Getting Out Of The World Conspiracy, 7-8-64


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 7-8-64

This is the message where we will be discussing the most important directive concerning God's Kingdom and the preservation of HIS Household. This is to come out of this confederacy and get ourselves out of this conspiracy which we have been led into. So tonight, our subject is getting out of this conspiracy. And we are going to show you that this is practical and it is biblical. And when we get thru altho some of this material may be repetitious, you should have a solid list of scriptures that should prove to you tonight, that you cannot obey God unless you separate yourselves from people of other lands, especially the pagan people. That you must separate the White race from all of the dark races, the pagan races, and from all of the idol worshipers of the earth. We shall show you that this is not only by divine command, but also that not any force or power which has set itself up against the principles that the MOST HIGH has ordained is doomed to utter defeat. And so in this instance we point out to you what you are well aware of. You have heard ever since the collapse of the Roosevelt administration on up to our time, the great necessity for joining ourselves together with all of the people upon the face of the earth.

It was in San Francisco as you will remember, that the United Nations was formed, and it had such a strange number of displacement that you knew it was an administration of evil because there were 153 signatories among the nations in that opening of this organization in San Francisco. The violation of divine law was quite obvious. The scriptures had warned us consistently and continually that we were not to enter into an organization consisting of pagan countries, and that we were not to join ourselves with any pagan nation. And that the only acceptable organization before God is when you join your nation with other Christian nations of your faith and your race for mutual and defensive activity against the powers of darkness.

Now we may be told that this is essential. But there is nothing essential about joining up with the powers of darkness. For this is the forces of evil. So let us turn to the scriptures to the 1st and 13th chapters of Ezekiel, in which God speaks of this kind of a program. And HE says:--'Son of man, prophesy against the prophets of Israel who prophesy and say that this is out of their own hearts, but hear ye the word of the LORD---Woe unto these false prophets who follow their own spirit and have seen nothing. Oh, Israel, thy prophets are like foxes out of the desert. Ye have not gone up unto the gaps, neither have you made up the hedge for the house of Israel to stand in the day of the battle of the LORD.”

Do not think that this is for some far distant period far back in the past; it specifically says for the day of the LORD. Everyone knows that the day of the LORD as described in Isaiah, Jeremiah, and many other places. This is the great climactic struggle between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of Lucifer or darkness. It is the same struggle referred to in Revelation as the battle of Armageddon. Thus it is that in the day of the LORD, and it is talking about prophets in Israel, meaning ecclesiastical leaders, churches and organizations that have been taken over by the thinking of the World Order, rather than by the instructions of the MOST HIGH GOD. And they advocate certain courses in order to obtain peace. And in the things that they advocate they say Peace, Peace, where there is no peace. And they advocate to restore Peace, that we should join ourselves together with all of the people of the foreign lands of the earth. And by doing this we form a great wall against war and trouble by everyone being united in a similar organization.

I point out that as we go further with this, that HE makes it quite clear in this matter. I want you to turn to a passage in the book of Isaiah 8:9--- “Associate ye, oh ye people, and ye shall be broken in pieces; and give ear all of ye of a far countries; gird yourselves and ye shall be broken in pieces. Take counsel together and it shall come to nought. Say ye not a confederacy, for I say not a confederacy, neither move thee with fear; be not afraid for I am YAHWEH, I am God. Do not join yourselves to these pagan countries in a confederacy for fear or for false orders of Peace.

Now we do not have to interpret that for it is self interpreted. For the MOST HIGH says that HE will be thy protector and for thy reverence and for thy awe; but hold not in fear these nations that demand such a confederacy.

Now let’s go back to the book of Ezekiel again and we pick up the trend of what the Most High declares. HE says concerning these Priests who have advocated this policy. And HE said, “Therefore they have been given a line of determination, and for what they have asked of my people is a violation of divine law; for when they said unto you that they had seen a vision, they lied. For it was not a vision from me. My hand shall be set against these prophets and they who assemble my people. For they have seduced my people by saying Peace when there was no Peace. And they daub the wall with untempered mortar.”

A student of the scripture and an understanding of the Hebrew knows that an untempering of mortar is the spiritual application of divine guidance. Anything which cannot be sealed with the name of YAHWEH OR OF JESUS, is untempered mortar. That which is food without untempered mortar is in this class. Any agreement that you have to make with any country that will not recognize your God or your faith is moving into untempered mortar. Any wall or any construction or anything which you enter into in order to make a confederacy is untempered mortar and is cursed by the MOST HIGH. HE says that they say Peace and there is no Peace. Well of course there has been no peace since we have been in the United Nations. And we have not been able to resist war since we have been in there either. They held us back in Korea from letting General Douglas MacArthur smash Red China coming in from China. And they held us from a victory. We even had the United Nations in a confederacy making promises to Red China and Mr. Truman confirming these saying, “I have a liberal document here, and we will not touch this enemy altho it supplies the strength for the North Korean attack against South Korea.” We have not been permitted to win, but we have been kept in constant turbulence. Thus “they have lied unto My people, and they seduced My people.”

Out of your tax money, airplanes flew to the Congo, not to give self-determination to a people, but to crush out the determination of Katanga Province and Congo Province. We watched the rape of values that the United Nations said that they were supporting. I tell you that you made a great mistake when you entered into this alliance with the Soviet Union. Such an alliance with the Soviet Union was cursed of God. And it shall end in war. I point out that there is no alliance that you can enter into with pagan countries. You have no part nor lot with the demon forces of China or of Africa, or of any of Asia. You have only one destiny in this Book and that is to stand together with the people of your race who have faith in your God.

Therefore let us turn back to this prophecy of Ezekiel, and say unto them and do not think that God did not know what HE was saying to your leaders. Some have come out of denominations, World Council of Churches, already infiltrated in the areas of their publications. Having been supporting this myth that this is man's last hope, union is essential. I have listened to the same propaganda out of the White House as it talks about a temple to all faiths in Washington, D.C. as it talks about creating a world government with an elite corp running the whole thing. Let me again, tonight, point out the fallacy of this policy. You who make up the Christian nations of the world, the whole White race are only one sixth of the world's population. And if you enter into the organization of all nations wherein you are so outnumbered, for you are out voted six to one, and never will you be able to determine any of your destiny, never again. Do not think that out of such an institution that there comes Peace, unless you mean the Peace that comes with slaves and has nothing to say about his future or his peace. There are those of us who would rather die fighting than join the Peace of slavery, or for one moment denounce our deity. Therefore they have daubed us with untempered mortar, and temporizing Clergy has not held the line. For there is not a brotherhood of man . . . there is only a brotherhood among those who have the same father. Jesus turned to the Jews on Solomon's porch and said, “I am of my Father, and you are of your father. I am of God and you are of the devil, and there is no brotherhood here.” So they said, “Let's kill HIM before we lose control of this people.”

You can turn to the book of John, if you would like to take it out of the scriptures; altho they say that you cannot send it thru the mail. It would be interesting to find out what you can send thru the mail anymore. Maybe the Bible is condemned? But let me tell you that the condemners will never live to tell about it.

I move on to say that God said this untempered wall of mortar is not going to produce Peace. There will be a great shower of giant hail stones and the stormy winds will blow. And when this institution is fallen which they formed in the Day of the LORD, and that which brought my people into this confederacy, when this is formed they shall say, ‘now where is the daubing wherewith we daubed it?’ Therefore saith YAHWEH, “I will rend it with a stormy wind and there shall be an overflowing shower in mine anger. Great hailstones in my fury shall be seen. For I have broken down the wall that ye have daubed with untempered mortar. I will bring it down to the ground so that the foundations of it shall be discovered. It shall fall and those that are a part of it shall be consumed by it; those that were supporting this evil.

So you have discovered that with the United Nations, you have walked into a trap that ends in war. And you have had the disadvantage, my friends, of having the enemy in your council chambers. You have had the disadvantage of not knowing what you are capable of doing or what you do before you do it. This is why you had so many casualties in Korea. For Russia sat at the council table of the United Nations while supplying and directing the dispersion of goods and men, and wondering why it cost so much. If it had not been for the superb leadership, the sheer wisdom and guidance of General Douglas MacArthur and his staff, you, my friends, would have suffered more casualties. It was only an act of God that let MacArthur remove his men from such a trap never seen before. But you were commanded to walk into this trap.

Let me point this out to you, that the Most High has something very significant to say about this. And if you have a pencil and paper you can take this down. For it relates to the whole problem. It leads to a design made up by the people of Africa and Asia, led by the International world conspiracy, Zionism and world Jewry. Get this down, and don't miss a word of it. Not a word. ---

The MOST HIGH STARTS out with a very direct warning to your race, that you are not to participate, to join in any way with this racial tree with the knowledge of good and evil, connected with fallen Lucifer. You are not to have any connection with this race, except for the redemption case for the violation of this law. The cleansing of your seed was God's work for the completion of your job here in earth which was fulfilled with Seth. For Adam said, “Now I have gotten a man in my own image.” God calls for racial purity in the Old Testament starting with Seth and on down thru the Old Testament, with Noah and Shem. And then calls or those out of the seed of Shem to obey a continuity of this process. Thus it is from the house of Shem down thru Abraham and to Isaac and to Jacob, HE makes this recommendation and all of the records of this book is made with this one household, this one family.

Now let me point this out to you in the Book of Genesis. Thus it is that this is what he said.----We are speaking of Abraham about the taking of a wife for his son Isaac. “Thou shalt not go unto the Cainanites, but go rather to my people and take a wife for my own son Isaac. Now this is in the 24th chapter of Genesis the 3rd verse and the 4th verse.

Now let me come a little further over to the 28th chapter . . . “Therefore they have daubed us with untempered mortar.”

Now; let me point this out to you in the Book of Genesis. Thus, it is in the 24 chapter of Genesis and the fourth verse. Now we come a little further over to the 28th chapter of Genesis and now we discover that Isaac is speaking to his son called Jacob. And he calls Jacob and he blessed him and he said, “Thou shalt not take a daughter from the Cainanites.” The instruction in the beginning given to Abraham had been ‘Get the out of the land of UR of the Chaldeas, out of this city of the Chaldeas, away even from thy kindred. Do not participate in this. For I am going to multiply thy seed. I am going to make you into a nation and a company of nations. And I am going to separate you from them, and I will segregate you for the preservation of your race and for my word.”

Now listen. Here God bestowed the law upon HIS people, these the people of the household of the MOST HIGH, the purest strain of the White race. This is ISRAEL---issue---ruling with God. Not talking about the Jew. This a long time before, and having no connection to the modern day Jew. HE is talking about the White race . . . Israel. And now HE makes this statement, “I have given unto you only this law.” And then turn to the 34th chapter of Exodus, and HE says, “Now I make a covenant with thee before all people. Observe that which I command thee. Behold, I drive out from before thee the Amorites, the Cainanites, the Hittites, the Hevites and the Perezites, and the Jebusites.” All of these are Asiatic forces, who under Lucifer, have attacked you race and tried to destroy it, and have defied the voice of the Eternal while under the Luciferian command.

Now what does the MOST HIGH say?... “Therefore I make this command of you, for you are not to enter into any covenant with an African, an Asiatic or any of these people. No Negro society, no Asiatic society. Only this issue. You are to make no alliances, no covenants, no treaties with them, saith YAHWEH.” Thus, HE says that you must not make any covenants or treaties with them, and must destroy their pagan gods, destroy their images, and cut down their groves. For thou shalt worship no other God but YAHWEH. And if thou make a covenant with the inhabitants of these lands, then you are not to make any sacrifice unto their gods, their philosophies. And you are to destroy their pagan temples. It does not sound as tho God has an integration program going as yet.

Let’s turn over to the book of Leviticus. Now remember that you may disagree with me, or you may not like what I am telling you tonight. But this is not important. For every word I am now giving you is exactly . . . ‘Thus saith the LORD,’ a direct quotation right out of the scriptures. Mr. Johnson, Mr. Rusk, not withstanding.

Now into the 20th chapter of the book of Leviticus, the 24th verse "I am YAHWEH thy God which hath separated thee from other people.” And then the 26th verse:--"And ye shall be Holy unto ME, for I YAHWEH. I AM HOLY AND I have severed you from all other people. Ye are Mine." I have separated, I have segregated, I have severed. Well, then, people say, “If God is for this, than who can be against it?” Well, only all the knuckleheads that the race has produced. And they have mutated the capacities which was given to them thru their forefathers thru their guidance and experience, and added to this was all of the knowledge that God has given them.

Now let’s turn again to the 7th chapter of Deuteronomy, and you should read all of the whole chapter. For this is what God said about the other races and other lands. And this is what HE said:... “You are not to marry with these other races, for I put you in earth to destroy these idol temples, and pagan groves. You are to cut them down and burn with fire every one of these pagan houses and temples.” Then going a little further HE said:--"For thou art a Holy people unto YAHWEH thy God to be a special people unto Himself, and YAHWEH thy God, has chosen thee above all of the people on the face of the earth. You are a master race, the White race, the Israel of God, and above all of the people on the face of the earth.” Someone said, “But I do not like that.” Well, you are in the wrong place then. You can go to Webster’s Dictionary and you will find that only that which proceeds forth out of God is Holy. Thus the Adamic race which proceeded forth from God is the only one that is holy. The other races have been trapped in Lucifer's trap. Then God brought forth HIS own issue, and then sent HIS children from heaven to earth to build HIS kingdom. Jesus said, "Thine (spirit) they were in the heavens and mine they are in earth; don't take them out of the earth, keep them in it.” And we are still here, one man's family, outnumbered by the millions, but now 1/6th of the worlds population. And one of these days it shall be established very clearly, that from one end of the earth to the other, that every knee shall bow and every tongue shall proclaim that Christ is YAHWEH (God). For God, Himself declared this in the book of Revelation.

Now let’s go a little further in this direction. I turn now to the 26th chapter of Deuteronomy and the 19th verse. For YAHWEH, in the 18th verse said:... “I have avouched for thee this day that ye are a special people. And I have promised thee, and ye shall keep my commandments and I shall make thee high above all of the nations.” This is then, your destiny. And you are to rule the earth with righteousness and truth. I will make thee high in praise and in name and in honor. And thou will be a holy people unto YAHWEH thy God, as HE hath spoken.’

How then, did God say HE placed you in earth? Did HE give you a status of equality? “NO, I PLACED YOU ABOVE ALL OF THE PEOPLE ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH.”

Now go a little further along this line, and you say ‘why did God place you above all of the people on the face of the earth?’ Well, there are several reasons for this. In the first place, I want you to notice in the 96th Psalm, in the 5th verse, that the gods of all other nations are idols; that these nations are of another race and they worship idols, and they do not worship YAHWEH thy God, who created the heavens and the earth and who is the Master, who called you as HIS children. Therefore, you are above every other people. You are above every pagan and above every Communist on the face of the earth.

Now listen. In order to preserve this, also you are the only people who are spirit of HIS spirit and flesh of HIS flesh, and bone of HIS bone, and life of HIS life. Therefore, a Holy people. Let me establish this for you out of the word of God. In this way you do not have to take any of my opinions. You only have to take that which YAHWEH hath declared. Therefore, hear this word, saith YAHWEH as HE hath spoken (Amos 3:2): "Behold the whole family that I brought out of Egypt, I say: --You only, have I known of all of the families of the earth, as Mine. Hear now and testify now oh, house of Jacob, and say that YAHWEH HATH SPOKEN; You only, have I known of all of the families of the earth.’

Now go back to I Kings, 8:51---'Therefore thou hast separated thy people from all of the people on the face of the earth, for they are thine inheritance. Therefore we have this insurance, that you are HIS offspring, HIS inheritance, and thus a holy seed. And HE has ordained that this family should be high above all of the people on the face of the earth. HE has given instructions that HE has separated you from all of these other people from other lands, and HE has commanded that you shall not dwell with these strangers in thy midst. God has thus ordained, that in any country where there is a mixture of races, that there you should dwell alone. That your community should not be integrated; that you have the right to form your own society and your own culture; and this is not to be polluted, thus saith the MOST HIGH GOD. Anyone who says that they want to crash into your society, that they want equality, recognizes that they do not possess something or they would not be wanting to break into your society. If they felt that they were equal or superior, they would not want to make this step.

Let us turn now to the book of Ezra. And I will point out to you several things. God hath ordained that we were not to join ourselves with people of other lands in a confederacy. When they say confederacy unto you, do not join it. When they try to bring you into an organization in the name of peace, which is apt to tie your hands as an entrapment, HE says you are not to do this. For the MOST HIGH has declared that the people of these other lands have abominations in their worship, and abominations in their practices. I will read to thee what saith the Eternal: 'Now therefore thus saith YAHWEH which HE commands unto HIS servants and to HIS prophets, saying this concerning the people of other lands, that whatsoever land that thou enter into, it is an unclean land, from the filthiness of these people of the land and their abominations which they have filled it with. They have filled it with their uncleanliness. Thou art not to give your daughters to their sons, nor take their daughters unto thy sons. Nor are ye to seek Peace by joining thyself and thy wealth to them. That ye may be strong, that ye may occupy and have your inheritance, my children, forever. For after all to join yourselves unto them is to join the iniquities of their judgment, and thus surrender your deliverance.

Now I am going to tell you this. You may be feasting one day with Nehru who has now gone on to his reward, or you may be listening to some other ambassador. But I tell you this. There is no land that has had such a filthy background in pagan worship than in the land of India. But you are joined with them in the United Nations and you are going to suffer too. For India has put up with all of your ideas of development, and taken all you have offered while she has played along with the Communist, showing you that there is no honor among thieves.

Now I am going to cite this to you. That in this instance, we have found them interfering in our internal affairs. We have watched them influencing areas of our State Department where Socialism reeks and the design to socialize the world under a United Peace Corps is gradually developing. We can turn to the lands of Asia just as we can to the land of India, and we find that the majority of girls in India serve in some areas from low caste to high as Vestal Virgins, or Temple prostitutes. The filthiness, the corruption, the immorality that follows thru in the course of such societies is definitely going to produce an impoverished people. You are a ‘have’ nation, tonight because you have faith in God. You’re a 'have’ nation because you ‘have’ intuition. You have spiritual guidance and creative initiative. You have the technological capacities which God has promised to pour out on you. You have applied yourself in earth to overcome superstition and ignorance. These true patterns of faith identify you. On the other hand, these forces of darkness and evil will receive everything that you give them and then actually seek to blackmail you for more. But will still run around with their caste mark and still run around in the darkness. In this instance, you have no business in taking the wealth of a nation of God's kingdom and pouring it out upon HIS enemies. God said, “I will bless these people when they worship ME. And until they worship ME, then do not disperse MY blessings upon mine enemies.” If you do, then John, in II John, tells us that you will then receive MY judgments that belong to mine enemy, because you also have nurtured my enemy. And if you say, “But I will be tolerant,” then God says that you will be partaker of their evil deeds and they will take away from you the things that you have wrought. In fact, you are beginning to find that out. For the further we have gotten into this confederacy, the more it has cost us in taxation, until today 30% of your income is absorbed in taxation and scattered among your enemies, until in any year, until in every three years you have scattered as much as one years production. Let me point out to you that at the present time your whole economy is in danger because of the conspiracy of the Mystery Babylonian order described in scriptures. You are in danger because you have given away and you have watched the manipulation in the areas of the economy by the enemies of God's kingdom. So much has been scattered to the four corners of the earth that tonight the International bankers of the world monetary fund and of the World Order and Mr. Penae who represents the Rothchild interests in France, that now they can call out of America, 13 billion dollars out of our reserves. And if they take this out, there will be nothing to back up your currency and they can throw your Federal Reserve into a position of crisis. And you will be facing a financial catastrophe. Now you are the mercy of the enemy because you have been a part of this confederacy and you have permitted strangers to disperse your greatness. Oh, we are not suppose to say anything about the economic situation, but you can write down in the Federal Register that you can have a Federal dictatorship the moment that you have an economic crisis, and you can do this thru an Executive Order, a racial catastrophe or a natural catastrophe. And today the internationalists have laid out the plan for implementing this plan. And thus this plan is a great danger.

I point out to you that in this book of Ezra, the word come out:---Should we break again thy commandments?” Every time in the past when we violate, we have gotten into deep trouble. So then, God is now stirring the prophet and he asks:--should we again break thy commandments? Should we join ourselves to the city with these abominations, shouldst thy now be angry with us until they have consumed us, and there will be no remnant left of thy people?” Oh, LORD God of Israel, thou art righteous and we remain, and have escaped unto this day. Behold art we not in trespass because we cannot stand before thee in this matter? We have not by law, but we have moved into the area forbidden, and have joined ourselves to these pagans of other lands.

Remember, when Jesus told the disciples to put the net down on the other side of the ship, and when they pulled it up and counted the number, it was 153. And then Jesus said throw out of the net all that cannot be eaten. And then remember that in San Francisco we came up with 153, and we did not throw out of the net any bad fish, and we have been taking in more every since. No. ‘153' has a prophetic significance in divine measure. ‘612' is the full life star cycle and described in scriptures as the first in seven major luminaries. Divide this by 1/4, which is the difference between the full cycle and the 9-month cycle of gestation, and you have 153 days---short.

This is always the displacement factor. And when it shows up in scriptures or anywhere else, it is always a numerical measure of judgment. Let us turn then to this declaration:--This is one of the catastrophes that even the leaders, even of the ecclesiastical and among the rulers, and they did not separate themselves from the people of other lands as I commanded, and these other people caused them to do abominations. And those people were identified as the Cainanites, the Amorites, the Hittites and so forth. So who are these people, but the Asiatics, the Negroes, the Jews, the Chinamen or all of the people from the ends of the earth. And we can place every one of these with biblical catastrophe. God says, “NO.” One area of great catastrophe is when we did not make it a firm policy that our soldiers could not bring back these pagan wives from abroad.

I tell you that two things may transpire. A psychologists may well understand the reaction. For a psychiatrist knows why there is a difference in the wave length and the capacity of the mentoid energies of the areas of thinking. More than that, you will note that the speed of their reactions under test. Note their difference. Their capacities are different. The MOST HIGH says that their capacities are different, for they have a soulish capacity for response; but only that which is spirit of MY SPIRIT has the wavelength of thinking as does MY offspring.

You turn to the 14th chapter of John, . . . and I do not care whether you are a Methodist or a Baptist, or a Catholic . . . the scripture still says that ‘when I pour out my spirit, (John 14) you can receive this spirit which I am going to send, but the world order cannot receive it. They do not have the right wavelength. They do not have it. For they are not MY Sheep. I have placed you in the earth by MY Grace. I have placed you in the earth to bring in MY kingdom, to set these people free from all of the powers of darkness, but not by absorption, not by integration, and not by permitting them to rule over you.’ “When the spirit of truth shall come, even that which the world cannot receive." (John 14)

I point out then, again that here in the book of Ezra, the great transgression was that the Israelites had intermingled themselves with the sons and daughters of other lands, so that the holy seed was mingled.

I note by this that God said that because of this we have in our midst, a confusion of face. “Behold, they have trespassed against our God. They have joined themselves with treaty and with covenants among the strangers. Therefore because of this transgression, they must send away the strangers, and not join themselves to them.” Do you realize that the MOST HIGH has ordained, therefore, that you shall treat the stranger with firmness and kindness? Still, you do not absorb him, or push him into your society, and you do not violate the laws of race.

One of the next great steps being planned for you . . . and this is to be done under the 'Human rights laws' of the United Nations with its convention of evil . . . it is designed to break down all immigration barriers among all people of the earth wherever they would go . . . They have cited this. And even before the passage in the House was consummated, the moment that the first vote was taken and before it was signed into law by President Johnson, already, the United Nations was carrying out the full-implementation of the law, which was their plan. In fact, Humphrey in the Senate has just made a statement, and the same was made by liberals in the House who held this position . . . was that the next legislation that we must pass is to knock out immigration laws. Read it, my friends. As last week they passed the 'Civil Rights' measure in the House. And they said we must knock out these immigration laws because this is discrimination on the part of the nation. Thus, all discrimination must be outlawed, make it against the law to discriminate.

I am going to tell you that you cannot be a Christian and not discriminate. You have to select that which is good for your posterity, select between good and evil. And you have to create a proper environment for your household and your children. And in this you have to obey God who discriminates all of the way, selects, ordains, and even destines. But under this instance, they said we have to destroy our immigration laws. Just stop and think. For 175 years the immigration laws have been the only sound way to preserve the nation. For all of these 175 years, your legislators have not been advanced enough. For 175 years you have been making grave mistakes because of your immigration laws. I am going to tell you something. You would not be here tonight if it were not for immigration laws. I have detailed minutes from the Burma Conference. I know men of the foreign service, and some attended the Burma Conference. And they were not allowed to say anything. But there always has to be some Americans there to sign the checks and pay the bills. They can't run anything in the world without our pocketbook.

So what was that Burma Conference? Red China was there, Africa was there. Those who have suddenly become nations who do not have the capacity, who do no have the capacity for leadership, and do not have the capacity for administration among civilized nations. They eat one another and liquidate one another at will. My friends, since the great country of Ghana came into existence, already seven of the chieftains who sat in their parliament were executed for voting against the will of Encuma. This country which has been torn free from Britain is already in the Red orbit. Let me point out to you that the moment that White leadership is withdrawn from any area the colored races start to fight and that part of the earth goes retrograde.

I point out to you that under the instances of this design, I want to quote and unquote for those who do not get the record and read it. Thus, it says that unless we throw out the discriminatory laws which denounce the integration of people, then we are barring one-half of the people from Africa and from Asia from coming to the United States. Well, let’s hope that we do. If we did not have any immigration laws here in the United States, then half of the people in the world would want to come over here and sit on this spot and make you divide up what you have, and then put them on relief. We have enough illegitimate black children being born in the welfare system all over the nation. And it is breaking that system. So let’s not bring all of Africa in to do this. And then of course, they want equality with you. And before long, there would not be any jobs for you, and they would all be filled . . . the jobs your forefathers have built for you. And you are now out in the cold. I point out therefore, that in this plan, they want to abolish the law of God in your nation, after this nation was founded on Faith and vision. And in the day when your founding fathers, after prayer, set up your Constitution and the legislation that was passed, defined the way to preserve this country by shutting the door so as to maintain the status quo of this country. If you want to preserve for your children the heritage that they have received, then you are going to have to preserve the status of this country from deteriorating any further. Under emergency measures and special grants and Presidential interventions and the house of Mrs. Roosevelt, and others, during World War II, great numbers of people came in around the immigration quotas. And I tell you that one of the crookedest pieces of invasion is going on. And this is to federalize this alien invasion of America. In fact, while you talk about fighting Communism and trying to win a war in Vietnam, you just brought in a whole regiment of Communist right out of Russia. They supposedly escaped to Hong Kong and then brought here, 8,000 of them went to Central and South America, and 12,000 of them were brought in here. And these people were not escaping. You don't suppose they would have let them go out of the country unless they wanted to get them into here?

It is a matter of interest, when the other day they had that explosion in the Cadet training center, their copy of our West Point. And when they had their explosion, and when running it down, they found ties-in with Cuba, and with some of these very refugees who were brought over here and who were supposedly escaping from something somewhere. Let me point this out to you . . . that if you were to obey the laws of God, you would immediately move upon your representatives as Christians, and call for them to tighten immigration laws. You would call for no further quotas from Africa or Asia. And no immigration unless from someone who was assimilative with our race. Thus, we would preserve the status of our culture and our society. And they would be people of our race. If you don't think that is intelligent, then just how long do you think Sweden would be Sweden if they had to take all of the world in? How long would Germany be German if they had to take all of the world in? How long, my friends, would the Danes be Danes if they had to absorb the people of Africa and of Asia? Oh, you say ‘that is all right for them for they are a racial people, they have a family household; but we are mixed up with all of these others.’ My friends, we are a White race people. We came out of Nordic, Basque, Germanic, Anglo-Saxon stock. We are White and we are Christian. And this is our least common denominator.

Now there are 149 million of us. And if we cannot take up the standards of our Faith, and reestablish our culture, then shame on us. Then someone says, ‘but of course this suppresses the minority.’ The world minority is suppressing the majority of us in this nation, and you are letting those minorities who surround the President to dictate your destiny. Someone said, ‘you can't preach this way anymore.’ Well, we will preach this way until Jesus comes. You just wait and see.

Now therefore, we listen again to the words of the prophet Amos:--“Hear now you of the Eternal, you, have I known of all of the families of the earth.” And HE says you are the family, of the whole ‘family with which I am identified.’ Then turn to the 44th chapter of Isaiah, and I hear these words:-- “Thus saith YAHWEH, behold, I will pour out upon him that is thirsty, my spirit, as floods upon dry ground, My spirit upon MY seed, MY blessings upon thy offspring. I will give you vision and I will give you knowledge, because, saith YAHWEH, who formed thee out of the womb, “This people (43:23) I have formed for myself; (Barah) I have brought forth, or given birth to, and they shall show forth my praise.’ So let’s not contaminate the holy seed. Let’s not deny our Father. And let’s keep HIS orders and HIS commandments.

Now let’s for one moment, think concerning this matter. Can you give one good reason why this Christian nation should take in all of the evil forces in the earth? Can you give one good reason why we should join a world organization run by the Communist order? Remember that they put to death over 13 million Christians by direct execution? Can you see any reason why we should join ourselves to a Godless order, run by Khrushev who threatens to blow us off the face of the earth, then seeks to woo us with his cunning red pig-like eyes, and laughs jovially when he sees us eating out of his hand, then threatens us in the very next moment, hoping to bring about acquiescence and appeasement? These are the words and works of anti-Christ.

Now within the structure of what the MOST HIGH has declared, HE has made it very, very clear, for HE said, ‘ye are going to know the truth and the truth shall make you free.’ There is no way to legally breach the Declaration of Independence. Our forefathers drew up an instrument to keep this nation permanently and perpetually free. When they framed the Constitution, they delegated the power to the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch and the Judicial Branch of the country and they have no authority or power outside that delegated branch, by the contract with the sovereign states that gave the power, to their Federal Government for their mutual strength but limited power. Today we are watching the Liberal Socialist revolution on the march.

Someone said, “Don't you believe that the Supreme Court knows what it is doing?”

Yes, it does. And they are a bunch of socialists. Their decisions helped the communist party and protects them in their subversion and in their violence. They invade the whole provisions for our legislature. They are trying to gerrymander our Senates in our states, and eventually in the nation.

Instead of representing the land so that all states will have a certain equality as little states and big states, they want to revise this. Instead each county sending one man to the legislature, they want to revise this. Thus they would take over the whole status until only cities in urban areas would have a controlling influence in the structure of society. And they tell you why they want to do this. For this, my friends, is where they wield their greatest influence. They are against the status of property. There is one thing which Bobby Kennedy said, “There is no such thing as private property.” I think they must learn that there is such a thing as private property. Because we who possess it shall determine to keep it, if we have to defend it with our lives. The United Nations says that there is no such thing as private property. They do not do anything about property rights. It talks about equality in each and every provision. And in this type of equality it wants to provide equal housing, equal division of the substance of the world, without one single fact as to what a person is to contribute to earn a part of it. It does not recognize the territorial lines of nations, and wants to divide the nations up into a multiple group of provinces. And to rule over them with an Elite corps, and to take from them for their cause. They do not tell the farmer not to produce, but they tell him to put his crops into world warehouses for redistribution and then give him his local part of what will be the governments bounty or toll for him.

I point out to you that we in this country have arrived at a higher creative ability status than has been demonstrated in any other nation forthwith. We have watched the standards of our living rise. And in this instance, we have watched also in the last three decades a design by the Federal Government to step in on the farmer who has been doing so well the past few years, and then tell him what he can plant and what he can't plant. And then pay him not to plant. And thus, scatter out this wasteful debt upon the rest of society. And after they get thru with interfering with business and every other area of life, this is not independence, my friends, but interdependence that they boast about. They take away about 30% of your income to carry out the folly of their ways. Someone said, “Are you against government?” No, but I repudiate this Mystery Babylon that has stolen its money with this 5th column invasion into our society.

Now in this instance, the scripture very clearly talks about the subtlety of this design, in which they try to take over control of all of your crafts and all of your trade, and reorganize them inside of their cabal. They would try to take over control of all of your resources and all of your material. In this instance, they would start to barter in money and sell the former-made goods using the work of usury which violates the whole structure of your economy. By such a process, catastrophe, and trouble will come upon you. God says that this is an abomination before ME, and this political, social and economic order of what today the United Nations and the world program represent, the scripture says, that this is the hold of devils and every foul spirit, and the cage of every unclean and hateful bird. It has trapped my people. They have talked peace when that is not its design. Today your universities are staffed by many enemies of your faith. There are more non-Christian pagans today teaching in your universities than there are people of faith. This promises deterioration of our society and it is a part of the plan.

Now and in this same order, the scripture says that the world order has planned its strategy, and is the habitation of devils, and every foul spirit, and unclean and hateful bird. So what is God saying? Does HE say to stay in it, try to convert it, influence it? No, you are out-numbered, out-voted, and out-maneuvered. So don’t stay in it. HE says, “Come out of her, MY people, that ye be not partaker of her sins, thus ye receive not her plague.” Let me tell you something. The United Nations is not going to last as long as some people think, even tho the Reds have every echelon, in every part of it and we even cite that they come in and then say we do not want to be interpreted for two or three years, for we do not want to upset things. Upset what? Do you know what America should read? There is one volume that has not been published that America should read. And if they had read that volume they would know a lot more about what has happened since W.W. II. They should have read General Patton's Diary. And all you have to do is find out who has frightened and intimidated the family, and not the publisher.

I want you to know that General Douglas MacArthur knew that the United Nations was under control of a Red Conspiracy, and that it would be impossible for us to win a war as long as they ran the team. I had the information center in the army and the House tell me the same thing. I had the head of Internal Security tell me that this administration is in areas one of complete spy network coordination. So what does the scripture say? It says that you are to enter into no confederacy with these pagans and evil powers. Did you ever hear of anything quite as crazy, after having attained in America and in the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic people of the world to have obtained a greater creative ability, you have a residency that comes back, a spiritual quality unlimited. And in no way in competition with the world. For it is so far out ahead. You have given to the world more compassion, more know-how, more capacity for ability, than they have had in ten thousand years.

Now can you think of anything more foolish than to say that we the 'have’ nations are now going to join in the world order with the 'have not’ nations, and this is the semantic language of the United Nations research, Carnegie Institute and others talking about it in their foundations, talking about the institutions and the organizations of the economy, when they say the White nations of the Western World are the 'have nations' of the earth. It is then incumbent upon us to find a way to redistribute this wealth for the 'have not' nations, so that the whole world will share in the bounty of their production.

Let me tell you something. Under the program of the kingdom of God, the way for the 'have not' nations to become 'have' nations, is that they must turn from darkness and superstition, and then learn knowledge and wisdom under your instruction. And then under the enforcement of law, they themselves will discover that they can produce the things that they need. The program of God is that man shall recognize and serve the right God, and that he shall apply himself, and that with the guidance of blessing and initiative, then he shall start to produce. And God says that “I will bless the work of thy hands. I will pour out my blessings upon thy lands, and it shall not be a matter of drought, for the rain shall fall and the sun shall shine, and you will have a bountiful harvest.”

Someone said, “But they do not have the resources.” But, my friends, the resources are there. I have pointed this out time and again of how we sent our experts over to India. They found the ores in the mountains. They set up the schools and taught them metallurgy, set up the schools and showed them areas of mining and production. And then after producing the metals, we set up industries to use the metals. And when we got thru, they wanted to sell all of their manufactured metals at a bargain price and put our own industries out of work. Oh, you say, “We wouldn't do that.” Oh, wouldn't we? Well, under the brilliance of Mr. Kennedy, we did that, then did it again. And we have been buying the things which we showed them how to do. And then we had to hire the labor for them from Mexico, to go do the work. And after we had reduced the metal, then we had to buy the raw material or the finished product. Someone said, “But that was the way they could get some money.” But they did not need any money. All they needed was the goods that they produced, because India needed so many things.

I point out to you that if we buy from our enemies who always try to down these Christian nations from being the 'have' nations, then this is a fact that being aligned with the right God, the proper faith is the way to go. And this is a reason for preserving our White Christian culture. Someone said, “Are you against all religions?” I am against all superstitions and all worship of pagan gods. If it is an abomination to my God, this is where I stand. Oh, you say, ‘you cannot get a lot of congressmen and Senators to go along with this.’ Let me tell you something. They may be a lot of weak kneed fellows, but the majority of congressman and Senators that I talk to, agree. I do not talk to Javits or Seller, for these fellows should never have been admitted to the U.S. to start with. Oh, you say, “They were born here.” Well then, someone should have stayed out down the line if they had listened to Benjamin Franklin.

I want you to know this, that the challenge to America is to elect people of your faith and your race. And that is one of the most important issues before you tonight. There are two great major curses which rest upon your civilization and culture when you disobey. One is the integration of your society by the strangers of other lands, and no. 2 the intermarriage with these people of these other lands and then the worship of their pagan gods and the permission to allow this to exist in your land. So what do they say? It is necessary that we do all within our power to influence the entry of parliamentary and judicial decisions into these United States, and the leading countries of Europe. But especially in the United States, this wall must be broken down to permit unlimited immigration, to give full areas of the economy to the new immigrants until we have changed the balance of the electorate in the United States. And when we have sufficient Asiatics and Negroes to out-vote the White man, we shall change it to meet our objectives. This is from the Burma Conference. And I have notes that were taken down, and I know of men in the foreign service that were there. And we paid for this Burma Conference. And I think they made it. And now they are working on the last design. Why? Because they want change. When Gunter Mayerdal, the Swedish communist wrote the 'American Dilemma,' that treasonable doctrine, it never should have been quoted by any judge on the Supreme Court. But every man who quoted Gunter Mayerdal instead of the Constitution should be in a concentration camp or a mental hospital.

They can't say they did not mean integration by this because Gunter Mayerdal said that the conclusion of this shall be upon the marriage bed, since all races will flow together. He speaks within this same volume and says that the very moment that we integrate the communities, and force our children to integrate with these other children at an early age, that the social and emotional responses will produce the intermixing of races, ending up with a colorless classless society. They say, “well, as they say, colorless. Remember Du Bois who was a Communist and died over in Africa and they quoted him? Of course your court now says that the communist can get together and plan anything. But they cannot do anything about it until they do it. But if a White race gets together and talks about defending their heritage, they can take action against us because this is against discrimination laws. I want this to be very clear. When Mr. Dulles reported to Mr. Johnson on how to handle the race situation down in Mississippi, they picked Mississippi for martial law, for a police state. For when once established, they can use on any state. For they know that this state has rich traditions for the preservation of their race. They have not mistreated Negroes, but they should not be forced to absorb them under any measure, as Governor Wallace said the other day, “I am not going to force a barber to cut someone’s hair, or force someone to serve someone in their restaurant. If they do that, they will have to enforce that. And if they do, they create a police state. And if they create a police state, then they will have trouble in my state.”

Let me to point out to you, that the Mr. Dulles said that what this is all about is a way to suppress the White race, and the way to do this is to use the FBI and Federal officers who go in and suppress the White race organizations. Do you know the mistake they made? They gave themselves away. Why didn't they just say 'race organizations?’ I say that we need White organizations and maybe ten of them in every community just as long as there are Malcolm X organizations. When commentators can come on the air and say when this act is signed it will be against the law to criticize a Communist or a Jew in public, why did they not say, ‘a White man or a Christian?’ By not saying that, my friends, there will be no stopping of the measure of truth.

The most important thing I want you to know tonight is that you have thousands upon thousands, in fact about 3 million people who listen to what you have listened to tonight. They are on tape. And multiply them and circle them, and as many people as you have listening and as many people who make up the communities in this nation in ownership of property, and management, then you are not alone. There are so many people that it is hard to put your finger on it and suppress the truth. You are thus not alone. And this is only one of the voices that will say,--“Thus saith the LORD,” condemn that which is evil, stand up for what is right for the great majority of people of these United States. This will not block any minority right. For they do not have a right to take over your country just by chicanery. They do no have the right to hide behind un-constitutional legislation. And you do not have a course whose honesty is in insufficient numbers based on the content of the constitution, for they proved that the other day when they gerrymandered your district in the name of the 5th Amendment and a great compromise, all of the way. But if they had stayed in the light of the great compromise, there would not have been anything to do.

So I point this out to you tonight, that God says, “you come out of her, my people.” The great catastrophe of surrendering any part of this great nation is a crime of treason. Every official in our armed forces took a pledge to defend this nation against all enemies, domestic and foreign. So also did the President of the United States. And he took that oath upon the Holy Bible. And now they want to take that out too. I think it is quite obvious, since I can quote to you from the ADL, the B’nai B’rith and from the files of the CEO as well as my own, that organized Jewry has supplied the front and the legal background for this assault against Prayer in schools, Bible reading, and Christian heritage of America. So I tell you the truth, and do I become your enemy because I tell you the truth?...That organized Jewry is trying to crush out the recognition of the Christian religion in these United States, then it is Christian to silence Jewry as a voice in these United States. I would deport them all to Israeli on the cause of dual allegiance and then unleash the Arabs who have not had a fair chance.

Right now, you are about to be trapped in another fact of Armageddon. The President of the United States made a commitment and reaffirmed it under Mr. Johnson. Maybe Lady bird whispered a piece in his ear. I do not know. That if Israeli went to war with the Arabs for confiscating their water, that the Marines would come and help protect them. God forbid. Why should we take on the Arab world or any other part of an un-hostile society to satisfy the Jews, who created this part of property, in violation even of the United Nations, when they help set it up, and laid out the territorial lines? Woe unto them that partition my land, says the scripture. I want you to know that you are in the right country and you have the right faith, and this is Armageddon.

Now God said that this is what I am going to do I am going to stir up my people. I am going to pour out my spirit upon them and I am going to quicken them and then wrath will rise up in their countenances. And when they get thru, there will not be a Cainanite in the house of God.

You know these people should have left well enough alone. Do you know that I have now a bulletin from all of the archdioceses of the Catholic Church in New York City? It says that all meetings as far as possible should be held in the mornings and afternoons, for it is not safe for Catholics to be on the streets of New York City at night. And they further request that as Catholics come and go from church and meetings, that they organize to travel in groups to protect themselves. Why? Because the beasts out of Africa have turned beasts again on the streets of New York. Thanks to Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Johnson, and the Supreme Court, that beast moves in your country and in your city. Last Friday night an attendant of this congregation sat right over here...that man is in the hospital tonight. And here is the piece out of your newspaper. He was beaten up by two Negroes who robbed him and stomped him with glee. And then they said this is not enough, and they stomped him some more. And officers arriving, said this is the worst beaten man we have seen in 16 years on the force. They should have been shot.

My friends, when you deal with the ‘beast system’ law that they understand and that is the authority of there is only one law that they understand, and that is the authority of the law of God, instituted by the house of God, and instituted with firmness like the ‘rod of iron.’ You know this book does not put any premium on pacifism and tolerance. I have been advised that we don't want to disagree for we do not want to stir the troubled waters. But I want you to know that God wants you to stir the troubled waters for you can hear the wind according to HIS scripture, moving thru the mulberry bushes. And they are going to stir the waters until it is a trouble sea, and it will swallow up Babylon. Someone said, ‘that we are to pour oil on troubled waters?’ Yes, then let’s light it until we get enough light for men to see by.

Now we have given you a great number of passages. And I want to close with the fact that not only is the United Nations against the plan of God, but it is against the plan of Jesus the Christ, totally and completely. And HE has assured you that in the midst of conflict, that HE will reenter and join you to help lead you and to carry the very battle of heaven into the earth’s sphere. The hosts of heaven, the armies of God, the members of your race, that have gone on and will soon come back will be joining you in this battle of survival for conquest and victory for the kingdom.

People hate the word Aryan. But it means the issue of YAH. Don't forget that you are an Aryan. And those who hate it and want to stamp out that word are the ones that must go. God said that every one of these tares...and HE made it rather clear that the children of Lucifer are going to be plucked up. And every one of these tares are going to be taken out. And the tares are going to be taken out first. And if you go back and read your scripture, then Jesus said in the book of Matthew, that the 'tares' are the children of the evil one. And then Jesus stood up and HE told those Jews,-- “Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do.” I think that identifies them. But the 'tares' are going first. I don't think that you are going to enforce any laws on Jesus Christ.

I turn over here in the book of Matthew, and with the fact that you are going to get out of the United Nations, for HE is going to rend this Himself, with hailstones, and out of the entrapment and out of the conspiracy. You are not only going to come out, but you are going to see this happen. But you are still going to be caught in some of the traps that you see being planned. In the book of Matthew, then you read:--“Then you will see the son of man coming in clouds of great glory, and HE shall bring all of HIS holy angels with HIM. And the first thing HE says HE is going to do is to separate the nations, like you separate the sheep from the goats. So I will separate you from the United Nations, and then I will turn to the White Christian nations and I will take my sheep nations and divide them from the pagan nation, or the goat nations, and I will say:--Receive this kingdom prepared for you from before the foundation of the world, and rule over these goat nations with a rod of iron.”

Someone said, “Some government should rule the world. Do you believe that?” Yes, a government of a Christian nation under God, ruling with righteousness and justice. For only there shall freedom be found. But until such an hour as God ordains this, let us come out of this evil institution and obey God, and sever our covenants and our confederacy and our joining with the enemies of our God. Do this and you 'will suddenly discover that you have taken a great yoke off of your back.

They are looking around in Washington to find a way to cut the budget and lift off of you a burden, and put more money back in circulation. Then come out from Babylon and stop supporting Babylon, and you can cut the cost of your operation 50% in the first year. Then you better take off of relief all of the beast system which have you supporting their immorality. We are living in one of the most stringent periods of history. And God Almighty said, “I am going to save your society. I am going to set you free.” Jesus said, “I did not come to unite the world, I came to divide.” And we divide it on the basis of faith because unto you it is given to know the mysteries, unto them it is not given. You receive it because you are my children, and I call my sheep by name, and I lead them out. I give them Eternal life and they shall never perish. And then out of the magnitude of my Grace, then all flesh shall be saved and every knee shall bow, not by subservience, not by integration or mongrelization, not by the United Nations, but by God.

I am going to tell you this. You better tell your grocer that you do not want syphilitic hands handling your groceries. It is not against the law to have Dinner Clubs, so across the nation people are forming Dinner Clubs, and then you can control who you have to eat with. You have to apply for membership in the Dinner Club, but it costs just a dollar. And then you get a reimbursement of your membership with your first meal. Hear this all of the way across America, if you wish to maintain the status quo under God then you can form Dinner Clubs and discriminate, for you have the right in the membership. Some of the motels have run the price of a nights lodging up to $45.00 per night. But then out of the kindness of their heart, they reduce it for worthy people. You say, “It cannot be done.” Wait and see. You cannot tell the American people --Thou shalt not, the state says so. For each state is a representative of the people, and they cannot surrender the rights of a majority. Come out of her oh, my people. Your trouble started in conventions where almost every member in it was a communist in the United Nations. I tell you again, if you get in a pagan organization where you are outnumbered, then they soon rule your economy and then your society. And if you are hurting because of where you are, then get out. What do you think would happen if tomorrow every Christian got down on his knees and said, “God, please get us out, move on our leaders and get us out of the United Nations, or remove every leader who stands in the way.” The spiritual power of that many praying would make those outside of the program of God feel uneasy.

I point out to you that judgment is already falling. I recall the words of Bobby Kennedy who said, “I feel the passing of my father, and my brother, and now I feel a pending doom. I feel as tho a judgment debt is hanging over me.” And he said, “I am going to get out of the United States for a few years because I feel this impending doom.” Well, this bunch brought this trouble on us and now that they think it is getting dangerous, so they want to run. I can tell you this. It is a dangerous and deadly thing to tamper with the house of God.


End of message.