God's Liberation, 6-11-61



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 6-11-61

This afternoon, we are talking about God’s Liberation, and that throughout God’s Kingdom there is a great need of Liberation. That God’s Kingdom nations need to free themselves from their entanglements. They need to be liberated from the forces of darkness which is seeking to destroy them. The enemies of God’s Kingdom are far more tangible than most people realize. The ideas that are promoted and propagated over all the assurances of public opinion have been carefully designed as to wipe out Christian civilization and introduce the world to all these schemes of the Soviet way of life. There is no discussions or talks which the head of our nation can make with the head of the Soviet Union which will accomplish anything. There is no peace being arrived at by such manipulation. Even the meeting in Vienna did not produce anything of such value. We have been invaded in this country by one echelon of the enemy probably more deadly than his military forces, and we have been invaded by his military forces as well, whether you realize it or not. We can well establish that a great number of the refugees who have fled from the Soviet Union and from behind the Iron Curtain, were not fleeing at all. They were just being shoved by friendly pushers so as to get them on our side of the line and then we would distribute them among the nations of God’s Kingdom. The best way to get into a Christian nation today, is to be run over the line by a bayonet or a machine gun, mounted on a Jeep, in the hands of a Soviet agent.

These Trojan horses have come into the country. And after W.W.II, we were invaded by several million refugees, probably closer to two and one-half million, than most people realize. These refugees were alien to our way of life, to our Faith, and to our concept. And they were not anti-Communists, altho they could have been well against the governments of Central Europe which was quite obvious. And tho they may have been fleeing from something they could not destroy, they were not necessarily our kindred allies. No. They were our enemy. For there is no greater enemy today to the church of Jesus Christ and to God’s Kingdom than the Communist nations and the powers that financed and created Communism, and they who carry out its objectives today.

There is no greater threat to Christianity today from the stand point of the secular design to destroy it, than the instruments which world Communism has been able to produce in its invasion of your society. Probably the most dangerous of all the echelon are the psychiatrists, all the militant psychiatrists steeped in the doctrine of the Marxist Revolution, determined as they came into this country to wage a psychologist warfare as they moved into schools and churches and areas of public opinion and to battle with ideas, while psychologically giving you a guilt complex for your success. And a guilt complex for the attainment of your society, because your enemies did not possess and were called ‘The have not nations.’ They tried to give you a guilt complex because you did not want to follow the Marxist policy, saying that you were selfish and not good Christians and did not want to divide up what you had with all the world.

This is not a pattern of selfishness. It is an inherited spiritual quality which God has placed in you against taking the blessings He has given you and given it to His enemies. We have well established that it is His nation. And most Christian nations who rush to the earthquake and to the famine to assist the people who are the survivors, no matter their color or their nation, and their background---we have demonstrated all over the world, that America flies to their assistance. And this has been the polity of almost every Christian nation. But we do not intend that this situation should mean that we have our wealth siphoned from us and distributed all over the world and be blackmailed into doing this for thus we would fulfill our Christian obligation. Then have men who hate the name of Jesus Christ, tell us what our Christian obligations are. I can think of nothing which is more repugnant to the intelligent Christian than to have organized Jewry trying to tell us how to be Christians.

I want you to know however that there are factors involved in this hour that have never been greater than have ever been released for your deliverance. What is about to happen inside of this Christian nation and other Christian nations is going to be one of the great miracles of God. But to set you free to overthrow the tyrant, you are going to have to have illumination in the areas where men today have been put to sleep or brain washed. Never have we listened to complete evidence of this than when we listen to advisors around the President, as they talk about the fact that the only way we can combat Communism now, which has not only now seized Cuba, but is spreading its propaganda in all Latin American areas and states,---that we must now build up an economic security in the Latin American countries, by giving them better housing and supplying them with all of the products of our civilization and our technological life.

Now, Arthur Schlesinger---who is a Liberal on the advanced side, said last week, that the only way we could defeat Communism was to distribute Americas wealth and some of our prosperity to the people of Latin America. And instead of leading a military expedition against Castro, we have to distribute by economic blocks, to the people of Havana until they have homes and prosperity. And then they won’t want Communism. So all that America has to do is enter into about a billion dollar economic pack with the people of Cuba and they won’t want Communism. And the pseudo-intellectuals rave---wonderful--great thinking. Let me tell you something. These people who give you this kind of advice, could not be more completely Marxist, under any circumstance if they had been seeding to put into every text book, in every school in our nation, ‘Das Capitol.’ You could not follow a blue print more completely Communist than that one. Because the Marxist program with a high bureaucracy advocates the wealth of the world be redistributed. And they have the program for this redistribution. Their program is to take from the people who have and give it to the people who do not have. Even tho they lack a vision to produce or do not have the initiative, or because of conditions which are out of their control. So let the bureaucrats take over and distribute, and pretty soon, you won’t have any capacity to produce either.

I mention this because this is one of America’s problems. Americans everywhere, are asking:--’what is wrong? Where are we going and what is happening?’ They feel a sense of insecurity. They see the expanse of Communism on every horizon. They watch it out maneuvering us at every conference. And there is nothing that they have never thought thru. There is one reason why Communism is always successful today. And that is because our leaders do not take a realistic approach to this problem. The enemy who is on the inside, is seeking to bring about a degeneration of our way of life and replace it with a Socialistic program, is also planning our subjection. But they have no basic code of ethics to abide by. They have no morality to give ascent to. They have no God to give allegiance to. Therefore, their word has no value and their oath is no oath. It makes no difference what they say they will do, for they break their word at the first provocation. It makes no difference, my friends, that there are National boundaries and lines and that there should be integrity to protect such National lines. Being Communist, they will invade any ones boundaries if they think they can get away with it, if they feel that it is to their advantage and they can do it safely. The Western world has the mistaken idea that even tho we are fighting Communism we must respect its perimeters.

Now, when you are facing an enemy who has a military program, has a psychological program, has a subversive ‘5th column’ and a destructive internal army, who has already overlooked your perimeter and has moved into your nation, plans on your overthrow and tells you so on your own platform,---when he moves out to effect your Faith, and eventually subject your race, then, my friends, there is only one thing.---You no longer respect any perimeter that society of nations possesses. You are at war with the program of the Anti-Christ. And if you continue to respect all of their boundaries, and all of their claims as the authority and right to hold, even tho they stole it, you are always going to be losing some and never gaining anything.

You say---oh, we can’t play this game like the Communists do for that is against our morality.’---And that will be true. Therefore, they, without any code of ethics, and you with one, are always at a disadvantage. Then when on the inside of your nation this plan expands, and we have the influence of those in power who create it, then the Regimes who are opposed to you gain strength and power. No wonder people are disturbed. The papers and magazines in the last week have been taking the pulse of the people and writing articles about what they found. People are worried. They are beginning to wonder if we can stop the RED advances. Whether they will even try to invade us here. Whether their armies will move against us.---they will try each and everyone of these things before this situation is thru. Everything which transpires today is just what they said they were going to do. And this is also what was openly explained to John in the book of Revelation. And also in the Old Testament it tells you what they would do. In the midst of all this is also that Great Promise---that there will come a Great Deliverance in the House of God. That there will be a Great Deliverance of the Nations of the Kingdom of God from these evil forces who are moving in. And when that liberation comes, the broom will sweep clean in the nations of God’s Kingdom. And those who are the perpetrators of this conspiracy would be swept out of America and every other nation in the Kingdom of God. It is in this Book.

Every once in a while we find those who are going to take another approach to this problem as tho it is going to be philosophical. But there will be no philosophical solution to World Communism’s design to destroy you. And there will be no meeting ground of minds that will deliver you which will deliver you from the social revolution they are trying to put over in these United States. There is only going to be one solution and that will be the awakening of the people of this nation and the empowering of the people of your race. And the determination, spiritually engendered that no stranger to your race, or political philosophy shall rule over us again.

Now listen. A silly little clergyman used the air waves a little while this morning, talking about our problems. And he said that the whole solution is going to be one of refusing to resist. We will never have a war, we will never have any trouble. We will always have Peace is we never resist.---No!--We will be slaves! Well, he is going to have to talk to Jesus about that, for he hasn’t sold Christ on that one yet.

The book of Revelation tells me that Christ is going to bring resistance that is irresistible---power that cannot be set aside. And He is going to handle this situation such as He has not handled it before. This is not a matter of hatred. We hate God’s enemies in this instance for what they stand for, because the scripture tells us that this is our responsibility. You may love your enemies, but you are told to despise God’s enemies.

The destruction of law and order, existed before your race came along. And God sent you here to restore Law and Order. That is Biblical. And you are going to restore Law and Order. You are going to defeat the enemy and this is your destiny, this is your heritage. As I talked to you about this strange warfare fought by Psychiatrists, from the psychological fields they moved out to put a guilt complex on you, on all of your success, on all of your progress, and try to make you feel responsible for the ‘have not nations’, being ‘have not’s’, when the reason for your being a ‘have’ nation has nothing to do with that. It is because of the spiritual flow of vision and energy and applied work.

Do you know that you could take America and put the people of America in India and take the people of India and set them down inside of the United States, and then walk out, and twenty-five years from now the most powerful, creative nation on the face of the earth would be like India today. And the land would be overcrowded. All because the Hindus had taken over America. Their condition is not because of the land that they live in. It is not because they have not been properly located, and do not have the resources and the local material. It is because of a great and high spiritual factor, the capacity of perception, the wave length of spirit and inspiration, this initiative and drive, and those things which are inherited in their cultural background which belongs to a people, belongs to their source of origin. You are the children of the MOST HIGH GOD AND YOU ARE GOING TO DEVELOP A DESTINY WHICH ACCOMPLISHED ITS PURPOSES NO MATTER WHERE YOU GO.

Now, we are not going to trade them because we do not want what India has. Besides God put us here and we are going to see to it that we stay. We are going to do this even tho the United Nations plans to move one-third of India over here. Did you know that?? They are starting the International Refugee Program and then will try to move them over here. And by the way, I think this is good timing, for this is International Refugee Week. Did you know that?? You say--what is International Refugee Week?’ Well, it is founded in the United Nations, to get all people to put down that selfish program called ‘Immigration Restrictions.’ This is a program for anyone who wants to move anywhere they want to go. The argument is that this is a basic liberty. The argument is that inside these United States, that you can move to any state wherever you want to go, and since you have this freedom, then all the world should have the freedom to go any place they want to go.

Well, my friends, there is another principle here. It is like the principle of your house. Everyone is not welcome to come in or you would not have a house. This nation is not to throw itself open to everyone on the face of the earth, by abolishing the doors. International Refugee Week is another of those strange strategies. I look at some of this religious propaganda which is moving thru every clergyman, like an ad in a newspaper. They funnel this material in, it comes across our desk, it fills the mail. One of the biggest problems we have in this ministry, is to read and answer all the mail, and to read all that comes, even that which you do not answer, so as to pay attention as to whether you should answer or not. You would be surprised at all the government fronts with their Commie fronts, and propaganda fronts, which might not be fronts of the Government at all. But there are Federal Bureaus and World Bureaus. There are United Nations Bureaus. There are bureaus for economic development. There are bureaus for handling the refugee situation. There are bureaus for this and for that and all of them are spawned in the very barrel of perdition.

You say--why?---Well, all of them have some scheme to end America---to divide us everything that you have, and try to take away your racial identity and call you a bigot if you are not willing to share with other races and other religions, their mutual acceptance of supposedly religions leaders. In fact one or the pieces of literature which came out of the World Council of Churches was a request upon the part of this organization that they set up a great World Ecumenical Conference. Not, my friends, of the Christian faith, but of all religions, to see what contributions might be made by everybody, in solving the world’s problems.

Now, to the uninformed that---’Thou shalt have no other gods before Me.’---and you give allegiance to another one might be seen as a good project. But this whole project is designed to be the program for the redistribution of your land and your production. How skillfully have these who deny your God, brought in the strategy of your enslavement. To sell us on the idea that our God, in this embodiment of Jesus, wanted us to turn everything that we are able to produce, and everything He blessed us with over to the enemies of our Faith and our Race. Every trouble that we face today comes from a certain violation of principle.

I call your attention in the book of Deuteronomy to these words:--’THE MOST HIGH WHO IS A MOST DISCRIMINATING GOD---selects, and builds those things He has programed, using mainly His own household, His own offspring.’-- When He saw the trouble the world was in, He sent the Adamic race here, altho there had been other races here for thousands of years. But they were already in bondage. And you were to come and build and build. You were to produce a Kingdom. He said:--’Thou art a Holy people unto YAHWEH thy God. And YAHWEH THY GOD HAS CHOSEN THEE TO BE A SPECIAL PEOPLE UNTO HIMSELF, AND TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO ARE ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH.’

We were speaking the other day in Victorville. The vets had held an anti-Communist meeting there. And there were people there from many churches and other organizations and a lot of the students out of high school. We dwelt on the strategy of the enemies, and someone finally came up and said that I perceive that you don’t believe the Bible. I said you are a little wrong there for we not only believe the Bible, but we have absolute faith in it. They said:--’but you don’t believe the Bible when it says that God does not have any respect for a person, they are all equal in His eyes.’ But there is no passage in the Bibl like that. So they said:--’but you do not believe in racial equality, you believe in a super race.’ I said:--’there is nothing in the Bible about racial equality. I know what the bible is about, it is about a race, which God has begotten which is above everybody in the face of the earth. And He sent them into the world to raise the world to its greatest destiny. If everyone was equal He would not have had to send us here to begin with.’ This person then said:--’you don’t think the Negroes are equal to us do you?’---and I replied:--’No, I guess you have caught what I believe.’ And so he said:--’well, I want you to know that every Negro that I know is equal to me. They are all my equal.’ And I said:--’I think that probably you are right. I won’t argue with you about that. You know more about that then I do. So probably you are right.’

Then they got angry. Real angry. And I said:--’but you should not be angry, I just agreed with you and said probably you are right.’ And they said:--’but you are putting me down.’ And I said:--’alright, I am going to put you down. You know even in the site of a Commie ’Left Winger’ if they have been captive, and taken over, and are dupes for this policy of this strategy for your race, there is something down inside which does not click with this strategy. That is what is the matter with Kennedy. He has been surrounded with all the influences of the ‘left wing’ influences, and when something which they say does not work, then something just crosses him. And that is why he sent some of them into South America and then went off by himself. He is going to wake up one of these days and find that there is only one people you can count on and those are Christians.

Now, there is no question of the fact that the strategy of the enemy is clever. But let’s turn over to God’s instructions and we will show you the root of the matter. Over here in the 17th chapter of Deut., we read these words:--’One of the things when you are coming into the land that the LORD thy God gives to thee---thou shalt possess them. And thou shalt dwell in them. And when you set up rulers---first we had kings, and now we have republics and are trying hard to keep it,---and we have judges which Jeremiah said we should choose from ourselves.--this was aforetime.

Now, God said:--’Thou shalt in no wise set any ruler over thee who thou hast not chosen among thy brethren.’ Now,---hear this. Thou shalt not set over thee in thy nation any stranger over thee. Thou shalt have no one set above thee but thy brethren. That is the secret. That is a most important thing for you to understand. For almost all of America’s troubles today come from those that are not our brothers, who have come out of other races, other cultures, other religions and other policies. Most of all, if this instruction not to put a stranger over us, not of our brothers, was most important---then it is important for us to realize that every Jew who comes into these United States is not our brother. He is a stranger by Christ’s own words. Then recognize that out of 123 people in positions of responsibility, selected by the President---69 strangers rule over us. Do you wonder that one of the strangers said the other night thru the press--’We are faced with a deficit spending that will show up in the first quarter because of the unemployed for they cannot pay income tax.’ So the stranger said--’what we have to do is to increase the tax on those that are employed because we have to have the money. And since those that are not working can’t produce it, so we have to increase it on those that are employed. And then increase it some more to take care of those who are not employed.-----So they get you three ways. You pay your own, you pay for those who are not working and then you pay again. This stranger said, we must do this for there is no other way to meet the expenses. Who is this stranger? This is another Jew who is telling you this. Someone said:--’But you shouldn’t say stranger.’ Well, I just said strangers for there may be a few new people here wouldn’t know who I was talking about when I said strangers.

I am only discussing the fact that this is where the bondage comes in on your society. This is where the bondage moves in on the Kingdom of God. This greatness which has moved in on you is because of His blessings when you proclaim His name, when you worship the true LORD GOD. The founding fathers incorporated in every one of the original thirteen colonies a RECOGNITION OF JESUS CHRIST AS THE EMBODIMENT OF GOD AND GOD AS THE MASTER OF THEIR ECONOMY. When our founding fathers had the Declaration of Independence framed, that great document of human government, they had released themselves after two days of bickering to GO HOME AND PRAY. And they came back from their meditation and prayer to put together the Constitution of the United States in the smoothest and fastest development ---a wonderful document.

Now, listen. They opened that convention with prayer. They turned the people loose with prayer. They closed it with prayer. The first President of these United States---George Washington’s inauguration was not only opened with prayer, with a religious service, but there was a constant flow of Divine recognition, from the days of his battles at Valley Forge. He prayed and he meditated until he was entertaining not only over in Philadelphia, but in his own home, this program of prayer for all his endeavors. It was with the explicit realization that God was a reality, that He was with him, was by his side, as much a person as anyone that he saw. He knew that he was an offspring of the MOST HIGH. That he was high in the Masonic background of the true truths and he referred constantly to the assistance and guidance of God who even tho invisible was constantly by his side. Inside of his home the conversation would move to spiritual things as easily as to the affairs of the estate, or the business of the Nation. I tell you that when people become accustomed to the presence of God, and the inside of their minds and hearts recognized His presence as the one they talk to, then, my friends, a God conscious nation moves to victory and to the building of His Kingdom.

Every session of our Congress and their joint sessions down to the days of Franklin D. Roosevelt, were opened with prayer and they were closed with prayer. The name of the Eternal was constant upon their lips. These strangers who have come into our land know that they first have to displace the Father. And then replace the identity of His revelation.

Now, they are doing everything they can to see that the Congress and the President that anything that uses the name of Jesus Christ must be hidden. Even a Cardinal had to get around this. The significant fact is that whenever the enemies of our country can delete the name of Christ from our civic institutions and our assemblies, and our holidays, there is something wrong. When you were a child going to school, they opened the week with a general assembly. Brought all the children into the main auditorium. They opened with prayer, and they read a passage of scripture and they sang songs which were filled with moral and patriotic implications. Then they gave them instructions for the week and they went to their classrooms in the New England states to California. As they came into the classrooms in the morning, it was generally opened with the flag salute and the LORD’S Prayer. And then they went about their daily business.

But these strangers, your enemies who have come into your land, say this is a deadly thing. And they threw a bondage around you and they said this is not keeping with the affirmation of this nation, concerning the separation of Church and State.

Now, I believe in the separation of Church and State as it was intended by our founding fathers, down to our time. That no denomination should be given a special preference and become a State Religion. That no individual sect should take over the administration of our Nation. But Christianity is not a sect. It is a true Faith. And Christianity is a Faith founded by the cream of men of vision, coming out of the Western Nations of White Christendom. And your Supreme Court on six different occasions has said that upon the preponderance of evidence this is a Christian Nation. In the case of the Holy Trinity versus the U.S. Government, pressure had been made that would have suppressed this church. And the Supreme Court upheld this fact that this was a Christian Nation. And they could not put their hands on this church of Jesus Christ. I would not want to trust that decision on the present court. But the fact remains that this is the ruling over and over that this is a Christian Nation. That we are yet a majority, and this will remain a Christian Nation as long as a majority of God’s people are resident.

I am going to tell you that the process is going to be the recognition of the Eternal Father and the replacing of His name without fringing and without shame. For they have tried to give us a pseudo-intellectual complex that it is not the thing to do to mention Christ in public assembly. They are trying to make us feel that the name of Christ or our Faith in our God is no longer a proper discussion in the drawing room. They are trying to make people assume sort of an embarrassed complex if someone mentions the name of Jesus because someone sitting there might not believe in HIM. He might be a Jew and he would not believe in Jesus. Well, if a Jew is sitting there let him go.

Now, the preacher who said--’we should all get together, for we all have one God.’----Well, we showed you that passage was the very same place, where they were trying to pull the same thing on Jesus that they are trying to pull on you. Jesus said:--’No.--if God were your Father, you would love Me. I am from God and you are from beneath. You are from the Devil and we do not have any common origin.’ Jesus laid it right out clear. And why that preacher took that passage. If he had read the rest of it, ---but probably the Jews found it for him and he never read the rest of it. If he had read the rest of it, he would have noticed this clearly. For the most important thing is the brotherhood of God’s house. For God does intend to unite the great White House of Christendom and use its as a solid front against the powers of darkness, to awaken His people out of their sleep with the greatest spiritual surge of power in time and history.

Someone says---do you believe in miracles?----I do. A miracle is a spiritual flow of energy and power that has a great impact on a physical world that you cannot analyze in a test tube. Spiritual power that operates on a higher law that men understand is a miracle. But the children of the Kingdom understand the flow of this power and force that is irresistible. But the world would not understand this for they laugh at miracles. When a child of God laughs at miracles, he should be ashamed of himself, for it is his own heritage which has upset him.

We talked to you last week about one of the facts of the great miracles that God is doing for you which is the identity of His own people and the brotherhood of His own family. Again, I want you to go into the second chapter of Hebrews for one moment, where it says that we ought to give more earnest heed to the things which we have heard, and not let these things slip from our memory. And in this declaration of Hebrews again, we find the manifestation of the fact that God Himself, has come to earth and He has taken upon Himself---the body of a man. And we read her in Hebrews that:--’It became HIM, for whom all things, and by whom all things, in bringing many sons.’---In otherwords, it was becoming of God to come down here and bring His many sons unto Glory. And HE that set them apart, and HE that is set apart are all ONE. And HE said:--’I am not ashamed to call them My brethren.’---My family. “For as much as the children of God are now partakers of flesh and blood, HE also Himself, likewise took part of the same to that thru death, He would destroy him that had the power of death.’--which is the devil himself. And He would deliver them who thru fear of death, all their lives were in bondage.

Do you know that we have a lot of people who are fearful that something is going to happen? They fear the enemy, bodily harm, imprisonment, and death. Let me tell you that the moment that you understand the mighty deliverance which God has wrought for you, the power of the enemy cannot destroy you with the threat of fear. But listen. It says here that He did not take on Himself the nature of Angels, but took on Himself the SEED of Abraham, your race, wherein all things it behooved God to be made just like His brethren. So that He might be that faithful family High Priest and all things pertaining to His Deity---just for you.

I want you to understand that one of the great mysteries of this hour, that in the climax of this age, there were certain things that God said He was going to do. One of these things is the throwing down of the last psychological enemy, and physical enemy of your race. One of the things which helps bring deliverance is spiritual power greater than men have ever given affirmation to before. As far as your race is concerned, He is going to envelope you in spiritual power which will envelope your physical being, that will overcome every process of disintegration, and stop the process of ageing, will give you immortality and life.

Someone said---what does this have to do with the political situation?’ Well, let me tell you. When you get the spiritual charge that is about to descend on the Kingdom of God, then there will not be anything that hurts, or destroys or is a lie left in America. Do you think that all the power and immortality and spiritual force that God is giving out is just to give a demonstration, and exaltation of you the individual alone? What God is going to do and what will be made manifest, is Power enough to win with.

There were some interesting things which the Apostle Paul told us after he took that trip into the heavens. And remember whether in the spirit or the body, he could not tell.--Which shows you how alike the Celestial plain is to the physical one.---When he came back, he understood something about this white race, the Adamic race. And he said:--’Therefore in Adam all die,’---speaking of this Adamic race,--’for you are the children after the flesh, but you are also the children of God after the spirit.’ You are begotten of the spirit before the world was framed. Twice born---born of the spirit and born of the earth---born from above as it says in the Strongs Concordance, when rightly interpreted, and born in earth.

Now, listen. ‘In Adam all die, but in Christ all shall be made alive.’ No if’s no and’s as far as God’s ability is concerned. Just because they did not sit down here and measure out the days, weeks, months, and years, some people can’t read the last half of that verse. They hear some great thing like that and they have to know right down to the second when He is going to do it. As in Adam all die. So in Christ all shall be made alive. That is one of the reasons why the Apostle Paul tells us concerning the incarnate nature of God, that HE is able to---that all things shall be subdued unto HIM and for Himself, and HE shall put all things under HIS feet. Every last power arrayed against God’s Kingdom is going to be subdued.

Now listen. You have read that the Apostle Paul said:--’this mortal shall put on immortality.’ That is why I am not disturbed. Altho I am told to resist all the works of the enemy. But when these things come to pass, I know that we are about at the end of an age. And that does not mean that we are all thru and are going to leave here. It means that we are about to be empowered, in the greatest era we have ever spent on the face of the earth. And we are not about to retreat. We are about to triumph. A lot of people have a strange idea about this. I tell you we are already a children of an endless life. When this mortal takes on immortality, it is not something which happens at an altar. When this mortal puts on immortality it seems that the only thing here that can die is the flesh. And this flesh will have lost the process of death. And spiritual power will have taken over and given life back to the body. You know about the spirit. It was begotten of the Father before the world was framed. It is an Eternal Spirit, and you were born of incorruptible seed. Some of these preachers better wake up. You cannot corrupt an incorruptible seed, when it is of the Essence of God, and the Divine Spirit. It cannot ever be corrupted. Your mind may be taken over by error, but the spirit is not. The soul may be led astray by powerful influence, but the balancing factor is the spirit. So you are born of incorruptible seed, which lives and abides forever. And if your consciousness accepts this, it learns and knows and feels more.

The most important thing for you to know is what God has in store for you and for His Kingdom. It is that your Celestial seed has Eternal life. And God is going to give immortality to the physical body and perfection to the soul consciousness. Therefore this body shall put on immortality. He died and rose again not to save your spirit which He never lost, but to give you back immortality. So you say---then why did we not take it on?--Because we did not understand at that time--That the law of Christ Jesus made us free from the law of sin and death.’ And as a man thinketh in his heart so is he. But God is going to wake up and encourage people, and as they put back on life and power you will see the most unusual spiritual force in all the world start to move in your race. You say but I cannot accept that--well my friends a miracle is going to bring it on you. That is what we call the ‘Latter Rain’, the spiritual outpouring that moves down to the consciousness and adjusts them to the things of God, and to a triumphant and immuniated people. We have talked about the Glory of God ---Isaiah says :----Arise and shine thy light has come and the Glory of God has risen upon thee’. This is the light that lighteth every man who came into the world ---so you see--you did not start here, you came here.

Now; what I am talking about is not for the Hottentots, and not for China--lets get this clear. The greatest blessings which ever come on China and the Hottentots is going to come because the Children of God are empowered and illuminated. You can’t just go out and put this on people who can’t receive it, and can’t understand it, or know what to do with it. Someone says; --what about the enemies of God--well the day is going to come when even the synagogues of Satan are going to worship at your feet. What are you going to do---are you going to go around knocking on their heads when they are worshiping?--No ---The day these people worship at your feet we are going to say that the Millennium has arrived. Peace has come --but from now until that time you are going to resist the darkness, and we are going to show in this generation the great miracle of God’s purpose. That is one of the reasons why then that we have this mystery--Born of incorruptible seed, which abides forever, but you are living in a mortal body that can even get old and wrinkled.

So what did the Apostle Paul say in the book of Ephesians----In this hour and before I come I am going to do this one thing---I am going to take away every spot, every wrinkle, and I am going to restore you in every atom of your body, and in that hour in the miracle of my appearing clothed in Light and wrapped in Glory, without one disintegrating factor working in you. ---You say it never happened before, and so it cannot happen now. Let me tell you something which happened before ---did you know that there were 3 million people of your race, and there was not one lame, sick, one halt, one blind person among these 3 million. You could not get 3 million people together today on this earth, before

you would have to call an ambulance for someone even before you got them all together. You can’t hardly get a ball game finished out here before you have to call an ambulance for someone who got to excited. But 3 million people --God placed an Aura over them and they went out under the covering of His Light and Glory.

Now, every transgression committed by your race, in the captivity of error that they have committed since they have been in the world has been paid for. Not only has it been atoned for in one massive atonement, but you are absolutely free in the sight of God. And you can stand up and look him in the face and feel justified ---and He will say--I am proud to acknowledge that your are my children, my brethren, and I came down to abolish fear and death.

You say what has that to do with the world situation? ---Because my friends --God said I am going to empower this people---I am going to give them illumination. It says in the days of the gathering armies --the enemies on the outside, the power on the inside, and they are going to call for deliverance, and He says;--I am going to deliver every last one who calls on my name. You are even going to learn his name before you are thru.

You know there is a strange connection between this message and political things on the other side. I say that you are going to have to wrap up the whole pattern of your life and living with the realization of divine presence. The very moment that you know that the Father is as close to you as the seat of your consciousness, that you are His embodied children, the moment that you realize that you are a part of a kingdom which God has determined that you are going to establish and rule, that you are going to be empowered with righteousness to do this, and power to resist the enemy. I want to tell you that even the enemy will be the most discontented force on the earth when the children of God put on immortality. When the army of God puts on immortality then not one single weapon that they use can touch you. How are you going to whip a people that you cannot kill? Did you know that there are a lot of politicians in Washington D.C. who would get brave if you could not hurt them. You would be surprised who the assassin has reached in. I think that is what happened to Forestall and what happened to George Long, one of the great Congressman in Washington. This is what happened to Senator McCarthy and Senator Taft and a whole lot of others. But one of these days all of these mighty men of God are going to stand on their feet too. For when it says all will be made alive, it means all.

Someone says---but Dr. Swift, that is way out in years, but these problems are not.’ I am going to tell you something. When the spirit of God starts to move it will quicken your nations. It is now starting to move to accomplish God’s purposes. It is now. It is happening. Doctor Riger was telling of a meeting he was in---it was in a Methodist Church and they did not know he was coming---Maybe one or two knew, but they had Presbyterians there, and many other people there from other organizations and they did not know he was coming. Did not even know him when he got there except for one or two. And after he listened to them for a while talking about nothing, he got up and he started telling them about the Kingdom. Started telling them about life and immortality and identity. And when he got thru, they were ready to teach truth in their churches and wanted more. This shows you that the people are waiting. They are hungry. All you have to do is hear the truth--and the truth shall make you free.

Liberation is coming to God’s Kingdom. You are going to be empowered and illuminated. Someone said--but I am not good enough for that or walking close enough for that.’ But my friends, you are going to be so good, because the righteousness in you is the righteousness of Christ which is imputed to you and the enveloping Glory will set on every house in Israel. Someone said:--’but some of these people don’t deserve that.’ It isn’t what they deserve, it is what He deserves. He says:--’this is what I am going to do.’ In the first place let me tell you that incorruptible seed in you is just as bright and just as glorious today as when it walked the corridors of Celestial realms. And when that light shows thru and that mighty light envelopes it, the body shall no longer know death, or pain, of injury. And every Christian in all of the Christian Churches throughout this nation have been waiting and talking about the day when there will be no more tears. No more crying, no more sorrow, no more death. They have all been talking about it. We have almost reached the end of the age. It is almost on us and they say--’oh, it can’t happen.’

Well, there were some people who when the Messiah was about to be born that said:--’oh, this cannot happen. The Roman power is too strong, they will never stand for this.’ But HE came. Then when they saw the body laid in the tomb, they said:--’it is all over. He is dead.’ But it was not all over. The body lay in the tomb, but at the right time the power of the spirit brought it right out of the grave. And it is a historical fact testified by Empires.

I want you to know this afternoon, that some people act like they are dead. But there is a part of life in there that is going to explode into Glory and which will cleanse the world. Someone said:--’but you are taking away the Glory from Christ.’ But no. The Glory of Christ is to be revealed in you. And we have this treasure in earthen vessels. But liberation is going to come to you. All the liberation comes to you outside of the work which God wrought on Calvary. Came because HE awakened you and you did it. And again it is going to be an awakening, a spiritual power which is undefeatable. And because of this, I challenge everyone of you to become responsible for every political and social responsibility in your society. Don’t only pray, ‘Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done’--but start putting it in practice and sweeping with a broom until there is not a Cainanites left in the house of God.

So we say---Liberation yes. Spiritual power until we can know no death, spiritual power that can know no defeat, spiritual power that will give you more ideas, more vision, more understanding than you have ever had before. This will bring absolutely everything to your remembrance. It will lead you to the knowledge of all truth.

You say--’Dr. Swift, do you believe in a super race?’ Yes, I believe in one so empowered with God’s Glory that it will be in His image. And I know that the praise of our Father---when this Glory is revealed, that the opposition will kneel down at thy feet and worship the Eternal Father. And they will finally be willing to crown HIM, KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS.

(End of sermon)