God's Appointment With The White Race, 6-30-63


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 6-30-63

This afternoon we will be discussing the coming of Christ and the purpose for which HE came. We have been discussing the things that relate to your existence and how you existed with the Father before the world was framed, and as to your identity. And how all thru the scripture, the Household of God was spiritually begotten of HIS Spirit in the ages past. We are still very much interested in your responsibility in the earth as a people and as a race. We have brought to you the fact that the scripture refers to you as strangers, a pilgrim race in the earth because you are God's Household. And since you are strangers and pilgrims in the earth, then the earth was not worthy. And because of this, the Patriarchs, the great men of your race, are designated by the MOST HIGH as outstanding sons of the MOST HIGH which HE had sent into the earth for HIS own purpose. All thru the Old and New Testament, the relationship of the children of God to the MOST HIGH and their difference from other people is continually referred to. We have often referred to this Bible as your Book. If you want an exact premise as to this Book, this is a recorded pattern of the experiences of your race with God. Of course, we do not attempt to tell you that this is all of revelation, for we do not believe that this is half of Revelation. But this Bible does contain a great amount of the blueprint of God's Word. So much has been bound together in these bound volumes that we can discover the whole history of development from before the foundation of the world into the tomorrows of God's great purpose. And there may be added to this by revelation and by knowledge, and by scriptures which are not first bound together even as much more of the actual declarations and the recorded patterns of history than we have recorded here. In fact, we can find avenues of research in the scriptures which would otherwise seem secure, if it were not for the knowledge of God's Divine purpose and the revelation of things which have been hidden here, and in many other passages of books of scripture.

So tonight, we think it is very important that we understand our relationship to the MOST HIGH. We will repeat to you that all of the problems of Jewry for the nations tonight, and for members of the White race which you are a part, is because you have overlooked the laws of God. It seems that we did not deem it important enough to see that our posterity from generation to generation were taught as to who they are and why they are here, and from whence they came, thus, carrying a working knowledge of 'Thus saith the LORD.'

I think it more important today, that the young people of America be taught 'Thus saith the LORD’ than any area of psychology or philosophy being taught in our land today. I also think this is in the realm of the thinking of our founding fathers and our great educators back in the days of Harvard and Yale. They deemed God's purpose and the relationship of God's law to be one of the most important areas of education. I tell you, that we are in trouble tonight, because of this attempt to cover up the differences between races and the responsibility which belongs to God's Household, especially your race. I tell you that the Bible was not written to Africa, and it was not written to Asia. Altho you may have gone to the ends of the earth with the Bible in your hands because you wanted to advance the Kingdom of God. You did remember and did carry this fact that the problems of earth are caused from the violation of Divine law and in the process of living in complete disobedience to Divine structure. You sought with discipline that they should worship the right God. And you sought to deliver them from superstition and the worship of pagan gods and pagan philosophies, from the worship of idols that are no gods at all. And as we talk about these things, the Bible becomes quite an authoritative text book on the various categories of beings who exist in the world. It makes it very clear that there are species, devils, offsprings of fallen Angels, who did not keep their first estate. And their offspring are devils. You have a dozen names for them tonight. But one name which people do not like to have identified with them, is the word devil. But Jesus referred to them as such back in those days in Jerusalem. And the Jews have infiltrated from one end of your society to the other, worshiping the darkness, and spreading Socialism and Communism as their political philosophy. And thus, identifying themselves with those, whom Christ identified them with constantly, in HIS Word.

Now today it is customary in most churches to follow the World design. That is not to identify anything that is evil, and not to say anything which will ruffle the waters, or in any way create any ill will over anybody. The design of the World Order is to love everybody and keep everybody in perfect harmony so that they never find fault with evil, and thus permit evil to gain control over them. And if they resist, they are called antisocial. So they must be pacifist and appeasing or they will be criticized by it.

I point out to you that I am not a bit interested in pouring oil on troubled waters. I am not a bit interested in integration or appeasement or a social structure of all religions, or the bringing in of all races. I would rather battle all evil until righteousness triumphs and the Kingdom of God is established, than to be mixed with evil and become a part of a degenerating society. I think it is important for us to understand that God never offered peace with evil. HIS only suggested conquest which HE intends to complete and then the obedience of evil, as those who have become enamored with these processes, bow the knee and then change their ways of existence. I want you to know tonight that irrespective of all of the pagan religions and the existence of evil, that the triumphant, powerful ruling sovereign of the Universe is going to become victor. And HE is going to have every knee to bow and every tongue to proclaim that HE is God. And before HE is thru, HE will have everyone know, (including Martin Luther King and Kenyata) that the White race is HIS sons and HIS daughters, and they are to honor you. This might be quite an amazing thing today, for some of our politicians who do not know who we are or who they are, if they do not care about what happens to their posterity. This seems to be the premise . . . the brainwashing of those who surround the President have repeated that Mrs. Kennedy said to the President, ‘Do you realize that when Caroline grows up, she will be marrying Martin Luther King's son?’ And the President said, 'Oh, no not a Protestant.’ It seems that this brainwashing has become so complete for the pseudointellectual that they cannot discern their destiny and their purpose. And the powers which they seek to lead.

Now there is no room in the Scripture for finding a Jew complex. You do not find an area where you yourselves are in error. But this seems to be the general trend today of the world order. This is to put a Jew complex on the sons and daughters of God. I do not know how you would go about doing that when all of the conformation and the error was paid for. But today they want you to accept a guilt complex for something which God has already ordained. I want you to know that God has ordained that you become a separated people before the end. HE has ordained that altho HE transplanted you from heaven to earth, and that altho you are strangers and pilgrims in the earth, that you may hang your individual racial identity for the establishment of God's Kingdom, for the construction and the placing of Divine positions of Divine law from one end of the earth to the other. I want you to know that the Grace of God forgave you for the areas inside of the flesh. And the first mission of God, we are told, that by HIS Atonement HE restored unto you every promise, so that under these circumstances, you do not have to assume a guilt complex as a son or daughter of God for carrying out divine objectives. I want you to realize tonight that the program of God is very clearly identified with the people who are HIS Household, the people who are HIS co-rulers, and who are rulers with the MOST HIGH GOD. I want you to realize that you have existed in Celestial realms, wrapped in the glory of spiritual existence and the light of the past. This light referred to in Colossians belongs to the Saints who dwell in the spirit. And this same light belongs unto you. God has promised us not only the restoration of spiritual power, but HE has made it very clear that you are dwelling in physical bodies with physical energies. And HE has made it quite clear that the physical church is made out of nations and is made out of society, and is filling a part of divine destiny. And the powers of darkness are seeking to destroy you who are also dwelling in bodies of flesh. But God is not limited because men are dwelling in bodies of flesh. This is just a part of HIS creation. The children of God, we are told, are also in bodies of flesh, we are told, in the book of Hebrews. And therefore, HE, Himself, took on a body just like you for HIS cause so that HE might destroy the powers of darkness and the forces of evil...and then to bring you out of the captivity which affected your mind and restored your mind so as you would do HIS will.

I want you to know that in meeting the enemy that is in our midst, that this program is not in the evangelistic service. A lot of people think that the way we are going to save the world is that we are going to send out a lot of preachers and have a great evangelistic program. And then we are going to deliver the world. Every once in a while, I hear about a deliverance ministry. In fact, one of them is supposed to be going on now in the Embassy. I think the world captured it, for they have a black preacher in there tonight, with all races, colors and creeds rolled together down there in that auditorium. So I want you to know that this is not deliverance unless you know the program, unless you know what God promised to deliver. There is no question that you have a message for the world. You have knowledge and intelligence and leadership for the world. But you will never carry this out if you permit the world to overwhelm you, mongrelize you, and destroy your culture, your spiritual wavelength and your identify. So the MOST HIGH God has spoken out against this and issued checks and balances, and given you waves of perception and blessings. HE has poured out HIS Spirit upon HIS people, and a great number of you have a gift of discernment tonight. This discernment is supposed to give you perception and intuitiveness and knowledge so that you will not be overcome or taken in by the powers of conspiracy.

Now we can recognize tonight that God's Universe is operating in a very practical way. We know that thru out the vastness of space there have been people coming and going thru out all ages. We know that thru out the millenniums of yesterday there have been people coming and going thru out space. There has been transportation systems and the moving of people, and all kinds of transportation going on in God's Universe. We discover this inside of the Holy Scriptures as well as in the inspired writings of Enoch, and even in the experiences of the Apostle Paul in his Apocalypse. We also understand in the things which God has done in coming to meet with HIS people, and in bringing whole ship loads of Saints to Mount Sinai to meet with Moses, that in the hour of the inauguration of giving this knowledge and glory to your race, that HE came bringing with HIM all of these Saints. There have been other times when we have watched this bringing of knowledge and of Grace to this race, that these forces would be standing by. We have discovered that out of the areas of dimensions being used, that these were not always visible to the human eye. But they were used as a complete disturbance to the other races until they fell upon one another instead of attacking you. And this short circuit was the judgment that the MOST HIGH set upon using heavenly forces, who were standing by.

There have been titanic struggles in earth ages before your race arrived, but you beheld them, for you were with the Father when these things happened. You saw mighty forces gather in struggles in the vast areas of space. You saw Michael the Archangel defeat Lucifer and all of the ships and beings he gathered from the far corners of the Milky Way, crushed and defeated, and then condemned to defeat in the earth. You watched him spread his evil and introduce into society the violation of divine laws until they degenerated.

Every once in a while, someone asks the question, ‘Where did the Negroes come from?’ The Negroes came into earth in the days of Lucifer's rebellion. They did not come into earth in the highest status of attainment because they were now following the processes of Lucifer's lie. More than that, the evil which was in Lucifer constantly seeking confrontation, had in God's creation introduced patterns of Bestiality. The Negroes were a degenerate society far lower than their original status in which they were once placed. They had existed in the earth thousands of years before God put your race here to put the earth in order in that time catastrophes had swept the earth because of tremendous evil which had occurred. They multiplied and bred in the earth. And whole mountain ridges disappeared and whole continents sank. And whole great areas of civilization were subject to catastrophe. David in Psalms 18, outlined what he saw as the battle between God and Lucifer reached a great height, until oceans rose and land was turned over. And in the fourth chapter of Jeremiah, you are told about another cycle of history and judgment. He talks about how in that day, he saw the generating judgments that fell upon a society under the judgments of Lucifer, who attempted to bring everyone upon the face of the earth under the violation of Divine Law. In the fourth chapter of Jeremiah, he tells of seeing cities disappearing and jungle growing up. This was brought back to his remembrance. And he tells you what he saw.

Isaiah tells of the evil he saw and how the world, because of it, turned clear upside down. Reversed its poles and now rotates in the opposite direction. There is scientific evidence that this did take place. The great area of debris that lays in Comet tails in the side of the earth which rotates toward the sun. Thus this comet drift is always on the side of the mountain which approaches the east. Every time we pass thru the tail of a comet and this type of asteroidal bombardment, it is on the eastern side of our mountains. But the western slopes of the mountains also carry this, showing that the western slopes of the mountains were in the path of the comet. Thus, we were turned completely around by the vortex of a great astronomical body in this period of chastisement in the areas which affected the earth. But you were not living here at that time. You were with the Father and looking down upon all of these things. And Isaiah, talking out of remembrance, recalls as the prophet has these things brought to his remembrance. Jeremiah beheld as God brought these things to his remembrance.

Let me tell you something. If the holy spirit of God wanted to quicken your conscience as HE will one of these days in a very important day ahead, you will know everything that you have ever experienced. You will know everything. And you also will say that, ‘I beheld the earth and it became null and void. I watched this chastisement which was an aftermath of their error.’ I point out to you, that the people of earth have been caught in this Luciferian struggle. The people of Asia and their Asiatic society have had their longest existence upon the earth, and the Negro race was caught up in the affairs of an Archangel who fell and became a devil, and were also caught in this same pattern. But these were different species and different races with different origins. But when the Adamic race was placed in earth it was HIS progeny it was HIS Household. And as you come over the sixth chapter of the book of Genesis, you discover that this is the book of the generations of Adam, who you are told in the last verse in Luke, was the son of God. This is the generations of God's House and they identify that this is God's posterity; and Adam was in the likeness of God, was in HIS image. And when you are in the image of the Father, it is because you are the children. HE says, ‘I am a Father unto you--Ephraim--the Nordic, Anglo-Saxon, Nordic people are my first born.’ I point out to you that in the scripture the big change in this translation is that there is no ADAM in this version. He--Adam is merely called Human. For he says that in Hebrew, Adam means humankind.

Here is where Mr. Fox shows his lack of spirit, for he would not know that Human meant that Adam was HU-man, or spirit man. Thus, do we need another race interpreting our scriptures for us? The Saints (believing offspring) of the MOST HIGH, are HIS elect according to HIS foreknowledge. Talked about by the Apostle Paul, are the people of your race who HE foreknew before the foundation of the world. Therefore HE had determined that you would accomplish great objectives in the world. This race has been in the earth now for 7400 years and has gained great spiritual height. But this is nothing to compare with what you had before the fall or what you had in Celestial plains. But your knowledge is unsurpassed and your technology has delighted the world. The scripture says that ye are the ‘light of the world and ye are the salt of the earth.’

Now we are faced with the fact that if you believe the Bible tonight, you are going to believe that God has chosen you above all of the people of the earth. That God is your Father; that you are HIS Household and you are the lot of HIS inheritance; that you are HIS heirs. You are going to continue to pray the prayer that Jesus prayed:--"Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy Kingdom come, thy will be done,” for this Kingdom is your inheritance. If you are a White man tonight, and you believe that this is your inheritance, then you believe in the Kingdom of God. You believe in the sovereignty of God and you believe in God's Holy Laws. As such, there is no other foundation for you to support or build upon. Anything else is destruction and catastrophe. As we have cited in the past, as you violate Divine law, you immediately are surrounded by areas of trouble. The whole Negro problem in Birmingham and in Los Angeles, and in Washington, D.C., is because you violated Divine law by letting these strangers come in and live among you; by letting them take power from you; by letting them even extend their influence this way. And I want to repeat again this afternoon, that if you as a society adjusted yourself to the knowledge and destiny of your race, if you were to become in adjustment with God by which HE put things together and sought to apply this law again as your founding fathers and your forbearers and their society did, then you would soon be out of trouble.

I point out that because you have placed more importance on the aggrandizement of your society, your household, and your individuality thru the development of technological blessing than the technological patterns blessed you. Today people reach for these things and they reach for material power. They even lost the realization of the responsibility of the social order, and even the politics of their nation. Anytime that you relax the control of your own nation the enemy is willing to take that over and soon reduce from you the things which you have gained.

So in this instance, because we thought it more important that we learn all of the physical science, we thought this was important to learn before the laws of God. If they had put first things first, they would have learned these things anyhow and they would not be denied these things in jeopardy today. So I repeat that an inferior society made up of an inferior race that has been under Luciferian authority and power, is seeking to overthrow the Kingdom tonight. It is seeking to cause you to surrender in appeasement to their demands, and promising you violence on every front. Do you suppose that an inferior society without the technological achievements and without the technological greatness that you possess would ever challenge your position if you were holding up the law of God and did not turn from upholding these standards every time they said BOO?

One of the most unusual sights for a nation like this, a nation which marched for the battlefields of the world as a technological genius and who had the background of a long race against the areas of darkness, but never lost a war, ----you never lost a great military program of any length of time, and you never failed to measure up to the areas of productivity and strength or any one of these problems. Anytime you ever lose anything you lose it to the politicians around the peace table and the lack of understanding in the areas of resistance. Can you imagine a nation like this so strong and so powerful that you have and you have held all of the Russians in check, as far as their armies are concerned, in the western Hemisphere even with these weak administrations of Mr. Eisenhower and Mr. Kennedy? I do not think there was much difference in those two. Except, maybe Mr. Eisenhower was smart enough to keep his name more clear than has Mr. Kennedy. Eisenhower did not identify himself with quite as many Jewish advisors, but he was just as much a tool as is Mr. Kennedy.

I think it is necessary tonight, to recognize that the areas of procedure is recognizable when you see a great nation like this being told:... ‘if you do not do this, then you will face bloodshed. If you do not surrender, if you do not give up some more of your liberties, if you do not trash your communities, your faith, and let us dwell along side of you, and violate the principals of your religion---we will destroy you. We do not like your religion, and we do not like the White man's God.’ This is what they are telling you tonight. They want you to pull down your flag, get rid of your God and your country, so that they might build a Black America. I say, let the blood flow to the horses bits rather than for us to destroy any part of the White race. There is no doubt that if they do not get their way that stress will step up in California. Remember what we have told you before? They have a three-pronged design which is to set a fire on one end of a city, and stage a riot on the other end, and then massacre one city block of Whites in each targeted city.

We tell you that you should be conscious of the fact that you are living in a time when the anti-Christ may start the fires of Armageddon in your cities. We note that throughout the centuries, that this country has dealt kindly with the other races. We have sought to give them the responsibilities which were possible according to their mental powers. I note that many of these people are speaking out now saying that they do not like the White man looking down upon them as being mentally inferior. But the White man has simply evaluated them by their capacity. We have simply looked down upon something we helped to create and which we support.

Now listen. I point out to you that the Sumerian Dynasties existed millenniums before Adam, or before your race came here. And they wrote about the Negroes when they came in. Then they wrote about your society as it came into existence. And do you know what they wrote? Dr. Budge the great Assyrianologist, and a man of antiquity, translated the Assyrian plates in the Assyrian Museum; and I have these copies of his translation in my library. And in this translation, he talks about how Lucifer or Tia Mat lost this struggle as he came into earth. And that among his warriors as he came in were these dark and curly headed people. That these people were the first such people ever seen in earth. And these people did not have the mental ability, and they did not have any of the skills which the Sumerians possessed. And . . . they were not to be received in the households of the Sumerians. The Sumerians said that they were only capable of the most menial tasks for they had no ability capable of fusing with the Sumerian people.

Now when Dr. Budge can translate plates made thousands of years before, when we are talking about the evaluation of Negroes by Sumerians . . . that the Negroes were inferior to the Sumerians, then they are also inferior to the White race.

Now there is probably one agent in here, and he will run out and say that we are trying to stir the Negroes up so they will riot. But there are no Negroes in here and there will not be any Negroes in here. You say why are we discussing this? It is because these are the things which God Almighty wants you to know and this is "Thus saith the LORD." I point out to you, that your position on the outside must be the closing of ranks from one end of the nation to the other. And then the notation that we are not going to acquiesce to their demands and we are not going to let our government take over and destroy our rights in Washington, D.C., or in the State of California.

Dan Smoots comes out this week in his Intelligence Report as to things occurring in Washington. And when he gets thru, he is proving that a vast majority of Negroes are spreading Venereal diseases with their policy of rape and crime unprecedented. And they expect the courts to treat them as tho they were mentally inferior and not responsible for their acts. If this be true, then don't integrate them and do not let them be demanding positions in government, or teaching of their conduct. I can point out to you tonight, great numbers of intelligence officers I could call and quote from newspapers across the country, and from committee reports out of WASHINGTON, D.C., and they tell you that these people bring illiteracy, crime, violence, immorality and corruption. And even tho some of them have been influenced by some of the political and religious philosophies of your race, they lack the power of legitimate regeneration and transformation to accomplish stability in their society.

So we tell you that there is only one solution. And this is the Kingdom of God from one end of the earth to the other, enforcing the law, and making these people obey the law whether they want to obey it or not. Oh, you say, ‘That is not American.’ But it is just as American as the Bible because it is what God said HE is going to do.

Now we spoke to you this afternoon, upon the recognition of God of your race when HE identifies your race as HIS own. When HE took upon Himself a body from the White race, HIS kinsmen, HIS brethren, HIS relative . . . that was the first mission of God. That was HIS first appointment since HE spoke to you and you volunteered to come and build HIS Kingdom, and then entered the earth thru the bodies of HIS Adamic Household. This was the fulfillment of 100 promises recorded in the scriptures. HE came for this purpose and shall finish everything related to it. We are going to talk soon on the redemption of the body, for this is also an important subject when talking about God and HIS relationship with HIS Household. Something which has become outmoded and out dated in a great number of churches is to talk about areas of theology, or the purposes of God which HE shall carry out by HIS own conduct, which is displeasing to the enemies of our faith.

Now our nation has about 145 million Christians in our land today. Yet our government is more interested in protecting an evil minority who are in our midst than they are in protecting the Constitution of our nation and the rights of this majority of 145 million people. They say, ‘this is what I am going to tell you.’ And they just as well have said, ‘you listen to all of the Jewish rabbi of this city who have their way of saving America.’ Of course, it is good for their scouts to come into this meeting tonight, and to learn how we plan to uphold our Constitution and uphold our society. But I will give you a clear warning tonight, that you can carry back to JFK and his little brother. If they seek to destroy our Constitution and destroy our way of life and destroy us, then we are going to call for the wrath of God to fall and we will reconstruct this nation with the fires of Divine Judgment. The powers of darkness can move upon this country using the fears of our own security, but let me tell you that the ‘Oracles of God’ can call for the ‘Judgments of God’ to fall upon these people, and we will rise once more and uphold God's standard. And look out! For when the armies of God start to move out across the country, they will move like a great scythe.

Listen. If that most important event had been that mission of God to dwell among us, and HE said that we were HIS apostles and HIS offspring and HIS people . . . HE sent upon us the chief apostles of HIS church to bear testimony among us that we are the Sheep of HIS pasture but we are also HIS offspring. We are the children of God. HIS Spirit continues to bear witness with our spirit that we are the children of God. This is my Father’s Universe. This is my Father’s world. And this is my inheritance. HE said, ‘you just ask and I will give you the uttermost parts of the earth for thy inheritance.’ I look at some of these people and I wonder what I would want them for. And then I remember what my Father sent me down here for. And HE said make them obey, and I say, all right give them to us, for they are going to obey.

Listen. For another purpose, the Father made another appointment. HE said you fight on to the end of the age for you are going to develop and grow and you shall be a mighty power and the technological genius will descend upon your race. And in the latter days, that knowledge shall so increase and your assets of this knowledge and wisdom shall be applied to the earth, and ye shall become masters of all of its problems. Technologically, biologically, the race is applying itself to this portion of HIS word . . . "Seek and ye shall find, knock and the door shall be opened unto you.” The only areas to be conquered are some of these areas associated with disease and the human body. We will have more to say about that later. But I want you to know that this psychological warfare that is warring against you was also prophesied. And the terrible time of trouble that you have passed thru because of your leadership being taken over is also discussed. But this is also for just a very short time. This problem area you are passing thru is going to be climaxed with a mighty triumph. Someone said, ‘What kind of triumph?’ It is going to be a White race triumph. And altho you are the smallest portion of society, only 1/6 of it, but that 1/6th of the world with knowledge, wisdom, and power and courage are going to defeat evil and establish the Kingdom of their Father. Oh, you say, ‘there is not enough of them.’---

Listen, my friend, it only takes one man with God to accomplish the objective, and we have a lot more men than that. Listen. The Father spoke to us one day, and HE said, ‘I am going away. But if I go away, I will come back again, and where you are and where I am, will be the same place in the earth.’ And then HE made it very clear as HE said, 'Ye who have seen me, have seen the Father.' And henceforth, even in your physical envelopment, you will know that HE has been with you.

One day, Jesus was talking about the problems that were besetting society and HE talked about these climactic periods we are living in. This was the time when the desolators were going back into Palestine, and this we know were the Jews going back to Palestine. They are the abomination of the desolator. They are behind every war, every depression, and behind most of the evil brothels and all of the vices of the world. Oh, you say, ‘what about vices in India?’ Take a good look at some of those Hindu priests and you will understand that you can have a Hindu Jew, or a Pagan Jew, of any kind . . . and have Jews in America, but they are all from the same father. They are not from your Father. Jesus identified them.

Now each pagan power has created their catastrophe. They are now trying to stand in Jerusalem and proclaim themselves the holy place of God. It tells you that there will be a great configuration such as has not been seen upon the earth. We have moved into the nuclear age. We have moved into the time which Peter talked about when elements melt with fervent heat and provides the menace which makes men's heart failing them for fear, looking at all of the things coming on the face of the earth. As he talks about this, then Peter sees the elements dissolving with fervent heat. And you find a lot of people today who are worrying about whether the world is about to blow up. I have told you over and over again, that you do not have to worry about this if you know the word of God. Let other people worry about this. For God's covenant with your race and for the rising of HIS Kingdom is for one thousand generations. That is for a minimum of 30 thousand years. And we have a minimum of 25 thousand since the covenant was made. So I am not going to worry about anything as far away as that. This did not say that you would lose after that. It just said that the covenant leadership should be that long. That is what you would have in this time of Jacob's trouble. There would be false Christs and false prophets and strange phenomena. And they would be seeking to destroy the truth. And the false prophets would be trying to get you to worship all kinds of Gods, while advocating a brotherhood not advocated of God. And they would be bringing catastrophe upon the earth. Then when this thing happens, in the midst of the integration processes, the mongrolization program . . . suddenly something is going to happen. Do you know what it is? It is an appointment. It says:...as the lightening cometh out of the east and shiniest to the west, so shall this coming of God as a man be. So shall the sign of man appear in the heavens, and all of the tribes of earth shall mourn. And then suddenly the 'son of man' shall be seen coming in the clouds WITH POWER AND GREAT GLORY.’ That will be the greatest Aryan festival in all time and history. That will be the time when men will stand tall and the White man sees his deliverance. The Eternal Father has declared that suddenly as the lightening shiniest from the east to the west, and with great speed shall come in the great and mighty hosts and the fleets of the MOST HIGH GOD. You do not have to get naive about that and say that we do not have any evidence of fleets of God, for remember there were fleets flying around the night that Christ was born, flying around over the shepherds. And they had searchlights, sang songs and told them where to go, as they spoke to them out of the sky. There was another craft that guided the wise men and brought them right to the spot. There were the crafts that swept down and took Elijah, and those that came down before Ezekiel, as well as the assurance which Christ gives us as to the kind of hosts HE is going to gather. These are the same hosts who defeated Lucifer and threw him out of the sky.

You know . . . if you could have a sideshow on that vast struggle and have brought back to your remembrance that struggle and have this brought back before people, for there was never anything like this struggle when Michael, before the hosts of the MOST HIGH, defeated Lucifer and threw him out of the heavens, then finished him up down here in this solar system and turned him loose on the earth. Do you know that if God did not have a lot of confidence in you when HE begat you as HIS sons and daughters, if HE did not have a lot of confidence in your spiritual capacities, in HIS ability to regenerate and renew your mind and reactivate you, and the capacity which HE promised to restore, HE would never have put you down here with all of this evil concentrated in all of the Universe? It was Lucifer and his fallen offspring in earth wherein HE placed you. God said this is the right condition . . . ‘I ought to put down my sons who, altho they waver and fall, I shall restore and then I shall in time release the power of God so that the sons of God can be made manifest.’ And sure---you are going to triumph.

Now of course, we realize that Satan's children seek to gain control of all education and communication. And they try to make us believe that we are anti-social if we do not go along with a One World society that shares its evils, its philosophies and its devils for control of the earth. Now we did not come down here to share anything. We came down to take control and make war. We came down here to conquer the earth for God. Peace if they will have it, but the arm of judgment if they will not. This Eagle which flies over our flag has something in its claws. Get out the Seal and you can see what it is. There is also that great symbol of the House of God, that olive branch. And then there is the symbol of the olive branch of Joseph. Thus, the Kingdom of God moves as an Eagle people, rising high upon the strength of destiny. And it offers the atoms of Joseph. We have had leaders like Teddy Roosevelt and George Washington . . . not men like this man who just lost his ship. Of course, you have to give a man a little credit for swimming to shore, but most anyone would try. I point out to you that the leaders of this nation were lifted high by God's standards, and they went down in history trying to resist evil, not trying to make a deal with it.

Now let me point out something unto you. Jesus went out on the mountain with HIS disciples and a great super dreadnaught cloud came sliding in. Nobody knew what was in that cloud any more than they knew what was in that cloud that went before the children of Israel . . . by day illuminated by Glory and by night like a flaming sheet of fire. It tells me in the book of Exodus, that YAHWEH, Almighty God, was riding in that chariot inside of that cloud. I do not know who was at the wheel or who was the commander, but I do know that the disciples were told to go back to Jerusalem and wait for them to be endued with special powers. Then suddenly, Christ walked thru the cloud of emanating glory and into that great chariot, and the disciples stood staring at this cloud of light. Suddenly, two men stepped out of that cloud and the vessel therein, and they said to the disciples: ...’Now don't stand there staring at this cloud for it is about to go. You remember what HE told you to do, and then remember that this same Jesus---this YAHSHUA or God, is going to come back just like you saw HIM go.’ So HE left with power and a cloud of Glory. Some people have the idea that they should see Christ drawn up into the clouds in an imaginary process. But I tell you that HE went into this cloud of Glory and what was in it. And the cloud and what was inside went away.

Now we turn to what HE said, and the disciples returned to Jerusalem. And they were commissioned with great spiritual power from the wavelength of HIS intellectual mind which HE sent upon them. And they saw, and they understood, and they proclaimed with great strength and power, as never before had such a message been proclaimed by mortal men. This dynamic went out and swept the church and formed a great governing body. And we are told that the LORD added to the church daily those who should be brought to your attention---or saved. Some, we are told, were spread thru out your race, wherever they knew the pattern of race history. And still tonight, where the flag of God flies tonight, you have Christian nations saying “OUR FATHER WHICH ART IN HEAVEN HALLOWED BE THY NAME.” But my Father has a covenant with your race. HE says for you to fight on to these climactic times . . . ‘ For I am going to pour out the spiritual energy upon you and this is great spiritual power. I am going to restore to you leadership and wisdom and power with which to combat the evil and in the midst of all of this evil which is gathering against you.’ Thru all of the prophets such as Enoch, and Ezekiel, and the patterns of revelations, this is HIS own warnings, that the enemies of the Kingdom, those who fight against HIM, those who are behind Mystery Babylon, and Socialism and Communism, hope to hurl them against you. Men like George Washington and other prophets would know that a ‘fifth column’ on the inside would be fighting to destroy you. They would cause the uprising of the Negro in the cities which as described in ‘George Washington’s vision.’ And also described in your newspapers in this hour. But you have not seen the last of these things which is yet to be consummated. However, it is important that you know this.

Now the enemy warms up in one moment and smiles and then in the next moment is back with anger. So the enemy threatens to blow you up unless you surrender all of your weapons to him and let him guide you, and in that case, you will be all right. They worry from one end of the world to the other as to who would lead the fight. China is threatening to produce a nuclear weapon and she will not be held back with any restraint just like the Russians. The Russians are not held back by conscience as not to destroy whole areas of the earth. They are held back by fear as to how much you will accomplish before they reach their objectives. They are held back by the fear of who will rule communism. Russia needs China's manpower and China needs Russia’s stolen intelligence secrets. Thus, they need each other. I point out tonight, that the masses of the dark race are rising tonight and demanding that they get the White man's influence out from over them in all areas of the earth. They are to stir up this revival and liquidate the survival of the White man if they cannot get out from under his system which seems like slavery to them. They are a little disturbed as to whether Communism will be ruled by China or by Russia. But China needs Russian technicians and Russia needs China's manpower. Thus we point out the hordes of the anti-Christ, the hordes of the illiterate races rising to join them and demanding that they get the White man out of his influence over the earth. They would corrupt his Bible and liquidate his society, but you cannot enslave it. This then is the time of ‘Jacob's trouble. And if you ever had any more time of trouble, then tell me when it was. But you are in trouble.

I read these words:--- ‘Then as lightening cometh out of the east and shineth to the west---so shall the COMING OF THE SON OF MAN BE.’ And it says that when you see the 'son of man in the heavens' . . . and a year ago and in February, we saw the sign of the 'Son of Man' in the heavens. So we have already passed the sign of the 'son of man' in the heavens. We have already had the exact measure that Enoch the ancient was given and that the forerunners of your hour understood, even the wise men when they saw the birth of Christ, saw this preliminary sign of that ‘First Appointment.’ Then I point out to you, that suddenly after having witnessed this sign and the tribes of earth did mourn. Remember how they mourned in India, and how they mourned in Tibet? They thought that immediately the God of the heavens was going to come in and they were frightened. Do you know that the enemies of God's Kingdom are always frightened when they think that God is coming in? They may downgrade your God and they may want to mongrelize your religion, and they want to be equal with you. But they still worry about your God tonight, remember that. They worry because HE still holds things together. And HE also has the power to break things asunder.

All right. When they see this sign of the 'Son of Man' coming in the heavens with power and with glory . . . HE left in a cloud of Glory . . . HE is coming back in the arms of heaven with the armies of heaven following after HIM. And you say, ‘who are they?’----A lot of them are your kinsmen and a lot of them you do not remember, because you did not know them since you came into earth. And a lot of them have come before you since the time of Adam, down unto your time. And a lot of them still stand in the great host of the unborn of the ages of earth. But still sons of Glory in the status of power on the outside. HE said, ‘this is what I am going to do. I am going to send my holy Angels and they are going to sound the trumpet, and they are going to gather from the four winds of creation, from one end to the other, Mine Elect, My sons and MY daughters.’ Do you know what is going to happen that day, where we are still in the minority? Do you realize that THAT DAY THE WHITE MAN IS GOING TO LOOK AWFUL TALL IN THE EARTH, BECAUSE the MOST HIGH says, ‘we are coming in and going to join with you.’

Now I want to point out to you that this was not just a hopeful expectation of Matthew. But this was removed from anything else for God promised that HE would return. HE spoke about it in the book of John and in the book of Luke, and referred to it in the book of Acts. And then we are told in the record of the scriptures, the multitude of HIS purposes.

Now listen. The Apostle Paul writes about these things in the book of Thessalonians. He says in the fifth chapter and the second verse:----I want you to know that the Day of the LORD cometh as a thief in the night.’ When the world says Peace and safety, then sudden destruction cometh upon them. Those with their World Peace programs and all of their great programs that are going to be put together by the world travelers, by JFK and Pope Paul, and the acceptance of the United Nations. But when you hear them say, ‘we have it all put together,’ when they say that then the biggest war you ever heard of is going to take place . . . you say, ‘why?’---This is the time when the Devil feels that you are the easiest to take over. Therefore, the Apostle Paul says, ‘Brethren, I want you to know that you are not the children of darkness. You are the children of light.’ We are not children of the darkness. You are the White race. You are not of the darkness. You are not Negroids. You are not Asiatics. You are God's Household. Remember that. Do not let any Presbyterian, or any Methodist or Ecclesiastical student, or any theological leader who wants to submit himself to the devils program, disturb your minds at all.

Do you know what will happen? I believe that all of these ecclesiastical humbugs will be disputed. I think they can all go back to Rome if they want to, and put on a Bishops cap and get canonized back there for a new order. But let me tell you something. --The Church of Jesus Christ is going to come out of Babylon and it is going to successfully lead a reawakening in God’s Kingdom.

Now there are a lot of good people in a lot of these churches, and a lot of good clergy, and a lot of good Priests. But they had better separate themselves from the testimony of Great Babylon. For God hath not appointed us to obtain wrath, but to the salvation of our Eternal LORD. So what does that involve? It just involves finishing the task which HE declared that HE was going to do. ‘Therefore we beseech ye,’ says the Apostle Paul, ‘by the coming of our LORD Jesus the Christ.’ Then the Apostle Paul talks about an appointment in which Christ will return unto the earth. And thus I read these words:... ‘Therefore we beseech ye brethren by the coming of Our LORD Jesus Christ.’ And God will gather here in earth the greatest army that the world ever saw.

Now you say, ‘what will we have? Is Jesus going to find a great podium somewhere and have all of the television screens turned on, and then give a call like Jimmy Brandise? Is HE going to try to save all of these rioting Muslims and all of these hordes of Communism?’ Let’s see what the Bible says. If it says that, then we will accept it as the plan. But it tells me here that the seventh Angel sounded his voice, and he said now the kingdoms of this world are going to become the Kingdoms of our LORD and HIS Christ, and HE is going to reign forever and forever.’ So I turn from this statement in the fifteenth verse of the eleventh chapter of Revelation, over to the eleventh verse of the nineteenth chapter. And I see that suddenly out of the heavens comes this great and mighty host and army. And at the head of this army, is Jesus the Christ---YAHSHUA THE MESSIAH---THE EMBODIMENT OF THE MOST HIGH GOD. And we see that HE comes in power and HE is the faithful and the True one. I see HIS radiance shining like a light out of HIS forehead. And behold, instead of saying that HE is coming for an evangelistic campaign, HE says HE is coming for Judgment and to make war. ‘Oh, my,’ they say, ‘the Prince of Peace coming to make war?’

My friends, God has a very sound process. For you have Peace by victory, not by acquiescence, not by appeasement, and not, my friends, by joining the enemy . . . but by defeating him in the name of the Father.

So here we have Jesus --YAHSHUA, THE MESSIAH descending at the head of a great and mighty army. HIS eyes are brilliant like the flame of fire. And upon HIS head is the Crown of the King of Kings, of the LORD of Hosts. And out of HIS mouth goes the great fiat that can lead the earth. And out of HIS mouth goes earthquakes and storms. And out of HIS mouth goes the WORD of the Living God. So we see the majesty of such a spectacle. The sky will be filled from the north to the south as far as the eye can see with space craft after space craft. And then every television broadcast will be saying, ‘never mind, my friends, they are not there, so don’t be taken in by this hallucination.’ But we have an appointment, however. For HE said, ‘I have an appointment with my race, my sons and daughters, for IF I GO, I WILL COME AGAIN. You occupy until I come and then we will occupy together.’

Now I point out that in this declaration, it tells us that following HIM are all of the armies of the heavens. All of the armies of the heavens---that is enough. They say ten thousand times 126 thousand sons from the great telescope in the patterns of space round about. And around those sons and in those solar systems, are civilizations and cultures under the command of the Most High God. And ruling over this universe, are my brothers and yours. Then out here along with all of these dreadnaughts of space comes Michael the Archangel. And out front---LEADING---IS YAHSHUA THE MESSIAH.

Let me point out to you that they talk about the judgment that shall descend like sharp swords from these hosts of heaven, and they shall smite the power of these hosts against God's Kingdom. They shall break them and they shall establish the law inflexible like a rod of iron. And every Negro and every Chinaman is going to obey it. Oh, you say, ‘are they going to make Christians out of them?’ Well they are going to obey the law, and they have never seen anything like it. This will be a world moving out of the areas of chastisement and judgment into a world of righteousness and plenty. One of the strange things which will happen to these people under Divine judgment, they will go to work and produce something they need to eat. They are going out and they will raise their own food. For once, there will be no taxation from these United States to support the world. For a New Order is coming in and they are going to do the work and support themselves. And they will support the Kingdom. And the Kingdom will move with prosperity. This will be great for they have never had anything like this before. But let me tell you this. It says in that hour when HE comes that HE is going to tread the wine press of this series of judgments and the Angels are told to thrust in the cycle and reap, and to tramp on this winepress for the blood of the enemies of God's Kingdom will come to the horses bit.

Now I know that the ADL would call this Nazi. They will probably say that the White man's God is anti-Semitic. But they will not get much of a chance to talk about this subject because they are going to be so busy fighting dust and chewing the ground and crying for mercy. I am going to tell you that this will be a White victory from one end of the earth to the other.

Someone said, ‘what do you think we should do when all of the enemy starts marching?’ I think that at the same time that just as many White men should go down the other side of the street. I think that the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the Foreign Legion, and I think that the DAR, the John Birch Society, and the Christian Nationalist Crusade and every other patriotic organization, should start to put together the greatest shock corps of all times. I think that this organization should out demonstrate the enemy and prove that we are not going to be pushed around in America. You say, ‘this is going to happen in our time?’ We do not know whether this happens in your time, but we do know that the reinforcements will come in when you need them the most. Someone said, ‘aren't you worried about this?’ No, I am not worried. I just can't hardly wait to see this thing finished.

You say, ‘but suppose the enemy will move against you?’ But my Bible says that ‘a thousand can fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand, and I will help that thousand fall.’ I tell you tonight, that your greatest problem is that people are trying to cram you with fear and give you a great guilt complex. And then they ask you to appease, stay calm and go home. If everybody just went home, the enemy would take over the country and keep the lock on your door. You should read what came right out of the Committee of the Board of Education this week in Washington, D.C. You would find out what is in the record and you will find out what transpired. You will find out about the raping of girls on the school grounds and how the display of sex in the schools, and how the teachers cannot cope with this. And it is Negroes, and it is rotten. You will discover that it is not safe for people on the streets or in church. And it is not safe in the very capital of your nation. For you have let the dark hordes of Africa, driven by communist and evil advocators, take it over. It is your job to cleanse that city and remove the scourge. I think that they should call for a new ‘Urban Renewal,’ one that they may not like. I think that we should outlaw these black slums. I say let’s get everyone out of Washington, D.C., but government buildings and museums. Let’s get them all out of Washington, D.C., and remove this scourge out of our nation’s capital. Then let’s make sure that the right given by our founding fathers and the right given by God, in that this, your race, takes over and these strangers are not going to live next door to you. We should not let them get in next door. And if someone of your race lets him get in next door, we should give him the chastisement of his life. Do you know that it is time that we build and economic order that will destroy everyone that goes along with the enemy? If one real estate man in your neighborhood breaks this situation then surround him with this truth that the White men are going to despise him for his betrayal for dollars, and he has to go. I am going to tell you this. The time is going to come when you will have to make a firm commitment to resistance to the darkness. You are going to have to lift up the standard of the MOST HIGH GOD KNOWING THAT HIS COVENANT IS WITH YOU. HIS appointment is with you and HE expects you to be resistant. There is going to be a lot of sorry appeasers and those who preach 'go along.' They will get a big surprise when Christ comes in. They think HE is going to put HIS hand on their head and say ‘blessed’ you silly little Peace keeper. Oh, they say, ‘we are going to have the earth.’ ‘The meek is to have the earth.’ No, my friends, this is ‘meek before God,’ not exalting oneself up against the MOST HIGH GOD. HE did not tell the sons of God that HE came down here to make you a bunch of weaklings. HE said HE came down here to empower you. In the first chapter of the book of John, it says:... ‘HE came to empower the sons and daughters of God.’ And you are not to walk fearful, but to walk like sons of God. When you fulfill this destiny, you will see the Glory of America shine from one end of the nation to the other.

Oh, I hear some people say, ‘but these others--some of them are friendly.’ Well, then, my friends, be sure that you befriend them with the knowledge of where their place is. For it is not in yours. I tell you this tonight. The world will divide into two camps with great speed. Someone wondered how it would be possible in a great nation like this for there to be divisions in this great household? The divisions are caused by two differences between Truth and ignorance. The divisions are made by those who would serve the darkness because they have not heard ‘Thus saith the MOST HIGH.’ I tell you that ye are of the light and not of the darkness. Some of you will go out tonight and say this man believes in the Second Coming of The Christ. But I believe just as firmly in this Second Coming of Christ as I historically now believe in the First Coming. Oh, you say, ‘What a terrible day that day will be.’ No, it is the best day I can think of. So let’s recognize this. When the world knows the blessings of God, it knows the proper relationship of the Will of God, the Laws of God. This must be formed with the Creation for they are one and the same. So we tell you this tonight, that there is not a White man on the face of the earth who should not rejoice over this expectancy. There is no Christian who should have any fear. There is not a Christian who should want to postpone such and hour and such an event for this is by the Great Grace of the MOST HIGH. But I want you to know that the Eternal Christ when HE revealed Himself again to the Apostle John on the Isle of Patmos, said, ‘I am alpha and omega, I amthe beginning and the end, I am YAHWEH the Almighty One.’ I want you to remember this. Over here in the book of Daniel, in the seventh chapter of Daniel, it talks about this power that has been making war with the Saints until the ancient of days, the Eternal ONE--the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end of life, the MOST HIGH GOD --YAHSHUA THE MESSIAH SHALL APPEAR. And when HE comes, the judgment and the rule shall be given to the Saints, the believing offspring of the MOST HIGH. And at that time, the Saints shall possess the Kingdom forever and forever.

So someone says, ‘what does that mean?’ It means that ‘the time has come and I am going to turn this over to MY family, and they are going to take possession as I give them the strength and the power. I am going to hold off the forces of darkness and bring in the reinforcements of heaven, and the world will know that I have loved thee.’

That is a great appointment. And it is not as far ahead as you people may think. Some people think it is way out there in the distance. But it is close as a great historical event. And the years can be speeded up for your sake---in a moment and in the twinkling of an eye, and mortal will put on immortality and a mighty power will be made manifest.


End of Message