Glory Of God, 1955



by Wesley A. Swift - 4-10-55

(Tape not clear)

The prophet Joel was writing carefully when he was writing about the end of an age. And as he referred to the great forces and the spiritual power that would take place, he says that it will be the great ‘Latter Reign’ movement and power that will descend upon God’s Kingdom. He said it would come when he saw the umbrella of fire and the smoke portraying the atomic age, climaxing a time of transition and entering in under the condition named the DAY OF THE LORD. Described again by the Apostle Peter as he said this DAY OF THE LORD would see things dissolved in fervent heat.

Now we pinpoint this as the end of an age. And following this the prophet Joel prophesied one thing that was going to take place. We cite this to you because we were talking of this last week and the cry was:--’All ye heathens, assemble yourselves together round about, thither---cause thy Mighty one to come down, O LORD---Oh, ye heathen, be ye awakened and come together.---And remember that over in the second Psalm, the spirit speaks to the Psalmist and this is the theme according to this assembling. It is climactic and it relates to the end of the age.---’Why do the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing.---Note this, the heathen.---The kings of the earth set themselves and the rulers take counsel together against the LORD and against HIS anointed, saying;--Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.’

Now, remember that Joel says that the last great event that you can measure before Armageddon, the last important event is the heathen gathering themselves together and taking counsel against you, even as the LORD holds them in derision, when they take this counsel against HIM and HIS anointed. Thus this last event is the assembling of the heathen, the gathering of themselves round about. Then the LORD turns to you and HE says, ‘you beat your plowshares into swords, and your pruning hooks into spears, and I will thrust in the sickle and start threshing.’ In otherwords, where are the heathen going to go---but into the valley of Jehosophat. One man said, ‘I had an uncle once by that name.’ Well, my friends, Jehosophat is not just that one little valley outside of Jerusalem. Jehosophat is symbolic now as to where the enemies of God come to judgement. It could be anywhere in the world where the enemies of God come to judgement. That, my friends, is the meaning of this symbolism of Jehosophat. It is a narrow place, the place of the threshing.

Now, the heathen have gathered themselves together. And let me cite to you that in all the history of the races of man, and now the Adamic race in this past 7000 plus years, never have all the heathen gathered together against you before. Never have all the heathen taken counsel against you. Remember there is not one Christian nation represented at Beldom at the present time. Every red, black, and off color nation or race is assembled there. And one of the basic purposes is to take counsel against you. Three things are on the table there. One is to curb the White man’s Imperialism in Asia. Two is to drive the White man out of Asia. And the third is to halt America’s Imperialist aggression. Those are the three things on the agenda. And they are assembled to discuss these three things. Not one White nation is invited. Even vacillating Britain did not get an invitation. Not one single Christian nation got an invitation. And the only Christian that I know of who is at this conference, is from the Phillippines and he is not an Aryan. He is a product of the ancient Spanish race and their attempt to convert the Island to Christianity. And the majority of that nation are hill country pagans yet today. But this Filipino has always for some reason, moved with the political career of not only the Phillippines, but the United States as well. He served under McArthur and he realized how defenseless the Phillippines would be without American protection. He has always stood with America. But remember the calling of him out of the Phillippines was not done with any desire to get Ramero down there. He was the last man they wanted to show up at this Conference. He was the last man they wanted to see come to the conference. But remember all of the heathens have gathered to take council. They said they represented 3/4 of the worlds population at that council.

As the head of this Conference rose to speak, the first thing he said was, ‘we are here to devise a way to drive all Americans out of Asia. We will never believe we have gained vengeance until all of our purpose is accomplished.’ In otherwords, as Indian plane fell apart and crashed and no one knows what happened. And seven of their men are dead and Chou en Lai said that America sabotaged that plane so we must pay the consequences. This is just another place for him to attack. But it is rather a weak excuse because India owns the plane. The fact is, that Conference has one program. The Red Orbit has been continually assaulting us. And their dominate theme is to retake Formosa which they think the U.S. helped to keep out of the Red Orbit.

On the other hand this is the forerunner of the program for the Red Orbit to take the world and as they say liberate it by taking it into Communism. They say they will do it in this century. But what is Liberation on their terms? Nehru of India is as near to being a Communist as he can be, but he does not want to be involved with a disastrous war which would wipe out Calcutta, and India would be barren ground. He hopes to become the leader of this assembly of pagan nations. And this conference is now against us with all the Negroid nations to follow suit and let the United Nations solve their problem. Thus Nehru plays his game to pressure and balance and hopes to throw the whole problem of American so called aggression into the lap of the United Nations.

Last November we passed a crucial hour in that organization, the United Nations. After that hour the decisions can now be determined not by the Security Council but by the least common denominator. And being so out voted is more reason why we should withdraw from this fallacious organization. Strange as it seems, that if they only knew it, they have the power now thru the United Nations to control the destiny of all the people on the face of the earth.

Now, think of this. For the first time, we have an open assembly of nations taking counsel against us. The best thing that ever happened. What do I mean? Because this is a clear line of demarcation. No one will ever talk about unity again. Never again can anyone come along and tell us that we should not talk about subjects along racial lines. Chou-en-Lai said, ‘We must stand firmly against the White man. We must break his bands asunder for all times and throw his yoke from our necks.’ And I don’t think he realized how he has fulfilled prophesy. For it says here that the heathen shall rage and the people imagine a vain thing. Don’t you think that you are in the days which the Prophet Joel talked about, then listen to what is going on over in that Conference.

Now, actually, the bands of the White man is that food that you carry over there when a tidal wave has swept out their villages, things like that. The ways of the White man are culture, assistance, and wisdom. That is the bands of the White man. Their evil systems do not want ‘light’ and ‘freedom’ and ‘liberty.’ They want the darkness. So they resent that. The bands of the White man are the ‘light and Illumination’ which he carries with him.

Now, there is news here. They are not going to break the bands of the cords. We have been assured of this. But let me tell you this. You are closer to trouble tonight than you have been for a long time. There is no doubt that China now will try to convince the world that their balance of power is real. And she thinks that America will back up without a struggle when it comes to getting involved in stopping China from their grab for Formosa. But there is one thing they do not understand. We have no desire to take any territory in Asia. If he tries this, then our attacks will be against his lines of embarkment and his lines of supplies. But we do not have to go occupy those territories. We are not fighting a war for territory. The significance of this hour is that the Red Nations in line with the colored nations is trying to drive the White man’s culture back. We say that is one of the prophetic developments of this week.

Now, I question what the press says that Senator McCarthy said at that dinner for the Rabbi which he attended as speaker. I imagine he said that it was a serious mistake for the Jewish people to call Anti-Communism---anti-Semitism. Because everytime you attack a communist, the Jews say that you are Anti-Semitic. But if you go to the devils dinner, you would be expected to say something not too bad because you have to get out of there. After all, almost every Jewish newspaper in the United States has attacked Senator McCarthy because he is anti-Communist. (Lots of current events---not transcribed)

Now, as to the thinking of the ‘left.’ Then we in a democracy are not to believe in free speech. But my friends, we are not a democracy, we are and have been from our beginning, a Republic. And they are saying that you and I ---the people who believe, are dangerous because we believe in a millennium. And we who believe in the writings of God as in the book of Revelation, are working for a millennium on earth. And that is a dangerous thing for they march right off to bring in the millennium and bring heaven to earth.

Well, that is too bad. I can understand why such as Mr. Whitman does not like the book of Revelation. You see the idea is to separate leadership in the world from a divine mission. This is a fallacy because everything which develops in the Kingdom of God develops out of His vision and out of His inspiration. And His Kingdom is going to perform and then do the thing which He says it is going to do.

Now, there may be a public philosophy which embraces the United Nations. But it also doesn’t seem to repudiate Buddhism or Hinduism. So we can’t take any common denominator of the world and find any common denominator, or find a common theology for there is not any common theology. And there isn’t even a common morality. And long time ago, Mr. Baldwin wrote a little piece on philosophy of which Mr. Whitman likes to quote just a little part. And he said there is no common morality, there is only right and wrong. But Mr. Whitman says that is the position of a deist. But I would rather be a deist in God’s universe than be an agnostic who is working on a crooked foundation with nothing to work with.

So what are the elements which are gathering against you? We are in the historic year of 1955. We stand on the edge of the most important events in all time and history. I tell you that the secret of these lies in an element which lies in everything, has no direction or form as it relates to vision or incentive except among a certain people.

As we gave to you the subject--’The Glory of God’--we want to talk to you for a few minutes about an important substance. A substance which is more important than what it is comprised of. A substance which only takes its form only because of its ability. Whatever the Universe is made of, elements of electricity, moving on its directive according to law,--the neutrons and the protons and the atoms, --we see all around these substances a mind which ordained that they should take form, and always be there to do their work. But there is something more than this. For you remember the Apostle Paul said:--’All things were made by Him. (Speaking of Christ) and without HIM was not anything made. All things exist in HIM and thru HIM and by HIM all things consist. Thus everything in the Universe exists in HIM and thru HIM and every vibration moves out of the mind of the creative MOST HIGH GOD. That includes the sidereal systems; that includes all the creative beings and races, even those who are your opponents.

You say, ‘but what is that substance?’ It is the final moral energy which moves out of God. We have talked to you about the Resurrection and about the Crucifixion and we talked to you about the immorality of your race. Every bit of it from the days of Adam on down to the Resurrection, and the fact that every Chaplain in the military in all times of history has consigned the body to the ground until the Resurrection. That every minister in the funeral parlor or at the grave side consigns that body to the ground until the Resurrection.

Now, we cite to you that there is another factor here to which we should call your attention. You remember after the Resurrection when Christ was walking on the road to Emmaus,--and two disciples were walking along this road to Emmaus and they were talking about these things which had happened. And a stranger approached them. We read the record of this in the book of Luke. And as the stranger approached, He said:--’Why are you cast down?’ They replied:--’You must be a stranger here in Palestine. Haven’t you heard of Jesus of Nazareth, a prophet who voiced the word of God, who we hoped would be the Messiah, and how the chief priests and the elders took Him and Crucified Him who we had hoped would be the Messiah?’ Jesus walked along with them and they did not know Him. Finally He said:--’Thou of little wisdom---(translated thou fools)--, how slow thou art to believe all that is written of the Prophets.---SHOULD NOT CHRIST HAVE SUFFERED ALL THESE THINGS AND ENTERED INTO HIS GLORY?’

Now note this, for it is important. Ought not Christ to have done these things and then entered into His Glory? If God is the Master of the Universe, if He is the Master of your destiny, then He by His own admission is accountable for the whole vastness of His Universe, even the Archangel who rebelled. Therefore, no one else could have redeemed His people, empowered them and set them free, and restored all things to them. No one but God could have done this.

Now after not shirking any responsibility, here is God walking down the road with these two disciples and they don’t know HIM. What did God say? As they talked about the Crucifixion, did He say--’My, my, how terrible this is? Should all these things not been done to Christ? He turned suddenly and said:--’Should not God have done all this? Is He not responsible for all that has happened? Should He not be held accountable for all this? And after all, should the Messiah not get His own Glory back?

You say, ‘what are you talking about?’ The most important thing for you to find out in the 20th century, is how to get your Glory back. We receive back that Glory just as He was to get back His own Glory. Then you will discover what is going to transform the age.

Let me tell you this. In the 17th chapter of John, we have one of those amazing prayers, in which God, enveloped in the body of a man, and as it is stated in the second chapter of Hebrews. We will not take the time to read this to you tonight, but ask you to read this when you get home. That hu-man made just a little lower than the Angels, made with all powers, altho you are not holding all this power because of the violation of law---that God Himself, the Eternal Christ, when He was born, desired to be born out of your race, that He might call you brethren and therefore assumed a position in your society, like you JUST A LITTLE LOWER THAN THE ANGELS. What does this mean? Not that He lacked the power to be greater, but that He left something that Angels possessed. He had left off the Glory of His immortality. If He had carried His immortality with HIM when born of the Virgin Mary, although He was very God from the conception, but if He had carried His immortality with Him, they never could have crucified HIM. You cannot put to death something which cannot die. And if they could not crucify HIM, there would have never been an atonement. Therefore, the man Christ Jesus, being in the fullness of God, wherein the fullness of God dwelt bodily, left the aura and essence of His Spirit, in the dimension of Spirit---and therefore the immortal portion of His being was left around Him and above Him but not on Him.

For this cause, we read the 17th chapter of John. Here Jesus is praying and this is what He is saying:--’Great Father (Spirit) the hour has come.’ And this was one thing He wanted.--For the Father (Spirit) to glorify the Son, or this incarnate body, so that HE might Glorify thee (Spirit). Thou hast given this body of flesh power over all flesh that He might give Eternal Life to as many as thou hast given HIM. Therefore He said:--’This is life Eternal that they might know the true God and the body of God. I have glorified thy Spirit on earth. I have finished the work that thou (Spirit) gavest Me to do. And now O’ Creative Spirit, there is just one thing that I want.---’Glorify Me with thine own Self, with the Glory I had in thee, before the world was.’ This Glory is energy. It is vibration. It is Light. It is form. But listen. One day Isaiah says I saw the LORD--I went to the temple and He was high and lifted up above the sanctuary of the temple. And the emanation and the Glory filled the Temple. And round about, he could hear the voices saying--’Holy, Holy, LORD God Almighty.’ And then he heard:--’the earth is to be filled with thy Glory.’ This Glory is an energy which puts things together and holds things in their proper form. And it moved out of the very person, God.

Now, remember this. There is only one race on the face of the earth that were born with His Glory. One people started the race with this, and altho they lost it, still have it imputed not them until the restoration of it. They still have a part of it with them ever since the atonement. Listen to what it says. I turn back into the book of Isaiah and to the purpose of the LORD,--and it says here concerning Israel, the people of God:--’and He says there is one thing that I would say unto you. The LORD is HIGH and MIGHTY. And in that day THE LORD SHALL BE A CROWN OF GLORY, A DIADEM OF BEAUTY ON ALL WHO REMAIN OF HIS PEOPLE.’ When the spirit of His judgement stretches forth in judgement, the people of God are the gates to civilization in the earth and His Glory is like a diadem. But this emanation of Light and Glory speaks and this is what He says:- ‘I am the LORD God of Israel. I am YAHWEH. And My Glory I will not give to another. It is only for My family. I will not give it to another, neither will I transfer My faith to graven images, or to any other.’

Now, listen to what He says:--’Arise not My Israel--My people--shine. For thy light has come and the Glory of the LORD has risen upon thee.’ So--I will not give it to another race. My Glory is on thee. Therefore that divine energy, that emanation, that creative power that holds the Universe together that ultimately raises the dead, that Glory belong only unto the Kingdom of God. It belongs to a race which is out of it. It is an emanation, a glow, and the MOST HIGH says, ‘this is My Glory, I have it, and I am going to give it to you. Remember in the----days of Elijah, when the Glory of God was around the camp of Israel and the enemy would not attack in the night for it would be stepping into the Shekinah Glory? What is it but the energy moving out of God on to His people. And don’t you think that none of this energy is being absorbed by some of His people? Remember, as you went out of Egypt, that this effulgent Glory hovered over the people. In fact, when they built the temple it came in and filled the Temple like it had the Tabernacle. This was a radiation, an effulgent Glory and it was called the Glory of God. It was the covering of Divine Presence which belongs to all the sons of God. And it has to be restored to them.

What has this to do with things? Just this---It is the Life of thy Kingdom. It is the Life which descends upon you and restores immortality. It is the Life which God extends to you. And it is this enveloping of you which the enemy does not like. But this is your assurance that the Light and the Life of God’s Kingdom is going to be made manifest. That Kingdom is going to take over the world whether the world likes it or not.

Hear the Evangelist with a mixed up vision and he will say that this idea that there is a Divine Kingdom and it is going to rule over all whether they like it or not, is all wrong. Well, let me tell you this. Whether the enemy likes it or not, it is the mission that God gave to His Kingdom. The Glory of God is to rise upon you, with Glory and with power and you will move out. And that which Christ laid aside as He came down, so that He might work for you was HIS GLORY.

Thus these two men were walking down the road and when Christ joined them, then He said:--’shouldn’t Christ have done all these things?’ In fact, Christ had to be crucified to get His Glory back. And when He got it back, He shook the very foundations of the grave. And it was energy for He said to Mary there in the Garden:--’Don’t touch Me for this energy has not passed off of Me.’ Let me tell you. There is more involved in that happening than you have any idea of. The Apostle Paul talking about this climactic day, when we are going to see the Revelation of God, said:--’I do not compare the suffering that we have to go thru at this present time, to the Glory which I shall see in the day when the manifestation of the Sons of God takes place.

What was he talking about, but the effulgent Light, and energy, and power, and God likeness which would come down upon him and make him indestructible. It will make it impossible for one portion of His Kingdom to go down. Will made it impossible for any portion of it to dissolve. Because that Light is the Life of men, and it holds all things together. And only directed upon them which have the affinity it will give them,---immortality and restoration promised to the Adamic race.

Now this is the important phase of it, for God said I am going to put My Glory upon you. Nobody else. I am going to put it back on My family, My household, My people. And the power of that Glory when made manifest, will sustain them.

Over here in the book of Isaiah, it says that in this climactic hour that the backs of the enemy will be bowed down. The LORD alone shall be made known in that day. And the idols HE shall abolish. And they who worship these idols shall run to the holes in the rocks and the caves of the earth for fear of the earth, and the Glory of His Majesty when He arrives to shake the earth. When His Glory shall be seen upon thee like a Diadem.

In this seventh chapter of Isaiah, He declares that these heathen who gather against you, everyone of them has an idol tucked away except Mohammed. All of them are worshiping devils and idols. And when He comes, He is going to shake the earth. You don’t think He is going to shake the earth? What about the earthquakes? Well, in Asia and stretching to Palestine, along those fault lines, it has been shaking each day. And we laid this out for you last week. Let me tell you that the Glory of God is starting to move upon His people in a greater way than they realize. For in this latter day, the ‘Latter rain is to descend which is Glory and power and it descends upon you.

Now, turn over here to the New World Order, and the book of Revelation tells us about this New World Order---this New Jerusalem which descends upon the earth. This come in an age when there is not death, no crying, no pain. But a World Order is occupying the earth and it says:--’I saw this Great continuing City, having the Glory of God.’

Now, think. This is a Divine substance, a wave length of light, power and energy which gives you immortality. What? The Glory of God. And who does He give it to? He has already said He gives it to Israel and to no one else. He says:--’only one people, My sons and My daughters have this capacity to receive it,--this power and Glory.’

Now, remember this. We have talked to you before about how Moses approached the burning bush. How he had to remove his shoes to be able to ground himself from this energy which moved out of the Divine Presence. And how in the course of that hour, his constant association with God had immunized him more and more as he came to this mountain where the Law was given. And when he got up on that mountain, and altho he could not look at the face of God. Yet the body and face of Moses then shown until he had to cover himself with he came back to the Children of Israel. In fact, in that hour if anyone had touched that mountain, so charged was it that they would have been put to death if they had touched it. And the warning was given.

Listen. Over here in the book of Corinthians, we read these words when Moses went up on the mountain, we are able ministers of a New Covenant, but if that administration had judgement in it, and it was carved into those stones, if the transmission of that judgement was so great, that chastisement, and death was put in here, and so important that Moses--was also filled with this glory until when he came down off that mountain that he had to put a veil over himself, then it has a tremendous power, don’t you think? Think of this. That is energy and power and if you had it on you today, then every rascal would run out of America. I believe that a part of this Glory of God is already upon you. This is demonstrated in technology and achievement. But if the Glory of God was made manifest, if they could see---they would be getting ready to run. Let me tell you this. The Glory of god is going to shine and they will be hunting for the cave in the mountains, because of the fear of that emanation. Remember Senacharrib was not a little fellow, his armies were powerful as any that had come out of the Assyrians of his day. And he said, ‘I am not going to attack at night, for I can see this Glory, but in the daytime it doesn’t bother me so much. I am not going to step into that light of a night.

The modern Cainanite cannot stand the light. Now that the Glory is not there, the light is not there, he still stands. But Jesus said, ‘you can hear My words, but you cannot understand them so they still stand against you.’ But if what Moses received was an important thing, and now you have the law, nobody else does. And with the atonement, He took those curses away and they are no longer against you since you could no longer keep the law here in this physical world. But He took them away and He gave you a New Covenant and reiterated it again in the book of Hebrews, as He said:--’I WILL WRITE MY LAW IN YOUR HEARTS, AND PUT IT IN YOUR MINDS. AND I WILL ACTIVATE YOUR VERY CONSCIOUSNESS AS CHILDREN OF GOD.’ The result was that if those laws were glorious on that mountain, then if you could behold the image of the LORD---go to the looking glass. And when this takes place, you will be changed from Glory to Glory, and you will see it. There is a Divine energy which is to transform His children. And if you could see this, then you would know that you are being transformed from Glory unto Glory until you have as much power as HE had while on earth.

Now then, remember that the children of the Kingdom are to have all the Glory and the power that He possessed when He raised that body from the tomb. That hour has not yet come, but when it does, this will take place and this will be as swift as the twinkling of an eye for everyone left here in His Kingdom.

It will not be too long before this comes. And God will fight for you just like He fought for your forefathers. There will be a shaking of the earth and volcanic activities and all those things. You are in a climactic hour when all these things will descend upon you like rain. A Shekinah Glory will be seen upon you which your enemies will even notice. It will cover your land as it did in the days of the Exodus, and will be a symbol again of the nation where the LORD is the Light thereof. It will shine upon you, His sons and His daughters. This is one of those Mysterious things which we have been talking about for two thousand years. Oh, the Glory of the LORD ---but what is this Glory of the LORD? It is energy and effulgent Light power which connects to this Celestial being which is in your body and will let you do all things. Power that will make you master of every element in the earth, and restore you to the dominion that belonged to Adam in the hour of his creation.

Now, what will you do with it? You go out and put the earth in order. You make them obey. You bring them into conformation of Divine Law. And you cut down the idol temples. Oh, you say, there are many who will not like this.---But why? My friends, when the sons of God, the disciples of Christ, establish the Kingdom of Christ, when He has ordained, there is going to be NO sharing of that Administration with the sons of Satan. Do you realize that the only time you have to back up a bit, or shave the corner of what you say is when you are in the same league with the enemy? You do not go down to a Jewish Synagogue and sit down with a bunch of them. That is when you lose your freedom. Come out and be ye separate. And don’t shave one iota from the truth. And let every man be the conveyer of absolute truth. And remember, you have absolute power in the earth.

Is there then anything to be afraid of? The only thing I tell you to be afraid of is Fear itself. The only people that Satan has ever defeated that I know about, is those who were afraid. The only people who were on our side who got stopped, put out of business, are those who were afraid. Let me tell you that you have a scepter of Power and you are soon going to be crowned with Glory and with Honor. So that is the essence of this day.

Let the heathen then gather against you. Let them try to take away your Honor, but God says:--’I will visit My people and restore to them Glory and Honor.’ We have a theory that Glory is just a little Halo. But let me tell you. Glory makes you brighter than the sun.

Remember what Jesus said in the hour of Resurrection, when He had His Glory on? He said you will not need the sun or the moon, because the Glory in you is the Light thereof. Those who saw something at the tomb, said He was brighter than Jupiter.

It does not matter that others may not like this. But remember this is our Father’s mission. And He has determined that we are going to occupy the earth. And the enemy is trying to talk us out of it. They try to tell us that we can’t do it. The world will not accept it. That does not make any difference whether they accept it or not. But they will accept it some day, for then every knee is going to bow.

Let me tell you tonight, that they might not accept the LORD. But they have not found a way to tear up this BOOK. There is now an Iron Curtain and people are trapped behind in bondage and the leaders of this captivity are afraid of this Book. They say that the danger of those who believe in a millennium have tried to bring one on earth.

Well, don’t worry, my friends, about this revelation. Just say, ‘Thy Kingdom come and you and I will ascent the throne. For the sons of God in Glory will do this very thing. This is not just a theory. It is something that is working. And now the heathen takes counsel together because they do not like the blue print here. The best evidence that you are right, is that your enemies are considering your opinion. That you and I with a minimal force, if we did not have more than that, your opinion would not be worth discussing.

When the enemy starts discussing that, you are going to take over the world. Then it shows that we are coming to the perimeter of tomorrow. There is a new day dawning when you are going to be as radiant as the spectacle that Isaiah saw, as he saw the LORD, lifted up, and he felt a substance coming from Him like a train and it filled the temple. And he said he heard a voice saying that this Glory, this emanation was going to cover the earth. Because you are a carrier of it, and children born with it, exactly the same as the wave length of God.

Let me tell you something. ‘I am the vine and you are the branches’--and when you get in relationship with the plant, then comes the radiation of the ‘Halo’ and your enemy does not like it. They would like to turn it off. Let me say that the plant only produces truth when it is abiding in the vine when it is lined up with it. And that alignment is what God is doing with His people now. For ‘if I be lifted up I draw all Adamites to me. And when they are in alignment, they are going to glow like the sun. For He who is the Law of righteousness, is the Law of Life, the Law which saves all men in this Living plant, this Living Tree.

( end of message )