Fruit Of The Spirit, 8-4-63



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 8-4-63

This afternoon we are talking upon a subject that is very vital and the understanding of Christian relationship in the world in which a person dwells. We are speaking on the subject of 'The fruit of the spirit' well recognizing that many discussions of this 'fruit of the spirit' has actually been used to hinder the development of God's kingdom rather than to carry it forward. We are dwelling in an area in which a great struggle for control of the earth is being carried on, and that this struggle has to succeed in the seat of human consciousness. Again we would lay the premise that all that you see in all of the Universe round about you and in all of the work of the creation of men's minds, everything that you behold IS THOUGHT TRANSLATED INTO ACTION. As you see, we have referred this to the buildings that you see and the great technology. And we talk about the areas of knowledge, science and inventions which have produced the instruments for all of the functioning substance of our society. All are the byproduct of thought. We might also point to the Universe round about from the sidereal systems to all that grows round about you, to all that lives and grows, and you have the blueprint of the creative purposes of the MOST HIGH. So the universe and all that is within it, even the opposition forces which are against you, are the byproducts of thought translated into reality. This being so, then this is the most important area of conflict of what we are facing, which we are told, is the world order and a brave new world. I want you to know that the battle of semantics and the impressions and ideas that are being created are one of the most significant things that we face in our time.

When I refer to our enemies, I am going to note that these are those who are opposed to our Christian civilization and its culture. Those who want to eliminate the church and the living word of God from our culture. Those who seek, by this objective, to spread their political objectives and their social patterns of economic and political consciousness, are your enemies. This is assuming that you are a Christian and a White man, that you are a descendant from Adam and a part of God's household. I think when we consider this battle of ideas that we must consider that there has been a complete domination of the church. And by this penetration the seeking to substitute into the theology of the church areas and conditions that will produce guilt complexes in the church for doing the thing which is spiritually ordained for the progress of God's kingdom.

Now let us understand that the kingdom of God is God's plan. The kingdom of God is a very definite plan for the earth. This is the area where that kingdom is to be searched for and polished and given its greatest areas of authority. And here in the earth it is to be demonstrated that those who represent the kingdom of God by association and personality, and here are those of the kingdom of God who by activity and by the transplanting of that kingdom to earth are dwelling. When we talk about the kingdom, we are talking about reality. When we talk about the enemies of the kingdom of God, we are talking about the people who do not want the kingdom of God to become a reality. They want a social order which is utterly materialistic and in their hands. They seek to paint the concept then of what is to be a glorious future for the world entirely upon areas of materialism, and upon the type preservation of the type of bureaucracy in which the masters consider themselves as superior in understanding the affairs of mankind better than the individual, or than the applicants of your faith, would cause you to understand the things which are essential in the affairs of mankind better than you, the individual does; or as the application of your faith would cause you to understand your responsibility. So today, what we are watching is the semantics of this transference of this guilt complex, or even to steer the church to proclaiming those areas of activity and functions that do not relate to, or not a part of God's kingdom.

Now I realize that when one makes an affidavit concerning the purposes of God and HIS kingdom, that immediately this comes under fire by those who are already accepting the attitudes of God's kingdom in wanting to see this thing never to come to pass. But I point out to you, that there are qualifications in you as the children of God which are not in any other people on the face of the earth. We realize that in support of orthodoxy today, that many of the ideas of Orthodoxy have actually been shaped by the enemies of the kingdom of God and have not been intended to develop or to expand what we might call orthodox. In other words, today the patterns of Orthodoxy are being controlled today under the same patterns of superstition which have been dominated by the enemy thru out all times. And who by their penetration deep inside of the church, have sought to change its patterns and even cover up the patterns of truth by making changes in its greater text.

We point out to you this afternoon, that there are certain patterns of inheritance that you must understand. One thing which you do inherit is the pattern of nature which can be developed by the wavelength of spiritual power for a full perception of Divine purpose and for the instrumentation of it. This is known as the Gift of the Spirit. There is also that which is known as 'The fruit of the spirit.’ But what spirit are we referring to? We are referring to the spirit within the Adamic race because it belongs to the Father before the world was framed. We are talking about the spirit of the family of the MOST HIGH GOD, in whom, we are told, the whole family in heaven and earth are named. When we talk about the family of God, we are talking about a specific people. God makes a differentiation in those who are HIS own and those who are not HIS own. HE makes a definite identity in those who are for a different task and those who are not, on the basis of who they are. I want you to know that your God selects men on the basis of who they are, what their capacity is, and what their part in destiny is to be. HE does not work out of ignorance. HE works out of Omniscience. You cannot limit the character of God who possesses the attributes of Omnipotence and Omniscience, without which HE would certainly not be God. And in those circumstances, would be completely limited in HIS ability to create and to determine. If you are a student of the Old Testament, then you must be a student of the rest of the scriptures if you are to know and to understand your relationship to events. For God said, “I have selected and chosen you not because of your numbers because relative in the earth you are a few.” In fact, the White race of today and the Adamic race go a long step in time and history in the statement we have been referring to in scriptures, and they are still a minority in the earth. And you are today, by Russia’s count, less than 1/7 in the world. And the most extensive evaluation you would give your race and your culture in the world today in some of the directories that we now have list you at 1/6 of the worlds population. So irrespective of who you call on for an evaluation, your race and your culture is a minority in the earth today.

God said. “I did not select and choose you on the basis of your numbers. I chose you because you are mine and I know who you are. I know what your capacities are. And I know what I have ordained for you.” So I point this out, that God does make selections. There is an intent today to give us a guilt complex if we were to select any people for a given task, even in the areas where we might employ them in our own places of business. They are trying to tell us that this is un-American and un-Christian, for you are to make no selection on the background of race, color, or religion. You are to accept everyone who comes along by the decree of Caesar. I want you to know that this law was not ordained for the rule of Caesar, but was ordained for the rise of a powerful administration of the sons of God under the guidance of the LORD GOD Himself. We are an earth manifestation of an earth theocracy in which we recognize no authority above that of God. And no authority that can change either the purposes of God or HIS plan for the earth.

Now I cite to you that the children of the Spirit have certain capacities. These are sensitivities that are built in qualifications. There is a difference between the natural man and the spiritual man. The Apostle Paul talks about this. For there were great struggles in the existence of what we might call the theology of Christianity today in which there have been many divisions by the denominations. And we discover that the enemy was always seeking to discover and then destroy areas of truth. One of the things most noticed is in studying the records and scrolls (of which there were originally 163). One of the earliest areas of Old Testament record had been the books of Enoch. In fact, one of the volumes I have in my library concerns them and the Dead Sea Scrolls. And in the oldest records of theology they tell us that in the discovery of the 'Dead Sea Scrolls' there were six copies of the volume of Enoch. The Jews destroyed every one of them. We are to discover that all of the rise of Christian theology and the effect of the background of Enoch was on it; Paul was a student of Enoch, the disciples were students of it. And that Jesus Himself, had studied the book of Enoch. This is the statement of Jewry today that wars against your faith. They wanted to eliminate it.

We can be a little more advanced than this, for Jesus was not a student of Enoch, but Jesus taught Enoch everything he knew. For the theme that made the book of Enoch great was not just the inspiration, but the experience he had being taken into the presence of the MOST HIGH. Enoch traveled thru out the universe and then returned to write these books. So you see the opposition, which despises our God and does not want to recognize our God, wants to put everything in reverse and then destroy all evidence of the revelations God has bestowed upon your race thru out the ages. Under this instance, they referred to many of the things which are quoted inside the Christian scriptures, and they say that much of this had been taken out of books which fortunately have been taken out of the hands of the Christian church and people at large. One of them was the ‘assumption of Moses’ which was an old book, which of course, proved that Moses did not die, but was received into the heavens prior to the time when Joshua took over the command of the house of Israel. They say that this book was in the hands of early church writers and affected much of their thinking. They said there is no doubt, because it contained the original intention of Michael concerning 'where was the body of Moses?' And they say that this proves that the disciples and the book of Jude concurred with this missing book. But this book was not missing, for it was thrown out at Niceae because of the influence of the Jews over the church at that time.

I cite this also for the book of Jude. Since Jude was the brother of Jesus, he was fully aware of the teaching of Enoch. He talks about Enoch and about the appearance of the embodiment of God with the appearance of the armies out of the heavens at the climax of this age which was to bring HIS kingdom in to overthrow the areas of resistance. Therefore, they thought that these processes must be eliminated from the thinking, and the realization taken that these are all pseudo books and not to be taken seriously and reborn into Christianity as the source of the work of the Apostle Paul, and the establishment of a kingdom and Christianity and Christ reign.

Thus, within this strategy, they point out that in the actual teachings of Jesus, is the fact that HE was supporting continually that HE was the embodiment of God; that HE had come to empower HIS people to accomplish a great purpose which in the mind of Jesus, was the overthrow of every religious system and every political power except that of the race of which HE was a part. That HE identified Himself as Master--God.

Now the Jews, in a strange way attacking and exposing their strange ways, identified themselves as not a part of the race which Jesus identified Himself with. They are very much opposed to this, and definitely referring to the Adamic race as a specific race, and referring to the fact that the book of Luke identifies Jesus with the race, tracing HIS genealogy back thru Seth and on back to Adam, who was the son of God. But over-looked in all of this, is the fact, that Jesus was before all things and by whom all of these things were framed. That out of the background of Messianic revelation in the pattern of things made known unto Enoch and to other great Patriarchs, that God would thus be embodied and identified with HIS race and this had long been the prophecy. That this was the great heart theme of the book of Isaiah is also true that the very manifestation of God would be with us and that we should call his name Emmanuel --GOD WITH US.

More than this, the identification of this with a specific people, for this brought to us the declaration of "UNTO US A CHILD IS BORN, UNTO US A CHILD IS GIVEN, AND THE GOVERNMENT SHALL BE UPON HIS SHOULDERS. HIS name shall be called Wonderful, the mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.” This strange policy was being drafted of certain areas that they were afraid would be reborn in Christian thought. At the psychiatrist meeting in Bucharest, almost all of them Jews, were also mostly agents of the Red Revolution. And many of them who went out of this country to go to this medical session to be held at Bucharest were nothing but agents of the Soviet Union, who in psychiatry and in studying the inside of Soviet procedures, had actually come over here and were inside of the educational system and the religious system. Actually, great numbers of these people had joined the church, altho they were

Jews to begin with. They entered our graduated seminaries and then moved into the pulpits of major denominations in the United States today. And after arriving here, they were following this policy that they should continually suppress the avenues of truth or revelation or typical foundational lore that they were afraid would be given rebirth in this particular time. If the Christians and the theologians were to discover the foundation of the thought which the disciples of Christ and then of the Apostle Paul, and also the affidavit of Christ, Himself, they might take on a militant program that would oppose all of the sociological programs of our time. And instead of trying to build one world out of all races and all people, would then try to apply to themselves a White Christian culture and work for its administrative influence for the entire world.

Now these discussions, which are a part of the Soviet psychological warfare, demonstrates that the thinking mind of this opposition to the ways of our nation and to our way of life is geared to a process of thinking which they admit automatically then as the thinking of the Jewish psychiatrist, and probably the master key to their thought. In this same situation, they talk about the fact that there must be this continual impression upon Christians that they must follow the areas of the teaching of Christ which they can interpret at pacifist and non-resistant and apply also the teachings of Paul's epistles and make it apparent that the process by which the Christians were to follow was to love everybody and be long suffering. In this instance, it is translated as Christian responsibility until it would be possible for them to shape their state by bringing Christians under the instructions of Christ and the Apostle Paul. And it would make their task easier if they made this the area of their teaching. Then they would also, in the instructions to the church, try to bring about upon the social consciousness, a guilt complex for all those who did the teaching to make it apply to the Apocalypse and the apocalyptic scripture if the national life and the opposition to this would now be classified as 'hate mongers' and anti-Christian. Thus, the communists want to have you to surrender to the strategies and policies of non-resistant to the forces of evil.

Now let me cite to you that in this process we have one of the most better laid strategies against the church of all times. When we talk about the church and then about the gift of the spirit, then let me tell you that inside of every last one of the household of the MOST HIGH GOD, that the entire race after their violation of Divine law, in which they came into the areas of pre-Adamic prophecy which had been ordained in prophecy---that as they transgressed and fell, they would be restored by the Father, who in that proclamation HE made before the foundation of the world, identified Himself as the Lamb and that substitute sacrifice before the foundation of this world order. So even tho the experiences would be new unto your race having been celestially begotten, now placed in a physical body thru the Adamic race and dwelling in the earth, bringing upon them an area of catastrophe, would also bring an area of restoration. And God would stimulate and activate these qualities that the spirit possessed.

When the Apostle Paul writes about the various gifts of the spirit, he also has stated in the book of Corinthians that the natural man, the Enosh man, this man is closer to the sixth day creation than the seventh day creation. The sixth day creation, in the limited amount of description in the book of Genesis was made, ‘both male and female, CREATED HE THEM.’ Whereas the Adamic man was the issue of God, and Eve was taken out of Adam so that they might be one flesh in establishing this vehicle of God's household.

Now we point out that the spiritual man, and the Apostle Paul tells this in Corinthians, that the spirit that dwells in him is the spirit is the Spirit of God. But it searches out all things which are of God but are known unto him. But the natural man, or the Enosh, or Beast man cannot understand this, because he does not possess this spirit. This is not a piece of psychological gymnastics, but it carries on a continual war inside of people. Church theology accepted this because it was put upon them by the design to cover up the differences between people. They tried to say therefore that the warfare is a constant struggle, and that the physical body was the natural man, and the spiritual being was the spiritual man, and they were resident in each and every one of you.

Truly you have a physical body and the soul inside of you is a Celestial being and the son of God. But what Paul was talking about was a people who did not have the capacity to receive this wavelength of Divine spirit, because they were not the offspring of God. They were created people and good in the day when created, but now under a fall, required spiritual adjustment.

Now let me point out again in that 14th chapter of John, when Jesus talks about the wavelength of divine energies which HE was going to send upon the people, and said “this is the truth that you can receive but the world cannot receive it.” The reason why they cannot receive it, is because they do not have the built in capacities. They do not have the spiritual capacities. They do not have this wavelength. The Grace of God is great and the Grace of God is final. This does not leave these people because of the difference in their process of beginnings from being approached by HIS Grace. This applies because the household of God was sent into the earth to overthrow the darkness, to liberate the earth. But it was also declared that the earth IN BONDAGE, might be fighting against this kingdom until the darkness was thrown down. I point out to you, that the salvation of the earth, which God intends to bring to pass with the establishment of HIS kingdom and the illumination of HIS sons, does not require the acquiescence of the earth in the acceptance of these things, but requires the power of the kingdom to bring it in. So with this understanding, the Apostle Paul talks about these same things.

Now when I talk to you about the gifts of the spirit, then the gifts of the spirit are those that belong to the household of the MOST HIGH GOD. HE can extenuate any of these by the direct activity of HIS own will, and can prepare and adapt HIS own household and HIS sons for their task and their part. This is the diversity of the gift of the spirit. And it involves a gift of prophecy and the gift of healing, and many of these phases of responsibility to be carried out by HIS sons. But they are processions called gifts of the spirit because they are not something which a person makes. They are not developed by someone’s determination. They are a capacity which is brought to the consciousness of an individual because they have been there all of the time. And I can tell you this afternoon, that as far as the nine gifts of the spirit, as far as capacity is concerned, is resident in every one of you. And it only takes the cognition of the spiritual application to translate into your utilization of these processes into which you are adapted.

Now we are told much about the fruit of the spirit. We are told that of any tree the fruit is determined by the seed life of the tree. It determines its background, its capacities, and its form. Botanical law like biological law, continues to produce kind having like kind, seed having life in itself. And this is also true of you. For you were made of incorruptible seed that lives and abides forever. You are a part of a tree of life. And because of that, you are a tree of life as described in the book of Ephesians. We have referred to the fact that we are told in the book of Ephesians, that the fruit of the spirit is goodness, and righteousness, and truth. And because ye are the children of YAHWEH, ye are asked to walk like the children of Light. And because you are the children of light, then Paul says, “walk like it.” Because you are the offspring of God, then walk like the Children of light. Because these are the processes of the fruit of the spirit---goodness, righteousness, and truth. Inside of this declaration in the book of Galatians, then Paul writes with a perception based upon Enoch's teachings concerning what God told him was the capacity of HIS household. HE said that the household of HIS kingdom is clearly marked because the structure of a Christian society, or the structure of God's household is that the fruit of the spirit is also love, joy, Peace, long suffering. And of course, it tells us, goodness, Faith and temperance and so forth. And the Apostle Paul then tells us that this is the fruit of the household of God. This is the quality. This is the production of this society.

Now let’s take a look at the societies that are not of this household and whose fruit is of the ‘tree of the serpent,’ the ‘vine of the vipers.’ This is what is referred to by Moses as he says that they are of a different tree than you are. And we discover what their process is. This is the work of darkness manifested. It is every type of uncleanliness, idolatry, witchcraft, strife, heresy, drunkenness, revelry, and murder. All of these belong to societies that are not like yours. The fruit of their background is in these other societies and in these other areas.

Now you can see that this thing has developed, because when you start looking for witchcraft and idolatry, and in which their religion is one of immorality and uncleanliness, you take a good look at Africa and at Asia, at India. Take a good look at the areas of Africa where witchcraft flourishes.

Now I think this is something you can be aware of, for when you talk about the fruit of the spirit being love, joy, and long suffering, then the Communists say that we must make the Christian church to realize that they must turn on love just like a light. They have to be taught that if there is something which they do not like, then they must concentrate on learning to love it. And as we apply this love, then everyone will survive if we just turn on this love.

Now I want you to know that love is the byproduct of areas of consciousness and in the picture in the seat of the consciousness in relationship of emotion that man is capable of. So in this area of emotion, then love is a reaction to things as they are. This is a very vital pattern of emotion affected by the pattern of spirit and also the senses, and can be elevated into various areas of concept. The pattern of love and emotion is built around the background of environment, contact, and association, and things as they are from the tenderness of the babe knowing its mother to the development of the strength and position of the father, from the smallest structure of God’s household, the family, to the natural affinity of the being which exists inside of people as they love their family, their relatives, and then expanding over their associations and friends. It is the emotion that reaches unto God when men truly know him. And when they know HIM, then they are not afraid of HIM, for this love cast out all fear.

Now under this affinity erected by a conscious pattern, it is the fruit of the knowledge of things as they are and the association of that which has drawn you into the closeness of the physical or the spiritual existence. So when we find this, we find that we have an emotion that you are supposed to turn on and off like an electric light unto everything that comes along. But I tell you that you are under no Christian responsibility to run around saying that you love everything which comes along just because someone tells you this is what you are to do. There is absolutely nothing inside of the scripture which says you run around and turn this thing on like a light bulb and just because you love it, then that is going to change the whole condition of it. Some silly people think that we are to turn all of the love loose on the Soviet Union and that will make Christians out of them. If you turned on all of the love possible by this mental process of error that they are trying to tell you is your responsibility, and then when you scrap it, they will cut your head clear off. You say, “This is Christian instruction.” No, it is not Christian instruction. This is a process that makes love a fruit of the spirit. And there is a difference in the relationship of the emotion in the family, to the family, to the relationship to the friends and neighbors of yours, and to the relationship of those who exist in the outside world. There is not only a responsibility that is related here, but let me point out to you that in this task there is joy and Peace. Somebody said, “Well, by that application the enemy says that a Christian is supposed to be Peaceful.” So the enemy who wants to conquer you wants you to accept this as a part of your faith, and you will be non-resistant and they will take you over without having to worry about your retaliation.

Now Peace does not have anything to do with it when talking about the ‘fruit of the spirit’ within the operation of the enemy against God's kingdom. It is a status of consciousness, a piece of mind that you assume. The Scripture therefore says concerning this, that we possess a Peace which passes all understanding. Why? ---Because our minds are fixed upon the covenants and assurances of God. Our minds are fixed upon the revelation of the embodiment of God and with the realization of HIS purposes. So with our minds fixed on Christ, we possess a Peace which can pass all understanding. You can have it on the battlefield while you are fighting the forces of darkness. And you can possess it while the powers of evil are seeking to destroy your nation and you can have a complete serenity of spirit.

I talked the other night to a group of businessmen about the problems concerning our nation. And this man, an average Christian and so concerned in his own affairs thru out the previous years, had within this past year become very active in what was going on. He started to study his Bible. He started to apply himself and he is working as diligently as he can to block communism and socialism. He is concerned about these strange people in our nation today who are seeking to disarm us and surrender us. And he said, “I have never been so busy. I hardly get thru with my work when I am going hither and yon trying to wake people up and to tell them what the Bible says and tell them what their destiny is.” He said, “I have never been so busy and so shocked at what is taking place, but also I have never had so much peace.” You say, “how is that?”---Because he is about his Father’s business. And do you know, there isn't anything peaceful about my Father’s business until we win. Did you ever stop to realize that from the very beginning of your experience in the earth that your race has always been in a struggle against one force or another? Including the design to mongrelize and integrate you from the very day that you arrived? This was what happened to Eve. So from the very status of this the peace which is upon the spirit is something which works inside of you and works related to you. A lot of people do not realize that 'The Sermon on the Mount' was the law of the kingdom. And in this process of operation are the people who have sensitivity. These were the areas in which you could bring people to moral responsibility. The laws within the kingdom apply to you. But you cannot apply these laws to people outside the kingdom without any spiritual capacity. This is why we tell you not to turn the cheek to the Soviet Union for they have no more responsibility to observe the fact that you are not becoming hostile to them. There is no brotherhood here. The program of the kingdom operates for every Adamic man. Every one of the household of your faith and your race possesses qualities of responsibility in areas that you can fully reach by the fulfillment of the law of the Spirit. But when you talk to a man outside this law of the spirit, you cannot reach him and don't take a chance on trying. This is why Jesus said, “I SENT YOU FORTH LIKE LAMBS AMONG WOLVES. If you do not have a sword, then sell your cloak and buy one.” You can live a lot longer in the world if you go out with a sword than with a cloak if the Jews have anything to do with it. There have been a few changes in time, but not very much in operation. I point out to you then that the 'Fruit of the spirit' is the great dynamic of the serenity of Faith, mightiness of force, the affinity among the people of God's kingdom which is unequal. You not only will discover that this is a prevailing force, but you will discover that you love your family, you love your friends, and you love God. But there is a stronger bond between you today. And those who are awakened out of their sleep and know that they are the children of God, who know their responsibilities and who are working with you and studying with you. There is a greater affinity and emotional attraction than in any human relationship. Therefore you are discovering that these are the patterns of the ‘Fruit of the spirit.’ It is not a battle between you and one of your race to try to get an ascendency one above the other as an important objective of life. This is to unify the strength of the household of God to battle the forces of darkness for the general good welfare not only of all of God's kingdom but for the earth as well, which you were sent here to rule over. I point out to you then that in this instance 'The fruit of the spirit' like the 'gifts of the spirit' was bestowed upon children of the spirit, which children you are. Since you are the child of God, than HE has sent the spirit of the son into your consciousness, into your being. And HE sustains it and HE pours out energies which are received by you. And will stimulate whole actions among the people of God's kingdom and this---so continues in your time. We have pointed out at various times that this is quite obvious. That you are not to be influenced today in any strange area of theology that would restrain you from doing the things that God wants you to do, in the carrying out of the areas of HIS kingdom.

The enemy today would utterly like for you to apply the areas of your kingdom to him. He climbs into your pulpit and tells you, that we have a brotherhood with all the people on the face of the earth, that we have a universal fatherhood of God. He wants you to wipe out any area of distinction and discrimination. And he produces the candidates for office, the instructors for your children, and in the areas of carrying out the image of your society is in activity. But God operates entirely opposite of this. For HE comes along--HE selects, HE chooses and HE ordains. The MOST HIGH GOD is the most discriminatory individual which we find any relationship to. HE selects and HE says, “I CALL MY SHEEP BY NAME. I LEAD THEM OUT.” Then HE says, “Unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God; unto them it is not given.” Then HE says, “No man can come unto me unless the Father (spirit) giveth it to him, and I raise him up in the last days.” And then HE said, “Come unto me--of all of mine by the spirit they come unto me for I have lost nothing.”

Now I point out to you that when God called Abraham out of the land of Ur of the Chaldeas, HE not only discriminated, but HE guided him in this discrimination, even to a bride for his son Isaac. And HE discriminated in the selection of each and every one of them in the household. More than this, HE said, “I have set you above all of the people on the face of the earth, because you are mine.” The whole process of the ministry of God stands out for you to contemplate upon this afternoon. Whatsoever Christ said HE is going to do, HE will do. And you can be sure of this. If you accept this identity of the embodiment of God which HE claims, and which the books of Isaiah and other books of the prophets have proclaimed, and which HE fulfilled with minuteness, then you must recognize that HIS reentry into human affairs is also within HIS prerogative to fulfill. HIS influence upon you to carry out HIS objectives is also the right of HIS will. HE said, “I will step into human affairs, and I will separate people.” And this is HIS purpose. This would not be Kennedyism. It would be Gods' purpose. HE says, “I will separate the people of the world as a shepherd who divides the sheep from the goats.” And of course, they are HIS goats as well as HIS sheep. But to the sheep, HE says, “RECEIVE THIS KINGDOM, PREPARED FOR YOU FROM THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD. Rule over these goat nations and make them obey. They do not have morality or Christian standards. They have been under Witchdoctors and under pagans. But I am going to make them to pass under you for my sons and my daughters worship me, and the power of the spirit shall flow forth like a healing force.”

Now someone says, “But it is not God's purpose for us to discriminate.” But HE is going to. HE is going to divide the world and separate it into its areas of participation. He manages this so that the waves of perception inside of you is going to make you perceptive in the areas of administration and in the areas of government. Actually you are going to be like your Father. You will think like your Father and act like HIM. But the enemy is trying to give us a guilt complex for feeling as strongly as we do in these areas of these functions. There is no question that as far as divine purpose is concerned, that these applied patterns operate out of you even outside of the existing pattern of the family. You let catastrophe in any part of the earth occur and there is that destructive force which you want to heal. You want to close it. You want to go out and meet the need. This is a part of your nature. They do not always appreciate it and afterwards may want to blackmail you for more. But this is the policy by which you function and by which you operate.

You do not live in the world with the capacity of hate. But I want you to know that there are extremes in the capacity of emotions. For as you have the capacity for deep spiritual emotional perception, which when we apply it with law, can move upon you with understanding by this evaluation of emotion from everything which relates to God from your friends and your family . . . that which is in opposition to this area . . . you can oppose with great extensions of energy which you have. By this same process then we turn inside of the scriptures and we find a word of the Psalmist:... “LORD, am I to love thine enemy?” And the Psalmist finds his answer, and he says, “Oh, no, I am not to love the enemies of my God, but I am to hate them with a perfect hatred.” Someone will say, “Oh, that is not right, we are not to express this. We are to suppress this.” But the Psalmist realized that God wanted absolute resistance against evil. HE did not move you into an area of acceptance by emotion as to anything that was evil as tho this were your responsibility. We have pointed out to you in the past, that it is better to obey than to sacrifice. That evil forces of unassimilable people who happen to be the descendants of fallen angels who did not keep their first estate, and mutations among people and races which has produced evil people. In the sixth chapter of Genesis it talks about the Giants in the land in those days. The book of Jude talks about the people and the violation of Divine law. And in one of the commentaries of this knowledge coming back to your race, they wanted to destroy all of the books of Enoch because they carried all of the background knowledge of how far this reached. In this declaration and in this design to suppress these patterns of truth, it became obvious that there were forces of darkness which were seeking to destroy you. They had come from another dimension and were not in their original condition, and in the process had produced an unassimilable people.

Now in this instance, they had murdered your race when you were dwelling in peace. They had brought assault against you, God's household, HIS rulers with HIM, the sons and daughters of God. Finally, you asked to have a king to rule over you and you got one. And when Saul was made king over Israel, and then these people who stood in the way---remember then the words of the MOST HIGH GOD:.. “I have a war with Agag and Amalek thru all of their generations.” So God said to Saul that Samuel was HIS holy man. Remember this now---and HE said, “Now you move against these people--this Agag and Amalek--and you utterly exterminate these people.” They were the powers of evil. This was understood in the Zohar. So here they are--- “you go out and destroy them. Don't you save their cattle or their wealth or anything which relates to them.” So God calls Samuel in and HE said, “Samuel, Saul has not obeyed me. We are going to upset Saul. We are not going to keep him as king. We will put someone else in his place. He did not obey me.” Samuel says. “What did he do oh, ‘LORD?” And the Lord replied, “He spared Agag and he spared their cattle and their goods and some of the people bribed their way out.” And Samuel goes down to see Saul, and Saul says, “What is the matter? Look what I have done for God. We overthrew the Amalekites and all who came against us, and look at all of these fine animals that we are going to sacrifice, unto God.” But Samuel said, “You disobeyed, spared Agag.” And Saul said, “Oh, but Agag said he would serve my God and he would serve me.” But Agag was not going to do it any more than the Russian are. They signed a ‘17 point aggression pact’ and they have broken every one of them. Do you suppose they are going to keep one of them if Mr. Rusk makes one with them next week? You know, if Saul and David and others had fulfilled their responsibilities, you wouldn't have any problem today. So Saul said, “Well, I spared them because these looked pretty good.” But suddenly the spirit of God moves on Samuel---so what did they do? Did they have a big revival? Did they have a prayer meeting? No. Samuel took the sword and went out and hacked Agag all to pieces. You say, “But that is not a very good religion for today.” It is a lot better than turning the cheek when you are not supposed to do this according to the instructions of God. Because you will get hacked to pieces. Then Saul was told by Samuel that, “It is better to obey than to sacrifice.”

And the challenging situations which occurred to Elijah as Jezebel brought in her prophets of Baal, bypassing the immigration laws of Israel, and had them scattered thru out the land. And now they were attacking the God of Israel and trying to get them to worship all gods and all Baal pagan religions. Until even the prophet of God had to hide, for he was being charged with sedition and everything else as he went out to Mt. Carmel. I was reading something in the records of what transpired, as they said that the Priests of Baal--when they set up their sacrifice--they put in the philosophers stone. They put in phosphorus and yet Elijah finally won on Mr. Carmel. I was reading something rather interesting as they talked of the Priests of Baal. As they set up their sacrifice, they had put in this philosophers stone, and the phosphorus. And some had four or five components, thinking that they would get a fire from these components that would burn their sacrifice. The Jews knew that they were phoneys all of the time, and they were trying by trickery to put Baalism over on the people. And when that sacrifice went up under the lightening bolt of YAHWEH, then Elijah said, “Now we have demonstrated who is God and who is trying to ruin our country.” So what did they do? Did they go out and have a great big revival and say now everybody just concentrate on these 450 Priests of Baal and see how much you can love them? Well, that would be consistent with the philosophy of the National Council of Churches today.

Elijah said, “Let’s take them down by the brook.” And Elijah said, “Give me a sword.” And they cut the heads off of 450 prophets of Baal. All of the women across America would be shocked. They would think this a terrible thing. No, this would put them back into another dimension where they belonged. The strange thing was that God said of Elijah, “this is a man after my own heart,” and HE sent down HIS own special chariot for Elijah, and he was carried right up into the sky. Someone said, “But I do not like the Old Testament.” Well, that is where things begin. And I want you to know that there has been no change in God. HE is the same yesterday, today and forever. And Jesus was the YAHWEH of the Old Testament. And Jesus in HIS ministry had not changed.

Oh, the compassion that God showed not only to HIS family, but to the areas of the creatures of HIS creation. God could look upon the hostility of old Jerusalem and say, “Oh, Jerusalem, Oh, Jerusalem, I would have gathered thee as the hen would her chicks, but ye would not.” But at the same time in recognizing HIS own HE said, “I call my sheep by name. I give them Eternal life, and they shall never perish.” Then turning to the Jews who conspired against HIM, HE said, “Ye believe not because ye are not my sheep, as I said unto you.” In his same instance as to the suppression of the people by this force of darkness, HE took a cord of nine tails and went upon the steps of the Temple and anger showed in the face of God. HE was expressing in human form, the opposition that HE felt for this scourge of these rascals. And HE swept them off of the steps of the Temple. HE said that, “Ye have made my Father’s House a den of thieves and of murder's.” I point out to you that with all of the manifestation of God, of compassion for the lame and the sick and the blind, with compassion for the woman whose only son was going by in a funeral procession, until HE--the embodiment of God--walked up to the funeral procession and stopped it, and restored the son to his mother---God when walking among men---could be so touched with the infirmities of men that HE could weep. Thus, we are told that “JESUS WEPT.”....the shortest verse in the Bible. As a man stood before that Tomb and said, “Lazarus come forth.” For power, for compassion, for love, there has been no demonstration of this equal. For in that purpose of restoring back your glory . . . altho embodied among you . . . HE TASTED OF DEATH TO ACCOMPLISH THIS PURPOSE. FOR HE SO LOVED YOU.

I point out that this did not at any time change the fact that HE recognized this evil for what it was, and would have no association with it. HE said in the 19th chapter of Luke, and in the 24th verse:... “BRING HITHER MINE ENEMIES THAT WOULD NOT THAT I SHOULD REIGN OVER THEM, AND SLAY THEM BEFORE ME.” Jesus said that. And HE said, “This is what I am going to say when I return.”

You say, ‘But why do you bring these things up?” It is because I want you to be balanced in your understanding and know who these people are and what it is all about, and know what God thinks and why HE acts like HE does. How can you fulfill the Will of God if you do not know what God is thinking? How can you know the Will of God when you let people who do not believe in HIM interpret the emotions that you are supposed to have? I am tired of listening to Communist interpretation of Christian responsibility. I am tired of hearing people tell me that the God-given racial self-respect which HE has given me and those of my race that by joining a group of Negroes who would overthrow the status of law and order that I am then being responsible. I hold in my hands a denominational call made in these United States, many of these denominations claiming to be Christian under the National Council of Churches of Christ, calling for a mass demonstration, in which they say, “that to attain equal opportunity and full Christian brotherhood that there is no barrier under race, color, and creed. And that all men are alike --we urge every member of the church, the Church of Los Angeles, to join in the march and all of these activities to bring to the Negro what he wants.” Well, I am going to prove unto you that if all things were equal, they would not have to march. You do not have to prove equality. It has to demonstrate itself.

If these people were equal, there would be great cities like Los Angeles down in Africa. If these people were equal, they would have so much freedom, and then it would be their problem. If all things were equal, they would not have to get anything from you. They would be so proud of what they make they would not pay any attention to you at all. Yes, I see that heading all of these things is the court of Rabbi's who have said, “This is our program.” I discover here that the Lutheran churches of the Southwest Synod and the Reformed Church of America and the Church of the Brethren, and all of the members of the National Council of Churches of America, call on their people in this united program, with the Southern Baptist Convention, the Southern California Council of Churches, the United Church of Christ Conference, and the United Presbyterian Church of Los Angeles, with the Los Angeles Country Federation of Labor, and the Elks Lodge and the Shrine to get behind this program of 'equal opportunity now,' and 100% back this Negro revolution.

You say, “What is this?” --I will tell you what it is. This is the deception of Anti-Christ. This is the end of every religious hierarchy who joins themselves against God's purpose. The significant thing is that it is happening in your time. And they are trying to tell you that you do not show the 'fruit of the spirit' if you don't go along with it. But the scripture warns me about these people who are rioting in the daytime. It says look out for these people who are trying to overthrow the things which relate to God's law and order, for they riot in the daytime. They are the troubles in your feasts of charity. So they are joining those who riot in the daytime.

Now I know that there are a lot of people today who have accepted this propaganda. But I tell you that there is a united call for an integrated pattern of evil on the basis of a lie. Let me show you what the Church Federation said:... “Since all men are brothers, and God is their Father” . . . How many people believe that God is their Father and all men are brothers? Let me point out something to you. Somebody apparently left something out in the education of Jesus. Here is the one who was before all things and by whom all things exist. He created the Universe and is the Father of every one of HIS children, so Isaiah says. But apparently, there was something which HE did not know, or HE came down here into a human body and forgot it. HE must have forgotten HE was the Father of everybody. But here in HIS humanity, HE turned to the Jews and said, “I am of my Father and you are of your father.” HE said, “I am of God and you are of your father the devil.” Was HE misinformed?---No.

Now at no time did Jesus seek to gather Satan's children into HIS congregation. At no time did HE seek to embrace a brotherhood with them. HE said, “I separate my sheep from the goats, for the kingdom is going to be ruled over by my sons and my daughters. This is my purpose and this is the way it is going to be.” This will be the best thing which ever happened to the goats even if they do not know it. They do not know that the whole world vibrates together waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God. And we, as well as they, are waiting for what?---The redemption of the Body. I point out in this instance that Jesus made an advance of the difference between spiritual origin and Luciferian rebellion. The world order has today, been under the influence of the same kind of Witchdoctors that are being used on you. Africa has had Witchdoctors and Asia has had witch doctors. And now they are sending over Witchdoctors in striped pants to tell you what to do. They are witch doctors in churches. And they are trying to bewitch the Senate of the United States. You know when you have to get in with the congressmen and try to get them to accept a treaty with the devil when it is of the Beast system . . . you know if you would let them alone, they would defeat this whole thing. For they do not think this way. If they show a little intelligence, then they go into a screaming tirade as Mr. Harriman did, when they tried to vote this thing down. I am going to tell you this. Your civilization, in this battle for ideas, carries with it the inspiration of Divine background. God Almighty endorsed a process of light and it is not to be destroyed. And HE wants you to understand this, for HE wants you to accept no other deity and no other gods. The strategy today is to get you to accept all of them. I saw one of the most unusual false pieces of material. It shows you why you should know theology. It shows you why the church was invaded to set up Babylonianism to make God into separate people and to divide HIM up which was Babylonianism. They said in one piece of paper which was published in the last few days concerning this acceptance of all religions and all gods, that as Christians know God is the Father and the young man is the son, and the holy spirit, they are all manifestations of God . . . so also is Buddha, and so also is Brahma, Vishnu, and Siva. In fact, the father could have been any one of them and the son another, and the holy spirit another. So they take one area of error and they try to sell you a bill of goods which is plurality and try to convince you that it is a good idea. So they step on one grain of error to try to cram another one down your throat. I point out to you that they have just past in the United Nations, a declaration that you will not be able in any assembly of over three or four people, to bring incrimination upon any religion, or in any status of God unless a decree of the world order. I am going to tell you that the LORD thy God is a jealous God, and HE has said, “THOU SHALT HAVE NO OTHER GOD BEFORE ME.”

Now in this instance, we turn to this fact. The Zionists and the Red Revolution has hatched this whole Negro uprising for their own political ends. In the newspaper last week, it says that the Treasury Department reported that the Zionists of Israeli had brought millions of dollars over here and put it into the hands of Zionists organizations for propaganda purposes and to accomplish the political objectives for the Jews of Israeli. This was to stir up the Negroes and put over this propaganda. And it was called to your attention that they had not registered as a foreign power so as to use this money to put over their propaganda. This, my friends, should bring on deportation of every Zionists out of these United States. And this Israeli money would have been used over here to propagandize us. They designed violence. But then the socialists want violence from the Negroes to create violence and trouble. They should be taken out of this nation. You say why? Because they have been influencing the President and have influenced decrees and influence on the federal register. And in case of race violence, the President of the United States can take over with dictatorial power, because he has placed this on the Federal Register. And it says that in case of racial tension and economic upheaval and in catastrophe or war, he can step in and confiscate your government and hold it and give it back to you when he gets ready. So you see how this thing can happen? They want to take away your liberty and stir this thing up and clamp you under Caesar (dictatorship). And these silly churches do not know that the Bill of Rights does not work under a dictatorship. So what do they do? Like the harlot daughters of Babylon, they support the very policies that would destroy the liberty and freedoms in our Republic.

I bring this to your attention. But yes, these are turbulent times. You say, “But how do you have peace in these times?”----Because you believe God. There is nothing new here. HE told us that you would do all of these things. But HE also told me that we would awaken out of our sleep and that we would rise up as a people. And HE told me that when the enemy came in like a flood, that HE was going to cause their defeat. I tell you that in this crisis, that a fellowship exists that will resist this darkness and evil. We will establish standards that shall not be destroyed and not suppressed by the darkness who were in the world before you arrived. They are your enemies. They are parasites. For the ends of the earth belong to you. Thy Father said, “Ask me and I will give you the heathen for your inheritance and thee uttermost parts of the earth for your possessions.” And this will be the best day they ever saw. Oh, they will not want it. They kick against the yoke and against righteousness and law. They want pagan processes and cannibalism. They do not want the other pattern. But this, my friends, is not what they want. This is what God has ordained.

Now if this does not fit into your pattern, then you better find out what God has ordained for HE has not changed. You better discover the greatness and the magnitude of HIS pattern because the earth is going to know righteousness and it is going to know peace. Because the powers of darkness are going to be defeated. You are never going to eliminate the power of the witch doctor over the African until you destroy the witch doctor. You are never going to save the world from the down synonyms of Communism and Socialism until you destroy Socialism and Communism and you have defeated the powers that control and regulate the lives of people . . . you are never going to preserve the religions of idolatry and separate the people from its influence and superstition. You know we are actually building a Buddhist temple right here in the United States to make some Buddhist students happy who came over here to study. You are not to do that. You are a Christian nation. You are supposed to take a stand. You do not have to cowtow to any pagan policy and to worship any pagan philosophy or any pagan concept of God. If their god were true, they wouldn't have to come over here to be trained. They could stay home and learn how to do it. Any time you have to train them, arm them, and protect them, it is because their gods are no gods AND YOURS IS GREATER. It is time we made this an affidavit. Hate them? ---No, you do not hate them because of the accident of their birth. You don't hate them because of who they are and what they are. But you hate the evil that is directing these people to overthrow and destroy God's kingdom. These you must hate. For if you do not hate the evil, then you lose identity with the Father. And this has nothing to do with the vastness of this quality of emotion called LOVE. But it is the understanding of both God's Grace and of the Grace of the service of your relatives and your friends and this great spiritual affinity which God brings, rising up within you as the policy of understanding expands. This is a part of your destiny.


End of message.