God Will Realign The Nations, 2-11-62



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 2-11-62

We are turning tonight in one of the great crucial periods of our history to find that this great nation of God’s Kingdom, the nation which has great and specific responsibilities, and we find that we have been aligned with forces which do not have the best interest of our society in mind, diametrically opposed to the program of God for this nation and for its welfare and for the benefit of the world which it shall serve. We, tonight, as a nation, are aligned with the powers of anti-Christ. We do not make this statement lightly. But if you want to understand the strategy of the anti-Christ and the powers of darkness and the forces of evil, you then carefully watch what it is that they support and what their agents support inside of your nation. You are a very foolish people, tonight, if you do not realize that the anti-Christ is a political reality in the world. If you want to identify it and its political strategy among nations, then you find it waging warfare specifically upon Christianity. It does it best in the area where it has the power to eradicate the Christian Church.

Make no mistake about it, you are a race specifically ordained that by placing your race in the earth, is the history from that time on for establishing God’s Kingdom. Accompanying those Covenants and prophecies that relate to you is this Book of your race. For as I refer to the Bible, I continually call your attention to the 5th chapter of the book of Genesis, and to this fact that this is the Book of the generations (race) of Adam. You may not like this fact that this is the generation of Adam and this is the book of Adam’s God, our Father who art in heaven. This is the Book of the tracing of the genealogy of your race and the nations of God’s Kingdom back to the great fountainheads of time and of history of your faith and of your race.

Specifically it would not have been necessary to send your race into the world, had it not been that the world was already captivated by symbols of darkness and symbols of religion brought into being by superstition and ignorance, worshiping of demons and devils and superstitions under the control of an Archangel and his followers who had not kept their ‘first estate.’ Biblical history clearly tells us that the antediluvian world and the ancient world which long had preceded your race, had been trapped and caught in the political mastications a great design of control and to dominate forever, peoples of this particular creation. We stand tonight, well informed as to the background of antediluvian and ancient history and pre-Adamic history. As you go into the background of the ancient Assyrians or study the background from the Steppes of Asia, or of the history of the ancient Chinese, you will discover that at one time these people talked about the great and might God of the heavens. Talked about the One God, HIS messengers and HIS mighty Angels, and HIS mighty hosts. Their concept of righteousness was the worship of the true God. Standards of law and standards of your society are quite compatible with your concept of idolatry.

They tell of a great and mighty struggle in the ancient past that took place in the heaves above. They tell about what happened in the areas of their existence and how there roamed across the earth great and mighty individuals who claimed to be God. They had some knowledge concerning one Archangel, and this one Archangel they tell about. And they refer to him as one of the most powerful gods of the sky. They tell about how he set his ‘Dragon’ symbols and Serpent power over their race. And they looked forward to the things he promised to develop within their society. But one of the strange things out of their writings or whether you go into the books of the Sumari and the books of China, they talk about how one time they had a greater mind power than they have now. They had a greater knowledge of science which they had lost. They talked about their architecture and their art and their ability. And they talked about their ancestors and they worshiped their past as they referred to their present, with their inability to produce food for all of their society. And something they refer to as the loss of power and lost wisdom, and a lost art. They worship their ancestors, because their ancestors had a better day than they had. But tied into the backgrounds of the ancient people of China and the various areas across the upper Steppes and all tying into the facts of the past, all are saying that a catastrophe enveloped them, altho they do not admit that this is a catastrophe,---but they thought that this was because they were a very old race. And they had lost their fire and their spirit. And so they worshiped yesterday, then looked for some new force to charge them. But at the same time, they tell about the development of their religion. They talk about the great god that they now serve and how he and the many gods with him, fought a great battle in the sky. And how defeated in the sky, he was established in the earth, and the minions of his new power, and how these beings intermingled with the various tribal leaders and the ancient rulers of the Chinese and of the land from whence they come.

In fact, now in this history, we see that the waters of the Pacific rose as whole areas hit by earthquakes saw the land go down beneath the waters. They talk about the islands that used to bridge the main lands of Asia and the islands of Japan. They talk about the old words when referring to God as YAH. And the word Ya-Pan is one of the words for one of the fallen religious leaders. And they tell us that now only the high mountain tops are above the waters of the Pacific.

The strange thing is that if you go back into the ancestry and research of the Chinese, they tell of how they migrated from this sunken continent into the high mountains and the high table lands that reached from the rim of the world in Tibet and Lhasa, across the Steppes of the wasteland of Siberia and of course all across the top of the whole of northern China. And in their discussions concerning this, they tell of how they fled far form the shaking earth and from the areas that had plunged beneath the waters. And today the Chinese will tell you of the story of the islands in the Pacific as the high part of continents which plunged beneath the waters of the ocean. They refer to the fact that they migrated from this and that they had evolved their present structure of society from this, from the remnants of that great catastrophe.

Strange as it may seem, these people had assumed that these fallen Angels, these defeated ones who became their gods, the gods of the Dragon and the gods of the Serpent,---they assumed that these would some day be victorious in the earth. And they talk about the formation and the pattern of their religion. And these religions have gone thru many evolutions especially among the people of China themselves. Basically the Chinese today are mostly Buddhists. But Buddha was relatively a late comer to the pattern of religions. But behind them was this fact that Buddha was declared to be a living Gotmah. And the word Gotmah to the Chinese relates to the ‘One God’ above the heavens. And the Gotmahs were all the mighty gods that walked the earth. And Buddha was supposed to be the greatest Gotmas to walk the earth by his own testimony. And this must be true, because he told them so.

Of course, we understand something about this for we know that Buddha was a bandit, a living jail bird, who talked himself out of this by convincing them that he was a god. The history of Buddha is a rather unique one, altho today they have picked up some of the better philosophies out of their past and try to tie that to Buddhism to make it appealing as a religion. But behind this, is the long acceptance of the doctrine of devils and ancient superstitions. And if you want to know how old ancient China is, then let me tell you that out behind Peking is what is known as ‘Chicken Bone Hill’ and ‘Dragon Bone Hill.’ These are the two hills the geologists have been digging in and the anthropologists have been probing in trying to find out the antiquity of life in China. Here we discover that there are fossil bones which are 14,000 years old, and some of them at 23,000 years in the great pile known as Dragon Bone Hill. And Chicken Bone Hill which happens to be one of the high hills with the fossils, outside of Peking, has the full structure of them with radio carbon identifying as 63,000 years of human beings of Asiatic type and origin, that lived on the mainland of the continent of Asia and in therefore of ancient China.

Thus China talks about its ancient past and it cannot quite remember its origin from the sinking of the continent to the south and what they referred to as once their motherland. But they do recognize today that their political development and their hope and national attitude is one that is tied and related to a priesthood which once operated among the Shamans, and in the high Steppes of Asia. And is closely related to a strategy which they by inference, take as a direction to certain prophets who were in direct communication with their god.

China does not always want to break down and tell the story, for in their ‘Jock’ houses of today, you will discover that they are burning incense before a number of gods. These are gods of man. And you ask a Chinaman how many gods there are, and he will tell you that he does not know. You ask him if there is one supreme god, and he says that the god he worships is the father of the Dragon. If you talk about God in the far off creation, who put the Universe together and who is identified with you and your race, as the author of your race, and is your Father which is in heaven, then you learn that he does not worship this God. He will admit that there may have been more gods, but he does not remember, therefore he worships the Dragon. I want you to know that this is not only true of the pagan people there. But throughout the earth wherever pagan people are found, wherever they exist, you will discover that they all reach back with antiquity into a path that precedes their present paganism, and that their religion developed from those who claim to be gods. This is not only true in India, but also in China. And if you go into the background of Africa today, and try to run down the background of witchcraft and Voodooism, you come upon a very strange situation. Because Voodoos who was one of the fallen Angels, was defeated by Michael the Archangel, according to the writings of Enoch and the scriptures. He was cast to earth and came under Satan’s control and was appointed as the master of the Dark Continent of Africa. That is why their religion is Voodooism. And they serve the false concept of Voodoos and the false magic of Voodoos who was once one of the fallen Angels of the Luciferian household.

You will note that they have never known any other religion than the serving of Voodoos. They are devil worshipers to the core. And devil worship is a very highly practiced institution among all Negro people everywhere on the face of the earth. Of course, you will say, ‘We don’t have any of that problem here in the U.S. because our Negroes are Methodists, or Baptist, or Presbyterian, or Catholic and everything else.’ But let me tell you something. There is a strong and powerful force of Voodooism at work here in the United States, that has enough control as the witch doctors come around that they can make jungle cannibals out of Methodists Negroes, and Baptist Negroes or any other kind of Negroes right here in the United States. In fact, I could introduce you to evidence that will point out to you that this is a tribal background of religion which is totally pagan.

We also want you to know that this is significant now. But one of the strange mysteries among the Satanic patterns of religion has developed over the last 65 years and has become a very powerful force. You say, ‘but what has this to do with the realignment of the nations?’ There are not, in any of the people of Africa, China or Asia today, that is compatible to your background, your origin, your philosophy, your race and the inspiration that guides it and makes it what it is. But there is something which is a rather unique strategy.

A World Council of Religion was first organized and held under a Persian, and an Iranian, whose nave was Abdula Baraba Baha. This man called a World Council of Religions to announce that he was a revelation of deity in many forms. And at first, when this declaration was made throughout the nations of Asia, stretching into the Middle East and far into India, then there came some strange phenomena, peculiar incidents of this man’s ability and his power---of his ability to know what was in the minds of men and throughout the rulers of Asia, and to tell them what they thought and what they were talking about, at certain times of the day. This was all it took to impress some of these people and it was not long before Abdula Baraba Baha was giving audiences to the leaders of Asia and various rulers inside of China, and the rulers inside of India. And the gods Brahma, Vishnu, Siva and Kali. All were received by Abdula Baraba Baha.

Now, one thing which was interesting was that they were called the ‘Coppers’ of religion. And there was one called in India at Binar, and one called in Lhasa, where at that time they had a living Buddha who was the Dalai Lama who gave council to all of the Steppe religions of Asia. Another was held way out in the mountains among the Mongol tribes and the cry went out thru the Mohammadans everywhere. The Mohammadans at first listened, then turned and denounced Abdula Baraba Baha as not a true prophet of God.

This can be said about the Mohammadans, they will never join themselves to any people who have more than one God. For even as your race was born to the ‘call’--’Hear O Israel, the LORD thy God is one LORD.’ The cry Allah Allah Achabar has been the cry since the days of Mohammed, that every Mohammadan has heard anywhere in the world. ‘Hear O sons of Ishmael, the LORD God is ONE.’

Now the fact remains that Abdula Baraba Baha, while having come out of the background of Mohammedism, was actually one of those strange combinations. For he was none other than an Iranian Jew. He had been trained from his youth that he should become the master of religions. And he was related to one of the women of the house of Iran, in Persia. Thus it is that he had his entrance into the door.

Do you know that it is a strange thing that almost all of the conspiracies that effect the human race, you always discover that the unassimilatable children of Lucifer have had their hand in it. And they move out with some of the same words which ties them in to what Jesus had to say about them when HE separated them from the White race, the children of the Kingdom, the real race as such---then turned to those who were usurpers, and said, ‘Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father you will do.’ Nothing else can be expected of them except what Jesus analyzed them to do, for HE said under HIS Grace and Guidance in the past, that even as a leopard does not change its spots, ‘you will be like your father and you are going to fill up the cup of your father, you are going to be the development of the seed.

So we point out now, that this is significant. This Abdula Baraba Baha gathered together all of the religions of Asia and simultaneously the ‘Communist’ Revolution was fermenting. The powers of International Zionism had spread out. And from the book of ‘Das Kapitol’ by Carl Marx, to the developing party organization that was developed by Lenin and Trotsky and many others, the Red Revolution rolled into being and it was financed by Jacob Schiff of Kuhn Loeb & Company, and others right here in the United States, and a group of Jews who came right out of Rabbi Ben Jacob’s Synagogue, right here in the synagogue in the city of Brooklyn, New York.

In fact, I have in my library, a section for Jewish writings. And that section is made up of nothing but their writings, written for their own consumption. And they are written by their own historians. And they point out that these are the heroes of their race. These are the men outstanding in their time. And they tell how they perpetuated and put over the Soviet Revolution. How it is their dream that they are going to overthrow every existing form of government and establish a World Soviet Union and maintain and control all dominions and declare that this is their institution from the beginning. And they said that they would have to raise up Ben Gurian into a place of leadership and maintain a balance of power. This was their story.

Rather significantly when the Red Revolution came into being it swept all of the Russians into its grasp, and started a very militant program politically so, to stamp out every vestige of the Christian religion in Russia. They put Christians to death by the literal millions. In fact, we have the church report which was made back in the 20's and given to the Methodist Church before it fell into the Red Camp and then given to the Socialists organizations everywhere concerning the number of people and the attitude taken by the Soviet government.

Now, remember that at that time the Methodist Church was very much disturbed because of the activity against their church and against their missionaries. So they published this world report. In the first few years of the Red Revolution, they put to death 3 1/2 million Christians. This is at the very beginning of the Red Revolution. This was one of the greatest wholesale slaughters in all time and history. It was to be denoted that this was conducted in a frenzy of Red Revolution. But those who had virtual immunity in this period were the Jews in the ghettoes of the Soviet Union. None of them were touched. In fact, in that revolution and behind the scene in every thru, when new Commissars and new leaders were selected, it was from this group, this was the pattern. Remember that the background of Lenin was a unique one. And Lenin was not his name. It was Zeiderbaum. And Stalin’s name was not his original name either. But we can go back over the background of these men and we have their names. And we have the record of where their names were changed in the court of Russia so as to give them names more appealing to the things of which they represent.

A rather significant thing however,---and we bring this to its tie-in period.---Shortly after the death of Lenin, and the rise to power that Stalin assumed,---as he became the dictator of the Soviet Union, there suddenly came a strange union. Whether agnosticism or utter paganism, was embraced by the Soviet Union, or a people strategy, the Abdula Baraba Baha was now claiming himself the fulfillment of deity and the representative of many gods. Not one claimed his miracle working power. He was working his way thru China, and then met with Mr. Stalin on the shores of the Black Sea. By now, he was being heralded as the embodiment of the ‘messianic’ hope of the ages.

Now, from a clear and careful analyzation this was a counter part of the forces of anti-Christ. For this man, by his claim as to what he claimed to be, was actually joining with any power that would help with the overthrow of Christianity and the establishment of a power that would be Asiatic. So taking the Middle East and Asia and joining it with Stalin and his position, it was the admission of Abdula Baraba Baha that he would open up all the religions of Asia for an endorsement of Communism. If in the end, Communism would eliminate their opposition to the movement of Abdula Baraba Baha. This is a very significant thing. For at the same time, a link was made with world organized religion whereas all of the leaders of the cells to which we refer to as world Jewry, the Kahillahs, gathered together with Abdula Baraba Baha and they made a deal with him that if he would lead Asia, and give the word to those who represented their interests in Asia for complete cooperation.

Now, it was a rather significant thing that it was known in those hours of the Red Revolution, as America slept, and while we looked at the Red Revolution as a terrible thing going on over there in Russia and in Asia, where Christianity was being martyred and stamped out. Down into the Ural Mountains and down into what was once Imperial Russia, that this was an unfortunate thing. But the average American did not know that all of Asia was being set up into a false and anti-Christian religion for the acceptance of Communism to marshall the forces for world conquest. All the height of these strategies a great number of these people heard for the first time, about Abdula Baraba Baha. He was giving audiences down in various areas of Iran and thru the Arab countries, to visitors who came to see him from the Western world. Some clergymen went down to see him and always, he managed to stage some supposedly supernatural power. And he mystified them with just a simple rope trick like in India. The fact is that the men say this and they were impressed, but because of their Christian background, they did identify this in a rather unique way.

They started to talk about Abdula Baraba Baha, and Hollenbeck wrote a book. And then others wrote books and they called this man the super deceiver on the world’s horizon. Why? Because he claimed to be the embodiment of one and many gods. At the same time, Mohammed started to turn against this man because he proclaimed himself, to represent more than one God. Then suddenly Abdula Baraba Baha died. The other day, a temporary Evangelist was talking about Abdul Baraba Bahai and how he watched the works of this man, this strange mystery man out of Asia and the Middle East. But I think that he dreamed too hard as he wrote his book for Abdula Baraba Baha has been dead now for a number of years. However there was his nephew called the Bab, and in this strange religion which was sweeping al of the religions of the earth, the Bab became the representative of the carrying forward this so called mystical power. The Bab waged continuous warfare against Christianity as a religion of truth with a one and only God. And actually made quite a development there among the people of India, by embracing all of India’s gods and by promising great power to the Temple priests of India if they would go along with the Bab.

Then three years ago one of the most fantastic things in all times, it was not long before the Bab was dead. So if anyone tries to tell you that the anti-Christs are about to take the world, I can assure you that they are not. For Abdula Baraba Baha is dead and he is an anti-Christ that is dead. And the Bab is another, and he is dead. But there are successors carrying on this religion of Abdula Baraba Baha. If you will go today to the shores of Lake Michigan, you will see there a great temple. And this is the temple of the Bahai movement. And you will hear about meetings of the Bahai faith. And if you will go there, you will find some who have mixed philosophies with the philosophies of Asia mixed with Christianity. And they put out a rather placid program of joining the peoples who think on things that are smooth and on things which have no resistance and they preach that you must love everybody, and every must love everybody else. His religion is gods. And his philosophy is that eventually we are going to all flow together into one racial stream and that this is the teaching of the unity of all mankind. That is the propaganda, but it has been carefully geared to reach the successful widows of America.

You say, ‘Well, what do they mean by that?’ Well, you watch where they set up their programs. They set them up where they can find some very successful and wealthy widows. They approach them as those carefully selected to hear the lectures of the Bahai movement because they have a greater electrol capacity than most of their friends. And many times this works. You go out and tell some people that they have a higher intellectual capacity than others and invite them to come hear some of these things, and they were picked out to hear some of these truths and here they come. Because they were told that they were smarter than most of the others. This, my friends, was the program and the way this fellow operated. They operated to get the finance they could get out of gullible Americans and they carefully spread the program with carefully and smooth speakers who were being sent in by the Communist leadership to spread the Communist ideas into America. And they would spread their own teachings along with it and the working union between Bahaism and the Communist world has been going on in the United States because this was a successful front. They could never invade the Christian Church. You could not go into any Christian church and start to talk about the brotherhood of many gods. No one is going to listen to you. No one is going to accept this inside the present churches of Christendom. Altho, I will have to admit that there has been a degeneration and a falling away among the great many of the Christian Churches.

If you will go to New York City, and go down to the Rockefeller church, you will be looking at one of the largest Christian churches in America, but if you will look up on the frieze, you will not only see Jesus Christ, but you will also see Buddha and all of the religious leaders of religious cults. And you look up in the rafters and you see that they have not left out any of the leaders of the religions of the world. And you see this sign:--’The showers of the way.’

Let me tell you that any time you walk that far down the line, it is time for Christians to wake up and change everything that is on the friez of that church. Whenever you try to put Christ down on the same level with all the pagan philosophies and religions on the face of the earth, you don’t deserve to be called a Christian institution.

Now, your instructions are still the same. The God who says, ‘Hear O Israel, the LORD thy God is one LORD,’ then makes this declaration in Isaiah, ‘Is there any God beside ME?’ ‘And I (God) am not broken up in three parts either, for there is no God on the right, and none on the left. I alone am God.’ When Jesus walked among men, HE did not say I am just a descendant, HE said, ‘Ye who have seen ME hath seen the FATHER, for I and the FATHER are ONE.’ This is an identifying factor with your race. You are a monotheist, the servants of one God, the children of one God. You are the children of the Eternal Father who propagated a race of HIS offspring and called it the Adamic race. The word Adam means White man. And the word Hebre means colonizer.

I want you to know that as you go back to the 10th chapter of Genesis, and come on down, that the sons of Shem were called Heber. And every White man on the face of the earth, tonight, is a Hebrew and not one of them is a Jew. Oh, you say, ‘Aren’t Jews White men?’ Not in the strict sense of the word. How do I know this? In the writings of Stephen F. Wise, he said that the White people of America accept us as one of them, and because of this, it is very easy for us to move among our institutions and to sell our ideas as White. But when Rabbi Wise said the White people of America accept us as one of them, then he, himself did not think of himself as a White man and was chuckling over the fact that they fooled so many people since we accept them in the same bracket. Someone said, ‘Dr. Swift, you might have a Jew in here and they wouldn’t like that.’ But that does not disturb me, for if there is a Jew in here, then I don’t like that.

Every once in a while someone wonders if we should be so frank. But, my friends, the time has come when you better speak the truth and you better think the truth, and unmoved, declare what you believe and let the chips fall where they will. Because as they gather in their synagogues they do not try to please you. The time has come when we must take stands for the things that we believe and positions that are right for the positioning of the people of your race concerning as to who they are, and what their responsibilities are and how they may carry out their survival. It is only when they take these positions firmly and are not ashamed to be aligned with it that your race makes any great or major progress.

Now, I point this out, tonight, because it is the background of the stream of events. The Red Revolution spread and all of the priests of Buddhism, except the last year and a half in Tibet, openly instructed their people to support and embrace Communism. One of the major struggles that Chang Kai Shek had in the mainland was against the Priesthoods of the religions of China telling the people that Communism was Asiatic, and they should accept it for political mastery of the earth. However, there were a lot of merchants and a lot of farmers that had learned that what they produced and what they grew was the work of their own hands and they were not about to divide it up under the so-called advocacy of Communism. Or have their lands taken from them and have it redistributed among others who were not as effectively skilled to use it as they were themselves. So great debates rose up in that area. You will remember that the world revolution was spreading, spreading, spreading. The Communist Revolution was spreading and waging war against every individual who was identified with private enterprise or with any such pattern of thinking as essential to your way of life such as the ownership of property and the right of an individual to possess that which he had the ingenuity to order or to buy. It was not long before the world knew that Communism was Barbarism. And its purpose was a major war against Christianity.

Now, I am concerned as a Christian by this fact. It is not necessary that I please every other pagan on the face of the earth, or that I accept or agree, or plan on a co-existence with any range of society that has in its blueprint the design for the liquidation of my race and my faith. So, tonight, we do not assume a Methodist position as laid out by a Methodist conference that our program is to develop a program for peaceful co-existence and extreme trust upon those who have obstructed our society. We are not against Methodists, but we are against the strange positions that have taken over their church and their responsibility in their ecclesiastical hierarchy. The fact remains that any institution which represents the worship of your God, the one true living God, which poses as the Oracle of the MOST HIGH, and is interested in the salvation of your nation and your race, should by no means try to water down its existence against the strategy of evil.

I want to point out to you that the Red Revolution expanded its course. Bahaism seemed to fade, but operate behind the scenes of the religious council of activities which it was helping to direct. High now on the council of Bahaism were important and powerful Jews, members of the B’nai B’rith, and participants in the stretching of the Jewish objective across the nations of the world. What a strange thing now, as you hear the statement made by a great many Christian ministers that the Jews of today are the Israelites of the bible. That they descended from Abraham, and that they worship one God. That they gave us the Old Testament and they are just like we are. But you will discover that they are not like we are. And they do not worship our God. And the one god that they do worship chiefly happens to be the one that you recognize as Lucifer or the Devil.

And inside of their Talmud, ---and I can show this to anyone who wants to see it,---as they continue to write it, or their Rabbis do, and they refer to Jesus Christ as Lucifer, or the real devil. And they refer to Lucifer not as the devil, but the true god whom the Christians abhor. That is quite a statement because you only have to look at their own writings in this matter.

Now, when you go to Palestine today, where the abomination of the desolator is standing in the Holy Place, and Jesus told you that at the end of this age when you had this configuration, that you had the other day, which was measured by Ezekiel, 400 years before Christ, with an exactness which had not been fulfilled since that time until this event. Today the events which are taking place in the world were also spoken of by Christ to HIS disciples when they asked about the end of this age and the ushering in of the new one, and what they believed about the new age. The disciples believed that there would be a struggle in the new age between light and darkness and between righteousness and evil. And that the triumph of this age was going to be the triumph of Christian Civilization, of the White race, of the Kingdom of God. And was to bring in understanding. Not, my friends, the war to enslave men. This would be a struggle that set men free. They did not have any doubt about this for the balance of heaven comes into this.

The other day, on a pro-Communist broadcast, a Liberal speaker was arguing with a Conservative who was against Communism. And they asked the Conservative, ‘would you not like to see the people known as Conservatives and the people of your own race, who are of the background of your religion, and who have to political and religious concepts that you have, would you not like to see them take over the world and rule it?’ And this silly fellow did not know. He said, ‘Well, I would like to see everyone governed by Christian principles.’ And that is as far as he went. But the fact remains, the disciples went farther than this. For they waited for an awakening of people, a crystallization of the writings of a prophet, and an awakening with a crystallization of your race. In these very months you are living in, an awakening people could start instrumenting the prophecies of the scripture, the blueprint of God. They would study and show themselves approved and carry out this objective.

I think this a most significant thing for some of the things they are talking about what would be the signs, and the developing situations. And HE told them that the design of the MOST HIGH GOD was always to see that the nations of the world were governed by the Sheep of HIS pasture, by a Christian civilization. HE said, ‘I am going to divide the nations and I am going to give the rulership of the nations to the Sheep nations (or the Christian nations) of the world.’ Significantly this is a Divine rule from the Divine God when HE visited the earth as YAHSHUA, Savior. And this was understood by the early disciples, that this is the design, and they look forward to such an objective. Thus the objective and design of the MOST HIGH does not call for slavery. It calls for the overthrow of slavery. And in this instance the powers of Darkness enslave men. But men can be enslaved by the error of their thinking. Men can be enslaved by the superstitions that hold them down.

I think that it is quite obvious that when the Chinese had but One God, they had enough to eat. Think that over now. When in their ancient past, they had one God, they had enough to eat. They write about the fact that at one time all of China was a garden. They write about the fact that they had enough to eat when they had one God. And now they have many gods and they do not have enough to eat. And they do not know how to grow enough. What is the matter? Some say, but that is just a coincident.’ No, it is not a coincidence. For wherever you have gone, God has blessed you with food. And your race has had a marked impact upon the world. And one of the strange things is that even the British Britannica recognizes you as an agriculture race, a race that has an ability for developing food out of the soil, and adapting themselves into the business of finding out the area of development and conquering it with thought and design. So you see, if someone else does not seem to be able to do this, this talk of equality is not right. We have a strategy today to tell men that all people are equal and the thing that we must to is to bring everybody down to the same level, or up to the same standard and all of the problems of all the world will be solved. The Red Revolution is still carried on with its destruction in many of the areas that they were afraid of, mainly in areas that were Christian. As they came in here, they waged a warfare and no one thought there would be a problem here in America, for this ‘5th Column’ that came in here were continually fleeing from something---a continual chain of refugees.

They supposedly were fleeing to America because of things they did not like behind the banner of the Soviet Union. Then later when W.W. II came along, we had an unprecedented number of refugees who were fleeing oppression inside of Germany. So they poured in. But the strange thing which you were to find if you would go to the immigration department, and check back over the records and over the Security records and those who have been identified as pro-Security and pro-Communist or foreign workers for foreign governments, and those dangerous wanting to overthrow your, and you would note that the majority of those people who have upon their records of interrogation and security, are those who supposedly were fleeing from the type of oppression that they are trying to create after they have arrived here.

Now, we will recognize that there were a great number of refugees who fled Europe after W.W. II, because they knew that their political design would not be acceptable to Europe in the period of Europe’s political development and its awakening. Thus they left there. But one of the most amazing things is that in the climax of W.W. II, in the Soviet Union, the master conference of the Baha Conference, in which the Soviet members sat---the Benars---was now to developed. They held a conference at the Black Sea, and representatives of all of the pagan religions came to this conference presided over by leading speakers, commissars, and educators, and held here in the Balkans. These leaders were of pagan religions, the Kehillas of major Jewry, and the Baha organization, all now joined together with the Communist movement. And they planned that at the climax of their war that they would use all of their instro-mentality to bring about a world organization of nations. Then they discussed what this would mean. If they would give ascent to all nations, after they had given ascent to all national sovereignty, then the plan called for all religions to thus be joined together and then this program of Communism and this embracing of all religions would be established everywhere. They said what they were forming was a great world organization. And then the Communist Party said they would supply the political machinery and this organization would the deliver unto them all of the people of Asia. This is one reason why the pagan religions of the world worked with Communism, altho Communism was politically proclaiming itself godless.

When W.W. II was over and we heard the call given to America to come to San Francisco and join in the forming of the organization known as the United Nations, of course the program of Communism in this country for developing this program of evil was none other than Alger Hiss who worked with Communist directive, and designed this death trap for the United States if it were not for the people and the purposes of the MOST HIGH GOD.

Now, you might say that this is not going to happen, for it is a very popular thing. For you can be for the United Nations and be quite popular and socially acceptable. This is all true. And you can be totally ignorant of all of these things and find yourself acceptable with the Kennedy’s and you can move around here in Washington and in up state Sacramento, as well. You can read ‘Time’ and ‘Life’ and ‘Cosmopolitan’ newspapers, and you say, ‘My, they are all for the United Nations.’ You can listen to Mr. Stevenson when he said, ‘this is man’s last best hope and if we do not pay the indebtedness which has occurred in the Congo, and help solve this economic problem, this hope can come tumbling down.’ Well, I think that a good thing for it to do would be to come tumbling down. I have in my files the Communist leadership that formulated the policy for the work of the United Nations. And many of these leaders met in a Burma conference paid for by the United States of America in which they were re-discussing the redivision of the land masses of the earth, and redistribution of its peoples. And they said that America of course, with all of the open areas we have in--say--Nevada and Montana, and Wyoming, then we would be a very selfish people to think that this is our country, just because we signed a little piece of paper called the Declaration of Independence. I know from friends of mine in the foreign service, that attended this conference, and as we have said before, there always has to be one American at all of these conferences to sign the check and pay the bills. But in the uniqueness of this hour, and at this particular conference, was a design that called for a redivision of the land surfaces of the earth, according to the population needs of the people of the world. We were to realign 40 million people from India and China, and were to come out of Africa and the West Indies, in order to add a color balance. I have a blueprint of a Communist part map for the redesigning of the United States. And on that map, there was to be established in the southern States, a black unit for the Black World Communist Socialist Republic. They would grab the southern States and make a Black Republic out of it. I think you might be interested in a statement by William B. Foster, the head of the Communist Party up until a few years ago called ‘The Soviet America,’ where he makes this blueprint:-- ‘The final aim of the World Communist Organization is to overthrow Capitalism and replace it with World Communism. The Communist Party of the United States is the American section of the Communist International. And this Communist International carries out a united revolutionary program on a world wide scale. The American Soviet government will be organized along the broad lines of the Russian Soviet. It will be the American Soviet government.

But I have news for all of Mr. Foster’s ilk. There will never be an Americana Soviet government. And then the ‘Right Wing’ gets thru, there is not going to be a ‘left wing liberal’ one either. Tho if we left it up to Mr. Kennedy’s capacity, he would put the top Communist operators in chief security inside of the United States government. You say, ‘But how do you know?’ Well, I am just going by his record. I would pause to tell you that an American correspondent asked him at a recent Press Conference:-- ‘Mr. President, why did your administration appoint two top security risks into a security program of the State Department of our government?’ The President said, ‘What do you mean, who are they?’ And the Correspondent said, ‘Why, Mr. President, one is Arthur Wilding.’ And the President said, ‘Oh, I have gone over his record, and I hope what you have said does not hurt him in the eyes of the people, for I have gone over his record, and Secretary Rusk has gone over it.’ And then he stuttered and he hawed, and then he said, ‘We have gone over his record and we have certified him for this post.--He can’t do any harm.--I mean there is nothing---well, he can’t get away with anything, and besides, he is a friend.’----

I am ashamed tonight, of the fact that the President can’t talk better than that on a subject and then was foolish enough to make the admission that he helped appoint someone like this and then he said, ‘Well, you don’t have any evidence, so what do you mean?’ And then you had to get the facts from over the radio, that this was Mr. Wilding and he was one of the most operative pro-Communists on the American payroll. While he was in charge of the Caribbean affairs, he was the one who helped and sabotaged the Batista government at the last minute, and kept information from our messengers and caused the collapse of the Cuban government.

Whether you were informed of this or not, down in Columbia, and in Bogota, in about 1948, there was a revolution going on. And it started one night and it was while General George Marshall was the official in your own State Department. It was in South America in Columbia that this revolution broke out. The man that was the head of it used a machine gun to liquidate people, priest, and others in his way. Two thousand five hundred people died in that Red Revolution. And then on to the radio came the voice of Castro and he said, ‘This is a Communist Revolution and we have taken over Bogota.’ But they were not successful. For the army rallied and they captured Mr. Castro and the head of his murderous Communist revolution, and it was none other than Mr. Wiling, your Ambassador to Columbia who got immunity for Mr. Castro and got him a bodyguard. And since he had Diplomatic Immunity, then General Marshall said that he could not get involved. The Red record of Mr. Wiling is a matter of Internal Security record, of investigations of important branches of your government. Yet your President appointed this man with this security record, in the face of the hot situation we have in Latin America, to the post of Top Security in the State Department and the assignment of security men to points of danger. The President said, ‘I read this record, and I approve of this appointment.’ But I ask you tonight. Out of 190 million people living in this land, and are citizens of this nation, don’t you think we could have found two men for this task that were not security risks? Don’t you think tonight, that if he had wanted to appoint two good Democrats that he could have found two men such as had the courage of Senator Eastman and Senator Thurman, who worked for the State Department, and who discharged their responsibilities with loyalty?

There is no design to blast the Red Revolution when you admit that you have appointed such men to positions of power. The strange situation is that we have become deeper embroiled in the United Nations. That we have fallen into the exact blueprint for the eventual control of every nation and the reduction of their sovereignty that the Soviet World Committern devised? They not only said that, ‘We will not be bound by any agreement made by this organization EXCEPT WHEN THEY WORK IN OUR FAVOR, but we shall vote and compel the nations of the Capitalistic world that have joined us to agree and accept the demands of the United Nations covenant.’ This was in the address that Mr. Khrushchev gave a few years ago to the Committern because they had not been quite as aggressive as they should have been in forcing the nations of the Western World to bend its knees.

I am not in any mood tonight, to cover the fact that Communism is not only your enemy, but it was only a few years ago that Mr. Khrushchev was using the platform of the world to say, ‘I will bury you. We will liquidate your society. And you will bend to our will, or death is what you will receive.’ Significantly we have been threatened with rockets and nuclear devastations and we have been threatened with the Russian Air Force. And we have been threatened with the Russian Navy and with the Russian equivalent to the Marines. And we have been told that if we carry out the objectives of our own government, in our avowed position, if we carry out the Monroe Doctrine which does not let Communism get a foothold in the Caribbean, so that they can intervene in the affairs of the Western Hemisphere, that we will be attacked by their air power. If we try to remove Castro out of Cuba, we are told that we will be set for complete annihilation by the powers of the Soviet Union.

Now, we are not a bit intimidated tonight, for we know that they cannot blow America off the face of the earth. We know that we have a Divine destiny and we know that when they start pushing the buttons that there will be another story told to posterity. Not that this was the end of Communist America, but that this was the end of Communist tyranny all over the world. Tonight, the problem is not with your military, the problem is treason in high positions of government that limits your military from carrying out their oath of protecting the interests of your nation, and we did say TREASON.

The balance of power in the world that you were born into, in the great majority of cases, was the balance of power of great Christian nations. You have lived in the hour in which you were born in where the world was governed by the influence of great nations like the United States and Great Britain, Germany, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, Holland, and Spain, and Italy. And when you look out over this situation, it was the nations of the Western World who had not only the balance of power, but American and Germany, Britain, and Scandinavia, had the great industrial technological ability to out-produce and out-manufacture and out-create any area of the earth. More than this, America and Great Britain, Holland and the other nations have carried the ramparts of civilization out into the Pacific and into other parts of the world. They will not eliminate America from this picture. The Communist world wants to eliminate Colonialism. But all of the advancement in the earth is Colonial. Just remember who you are. You are the sons of Heber. And that word means Colonizer. You came down out of the Steppes and the highest of the plateaus and you built civilizations all over the ancient world. And we were able to capture Ur and to build the mighty city of the Chaldeas. Then under the leadership of this cosmopolitan city, started this program of mixing all the races, then God called Abraham to come out of the city of Ur of the Chaldeas because HE wanted to preserve your race line and its purity. And HE did not want you to be a mongrelized and integrated society. There is no way for you to down grade that. This is the record. God declared this so that you would not mix. For you have a Holy Seed and you have an ability.

There is not doubt that the Encyclopedia Britannica No. II Edition, carries this information, that illumination and science, and information, and development in every field is being carried by the expanding civilization and culture of the White man to every corner of the world. This Encyclopedia Britannica tells you that schools and churches and manufacturing and development were being carried to the Congo by the Belgium and carried into Kenya and various parts of Africa by the White nations. And the evaluation of its strengths was being used carrying this development to the ends of the world than was being taken out.

What changes these facts today? Nothing changes the fact that you put in the White leadership and the light goes on all over the world. But you replace it with witch doctors and with witchcraft and idolatry, and look what happens. Someone said, ‘But what about the expense of our know how?’ But our money has put out knowledge and light to the ends of the world. Look at India today. If you took India today and took the White man’s leadership out of India today, it would crumble quickly and as it is, it is called the greatest Democracy on the face of the earth. But, my friends, it is not like your great Republic.

We have often told that under the four point program that you subsidized, you would have developed their metallurgy industry and their manufacturing industries, and you would have helped them develop their programs into becoming a first class nation, in every industrial field. And you sent over your geologists to find the ore, and then you sent over your metallurgists to show them how to reduce the ore. And then you built the factories and stocked them with American workers and workers from other countries to reduce the ore and to make the great things out of the metal that they made. Then you made the agreement that you would buy the things form them so that it would help their economy. And then someone talked about the great ability of these people. But, my friends, you had trained them. You had showed them how. And doing most of the work, and the paying all of the bills and then buying back the product that supposedly makes them a great power in the industrial field today. This is true in many other fields.

But the thing that I am point out tonight, is that your civilization which has reached a great height and is climbing higher in spiritual understanding, was taken into an organization where your raw materials and your resources and even your liberty is to be reorganized and re-divided without you being aware of your own heritage. And I tell you tonight, that always Russia has had her way. The ‘fig leaf tree’ told us that always the commander of this organization would be a Russian General and that is true. We have always had Russian military commanders and that is why we could not win the Korean War. This victory was forbidden Douglas MacArthur.

We have not been able to win anything since we have joined the United Nations and fight under their banner. And they are in supreme command in this matter. I think that it is significant therefore, that you look out at what has happened. This is not a matter of the Republicans or the Democrat Party, but we have had, in the Presidency of our nation, in the last several years of our history, men who have marched down this road to the abandonment of the Independence of the United States of America. And placing us in the center of a World Communist designed strategy and if they didn’t know that they were not smart enough to be President. And I questioned that right along anyhow. And that does not exclude Mr. Eisenhower who was as responsible as the others for what he helped carry out.

Now, I point this out to you. And this is a strange things. All thru the development of the United Nations, they hit Colonialism. They hit anything being done by any White Christian nation in the world. And they tried to cram down our throats this building of a society which embraced all cultures, all religions and all philosophies. And then we watched the strange appointments into high positions of power. Then America discovered a whole new crew of writers in your newspapers and magazines, all trying to give us a guilt complex for being Americans, for having vision, for having enterprise, for having ingenuity, for not wanting to have America divided up and redistributed and spoiled.

So you think this was a light pattern? For getting back to what Mr. Foster was talking about, this world order was to be organized along the bloodlines of the Russian Soviet program of Dictatorship. And all Capitalist parties, Republicans, Democrats, Progressive and even Socialists will be liquidated. All other organizations such as Chambers of Commerce, Rotary Clubs---even Socialist, the Masons, the Lions Club, the Elks, and Knights of Columbus, all others like that, will be abolished. The Press, the motion pictures, the theater, all will be taken over by the government. More than this, studies will be revolutionized and cleansed of all Patriotic and Religious material, and will feature the Bolshevik Communist theology. And the decisions of the Soviet will be carried out by armed Communist guards. Citizenship will be restricted to only those who do useful work, excluding all Capitalists and the like by disenfranchising them. This is out of Mr. Foster’s own book about the Communist Party in America. But what interested me, was this idea that in a black belt in the South, we will form a Negro Soviet. The Negroes will be given the privilege of governing over these areas and over themselves, and over the white minorities who live in this section. And they will elect legislative bodies to carry this out. Trade Unions will be permitted to survive under Party directions.

I think that is a significant thing. And I only point it out because in its function, Mr. Foster then aligns himself with the section of the Civil Rights section at the conventions of the United Nations, to abolish within your nation, any of what we might call ‘rights of institutions or organizations, to restrict their membership to carry out their identification on the basis of religion, or the basis of political affiliation which is separate from the political design of the United Nations.

The significant think here is that the United Nations does not recognize your right to be against anyone here in the United States. For if you cause anyone any political, religious, or mental stress, or create by anything you discuss any ill will, you are in violation of the ‘Human Rights’ convention of the United Nations. If you do this, or cause them any mental disturbance, then you are guilty of the crime of genocide. And you can read the ‘Genocide Convention’ as a part of the United Nations, and you will discover that we did not write this, we are only reporting this.

Within the blueprint of the Asiatic conference held in Burma, it was outlined then by United Nations leaders, and they were Communist leaders. At the same time that the government would come to pass that one day there would be no national or independent government, who would be able to determine their affairs or relocate their people, for the redistribution of their material and the land masses of the earth, that this would all be handled by World Departments inside of the United Nations. When we were in Washington, we went to the United Nations, and we asked them to give us the program for the relocation of peoples, and then we asked them if they had a program which we could present to churches that would talk about the redistribution of the world’s goods. And we got a man who was very optimistic and eager, and he said, ‘Oh, we are so glad that the churches see the light and we are very glad to set you down and explain this to you for this is the only hope of the world. And the churches can help by making their people aware that they should be unselfish, and will work with the world so that everybody will have their proper share of the world’s goods.’ So we went in and we listened to this man, and he gave us charts and we learned about this program. In fact, he said, ‘Dr. Swift, we have for some time wanted to get this material into the hands of the Western churches, so we will see that this material is mailed direct to you.’

So what did we discover? Well, we discovered that this propaganda arm of the U.N. was actually trying to use Christian Churches to carry out their program. And we also found that this material was printed by the United States at taxpayers expense which was trying to turn you into a Socialist Society without any flag or identity. This great equitable distribution of goods that this nation can produce, when there is not anything which a Congo native has to trade, and there is nothing that he could contribute which would basically be of value to the United States, ---would it not be easier to train him how to produce for himself and put him to work making things for himself? But they say, ‘no, that upsets the strategy which we have put together for one great world happy family.’ I said, ‘What would this Congo native contribute to make this distribution on an equal share?’ And he said, ‘Oh, you are taking sort of an anti-social position, aren’t you?’ If I believe you should go to work to produce your wages, then I am anti-social. If I believe that you should use a little energy to create the things which you want for yourself, then I am anti-social. If I thing that someone should not be able to come in and confiscate all of the land or all of the wages that I earn, then give it to people who do nothing for it, then I am anti-social. If I believe that the United Nations is a conspiracy, I am anti-social.

Well, what difference does that make? What society are we talking about? It is the alignment of Nations which are today in the house of anti-Christ. We can show you passage after passage in scripture and in Isaiah and it says, ‘And your covenant with death and with hell shall be disannulled. Your agreement with hell shall not stand. And it shall be broken up with the overflowing scourge of the military crisis which shall come to trod you down by this false peace organization.

God Almighty speaks out in Ezekiel and says ‘woe unto these who call themselves my preachers, who said this is the way to peace and called for men to join this organization so that they could have peace. But they said ‘peace, peace when there was not any, for they are a gob of untempered mortar.’ In the book of the Zohar, in the ancient history of the symbols of our race, the mortar that was used in the prophetic symbol was the knowledge and truths of the wisdom of God. ‘Thus saith the LORD’ spiritual and moral responsibility, and integrity was spiritual mortar. And mortar that was used in any building philosophical or among men, that was untempered or lacked anything of spirit, was a fallacy built on a lie. And HE says that these preachers who say that God said this, they lie for I did not say this. For ‘Low they built this wall of untempered mortar and it is going to fall. And in the midst of this war when this wall is falling, you are going to turn to some of these false clergy and false political leaders and say, ‘Where is all of this mortar that you dabbed it with?’ They say, ‘but we thought that this was going to be a world organization for peace.’ Can you tell me if there has been ‘peace’ since the United Nations has been here? You have been in some constant war ever since the United Nations came into being. It has never been able to establish ‘peace’ and it has always granted victories and areas of victories to world revolution.

I point out to you that under leadership ill-advised, that 77 out of 116 of the President’s Cabinet are non-Christian. That instead of voting in the United Nations, in an area that would create power in the Western world to have power to stop Communism, it would have the power to roll back the schemes of the world’s revolution. You do not vote with Germany, with Britain. And in these areas which are set to accept Communism, you find yourself voting with the African tribes, which are just out of cannibalism and admitted to the United Nations at the suggestion of Mr. Eisenhower. You find yourself voting with India. The other day, 99 nations voted and others abstained because America had cast her vote. Some of our friends did not vote because they did not want to upset the economic balance they had with you. And only Spain and South Africa voted not to make Portugal get out of her own colony in Africa. What kind of a world is this?

The alignment of the nations at the present time, aligns all of the nations of the Western World in the government program of the U.N. involving your own nation. But it splits that line. And now finds you voting for the social revolution of the World Revolution with the pagans of the earth against Christian nations that are your natural allies.

Now, you say, ‘what is going to happen?’ Do you know that the great nations of America, the great challenge, is the awakening that is sweeping every town and city, and is a re-evaluation of this trap we have gotten into and with a re-affirmation and a determination that we are going to follow the laws of God, and fulfill the instructions that HE gives us in the New Testament of ‘Come out from among them and be ye separate.’ There is going to be a realignment of the nations and it is coming very, very fast. You are going to discover that you cannot play with the devil and expect him to keep his word. We made a trade the other day with the devil and we found out. We swapped Abel for Powers, or vice versa. But that young man owed it to America not to be captured alive. And he owed it to America no to divulge all that he knew. For it came out in the Russian newspapers that your government knows that he ‘had’ to talk.

There have been millions of Americans in our history who were willing to give their lives for their country. And a great many thousand and thousands have. But they did not given information for bodily comfort and they did not reveal secrets of their nation. But Mr. Abel did not tell you anything. He was a Soviet spy with technological training that looked over the shoulders of your nuclear scientists and was able to copy and record and make copies for the Nuclear War Agency. He had delivered secrets and he was captured with material upon him and there he continued to study, and research, and there he continued the diagraming to keep the things fresh in his mind. Probably one of the most dangerous spies you ever had in America was Mr. Abel because he was trained in the nuclear field and he knew the nuclear effects. And he learned things to help the Soviet Union and he knew these things and their effect inside of your country. And it was these people who charged him and it was the people who put him in the penitentiary. And that is where he should have remained. I think some of the Senators should come to the floor of the Senate and demand to know who let the people’s prisoner go. Oh, you say, ‘we had to get Powers back.’ No, the way it should have been done was on the day they took him. The only way it should have been done was on the day they shot down undefended planes over the North Sea. The only way this should have been done was on the day that they held 1000 American soldiers behind the Chinese curtain after the Korean War, in defiance of International Law. The way it should have been done was to give the Soviet Union an ultimatum or blast it off the face of the earth.

But no. We made a ‘deal.’ But they got back someone who carried information back and you got nothing. Someone said, ‘He will fly again.’ Well, let’s hope not. I am pointing out to you, tonight, that this is all a part of the same factor that has been working inside of your nation to your own detriment. But I am also telling you, that over 1/4 of America is now ‘awake.’ And less than 15% of America makes up this ‘Left Wing.’ But someone said they dominate the Democrat Party, don’t they? Well, they speak of it in some areas of the Administration. But they are also in the Republican Party. And they speak there for the instruments behind them. Someone then says, ‘what must we do?’

The hour has come when you and your nation must not only separate itself form the United Nations, but you must reaffirm your destiny. You must determine that you are going to decide your affairs and not the world. You must determine that you are going to meet your God and the blueprint which HE has in store for you before the great war starts. God is not only going to realign the nations, but HE is going to blast you out of the United Nations. And then HE is going to blast the United Nations out of every Christian nation. You are going to be engaged in a defensive war and then an all out assault against your enemy for the preservation of the Western World. Do you know that you are going to set Germany first? Strange isn’t it? But the scripture says that you are going to ‘save’ the tents of Judah first. More than that, you are going to participate in an action which your military prepared, but your administrative levels are not prepared to assume---you are going to be betrayed and tricked. You are going to find that you have an Asiatic theater of war breaking out, and you are going to discover that there are five places in the world where you are tied down---all coming with suddenness. Because Mr. Khrushchev is going to try to satisfy his party leaders and accomplish this in his own shortened life time.

But prophecy said that you only joined an infamous movement that was built on a lie. And suddenly, it shall break around your ears for you have not trusted in the truth, but in a lie.

I wonder what Jack Kennedy is doing in Indonesia? The last place a representative of a free society should go to tonight, is this place where you have been betrayed by a man who has taken your good to fight Communism, but he is being allied tonight, with Communism and is accepting submarines and military supplies as well as Naval power from the Soviet Union. Mr. Sukarno directed, educated and trained and then became supposedly an anti-Communist, has now aligned himself up with the conquest of another area out of the area of the White man. And your President’s brother flies over to visit him. Maybe this is what Mr. Nixon said was the best candidate for Secretary of State anywhere in the country. Well, I do not think so, for I don’t think that Mr. Nixon now is qualified for anything bigger than for dog catcher in these United States. This might seem strange, my friends, but when you attack the ‘Right Wing’ which you used to climb to power, which in personal conversation, you do not disagree with, but then attack with expediency when you come before a television camera, that is not the man to lead America.

Thus, we point this out to you, tonight, that before you have gone thru much more time there will be new alignment of the Nations. And this will be a new alignment of power between the United Nations, Britain, France, Norway, Germany, Sweden, and the land of Finland, will move your way out of the Russian camp. And a revolution will explode whether you like it or not, in East Germany in the midst of great maneuver to make a move against you. And you will find that Iran and Iraq and Egypt, will fall into the Russian camp. Not because she desires to be there, but because of a strange shifting of power---this will be true. And you will also find the true nature of Israeli at that time, for there is a working alliance in Israeli in political Zionism and the world revolution. And you will discover that this new alignment will be accompanied with new leadership in the United States of America.

You say, ‘How is it going to come?’ Well, God knows how to put it there in 24 hours, if HE has to. You can get it in an election if you have that much time. And I am going to tell you that you are going to see the greatest kaleidoscope of world events in all history, and they will start quickly in the days that are ahead.

As we showed you the alignments for this year, we showed you how there would be great storms and they would lock on alignments along the sea coasts of the earth. In fact, last week there were the highest waves ever seen in the Atlantic Ocean. One of the largest of the passenger ships arrived on the east coast from Europe with buckled deck plates. And the Captain who is an experience seaman said, ‘As I crossed the Atlantic, the waves were 45 feet high and they crashed down on the deck of my ship with thundering reverberations, and we wondered each time if the ship could stand this terrific impact.’ There are the measures, and there is more than your own atmospheric pressures creating your own inundation moving around the world, effecting the nervous systems of people and the thinking of men.

And with all of the pressure moving to try to force your nation to its knees, the spirit of God is going to move on your nation with the greatest challenging spiritual flow of force that your race has ever seen. The other day, I was talking to a group of people that had never listen to this message before, and now the great majority of them are with us. This is something we can tell the ‘left wing’ today. We are coming into a time when we will separate yourselves from the anti-Christ. Don’t let the people be exposed to this truth or 85% of them will end up on this side. You can’t stop the truth for this is God’s day and God’s hour. We have the ready-made organization across America to take America by storm---and that is the Christian Church. For remember, that the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church. This is what it means when God said HE would raise up an Elijah ministry. And there are more ministers flocking to this truth everyday. And they are coming thru a dozen organizations and a dozen processes, but they shall know the truth and the Truth shall set them free. So we tell you tonight, that this is God’s day for your deliverance.

(End of sermon)