This Generation Shall Not Pass Away, 6-25-61

This Generation Shall Not Pass Away

By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 6-25-61

We are talking about this generation which shall not pass away until all these things be fulfilled. You will note the words of Jesus in the book of Matthew, after He has called this to the attention of His disciples, events that have become common place news in your time. In which He had discussed the strange forces which are at work for this struggle for the earth. He talks about the wars and the rumors of wars and the powers of evil forces seeking to take over the world. Discusses clearly the famines and the pestilence, the earthquakes, and the floods, the conditions of upset weather and unbalanced factors of the Universe. He tells His disciples about false religious leaders and false ‘Christs’ who will arise, which will attempt to lead the nations of God’s Kingdom into error. And He tells them about these things which will climax the world events. The gathering hoards which you see on the horizon, and the backdrops which you see to the prophets. And in this situation, He talks about this condition which arises in which we see even ancient Jerusalem filled with a strange people. And these people, the scripture tells us who occupy it, are the Abomination of the Desolator, standing in the Holy Place.

Now, we realize that the average Christian has been taught today that these people who are in Palestine are the ‘Chosen People.’ They are chosen alright, but they are not chosen like the Church has selected them. For they are the Abomination of the Desolator standing in the Holy Place. They are responsible for the wars and depressions hurled against the Kingdom of God throughout all its history in the earth. They are responsible at this hour for creations of depressions, and economic manipulations, ready to plunge the world into a completer manipulated control under the prophecies of World Government and world Communism. They are the exploiters. They are the Abomination of the Desolator, and they stand in the Holy Place. If anyone questions this all they would have to do is to take a good look at the occupiers who are now dwelling in the land of Palestine and see who they are. It is not talking about the Ishmaelites, who happen to be on the other side of the wall in Jerusalem, and who hold down Jordan, for they have a right to dwell in Jordan and are holding a partition of the city. This is talking about the enemies of Christian civilization. And one of the things we can say in this declaration that Jesus gave us is, ‘When you see the Abomination of the Desolator standing in the Holy Place, that is one of the signs that you are at the end of an age.’ When you see the fig tree putting forth all of its shoots as it has been doing in the last twenty-five years, and political Zionism reorganizing,---not the design of God’s Kingdom---not the Jerusalem of God’s Household---but Political Zionism which is actually a part of the fig tree, casting forth its untimely figs. And as John in the book of Revelation has stated, ‘When the Fig tree casts forth its untimely figs, that is the time of battle---anarchy and war.’ The untimely figs are well identified with these people because they have cast their attempt to seize the world into an untimely focus of attention in the world. They have taken over Palestine with the assistance of World Governments. They have watched the land which was one of your ancient heritages partitioned. All of these things have happened in your time.

The scripture well identifies these ‘figs’ and you can go to almost any group of Clergy anywhere and ask them, ‘Who are the ‘figs,’ and they will tell you that the Jews are the ‘figs.’ And this is what the scripture is talking about, when Jews went down into Palestine, that would be the ‘fig’ tree budding. I have almost no problem from getting that acceptance from any Ecclesiastical group. But do not think for one moment that this ‘fig’ tree constitutes any part of Israel because it does not. Israel is an ‘Olive tree’ and the nations of Israel are ‘Olive branches.’ And the oil out of the Olive tree is the symbol of Life and Light in the earth today.

There is no question of the fact that the people who would live in the period when we would see the occupation of Palestine by the Abomination of the Desolator, when we see the hoards gathering round about, when we see judgements begin to effect the earth. In fact, whether you realize it or not, you may be in one of those cycles of judgement at the present time. The scriptures tell us how in this climactic age, the sun’s heat would seem to scorch the earth. That it would be hotter than it had ever previously been and all over the world there would be unprecedented heat waves. The heat would be intense and the men would curse God when they could not find any relief from it. They would survive it, but they would just be miserable. We are going thru cycles in the weather and these things are all marking some of these things which Christ was referring to. At the same time, anarchy seeks to seize the world. The Beast System under the influence of Anti-Christ makes war against God’s Kingdom.

Now, there is one thing about it that has a lot of hope in it and that is that the people who live to see these things from the struggles which surrounded Jerusalem, from armies in W.W. II, down to this climactic period of time, when we see the forces of evil lining up to seek to capture the world and destroy God’s Kingdom, we are also given the picture of the surrounding forces of dark races of the world coming against God’s Kingdom. And they all fit in the picture of the Beast Kingdom and in the panorama of the Prophets and their background.

Now, Jesus said when you see these things come to pass, ‘Verily I say unto you THAT THIS GENERATION SHALL NOT PASS AWAY UNTIL ALL THESE THINGS BE FULFILLED.’ This generation shall not pass away. What is meant by ‘all these things shall be fulfilled? What Matthew is talking about is also reported by St. Luke and he tells us that men’s hearts are going to fail them from fear because of looking at things coming upon the earth. We are told that there are many of these situations which involve the nations of God’s Kingdom and again, is a repetition of the same report made by Matthew. He tells, ‘Behold! The Fig tree and all of the trees, and when you see these things transpire, you know that you are at the end, then remember and lift up your head for ‘YOUR REDEMPTION DRAWETH NIGH.’ For this generation is not going to pass away until all these things be fulfilled. What then is involved in ALL THESE THINGS?

What does it mean when it says that this generation shall not pass away? There is an understanding which must come to the children of the MOST HIGH, concerning the fact that they are the progeny of the MOST HIGH who have been placed in the earth, and a realization that this generation of which you are a part of, is the last generation which remembered God’s great Kingdom as it was under the protection of Covenants which we did not have during some of those times---the oppression of the stranger in our midst. Today, take the average young person who has gone thru the events of the last eighteen years or say twenty years, he has never lived in America when Socialism was not a power. He has never lived in these United States when the Constitution was being fully carried out, when it related to the people of God’s Kingdoms as the citizens of this nation. These young people have gone thru a period when we have had strangers in our society, and these strangers have been teaching in our colleges and preaching in our churches. The result is that the information which has been given to a great number of people in the areas of learning where they have been given a great number of people in the areas of learning where they have been trained and taught. It has been slanted with Communism and Socialism. And they have never had an undiluted ministry. Today in God’s Kingdom in every area, we are watching these strangers who have come in. They came as exchange professors, or they have claimed to have fled from tyranny in one form of another. Then they are suddenly permitted to teach our young people. And then before very long they are carrying out the very objectives which they were supposedly fleeing from. Never in the history of our nation have we had a greater demonstration of this. We have had twenty or thirty years of this. And the last twenty years especially in our colleges, these destroyers who have come in, have introduced for us a wave of juvenile delinquency and lawlessness and degradation that never existed before in our society. Twenty-five youths riot with assaults and rapes and destruction of property on the beaches of our cities. Violence occurs in every city as the youth is being swept into this great mall of disaster, which is actually a part of the disintegration of this hour, due to the infiltration of the forces of Anti-Christ. This is one of the great catastrophes of this period.

I can show you how racial crisis is being brought among us. How the Negro crisis is organized. And how they are moving into youth groups, until there is nothing but catastrophe and mongrelization. Even the churches have been going around and saying, ‘Yes, you must recognize them as your brothers and embrace them and join with them.’ Thus, instead of being warned that they must separate themselves because of the danger of this hour, many churches have not fulfilled their responsibility. They have not been teaching, ‘Thus saith the LORD.’ Nor have they brought ti their attention as to who they are. So these have all culminated into some of the catastrophes of this day. To the average youth of this day when you talk to them, you would have a hard job getting them interested in the things of God’s Kingdom. You have rather a hard job getting him to stop and listen long enough to learn. He has too many things upon his mind. They have organized his life and living, filling it with waves of pressure and propaganda. And if this nation is to be saved,---and it is to be saved,---if this civilization of which we are apart is to rise up and awaken, it is going to be done by this generation which watched these things start and are still here observing these things and are speaking out against these situations now. That is why one of the great spiritual transitions of this day is now occurring in patriotic as well as a spiritual awakening in regards to these forces. That is why you can say that one of these societies such as the John Birch Society, the Christian Nationalists, and all of these movements, all are significant and important because they are teaching and pointing out the dangers of the enemy.

That is the great spiritual force which God is starting to turn loose among His people. And a nation is starting to awaken across one end of it to the other. They are denouncing these practices and opposing these positions of influence, and discussing things which had never been previously discussed. Thus we are watching this awakening and we are seeing its results. And we are watching it every day in our own relationship. We are watching it each day as to the tapes and the messages which go out and the tremendous acceptance we find across all denomination lines from one end of the nation to the other. There is a new quickening, an awakening going on. But within there is something big and something tremendous in store. When the scripture says, ‘This generation shall not pass away,’---it is because God knew that this was the generation, your generation would have to do these things. And if your generation did not do it, then it would not be done. You will have to do it, so there is no question in our minds that this is the things which will transpire.

I think it is significant for us to think of our relationship, as to who we are and from whence we came, and what we are going to do. And what the purposes and powers of God’s program actually are as it relates to us. After all, we are the children of His Spirit. We are the people He foreknew before the foundation of the world. We are the people He predestinated elect according to His purpose. If we could but remember out of the patterns of the ancient yesterdays of the majesty and the Glory which related to our Father, if we could behold for a moment the things we beheld while with HIM before the world was framed. As we look down out of these creating Cosmos ans saw the shifting forces of Divine energy, we were children of spirit. We had Celestial consciousness and we understood things that were going on. And we had no capacity to think in terms or error, even in the capacities of our thinking. And while we observed the catastrophe which was sowed by Lucifer, the catastrophe sowed in that rebellion were far removed from us when we were children of spirit. We had been begotten of the spirit, we were the household of the MOST HIGH. But there became a time when thru the grace of our Father, we were to hear the words which He declared when He said ‘I am going to send you into the earth. I am going to establish My Kingdom and I am going to put you in bodies of flesh, even as those who rule in bodies of flesh.’ And when He said this is what I am going to do, then HE said, ‘How many of you want to go?’ And there was not one person in this room who did not say, ‘I will go.’

In fact, as children of spirit, you thought there was no capacity for anything but conquest and victory and triumph in the putting down of error and erecting of Divine standards. Our Father explained to the conditions which would transpire, and forces of evil the pattern of the senses and the surrender of error, and how the Glory and the Aura in the plain and field around the bodies of God’s children would be lost in the hour of their violation of Law. How the cohabitation with the forces of Lucifer would cause darkness to descent. Then God said, ‘I have made you this covenant, this promise even before the foundation of these events thru which you are going to pass. I have promised that I am thy Savior. I am thy Redeemer and I thy Father will take on also a body of flesh like you have, and I will put aside all darkness and I will end all death. And I will destroy all the judgement which rightly should be against you for your error, because I am GOD. Because I have sent you into the world, I will also immunize you from these forces of darkness with its death. And I am going to establish My Kingdom with you and thru you forever.’ These were the things that were told. Your names were written in the Lamb’s Book of Life before the foundation of the world. You were the Elect of the Father before the foundation of the world. You were predestined by the Father to conform to the Majesty and power that God Himself would wear when He walked among you. This was a story of a people, of a race. There were covenants God made and He made them with Adam and He made them with Seth, with Noah, and with Shem and with Abraham. Sometimes people talk about the unconditional covenant the God made with Abraham. And they talk about the covenants of the law and then they move into the promises of the Covenants of Grace which were unveiled in the 35th chapter of Jeremiah. And they think that every time that God made a covenant and swore it by His own righteousness, His own holiness, and His own power, that covenant was absolutely assured. He made them with finality and with your race before you came into the world at every turning point. And these covenants are final and they are eternal covenants. The significant thing they do not grasp is that you are a progeny. And as well as such, you are a descending offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD, with a spiritual descent and an eternal destiny, with the responsibility of carrying forward the work of God’s Kingdom which cannot be done by any other people, nor, my friends, be taken away from you. God has declared it and God has promised it.

Now, in every period when you have been involved in great problems, God has intervened. The intervention of God according to His Omniscience and His own wisdom, is according to the way God felt that it should be done at that time. For He knew more about it than anyone else and His Omniscience assured you. You must remember that He saved you out of every situation. He separated the pure seed of Adam. He called for a cleansing of the womb. And He brought forth Seth in the image of Adam. And the Sethite race is the strain of the Adamic race, which has come forth white and pure, for God has cleansed it. The Sethite house then moved down thru the House of Noah and then Abraham and Isaac and Jacob, which came forth from the seed of Shem. And we are well able to see that God with selection and Divine guidance, and spiritual illumination has called upon His people to maintain racial purity and racial self-respect. Called upon them to preserve the Holy Seed. In fact, when Abraham sent out a servant, Abimelech to get a bride for Isaac---he sent him to get a bride form his own people. And this was true also with Jacob. This is true all the way thru God’s continuing covenant. Never was there any error until some of the doctrine taught in the church as types and shadows came about. In some instances we are told that Abraham sent his servant out to get a bride for Isaac and this is a type of Christ who sent out for a bride and the bride is to be taken from all the people of the earth, form all of the nations. And they say that the bride for Isaac was a type of a bride for Christ.

Let me point out to you that God is the same yesterday, today and forever. Abraham is not like the father, and Isaac like some distant son, because Abraham was the offspring of the Eternal, of the seed of the Adamic race and was the descendant of something which God had placed in the earth in the days of Adam. I want you to know that Jesus the Christ or YAHSHUA was one and the same with the Eternal YAHWEH. He was the Almighty and Eternal God. And He was the Eternal and forever the Everlasting Father. That is why in Isaiah you read, ‘His name shall be called Wonderful, the Everlasting God, the Eternal Father.’ And ther eis no question of the fact that the type and shadow breaks down. But if they wish to press the ‘type and shadow’ you must remember that Isaac was to receive a bride from among his own people. And God has never identified Himself with any other race, and never called anyone else His kinsmen. That is one reason why that as some recognize a relationship with God, the race that He has called, they see it as ‘the husband and the wife.’ And they refer to Israel, as does God when He says, ‘I am married unto Israel.’ Then they like to cut off Israel and start out with the Church, not realizing that if ye be Christ’s, then you are Abrahams seed. And this is a continuity of the same people. It is that same God married to the same people and I speak concerning God married to the Church. Flesh of His flesh, and bone of His bone. It is the same Father and it is the same wife. Then He says, ‘If you think that I have divorced Israel, then let me see you present a bill of divorcement. Go find I somewhere, where did I put her aside and say that she is all thru? Almighty God has a covenant with His people. And the offspring of His people are His progeny. And those of you are the offspring of Israel, God’s own seed in the midst of the earth. The program of His Kingdom depends upon the spiritual awakening and the empowering of His Seed. God will never accomplish His purpose in the earth with another people. He says, ‘My Glory I will not give to another.’ And His purposes are not going to come up short.

Deep inside of each of His children is a spiritual side of them, a spiritual seed. And we have often mentioned that you are spiritually born, having been begotten of the Spirit in the heavens, and begotten of Adam in the earth. You are children of the Spirit and you are children of flesh. You have been begotten in the spirit and you have been begotten in the water. This is what Christ talked about when He said, ‘Ye must be twice born. Born from above and born on earth.’ Often we have called your attention to the fact that Christianity has as its covenant promises and the things it seeks to institute a restoration of everything that you have ever possessed, in all the background of your experience. It renews your mind and it regenerates your spiritual energy. And it restores to you all of the power of your ancient heritage. Remember that is the program and that is the Gospel. It is a renewing, a regeneration and a restoration. And in the earth, it will be a new thing when the sons of God with all the power they possessed in the heavens and with all the capacity of spiritual force which belongs to their spiritual nature stand forth as the Sons of God in the earth.

There is no doubt that we have watched the great turning point in history, as YAHSHUA Jesus the Christ walked the earth as a man among men and no man spoke as He spoke. He unstopped deaf ears and He opened blind eyes. No one had ever accomplished these things for good from all the older religions. There were many magic tricks before. There were things they did to show that they had supernatural power to abide as evil spirits. But they were not constructive things, they did not heal. They did not raise the dead. They did not still the storm. Every miracle which came forth from God walking among you and not ashamed to call you His kinsmen, were constructive creative works putting things together. I want you to realize that God said He did not come into the world to condemn it, but to put it back together again and to give it life. And He intends to regenerate it and He intends to give it life. And He intends to use you, His many sons and daughters to accomplish this purpose. To set the captives free and to bring in the greatest era in all human history.

You cannot help. But remember the words of Jesus over here in John, and I think that these things must be constantly kept in panorama before our thinking, in which Jesus talks about the Holy Spirit. There is nothing as important as for you to realize the essence of God’s mind and its directed energy. This is a conscious applicable force moving out of His great spirit nature.

Now, we have God, a spiritual being, spirit, soul and body even as you are, perfect in all of His attributes. But we don’t parade God out and say, ‘Here is the Father come and meet HIM. Here is the son today, come and meet HIM. And here is the Holy Ghost, come and meet Him.’ And yet they say, ‘These three all together make God.’ And if one or the other moved, they would be 1/3 or 2/3 gone. So you turn over here to the scripture and it says that the fullness of God dwelt bodily. He was the Everlasting Father. He was before all things. And Jesus said, ‘Before Abraham was I AM.’ I want you to recognize that Christ was the Eternal ONE. He was the embodiment of God dwelling in the flesh. He understood very fully everything the world was capable of knowing, because in earth He was the ONE who was the fullness of energy which held the whole universe together. We sometimes have to battle thru the vagueness of translation and change in the King James Version. When Jesus talked with His disciples about the descent of the great ‘Illumination’---one of these things that was to come upon His many sons.

One of the reasons why His atonement had to happen first, one of the reasons why He had to lift the guilt complex form men so they would be capable to receiving it----from these men, His children, His embodied people---and this was that He had to make an atonement first so that no one would have a guilt complex. No longer would they fear to receive the light and the knowledge. So that they no longer would feel cast down and could now lift their eyes to heaven and receive guidance and then go forth and do Divine work. People with a guilt complex never do the work of the sons of God. They are always standing about the excusing themselves for their own short comings, saying, ‘I could never do that. I am too great a sinner to do that.’ Do you know that we have more Christians in the world today testifying as to their transgressions and their sins than you have any idea of? You have no right to stand around confessing your sins as the reason why you cannot accomplish something. You are to cast them off because you are free. And you are not to keep a guilt complex on yourself because if you do you are more likely to transgress than if you accept the Grace of God and to forward to do His work.

That is one of the reasons I want you to think. When Jesus spoke to these who were his children, their great secret---spiritual seed was already down inside of them. They had Celestial being whose wavelength was one with God. His vibration was one with his own spirit. He could receive, he could vibrate to the essence of God’s own thinking and purpose. Thus let us turn for one moment to the words of Jesus. He said, ‘I address Agra Phenuma the Creative Spirit, the Celestial energy center of My own Spirit being. And thus I speak as all men speaking, I address this Spirit. I pray that it shall give unto you the Paraclete (and the word is translated ‘comforter’).’ This does not mean another God, it means another understanding. It shall give unto you another ‘comforter’ or understanding that He may abide with you forever that which the world cannot receive. It (the world order) cannot see HIM. It cannot know HIM. Yet you know HIM for HE dwelleth with you and shall be in you. So what is Christ saying?---’I am going to send unto you the essence of My consciousness. I am going to send you My knowledge, My wisdom, My Spirit. But the world order cannot receive it.’

One of the great problems in the world today is that the church is going over to Africa and to China. And it is telling them that everything which you can receive as the son and daughter of God as the children of His Covenant, as the race which God placed here----they tell them that they can have everything that we have. That they can share with every spiritual experience. They can understand everything and be blessed with every spiritual blessing that we can be blessed with. And this is a lie. For in the first place, they do not have the spirit to receive it. So they can no more tune in on it than you can tune in on your channel if you did not have a lock in on your television set. They could no more understand it than if you were broadcasting on another band, and you could not reach it on the band which your set was on .

There exists inside of you a wavelength of perception which belongs to the Holy Seed and that is why all God’s purposes for the earth must come thru them. It is this therefore, which depends on God’s Holy Seed to accomplish His purposes. And it cannot be stirred up out of Africa or Asia.

Now, listen. He says that when this spirit of truth comes, it shall teach you all things. And it shall bring all things to your remembrance. Anything which I have said unto you out of the antiquities of yesterday, He who has been with you from the beginning, He shall speak to you of these things. Therefore, it is essential that we understand that this is a part of the Holy Spirit, the essence of God’s own mind. They translate this as Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost. And you ask why do they use those words? Because it is an invisible area of God’s being. Because the natural eye cannot see the spiritual nature. You cannot see the wavelength of its form or its being. So anything that existed you could not see was called a ‘ghost.’ So therefore, your concept of ghosts are generally something that you don’t see. And if you do see one, you are startled. The fact remains that we should never have called the Essence of God’s mind the Holy Ghost. Nor should ever be, the teaching that this is the ‘third’ person of the ‘God’ head----that God was ‘three’ different beings which walked along together. Talk about the multiple of paganism. This came out of ancient Babylon. We have Babylon above us and Babylon below us. And we are trying to be the middle of the sandwich today. All of them come in three parts. And you are supposed to have sense enough in the center, to realize that these three parts are ONE. ‘Hear ‘O Israel, the LORD thy God is ONE LORD.’

Let me cite you this. ‘The things which I told you before they came to pass so that when it came to pass ye might believe.’ This was all born witness by the spirit. The essence of God’s own mental, intellectual, spiritual consciousness comes to you in the Greek word ‘Paraclete.’ Anything else, it might have been translated into, I am not responsible for nor are you.

Now, after Christ had consummated His ministry, He descended down into the inner earth. And as He came up out of it, He brought every one of the captive spirits of His children. He brought forth their soul and spirit consciousness and delivered them into the plains of spirit. And there was no more bondage anywhere in the world for any of the sons of God, for their consciousness or their Celestial beings. The only area where there was a possible victory for the powers of darkness was the body which might still be in the grave. But that was all consummated also, for the day is coming when those bodies transformed, re-energized, are going to stand forth and be given Immortality forever. That is the hope of the Christian Church that is the keystone of the Christian Faith. This is that all death is going to be swallowed up in victory.

Significantly then let us turn to the events that happened on that tremendous day when Christ said, ‘I am about to. My ship is coming in right now from the Celestial and solar regions. It is going to come in here and you will see something which you do not expect. So you come with Me.’---speaking to His disciples. And they went outside of Jerusalem and went up on a hill. Pretty soon, a great cloud came along. They could not see inside of the cloud. But Christ stepped into the cloud and they were told to go back to Jerusalem and wait until they be endued with what?---another person?---Till then be endued with power so that they could do the things as sons of God they were supposed to do. In otherwords, they were told---you go back there and wait until the power comes, until the initial outpouring of energy is released. Then He stepped inside the cloud, and I am sure, there was something in the cloud that they could not see. Because two other men came out of the cloud and stayed there for a little while. So you see these two had arrived in the cloud and they stepped out of the cloud just as Christ stepped into the cloud. Someone said, ‘What do you think it was?’ I think it is one of those super-dreadnaughts, one of those ships that go by the thousands thru space. I think He stepped into one of those areas of conveyance that move. And to the Celestial children, they said, ‘Why are you standing here gazing at the cloud, this same Christ is going to return just like you saw Him go.’ I believe that. I believe that He can step in just like He left. The only difference the cloud may not be there. And if it is, it will be a cloud of Glory. And instead of just one ship, there will be a hundred times millions for the greatest sight in all human history. And it is not as far removed as you might suppose.

I am going to tell you this. The disciples went back to an ‘upper room’ in Jerusalem, and there they waited for the initial coming of the Father. And they did not do as some people, they did not say Glory, Glory, Glory, or something else like that. They did not just repeat some words until they lost a mental consciousness. They did not hypnotize themselves or something. They just waited for something and asked the Father and they searched themselve saying if there is anything in my nature which is preventing me from doing anything You would want me to do, show it to me, eliminate if from me. But give me the power. And it came, my friends, like a great phenomena. It came with a descending glory like that which enveloped the Christ like He was on the Mount of Transfiguration. It came as cloven tongues that sat upon the building like in lightening all blended together, and still nothing burned. It was like the burning bush like Moses approached, and with it came another great miracle, for the noise and the energy, and the impacted people round about, and then they began to hear something amazing. Here were men of Israel. All could have spoken Hebrew, and it would have been no problem that day to have addressed the crowds in Hebrew. But suddenly the Apostles started to speak. And some spoke in languages they had never used before. But there were some who stood around who understood this because the land of Israel, or that portion from which He came, this was the native language this Apostle was speaking in. And the people listened in amazement saying, ‘These men did not come from Rome, these men did not come from the Germanic lands or from Britain. These men are Galileans.’ Yet every man is speaking a dialect that he never spoke before. This was an amazing thing. It was a great spiritual outpouring of spiritual energy and spiritual power. I am not nearly as interested in the phenomena as I am in the power. It was power that raised the dead. It was power that healed the sick. It was power that dared to denounce the forces of darkness and face Jewry with its Faith and the testimony of Christ. Oh, yes, it gave birth to martyrdom, but that is the former ‘rain.’

You and I stand now at the point, the greatest in all history. For we stand in the time of the ‘latter rain.’ It will not produce as many martyrs, but it will produce great exploits and mighty victories. Because enveloping us in this ‘latter rain’ descends a veil of immortality until it will make it impossible to destroy God’s sons. That is the great miracle that is going to sweep the world. There are some who say, ‘Yes, but we have to go about it a certain way. We have to go down and tarry in Jerusalem.’ But you do not have to go down there into Old Jerusalem, you are not even going to that old site. For you are the New Jerusalem scattered across a new land. Someone said, ‘Yes, but we have to wait until we receive the same evidence of spirit that they had.’ That is not necessarily true either. I would like to turn for one moment over into the book of Corinthians chapter 12, verse 27:--’Ye are the body of Christ and members in particular.’ Do you know what Christ means? It means the embodiment of Divine sons. Every one of you who are a Divine Seed, are embodied sons of the Christ of God in the world today. And God Himself embodied became Christ. Thus Christ is not His name, this is what He became. Christ is the embodiment of God.

Now, when we say “Our LORD and His Christ’, we are talking about our Eternal YAHWEH-YAHSHUA. And you---for you are the Christ of God in the world today. It is the CHRIST IN YOU that is the hope of Glory and it is the CHRIST IN YOU that is going to set the world free under this leadership. You say that is strong meat. Well, you have to throw the cereal away sometime and start eating strong meat. So we are told that there is no division in the body, but you are one body and you are members of that body. And it does not matter whether you are the head or the hands or the fingers, still you are all a part of one body. I have known a lot of people who I knew what they were, but ‘Ye are the Body of Christ and members in particular.’ And God has set in the Church the purpose He hath purposed. Some are prophets and teachers. And he has set the operation of miracles and healing and government. Don’t forget that. That is what we need a great wave of today---people who will take on a great responsibility of God’s government and the program of His Kingdom and make us to some of the exploits of our forefathers and drive out the flag of the aliens. This is what it tells us that will please our Father, in the book of Hebrews.

Now, are all prophets? No. Are all teachers? No. Are all workers for miracles? No. Have all the gifts of healing? No. Do all speak with tongues? No. Ye who interpret? No. But covet earnestly the gifts and I shall show you a more excellent way. Do you want to know what this more excellent way is? It is recognition that we are living in the hour of the envelopment of God’s spirit. That we are living in the hour with all the authority to command and see the results. It only requires the breaking of a brain block that we have put in the way of the covenants and things which God has already made and stated, and promised. I want you to know that the great spiritual outpouring in your day transpires every other. Every child of the Holy Spirit is entitled to this Holy Spirit for this is the vibration of Glory and of Light. You do not have to speak in tongues, but you might. Paul said, ‘I speak in tongues more than you all.’ And this is not in support of a Pentecostal position. This is in support of the fact that of the gifts of the spirit, you might have any one of them. But you might not find any use for that one and find something far more important. And I am going to tell you that one of the most important tasks of this hour is to start to bind the darkness and loose the light of the fullness of God dwelling in you. I am going to cite to you this. You do not have to go to some room and then start following a formula.

Thirty-five or forty years ago, there was a great wave of Evangelism that spread across California and out of California to the nations, in which men waited and tarried and repeated a lot of words which they had been told that they had to use to get spiritual power. Now, do not underestimate this, for spiritual power came because God honored their ignorance. He honored their inner desire for truth. He did give them power and it did heal the sick. But I want you to know that was only the forerunner of something that was coming. Lots of times a lot of people do not stop to realize how silly they made themselves with their knowledge of God when they gathered round like bunch of Buddhist saying, ‘Buddha, Buddha, Buddha, how is your father, how is your mother, Buddha, Buddha.’ That is the way the heathen pray. Remember the scripture which says, ‘don’t you use the vain repetition of the heathen.’

Now, I don’t care where it is, whether it is the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, which is a gift of healing, whether in tongues, or the gift of prophecy, you do not have to follow the heathen in anything. Your Father is more than willing to give you His gifts and to pour out His blessings upon you, and all you have to do is receive it. They laid hands on them and they received the power of the Holy Spirit. But do not expect that you have to have some initial sign that you have it. Because you will know when you have it. The Spirit is in you and when it is given life and power and is being regenerated, it is to do great work. Every individual who can recognize the Jesus is the Christ has had some partial regeneration already.

Now, I am not talking about His spiritual truth. No one is spiritually born when He accepts Christ. That is one of the fallacies of theology. He was spiritually born when begotten of his Father before the world was framed. And he was second born when he was born a son of Adam in the earth. But he was regenerated, reactivated when the Spirit of God broke thru to his inner being and unveiled the majesty and the Glory of Christ. I want you to know that it is the majesty of Christ in you that is going to be a sweeping power, a sweeping Glory which is going to transform the world. There is no question but that this is a great hour. There has never been a period as important as this one because the ‘latter rain’ is about to begin. Someone said, ‘Well, what is this ‘latter rain?’ It is something spoken of over here in the book of Joel. It says that there will be no limit. It is coming without measure. Your young men and your young women, your old men and your old women, all are going to participate in it. All and all Israel is going to be enveloped in it because God says, ‘I will pour it out.’ Someone said, ‘But I will have to pray it down.’ No, you do not have to pray anything down. You only have to accept what God is pouring down. I have known a lot of people who have been trying to pull down something God has been trying to give them all of the time. He said, ‘Therefore know that there is not only going to be the ‘former rain,’ but also the ‘latter rain.’ It will be without measure, a program of restoration, and ye shall know that I am in the midst of Israel and that I am God.’ So you see that the people that get the ‘latter rain’ have to be Israel. Can’t be Hottentots, for they don’t get it. Do you know that they were speaking in tongues and having regular ‘holy roller’ meetings in Africa before Christianity came there? But they were all doing this around witch doctors and devil gods. This is why some of these fellows don’t know the difference when they get down there. One Evangelist was telling me about the terrific meetings he was having in Africa and they were terrible ones too. He said, ‘My, we gave away beads and we gave away trinkets and we gave away babbles and we had such a great meeting and there was a great spiritual outpouring, and then someone who was there said, ‘No, these people are cursing in Congolese.’

Let me tell you something. You may impart a portion of a vibration into lessor races, but the spirit of Divine Glory and energy may not pass upon them. It is only for you to do the work of sons of God in the earth. When I say this generation shall not pass away in this generation, it is in your life span, during your period in the earth. And before you have gone very far the great vibratory wave out of the cosmos surrounds you, of the very nature of God, and it is going to start vibrating your consciousness to the highest spiritual intellectualism that it has ever known. It is going to charge you with such spiritual power that before you are thru it will heal the sick and raise the dead. You are on the edge of the greatest day in all human experience. And when we talk about this then this is the thing that is significant. And religion stands by.

Now, don’t say ‘but Christianity is a religion.’ It is a religion. In fact, it is the only good religion among all religions. It is Light, but a religion is also a practice of the relationship of a man in his thinking, in his life, and in his philosophy and in the acts of his God. I want you to know that people come to Church. They sing some songs, they hear a sermon, and they put some money in the offering. And then they go on home and say, ‘we fulfilled our religious responsibility.’ WAKE UP. You have been put down here as sons and daughters of God to not only occupy the earth, but to administer it, to rule it, to heal it, to guide it, and to lead it and to do great exploits. Don’t leave off assembling yourselves together. That is where you plan your enterprise. That is where you get instructions of the Oracles of God’s Kingdom to do things, and not to get mental ecstasies. Not, my friends, to have a self-conscious experience thinking you have fulfilled a righteous obligation. You have tipped your hat to God on Sunday, or Friday or any other day. You do not come to church to fulfill that. You come to be guided, to get the great catalyst of spiritual energy with other hundreds of children of God whose spirits are rising with yours to a Divine Destiny. There is more power in the catalysts of the churches of today than all of Khrushchev and all the hoards of Africa. This congregation could strike Khrushchev dead any day in the world if it applied itself to it.

I want you to know that we are on the edge of the greatest of all revelations. Someone said, ‘Why don’t we turn around and hunt for passages to find it.’ I can show you passage after passage. But this thing can become so real to you that you do not have to have a passage. For you know the truth already. He said, ‘I have written it in your heart, I have laid it on your heart.’ And it is not something which is made of stone, printers ink or paper. Not that w don’t say find it in the scriptures. Search the scriptures and see of these things be true. But I can tell you that without the scripture, we can give you the Oracle of God, but the scripture will confirm it. Because this is a living think. And if you cannot carry out the activity that you are going to carry out in the future. God is going to so charge you with it that you will read it in your newspapers and you will hear it on the air. You will watch it on the television screen. Everything is history, Divine planning, and round you will come the increasing consciousness that I am God’s instrument. I am God’s child. And it will make Pentecost look like a picnic dress rehearsal to the great program of God. You say, ‘Is that just moderately?’ There is not going to be any moderation in this. There are lots of people today who are still going to try to go back to get the feel of the first things that happened. And that is alright if that is all they know about it. I want you to seek unlimited power without putting God on the spot in any way you want to get it, to find everything He has planned for you, and to make you a powerful son. Believe it and live for it. Until you see light going out of you which will roll back the world, and give light unto men.

Never has there been a time in our society when you have seen a greater unity of the Faith. In all of your life span before this, each denomination has been divided and they were pointing out their points of division. Now, there is denominational division today in creeds, but across all these lines of demarcation, there is a great surging realization that we have a common enemy, and we have a common Father who is even our Father, and that this Father is the Father of one LORD, one FAITH and one BAPTISM. In fact, this message before this week is over, will be played in Baptist, Lutheran, Christian Church congregations and Pentecostal congregations, in clubs, and in groups sowing there is no line or division in truth. And before we have gone thru another week, it will have been played a thousand times or more all over the nation---on TRUTH.

Now, the thing is that a short time ago it would not have Methodistic or Baptistic. But do you know what is doing that?--This is the first wave of Divine Spiritual input. It is cutting thru. It is reaching out. It is making empty Babylonianism seem unimportant. It is making a great hunger for the truth of God, to make it real. It is beginning to stimulate some of your own people. They are reaching out. They are searching for it. And others are directing it.

I am going to tell you something. We are not going out in defeat. This age is going to have the greatest wave of Glory ushering in the New Order that the world has ever witnessed. And we are talking about this. A generation which is not passing away is going to occupy. A generation which will not leave the Congo, but we are going down and put the Lights on. We are not going to say Darkest Africa, we are going to say Africa under the Light of the Kingdom. We are not going to pull back from Asia, we are going to go in there and pull down every Communist stronghold with the power of God. Oh, there may be a neutron bomb or two, but that is also to start some of the power of His Wisdom. I am going to tell you that you are going to occupy in every dimension, spirit, soul and body. Your armies will be invincible. Right in the period when people are about to surrender, God is going to do one of the greatest works in human history. And He will mark the difference between His children and the strangers. The strangers will not be illuminated with Divine Glory. They will not have the power of the sons and daughters of God.

You say, ‘But I know a lot of men and women of our race are not worthy of this.’ What do you know about it? The Father thought them worthy enough to send them into the world, maybe they have absorbed some of the shock that you have not had. We have a lot of casualties that have absorbed a lot of the shock of the environment around us. Let’s be realists. But there is power enough in God’s hand to sustain every son and remove the shock and let them stand with you and be victorious. And we would rather see that then see this theological error of today which sees victory for some and defeat for others. The sons of God shall be victorious and this generation shall not pass away. Oh, you say, ‘One or two of them shall not slit out.’ But none of this generation shall pass until all these things be fulfilled. You do not have to go anywhere. If you want to stay until you see what God is going to do, just say this is what I want. This is the covenant that the Father has given me and I am going to stay. And you will see the last hammer and sickle come down. You will see the last catastrophe of evil be broken up in the earth before God’s Kingdom. There is a lot of things coming in with the New Order. But I want you to realize that the energy, Divine presence, which passes to you in this great ‘latter rain’ outpouring, is over. It is going to charge you with God-likeness. It is going to give you God-like power and it is going to be the great solution to the climax of this Age. Immortality, spiritual vision and triumphant moving ahead. Errors will be made, but they will not be successful. So I say, ‘Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven.’ There are many more things which we could discuss in this panorama. But we must realize that God is charging His people with their spiritual heritage as His sons.

(End of message)