then across our land He planted the Pine tree, the Box tree and the Cyprus tree, more than that He made this land for the mightiest cutting of lumber that the world would ever know. He planned a land blessed in every necessary resource for His people. Then He planted on this West Coast, again in a certain spot--the Myrtle trees. The only place the Myrtle wood grows outside of Palestine, is on the West Coast in Southwest Oregon. Why do we mention that? Because it was a mark of where God was going to plant Israel for one of her greater blessings. This is where He sent some of your race.

Let us take a look at the second Viking migration. One ship returned to Scandinavia and talked about the great land with the many waters and its great herds of game, its massive forests and its iron ore. The Scandinavians thought of ore as a vital thing. For with this, they would make their mighty blades and with this they would prepare their great instruments. The leading metallurgists in the world are from Scandinavian lands. They came back to this great land in a large company and they built their stockade cities along the Great Lakes. Even today, are to be found some traces of these cities. But also here were hostile people who were Asiatic in their origin and with the identification of the high cheek bones. And they moved and looked unusual to these Scandinavians, for they had not beheld this type of people before. They tried to be friends with then and their kindness was repaid with stealth and death. They taught these people the ability of the metal work and made them gifts of the metal axes. And then the natives changed the shape of their tomahawks to the shape of the iron axes. That is why the blunt tomahawks of the South were changed to the shape introduced in the North. We are told that the natives decided to wipe out these Scandinavians now that they had learned their metallurgy. So in the ancient traditions of the Mohicans and the Delaware comes the story of where these White people came from and what was their origin. Thus, it is that the White Mohicans and the White Delaware were of Scandinavian origin. There were also White Cherokee. And they were not like the Hurons, the sulking Asiatics who never kept their treaties. These great stockade cities of the Scandinavians were built along the Great Lakes and we find even today where they dug their ore out of the hills and brought it in and heated it and molded it into their axes and their instruments. Only recently, the archaeologist and the National Geographic have shown the kilns where they poured the melted ore into the clay and molded their instruments. They have found their artifacts of axes and spears. And also they found an iron double molded, shaped great figurehead of a horse. It had been molded so that it would fit down over a pointed area of wood to become the figurehead of a Viking ship. The two halves of it were found and the kiln where the clay had been prepared for the mold.

Strange as it might seem, the records are that the Indians kept attacking these colonies on the Great Lakes. And realizing that they could not hold out if cut off from their game supply, and since many of their ships were destroyed, they found that there was only one thing for them to do. The leaders decided that since the Indians, because of superstitions did not fight, they would take their women and children and they would leave at night and they would become nomads always moving with the game. And thus, they would survive the winter. Then maybe they could come back in the spring. They left their cities in the darkness and their scouts determined the camps of the savages and they took to the woods and became a fluid society.

Actually, the people who produced the White tribes later called Indians, were the Scandinavians. For they never returned to their homes. They fought and they continued a struggle for survival in the North Eastern part of the U.S. and Canada. They came south into the Blue Ridge Mountains and into the State of Pennsylvania. And some of them came into the Ozarks. Here we now have a whole group of so called Indians known by the Seven Nations as the White Indians. This also explains to you the mystery of the White King Philip. This explains to you why Pocahontas was as fair as the rest of the ladies of the Queens Court. So we have White Indians. Why were they called Indians? Because we had a man by the name of Columbus who was a lot like a modern ‘New Dealer.’ He didn’t know where he was going when he went. And he didn’t know where he was when he got there. And since he wanted to go to India, then he named the people Indians. And he went home and said he had been to India. And he did every bit of this on borrowed money. That’s why they compare him with a lot of modern politician today. Because they don’t know where they are going and they don’t know where they have been and they do all that on other peoples money.

Now, we aren’t trying to run down Columbus, because he did have a great deal of courage and great faith and very scientific principals that the Bible supported long before he was born. And after all, he belongs to a branch of Israel stock. Remember that Simeon was the peoples of Spain and Spain was a part of the prophecies made concerning your race. We might turn into the book of Deuteronomy and we discover among the things that are a part of Destiny, that God said when He divided the nations their inheritance, when He separated the sons of Adam and He set the bonds of the peoples according to the numbers of the Children of Israel, ‘For the Lord’s portion is His people; Jacob is the generation of his inheritance.’(Deut. 32:8-9)

God said, ‘I am going to make these Israel nations to ride on the high places of the earth, that he might eat of the increase of the fields. And he is going to gather the honey out of the rock and oil out of the flinty rocks; more than this, he is going to possess the great grazing lands of the earth, and have mighty wealth.’

Now, Deuteronomy 33:----in talking about various groups, He talks about Joseph and He said, in verse 13:--’Blessed of YAHWEH be his land, for the precious things of heaven and for the dew and for the deep. And for the precious fruits of the sun and the precious things put forth by the moon.’ Which are the symbols of His jewels. Verse 15:---’And for the chief things of the ancient mountains.’ (The precious metals and ores and those things)---’And for the precious things of the lasting hills.’ (The gold and the silver) Verse 16:--’And for the precious things of the earth and the fullness thereof and for the good will of Him that dwelt in the bush; the blessing comes upon the head of Joseph, and upon the top of the head of him that was separated from his brethren.’ Verse 17:--’His Glory is like the firstling of his bullock and his horns are the horns of an Unicorn. (The symbol of Johnny Bull and the Unicorn---Britains seal) With them, He shall push the people together to the ends of the earth. These shall be the 10,000 of Ephraim and the thousands of Manasseh.’

When it talks about Simeon, (Spain) it says, ‘He shall be a colonizer also, and some may call him cruel, but it is because he moves out in these missions. The word for---the striking, means that he shall retaliate to those who will not make his peace, but turn to him their weapons.

If you turn to the background of these prophecies, you will note that these people who made up early Manasseh had gone into Central America about 800 B.C. to 760 B.C. And they had preceded the coming of the Scandinavians into North America. We know what happened to the Scandinavians and how their people sailed across the seas and were met by hostile ‘red men.’ Now, they didn’t call them Indians because the Indian name didn’t come into being until much later. There is not greater misnomer in the world than to call the original dwellers in America Indians. In North America there were basically two kinds of people dwelling here when the first colonies came into being. They were the Asiatics who had come down thru the Bering Strait and into Canada. Then there were those White people who had come from Scandinavia and been trapped in this country and had taken to the nomadic type of life for survival. Now, in South and Central America, there were those like the Mayans, the pre-Adamic people of the sunken continents. There were a few people who had come out of the fall and the curse of Lucifer. And they existed in the jungles of South America. Some had made their way up into the Isles of the Caribbean Sea and on the southern tip of North America and these were called Negroids. The lower islands had some of those and some were in South America before the White man came, because the Mayans talked about the dark and curly headed ones just like the Summerians did.

We point out to you that when the Manasseh people were dwelling with the Mayans, they were teaching them knowledge and wisdom and lore, and the worship of the One True God, revitalizing their ancient religions ties in with the pagan elements of yesterday with new ideas. And the Mayans received these White people as the children of the Most High, the children of the Sun. But Asiatics had come into this country with increasing numbers and they moved down the West Coast and into Central America and wherever they went they waged war with any they found. Then they came to the land of the Mayans and there they discovered the great fortress cities these people had built. Instead of fighting the invaders, the Mayans just retreated into their fortress cities. Inside, they had their water supply and their food supplies and they could stay inside for a long time. There was one thing these Asiatics knew. They had passed the deposits of sulphur and they knew if you burned sulphur, the fumes would choke a man. So they went to the sulphur deposits and they loaded great amounts of sulphur and brought it to the Mayans land and ringed it around their fortress city and set it on fire. The fumes of the sulphur started to strangle the people. And now the knowledge of the Manasseh people showed its worth. For the Manasseh people had taught the Mayans to dig tunnels that came out into the jungle behind the lines of those attacking them. So the Manasseh people said, it was time to go, and they went out of the doomed city with the Mayans. They had prepared weapons for themselves before going out as the Mayans had never seen or heard of these people from the North, thus they knew they would have to fight for their lives. The Mayans had always lived in peace and did not understand the fighting of the Asiatics. And if it had not been for the coming of the Manasseh people, they would have all died, being no match for these Asiatics. The Mayans had fought some in the past with the Incas over the division of theology and over the gold that came from the mines of South America, but that was the basis of their experience. So the Mayans and the Manasseh people came out through the tunnels that the White people had built and they mostly moved north into the Toltec land. And the Mayans fused with the Toltec people. And the writings of the Toltecs say that into their land came the Mayans and the children of the Sun----who were your own Manasseh kinsmen, your forbearers that had come across the seas.

Most of you are from the forbearer of Joseph---Manasseh and Germany---and came by the route of immigration and earlier colonization. But what happened to these White Manasseh kinsmen? They came north and managed to work their way into the southern United States into the area which is now known as New Mexico and there they built the seven cities of gold. The people said these cities and other buildings which were overlaid with gold. The people said these cities were built by the sons of the God of the Sun. And we discover this. The Asiatic tribes, now called Indians, began to war against these people. And the Manasseh people fought. And during these wars, they became a fierce and warlike White tribe of people who were battling for their survival. Thus we had White tribes of people still revering the Great White Spirit. And you will note that all White Indians worship the Great White Father. Why do Indians worship the Great White Spirit? Those who worship the Great White Spirit are those who emerged out of the White race. They knew the symbol of the White heritage and the White supremacy. They knew the difference between the Great White Father and the devil gods of the Asiatic Indians. This is why you find among the so-called Indians, the White Cherokee, White Sioux, as well as the Asiatic Sioux. For among them were White groups. Among the later nine nations three of them were White nations. When the sun hit them they were more bronze than red. When they threw off their coverage and blankets and their trappings, their skin was white like their white kinsmen. Only when they lived constantly in the sun were they tanned into bronze by the sun. Thus you could tell the white Indians from the others as they came into civilization. Many of the Cherokee were white as well as the Sioux. If our message was only on Indian tribes, we could name all the tribes and the white ones among them.

The reason we point this out, is because these White tribes were in this country and battling for survival. In the days that Columbus came across the water and took back his report, then Spain decided they must explore more fully this country. And that is one of the reasons for the coming to this country of Cortez and his Conquistadors. Now someone said, ‘That was a terrible thing.’ Why? The Spaniards came with their clergy and with the standards of their God and with the knowledge of Christ. They came friendly. But they were treated with not only hostility but treachery. And then came the cruelness of Simeon. For he never forgave the treachery of the Asiatic natives he came in contact with. And his men fought with great fury. When you stop to consider that a little over 1600 men from Spain came and fought their way around the southern end of the U.S. and even in one situation crossed the Caribbean in an island hopping expedition and moved through the Panama wilderness and met untold numbers of savages of the jungle and then even went to the top of the Andes Mountains and marched back to the coast carrying the wealth of that country. And many of them even got all the way back to Spain to tell of what they say. That was quite an accomplishment.

I have in my library, some of the finest of the old records written by the Spanish Fathers who traveled with them and kept an account of what transpired. And I have many volumes on the Conquistadors telling how they moved across the country. When they came into any of the Aztec in Mexico, they said, ‘Children of the sun. The return of the Gods.’ Then when these Conquistadors reached the edge of the territory of what remained of the Toltecs, again they were greeted with these words, ‘Children of the Sun.’ Remnants of the Mayans also greeted the columns of Cortez as Children of the Sun God. And they talked about how before this, some of the children of the Sun had come and told them of their God. And in the records kept by the Friars, it is said that these people knew about Noah and about the promised coming of the Messiah. They knew about the Commandments, and how the Almighty God and His hosts had come down on a high mountain in a distant land and had given the Law to His people.

Now we are not going to justify or criticize the fact that Simeon did push wherever he went, for he did just that. And he established a Spanish foothold on this continent before he left, that was to touch the southern United States, and was to continue planting for Spain and for the King of Spain until this great State of ours, (California) was rested from our Spanish brothers claiming that it belonged more to this country than it did to Spain. A large part of this country had its deeds under Spanish Kings.

Now, John Cabot, to be followed by British Explorers, and colonizers, developed the country on the East Coast. And we had family fights between the French and the English and the Spanish over who would determine the destiny of these United States. But this was already prepared for the leadership of Manasseh of the House of Joseph. If you don’t believe that, then why are you speaking English tonight?

It was the outstretched wings of the Eagle which was to take its place over our land. Today there is no battling hostility between any of our brothers of this Adamic race over the fact that this country has become strong and powerful. In fact, we have become their best asset as time has proved. But in the days of the Colonies, hostile Indians continued to fight the coming of the British and the French. And in these battles normally it was the Mohican, the Delaware and the Narraganset who stood with the English, except when there was an involvement with the Hurons whom the French had betrayed by treachery, as the struggle went on.

The other day, when Paul Coats thought he would out-fox Connie Lynch on the television, he said, ‘You talk about the fact that this is your country, and you are not going to let the Negroes take it away from you. Don’t you remember talking about how it was your people who came and took it away from the Indians?’

Well that is alright. The Indians hadn’t done anything with this country. For they had not developed it in anyway. They were only nomads until the White men came. But look what we have done with this country and we have been here for only a few hundred years. Besides, we are not about to give it up.

Someone said, ‘Aren’t you disturbed at what we did to the Indians?’ No, I remember how the Indians---the Asiatics came down to the cities of the Mayans where the White ones dwelt and tried to burn them out with the sulphur. I remember how they met friendliness with the cunning and cruelty of Asia, and it would be the same with an invasion by Red China if it came today. I know also that in this course of Destiny, we have occupied a continent that was prepared and marked by God. He didn’t prepare this continent to be occupied by His enemies. He designed it to be occupied by His children.

In the course of our Destiny, as prophecy says, the days will come for the house of Joseph, the people of Israel and the mother Lioness and the British Lion. Some would say, ‘This is too narrow a place for us to live and some of us are going to go there and dwell in a far away land.’ God had promised David as he stood in Palestine to be crowned King, saying, ‘I have a new place prepared for you in the wilderness, far beyond the waters where I am going to plant some of your people, and they are never going to move again.’ Now, this was partially true, for some of the people in the British Isles, but it is doubly true of the land across the great waters. As we told you, God transferred the throne of David to Ireland, and how that Empire would spread until it stretched out over all parts of the earth after the throne came to England. But you in this great nation, from the colonial origin to your day of Destiny, when inspired forefathers led by men such as George Washington, John Adams, Ben Franklin and others, signed their names to a Declaration of Independence to establish the House of the Outstretched Wings of the Eagle to its political destiny.

I want to point out to you that it wasn’t long thereafter until the conventions of these United States formed first their Articles of Confederation and then later their Constitutional Convention. And they adopted the Great Seal of the United States. When they adopted the Seal of the United State. I want to call attention to something for you find it on a dollar bill. Every once in a while someone says the reason we have this on our dollar bill, is because Henry Wallace got the wild idea that he thought this symbol should be on the bill because it was Masonic and these people will say this was a Jewish trick. Let me tell you something. The Jews never created or had anything to do with Masonry except that they invaded it to destroy it. And the Masons will never regain their greatness until they blackball every Jew out of the Masonic Lodge. What they have done to Masonry, they have done to the Church.

Now, this emblem didn’t start with Henry Wallace. This is the Seal of the United States. This was not seen very often. But if Henry Wallace was responsible for seeing the Seal on the dollar bill so people would recognize their emblem, then that’s one time we own that ‘fuzzy brain’ a vote of thanks. We look at the Pyramid, the ideal symbol of Masonic building its first recreated temple, built in the days when Enoch erected that mighty pillar in Egypt. It has no capstone upon it because this is a symbol of God and His Kingdom. This great nation of yours was to be built under this Destiny, the Destiny which was also reiterated by the Apostle Paul for a great Christian society.

All of you are living stones framed together, to grow---into a Holy Temple unto God, and He is the Great Capstone, and in this, the ‘All Seeing Eye of God’ looking over your Destiny. And so on the back of that dollar bill, is a Pyramid and above it is ‘Annuit Coptis’---he prospers our gathering and our taking out of the nations. And below the Pyramid you see ‘Novus Ordo Seclorum’---New Order of the ages---new Jerusalem---the promises that were in the writings of the Apostles concerning the Great New Order and the New Jerusalem to be built in the earth.

Let me point out to you that this great Pyramid emblem with the Shekinah Glory around the eyes, is to prosper your beginning and the New Order of the Ages. Now on the other side of the Seal, we see the outstretched wings of the Eagle. It was to this Woman---which is Israel---and the White race, who brought forth the Man Child---Christ,---said in the hour of tribulation when the Dragon and his hoards tried to destroy God’s Kingdom, that the seed of Lucifer the fallen rebellious Archangel, called the Dragon, and described in Chapter 12 of the book of Revelation, as defeated in space with his war against Michael, then had tried to overthrow and conquer earth, had upset civilization and societies so God put your race on earth. And from the days of Adam until the time of the development of this great nation, God has been constantly shaping and developing His plan to take back the earth and you are the great part of that plan as well as the theme of it.

The scripture talks about how the Woman, Israel, was given the great strength of the two wings of a great Eagle so she might fly to the wilderness where she might be nourished until the times time and one half a time. But the serpent or the Dragon, the Luciferian hoards would cast out their seed, their race of unassimilatable people---would gather their hoards to try to swallow up your race in their great flood. It says even the natural forces of nature are going to help you as God uses them to help you, and before it is all over in the struggle that is ahead, the earth is going to swallow up these masses of pagans who seek to over throw you.

For the Dragon is angry, in these last days, with your race an dis trying to make war with all of her seed who have the Commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus the Christ. Take a look around this great nation. We have the Commandments of God and the Testimony of Jesus the Christ, and the forty-five million unassimilatables that we can do without.

Now, the back of the Seal of the United States, with the outstretched wings of the Eagle and the Shekinah Glory above it, and a cluster of 13 stars making the six pointed star of the Kingdom of God, building upward and downward, the symbol of the Mighty Kingdom of God. The Jews don’t own that star. They copied it. But the star they made is inter-lapping, not overlaid. And it is made out of the serpent. I look at this Seal and it is Destiny. There are 13 colonies, but also the House of Joseph. The House of Manasseh was number 13. And Manasseh’s number 13 founded a nation starting with 13 colonies. Its natural heritage is 13. If you look in the cluster of the Eagle, you see the Paleways of God’s Standard and Shield upon the breast of the Eagle, and the words ‘E Pluribus Unum’---one out of many. We are the one out of many tribes under the banner of Manasseh. To us goes the gathering of Israel for our Destiny.

Now listen. Look down into the talons of the Eagle and you see the arrows. And you remember the scripture says that God is to bless the arrows of Joseph. For Joseph had a great prophecy and you read of it in the book of Deuteronomy as well as in Genesis, chapter 49. Joseph is a fruitful bow, on his Kingdom tree; his branches shall run over the wall, and the archers of his enemies will shoot at him, but the bow of Joseph shall abide in strength. His arms and hands shall be made strong by the hands of the House of Jacob. And from them---the shepherd---the stone of Israel---the leadership of the Kingdom.

America moves under Joseph’s heraldry just as Britain does. But we carry the heraldry of the Eagle and the Arrows of Joseph. And we carry the symbol of Israel---the Olive Tree. The Peace of God is the New Order---New Jerusalem---U-(city) Salem-(Peace).

So America stands as the defender of the Kingdom it offers the peace branch of God’s Kingdom for the recognition of its tree branch. It offers the arrows if this is what they desire, for the bow of Joseph shall abide in strength and his arm shall remain strong, by the might of the God of Jacob.

Now I point out something to you that is in the book of Jeremiah. After you came out of your captivities and out of your growing processes, and arrived at the place where God said was your land, then God said, ‘Out of these people who come out of these captivities will emerge the voice of Thanksgiving, and the voice of those who are merry. I am going to glorify them and they will multiply and not be a few. And the children shall be as afore time. And their congregation shall be established before Me and I shall punish all that oppress them.’ And so far, you have never lost a struggle. This is the part of His people who moved across the new land, this wilderness, which God had already planned and planted for you with the finest of the trees and all resources from the honey to the oil and the gold and silver.

Then He said, ‘Their nobles shall be of themselves and their governors shall proceed out of the midst of them. And I shall cause them to draw near to Me and to approach unto Me. And shall make this proclamation. What proclamation? Did you know that this country was the first country to officially proclaim Thanksgiving and make it a holiday. And it has spread among all the White Christian nations of the world. Did you know that your elected representatives come from among the people and your governors are from the people? It doesn’t even matter about the rascals. For they have to give lip service to our Father and they have to make the proclamation of Thanksgiving and set aside the day, or the people would pull them off their perch.

God said to you, ‘Ye are My people and I will be a God unto you.’ Did you ever hear people say that this is God’s land? I can prove that it is. In the first place, God said, ‘when the whirling things come,’---when the flying saucers come in---when the whirl winds come in,---and God goes forth in His fury, and with His whirl winds---or circling objects, He shall bring judgement to fall upon the heads of those who would harm His people.

Now, some people in town don’t know where our reinforcements are going to come from. And in fact, they are worried about that. But I want you to know that they will come in.

Turn to the 18th chapter of Isaiah as we close this message with speed because of the time. And we will take this message up again as to its completion.

‘Woe unto the land shadowing with wings.’ Now the words ‘woe’ and ‘ho’ are the same words of salutation in the original translations. So the word is ‘ho’---greetings to the land of the Outstretched wings of the Eagle. This is from Isaiah long before you became a nation. For 1776 was a long time in the future. ‘Westward beyond the waters at the edge of Ethiopia,’--meaning westward of North Africa. ‘Ho to this nation which would send their ambassadors to sea in water drinking vessels.’ If your Bible says in vessels of bulrushes, then look it up. It is water drinking vessels. And the translators didn’t know what it meant at that time, but of course we know that it meant steam ships would carry the Ambassadors across the sea.

The United States of America is the land of the Outstretched Wings of the Eagle. And we had to sent our Ambassadors by sea unless they went to Canada or Mexico before the Air Age.

It says in your Bible, ‘A nation of scattered and peeled.’ Check the records. It is a nation of tall and clean shaven men. Generally speaking, we were the nation with the tall and clean shaven men until the Castro fad came along.

Now, did you ever stop to think that you are the young lion that spanked the mother lion as it tells you in the book of Ezekiel? So you since your beginning, have been a nation powerful and a terror to evil. You took a handful of boats not much bigger than shrimp boats and sailed across the ocean and whipped the pirates of Tripoli with those boats. You promised from the beginning that you would not take anything from any tyrant who would try to take advantage of this new nation. You raised up standards of courage and bravery. Wish to God that we could once more reach into an awareness of this and America’s people would cleanse this land in thirty days.

It says this new nation would be meted out and trodden down, or measured out underfoot. You are one of the first nations to pass a surveying law called ‘Metes and Bounds Act.’ All property is surveyed by townships---north, south, east, and west---and laid out---in this nation. And all over Europe you find---from this rock to that tree, or some one’s barn. And they surveyed it according to landmarks which basically makes it---north, south, east, and west according to landmarks they set out. The section line principal has not been adopted in many parts of the world, but you were the first nation to be measured out into sections and townships. Now God had this all written down back in the time of Isaiah, long before you were born.

A land where the rivers are divided,----(it says spoiled---but it means divided.) There are some engineers trying to dam up all the rivers and thus could be spoiling them. But I think the New Deal and the New Frontier are doing the spoiling. There is nothing as important to people as water----good water.

Water is part of your heritage. And you have some of the finest rivers in the world. No nation has been so bountifully blessed by great rivers and waterfalls as this land of ours. Study the map of the United States and you will see the four-fifths of the States are divided by rivers, or their boundaries are provided by rivers. A nation divided by rivers.

Now listen. “All ye inhabitants of the world and dwellers on earth, see ye---when He lifts up the ensign on the mountains and when He blows the trumpet---hear ye.”

When this nation lifts up the standard of God’s Kingdom, it will be the standard of Christianity and the symbol of God’s Cross. And to this Christian nation, will all Christian nations rally against the Dragon, the Communist conspiracy, World Jewry, and everything else. Now we find our leaders and our people rallying around this standard even in their ignorance. We find them calling for the rallying of the nations around this standard of Christ. But the enemy had the siren call of the U.N. And they are trying to swallow up our Christian heritage in the anti-Christ plan. We better lift up that standard upon the mountain once more, for we are going to blow the trumpet even if it strains faces to do it. For all the world shall know that this is God’s country.

Verse 4:--’I will take my rest. I will regard my set dwelling place.’ Where? What is he talking about here? In the country of the outstretched wings of the Eagle---God’s country. I can believe that when I look at the beauty of the giant Red Woods, when I see the towering Rockies. For He poured out the best of His beauty of HIS land. People who don’t love it better leave it.

He said, ‘I will take My rest and I will consider this My dwelling place and this blessing will be like clear heat after rain, upon the herbs and like the cloud of dew that waters the land at harvest time. I will be a blessing to this land.’

I hope you realize the blessings on this land. Think of all you grow and other people can’t find enough to eat. HE has blessed everything you ever put your hand to. And you have everything you ever needed here in your land. The only time you have a Depression is this land is when you let these ‘schmoos’ con you out of the control of your own goods and confiscate the money needed to move the goods. The next time they threaten you with Depression, take it out of the Jews hide.

Verse 5:--’For afore the harvest, when the bud is perfect and the sour grape is ripening into flower, He shall---both---cut off the sprigs with pruning hooks and take away and cut down the branches.’

So in these latter days, there is a pruning going on. You let go of the Philippines and you let go of Cuba, and some of the outer territories. And the only thing you retain is just the States. But you are just clearing the deck for some action.

Verse 6:--’These things you let go of are left unto the fowls of the mountains and the beasts of the earth.’

These territories which you let go of---Cuba for instance---has been taken over by the Beasts of the earth. And Asia is going to end up with the Philippines. And wherever the branches are pruned, the beasts of the earth move in for this last struggle with you.

God said, ‘In this time’---shall this great nation bring its mighty blessings into service to the MOST HIGH GOD. This people of the land of the tall and clean shaven and their mighty warriors from the beginning---they shall bring the great gifts to their God, which is the great striking power of the outstretched wings of their Eagle.

Let me tell you this. When the Eagle screams, the serpents move and the snakes run for the brush. The symbol of the Eagle flying high and slapping the Dragon and the snake to the ground is a good symbol for you, for it is your Destiny. Some people wanted to change that symbol to a turkey. But you eat turkey. Besides, I never saw a turkey smart enough to kill a snake.

God Almighty has a great declaration for you. He said, ‘The Lord’s portion is HIS people; and like an Eagle is stirring her wings and spreading them over her nest, then leading her young on high.’

Remember as we close that God has led you and taught you to fly. His great nation is identified by the Eagle. And He is the Eagle’s YAHWEH. Your symbol, the great Eagle, IDENTIFIES YOU AS THE FLYING HOUSE OF HIS LIVING SAINTS. (End of message)