Gathering Of The Tares, 1-13-63



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 1-13-63

We are greatly concerned with the situation which effects our nation at this time. And we are concerned because what we think of it may also effect our enemy. This might seem strange but they seem to want to cover our every subject. But turning to our subject for tonight, we find that as we go into the book of Matthew that we find Jesus talking to His disciples and He is laying the foundation of understanding concerning a great many of the mysteries that effect His Kingdom.

“Unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of heaven, unto them it is not given.” (Matthew 13:11)

Someone always says, ‘Oh, but there is a difference between the Kingdom of God in the heavens and the Kingdom of God in the earth.’ No, my friends, there is no difference in the Kingdom of God in the heavens and in the earth. For that Kingdom is made up of people with an inheritance, with an administrative responsibility, and an ultimate inherited destiny. The people who make up the Kingdom of God in the earth are those who came down from the heavens to build the Kingdom of God in the earth. And this is a little secret.---The Kingdom of heaven is within you. And what you have been taught to pray for is:--”Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth as it is in Heaven.” ---This is absolutely sovereign, victorious, and administrative. And I like God’s plan in earth. I am not conceited enough to think it can be improved on either. For I am perfectly happy to see it fulfilled. And more than that, I am going to do everything in my power to see that it is implemented because only by this fulfillment, can I discharge my responsibilities in the earth. Of course men can only do what they know and understand. But there is no excuse for not knowing what God has purposed to do.

The building and the development of His Kingdom is the development of the family of God transferred from heaven to earth by the process of birth, not by the accident of birth. Let’s get this clear. There is no accident involved in your birth. HE knew everyone of you before your birth in earth. And HE wrote your names in the Lamb’s Book of Life before the foundation of the world. And if your names are not written down in this ‘LAMB’S BOOK OF LIFE’ before the foundation of the world, then you are an unfortunate people. But don’t worry about that, for I do not see anyone in this auditorium tonight, that is not White. I don’t think they ever send an agent here anymore who is not White, because he is apt to be told that he is in the wrong auditorium. But the most important thing for you to understand is to know who you are and what you are here for. Because you are here to occupy until the Eternal God who placed you here, joins you to finish the task He sent you to do. I want you to know that at no place within the structure of spiritual prophecy did God promise us that the development of His Kingdom and your occupation of it, would be easy. He promised great creative genius and spiritual inspiration for your race to help implement the spread of it, and the wisdom and knowledge as well as the understanding necessary for the development of His Kingdom. But no where did He promise it would be an easy course. He never told you that it would be without opposition. In fact, from Genesis to Revelation, it is the story of opposition. The book of Revelation is filled with the revelation of opposition. The words of Jesus talk about the opposition. And without going thru all the subject of opposition, I could bring you up to tonight, by stressing that Lucifer and his offspring have a very heavy part to play in what we call opposition to the Kingdom of God which is made up of God and His family. This is a Kingdom, an inheritance, a government, and an administration by the process of a King and His offspring maintaining control of the Kingdom.

Now, a lot of people say, ‘I am against kingdoms and opposed to all Monarchies.’ But it depends on whose Kingdom we are talking about. For we are not opposed to the Kingdom of God. Nor to the offspring of God carrying out His purpose in such an administration. It does not have to be a tyrannical administration just because it is liberating. Those who are set free by the Eternal YAHWEH are free indeed. And those who think they are free, but are under the bondage of errors and superstitions are more bound than you could be bound by any political or social cause. I tell you that the Kingdom of God is an important reality. And all the nations within it do not necessarily have to be a part of a monarchy to be a part of His Kingdom. For this great nation was a great Republic at its start and shall be again. We affirm that it is a Republic altho they try to tell us that it is not. But this great nation under God is one of the great nations of God’s Kingdom. There happen to be Monarchies within this Kingdom of God, and there are Republics as well. But it is the race, the offspring within this Kingdom which makes up the Divine family, for the perfect state of government with YAHWEH-YAHSHUA ruling, sovereign and complete without question or opposition.

With this in mind, we place before you then, the pattern and the blueprint of the Kingdom, for this Kingdom of God stretches throughout the vastness of God’s Universe. But for the people dwelling in earth, who are a part of this Kingdom, the important think is the aspects of it as it relates to the earth. There is much that can be said about the Kingdom, because we are told by the Apostle Paul that in the name of the ETERNAL YAHWEH or YAHSHUA the CHRIST, the whole family is an important thing. What family? Your family. Someone said that is doesn’t make any difference in who you are, or what you are, or how you were born. But I tell you that it does make a difference, a lot of difference as to who you are, or how you were born, or where you came from. I tell you that the most important thing for you to have experienced was to be ‘Twice Born.’ Jesus told this to Nicodemus and this isn’t some strange metaphysical application, some condition of thought which happens to you sometime when you hear the truth. This is something which starts with ‘The Father’ in the posterity which He begats. And if you are born, then you are born by the will of the Father. And when you are born by the will of your Heavenly Father, then you are twice born---born of the Will of the father and born by water thru the Adamic Race into the physical world. Thus there is no one in this room, who is a member of the Adamic race, descended down thru Seth, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, who is not twice born. Therefore, don’t let an Evangelist tell you that you are not. Don’t let someone come along and tell you that you must have another birth which is still ahead of you because that is not true. They say, ‘but this upsets the Orthodox of belief for today.’ But we are not interested in Orthodox as such. We are interested in truth. There is a great spiritual force today which is doing the work of regeneration. And this regeneration is to reactivate the life you possess in conscious awareness. Your spirit is Eternal. And your physical bodies which hold within them this spirit needs, in its soul consciousness and in its mental capacities, a reactivation of spiritual power which belonged to your race when it was first placed here. This we call regeneration. So don’t confuse this with another birth. This regeneration is a reactivation of your consciousness by the Spirit of the Ever-Living God, who is your Father. And this can happen to you and to your race.

I point out that the Kingdom of God is tangible and it is real. And that God talked with you and your families in the Celestial realm in the ages of yesterday, long before you ever made this visit to earth and then dwelt here. He talked to you about the purpose of HIS Kingdom and your part in it.

Now, let us turn to what Jesus brings back to the remembrance of His disciples. He tells in His revelations:--”Ye are they who were with Me in the beginning.”----before the Cosmos---in the beginning. And then by the Holy Spirit (John 14), leading them in all truth, He brings them to their remembrance of all truth. He speaks to them in parables. And in the 13th chapter of Matthew, He says that the Kingdom of Heaven is like unto a man sowing good seed in the field. And while this man apparently slept, the enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat and then went away. And when the blades of wheat came forth and then brought forth fruit, low and behold, there were tares also in the field. And the servants of this householder came and said, ‘Sir, didn’t thou sow good seed in thy field?--From whence then hath it tares?’ He said, ‘An enemy has done this.’ The servants said, ‘Maybe we should go out into the field (the world) and gather out the tares? Would you have us to do that? But HE replied, ‘Nay, lest as ye root out the tares, ye also remove some of the wheat. Let them grow unto the harvest and at that time I shall give orders to gather first the tares and to bind them into bundles to burn, and then we will gather the wheat into the barn.’

Now, the beauty of this is that it was not organized or developed by any area of theology that you might subscribe to as being the theology of some man’s denomination. This parable was not written by John Wesley or Calvin. It was not the development of an encyclopedist. It was not the work of a Presbytery (elders of a church).

We have no opposition to the good work or the good revelations which may come, or have come, or the great design of Christians, in any phase of Christianity that would try to promote the Kingdom of God. But we tell you that lots of times they create ideas, and set around those ideas, patterns of thought that are not always the final word, and not always even correct. But this particular parable was virtually given by dictation unto Matthew. It was the result of direct conversation as information to His disciples and to the company of your race who stood around to listen. And then He told them several other parables and they pondered all these things.

Then we are told in the book of Matthew, that as soon as the multitude was sent away, and they went into the house where they were alone, that the disciples came to Jesus and said:--’Declare unto us the parable of the tares.’ (Matthew 13:36) Of all the parables He had given the, this one interested them the most. I am telling you that of all the parables given, this one should interest you the most also. Because since that time up to today, we have passed over 1900 years, and we are very close to the end of the age. But in this instance when the multitude had been sent away, then the disciples said--’declare unto us the parable of the Tares in the Field.’ And Jesus answered the disciples this way:--”He that soweth the good seed is note other than the Eternal God, the Embodied one, the one you see standing before you as the Son of Man--Incarnate Deity.’--(the words translated here as Son of Man, is used often to reveal the pattern of Messiahship, the embodiment of God as a man.)--So he who sowed the bad seed is different than this One. For HE who sowed this good seed is not other than Deity---the Eternal God. For the field is the world and here Jesus doesn’t leave anything for your imagination, for He says:--”The good seed are the children of the Kingdom.” If you still doubt this, let me assure you that God has a posterity in the earth and these are made up of Holy Seed. He very carefully warned the prophets that there was not to be a mingling of the Holy Seed. Based on the pattern of HIS Law, there was to be a preservation of racial integrity of kind begatting like kind, of ‘Seed having life in itself.’ And we tell you tonight, that one of the great crisis points of your time is this attempt upon the part of your enemies to choke out that good seed. We will have more to say about that later. But remember that the good seed are ‘the Wheat--the children of the KINGDOM.

Now, the field is the world. And with the ‘good seed’, the children of the Kingdom, then the tares are the children of the wicked one. The tares are the progeny of Lucifer. Then always comes the question, ‘The who are those tares and who are not those of ‘good seed’--are they also tares?’---No, there are lots of others in the world than the ‘wheat.’ There are lots of other plants in the world besides wheat that are not making any inroads into the wheat fields. There are lots of people and races of people, here in earth who are not wheat. But you and your race are the children of the Kingdom. You are the ‘wheat’ in the world, the ‘good seed.’ Therefore, the tares are the children of the wicked one and the wicked one is none other than the devil. And the harvest is the end of the age, sometimes translated end of the world. And the reapers in the harvest are ‘Administering Spirits’, sometimes translated Angels. Therefore, the tares are to be gathered into bundles and burned in the fire. And thus it is to be, at the end of the age. The tares shall be removed and discarded. And they will be known as tares as they are taken out. And the Eternal God is to send His administering spirits and they shall gather out of His Kingdom all things which offend and those who do iniquity. And they shall be placed out in the constellation of Ara, far out on the edge of space. And that old phrase ‘There shall be weeping and wailing, and gnashing of teeth,’ is just an old phrase designating extreme unhappiness, because they have been removed from the area where they have been so successful as parasites. There is no question in this language that Jesus used, that the tares are going to be plucked out. Then there is another statement that Jesus made:--’Every plant My Father (the Eternal spirit) did not plant is to be plucked up by the roots.’ This may be objectionable to some people who want to assimilate everyone and roll them all into one common world organization, and keep them all in the same field irrespective of what chokes out what. But I want to tell you that God has a plan for His field (the world) as He tells you, and as ‘Master Gardener’, He says that we are going to remove the ‘tares’ first.

Some people say that they cannot understand just who there tares can be. I don’t think we have too much of a problem in learning who they are. In the first place, Jesus said ‘the tares’ are the children of the wicked one, the devil. Those are the words of Jesus. And yet people will say, ‘No, the devil was just a fallen angel and he could not have had offspring.’ But this fallen Angel did not keep his first estate. And yes, he did have children. For we find them all over the world. There are so many of them living in L.A. that we wish they would have an exodus. The ‘tares’ are children of the evil one and Jesus told you this.

Let us pause for just a moment and see if we can find any scriptural clue as to these children of the evil one. Let us turn again to the book of John and we discover that Jesus had made it quite clear in these passages. Jesus has been talking about ‘THE TRUTH’, and about those in opposition to ‘THE TRUTH’. And in the 44th verse in the 8th chapter of John, then Jesus turned to these Jews and HE said:--“Ye are of your father the devil.” I don’t think I need anymore of this verse to tell me who there tares are. And you read that chapter and you will find who Jesus is talking to and what it is all about. More than that, He tells you a little bit about the nature of the devil, who is a murderer and a liar. And when he speaks, it is a lie, for the truth is not in him. He is a liar and the father of lies. And then the Jews demanded that HE tell them by what authority HE would say these things? And HE told them:--”Ye are of your father the devil.”

Now, I am just going to make a flat statement. The Jews are the tares and the tares are the enemies of God’s Kingdom. And you will never have the Kingdom arriving at its destiny until you pull the tares out. Someone said, ‘Oh, you can’t advocate that, Dr. Swift.’ Let me tell you something. There are a lot of things we can advocate and a lot more that we are going to. I don’t like to be repetitious, but I don’t like to miss a point on a tape that will move out somewhere and do some good.

Here is an article in the Los Angeles Times, ‘Infiltration probe of stations is now being wrought.’ ‘The Internal Security committee of the Judiciary, is investigating a group of radio stations under a foundation known as ‘Pacifica.’ The reason of the investigation being that these stations have Communists like Dorothy Heiley on their programs and they allow slanted views of Communist propaganda on these stations. This may be an abuse of the communications commissions license of these stations. For these who are using these stations are those who advocate the overthrow ow the United States government. There is a branch of the Senate and of the House which is charged with finding out and informing the Senate, such as the Un-American Activities Committee, which informs the House, as to the activities of any group who advocates the overthrowing of our government. And this committee is to come up with remedial legislation to correct this situation.’ But let me point out to you that investigating these situations that have communist involved, and who carry on with their slanted opinions, and have a lot of people connected with them who are ‘left wingers,’ and who are identified with the communist fronts, that you find that all of the screaming ‘protection,’ comes from the American Jewish Congress. They put pressure on the Vice-President, Lyndon Johnson this week to get him to try to use pressure to crush those hearings. If Lyndon Johnson can use his influence to stop a Congressional hearing, then, my friends, we better shake that down and find out how it is done. And we better find out what hold they have over Lyndon Johnson, if they can make him perform that way. The American Jewish Congress put on the pressure along with other Jewish organizations on Newton Minnow, the chairman of the Communications Commission. But of course, we know what he looks like. But they put pressure on him to crush this committee with his power and his influence. Then they called on all Jews to put on all the pressure they could on the Senate and on Mr. Dodd to crush the hearing. They said, ‘This is an attempt to infringe on the First Amendment to crush free speech, and no committee should have a right to interrogate any area of press, or radio, or any of these areas because it effects free speech.

But I just want to point out something to you. Just you start to investigate Communism and the people who are interested in it, and those who come out to the front to protect it, are the American Jewish Congress and the Jewish organizations. And when you get this much courage to have printed in the contemporary newspaper an official report on one side, and the expose of the Jews on the other side, then you know that the truth is coming out. You can be just so obnoxious, and just so Jewish, that you can’t hide it anymore. And that is what is happening in America, the words ‘evil’, ‘obnoxious’, and ‘Jewish’ being synonymous. But don’t be embarrassed by the truth. Just learn it. I don’t imagine that Jesus blushed at all when He gave this parable to His disciples.

Now listen. I just wanted to insert this on the tape which is going out over the tape circuit so that the listeners would have a little idea as to who is trying to protect the communist. If we had a list here of what Internal Security and others found out concerning the Atom bomb spies, and we were to give you a list of the spies who gave away U.S. secrets, then outside of Elizabeth Bentley, it would look like a Jewish register for Fairfact. If you don’t live around Los Angeles, then there are more Jews living around Fairfact than any other area of the city. These people don’t believe in free speech. Don’t forget that. They tried to put us off a radio station once because we identified the house of Israel and it wasn’t them. We watched them threaten a movie star who owned half of that radio station. They were going to cancel his contract if he didn’t get us off the air. This man didn’t back up. But we permitted him to cancel the contract to get him off the hook. But he didn’t do it by his own will. Let me tell you these ‘tares’ are out to destroy the Kingdom. They are out to stifle the ‘wheat’. But the part that I like since there are an unprecedented number of them, is that they are not going to be here forever.

Let me point out to you that the 12th chapter of Revelation deals with this struggle in our time. These conspiratorial programs which the ‘tares’ implement and catalyze as the offspring of Lucifer, involve a ‘super World Government’ headed by their economic and political masters. It involves an attempt to subordinate all Christian nations into a procedure of entrapment by a lying and cunning perception which they have received from their father. Their entrance like ‘Trojan horses’ into every Christian nation is by a cry of persecution. And their appeal to be admitted is that they might survive as refugees. And then once in, they inoculate into the body politic of the Christian nation a deadly revolutionary virus of great evil. And they seek to destroy those who would give them refuge. What America and the White world need is to know the truth---for the truth shall make you free. It needs to elect representatives who will abide by Divine Law and by the truth. If our forefathers had been cognizant of this truth as Benjamin Franklin was, from his time up to now, there wouldn’t be a Jew in these United States and no way for one to come in.

This message is being taken down word for word. But it won’t do little Bobby any good unless they have decided to make a law establishing a new religion and cut out ‘Thus saith the LORD’. And the day they do that, we will cut a lot of things out of America and cut them out permanently.

The 12th chapter of Revelation makes this statement:--’There was a great war in the heavens, and Michael and his angels fought against the Dragon who fought with his angels, but he did not prevail. For Michael with all the hosts of heaven, and with the great and mighty space fleets of God, and with the tremendous power which was in his hands, defeated Lucifer and run him out of his portion of the Milky Way. And a defeated Lucifer made his refuge in this solar system, and finally on earth. Then Lucifer and his followers upset the ancient people of earth and captured their civilization and subordinated them to Lucifer’s false claims of deity. Perverted them by his influence and then mongrelized them by the sowing of his unassimilatable seed thus producing a most evil priesthood. The false religions then swept the earth. And in heaven, then God said:--’We will do something about this area of the Universe. Into this area we will seen My sons to build My Kingdom and to overthrow the darkness. Therefore into the field which was the world, then HE sowed His seed. And the evil one also sowed his seed and they are the ‘tares.’

Now, in this age old battle don’t be deceived by the Dragon. For he is the Serpent--Satan---for all these words are synonymous with Lucifer as we are told in the 12th chapter of Revelation. And Lucifer was cast out of the heavens. And this doesn’t leave anything for your imagination does it? Don’t say, ‘But Dr. Swift, you are just speculating on this.’ I am telling you some God given facts. This Dragon who begat an unassimilatable seed, a mongrel offspring, who carry on them the mark, either on their countenance, or in their ears, on in their actions and even when they don’t have that mark, if they change their faces, there is still a certain aura of repugnance which comes out from them which pushes you away, you are repulsed. Do you know why? It is because there is an aura of darkness which moves out, and clashes with the light which is in you. Even these people who say they love them, in brotherhood, are lying. For they don’t want them next door.

Now, listen. The Dragon looked upon your race, for out of this race was to come this man child, this visitation of God, and the Dragon knew that his enemy had followed him to earth. But I want you to know that Jesus tells you in the book of John that this same dragon has been making war on your race since you came into the earth. And that he has cast out of his mouth a race of unassimilatable evil like waters of a flood, and they want to swallow up your race. The conspiracy of the tares is to become so profuse that they choke out the wheat. The conspiracy of the ‘tares’ involves also a poisoning of the crop. And in their political world conspiracy is the program to mongrelize your entire society. To thus eliminate their opposition by breaking the pattern of the Holy Seed. In that conspiracy there is nothing more deadly than their program of world government. Tonight, there is nothing more diabolic and evil than the United Nations, even tho it has been cloaked with good intentions to take you in. But with its program to disarm you, it works to place in the communist hands, in the Asiatic and African world, the power to out vote you. They are using every little African country just like one I was reading about tonight which has just one-half mile of paved road in the whole country. And there a nigger chief drives his Jew bought Cadillac up and down that one-half mile of road. And they sent a message to the United Nations the other day saying don’t send anymore money, send us more White people, for we are hungry. Now, you will understand when I say this is a nigger country, and they have been called that for years, and they understand it. But you may get a shock at this. That little country has the same amount of power in the U.N. as you do. Just one vote. Anti-Christ has so suppressed your voting right in the U.N. that one little cannibalistic country, a hole in the jungle with its one-half mile of pavement, can have the same power in the vote in the U.N. as does the United States of America.

This is why we tell you that no message is ever complete until we have told you that God gave instructions to the Church, which the Church was to tell to the nation (race) and this was:--”Come out of her o My people, lest you partake of her plagues and her judgements.” For God has said that He will pour out judgements on this United Nations organization.

Yes, the tares came in. And today the tares surround the President until they have just about choked out all the wheat out of his Irish soul. Do you know that he appointed two more of them just the other day? One was to be an Ambassador and the other one was to be a Judge. And it doesn’t seem like he turns a Christian thought over in his head anymore. So that is what you would call choking it out. They are not only trying to integrate your land, but they have already attacked your society and packed the highest court to reinterpret your Constitution. They have no authority to do this. But in the course of this situation, they have decided on this ‘tare’ program which is to integrate and swallow you up, and take over your land. They are advocating an unscientific, unbiblical position, of the equality of all people. This is not America. It is not constitutional. For no one can legislate the difference in genes, in mental capacities, or background inheritance, or in race. If people don’t think there is any difference between an African and a White, then what are we talking about? If there wasn’t any difference, then you couldn’t tell it. All we have to do is point out the different capacities of the Negro, and a lot of them will try to get in here and you will see the difference right away. You can’t change this difference by writing something on paper. And you can’t change a specie that way either. But you can accept the purpose and plan of God, and His power which is constructive and find that plan is much greater than this conspiracy. But the powers of darkness don’t want this plan to succeed. They don’t want the darkness and superstition overthrown. They don’t want any development within this Negro society brought forth by your race which was placed here to minister and to guide. They do not want to lose control of this superstitious man because by this shock power of ‘Masses of people’ they hope to engulf you like a flood.

I read here in the 12th chapter of Revelation, that this Serpent who cast out of his mouth these racial streams, hopes to carry you away by this flood. And then we are told that the earth is to open up its mouth and swallow up this flood that the dragon cast out of his mouth. I hope they are swallowed up very quickly. And this happens sometimes by earthquakes, and sometimes just by a six by two foot hole in the ground.

I want to point out something to you that is rather interesting. I have told you that we are at the end of the age. So if we are at the end of the age, then we are close to seeing the ‘tares’ taken out.

I tell you that your socialistic communistic and economic crisis is due to your strange and funny minded change in government. It springs from the mentality of these people who speak with a forked tongue. And they have been looting and robbing you until at this moment they are scattering your wealth all over the world. They are annexing it thru this process called taxes and by their administrative influences in government. And they are padding their pockets and bleeding you because they are parasites. And there is one thing that the ‘tares’ do, and that is sap the strength from the wheat. In fact, they would crush out the wheat if permitted to continue. There is always one attribute about tares, and the wheat farmer knows this. And if you were raised in the country, then you know this as well. For when the blades come, you have to be a pretty good biologist to be able to tell the tares from the wheat as they show up. And as the plants get a little taller you still have to give them close scrutiny. But when you wait until about harvest time, as the warmth and heat and moisture start to be absorbed, the stalks of the tares turn rusty and then red. And at the harvest time you can tell the wheat which has become golden, from the rusty tares which turn red. Today, throughout the world, the ‘tares’ have turned ‘red’. And it is pretty easy to identify them, as Communist and ‘tares’ are equated. We can say that Zionism and Communism are also equated. And that Communism and Jewry are equated. If you were to lock up every conspirator out of your society who were communists, if you were to take every spy and every conveyor of Communist propaganda, and every crooked representative of the Soviet Union, and everyone of those who are carrying this lip service to their propaganda, if you were to pick up everyone of the OGPU, and everyone who waits for the revolution, and then you put them all into one big prison, it would look like a Jewish concentration camp. Oh, there might be some sap or a few ‘aps’ in there with them. But they would become real unhappy at that time.

Now, I want to point out something to you. The government of the United States by the work of the tares, has watched itself become a part of a great number of illegal treaties. And a treaty is no legal unless it stays in conformity with your Constitution and the guarantee of your rights. And unless it is able to be ratified by the Senate of the United States, in conformity with your rights, then is isn’t legal. The President does not have real authority to make an executive agreement if that treaty does not conform to the nature of the Constitution. Some people don’t know that, but before we get thru, every Christian American is going to know that fact. We are not bound by any treaty of anti-Christ which conflicts with our Constitution. But at the present time, by acceptance, you are a part of a world government organization which by your Constitution, is un-constitutional for you to be a part of. You have already surrendered your army, navy and air force in token, by agreement. And signed a public law to completely transfer this and eventually your armament over to this United Nations organization and it violates your Constitution to do so. As we said before, we are in the process of the down treading of the Holy Army. This you will find in the book of Daniel. And I know that we are very near the end of the age, because the President said that we couldn’t even defend ourselves without the permission of this anti-Christ United Nations organization. I know we are getting close to the end of the age when the President sends Ralph Bunch down to the Congo to represent us under this anti-Christ program which is already more Russian than anything else. I know we have reached the end of the age when a little Asiatic Buddhist represents us, and heads the world government which we are now a part of .

I want you to go with me to the book of Daniel. And I will show you that we are at the end of the age. In the 12th chapter of the book of Daniel, there is a passage which is very significant. For the end of the age is when the enemy has been able to scatter the power of the Holy people. For then all these things (concerning iniquity) shall be finished. Right now, due to the work of the tares, they couldn’t take you over more completely unless you would cease to be an entity. Someone says, ‘What does it mean to scatter the power of the Holy People?’ When they can take America, Britain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Finland, Germany and Spain, and all the White nations standing together, and tell the world where these are going to go, and by what process they are going to arrive at a stated purpose, then that is scattering. When they can take this race of people who constructively have lifted the world into its greatest era of development in all time and history, which is their destiny, and then thru the United Nations, place them in a position where they will be out voted, out maneuvered, and at all times at least six times outnumbered by people, and then by conspiracy and by design and by internal suppression, have your way with this people, that is scattering their power. When a great nation which was built on liberty, by the right to do well with your kind of people, and to raise your children as Christian Americans, to the right to determine who will rent your apartments, or live in your homes, or determine who you will sell your property to, with the right to exclude those you don’t like or accept those you choose, when those rights are taken away, then that is scattering the power of the Holy People. When you lose those rights, that is a suppression of the power of the Holy People. When they can tell you, like it or not, they are going to integrate your housing, and mongrelize your children until your society will cease to be, and this becomes a process of education wherein you are told where your children may go to school,---that, my friends, is scattering the power of the Holy People. This is not only scattering the power of the Holy People, but this plan also calls for the corruption of the Holy Seed,--for the swallowing up of the Holy Seed as by a flood. But there is also something about this that I like, for they have gone just about as far as they can go without implementing this with your racial destruction. And this is what they design when they gather together in their Asiatic conference where they said, ‘We must bring about the absorption of the White race until they can no longer stand as a block against ‘our objectives.’ But whose objectives? The objectives of members of the United Nations, known as SETO. And this was supposed to be those nations in the United Nations who were friendly to you. Altho at that conference in Burma, Red China was allowed to come in even tho she was in the enemy camp. These things are unexplained from many standards. But not when you deal with Satan’s standards.

I turn back to this book of Daniel 12:7. When they have completely broken the power of the Holy people, then all these things of iniquity would have been accomplished. Today, the Kennedy brothers are helping this right now, whether they know it or not. For the British are disturbed as well as the French and Germans, and all the people who are our natural allies. For they are disturbed by the fantastic direction that the Kennedy’s seem to be taking this great nation under the banner of the ‘outstretched wings of the Eagle.’ This is the same nation as that of Revelation chapter 12, that we have referred to before.

These sons of Lucifer whom Christ identified, are doing battle with you. And these are also the Jews whom Christ identified as the ‘tares’ in the book of Matthew. For they are going to make war with those who keep the commandments and have the testimony of Jesus the Christ. If you want to know who ‘Israel’ is, then they are those who have the testimony of Jesus the Christ.

It may be good political strategy to have Rabbi Magnum and a whole page of his activities as to what is going on in the synagogue, in your daily newspaper. But let me tell you this. That is not Israel. It is a lie. They have tried to usurp your place so they can destroy you. And then they even laugh at how they have fooled you. Someone said, ‘But you wouldn’t deport these people, would you, Dr. Swift?’ Yes, I would deport every last one of them. Don’t you understand that these are the ones who have been working to scatter the power of the Holy People? And since they are about as close to this as scripture says, they will be allowed to go, then all these things will be finished when you reach that point. It is this ‘finished part’ that I like so well. And we are coming up to that day.

Now, let us go back again to the book of Daniel, chapter 12, and the first part of this chapter. You have asked, ‘what can we do under these circumstances?’ And I tell you that the first thing to do is start calling for Michael. Now you say, ‘who is he?’ But if we could charge your memory, and take you back to the day when you stood before the Father, and you saw the great rebellion off in one end of the Milky Way, and then the making ready of the Great Fleets of Heaven, with the Archangel in command, if you would remember this, you would know that this great Archangel stood for the family of God. And that he was in charge of the 1000 times 10 thousands, the millions of space craft, and that this Archangel was Michael. And since that time, he has had thousands of years of experience. He is not just a new novice at this space travel, and he has a good record, for he never wrecked a space vehicle and not even a ‘PT’ boat.

I am mightily concerned about the wreckers in our State Department. For I would never trust a large ship to someone who couldn’t run a PT boat. But it tells me here in the book of Daniel, that at this time, when they have broken the power of the Holy People, when they seek to have you change your culture and mongrelize your race, when they plan on subordinating your race to a bunch of cannibals who look upon you only as a meal, when they have reduced you to political slavery, then at that time you are going to get some deliverance. You are just going to call. And if you have an Archangel who commands as many crafts as Michael, and then you don’t use him, then you are foolish. I know that to have a big victory that you try to do it all yourselves, but--you have been told that ‘At that time, Michael stands with us.’ That great Prince which standeth for the children of Thy people. And there shall be a time of trouble such as never was written in the book--shall be delivered. And I tell you that each and everyone of you in this room have your name in that book. And it has been there since before the foundation of the world. How do I know? Because HE told you so.

Today if you ask a lot of ministers how they are going to be delivered, they say they are going to fly off in some of these space crafts. But don’t you believe it. We didn’t come down here to fly away. We came down to stand and to win.

It tells me over here in the book of Luke, that Jesus, giving another approach to this subject said:--’As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man.’ He says that the rascals have come in and they did eat and drink and have been giving in marriage. And then Noah entered the ark and the flood came around them. And thus it shall be as in the days of Noah. Someone said, ‘But there is nothing wrong with eating and drinking or giving in marriage.’ No, but it depends on what you are eating. There is something wrong, however, with the way cannibals eat. There is also nothing wrong in marriage. It just depends on who you marry. Because one of the principals of which is a violation of Divine Law,---brings catastrophe---and that is the mongrelization of the Holy Seed which destroys your race. It was because of this that God wiped out the mongrelizers who were trying by force to wipe out your race up in the great Tarim Basin. Maybe there is nothing wrong with drinking today if you are temperate, as some say, but there is sure a lot of drinking which isn’t temperate. And it is by this process that a lot of your race has been bemused and subject to ‘their’ control.

Someone said, ‘Dr. Swift, we don’t want to become narrow minded.’ But it depends on what you mean by this. If it means selecting the people of God’s Kingdom to do God’s work, then we have to be narrow minded because it is a narrow road. This road thru the United Nations is a broad road. But it leads to destruction. And too many people are traveling down that road. There is a way that seemeth right unto men. They have been sold a bill of goods, but the end of this is catastrophe, slavery, war and death.

Listen. Likewise as it was in the days of Lot, when he went out of the city of Sodom, so will it be------and---there are to be two women together, one taken and one left. Two men together, one taken and one left. In bed, or in the field or at the mill, two---and one taken and one left, so will be the separation. Someone said, ‘Is this deliverance? Is this the Kingdom of God going away?’ No. But this is the source of intense salvation for the tares are taken away. Let’s get the picture straight. It isn’t the Kingdom of God or the Christians going somewhere. For God says He is going to gather the tares out first. In fact, you don’t even have to wait for the Angels to do all of this, for you can even gather some of them into bundles. One country has already been blamed for gathering and burning them in ovens. This would have been prophetic, but they didn’t do it. Almost all those bundles are walking around on main street. Their ‘six million’ story goes up in smoke. And even half their chief Rabbi from Berlin, Germany, says that there were only one-half million over there before the war. And that was before they sold their property and left the country.

I talked to one American who had formerly dwelt in Germany. And he had met this weeping Jew who had been passed off as a doctor. This man had killed four or five people before it was discovered that he had never gone to medical school. And so they transferred him over to another building of the hospital, not allowed in surgery. But this Jew had been trying to win sympathy from a lot of people by telling about how all his family had been put to death and bee burned in ovens,--both his mother and his father. But he forgot who he told his stories to. And this American look his leave from Germany and as he was leaving, he met this Jew at the station just before he went to the airport. And this Jew said, ‘Where are you going?’ The American said, ‘I am going to Los Angeles.’ And this Jew then said, ‘My mother and my father are down in Santa Monica with a great hotel, which is not in the program for retirement for the elderly. They put their money in that hotel before Hitler. And I want you to go visit them.’ This American looked at this Jew and he became white with anger and he said, ‘You happened to forget that you are the phoney doctor Jew who was trying to play on our feelings by telling us how your mother and father were put to death in an oven, and instead they are now living in Santa Monica?’ I tell you, that the rest of them are over here living on the money from the sale of their property which they sold long ago. That is what happened to most of these people. But that doesn’t mean they are going to get away from the big oven. We say this, because we are working strictly on ‘Thus saith the LORD’ tonight. And HE says that the ‘tares’ are definitely to be taken out.

If you bo back to the passages concerning the flood, you will remember who was taken and who was left. Noah and his wife, and his sons and their wives, were left. And up in that great Tarim Basin where the flood occurred, all the unassimilatable sons of Lucifer, the great giants, and the peculiar perversions of society, who were seeking to destroy God’s Kingdom, were all taken away. HE drowned them and were no more. And in this other passage, He said that the ones taken out of the way were the evil ones. Then when Sodom and Gomorrah went up in smoke, it was Lot who walked away. I will tell you this. In the book of Matthew it is the ‘tares’ which are to be taken away.

God says, ‘I am going to send My Holy Angels, and My ministering spirits, My people in earth, and they will do this. Jeremiah said, ‘These are the bad figs,’ and Jesus cursed that fig tree because the fruit was not edible, not acceptable. And He said that this tree would never bring forth edible (acceptable) fruit, ever again. And the Jews, the chief priests, the Sadducees, plotted then as to how to put HIM to death because they perceived that HE spoke this against them.

God said, ‘I am going to stir up My people. I am going to gather My fishermen and My hunters, and they will hunt these bad figs right out of the country.’ You say, ‘Surely, you don’t mean that God meant that?’ Yes, HE meant that. Do you know that one of the best areas of defense in this country is the sportsmen? That is why they are trying to disarm all the sportsmen. These people have sort of an inkling that in the hour they try to overthrow us, that it will be the sportsmen of America and the intelligent of America, who are prepared, who will defend their communities. If these Mau Mau break out tomorrow, because these ‘tares’ have turned them loose on the ‘wheat’, and you have to defend yourselves, even tho you have a mighty good police department here in this city, still it is not big enough to take care of all the Mau Mau’s here in the L.A. area. But it will be the sportsmen who will stand up and help thru the tide. God says, ‘We will hunt and fish them right out of the land.’

Let me go a little further. God says, ‘My people are going to be awakened and they are going to hear what is going on, and they will get oh so angry.’ The most angry men I ever saw was a preacher who had taught all his life that the Jews were the ‘chose people’. And then he found out who was behind the communist activities which attempted to stamp out the Christmas service in his community. And when he found out who they were and what the Bible really says, he found out how he had been so foolish. And he was the most angry man I ever saw. He needed restraint.

The last of the book of Zachariah, says that the wrath will rise up in thy countenance until there won’t be a Cainaanite in the house of God. And then some how, then get and inkling of this, and they leave, and they knock on the door of Brazil, and say ‘let us poor refugees in’, for they are about to throw us in the ovens in the United States.

Mr. Truman recognized Israeli which was an error. But I wish they would all go there for they wanted that so badly. But we want them to leave because we live in the New Jerusalem.

Listen.---‘I am going to send My ministering spirits, and they will take away the ‘tares.’ We will gather the tares first, and significantly right now, every awakening American should join the ‘Right Wing’ and call for the Internal Security Committee and the Un-American Activities Committee, to become more active than ever before. Even add numbers to these committees. Don’t cut them down. We should be calling on the government of the United States to protect us from this anti-Christian plot to destroy us. We should have a mighty spiritual force inside the ‘True Church’ calling on our representatives to get us out of the United Nations, now. And abide by the Constitution, now.

Never stop pointing out the ‘tares’. For I believe that they are going to prematurely start their revolution and the judgement will fall on the creators of this here in the United States and nothing will protect them. I think that there will be surprise moves not very far distant, in which the enemy is going to use all his sudden surprise and betrayals to trap you and frighten you with a great catastrophe. When Khruschev threatened to blow up New York, the ‘tares’ cried out saying, ‘Don’t hit here.’ This is not the case not. And I would not be surprised if one of the enemy designs to hurt you, will destroy ‘tares’. It would not surprise me if in one of the great struggles of all time, that we would receive plenty of help. There is no question of the inevitability of it for you are not alone. For out in space around this planet, are moving crafts numbering in the millions. As many times as not, I can go into the high Sierras and turn loose the finest of astronomical equipment and in the course of a few hours find ‘unidentified objects’ at great heights, or moving across the face of the moon. This is not an illusion. There are only a few nights when we do not pick up these objects in space, around you. And they are not meteors or something following the course of the progression of the planets. I know we are not alone. I know we are very close to the end of the age. I know that the government of our country has spent millions of dollars in their investigation of this matter. And they have never stopped investigating. I know they have tried to suppress what has been learned, because there are some people who are afraid of what they are finding. I am going to tell you this. When God moves in your defense, if there are any tares left in this nation, there will not remain a single Jew in these United States. If there are any left here, they will be picked up and carried away in the space fleets of God. Not a one will remain here. They will be taken out to the little constellation called ‘Ara’, or sometimes called ‘The Altar’ or sometimes called ‘The Lake of Fire.’ And they will be isolated there---the saddest bunch of parasites in the world, because they are going to have to produce by themselves and live with one another.

I listened to a silly preacher over T.V. the other day. And he said, ‘a great curse falls on any nation that does not bless the Jews. If the Jew leaves this country, then that country is doomed.’ My friends, some Jew taught him that, because if the Jews leave, it would be the greatest era of prosperity for that country in all time and history. Don’t let anyone tell you that if they leave, you are doomed. You haven’t had a system of just weights and measures since they tampered with it. Someone said, ‘But how are we going to save their souls?’ Let me tell you something. Judas of Iscariot was Satan’s own son, a good example of a typical Jew. The only thing, he didn’t ask as much as I would have expected him to ask. But he was prophetically limited by prophecy when he sold the Christ. But after walking with the Creator--YAHWEH (God) who stilled the wind and the waves, who opened the eyes of the blind, and unstopped deaf ears, and stopped funeral processions and restored the dead to the living,---after he witnessed this, after he saw this closer than Rome did, who believed according to its records,--after he had gone thru all these experiences, this son of Lucifer would sell his God. If you could walk for three years with Jesus and not be converted, then there is no minister on the face of the earth who can convert one. For what you have is what he had. I am going to say this. Out there on that constellation of Ara, when we reach this era of the fullness of time, then they are going to be willing to bow and say this is the Creator. And then they will look at each of you and say, ‘Ye are the children of God, and we acknowledge that you are our superiors, and we will worship the ‘ONE GOD’. You say, ‘How long will that take?’ I don’t know how many million years that will take, but there is plenty of time and I am never going to miss them.

God says, ‘We are going to gather the tares out first.’ And He didn’t say that you had to wait for that time for that final tare gathering. For you should realize that you are in the end of the age. And you are living spirits. You are ministering spirits. And you also have a part in this great commission of HIS. I think it is time that in this great nation of God’s Kingdom, that we start eliminating ‘tare’ power right now. I think if we ever wake up as a society, and God has willed that we shall, and this year is to be a part of this---then the removing of the tares would be one of the greatest revelations in history as to the progress of this nation. If the tares were gone, the ‘wheat’ stocks would fill right out. You wouldn’t have any scarcity in the areas of finance, or food, or even in fine homes out here in Beverly Hills.

Let me tell you this. If you didn’t have any tares in your society, you would suddenly stop supporting every evil society on the face of the earth with your tax money. If it wasn’t for the tares, the Soviet Union would have to surrender. Did you ever stop to think of how much of the enemies work is in the sickness of your finance? This is his cunning. God tells about how they have robbed you, how they have lived as parasites upon you. And God says, ‘What good is a vine tree?’ (Ezekiel 15). And then He says there isn’t any wood in it that is good for anything. And then He said that these Jews who inhabited Jerusalem, were like a parasite vine, not good for anything, but to be cut off from the tree. I tell you tonight, that the taking away of the tares is the great project just ahead as God moves in your Kingdom. And He may use a lot of His ministering spirits to help carry this out. And a lot of tares are going to be deported because of their dual allegiance and for their work in local elections, and in their synagogues, and for their plot against you.

Yes, He sends His ministering spirits to gather out the tares. The mighty fleets of Michael are going to help gather them out. You say, ‘But how will He know who are tares?’ There is a lot more than you realize in these representatives of heaven, walking the streets in your midst than you ever see. There is already Angels of whom you are unaware who are walking the streets of many of your cities and they possess a capacity of discernment, until they know as to who is around.

There is one thing that I call tell you. There is no one who is able to hide from your deliverance. Someone said, ‘Dr. Swift, you don’t really believe that this can happen?’ I know it will happen. I know that as the anger rises in you, in your countenance that the tares will be bound in bundles, and they will leave your society. Don’t let anyone deceive you, for these are people that live in the earth. And they walk around and wear clothes, and cunningly do business with you. But you who are the seed of God are also dwelling in earth. And you are not to fear for:--’Fear not little flock.’---You who are the minority in the earth, you are just one sixth of its population. But ‘Fear not little flock.’ For it is your Father’s good pleasure that you receive this Kingdom.

We love the Constitution of this great nation. We love its freedom. We love its flag. And we despise destroyers, its betrayers, and its treasonable enemies. And because we love America and God’s Kingdom. And God’s plan. It is your responsibility and mine to try to remove the tares from power with all the ingenuity at your command. And while you are doing it, ‘Fear not little Flock.’

(End of message)