God's Great Transition, 6-9-63



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 6-9-63

We turn in our thinking today as to the transition of the Kingdom. There are many things transpiring today in your environment and in your nation that are not to be considered a permanent course. Possibly nothing is more inspiring and possibly nothing will more help you acquire a serenity of spirit than a knowledge of what God intends to do, and your relationship to these purposes. I find from time to time that a great number of people are swayed by public opinion and they are downcast when it looks as those these things in public opinion are going in reverse from the Biblical patterns of what they have been taught to understand was to happen. But I want you to know that today you cannot go by public opinion as to the true course of events. But you can depend on what God said HE was going to do, and what HE said HE would accomplish. HE said, ‘What I do is forever, and no one is going to stay, no one is going to hinder it, and no one is going to destroy it.’

More than that, HE is determined to accomplish certain things thru HIS own Household and thru HIS Kingdom which HE is establishing in the earth. You can be sure that what HE is planning to do that HE is going to accomplish. The testimony of this abides with us thru out ages and time. Therefore today as we listen to the T.V. broadcasts or read the newspapers, you would think that the course which our nation has now set upon is going to be brought to consummation and the background of prophecy and your great racial self-respect and your heritage is to be swept away, and you are to be absorbed into a great mass in this new world order that they are developing. But this great nation is an example of God's new order in the days of its founding concept of ---Novus Ordo Seculorum ---the New Order of the ages. And that order and that program is not going to be changed by the powers that are seeking to overthrow God's Kingdom. Never has there been a greater Satanic design demonstrated and the influence been made more manifest among non-White and non-Christian people than at the present time. The desire is the absorption of God's Household, the mongrelization of a divinely instituted race, and the wiping out of their leadership and their capacities for the institution of God's Kingdom in the earth. Obviously, this is the master design of Lucifer. If there is any one thing this fallen Archangel with this background of antiquity and history, designs to do, it is to destroy the establishment of God's Kingdom in earth so that he may control the earth. If there is anything he hates, it is to see a design to destroy his power thru superstition and evil of control of the earth anything which challenges that he wants to see swept away. So when we refer to the condition thru which we pass, we refer you to a master plan. A Machiavellian plan with a tremendous impact has been formed by Lucifer to wipe out the plan of God for the Kingdom to be established in earth. It is designed to do this and this they understand. They discuss this when they meet in their Satanic caucuses. And all their Satanic purposes are being poured out today to meet their objectives. It is well understood today that the master plan of Lucifer is the absorption of the race. He is willing to take several generations to do this, but in the face of the growing technological skills and the fact that 'time' belts are closing in, and with a certain cunning which still remains in the mind of a fallen Archangel, he wishes to accomplish this before any added strength is added to this with the children of the kingdom and his power is broken forever. So he knows that the scripture says that his time is short. So he is working with great evil. Lucifer operates with cunning and subtlety. And it is not always with the impact sometimes that we see from the bearded Bolsheviks, or that which we have watched operating out of the witchdoctors own Satanic lie, as he approaches in a very suave manner hoping to sow into various institutions which are very vital to your culture and your constitution the scope of his concept. And I can challenge this afternoon, that deep within the various denominations of Christendom, as well as in the education systems of our free order, there has been a penetration of those servants of Lucifer and forces of darkness which are selling a story and are attempting the selling of this way of life . . . to talk about it as expansion, development and progress . . . to make it look as tho it were in the vital interest of all people, altho the Luciferian force has never been interested in anything but its reservoir of power. Thus, we find that today the President of the United States is captivated by this Satanic idea which will not work. He and those around him, have been influenced and guided by a concept that a total integration of our society is essential, and that this is something that their new Frontier is going to carry out. And they do agree and intend to carry out the idea that the total integration and the making of a one world society is for our good. But the text books that they are quoting and even tho under a Christian dominated society, it is still advocated in those documents the intermarriage and the flowing of all blood together.

Now it was not too long ago when the President Eisenhower was visiting in India. And it is quoted that he said that eventually there would be no race problem as the blood all flowed together and then emerged one people. All of these situations are meant by a claim of the world order. They have not only claimed this as a great new utopian world order, but they have sold this as a great brotherhood program. And as such, would throw everything together into one as a great brotherhood society. And the head of that society, whether you realize it or not, would be Lucifer, himself. For this is his master plan. And it is in direct violation of every instruction of the Most High God in the Old or New Testament.

Now even tho there are those who might think that this is the way of least resistance, thus a popular program, for as it flowed together it would bring about security for them thru their period of time, no student of the scriptures or of the purposes of God, or of the patterns of history, could even for the temporary patterns of security even tho they are not seen, could go along with this. Even tho they are not intellectually true to the spiritual background of his calling, because it is not within the keeping of the purposes of God. It is diametrically opposed to the working of God's Kingdom and is the working of catastrophe for God's Kingdom and for Your inheritance. It is not only out of adjustment with God, it is also out of adjustment with your welfare and of everybody upon the face of the earth, because God has put together a program and a plan. And it is far better for the Universe and the earth than anything that Lucifer could interject. This design for today, does not work for the welfare of the world, but rather for catastrophe and great evil. Never have we witnessed such a force of resistance and revolution such as that now sweeping the world. We have told you over the past years and in many auditoriums, that we were moving into a period of great upheaval. That this would be a time when the powers of darkness would focus many facets of their design to change and wipe out the Kingdom. They continually talk about the fact that there is a transition in our time . . . a normal and a natural evolution of events that we must therefore accept and not resist. But this is not the transition that is going to take place in the Kingdom which is Biblical. It is Biblical that they will attempt to destroy the Kingdom, but it is also Biblical that they shall be defeated. And that a mighty force and power shall move thru your race as God lifts up leadership and looses forces which are yours to command. And this is going to reverse this catastrophe and disaster which they have designed.

I think it is quite obvious that we have watched the fulfillment of these prophecies in the Western nations and in the culture of the Western world. We have watched these things thru out the last two centuries and we have watched the Western nations find their places thru out this Western culture in the Western world. We have watched this thing thru out the last two centuries, reach almost an apex of administrative power.

Deep in the continent of Africa which had been struggling under the dark cloud of superstition and darkness and witchcraft, which is now covering the world . . . and you know this afternoon that in the last several years that darkness has covered the continent except in Egypt or other spots where there was civilization to effect the outcome, from being in close touch with your race where there is not this cannibalism, and darkness and witchcraft at best.

Now as we have noticed thru the last several years as the White man used into the African countries with their missionary activities and seeking to raise a new way of life up from savagery and viciousness. The White man brought in civilization and sanitation. But basically was trying to tell these witchdoctors that the tribal gods that they worshiped were errors. He thought to give unto them the knowledge of the one true and living God to replace their error with monotheism and to rise up and influence them with areas of instruction.

Now as to the history of missions . . . it is of itself a rather significant study. There has been . . . and this is a part of the area of warfare against truth . . . and it has existed inside of the church. It effected and condemned its doctrine in the first few centuries of the church, and this effected not only Rome, but all of the denominations also. These had somewhat of an impact on their theology, for there were some things which they could not do. There has been on the part of the church, a drive to go out and convert all of the world and add it to the church. And they included them inside of the message of the True God and HE alone. They were attempting to establish a spiritual brotherhood or ideological, while not accepting a physical bond between these people.

Now actually, had they been conversant with the truth of the Most High God, they would never have attempted to merge a brotherhood which was not consistent with any of the truth of 'Thus saith the Lord.’ But they would have accepted these people who were the creation of the One True God, and whose worship and service was required by HIM. And if they did turn to HIM, they would have blessings poured out on their land. If they had taken the advice and counsel of God's Household, they would have move into situations of advancement. And wherever advancement was made, it would have been because of the influence of the Household of God upon them. We have been blessed as a race. And the technological geniuses that God has developed within our race and technological society is because of who we are and what we are. Even when some people did not know who they were.

The most important thing which you can know today, is who you are. The Bible teaches that you are the offspring of the Most High God. You are spiritual children born in the heavens transplanted into earth by way of being born into the Adamic race which is the issue of God. There is no doubt that you are the offspring of God because of the knowledge of the Old and New Testament and the knowledge bestowed on disciples such as the Apostle Paul, or on ancient men like Enoch, who confirmed the completion of this as being of God and HIS purpose.

More than this, the Universe belongs to your Father. And this earth belongs to HIM and the people upon it, altho some of the people upon it have been transplanted from places where they should have stayed. Still, it belongs unto HIM. And HE has given to your race the earth. And HE says, ‘I have given unto you the heathen for your inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possessions.’

I want you to know this. For this is your inheritance. This is your earth. And this is yours to shape into the plan of the Father. And, my friends, it is not the purpose of God that this earth be ruled over by Asiatics or Negroes, but it is to be ruled by the children of the Most High God. And there shall come out of such an administration, greater benefits than they have ever had before. They may not like it after being under Luciferian concepts, and are being stirred today to desire to rule even if that rule be as tribal chieftains. But remember this . . . that the heathen rage, as the scriptures tell us. The 2nd Psalm tells us . . . and these pagans and their rulers are implying a vain thing. They are crying out against civilization and culture while saying that they do not reap the benefits of it and are being deprived of it.

Now you never deprived Africa of anything except the ability to be cannibals and savages and to work against the best interest of all other people in Africa. The fact is that you have bestowed upon them all of the culture they have had thru millenniums. But the fact of the matter is that they do not like the restraint. They do not like the laws that say they cannot eat one another. They do not like the law that says they cannot go out and pillage and kill at will. Wherever the white man went there has gone law. And when you deal with spear carrying savages and deadly blowgun savages, you have to put this kind of power down. And wherever you established Colonialism, you put that power down. You moved out and you backed up your strength with an army and you enforced the law. But I do not think I would like to live in this jungle we call Los Angeles without this army we now call the police force, either. Because it keeps the law. These situations are not, my friends, suppression. No one considers themselves under bondage, because there is a police department. They do not consider that the police department hinders them at all. They are there to protect them from those who would violate the law. Under this instance, we have had a race of people in the instances of the development of the earth, in the carrying out of our destiny, which destiny our God bestowed upon us. For this is HIS Universe that we are to occupy, colonize and rule. And in this instance, we have watched this pattern of civilization and destiny move. We have had to fight where there was an attempt to destroy, to maim and kill and where violence was rampant. But when the White man came in, he ruled with firmness and peace.

Now the attempt by the Luciferian forces is to attempt to upset all the administration and recognition of the Most High God. Thus it is that it has been a Satanic design to over throw the administration of the White man. Thus it is, he had to develop the semantics of this. He had to sow the representation of this into colleges and schools, and into areas where people would listen to lectures upon subjects like this. And his pseudointellectual have been sent into forums where people think they are settling all of the worlds problems. But your world problems have been set where you leaders have gone out in colonialism. And they are not set in forums where a group of people can be brainwashed by a group of pseudointellectual who know nothing about it. In the instance of these patterns, we heard how colonialism was a pattern of slavery and serfdom. And there comes a time when all people have to overthrow colonialism. And then here comes some speaker who says that we started out as colonies and we had to overthrow this pattern to become a nation . . . so also must Africa and Asia and all over the earth. I read such a speech that was delivered to a women’s club a while back, as to how they had to follow our pattern. Well, there is all the difference in the world in the argument between White men and the people of the world. There is all the difference in the world with them assuming their administration in the world without the capacity to do that, if they become established, and the dark revolutions which has yet learned how to feed itself. There is a vast difference between the levels of society and the levels of creation, and the level of these people as races. Besides, you are the sons of your Father, and this is HIS world. And you do not have to give an explanation. This is the best thing ever witnessed---the power of the Kingdom.

Our Father is sitting back and looking down at the Martin Luther Kings’, and the Baldwins’, and the Kennedys. And HE says HE is looking down at the Russian conspiracy, and HE is holding them in derision because they imagine a vain thing. They say, ‘we are going to break the chains of the law. We are going to break these things that suppress us from carrying out our own kind of pagan life. We are not going to accept civilization or culture. We are not going to worship that God. We are going to worship another one.’

I want you to know this afternoon, that every last one of them is going to be right down on his knees. And before this is all over, he is going to acknowledge ‘THE LORD THY GOD.’ And he is going to acknowledge that thy Father has loved thee.

Now when you are finished with your responsibility, you will set the pagans free. Last week as we were talking to you, a great feat of greater proportions than ever before, was held in Kenya Colony. And Kenyatta was elected head of Kenya Colony. And they dismissed the British administration of Kenya Colony which had been plagued by the vicious attacks of this cannibal Kenyatta. And will there now be peace?---No.

Last week there were over 400 White people killed, and half of them were eaten. They said, this way they would not have to bury them. This, my friends, is progress as they approach the great 'New Frontier' of African nations.

Let me point out to you, that there is something that rather significant in this situation. But last week the African nations held a conference, and it was of major planning, altho the conference itself ended three weeks ago. This conference involved all of Africa, except for the White nations of Africa. South Africa was not permitted into the assembly, nor was Rhodesia. No nation that had not been taken over by the natives and by the United Nations standards and the 'New Frontier' program was allowed in the assembly. Ethiopia was there and such as Ghana and the Congo. And in this assembly, they set up a program for driving the White man out of Africa.

Now they were able to pull together quite a few million dollars. And they started with the purchase of arms. Then this weeks newspaper said that they would spend millions of dollars for arms. Do you know where they got it?---This is a part of the 1 1/2 billion dollars which you gave for the development of the African nations. And now they have a pool of money. Some of it has been taken from them, as the Jews have been selling them areas of administration. And they are calling for gold out of your treasury to sustain this. But the rest of the money which they received went for an arms catch for immediate use. They have been buying these weapons in case loads. And now Russian Migs and other aircraft are being sold to African nations who plan, in 90 days, a full military assault on the White man in South Africa. And the newspaper tells you today, that this money which they spent . . . which Mr. Kennedy thinks is a wonderful area of progress among the African Nations who are now going on a war vendetta . . . and they intend to drive the White man out of Africa. They cite that they will destroy both South Africa and Rhodesian White leadership. Kenyatta says that the White man better go now, or we will liquidate him and sink his blood into the sands of Africa.

Now all of this progress of civilization has been swept away. But you are in the time of ‘Jacob's trouble.’ And this was to come at the end of an age at the time when the great nations of God’s Kingdom were to arise and come together and be identified. You can well be identified today, for the great Christian nations of God's Kingdom are well known. Identified as the Household of God, as the house of Abraham, and their marked relationship to the history of prophecy have been fulfilled. You have come to the end of an age. You have come to the time when there would be great trouble in this society in which you are in. There has been this falling away first among the inside of the institutions of the church. And there has been this attack upon you politically and socially . . . the great liberty and freedom when you framed your Constitution, the concept of not being tampered with by Federalism, and the things involved in that have dwindled in your time. You have watched people today being moved into areas of Socialism, from the cradle to the grave. And in this time, you have watched the surrender of a whole lot of the liberty and rights which belonged to the people by acquiescence . . . and some of it is not yet finished.

Now this has happened in your time. This descent from a standard of greatness and this area of development that you saw. If you would just go back--say 15 years--you find that the White race was riding high in the earth. Its missionary effort and its civilization forces were moving out. It was not until you permitted Lucifer to set you at warring against yourselves. Remember the program of Lucifer and his many sons was to set Christian nation fighting against Christian nation until it not only weakened them, but until the great moral impact of such struggle plus the fact that the sons of Lucifer dominated every area of instruction, from the dope industry to every attempt to destroy your nation by the violations of Divine Law and corruption. They were to move in and seek to overthrow your economy and gain control of your economy. There is no doubt that they have gained control over Christian nation after Christian nation.

It is time for the Christian nations to consummate the program and take back again the blueprint of God as it relates to their nation. In an expert testimony before the finance committee a week ago, Col. Doll, who was the son-in-law of FDR, was locked into this experience of the finance committee. He told that committee that at the expense of much blood and tears, that one of the most evil Machiavellian forces on the face of the earth was this Zionist Jewish program, whose economic control had reached into Christian nations and set them at war. And it was seeking to destroy the White race and was warring against Christianity even inside of this Christian nation. He testified before the Un-American Committee for several groups he represented. This man, long known to be an expert upon such matters, was spanked by Senator Turner for his testimony. All over, the enemy are crying out because of his testimony. Why? Because he was a member of the Roosevelt family and he was telling something which they never wanted to get into the Congressional record.

Now the fact remains that the Los Angeles times reprinted what he said. But this also helps to spread what he said. Makes me think of Fulton Lewis, Jr., the other day, when he attacked anyone who opposed Goldwater. So he told in his column what everybody said about Goldwater. And I do not know of a better way to get across America all of the things that Goldwater said and did. People should know what they are doing when they back a man like that. After all, he is the one who introduced that bill which would have set up that Mental Health prison in Alaska. He belonged to the NAACP and financed the program to desegregate Arizona's schools. There are several things which Mr. Lewis brought out about Goldwater which would never have been know. But Mr. Lewis said you should not pay any attention to this just, vote for him anyhow.

Every secret thing in this day is going to be made known. And if people do not want to be reviewed before society, then keep out of politics. More than that, this is a good thing that every secret thing be made known. Because we have been the victims too long for the penetration of our society by the powers of darkness.

Now in this instance, the design is for the complete integration of a One World Government. And this can be a catastrophe even tho the Pope has come out for this. For this was one of the greatest errors of the Pope's ministry, when he called on the nations three weeks ago to embrace a One World Government and strengthen the United Nations, stating that such a nation, a ‘one world government state’ would be a good thing to move into when everyone was equal and of one world status.

Well, this was not to be. The Bible clearly outlines that this is one of the strategies of the enemy, the program of the anti-Christ and a World Order in opposition to God's Kingdom.

Now we know that some folks do not like the concept of opposing the United Nations. But this pulpit will oppose the program of the anti-Christ as long as this church functions. I just want to say without reviewing the blood letting, that if you were to look back thru the last two years of the Kennedy administration, and look at the progress of the 'New frontier' sweeping across the world . . . and what do you see? You see law and order breakdown in the Congo. Murder and massacre and even death for the Negro. You see it as it withdraws colonial leadership. And in Angola, there is murder and blood shed of the most vicious type as black savages murder and rape and destroy culture and progress in Angola. You see what has happened in Kenya Colony. The forces of darkness have moved into the position of leadership . . . and murder, rape and destruction comes with them. Look inside of India. There is no progress there. Nothing but the support of your nation has kept them afloat since the British pulled out. And then India seizes the Colonies of Portugal with a bloody rampage. And none of the World Order says anything about it, because it is the White man who is being pushed back.

Now we look at every corner of the world and we see nothing but upheaval and disorder. Therefore we see that all of this has never produced Peace. There is no Peace in Asia. No peace in any part of it. We have watched the deterioration of all of the civilized areas of Asia. This includes the Malaysians where Sukarno is doing his best to establish a Red Indonesian Empire. You have destroyed much of your strength in Laos and not made proper beachheads in areas that you could have because you have tried to co-exist with the Communist. Had a firm solidarity of the White man been lifted up, had the program of the Kingdom been maintained then the French would still be in their colony in Asia, and Indo-China would still be in the hands of the French. This civilization would have thrown a bar across Communist expanse thru out the world.

All right, we can see all of these areas wherein the leadership of the White man once stood, and then co-existance with the enemy has led him into a retreat from the civilizing influence that he has. There was nothing any better for the Asiatic countries than the administration of the Dutch. And the Dutch removal out of that area has turned it into an area of savage warfare. The administration of the nation is no longer under Holland. It has been turned over to Indonesia, which in turn, is more interested in fighting the White world and suppressing any colonial power they may possess in Asia. They are flying Migs and consulting with the Red Chinese and with Moscow. So we cop a retreat. And the world stage is being set for a colossal Armageddon. This struggle is coming with great speed.

Inside these United States, we are watching the most violent and most 'left wing' minds . . . some of them even under the cloak of a ministry which is nothing but a pagan concept even in its operation turned loose. You hear the press in their build up of Dr. Martin Luther King. He is the smartest Communist of them all. And all of this build up is just a screen. He said, ‘we are now ready for the next build up and if we don't get what we want, we take with violence.’

We think of the words of Baldwin, ‘This funny looking Negro has been traveling around and exciting people all over the country. He talks about how he went into a New Jersey restaurant a few weeks ago. He demanded immediate service, but the waitress just went on about her business because she had a lot of people to serve. But he kept demanding service right now. And she said if he didn't quit bothering she, wouldn't serve him at all. And he said he wanted to get his hands around her neck and hear it snap.’ He puts his stories in major newspapers and in "Look Magazine. I have it here in a public bulletin. He says, ‘I seized a pitcher of water and I hurled that pitcher of water thru a plate glass mirror just to show them my anger.’ This is the savage that is stirring up Negroes. For in this instance, they want to drive the White man out of Africa, for they do not want him there. But here they want to integrate the White man so they can rule him here and absorb him. In fact, the whole program is not one of wanting to be separate, to have their own authority, or have a section of their own private administration. What they want is to crush out the White man. And they have been fed on the propaganda that the White man is only 1/6 of the world. They will not accept his superiority, his culture. But the one thing they must fight is the spiritual influence and guidance of his administration. Then when you pick up your newspapers, it tells you that the government is implementing this. The Chamber of Commerce capitulated yesterday saying, they would see to it that there was no discrimination in any area where they had any influence. All of the Mayors were summoned over to a fancy dinner over in the Hawaiian Islands. JFK went over to Hawaii and he spoke to the Mayors of the cities. Then he conned them smoothly into promising that they would end all segregation in their areas.

Now you say, 'We are whipped, the Mayors give in, the government is going to enforce it, and the Chamber of Commerce has given in.’ Well, let me tell you something. You just better get new Mayors. And this Chamber of Commerce . . . you can get some new members here. We tell you this is unconstitutional. We can point out to you why it is wholly unconstitutional to tell a man who he has to hire, or what he has to do on his own property, or in his own business, just because they have decreed it.---We must destroy this kind of evil in America. Hatred?---Not at all. I would like to drive by a Negro housing area . . . and I don't care how nice their homes are. I would like to see that. And if they had a swimming pool in every front yard, that is perfectly all right with me. And I want them to have everything they are intelligent enough to create and earn. But the program of God's Kingdom does not advocate that HIS people have to support people and supply them with all of the blessings God's Grace has bestowed upon them while they do nothing for it. If they desire to have more than they now have, then all they have to do is increase their production and their services. They say, ‘but suppose no one would hire them?’ Well, the only reason they are not hired is because of their conduct and their behavior.

I point out to you that at this moment this threat of violence in the city of Los Angeles is one of the most fantastic things I have ever heard of. In the first place, they tell us that if the city of Los Angeles does not give them everything they want, there will be bloodshed and violence. But why does the city of Los Angeles pay any attention to them? The fact is, that as these areas of violence are being set up, we are being coerced and blackmailed into surrendering privileges that belong to all people, especially as it belongs to the White majority. We have a hard policy now as to getting some of the things out of some of our institutions, because of the deal to see how many Negroes they can pack in. In the Post Office . . . they have hired so many Negroes in there, and if they do not do the job, then the White man has to do it as well as his job. When ‘Look Magazine’ told of the terrible conditions, in Washington, D.C., last week came out to say that the reason we have these terrible conditions in Washington, D.C., is because of the increase in the Negro population and their antisocial attitude.

I want you to think of this, this afternoon, because this is the situation you are in, and this is what you are challenged with. They cite that the reason why the Negro youth gangs are on the rampage in Washington, D.C. They have moved into a city into which they are crowded. And since the Whites are moving out, then it is overwhelming Negro, making this a Negro ghetto. And this makes them socially depressed. So the outlook of the fact that they have to live with Negroes is crime and violence.

Now who is more anti-Negro than a Negro who does not want to live with Negroes? And where should you find more substantiation for obeying God's law than a White society, not wanting them into your schools or integrating into your society, than the evidence that where they become in the majority of an area, the crime and violence increases in an unprecedented manner? The word of God says that they are not to dwell with you and they are not to live in your cities. Our forefathers had the intelligence to voluntarily segregate themselves. And if you lived in any of the States that were called 'The North,' you did not find Negroes living in the blocks of White people. They had their own part of town. Someone said, ‘well, of course. They never had anything. And that puts them in Ghettoes.’ Well, they used Jews to front for them and they moved into Orange Grove, California and in Pasadena. And they moved into nice residential districts. You can drive thru there today and find that they are Negro districts. Some places, those with wealth, have been able to hire someone to keep up their place, but still it is obvious that something has happened. A general atmosphere of degeneration and desecration has moved over those ends of the city. More than that, it is no longer safe for a woman in those areas of the city alone on the streets at night.

Now the design of these organizations is to block-break every block in Pasadena. There are block grants to allow Negroes to be able to buy houses in every block in Pasadena. And there was no great fear of the Negroes as this was happening. For no one paid any attention to it. But go down there today and see if those people want them to move in. They are attempting in measure to pass more bills. And some of these bills are not constitutional either. And I am not going to praise Senators, even tho they have been right on one thing . . . who support the kinds of transactions that some of these men are supporting. Ever so often I see a Patriotic magazine praising some man saying, he is a great American. But he is not a great American if he does not support America Constitutionally. Senator Dodd for instance, introduced the Senate Bill 1662. This bill would make complete dictatorship out of these United States in the hands of the Attorney General. Some talk about Senator Dodd, but I think he should never be sent back to office in Washington, D.C.

This bill, if enacted, would deny to any person anything which he might want to do on the basis of his religion, his national origin, his color. He would have to let the Russian in with all of their socialism and Communism if they wanted to come. Or any person. The Attorney General would lay a civil action for anyone who they deemed was being discriminated about in any way. But people are getting stirred up about this and they are now willing to stand up and fight, for they are seeing the danger to their families and to their well being. And as they look at this situation, they say, ‘We just never believed that this could happen in these united States.’

Now all of the mealy mouth fal-da-ral put out today about how God wants these people integrated, and desecrated, and taken into one brotherhood . . . for everyone is the same . . . is theological mush. And it will not work. You can change a Negro from one who is following the devil to one who will serve the Most High God according to his soulish capacity. But in no way will you make him an equal and in the Household of the Most High God. This is not the program. And it will not work.

Now in this instance, God said that this kind of trouble would come . . . and it is called ‘Jacob's trouble.’ And he said this will come when they are stirring up all on the outside as well as on the inside and raising up these people to do their work for them. This is the time when you will need assistance. And this is what God said that HE was going to do. ‘I am going to pour out MY Spirit upon MY sons and MY daughters, upon MY young men and MY old men.’ And this is what you are going to do. HE said, ‘I will pour out spiritual energy and power onyou.’ So what is this going to do? Spiritual power will take people out of their apathy. Spiritual power will charge people until they synchronize their thinking with God, until their righteous anger, until that anger mounts with zeal. And the enemy is going to be surprised with the determination of a people whom they thought would be a push over. This is coming. For HE said that HE would raise up principal men and principal shepherds. HE said that there would be shepherds thru out the House of Israel as HE stirred up HIS people. ‘For I am going to raise up leaders who will lead these people.

And let me tell you this. The Kingdom of God has not changed. In these final hours of conflict, there will be military strength as well as political strength. HE said that you would beat your plowshares into swords and your pruning hooks into spears. And you will stand off this northern army. And you will have this great invasion on the inside just as the vision given to George Washington portrays. But one of the most significant things is that you have been waiting for something.

The Apostle Paul knew that you had lost the power of light and glory . . . lost your Aura that gave you immortality. You lost the very atom imbalance that would have retained every part of the body, every cell of it. You had lost this because of the violation of Divine Law, by co-mingling with that which does not have the spirit, has no capacity of it. And that is a mutation. To have this connection with the fallen Archangel was to bring death upon your race. They did not die within that 24-hour period, but in that era of time, they died. Thus, the Apostle Paul said that death came by one man, but life by another. And as the first Adam lost this immortality, the second Adam restores it to us. Thus, the Apostle Paul said, ‘I do not want to die. I just want to put on this enveloping glory out of the heavens. I want to put back on my immortality.’ He said, 'I am not worried about what will happen to me. For absent from this body is to be present with the LORD. My soul can dwell in this celestial house, so I have a Celestial house which is permanent in the spirit. It is a light body, but I want to see this envelopment of light around this physical body. I want to live forever.’ But then he said the whole creation is groaning and waiting for the sons of God to start exerting themselves with power. They do not know what they are vibrating about.

Here in the 8th chapter of the book of Romans, the Apostle Paul said they are waiting for what?----the Manifestation of the Sons of God. And then the redemption of the body. And we tell you that all of these areas will probably double the cognition and spiritual influence and increase this upon the minds of those here. And the catalyzing force is going to catalyze their thinking and startle their being. And you are told here in the 35th chapter of Isaiah, ‘to arise and shine, for thy light has come, and the glory of God has risen upon thee.’

We turn to the book of Isaiah, and we read:-- ‘And the Glory of

YAHWEH shall be thy reward. Thou shalt call and YAHWEH shall answer.’ And in this instance, HE will say ‘here I am.’ And HE will take away every yoke they have attempted to put upon you. And HE is going to assist you to enter the most glorious age your civilization has ever known.

Now this is my covenant, saith YAHWEH. Then Daniel tells you what it is going to be like. For he says that the saints of the Most High are going to take the Kingdom and they are going to possess the Kingdom forever and forever. He says, ‘I saw this in a vision in the night. I saw the embodiment of God with HIS authority and power and humanity; and there was given unto this divine embodiment of power and glory--the Kingdom. And the people of the lands shall serve HIM with an everlasting dominion. And it shall not pass away. And the Kingdom shall not be destroyed. And the Kingdom and the dominion of the Kingdom and the greatness of the Kingdom under the whole heavens, shall be given unto the people and the descendants of the Saints . . . those believing offspring of the Most High. And this Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom. And you shall have the dominion and all dominions shall serve and obey you.

Now this is 'thus saith the LORD.’ And this is in the book of Daniel. This is an hour so wrought with these forces, that Michael the Archangel brings additional forces to countermand Lucifer’s insidious forces. But you are the Household of the Most High. You are the ones the Most High said, ‘These are my sons. --Hear ye them---These are my sons. All of the nations of the world will now know that you are my sons and my daughters and I have loved you.’ This is a declaration upon the part of the Most High. The Apostle Paul also knew that there was involved in this, where the manifestation of the sons or God is going to take place---a great pattern of God's foreknowledge. For everyone HE did foreknown in the heavens. HE did predestinate that you would perform with the image of the son with power in the earth. Therefore HE did say that those that HE did predestinate HE called. And those HE called, HE justified. And those HE justified, HE has glorified. Who then---what can they say?-----If God before us then who can be against us.

Then the Apostle Paul tells you that in this transition that takes place in the Kingdom, that where the Spirit of the LORD is, there is the Spirit of Liberty. You can't crush it, and you cannot put it down. And we all, as tho we were looking in the looking glass, shall be turned into the Glory of God reflecting the radiance, changed from glory unto glory until we have the same amount of Glory professed by God, Himself. ---When is that going to happen?---Before this cycle of events is over, if you want to know what would break one of these black lines, then you let the Glory of God come down over you and watch them break.

Listen. Someone said, ‘This is wishful thinking.’ But do you know what we have a lot of today? We have a lot of religion which embraces the form of God but denies the power thereof. There is no greater power--THERE IS NO GREATER POWER. Do you realize that the power which now belongs in the hands of the Kingdom can now call for the judgment? God is going to start picking out all of the obstacles and start taking them out of your way. One of these days there will be a great mass-exodus of your opposition. The Holy Angels are going to gather out every plant not planted by the Father and put things back where they belong. And that will be the greatest evacuation day the world has ever seen.

What the nations of the world wish for the world is progress --light, truth and knowledge. They want it to replace cannibalism and evil. And it is going to take a long era of instruction and understanding to bring to pass the destiny this transition has promised. I want you to know that the plan of earth is not for the breaking of the power of the Kingdom. It is just the world strategy. But they will not be successful at it. Instead of saying ‘this is the last generation of White babies which shall ever be born’ as one of the chief Rabbi in France said the other day. This is going to be one of the greatest clarion calls for racial self-respect. And one of the greatest calls to come back to segregation, separate yourself from them and come out and be ye separate, that has ever gone forth from your nation. When we get thru with this, Negro revolution and this 'New Frontier,' this is going to be one of the most segregated nations on the face of the earth.

Now whenever the enemies of the Kingdom strike out, then you say this. ‘I am not going to go along.’ All of the holy brainwashed Jew lovers are holy. They are like Gandhi. And if they sit down in the middle of the street in Birmingham, that must be exceptionally holy. But what would you think if all of the Christians said, ‘We are not going to go along with this.’ Why they would say that you were the most inhumane, non-progressive, superstitious people on the face of the earth. But that is just exactly what we are going to do. We are not going to go along with it.

Now I can tell you one thing. When all of the sons and daughters of God are awakened, when all are playing tapes, and working together, they are being bound with power, and they will actually call for the elimination of the opposition. And you will actually be surprised at what will happen in America. This will be a conflict of forces such as they have never seen before. Some ask me, ‘Dr. Swift, how does one get out of the strain of the turmoil?’----By going into the Temple for a while. For the temple is the house of the Holy Spirit and you are the children of the living God. You are children of the Father. You are spiritual houses. Your body is the temple in which you dwell. And this is why you are told that you cannot join this with the temple of idols. In the seat of your consciousness is all of the background of remembrance out of the mind of the spirit. And you can reach into this when you have a mind to do so. Jesus said, 'Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall beopened unto you.' And you, in the instance of these pressures, can draw into this inner-consciousness and see the enthroned Christ ruler of the Universe, and you can say, ‘Our Father, hallowed be thy name,’ capturing the majestic mind of the Spirit of majestic glory of the Eternal Father from HIS dominate throne in the heavens. And you have a right to approach that throne and ask or petition for any power. And there comes with this the realization that this throne is above all thrones and this power is in you. And this is going to be developing more and more in you as you loose all restraint upon this factor. But there is a restraint upon you in the midst of turmoil as you move again inside to erect again the picture your consciousness can erect out of the pattern of inspiration of the Father. And recognizing this as Isaiah---as he moved into the temple and beheld the Father, high and lifted up, with judgments within, and he also has empowered---you, as HIS many sons, to produce and carry out the greatest program that has ever been designed for the world . . . this design which the Creator made of HIS Kingdom with righteousness and ruling with a rod of iron if necessary---shall enforce Divine Law for the development of the earth.

We turn in these declarations of the spirit as to what the Apostle Paul said:--- ‘If our gospel be hid, then it is hid to these people who are lost. They are wondering around. And if it be hid, then it is hid to them.’ Then he said, ‘The god of this world blinds the mind of people lest they believe this great and glorious Gospel of the embodiment of God's Household and of Christ, the image of the invisible God, unless this glory should shine unto them. For we are pleading the Eternal YAHWEH and HIS Household. For God who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, has shined into your heart to give the knowledge of this radiant power which is upon the face of God unto you wherein it is in you.’ The Apostle Paul said this is what it is all about. It will be the manifestation and the illumination of the sons of God.

You see you are not just stumbling along. You are about to step into the greatest age that the world has ever known. And God is going to empower us for this demonstration. We have learned our mistakes and we are not going to duplicate these errors in the days to come. The transition of God's Kingdom is not going to be mongrelization and surrender. It is suddenly going to be set on fire like a living flame and then move like a crusade under the command of the Eternal until that Kingdom rebuilds heaven and earth. And Africa will be ruled over by the Household of the Most High God, and so will Asia. And their idol temples are going to come tumbling down and their witchdoctor shafts are going to be consumed. Oh, you say, ‘But I do not agree with that.’---Well, that does not make any difference. Just watch it happen.

Now which would you rather see? A world ruled over by Christians serving the Father with kindness, with understanding, with firmness? What would you rather see? These people being educated, given decent housing which they have never been able to do? Or would you like to see a Socialist order, and they were the rulers and you were the slaves? Which would you rather see? What would you rather see? The race of God's Kingdom revealed and lifted into its divine origin, and restored in all of its Glory? What would you rather see? The program of God, or this program of the 'New Frontier,' everybody integrated and everybody under the program of the anti-Christ, and everybody dies like they have been doing today? Which sounds the best to you?--Well, if some of you would rather join Kennedy's team, then I am disappointed in you. I think about now he would like to get on another team, but he is trapped. I am not sure, but that Bobby would rather get on another team. He went down to talk and they said, ‘WE WANT.’ And then they said they do not think that I talk their language. And Bobby went home a little bit discouraged saying, ‘they do not think that I talk their language.’

My friends, you cannot forsake your heritage and find any companionship, for it is not there. I would hate to try to live with as many devils as Jesus identified them as the Kennedy's do, there in Washington, all around them. Anyone who has to live with this many devils and take their advice, is truly under great pressure. And anyone who would elect these kind of people, should also re-examine their political concept. Someone said, ‘Dr. Swift, who are we going to select to lead America next time?’-- Don't you worry. God has a man. Don't you worry. We do not have to pick up any half-breed, or half-broken ambition. God has a man already picked out for HIS purpose. You say, ‘But this man has failed, and this one has knocked himself out politically.’ Well, we don't need them, for we have plenty of men who have not failed. Someone said, ‘But, Dr. Swift, do we have to just take the lesser of two evils?’---We don't have to take any evil from here on out.

There is one thing that you must learn.---You are the majority in America, altho they will try to tell you otherwise, and many of you are asleep. You will have to demonstrate power on the right. And just as firm and just as inflexible as the enemy who has moved in on your left and gotten away with it. What are you afraid of?--If the devil can come in and walk all over America, so to can you---and then walk on his head. God has given you a covenant. And it tells you in the past that HE has bruised the heel. Still, the many sons are going to step upon his head. There is no doubt that the Glory of God is going to be made manifest. We are in a world where things are not as serene as they are in the spirit. The infighting is a little dirty. The enemy operates out of darkness. Someone said, ‘But you do not like to meet him at that level?’---But you meet him from a higher order, and a greater power. This is not the end, just the beginning.


End of message.