Four Horsemen, 1-2-64


By  Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 1-2-64

As we turn tonight to our discussion of the four horses, we are watching developments coming with even greater speed than some might have anticipated. Remember that as we talked about events of this year, we told you that it would be a turbulent year. We spoke about the Jupiter opposition to our national house. And we made it known unto you that even with the opening of the Union message, it will be diametrically opposed to what will be best for the nation. And as we move early into this year, it will not be a year of peace. Instead, it will be brush fire wars and trouble. We have only been a few days into the year and we are engaged in trouble in Panama and many areas where we did not expect trouble to erupt. We tell you that America should be ashamed that we do not have more intelligent leadership in Washington than we have tonight, when we signed the treaty before and we undertook the building of the Panama Canal outside the city where pirates once lived, and the remnant of a small and crumbling civilization existed. We carved a great pathway across a piece of jungle and we developed the Panama Canal. We brought prosperity, employment and development to Panama. Our treaty not only guaranteed the development and the prosperity of this area for 100 years, but the sovereignty of it was that either side of that canal gave us a 10-mile strip which was our territory and our property for the duration of this treaty and as long as it existed. Over this area no flag would fly but ours. No troops would march. No strength would be within it, but that of the United States. Thru the last ten to fifteen years, we have watched a gradual trend of deterioration. Not only in the areas of patriotism and nationalism but in the understanding of a nation to hold its position in earth. We have been tricked and sabotaged by the program of evil of anti-Christ. The United Nations introduced to the world as a Peace organization, is a part of a Satanic master strategy to envelope the world and eventually secure their part in taking away the power of the Great Christian Western World. So we point out that all areas of the administration of the United Nations has been used against ALL areas of administrative control and all of the strength of the White Christian nations thru out the world.

We have watched a strange development during the last 15 to 20 years of a revolution breaking out in Latin American states, Communist inspired, always seeking to put America in a bad light. Very frankly, no society has ever contributed more to the welfare of the world than the United States of America. And no country has more lavishly insisted that no country in Latin or Central America is unimportant than has this nation, the United States of America. But no nation has been more unappreciated than has the United States for their endeavor, because of Communist activities, in these last 15 to 20 years, as we have insisted on helping the world. However, behind the scenes, we see the communist hand carrying out their objective and their Communist blueprint for this year.

When we gave you a prophetic preview for this year of 1964, we told you that in the Latin American States there would break out a revolution similar to Castro trying to establish a Communist beachhead. We point out that in the troubles in Panama, that this is not the beginning of this trouble. For pressure had been brought during the administration of Eisenhower and it continued during the Kennedy Administration. In fact, they actually wanted us to give away our 'rights' under these treaties. They wanted us to share the flying of the Panamanian flag with ours over the Canal Zone. Altho, we have made partial enumerations of the traffic that has passed thru the canal, we have opened up to the world, a port and a trading center. And created wealth for the Panamanian government. But under this influence from outside the Panamanian government, its 'left wing' forces who are crying nationalism, actually what is involved in this, is the drive to force America to lose control, to weaken its position in this area. Knowing the very vital necessity of retaining the Panama canal as a very vital link between the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans, we see situations with increasing demands for more payments, for more participation. In fact, there has been some thought of cutting a new canal because of this irritation. But the fact is, that we have watched this thing boil up anew and the demand that the Panamanian flag fly alone where only our flag was to fly. And we see instead of firm resistance, the acquiescence. We have watched government acquiescence on this matter since the war. The design is to get us to back up and to lose face. In fact, the Congress of the United States reacted to these words as they first came to the Congress that trouble had started in Panama. In fact, American troops had to rush to checkpoints of defense. Students from a California school raised the American flag when others would have left the Panamanian flag holding the fort by itself. I am thankful for some California students with intelligence enough and patriotism enough to run up the American flag irrespective of the thinking of the so-called leaders. There have been about 85 people, soldiers and civilians, who have been injured. And altho there has been four killed on sight, tonight, there have been seven Panamanians killed, also. And rioting mobs were crying out against the United States. And the picture in the L.A. Times this morning, shows them dragging the American flag thru the streets.

In the interest of the Congress of the United States, the Congress stake out called on the President and on the nation to show some strength in Panama . . . to send in a division, if necessary, to show them that there is armed might and determination, that the U.S. shall protect its property and fly its flag and bend to no power no matter from whence it comes. I believe there is more Americanism in the Congress than there is in the President and his cabinet. In the instance of what followed we have been told that we have capitulated to the Panamanian demands. We are going to permit them to fly their flag in this territory and we have permitted Panamanian police to come in and the American troops have been ordered back from the areas they were policing in this dispute. We are assuring the world that we do not intend to give up our rights in the Panama Canal. But the foolish thing is that when the Panamanians recalled their Ambassador and our Ambassador was called home, then the Panamanian government then tore up the old treaty and said that now it no longer exists. But we have stated that we are not going to give up our occupation, and that we intend to enforce the treaty. And we are not going home. But we should have made it clear right then and there that it did not make any difference what the Panamanian government said; that America would stay there as long as she wanted to stay.

This has been a turbulent week. We are going to touch as we discuss this subject of the symbolism of these riding, of the four horsemen, as the kind of situations that we face. As the President gave the State of the Union address, I thought it was the sorriest address I had ever heard. This State of the Union message was rather the thinking of the sad estate of the Presidency. I want to turn to several of these statement before we go into our other message. We read here as to what the President's objectives are. Whereas he was going to cut the budget as this was one of the things which he thought would be interesting . . . down from 100 Billion marks to 97.9 marks. But the ways to cut it would be out of areas of defense. In other words, this would also be assisting in areas of peace . . . this cutting it in the defense area. And as you go thru this budget cutting process and the programs he is enumerating, then the budget will be higher than ever. In this instance the President said that we are going to propose the greatest disarmament program in the world. That the U.S. is going to propose to Russia this month, new steps that will lead to the eventual abolition of all arms. In this spirit the production of those materials for the production of nuclear weapons is going to be reduced. By what evidence in this area does the President of the United States find himself warranted for going to the Soviet Union for a vast disarmament program to take steps for the eventual absolution of all arms?

I might stop to cite that the four horses of the Apocalypse have been referred to as the strategy which builds up the anti-Christ in these later hours, making war, if they could, against the kingdom of the MOST HIGH GOD.

The white horse that first comes forth, and the rider has a bow, and no arrows apparently appear in the bow, just that the rider comes forth with a bow. And it says that he has been given a crown and he goes forth conquering the conquered. But he rides forth as the symbol of a great world Peace organization. The strategy is a false peace. It is when they say Peace when there is no peace. And the bow is a string pulling organization but apparently show no arrows with the bow. But it is given power by nations and by men. It goes forth to conquer. How? By talking men into surrendering themselves and their power to resist with a false strategy. Probably the supreme efforts of anti-Christ could never have accomplished as much as they have tonight, if they had been unable to talk the people of Christian nations in taking a new stand in relationship to their enemy. Before W.W. II, Communism was not only an enemy of Christianity, but it was also an enemy of civilization. We should well have understood that it had not changed in any way in any shape or form merely because it got embroiled inside of W.W. II. I think one great Christian error by any great Christian nation in all times was when President Roosevelt recognized the Soviet Union. When we did that, we were recognizing an institution of revolution and evil that had come into being making war on Christians. They had put to death l7 million Christians in the rise of the Red Revolution. In fact, in that time the people who had known this persecution and martyrdom in their family, as this hoard of Communism and of the anti-Christ rose in power --must have shuddered as the United States of America recognized this vicious Communist power of the Soviet Union. Even tho they had promised President Roosevelt at that time that they would disengage themselves from Communism and from Communist warfare, they never ceased from the day they signed that document wherein the United States gave them official recognition and made their covenants and treaty. They have from that day to this, violated every phase of that treaty with a full pledged occupying of force inside of the communist party. They have never ceased to be the Communist party and conspiracy to overthrow the U.S. Government by force. While we are discussing this tonight, the United Nations is seeking to soften us up on Communism, altho communism is the enemy of Christian Civilization. And I tell you tonight, that anti-Christian pagan controlled communism is the most dangerous enemy you have tonight anyplace on the face of the earth.

I point out that in the face of all of the acquiescence to communism. In fact, the Administration of Mr. Kennedy went further down the road in helping Mr. Khrushev than had any previous administration, than had any other communist cause. And when they got thru with him, they shot him anyhow. They assassinated the President of the United States and don't you ever forget it. Don't ever give them any quarter and never give them any agreement. And never recognize with them any treaty. Communism assassinated the President of the United States.

I turn in the declaration of purpose and pattern. And in this instance the scripture has warned us that they would say Peace when there is no Peace. They would seek to appeal to 'the daughter of my people' who are tired of war, tired of trouble, by introducing programs of peace. The book of Isaiah tells us that they would tell us about a confederacy and try to get us to associate with all of the people of the world. This way we would avoid the holocaust of war and problems of the trials. Tear down the U.S. flag, tear down all of your evidence of your nationalism, destroy the independence of every great nation of the White race and the kingdom, and join with Africa and with Asia in a great program of ‘One world government’ and there will be no one to fight with, for everybody will be together. This is the propaganda story. Tho they have tried to make it look wonderful and acceptable. The scripture said we should look out, for a great worldwide movement conquering force has moved out. Because power has been given unto it. Because the rider on the white horse is the false symbol of the true King of Peace, who is also symbolized as a White Horse rider. The kingdoms of this world shall become the kingdoms of our LORD and HIS Christ. The Bible pointing this out, refers to this as KING of Kings and LORD of Lords . . . this great host and HIS ships moving out and coming into earth, symbolized as the rider upon the horse of all times. But you have the false symbol before this, and the anti-Christ rider trying to take over the world with this false Peace Program. And following this and upon the heels of this will rise the great red scourge coming as the Red Horse, who carries war and betrayal with him. The Red Horse of the Apocalypse is of course world Communism. It is the purpose of this Red Horse to go forward and to make war. And this Red Horse has now the power given to him to take Peace from the earth. And they would kill one another. And there was given to him a great sword. And we are discovering that upon this basis of Peace comes the movements of war. And with it the accompanying catastrophe.

Let’s take a look at this again. The President said that this month the U.S. Government would propose to Russia new steps toward control and eventual abolishment of all arms. I think it a significant thing that I read to you from the "Intelligence Digest," and the records that come into the world exchange of secret service reports. Listen to this. For it is most significant. In fact, it is a most interesting report. And it is the January report I am reading of this paper and 'Interpol.' And it is most exciting. For this is telling how we have been taken over by a program of Peace and Disarmament. And the aim is of course, making the entire world insecure by knocking out America's military power to hold stiff the backbone of the world.

Now listen. Altho Congress did not authorize the disarmament, the administration in America continues to weaken the defenses of the United States by unauthorized disarmament. They talk about our great missiles which have been taken away when they have proved successful and how one after the other, America’s defenses in aircraft or other areas has been demobilized or set aside, or been put in mothballs. And we have been told that it is not necessary to build any more of them. In fact, all of the great bombers we had ringing the Soviet Union that were scattered thru out the various parts of the earth, we are told now from a European Intelligence report, that these big bombers which could have destroyed the Soviet Union have now all been pulled out of their foreign bases. All of these which could have operated against the Soviet Union, in case of a surprise attack have been taken away. So Europe knows that a great part of the defense of the capability of Christian civilization to retaliate has been removed. This has been accomplished by Peace and pacifist programs, which start apparently from a great number of Foundations and hundreds of research centers working for World peace. This the story. But most of them are Soviet and Moscow controlled, financed by International Jewry and anything closely associated these attempts. Now I am reading to you from the areas of the 'Intelligence Digest.’ Down to the personal level and the planning down to the placing of the United Nations police force over America would be enforced by foreign troops.

Now I am going to tell you, and I don't know about you, but I will personally, in my heart, never acquiesce to foreign police forces controlling these United States. Nor do I recognize and salute any American officials who permit this to happen. If the day comes and they place foreign troops on the shores of America, or accept the sovereignty of the United Nations in place of these United States, then, my friends, there ceases to be no government. And we the people will still confirm our faith in the Constitution of these United States. And as I read here in Europe as to what is going on here in the United States, I wonder why we do not have newspapers in this country with courage enough to print the story.

I am not going into all of the patterns involved in this, but listen. It names the personnel teams of a great number of people, giving their names and as to who they are . . . and members of the Council of Foreign Relations and other organizations, who are called together for the disarmament control and Peace research. How arms control and Peace seminars are being conducted all over the United States by foundations, like the Ford Foundation and others . . . all of them with a quantity of official status, but all of them cooperating with massive Administration programs.

Now we are told that Mental Health Institutes have come out with special studies. And they have come out with the information as to how to control all human conflict. This is coming from Professor Raphaphort who was born in Russia. His major study was in the behavior of human expertise. Therefore, he wants to study people and learn what brings them into conflict. And he wants to neutralize all areas of emotions that produce conflict. I do not know how you are ever going to neutralize Christians from being in conflict with the forces of the devil and with anti-Christ. Because just as long as there is any threat to our being and any blood coursing thru our veins, we as Christians, will fight every anti-Christian force that threatens our society.

Now again, I am reading an Intelligence report from the British Empire. The Institute of Arms Control which is carrying out these activities have the planned project consummated for the systematic house to house search for the United States for arms of any kind. The search is to be made by the army blocking off state after state, beginning in the western part of the United States. All privately owned fire arms are to be seized under this plan. And the complete U.S. population completely disarmed by the end of 1965. This is to make it easier for the policing of the United States by the United Nations Forces Peace Keeping International Police Force.

In other words, the order of the White Horse to conquer by saying Peace, Peace, is to disarm you so that you cannot fight a war and they will use force to do it.

Now listen. To those of you who remember the early strategies of Mr. Lenin in the Soviet Revolution, said, “If there had been a thousand trained experts who would have resisted our revolution in the beginning, in the use of arms, in the civilian or government who would have resisted our revolution when it started, we would never have been successful.” You know that there are several things that the revolution has to do. I think that you are well aware as to what that has to do. One of those things is that it has to be able to neutralize the military or control it. And it has to be able to neutralize and control police forces. And it has to be able to defend and to attack.

Now I think the churchmen have already been neutralized by the trend of Socialism. But in police instruction and general patterns, they are cramming down their throats for the very organizations they work for this Communist Socialism ideas. I have been looking for the stressing in these turbulent times these areas of control which will protect the citizens of our society. Thus, it becomes necessary in some areas to curb or limit what we previously knew as 'civil rights' and 'civil liberties,' in time, in order to bring about the 'effective' good. It may become essential and thru transition to transfer some of these sleeping manuals and reporting manuals to move under a program of world administration and a world operation under a world governing leadership which will not be acceptable to certain reactionary forces in society. And the Police are told that you are supposed to take orders from the top, irrespective of what that top is, and enforce the law, and make these reactionaries behave. And thus, you have the police put on the side of the revolution and the revolution going RED, while you watch it. I think as we have said before, that of every country which went Communist, that they went Red with the assistance of the Police forces which had been taken over from instructions from the inside.

I point out then, going back to the depth of this 'Intelligence Digest,' it says that the world government program is being carefully promoted by the free world and financed by tax foundations in America and other Christian nations. Instead, here in America, the government itself is directly financing the propaganda for the one world take over for the Police systems, and the disarmament of their citizens. And doing this directly apart from the tax exemption institutions. I think again when we see this, that we can recognize how far down the line from this false Peace movement we are being taken over. And the only awakening is coming out of Christendom who are being stirred to resist, and patriotic organizations in their opposition to Communism, now realize that men with Communist backgrounds and supporting world Socialism in positions of high influence, has helped to spark and stem this program.

I again want to quote directly from Strom Thurman. He said, “If the Americans do not want their country to be completely controlled under a police state, then they must remember as will I. For I will resist our disarmament as long as I have one breath in my body.”

I want you also to remember that Senator Strom Thurman also said, “I am fighting the forces of evil and terror in our government.” As Strom Thurman made this declaration, he was speaking more truth than many people want to recognize. I do not think that anything could more express the movements of a Peace movement in powerful nations in opposition to the kingdom of God by not even having to fire a shot.

Whoever heard of a great nation like ours whose security is predicated on Vision, and Faith, and capability and initiative under God, and who knows that our best defense lies in our strange and mighty striking force of our military power? There is no doubt that we have lots of missiles. But I do not trust the fact that these missiles are ready to go as long as we have forces in the government who are seeking to sabotage our striking power. So in the areas of this, we have been told that we have nothing to worry about if we go along to make world Peace. We have listened to the Secretary of State tell us in the last few days, and the President goes along with this, and they say that it is only the uninformed who do not know what the CIA has reported, are in opposition, or speaking out in ignorance. But the CIA has reported that in the areas of ignorance. But the CIA is reporting that in the areas of agriculture and in the industrial areas that relate to agriculture, that the Soviet Union has not made proper preparations and now finds that its agriculture is very inadequate. Well, I thank God that it is so sorrowfully inadequate. I wish every Communist country in the world was so sorrowfully inadequate in the areas of economy that they did not know where to turn. Quite frankly, it is only in this circumstance, if anything is self-evident it is then that the politics of the anti-Christ does not function properly for any country. So we are told by the CIA that Russia has spent so much time trying to build missiles and satellites and to reach the moon, and has been helping to finance the revolution inside of Africa and Asia and all over, that right now she has discovered that there is not enough food to eat. Well, you gave a lot of wheat to India and she gave it to Russia, and she went out and planted it . . . clear up to the steps. And took the great Tundra land for miles. And that year the rain did not come and the winds came instead and blew it all out of the ground. So maybe God did not want them to have a full stomach as long as they were enemies of the kingdom. Then they again tried massive wheat programs that did not work. And I remember where Mr. Khrushev was over here. And I know just a little more about this than maybe the President, for he is a little naive and maybe a little ignorant. Oh, you say, “but you cannot talk this way about the President of the United States.” Well, just listen.---The President of the United States said this week, that people should not be so antagonistic and bitter toward Mr. Khrushev. He said Mr. Khrushev did not mean that he was going to kill us when he said, 'He was going to bury us.’ He was not talking about war. He was just saying that the Soviet economy was going to bury American economy. This is what President Johnson said this week. Read this, this morning in the L.A. Times Examiner.

Now he said . . . (I understood this, but just in case someone else did not,) this is what he meant. He said he was not actually threatening bombs, he was just threatening economy. But the Soviets over-stretched their economy. And now they are in economic straits. And instead of burying us, they must come to us for help.

Now let me tell you something. This is why I say that the President is not so smart. Because when Mr. Khrushev was banging on that table with the heel of his shoe, the people out there in that United Nations assembly heard him threatening as to what he was going to do. And he said he was going to bury us, and told us how many missiles he had ready to do it.

I wonder if President Johnson thought that all of those missiles zeroed in on our cities, was just an economic pattern of warfare? Thank God, the Pope even had more sense than that. He said, “If you think that you are going to bury us, let me tell you something. We will bury you if necessary.” World Communism, from the day of the Red Revolution until now talking peace and striking with war, has now taken more areas of the earth than has ever been taken before by war, or in the history of your race. And Communist flags of revolution fly over more land service than has ever had an enemy flag flying over it before. The only thing is that communism is divided into two basic camps from the stand point of the world, and possibly not as divided as it looks. In this individual moment then we find ourselves being entreated by the Secretary of State and by the President of the United States, that we must help out Russia in her economic problems. If people do not have enough to eat, they want to curb their production for the making of the implements of war for food and Peace. This is a wonderful project the President says. And if you have not read the CIA report, then you are not educated. They say that Russia cannot go into the program of food for Peace without upsetting her gold balance. And if we do not want the Soviet Union to upset her gold balance and go into bankruptcy, we should find a way to assist the Soviet Union at the use of the American tax payer to put the Soviet Union on their feet so they can conquer you with greater ease.

I want you to know that God has given you a great blueprint here and HE has given you the spirit to understand it and to discern it. And you are supposed to have intelligence enough to walk by God's standards in the program of the World Order.

Someone says, “But Dr. Swift, if we followed God's blueprint as you see it, then we would be at war. You say, if we follow that blueprint then we would have to fight until we defeated Communism.” Well, I cannot think of a better program than to defeat Communism and get the freedom that is true. Let me tell you this. We are now asked to feed the Soviet Union and yet we have a little variance here. If we do not help the Soviet Union, she may be forced to join with Red China and then move out with all of the rest of the nations against the western world the whole world might blow up.

Let me tell you something. If you were to subsidize the Soviet Union to the point that you increased their ability to produce food, you stabilized their economy and let her keep her balance of gold, then she would hit you at an opportune time. I listened to the statements that is she is hungry, she will fight from the point of desperation and she will join the Red world of Red China, and the economy of China was built by Russia and Red China is seen by the world as more than a danger than Russia at this time. It is just that Mr. Khrushev has thought to utilize more effectively, the Peace offensive first until he can disarm his opposition. He also realizes that he must secure area of production that will satisfy the people. At the same time, he knows that a large part of the armed strength of the world is in Red China. The struggle for power between Mao and Khrushev is not, my friends, over ideology, but over administrative levels and procedures. The Red Chinese have failed in every thing that they have undertaken. Their programs for communals and their design for immediate expanse in the areas of production of steel and in the areas of industrial metallurgy, so robbed their food production at the farm level that the food level came down to almost the starvation level. And then the ‘hammer’ of Jupiter hit them time after time as God wiped out crop level after crop level of anti-Christian China, until there was neither arsenals for your conquest . . . and . . . we discover that they were so occupied by their struggle to get enough to eat until they could not turn their great wind-blowers even on their small farm to farm hearths. Russia also wanted production so bad that she set up little blast furnaces on every farm. And she has been digging water wells by hand and trying to run out ingots in a most pitiful pagan like attempt. She cuts back farm production in a strange drive, and then suddenly she discovers that she didn't have enough acres under cultivation.

I point out that along with the great Red offensive of war, the Soviet Union was pouring its strength into military activities into world conquest, and subsidizing revolution. And in Red China they were also pouring out weapons and arms and were stirring up trouble in Korea and all over the world . . . in the islands and all over . . . And everywhere, was the same struggle in Indo-China. And suddenly, they found themselves everywhere with the Black Horse riding. And this was the lack of food. And everything was out of balance. And we read here that the riding of the Black Horse became somewhat universal with the White Horse and the Red Horse.

Now there is one area of covenant that God has with your people and it is that your land will be blessed. That whenever you put your hand to the development of food or any area of it, then God says, “I will bless it, I will multiply it, I will heap it upon you until the farms will not contain it.” But look. All of the nations that are against you are in food trouble all of the time, this is true.

Now you say, “But how does this climax itself?” Well, the last rider to emerge out of these is the great sweeping program of debt and destruction and upheaval that follows the famine and the footprints of war. For the Red Revolution now intends to wage a crushing war against Christian Civilization. It wishes to conquer all in every area of its own territory, to consolidate all Africa and all of Asia, to carry this out. Some thought all along that the dark specter was the involvement of the dark races and the pale horse that rises is the Asiatic races, who have in the past, used beasts as they went to war. But this says that to the fourth horse --the pale horse --power was given over 1/4 of the earth to kill with the sword, with hunger and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

Let me point out to you that this significantly identifies the Beast System. And that today the hoards of Red China and all they control cover 1/4 of the worlds population. And they complete their task as they conquer the Vietnam area after we have unseated the Diems in the same pattern of world conspiracy. And the design now is a crushing, sweeping design of influence over the whole Pacific area. For instance, Sukarno's Indonesia is in the red camp tonight. Remember that his program has been one of not only dictatorial power and alley of the Soviet Union, and of Red China (by whom he has been supplied with planes and equipment) and he applied for assistance from you. One of the things the world cannot understand tonight is that while at this moment that Indonesia is threatening to break out and threaten all of southern Asia as set up as a new power, unless they succumb, and the United States refuses to look at the aggressive stance of Sukarno, who is buying weapons and equipment. Our government says you just have to understand him. But the world does not understand us tonight. And I know that if every White Christian American had his choice in this whole program that they would cut Sukarno off and do it quickly. He has already succeeded in driving the Dutch out of areas Indonesia and out of the areas where it was most important that White civilization hold its balance of power.

Now in Malaysia where we have watched the retreat of the White man, where we see the attempt to remove the influence of the White man over every area, we have discovered that thru the United Nations influence and America's response to this world peace strategy, we have actually financed areas of upheaval against those who were resisting communism. This is again a part of the areas of conflict. I happen to know that the resistance has been against Communism in areas where people were not getting enough to eat and were disillusioned with the Communist program. And they have been forced to let some of them return and run their own farms. And the moment they did this, they started to prosper and live a little better. And then the communist forces closed down on them and started a liquidation of the new found capitalism. And now in the guise of closing ranks, a mighty class struggle in on in Red China just like the revolution in the beginning. And they are liquidating thousands upon thousands of not totally dedicated Communist tonight, who will not march at a moments notice. And now to suppress their people, they are planning on massive programs of invasion. And the intelligence reports out of Europe tonight, say that the Soviet Union, while wanting to curtail the Red Chinese forces until she, herself is ready, actually are ready for Red China to move and pin down the armies of the western world or preeminently the United States. While the strategy is for Red China to start the nuclear war, who has already been supplied with all of the material while she is boasting that she did it all by herself.

I can show you the 'Intelligence Digests' of the various countries of Europe who have been studying this situation and they quote General Mao as saying that he is willing to put millions of people in danger of a nuclear war so that the Soviet Communist forces and the Red Chinese forces of world communism, Marxists all, can triumph upon the ashes of our enemy. Well, with this type of thinking, and with trying to march and move with not enough food, we discover that there arises with this false system, the panorama of the lack of food going on in the forces of anti-Christ. Someone said, “but if we feed them, then they won't be so anxious to march.” Well, they will move while they have the strength. And the strange thing is that they would like to see us build up the strength of our enemy so he can move against us. I think one of the strangest things is in the Soviet strategy, that they talk about how they are going to move with the western nations of the world and make an apparent split with Red China, and how they would try to take us in with this strategy. And the strange thing is that we have fallen for this. And we are actually falling for a program which supports our enemy.

Now let me talk about gold balance. The United States Government has been giving away the money of its citizens thru the hair-brained schemes of the President and his advisors thru these last few administrations, until we have given away so much of the tax payers money that belongs to the citizens of this country---have given it away to foreign countries---and International bankers have been gathering up these checks and dollars until they have been draining the gold out of American holdings. This gold to back up your economy and to stabilize your money is gone. Your treasury has been virtually depleted. There is not enough gold in our treasury today to meet our obligations. And if they tried, they could not put any behind your money. In order to put silver coins in circulation, in order to meet the International desire for this, we have also drawn the silver block and ingots from behind your dollar supply. In fact, these dollars that you are getting now are not backed by any silver or gold. In fact, you cannot tell me what they are backed by.

Now America's gold balance is upset and our silver balance is upset while our bleeding hearts are worrying about our enemies gold balance. Now do not go out of here and say that Secretary Rusk has a Communist Party card. I do not believe he has. I think he is smarter than that. And I am going to tell you that if he had three cards with a gold star on each of them, he could not work more effectively against America than he has in the last week.

Let’s turn again to the President’s State of the Union message. And also remember that the Bible tells us to not only beat our plowshares into spears, but here we have the President of the United States telling to go the other direction. He said we are going to have new rits in federal law. And as far as federal law will run, then we will not only abolish some, but all racial discrimination.

Now my Bible tells me, if I want to serve God according to the content of this Book, I have to discriminate in my racial contact. It tells me that marriage and marriage to produce children is forbidden outside of the race which God has established. It tells me that the social order can only be preserved by the orders of God---when we keep in tact the administration of our government and the instruction of our children and the control of our economy, in the hands of the people of our race.

Now which is better? Serve man or God? The President of the Unite States said we are going to write federal laws and we are going to end discrimination in these United States. But the President is not going to write any laws. Congress is the only one who can write laws. And they are not supposed to write any that are not constitutional.

Now I have a statement which Robert Kennedy made----By the way, the old timers have closed ranks again and they have decided to stay on, until an election. They removed a man by the name of Slessenger and put a man by the name of Goldman in. And I do not know if this is any improvement. Some day they will get rid of the Slessengers and the Goldmans. And they will put in Smith and Jones. I hope in the future that the atmosphere around the White House will not be carrying the smell of mothballs. But it will be something like a steak broiling somewhere. If so, then America will be able to breathe a little better and the air will be cleaner. So Mr. Kennedy said, “people talk about opposing Civil Rights because of their property rights. But what are property rights? This is what Robert Kennedy wants to know? He said property rights are already subject to federal and state rights and prescribed restrictions. And they can be restricted and limited more.” Listen to this upstart. I always thought that the failed potato crop had more to do with it, for it was that failed potato crop that dropped the Kennedys on our shore. Wherein there was that failed potato crop and here we are stuck with our liberties at home. One of the foundations of our founding fathers was liberty and property . . . the right of a private citizen to own property. This is a God ordained right . . . to own and to keep it and to pass it down to your children. This is a Bible ordained right. I am not talking about Federal property or State property. But I am talking about your property and your right to hold that property and to use that property . . . and not to be dictated to by federal and state government. You know the old story is that an Englishman's home is his castle. And men used to feel that way here. But today it is to be your integrated rooming house. And it was considered an emergency measure when they can order the housing of any race, color or creed to be tied in with civil rights. And under this federal emergency, any time a federal officer, or the President snaps his finger it is all tied into civil rights all in the guise that the Negroes are being oppressed. And here are Negroes riding around in Cadillacs stirring up all of the rest of the Negroes, or telling them how badly they are abused. Let me tell you that any time an Attorney General suggests that you don't have any property rights, that you can base opposition to anything on, because the federal and state governments can restrict them, and determine what rights you do have, or determine what rights you are going to have and can continually change this and modify this to suit the masses . . . a property right is so right that you cannot modify it.

All right, to make everybody a little more happy, the administration now declared an unconditional war on poverty in America. And then he outlined a ‘ten point’ program for a military alliance for bold strength east and west in agreement, of course, under United Nations, a great military program to police the world. And then he says that it is requited then for the immediate passage of all 'civil rights' legislation in this session.

Today all men of all races stand side by side. They died in Korea and in Vietnam. And they are going to work, and eat, and travel side by side in America. But he does not know anything about the statistics, I guess. I know that in W.W. II you had a hard time catching up with some of the defenders. One of my friends was an engineer and he was given the job of throwing bridges across the Rhine River in the last war, and they gave him Negro regiments. And he said that it took so much time to round these fellows up that we finally gave it up and did the work ourselves with the Military police.

The President says that it is our national policy that a nation shall be free from want, free from hate, and a world full of peace and justice, a world free with abundance, in our time and all times to come. And to attempt this, said Mr. Johnson, we are going to lift all bars of discrimination against those who seek to enter our country, and thus, we will get the much needed skills as we are joined by their many families. Johnson called, in his State of the Union message, for the end of the immigration laws so that we will be flooded with Asiatics and Negroes who have no capacity or vision for anything relating to your society. Jews who hate everything about your Christianity, and Negroes who would overthrow the balance and force a mongrelized integration into this strategy to your destruction.

Listen. Mr. Johnson says throw the doors open. But I say, you better throw out Mr. Johnson, instead of throwing the door open. We have reached the time . . . seriously, with America damaged . . . when the Communists struck down the President. So many people were aware that the trends were going so far to the left, that they could not conceive that it would get any more difficult. This was as far down that road that we could go . . . and then we went further down this road.

I turn to the strategy of the enemy . . . and that is to talk Peace, but prepare for the great Red strike. There is nothing in the Bible concerning this time of trouble for your race, having risen to great heights and having the greatest productive power, having the highest pattern of liberty that the world has ever known. But you have been invaded by forces which took advantage of your labor, your processes and your liberty, to seek to deprive you of the liberty of your own land, and to break your power thru out the world, and subordinate you into a Communist, Socialist program. And I declare tonight, that it is a Communist, Socialist conspiracy that we call tonight . . . the United Nations. I listened to someone the other day who was in San Francisco. And he was saying it is quite obvious that the opponents of the United Nations do not realize that almost every time the Russians try to pull something that the others out vote her in the United Nations. Talk about the Soviet control of an institution. And when she does not get her way, she is out-voted. Let me tell you something. You are getting more and more of these African nations which vote with the Soviet Union or abstain. And they are building up more and more influence. And the time has come when they can so decide and you can have no recourse. If they can make you support and build up the economy of your enemies, and keep your eyes closed and walk in a pattern of blindness on the ground that the Soviet Union does not control it, they have inside of the area, completed a world socialism program than you have any idea. The world revolution may shift from Moscow to China. But is still designed in Moscow. Khrushev could even be removed by those ambitious and zealous. But never has there been a more cunning strategy than to talk of Peace when there is no Peace. Never has there been anything more evil and consistent than this program against God's Kingdom.

I turn now to this. You are told in the book of Revelation that the Beast system fights against the program of Christian civilization, the Saints, the believing offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD. When you are told about the areas of Mystery Babylon trying to control all areas of economy and all areas of life until you cannot buy nor sell, and cannot do business without it, this is their master strategy. But I want you to know that when they feel that they have sufficient strength and they are pressing down, increasingly more, in the 19 chapter of the book of Revelation, tells you that God says, “We have had enough.” --And the Eternal God who says that HE is King of Kings and LORD of Lords, says, “I will interfere into the internal affairs of earth. I am not only going to back up my people, my offspring, but I am going to join them in this fight against this great evil.” And it tells me that the world government and this Beast system and these Satanic powers go to make war against Jesus the Christ. But Mr. Johnson says, there will not be any more war. We are all under a Peace treaty.

I listened to a professor the other day, a nuclear scientists. You know, it is a rather strange thing, but the Oppenheimers and the Spaulings can go to Washington, and be received as honored guests, and it was not too long ago that we rolled out the red carpet for Tito, and the forces of world Communism come and go. And as this happened, I listened to this Nuclear scientist spout a mouthful of insincerity because he was with the Red ranks before, and said, ‘there will never be a great nationwide nuclear war because no nation wants to enter a nuclear war. The Soviet Union does not want to do this, and America does not want to do this. So there will never be another great war.’

Now I was not old enough to read the papers before 1914. And 1914 came in the midst of the declarations of world diplomats that there would never be another great war. That we had already developed so many abilities to fire great shells that never would there be another great war in these circumstances. Then before they got thru cheering for themselves, then W.W. I was on. And you were involved. Then remember this . . . that 25 years, they said, “Oh, there will never be another war. It is unthinkable, nations are entirely too civilized to take a chance on annihilating forces.” This was in 1939--just 25 years after 1914. And then the world was in one of the greatest wars it ever had.

Now in 1964, 25 years later, they are now telling us that there will never be another war. For we have made weapons so terrible that there won’t be one. And then right after that, started this brush fire war down here in Panama. And we are told that we must get this one turned off before the big one starts. And I saw the Beasts of the earth, and the kings of the earth and their armies of the world order gathered to make war against HE who sat upon the White horse of all times. The true king of Kings and LORD of LORDS, the Great Prince of Peace. And following HIM, the mighty army of the hosts of the MOST HIGH GOD. This is where your number and where your nation stands. For you are a part of Christian civilization. You are a part of the kingdom of God. And there is no Peace for you, but the Peace of God. There is no peace for the world but Christian Civilization. But the enemy does not intend Peace for you. They are right now talking about how they will annihilate and crush these United States inside of China. And they are talking about this inside of the Soviet Union at the instruction level of their youth in their Colleges, while they are talking peace to you on the economic and world level. And then they ask you to support them so they do not have to expend their gold.

Now do you know what this is? It is 'Time’ and ‘Life' magazines for last week. And here is Martin Luther King, man of the year. But they did not say ‘Hu-man.’ Do you know the significant thing about this if you want to pick up the trend in the magazine? It starts out and from one end to the other, it is nothing but a Negro magazine this time. But he gave us a conscious. So we didn't have one until Martin Luther King came along? In fact, they even quote President Kennedy who is dead. And they say that the Negroes owe as much to Bo Conner as the Americans do to Lincoln. For when they turned the fire hoses on the rioting Negroes, then everyone went to the side of the Negroes. I want you to know that Governor Wallace did say something very correct over the television last night. He said that it was much more humane that we use the water than the billy clubs as arms against them, for these people were stirred up by demagogues. And they moved into rioting and making trouble. And all they got was ‘wet.’ I was disgusted and ashamed of the Chancellor of UCLA. As he introduced Governor Wallace the other day, he said that he heartedly disagreed with this man, and ‘I presume that you also disagree,’ and the student body cheered and clapped for the discourtesy of the Chancellor. And now they go into all 30 Negroes that they have in here who had made something out of themselves. So of course, they could not get out of the colored section. But all they could hear was 'free at last,’ ‘free at last'--'Thank God Almighty, we are free at last.’ This whole issue is not packing around the President to carry out this whole objective. So this we might call the kind Negro issue. And in this issue, the policies supported would be total equality in the areas of government in this nation, achieved by forced employment, forced areas of housing, and areas of where men prefer to rent and to sell to their own kind. I always thought that America must be a nation of opportunity, when I saw these Negroes going by in Cadillacs, when they could force the government to buy one. And after looking at this 'Time ' magazine, I wonder what they are crying about. If they can have their own industries and supply their own people and then can get into all of these areas they have gotten into in all of these pretty pictures, then they have nothing to cry about at all.

In this instance, then this strategy we are faced with is supported by the President and in all areas inside of the patterns of government. This is to force integration of the country, to produce one race. I think we can catch a little pattern of this from the Methodist church in its support of integration, as they make a statement that marriage is White and Negro. In fact, in the last few days, 15 ethnic preachers representing a Methodist conference here, came out to support the retention of the Rumpford Bill, to retain it on the books giving the people the right to vote whether they want it or not . . . and the support the integration and intermarriage showing that this is supporting the muddy race tree which is a violation of Divine law. Under this instance again, we point out to you, Bishop Kennedy of the Methodist church, and this Southern Conference of the Methodist Church in California, and also a member of the State School Board, upheld the teaching of Darwinism in our schools. Raffarty said it should be labeled as a theory and not a fact. But Kennedy would have upheld it being taught as a fact, and said that there should be no statement required of teachers that teach this. Let them teach it as they will, and as long as they have God in the beginning, he doesn't care how they evolve it. But this does not mean that we are endorsing Mr. Raffarty who says this is only a theory, and he does not believe in evolution. We want him to prove it.

Out of the clippings I have here, is this program to bring ‘strife’ upon you, and internal strife of races, to be settled by International creed, as you pull down this flag and run up the flag of the United Nations World Government. No wonder the Bible talks about the Beast system, this Babylonian system, and this horsemen's strategy all in the same book, all interrelated, all a part of the Satanic strategy. But I am not a bit disturbed as to what is happening, for America is waking up with great speed. I know they want to deny us the right to criticize, and the right to uphold the standards of God. I think that this year that Christians and Americans should clearly establish what they believe and what they stand on. I think the more quickly Americans establish where they are going to stand, that these forces will think twice. All pressure on this disarmament program being picked up newspapers this week, had articles by the Attorney General of the State of California. He wants to call all associations of people that might have a home army. So he starts in saying that all private armies must go. Must ban all private army fanatics. What does he mean by this? A drive to suppress all private armies is the announcement on Monday. The obvious target these 71 organizations, mentioning Ranger, Minuteman, and the Nazi party. Always they would like to bring in the Nazi party, and then identify this with all patriotic parties. And then call them an army. He said that he intends to push for laws like other states have banning these pari-military groups, because they have not disappeared. In this same trend, I have another article by the Attorney General. And he says these people are nuts. They are paranoid and they are homosexuals . . . all of these groups that have armies. I wonder how the Attorney General knows all about this? Always, he wants to prove that there is something wrong with patriots.

Now any group of people . . . I do not care whether they are a fraternity or a church, or what institution they might belong to . . . that has a membership . . . whether they have a shotgun or rifle at home which the Bill of Rights gives them the right to have to protect themselves, they automatically fit in this interpretation and become an army. In fact, I think it would be a good thing if every Christian had arms to protect himself. And that they would stand and defend Christian civilization, and sing "Onward Christian Soldiers,” and lift up the Cross and the Flag and say--- ‘Yes, this is an Army.’ When this nation came into being, they road out to hamlet after hamlet, and said to Christians, -- ‘now come out and defend this, for we are now going to be a nation.’ And we were a citizens army. And the Constitution said it was all right to bear arms and that we should have a well-regulated Militia. And this right should not be infringed on.

We said the other night, and we will say it again . . . they have to learn the difference between Militia and malicious. Just take this 'Intelligence Digest warning.’ They intend to brainwash the army. And they intend to disarm all citizens by 1965 . . . and this house to house. But because of the pressure which descended from patriotic groups down on this area of legislation and created this disarming investigative group, the Congress has certified that they have added an amendment to that original bill. And so states, that no passage of any bill on disarmament proposal if passed, could be conceived in any way that it means the disarming of the American citizens and his rightful possession of arms.

When I hear an Attorney General say that -- ‘we are not interested in property rights.’ When I hear government authority say-- ‘we are the law.’ Then, my friends, the only law we can be sure of is the great strength of “we the people.” We believe in the destiny that God has outlined in this Book. We believe in these United States. And we believe that there will be enough Americans alert by the end of next year, that they will express quite clearly to our elected representatives that we want this nation to endure. I think every American should write their congressman right now and say “I want the American flag to fly completely alone over the whole Panama Canal Zone.”

Peace---Communist Revolution---Famine---then mass wars, upheavals and catastrophe sweeps the world. And out of this confusion, then Satan tries to gather his troops by occupying intervention. And the scripture says that “they seek to make war with HIM who comes in the heavens.” I want you to know that the patterns are not alone in this state. But they are all over, everywhere in the United States. We fought thru the Christmas season for the right to celebrate Christmas. The enemies of Christ put pressure on Sacramento this week, because the Magnolia School District of Anaheim, as they warned Thursday, that the celebration of Christmas was a violation of State laws. And they actually tried to withdraw the finances from that school because the Superintendent of that school district had declared in a bulletin that the story of the birth of the Eternal Christ was an Eternal truth. And quoted the Apostles story of Christ's birth.

Surely the time has not come when they can crucify the school superintendent for wanting to celebrate the birth of Christ by cutting off the finances for that school? Every Christian American should back that Superintendent and warn the State School Board that if this is carried out, they could be in trouble. I am going to tell you that we have to work fast and organize Christians as fast as we can organize them. We have to watch the Christian Defense League grow and grow. And you will hear more about it in the next few weeks. And there will be so many Christians that we will determine the policies and our elected representatives will fulfill these policies. And Christianity will be free in the educational system of this nation.

Today, Thomas Mann was talking about this, and he said that the proper procedure for this in education should be that the student be able to read the Bible. When the Public School system was started then it was that they be able to compute and be able to read the Bible. Let us remember that upon your shoulders rests this major offensive, and that is Peace. If the church cannot fight this as you are being told, just remember that the church can fight all false truths built around Christ. It is your business to do everything to hinder the integration of your race and in your nation. And if you fail in this, you have failed in a responsible stewardship, and have allowed catastrophe to come in.

End of message.